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US20050166907 Apparatus for heating plastic pipes  
An apparatus is provided for heating thermoplastic pipe in the field, including a container for receiving the pipe and a conduit communicating with the container for routing hot exhaust gases from...
For inclusion on the line between the liquid wash supply and the discharge jets of a vehicle windshield liquid wash pumping system, a liquid wash heater secured on an engine manifold or exhaust...
US20080168975 Roasting oven and heating device thereof  
A roasting oven and a heating device thereof able to produce three-dimensional radiation heating of food material, mainly including a fire tray, and an igniting platform is formed at a central...
US20060236994 Vehicle heating box  
A heating box for a vehicle for which source of heating is obtained from the coolant used to cool the engine of the vehicle.
Matches 1 - 4 out of 4