Boat Blind Retraction Device
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This Boat Blind Retraction Device is a boat blind used for waterfowl hunting that conceals the hunters in the boat. This particular device is different than other blinds in that it uses cables and spring loaded pins to retract the blind. This blind requires only one person to retract it with a pull of the lever and both ends release, dropping the blind down in seconds.

Long, Daniel Ray (Dixon, IL, US)
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Daniel Long (650 Reynoldswood Road, Dixon, IL, 61021, US)
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1. the utility design for a Boat Blind Retraction Device as shown that is used to retract a boat blind using a lever, cable, and a spring loaded pin.



This patent pertains to retractable boat blinds that are used when hunting waterfowl. The boat blinds typically screw or clamp onto the boat, retract up to conceal the hunters and retract down to allow easy movement while the boat is in motion. Existing boats blinds have locking mechanisms much like a table leg that requires the hunters to be on either end to retract it up or down.


I am seeking a patent for the retraction device which is unique to any other boat blind. It allows a single person to set the blind sides up with each end having a spring loaded locking pin that locks the blind in the up position. A ramped portion of the retraction device forces the pin to retract automatically as it is set up. In order to retract the blind or set it down, a single person squeezes a bicycle brake lever (or equivalent) located near the middle of the blind that retracts the pin from the locking hole in the bracket and allows the blind to be released, retracted or set down.


FIG. 1 shows the underside view of the retraction device on a boat blind. The device consists of the brake lever, brake cables and spring loaded end components that permit blind retraction by squeezing the brake lever. The blind automatically locks in the up position when set into place.

FIG. 2 shows a magnified underside view with the square tubing shown cross sectioned to view the spring loaded components. The side view is also shown.

FIG. 3 shows an alternate side view of the component when the blind is retracted, unlocked or in the down position.

FIG. 4 shows an isometric view of the device installed on a boat blind that is secured to the boat. The device is shown in the retracted, or down position and can be easily swung into the up position with the spring loaded pin locking the blind in position.

FIG. 5 shows a magnified view of the isometric view of the Boat Blind Retraction Device.