Golf Equipment Organizing Transport System
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A golf equipment organizing transport system geared toward total golf bag market. It is designed to be used by golfers using motorized golf carts, golfers with pull carts, or golfers who carry bags. The front storage cabinet, in combination with internal storage compartments, allows for easy access for all those items a golfer needs while playing a round of golf. Unit is constructed of polymers and is produced in a variety of polymer processes. Every feature is designed with ease of use, accessibility, and use priority. The Club Pubster Golf Equipment Organizing Transport System also addresses the issue of the number of clubs allowed by the USGA. There are exactly 14 clubs receptacles eliminating a golfer being disqualified for having more than 14 clubs in their bag.

Lynch, Richard (Belmont, NC, US)
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Richard Lynch (208 13th Street, Belmont, NC, 28012, US)
I claim:

1. The club pubster golf equipment organizing transport system is unlike any golf bag on the market.

2. It addresses all the golfers needs concerning their use of equipment and more importantly the convenience factor of having said equipment readily available.

3. It provides ample storage for all the golfers needs.

4. It resolves the problems of losing your sunglasses, keys, watch, wallet etc. when these items are placed in the golf cart.

5. It provides ample storage for beverages and a snack in an insulated compartment.

6. It can be converted to a pull cart in a matter of seconds: The unit is designed to be balanced when this function is employed.

7. It provides for organized storage of the clubs, umbrella, ball retriever, GPS range finder, gloves, balls, accessories, rain suit, as well as extra hats.

8. It has a club stand which is used to keep your clubs dry and easily accessible when you must take a couple of your clubs out of the bag at the same time, e.g. When taking a wedge and putter to the green. This will result in dry grips and reduce the possibility of leaving clubs behind

9. The club stand is equipped with a towel, cigar holder, cigarette lighter, and ball mark repair tool.

10. It is approximately 35% smaller in size then the current full size golf bags.

11. It has a ball dispenser capable of holding up to 6 balls and dispenses the ball one at a time. This feature reduces a golfers time and frustration they experience when they have to go digging for a ball in the current style bags.

12. The molded handle allows for ease of removing bag from the trunk of a car as well as placing on and removing from a golf cart.

13. The molded guide for the retaining straps is located behind the hinged door at a height that accommodates straps on power carts. Because the area that is enclosed by the retaining strap is substantially less than what is required with the full size bags the chances that the Club Pubster bag will not be secured to the cart is greatly reduced. This means less club damage due to the bag falling off the cart.


I claim the benefits of the date of provisional application No. 61/278,827 filed Oct. 13, 2009.


This invention relates to the organization and transporting of golf equipment needs of all golfers. More specifically, golfers who use-motorized carts, pull carts, and walkers (carry their bag or have a caddie carry same).


The golf bag of the 21st century is not much different than the golf bag of the latter part of the 20th century. The golf bag industry has stuck with the same basic concept in design as well as the same answers over the years in addressing the issue of more space . . . add another pocket, pouch, zipper etc. The end result has been a bag that is cumbersome and extremely difficult to organize your golfing needs. The areas for the club shafts is lacking in organization or any sense of assignment for the individual clubs. This, in turn, has led to clubs being lost, difficulty in removing and inserting clubs, as well as frustration in trying to locate a particular club. While there have been attempts over the years to address these issues, they have been a band aid approaches at best. With so many pockets and pouches, one of the most frustrating things a golfer faces is trying to remember where he may have placed certain items. In addition, there are really no item specific areas for most of those items a golfer uses on a regular basis during a round of golf such as golf balls, tees, glove, ball mark repair tool, etc. One area that no bag has seriously addressed is the need for refreshments during the round. There have been pockets added that will accommodate a couple beverages but, once again, these pockets have added more area to the bag. One area that has been addressed is the addition of wheels to bags for use as a pull cart when walking. What has not been addressed in this area is an economical, aesthetically pleasing, consumer friendly method of attaching said wheels. All current proposals are too bulky, unbalanced, too costly to produce, or non-conforming to the aesthetics of the bag. Current bag designs consist of a vinyl or leather outer unit attached to a thin plastic inner lining. This inner lining can easily be crushed or broken if too much weight is placed on it, the end result is a bag that will not stand or cannot be loaded easily. With the size of a loaded full size golf bag being close to 54″ in diameter one can readily see the problem in two golfers placing both of their bags in an area that is only 36″ (distance on the back of most motorized golf carts).

The golf bag market is ready for a bag that is more modem and durable than the current bags.


What sets the Club Pubster Golf Equipment Transport System (hereinafter referred to as Club Pubster) apart from all other internal storage golf bags is the total thoroughness in addressing all the needs of the golfer's equipment and refreshment organization and access, as well as the needs for mode of transporting of those items to and from, and on the course. Furthermore, the Club Pubster has prioritized the golfers needs in such a way as to allow immediate access to all the equipment and refreshment items they would use most often during their round of golf, (balls, gloves, tees, markers, pencils, ball markers, ball mark repair tool, towel, beverages, power bars, sandwich) as well as items that are used occasionally,(cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys etc.) Items that are used less frequently are stored internally while providing easy access (rain suit, hats, band aids, extra balls, gloves, tees, refreshments) The Club Pubster has looked at the total needs of the golfer from the time he pulls up in his car until the time he packs up to head home. The current bag designs merely add more pockets externally and therefore increase the size. This has resulted in bags that are difficult to load onto motorized carts and take up a great deal of room, not only on the cart, but in the trunk of a car as well. The large bags are very often too big to be fastened to the cart securely and in many cases the straps just don't tie them down tight enough resulting in the bags falling off the carts when the golfer takes off. This can lead to scratched clubs as well as snapped heads. Not to mention tension, something a golfer does not need. From the time the golfer first arrives at the course, the Club Pubster is designed to make the experience as stress free as possible. The Club Pubster handle is located at a central balance point making the Club Pubster easy to remove from the trunk of the car and load on the golf cart. The strap slot makes strapping the Club Pubster in the golf cart a breeze. The ready access pockets give the golfer a place to put their cell phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses. These items are usually thrown into the front well on golf carts causing sunglasses to get scratched, keys lost, and cell phones knocked around. With the ready access pockets, these items can be easily accessed during the round. The immediate need items such as glove, ball, and tee are accessed with one hand and, unlike the current bags, there are no zippers that can break or jam. Balls are dispensed with a simple push of a lever, the tees are right above the ball dispenser and the players' glove is located right below the ball dispenser. Items such as markers, used to identify your golf ball, pencils and ball markers are located on top the unit for easy access. The removable Lean On Me club stand comprising of a towel holder, cigar holder, ball marker and ball repair tool holder has its own compartment located at the front of the unit where it is easily accessed. The full length club holders are square in design allowing for a more compact area for easy insertion and removal of clubs. The full length club holder design also stops club grips from tangling. In addition, the club holder layout allows the golfer to see immediately if there are clubs missing. The umbrella compartment is ample in size and is located at the front of the unit. There is drain hole at the base of this compartment to allow any moisture that may remain on the umbrella to drain easily. Also located on the top of the unit is a digital clock that is angled toward the golfer so that they can easily see the time at a glance. The built-in cooler has enough room to store six 12 oz. beverages and a couple power bars. This is also located on top of the unit and has a removable liner for easy cleaning and liquid removal. The internal storage compartments are for those items used less frequently. These are items such as rain suits, band aids, sports tape, meds, extra balls, gloves, winter hats and gloves, socks, etc. The swing-out storage trays are clear so that the golfer can see their contents more easily. The golf glove storage area allows the golfer to keep their golf glove stored in a flat position between rounds. The sleeved golf ball storage keeps new balls separate from used balls, while the loose ball storage acts as a weight for balance. The Club Pubster pull cart adapter kits allow the golfer to convert his Club Pubster to a rolling unit in a matter of seconds. The pull cart adapter kit can be left on the Club Pubster with only the wheels being removed, or the whole kit can be removed and reattached when needed. The areas of equipment prioritizing ease of accessibility, compactness, versatility, organization, and aesthetics, have all been addressed with the Club Pubster.