Electromechanical interface for a typewriter
United States Patent 3391774

1,172,956. Typewriters &c. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. 27 June, 1968 [17 July, 1967], No. 30630/68. Heading B6F. Type-selection of characters on spherical typeheads; combination arrangements.-An aggregating lever mechanism is operated to select characters by pull bars 16 actuated by a selection of latches or control members 15 which couple the bars 16 to a reciprocating power bail 17. The control members are operated by rods 18 connected at the right-hand end, Fig. I, to interposer links 40 which are selectively raised in slots in an oscillating cage 21 by a binarycode input operation of electromagnets 34. The cage is oscillated for each character impression about pivots 26 on the typewriter frame Tf along a path (22), Fig. 3, not shown, by a halfrevolution cam 23 and a follower 28. The interposers 40 which have been raised by the magnets 32 are accordingly all actuated to operate the control members 15. Key operation.-The type-selection may also be effected from a keyboard 60. A selected key 61 depresses an encoding interposer 63 and a mechanical coded binary representation is provided by encoding bails 66. A clutch bail 57 is also actuated by any interposer to trip a latch to produce a rotation of a shaft (50) and the depressed interposer 63 moves bails 66 which are adjacent downward entensions 65. An output member 67 individually associated with each bail 66 communicates movement to the interposers 40 and the control members 15. Repeat operation prevention.-A dobber 64 on the key-levers 64 prevents repeat operation.

Greer, Donald L.
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