Supporter attachment for bifurcated underwear
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My invention relates generally to the class of men's undergarments and has particular reference to the bifurcated portions of underwear of that type in which a supporter is provided in combig nation with the garment. It is customary for a man to support the genitals or reproductve organs either...

Mae, Rumery
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Mae, Rumery
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My invention relates generally to the class of men's undergarments and has particular reference to the bifurcated portions of underwear of that type in which a supporter is provided in combig nation with the garment.

It is customary for a man to support the genitals or reproductve organs either in a pocket formed as a part of the bifurcated undergarment or by means of a suspensory having straps or an elastic band passing around the waist to retain the suspensory in place, and accordingly the main purpose of my invention is to improve that form of pocket or suspensory which is attached to the garment so that it will not only add to the comfort of the wearer, with particular reference to the supporting of the scrotum, but also facilitate the attachment of the pocket to the garment.

With this main object in view my invention contemplates the provision of a suspensory of particular construction adapting it for application to the garment, in combination with the garment itself, whereby the incorporation of the device, with three compartments for the genital organs adds to its utility and possesses other advantages hereinafter set forth, and what I claim as my invention is specifically recited in the claim.

In the drawing: Figure 1 is a front view illustrating the application of my improved pocket to a bifurcated garment commonly called shorts.

Fig. 2 is a rear view of the garment with the seat broken away to show the manner of attaching the pocket or supporter.

Fig. 3 is a detail view of the pocket, and Figs. 4 and 5 are side and rear views thereof.

As an illustration of the application of my invention I have shown the improved pocket or suspensory attached to a pair of shorts, but it will be understood that it may be applied to other forms of men's underwear, such as union suits and drawers, the only condition with reference to a conventional make of garment being that the usual strips 10 and II, which provide the fly or opening 12 at the front, be extended downwardly to a point near the crotch (as illustrated in Fig. 2) so as to reinforce that part of the garment to which the pocket, hereinafter described, is attached, and for this latter purpose there is a slit 13 in said reinforcing strips. Furthermore, the garment illustrated is of that conventional type having a flexible or elastic band 14 with the spaced apart back seams 15 and 16 continued under the crotch and in the front where they join the reinforcing strips hereinbefore referred to.

65 The main feature of my invention is in the formation of the pocket, referred to generally by the reference numeral 17; that is, the construction is such it will be effective in use and may be readily attached to any bifurcated undergarment for men as well as the one shown in the drawing having the extended reinforcing strips and seams. In the present instance therefore the pocket is made of three pieces of material to provide a center portion 18, and opposite side portions 19 and 20 connected together by seams 21, 22, the side portions also forming the back (see Fig. 5) and their inner edges 23, 24, where the opening 25 to the pocket is located, creased or turned outwardly for attachment to the garment. By reference to the drawing it will be noted that the longitudinal piece of material forming the center of the pocket is tapered towards its opposite ends and fits over the intermediate organ of the genitals, while the side pieces which are similar to each other in shape, serve in like manner for the other organs. Any suitable soft and slightly resilient material, such as rayon, may be used in making the pocket, and by constructing it of three pieces of the shape shown it will be better adapted to receive the several parts to be supported thereby; in other words, the pocket will conform to the parts or organs retained and held up thereby, relieving any discomforture and also relieving the groin of undue strain particularly when the wearer has a hernia or any other local condition likely to be irritated by these organs if unsupported. Furthermore, the use of this pocket or suspensory by maintaining the reproductive organs close to the body will relieve to a considerable extent the discomfort caused from chafing between the thighs, and will also yieldably support the organs in whatever position the wearer assumes whether sitting, standing, or engaging in any athletic sports.

The formation of the pocket is such that it can be made up as a separate article for attachment to a conventional make of men's shorts and other underwear, as well as incorporated in the fashioning of the garment, in either instance the outturned edges of the material at opposite sides of the longitudinal opening 25 leading into the pocket being preferably passed through the slit 13 in the garment and in this manner stitched in place, the merged opening and slit thus forming the opening for the pocket or supporter at the inner side of the garment below the usual fly opening 12, which latter serves its customary purposes.

Although I am aware it has been heretofore proposed to provide men's underwear with a pocket or supporter of this general nature the novelty apparent from the specifications and accompanying drawing lies principally in the formation of the pocket and its application to the garment.

I claim: As a new article of manufacture, a suspensory for attachment to men's underwear comprising three pieces of resilient material extending longitudinally and connected together by seams, one of said pieces forming the center of the suspensory at the front thereof to receive one of the genital organs and the other pieces forming the sides and back to receive the other genital organsscrotum and testicles-leaving a longitudinal opening to the suspensory at the center of the back, the center piece being tapered at its lower end or bottom of the suspensory, whereby pockets or compartments are adapted to be formed for the testicles at either side of the compartment receiving the other genital organ.