Slurry blasting explosives containing inorganic prechlorate or chlorate
United States Patent 3096223

910,374. Blasting explosives. ALBRIGHT & WILSON Ltd. July 7, 1961 [July 11, 1960], No. 24639/61. Class 9 (2). A blasting explosive aqueous slurry has a water content of 4-25% by weight and contains a mixture of solids comprising from 13- 85% by weight of the mixture of trinitrotoluene explosive having a particle size diameter of from 0.5 to 8 mms., and from 15- 87% by weight of an inorganic chlorate or perchlorate, preferably those of sodium, potassium or ammonium. The term trinitrotoluene explosive includes intimate mixtures of other nitrogen containing explosives such as ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, R.DX., E.D.N.A., tetryl, or P.E.T.N., including amatol, sodatol, cyclotol, ednatol, tetrytol and pentolite. The slurry may be thickened with 1-10% of the weight of the water of a hydrophilic colloid such as starch, wheat flour, guar gum or guar gum which has been cross linked with borax. From 1 to 10% based on the weight of the solids of coal or aluminium powder may also be added.

Cook, Melvin A.
Collins, Thomas K.
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Intermountain, Res And Engineer
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149/78, 149/80, 149/83, 149/105
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C06B29/16; C06B31/32; C06B47/14
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