Linear accelerators of tandem type
United States Patent 3209269

972,083. Particle accelerators. UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY. June 25, 1962 [June 27, 1961], No. 23308/61. Heading H1D. In a multi-stage electrostatic particle accelerator heavy molecular positive ions 2 generated in grounded source 1 are passed into a first tandem accelerator 4 having a negative high voltage terminal 5 within which is a molecule dissociation and charge exchange gas controlling canal to form negative ions 6, and the negative ions 7 produced are first passed through a selector magnet 8 for selecting a desired species of negative ion and then into a second tandem accelerator 9 having a positive high voltage terminal 10 within which is an electron stripping canal 11. Filtering and analysing magnets are provided at 3 and 13, and 14 is the target. Suitably, high-energy positive hydrogen ions may be produced from hydrogen iodide.

Arthur, Julian Frederick
Christopher, Riviere Anthony
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Arthur, Julian Frederick
Christopher, Riviere Anthony
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313/230, 313/363.1
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