Apparatus for mixing liquids and gases
United States Patent 2721732

727,141. Oxygenating blood. NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. Jan. 1,1953 [Jan. 3, 1952], No. 286/52. Class 81 (2). An apparatus for oxygenating blood comprises an inclined rotating cylinder through which the blood is passed in one direction while oxygen is passed in the opposite direction. The cylinder 20 has end plates 21, 22 and is mounted for rotation on rollers 23, 24, being driven through an adjustable ratio friction . drive 26, 27 by a worm drive 31 and electric motor 32. The cylinder is lined with a number of rings 33, 36, Figs. 9, 10, which alternately have concentric holes and eccentric holes, so placed that their edges coincide at one point on their circumferences. These are arranged in groups of five of each so that the inner surface has the form of a number of cylinders, each having five crescent-shaped troughs, the troughs of each cylinder being disposed in diametrically opposite relation to those of the adjacent cylinder. Blood is admitted through a pipe 51, Fig. 1, and flows to the opposite end of the cylinder, whence it is removed through a pipe 52. Oxygen enters through a pipe 54 and leaves through a pipe 53 and as the cylinder rotates the blood becomes distributed over the walls of the troughs, in contact with the oxygen and is prevented from accumulating or becoming stagnant by the rotation through the point at which the depth of the troughs becomes zero.

Graham, Melrose Denis
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Nat, Res Dev
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128/DIG.3, 261/112.1, 261/DIG.28
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A61M1/32; B01F9/06
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