Apparatus for the heating of travelling thread or tape-shaped products on a transport roller
United States Patent 3200230

987,731. Rollers. ONDERZOEKINGSINSTITUUT RESEARCH N.V. Jan. 9, 1963 [Jan. 12, 1962], No. 957/63. Addition to 981,343. Heading F2U. [Also in Divisions B5 and D1] The thread heating and forwarding or drawing godet or roller of the parent Specification (wherein the godet or roller is provided with driving and heating means, the heating means comprising at least one permanent magnet or electromagnet whose magnetic field is traversed by a metal part of the godet or roller) is modified in that the heating means comprises a number of electromagnets disposed in a symmetrical configuration within the godet or roller so that a metal part of the roller moves through a magnetic field thereby cutting magnetic lines of force, and the electromagnets are connected to a three-phase current source so as to produce a rotary magnetic field. As shown in Fig. 1, a draw godet 1 is driven by the shaft 2 of a synchronous electric motor 3. A thin layer of a solid insulating material 7 is provided between the tapered end 4 of the shaft and the tapered axial bore of the godet. A cylinder 10 secured to the stationary casing 21 of the motor by screws 11 extends around the shaft 2 and carries three electromagnets 13 (Figs. 1 and 2). A sleeve 14 of electrolytically pure copper is clamped inside the godet. It is 2 mm. thick and is separated from the magnet poles by a clearance of 0.2 mm. The three electromagnets 13 are symmetrically radially disposed about the cylinder 12 and are provided with coils of wire 15 which are connected in a triangular circuit as shown in Fig. 3. The angular points of the triangular circuit are connected to the three terminals of a three-phase current generator 17 by means of rheostats 16 which are mechanically intercoupled so that the voltages at the angular points of the triangular circuit retain equal amplitudes while the rheostats are being varied. The generator 17 is driven through an infinitely variable gear by the shaft 19, the gear ratio being adjusted by means of the hand wheel 18. A variable transformer may be employed instead of the rheostats 16, and may also serve to adjust the stator field of the generator.

Bretoniere, Andre LA. B. DE.
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