Chakra Meditation Stones
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Each Chakra is directly related to a specific color and serves a specific purpose. This device is designed to access the different Chakras via physical contact with a mineral stone directly related and corresponding to the energy of the specific Chakra to be worked on. The exact order of the mineral stones, along with the connection to the additionally supplied crystal is designed to specifically enable the user to manifest healing and energy through their Chakras.

Sudak, Amber June (Silver City, NM, US)
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Sudak, Amber June (Silver City, NM, US)
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A44C23/00; A47G33/00
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Pandora Jewelry, 12/10/15 http://www.pandoratopmall.com/pandora-red-hot-romance-inspirational-bracelet-ox1365-p-107.html
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Amber June Sudak (10 Village Road #2, Silver City, NM, 88061, US)
1. A hand held meditation instrument comprising: (a) A single strand of copper wire or other wire, and (b) Seven predrilled stone beads of actual stones, and (c) The seven stones are strung onto the wire in a specific order, and (d) The order of the beads are, from top to bottom, violet stone—such as amethyst or alexandrite, indigo stone—such as lapis lazuli or tanzanite, light blue stone—such as turquoise or blue agate, pink stone or green stone—such as rose quartz or peridot, yellow stone—such as amber or citrine, orange stone—such as tiger's eye or carnelian or onyx, red stone—such as hematite or blood stone or ruby or garnet, and (e) The wire is twisted in a larger loop at the top to facilitate handling or hanging, a smaller loop at the bottom, and (f) a separate quartz crystal and instruction card whereby a specific guided and healing meditation can be followed with this device.



This device provides a convenient means to meditate on your chakras, using the correct stone for each chakra. It also is a simple tool to enable people to learn more about their chakras. This device is intended for use in energy healing.


The Chakra Meditation Stones device consists of a copper or other wire, with stone beads strung onto the wire, in a specific order. The wire is then twisted in a larger loop, at the top end, for an easy place to grasp the unit as a whole or hang this device. The wire is twisted in a smaller loop, at the bottom end, to keep the stone beads in place. The stone beads are intentionally left as natural as possible, in order to keep their natural irregularities and to allow a different texture/shape to each stone bead. The beads used are actual stone, rather than simulated stone, glass, plastic or other material, for authentic healing capabilities.

The Chakra Meditation Stones are designed to allow a person to meditate on their chakras, activating the chakras, using the correct stone for each chakra, in the correct order of their chakras.

The Chakra Meditation Stones are created as a set, including the device itself, an instruction card and a separate quartz crystal. The instruction card provides information on the chakras and how to meditate with the stones.

The copper wire the stones are mounted on is the metal used for the heart chakra. The first stone bead is violet, such as amethyst, used for the crown chakra. The second stone bead is indigo, such as lapis lazuli or tanzanite, used for the brow chakra. The third stone bead is bright blue, such as turquoise or blue agate, used for the throat chakra. The fourth stone bead is pink or green, such as rose quartz or peridot, used for the heart chakra. The fifth stone bead is yellow, such as amber or citrine, used for the solar plexus chakra. The sixth stone bead is orange, such as tiger's eye or carnelian, used for the sacral chakra. The seventh stone bead is red, such as hematite or blood stone, used for the root chakra.

The separate quartz crystal is used during the entire meditation. The instruction card gives guidance and knowledge, in regards to the chakras and the stones being used during the meditation.

At present, the included list of specific stone beads is what I contemplate using with this device. I may use other mineral and/or stone beads for the purpose of this device, as interest develops.


FIG. 1 indicates a numbered view of the individual parts of this invention. They are listed as follows:

FIG. 1.1 is the Copper Wire or Other Wire

FIG. 1.2 is a Violet Stone, such as Amethyst or Alexandrite

FIG. 1.3 is an Indigo Stone, such as Lapis Lazuli or Tanzanite

FIG. 1.4 is a Light Blue Stone, such as Turquoise or Blue Agate

FIG. 1.5 is a Pink or Green Stone, such as Rose Quartz or Peridot

FIG. 1.6 is a Yellow Stone, such as Amber or Citrine

FIG. 1.7 is an Orange Stone such as Carnelion or Tiger's Eye

FIG. 1.8 is a Red Stone, such as Blood Stone, Garnet or Ruby.

FIG. 2.9 is a Quartz Crystal

FIG. 3.10 is an instruction card.