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US20140130224 Ballistic Vest with Duty Belt Suspension System  
A ballistic vest is formed with an integrated suspension system for supporting the duty belt directly from the ballistic vest. Front and rear support straps can be tunneled into the structure of...
US20140041100 Lower Body Garment Support Assembly  
A lower body garment support assembly for restricting the movement of a waist band for a pair of boxing shorts during rigorous physical activity or when an elastic band or fastener in the waist...
US20070192939 Trouser hem height maintenance device  
The device comprises a collar made from a strip of fabric designed to rest on the top of the user's foot, and connected to securing means arranged to hold and fix the trouser hem, the collar being...
US20110131708 INSIDE BELT  
An inner belt fits along the juncture of a person's stomach and thighs. The inner belt has first and second arches with a garment supported by the arch and the arch sized to offset the garment's...
US20070214548 Coat with integrated tool belt  
A garment wearing apparatus 1 which has a integrated tool belt 2 pouches integrated in tool belt 4 are all held up by belt holding mechanism 3
Matches 1 - 5 out of 5