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US20150257935 Decorative Bandage and Corresponding Systems and Methods  
A decorative bandage (800) is provided. The decorative bandage can include a backing layer (100) defining a first major face (101) and a second major face (301). An adhesive (302) can be disposed...
US20090105625 Finger and toe protection  
A toe and finger guard includes a protective member bendable from an initial, generally planar shape to a curved shape when mounted on a digit to be protected. A foam member is secured to the...
US20080269658 Hyperbaric Dressing  
A hyperbaric dressing (1) comprising first and second layers (2, 7) and delivery means (9) arranged to supply a fluid to the first layer (2), wherein the first layer (2) is associated with the...
Medical article such as medical tapes and bandages comprising a backing, a pressure sensitive adhesive on at least a portion of one side of the backing, and in the case of bandages, an absorbent pad.
Matches 1 - 4 out of 4