Process for improving the tinctorial characteristics of polyolefin fibres
United States Patent 3151928

Fibres made by extrusion of mixes of crystalline polyolefins with basic nitrogen-containing polymers are treated, before or after treatment with mono- or di-epoxy compounds, with aqueous sulphuric acid solutions and then washed with water and/or alkaline agents. Specified polyolefins include isotactic polypropylene, and specified nitrogen-containing polymers include polyvinyl pyridines obtained by free radical or stereospecific polymerization, condensation products of epichlorhydrin, aliphatic amines and diamines; of epichlorhydrin, aliphatic amines and imines; of epichlorhydrin, aliphatic amines and diimines, e.g. piperazine; of epichlorhydrin, alkyl chlorides and diamines; and condensation products of halogen derivatives with diamines. Epoxy compounds mentioned include glycol diglycidyl ether, used in 10% by weight aqueous solution, and alkaline agents mentioned include alkali or alkaline-earth hydroxides or carbonates. The sulphuric acid treatment may be carried out before or after stretching, continuously or batchwise, preferably at 15 DEG -100 DEG C. for from 1 sec.-60 mins., using acid of 0,01-30% by weight concentration. Treatment improves the tinctorial characteristics of the fibres and the fastness of colours obtained thereon, especially with acid, metallized, plastosoluble or vat dyes. Specification 879,198 is referred to.

Vittorio, Cappuccio
Ubaldo, Riboni
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Montedison, Spa
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