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Collar guard and hat guard
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The guard is an improved utility design tailored to a shirt collar or hat utilizing a four part liner system that creates a moisture barrier between the garment and the wearer to prevent staining to garments and hats and relief from acne outbreaks.

Galvan, Ralph G. (San Antonio, TX, US)
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A41D27/16; A41D27/12
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1. The claim of the invention is a utility design comprising of an inexpensive four part moisture control and collection system that protects shirt collars and an assortment of hats or helmets from perspiration wetness and stains and helps control outbreaks of acne skin conditions due to dirt and sweat.



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1. Field

The basic principle of the Invention is the redesign of an existing panty liner system that is converted to a sweat collection and stain prevention system for shirt collars and hats.

2. Prior Art

It is essential when attempting to project an image of confidence and professionalism, that an individual's shirt or blouse collar be clean, crisp and sharp. Though it may appear innocuous, a crisp and clean collar is essential for an individual to achieve the image of success and confidence.

People may sweat for various reasons, due to warm temperatures, exercise or when stressed, anxious, embarrassed or afraid. Sweating is a perfectly natural function that primarily helps the body to stay cool. When a person sweats due to emotional stimulation, there is an increase in sympathetic nerve activity causing an increase in epinephrine secretions (sweat) of the eccrine gland that will result in wetting and staining of a garment or hat.

The primary secretion (sweat) of the eccrine gland is mostly water with a high concentration of sodium, chloride and potassium. Normally sweat may evaporate prior to causing discomfort, however when there is close contact with an article of clothing or hat then that garment area will absorb the sweat which can cause stains, wrinkles or rolls to the garment or hat worn.

The intent of this application is to eliminate the effects embarrassing sweating will have on an individual's shirt collar or hat. Since both men and women experience the same problem of sweating, though to different degrees, the results can be significant. Sweating around the neck creates problems for the collar garment, regardless of the quality of material or the amount of stiffening agents used such as starch or sizing, a collar will still lose it's freshness when sweat saturated.

Hair sprays, gels and any assortment of hair coloring or conditioning products mixed with sweat will contribute to the staining and soiling problem. Sweat salts and any assortment of cosmetic products can contribute to the permanency of the stains surrounding the garment.


The invention is comprised of an inexpensive disposable multi-layered moisture absorbent liner system that is attached to the interior of the shirt collar or hat. The intended function for this moisture absorbent non-woven liner is to protect the wearer from staining and wetting the garment without causing discomfort. The liner guard is worn on the inside of a collar or hat, is not visible and does not create an unsightly bulge.

The collar guard and/or hat guard forms a protective layer that provides a barrier between the wearer and the garment or hat. This multi-layered system will absorb moisture and retain it in a non-woven fabric reservoir to keep the garment or hat dry.

The collar and hat guard is designed to be thin enough to remain unseen when worn, yet absorbent enough to create the required moisture barrier on the garment or hat. The absorption layer is gentle enough to prevent chaffing around the neck or brow and is designed to fit the contours of the collar or hat band.


Figure one item 1 is a front view of the invention.

Figure two is an isometric view that illustrates the different layers of the invention. Item 2 is an easy remove crack-n-peel wax paper protective layer over the adhesive. Item 3 is the light adhesive that attaches to the garment. Item 4 is the plastic (polyethylene) moisture barrier. Item 5 is the soft moisture absorption reservoir layer that is next to the skin of the wearer.

Figure three is a front view of the shirt with the collar guard attached to the collar.

Figure four is a view of a sports hat with a hat guard attached to the hatband.

Figure five is a view of a military helmet with an attached hat guard.


The collar guard and hat guard is an absorbent liner designed to collect and retain moisture (sweat) while creating a barrier between the wearer and the garment or hat being protected. The collar and hat guard is a non-visible liner of varying thicknesses designed to alleviate the various “wetness” levels of the wearer. In addition to providing moisture protection, the guard will also provide a degree of comfort to the wearer since the material used is designed to provide wearer comfort.

Basically the invention functions as a garment protector by creating a moisture barrier between the user and the garment.

The multi-layered system is composed of a protective wax crack-n-peel cover to protect the adhesive layer from drying and being rendered unusable. The protected adhesive layer should remain pliable so that the liner will adhere to the intended garment.

The adhesive is an applied layer over a moisture resistant plastic sheet that prevents the moisture from seeping to the garment.

The main body of the guard is a highly absorbent reservoir of non-woven fabric with a smooth surface sealed sheath that is the absorbent face of the system.

While the basic function of the invention is creating a moisture recovery system, there is capacity for applying various additives such as deodorants, scents and medications or coloring to enhance the versatility of said garment protector.

The same absorbency protection proposed for a shirt collar can be extended to various types of headgear to prevent dirt and sweat from creating blemishing skin conditions and staining to fabric and felt hats.

The invention is an improvement through the adaptation and redesign of an existing panty liner system generally used for undergarment protection.


The invention is comprised of an inexpensive redesigned four part non-woven fabric system consisting of an easy removable crack-n-peel layer (item 2), an adhesive layer (item 3),a plastic moisture proof barrier (item 4) and the moisture absorbent reservoir (item 5).


The crack-n-peel wax protective layer in item 2 is used to prevent the adhesive from making contact with foreign matter prior to being attached to a collar or hat.


The adhesive in item 3 is a light coating applied to the moisture proof plastic layer that is protected on the inner side by the crack-n-peel layer and the outer side is attached to the reservoir layer.


The plastic layer in item 4 functions both as the moisture barrier and the structural piece that holds the reservoir intact.


The reservoir in item 5 retains the moisture in an economical non-woven fabric that also functions as a seal and soft facing to the wearer.