Ultrasonic inspection method and apparatus
United States Patent 3303691

1,023,513. Ultrasonic testing; ultrasonic couplings. INSTITUT DE RECHERCHES DE LA SIDERURGIE FRANCAISE. Feb. 20, 1963 [Feb. 23, 1962], No. 6753/63. Headings H4D and H4J. In an arrangement for the ultrasonic inspection of articles at high temperature an area of the surface of the article to which the test transducer is to be applied is first cooled by a flow of a cold liquid having a boiling point below the temperature of the article, the transducer then being applied to this area together with a further flow of liquid which in addition to acting as a coupling medium and cooling the transducer, flows with a velocity sufficient to prevent boiling in part of the transducer. Fig. 1 shows one embodiment in which the test head 1 is intended to be moved relative to the hot test article 2 (e.g. a rolling mill product) in the direction of the arrow. In accordance with the method of the invention the test article is pre-cooled by water discharged through pipes 4, 5 from a pressure source of 4 kg./cm.2 and as the head moves relatively to the test article a further flow of water from a V-shaped outlet 14 sweeps away the, now heated, water from pipes 4, 5 thus producing further cooling of the test material and preparing it for the arrival of the test transducer comprising an annular piezo-electric capsule 11. The latter is cooled by water flowing through pipe 3 which water in addition to forming an acoustic coupling medium between the transducer and the test material also prevents the latter from becoming reheated by its own internal heat and, the velocity of flow through pipe 3 is sufficiently high to prevent the water from becoming heated to boiling point in the path of the ultrasonic rays. Additionally, the water discharged through pipes 3, 4 and 5 acts as a support for the test head. In a modified arrangement for fixedpoint testing in which the pre-cooling of the test material is effected as the test head is approached towards the latter by water flow through pipe 3a (Figs. 3 and 4, not shown) such flow, when the test head is bearing on the material at three points 22, 23, 24, then serves as the coupling medium between the material and the annular test transducer 11a in addition to cooling the latter and preventing reheating of the material by its own internal heat.

Louis, Beaujard
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Marian, Kapluszak
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