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US20080060319 Lightweight Structural Panel And Method For Making Same  
The invention relates to an improved lightweight panel, novel uses thereof, as well as to an improved method for manufacturing the same.
US20080295449 Furniture and countertop edge molding attachment system and method for its use  
An assembly and method for its use that provides a strong and efficient way of attaching a decorative molding component to a countertop unit or similar furniture piece. The countertop unit...
US20060179792 Modular stone surfacing system with field adjustable components for different applications  
A modular surfacing system has edge pieces with skirts attached using a break away adhesive material allowing separation of the pieces without damage. The edge rail pieces may be used alone or...
The present invention discloses a structure of composite table top, it comprises: a face plate having smooth outer and inner surface, a reinforcement plate having a upper surface which bears...
US20070266673 Resin Encased Lead Furniture and Surfaces  
A decorative flat member comprises a rigid, substantially flat substrate having top, bottom, and lateral surfaces; a metal layer attached to the top, bottom, and lateral surfaces; and a resin...
Matches 1 - 5 out of 5