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The present invention may be used as extendable belt on your waist garments. It will give you extra room when you are unable to fasten your waist garments. They are worn around your waist, and the fasteners on the waist belts attaches to the fasteners on the waist garment. It will allow you to purchase those waist garments you thought were too small in the waist area. Some of the belts have more than one fastener on them to give you the amount of room you need around your waist.

Middleton, Antonia Yavette (Atlanta, GA, US)
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Antonia Y. Middleton (P.O. Box 723513 Atlanta GA 31139)
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1. Waist belts that attaches to your waist garments and extends the garment size. all kind of different fabrics; cotton, wool, leather, blue jean, etc. ranging from 1 to 11 ½ inches in length. with varies fasteners; buttons, clamps, hooks, snaps, etc. in many sizes and colors sewn to it the fasteners are sewn on to each waist belt and can consist of up to 10 fasteners on each side of belt. The fasteners fit on the waist garment for example: (FIG. 1) shows just the Shorty Beltz without a waist garment to attach it to. (FIG. 2) if the waist belt has a button(s) and a button hole(s), then you would put the button(s)on the waist belt through the button hole(s) on the waist garment, then the button hole(s) on the waist belt goes around the button(s) on the waist garment (FIG. 3) shows how your waist garment looks after the waist belt is attached to fasteners on the waist garment. Each fastener attaches the same way, depending on which fasteners you have on your waist garment, you will have to find the waist belt with fasteners that will attach to the fasteners your waist garments has.



It's purpose is to meet and assist personal economic needs when purchasing another waist garment is not affordable. It is available for males, female, adults and children. It is priced competitively to sustain today's market fluctuations. This product is primarily identified for the garment worn around the waist area.


This product is helpful in solving the issues that we all have when our waist garments get too small.

It consist of various fashionable fasteners; buttons, clamps, hooks, snaps, etc.

It comes in multiple sizes, colors, lengths and various types of fabrics to blend with today's and tomorrow's up to date fashions.


FIG. 1 illustration shows a waist belt(Shorty Beltz) with two buttons(fasteners)and two button holes that are running horizontally. This drawing is the front view of the Shorty Beltz with two buttons(fasteners) with two button holes.

FIG. 2 illustration shows how to attach one side of the waist belt (Shorty Beltz) to the fasteners on the waistline of a waist garment. This view of the drawing shows the Front of the Shorty Beltz hanging horizontally from a clothing waist garment(not yet attached to garment).

FIG. 3 illustration shows the attachment completed. “Shorty Beltz” can be attached to each other for extra length. This is the front view of the Shorty Beltz attached vertically to waist garment.


A Shorty Beltz with a sewn button hole and one sewn on hook. It shows the front of the Shorty Beltz.

A Shorty Beltz has two button holes on one side and four sew on hooks on the other side for adjustable comfort.

A Shorty Beltz with two blue jean buttons and two blue jean snaps for those blue jeans that's too small in the waist. You clamp the Shorty Beltz snap to the waist garment clamp and do the opposite with the other end.

A Shorty Beltz with three blue jean buttons and three blue snaps.

A Shorty Beltz has two button holes and two sew on hooks. You attach it to a garment that has button fasteners and eye closures.

A Shorty Beltz with two buttons and two button holes. This Shorty Beltz is also adjustable for comfort.

A Shorty Beltz with four buttons and two button holes.

A Shorty Belt that six eye closures on one side of fabric and six sew on hooks on the opposite sides of fabric. In order for this Shorty Beltz to connect properly to fasteners, the eye closures and sew on hooks can not be sewn on the same side. This is also an adjustable Shorty Beltz. There is an extra piece of fabric hanging off this Shorty Beltz that covers the stomach area in case the zipper doesn't zip all the way up. You can put this extra material down in your pants over your stomach and then fasten your adjustable Shorty Beltz. This Shorty Beltz also comes with button fasteners.

A Shorty Beltz is adjustable with three button holes and three sew on hooks.

A Shorty Beltz with two large buttons and one button hole.

A Shorty Beltz that has four large buttons and four button holes. It has extra material to tuck in the stomach area if the zipper is not working properly.

A Shorty Beltz that's adjustable with six buttons and six button holes.

A Shorty Beltz that's showing the back part with just hem marks. The fasteners are sewn and clamped on, excluding. It has eye closures on one side and sew on hooks on the opposite side. There is also an extra piece of fabric for the stomach area in case the zipper is not working correctly.