Printing and punching machine
United States Patent 3283701

1,074,515. Printing apparatus. G. RITZERFELD. Nov. 30, 1964 [Nov. 29, 1963], No. 48541/64. Heading B6C. In an automatically operated rotary duplicating machine in which cards 39 are selectively printed line-by-line, marks 113 on the master sheet are sensed by electromagnetic field means and used to programme a punching device located in the path of the cards as they are discharged from the printing couple 1, 8. The machine shown comprises a printing cylinder 1 and impression cylinder 8. The latter being moved into operative contact with the printing cylinder in dependence upon a set of cams 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, Fig. 1, rotatable about an axis 9 in synchronism with the machine drive. Cam 13 is for printing a heading whilst adjustable cams 14 and 15 are used for heading extensions. A duplicating cam 16 allows the printing of a whole page from the master, whilst cams 17 are used for selective line printing, a manual keyboard being provided for setting-up the required cams. As shown in Fig. 7, five sensing devices 157 . . . 161 translate the marks 113 on the master sheet through stores 151 . . . 155 and timing discs 120, 24 with associated light gates into punched holes on each copy card. These holes are produced by electromagnetically operated punches 60 . . . 65, Fig. 2, whilst the copy card is held in two successive positions in the pinching device 57 by abutment stops 68, 70 moved into the path of the card in dependence upon cam and follower arrangements actuated from the machine drive. Keyboards 123 and 124 are provided for punching holes on the cards additional to those sensed by the electromagnetic field means.

Gerhard, Ritzerfeld
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Gerhard, Ritzerfeld
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