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US20150181997 WALLET  
The present invention is a wallet made of a silicone resin. The wallet can include a pair of flat portions facing each other; a bottom portion connected to a bottom edge of each flat portion; a...
US20120247628 Conductive Bi-Fold Wallet  
A conductive wallet includes a bi-fold design with conductive fabric and conductive polyurethane foam on the outer and bottom surfaces. The wallet is configured and designed with silver-plated...
US20090014104 Denomination organized wallet  
A foldable denomination organized wallet (100) is provided. The wallet can include a billfold presenting a plurality of departments (101-120) to separately store money of differing denominations,...
US20100205783 Money band apparatus  
An improved pocket money band apparatus made of a resilient material adapted to hold bill money and credit cards.
Matches 1 - 4 out of 4