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992,089. Jib crane. KOEHRING CO. July 3, 1963 [Oct. 22, 1962], No. 26387/63. Heading B8B. A crane mounted on a carrier 1, having hydraulically operated outriggers 62, 63 may be used as shown as a tower crane mounting a jib or as a jib crane with a jib mounted directly on the carrier or with the tower or a section thereof used as the jib. The crane has a pair of backstays 50 which may hold the base section 11 vertical or may act as a stop for the luffing when the section 11 is being used as a jib or a part thereof. The tower crane assembly has the base section 11 pivoted to a boom part 10 of a superstructure 8, a tower boom 12 of variable length and a jib boom 20 pivoted thereto and interconnected by pendants 28, 32, connected by masts 27, 30. The backstays 50 comprising telescoping tubular members 51, 52, Figs. 5, 8, are connected between a frame 54 and the superstructure 8 and the members 51, 52 are held fully engaged by a pin 64 passing through holes 60, 57, Fig. 5, therein to lock them to hold the section 11 vertical. If the tower is to be used as a jib sheaves are mounted on a frame 18 and the backstays are released by removing the pin 64 and re-inserting it through a hole 57-59 where it co-operates with recesses 61 to limit upward luffing which is effected by cable means. For lifting heavy loads short distances a hammer head may be mounted on the section 11 which is used alone.

Brekelbaum, Erwin C.
Bushong, Robert J.
Noll, George C.
Klos, George B.
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