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This invention relates to improvements in fountain pens, and particularly to that type of pen designed to use a writing paste, one object of the invention being the provision of means to retain the ball point in valve closed position when the pen is at rest to prevent leakage and also the drying...

Pelton, Moore David
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This invention relates to improvements in fountain pens, and particularly to that type of pen designed to use a writing paste, one object of the invention being the provision of means to retain the ball point in valve closed position when the pen is at rest to prevent leakage and also the drying or solidifying of the paste in the miniature fount that surrounds the ball at the nose of the pen.

Another object of the present invention is the provision of a spring or cushioned inner ball seat that under nonwriting conditions, although it permits the writing paste to enter the ball fount, seats the ball against the lip of the nose of the pen so that-in effect a ball valve results, the pressure upon the ball in writing, unseating the ball at this point and moving the inner ball seat inwardly to permit free egress of the writing paste adhering to the ball to pass to the surface to be written upon. Still another object of the present invention is the provision of a novel means for retaining the desired "feeding" pressure within a detachable cartridge, so that the writing paste will at all times be in the fount and ready for distribution by the ball.

To more clearly understand the present invention attention is invited to the accompanying drawings, in which: Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a pen made according to and embodying the present invention.

Figure 2 is a section on line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Figure 3 is a section on line 3-3 of Pig. 1.

Figure 4 is a section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1. Figure 5 is a longitudinal section on a large scale of the nose and ball fount per se, and their adjacent parts.

Figure 6 is a side view of the upper part of the inner ball seat tube. Figure 7 is a cross section through that portion of ball seat tube adjacent the writing paste outlets near its upper end.

Referring to the drawings, the numeral 5 designates the nose sleeve member, generally made of a plastic material, and provided with a longitudinal bore 6 terminating in the internally threaded enlarged bore 7.

A tube 8 of metal, carrying a ball 8', is threadedly mounted in the bore 6, and at the threaded portion 9 of the member 5, is detachably carried a barrel 10.

In this instance a cylindrical detachable and replaceable writing paste cartridge 11, has its exteriorly threaded nipple I1', fitted within the bore 7, as shown clearly in Fig. 1.

A screw plug cap 12 fits in the lower end of the cartridge and carries through the rod 13, a spider 14, to support the inner end of a screw 15, the smooth portion 17 thereof being rotatably mounted in the cap 12, and provided with a manually manipulatable button 18.

Mounted for sliding movement within the cartridge is a piston or plunger 16, held against rotation by the rod 13, and cooperating with the screw 16, so that as the screw is rotated, the piston or plunger is moved longitudinally of the cartridge. By this means the writing paste above the piston as viewed in Figure 1, is compressed by the piston as it is caused to move upwardly, and thus such paste is forced into and through the tube 8 to a fount F, see Fig. 5, at the nose of the tube 8, to surround the ball 8', and supply the paste thereto for writing purposes, the ball being mounted for rotation as shown, and capable of being rotated as the pen is moved over the surface during the writing operation.

In this view the detail construction of the tube 8 and its carried parts is shown, and in its bore 8", is fitted for limited longitudinal sliding movement a tube or sleeve 19, whose upper end normally is extended within the fount F, and is provided with a seat 23 for the ball 8', and with paste outlets 24, so that the paste can flow readily into the fount.

A guiding tube or sleeve 20 having an anchoring flange 21, is mounted in the lower end of the bore 8", an extension spring 22, being mounted in the space about the tube 20, to abut the lower end of the valve seat tube 19, and resiliently hold the seat 23 in to close engagement with the ball 8', so that it, when the pen is at rest, seats closely against the inturned edge at the outlet 25 of the detachable cap 26, which forms the wall of the fount F.

By this arrangement, it will be noted that in assembling the sleeve, which is a guide for the valve seat sleeve, is first placed in the bore 8", then the spring is inserted, then the valve seat tube 19, and the ball 8', the removable cap 26 then being screwed in place to hold the ball properly in position, so that its outlet will be closed when the pen is at rest, and be opened when the ball is pressed upon as in writing, to permit the ball to convey the ink from the fount F to the surface traversed.

Although the special type of cartridge here shown employs a manually operated plunger, any means may be provided to supply the paste at the desired pressure from a removable and replaceable paste cartridge.

What is claimed as new is: 1. A fountain pen, including in combination, a paste supply tube having a longitudinal bore terminating in a paste fount at one end, a ball mounted in said fount, said fount being provided with a paste outlet through which a portion of the ball protrudes and against which the ball may seat to close the fount, and a springactuated valve - seat - carrying - tube slidably mounted in and guided by said bore and having its upper open end engaging the ball at a point opposite to the outlet of the fount and normally holding the ball seated in said outlet, whereby as the ball is pressed upon the spring actuated valve seat the latter is moved to free the ball at the outlet for the distribution of the paste by the ball from the fount.

2. A fountain pen as claimed in claim 1, wherein a paste-carrying cartridge-attaching means is provided at the end of the tube remote from the fount.

3. A fountain pen having a nose member including a tubular member having two bores of different diameter, two telescopic sleeves mounted in the smaller bore thereof, the inner sleeve being anchored at one end and forming a guide for the other sleeve to slide upon, the upper end of the sliding sleeve normally projecting exteriorly of the free end of the smaller bore and forming a ball seat at its end, a spring surrounding the anchored sleeve and exerting pressure to push the sliding sleeve toward the free end of the smaller bore, a ball seated upon the ball seat end of the sliding sleeve, and a substantially semi-globular fount forming member detachably attached to the nose member and forming therewith an outlet for the paste and an outer seat for the ball.


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