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A process is provided for making thermoplastic-composites from recycled thermoplastics (polyolefins) together with phosphogypsum waste by-product from the phosphate fertilizer wet process or, in...
US20060226247 Railway Ties and Structural Elements  
A composite structural element and a method of making the same is provided. The composite structural element comprises of asphalt, fiber-reinforced plastics and optionally other plastics such as...
US20080315001 Residencial and industrial smooth rail extension  
A rail that requires minimum force to slide an object. It can be assemble by rail pieces until obtaining the desired length.
US20060086817 Composite material and method of manufacture  
An improved composite material and method of manufacture. The improved composite material being fabricated using carpet fiber, polystyrene and polyolefin.
US20070029399 Fastening system for fixing and/or aligning at least one sensor element  
A fastening system for fixing and/or aligning at least one sensor element, in particular an active infrared sensor or the accessory parts thereof, such as printed circuit boards, controls, energy...
The non-ferrous anticorrosive railroad bracket 10 includes a stainless steel threaded shaft 50 for preventing oxidation on moving parts. A sliding clamp plate mechanism 36 is for mounting to...
An apparatus for harnessing energy from a wheel travelling on a railroad track includes an elongate body with a plurality of pockets spaced apart along a top surface thereof. Energy collection...
Matches 1 - 7 out of 7