Method of making an acoustical panel
United States Patent 2931736

921,115. Panels. ARMSTRONG CORK CO. Aug. 26, 1959 [Aug. 27, 1958], No. 29245/59. Class 93. Light-reflecting flakes, e.g. aluminium flakes coated with gold lacquer, are mixed with a dry heat- or solvent-activatable adhesive, the mixture is deposited on a fissured surface and the adhesive is activated to bond the flakes together and to the surface. As shown in Fig. 1, panels 2 of nodulated mineral wool bound with a starch binder are fed under a hopper 3 containing metal or other flakes and adhesive powder, e.g. dry polyvinyl acetate emulsion, and provided with a feeding wheel 5 depositing a measured quantity of the mixture on the face 6 of the panels. The panels pass under a doctor blade 7 to fill the fissues and remove excess mixture, and then under a rotating brush 12 to remove a top layer of mixture from the fissues to facilitate repainting. A second brush 13 may be provided, and both brushes may be provided with suction cleaners to remove mixture brushed out. The panels are subjected to a water spray to carry the mixture into the pores and render the adhesive liquid and are then passed through a drying oven employing infra-red heaters. Fissures or regularly shaped depressions may be punched into the face of the panel, and the flakes may be of artificial pearl, mica, or vermiculite. The adhesive may be of wheat flour.

Park, Arthur D.
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