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US20120203150 Foot Massage Ottoman  
An ottoman holds a foot massage unit accessible through an opening in the ottoman to permit dual use of the ottoman as a footrest and foot massage without substantial repositioning.
US20080039750 Dry hydro-massage recliner  
A dry hydro-massage apparatus characterized by a substantially bent backwardly inclined sitting position, a generally loosely held seating sheet, and utilizes a reclining chair mechanism to...
US20050203447 Waterproof hydrotherapy limb massager  
A hydrotherapy massage apparatus for the limbs of a patient having a water-tight chamber and a limb-receiving and surrounding waterproof, flexible sleeve extending longitudinally through an...
US20070282229 Footbath Basin With Pressure Massage Function  
The present invention relates to a footbath basin with pressure massage function, which comprising a body of footbath basin (11) and an air massage device (14) which comprises a plentiful of...
US20100022925 Thigh support with vibratory device for improved blood circulation  
A thigh support that consists of a resilient, e.g., a self-inflatable, part for supporting the thigh of a vehicle driver and a vibration-transmission member for transmitting vibrations to the...
US20050209539 Body therapy apparatus  
A foot therapy apparatus is provided having a bladder for retaining fluid. The bladder is sized and supported for receiving a user's feet thereon. The foot therapy apparatus may include various...
US20050177076 Rotating barrier for jet massage  
A jet massage includes a pad and a moveable carriage having a rotating barrier enclosing water jets.
An apparatus (100) is disclosed for treating a user by means of vibrations, comprising: a vessel (1) for accommodating a liquid for immersing the user, provided with a first rim (4); movement...
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