Poker craps and maxi poker
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The two game systems I have invented: POKER CRAPS and MAXI POKER are played using a table and a device. Same identical table is used for both systems.

Table provides 13 racks for players' chips. Racks are numbered 1 through 13 identifying each player numerically. Table displays twice 44 symbols, one on right hand side, and once on left hand side:

    • 10 poker hands
    • 14 color symbols
    • 13 numbers 1 through 13
    • 4 card suits:
      • hearts, diamonds
      • spades, clubs
    • 3 symbols: joker, mega, red 7

Symbols: see page 3 of my Patent Application.

Two separate devices used: one for each game system. Each device has a stationary circle with slots displaying same symbols as table, and a spinning wheel with arrows. Spin wheel is manually made to rotate and stop pointing winners or losers.

Pages 8-10 of my Patent Application explain how to play both game systems.

Aguilera, Gilberto (San Diego, CA, US)
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Gilberto, Aguilera (4690 Calle De Vida, San Diego, CA, 92124, US)
1. The layout or “road map” on the table surface for POKER CRAPS and for MAXI POKER are unlike anything else now available.

2. The Orbital Wheel device for POKER CRAPS, and the Spin Wheel device for MAXI POKER are concepts unequaled in the field of game systems. Both are novel designs that I have invented for the purposes of my game systems.

3. The introduction of colors as symbols or SPOTS to place bets on them is unusual and innovative, as is the color code allocation of chips colors to distinguish the money of one player from the money of other players.

4. Identifying numerically the site of each player on the table with the purpose of doubling one players' winning bets at a specific moment is a new idea, created also exclusively for my game systems. And so is the many sided role of the Red arrow, intended first, as a winner for the management when it points at Red 7, and second, as a winner for the players when it points at the symbols: MEGA, Joker, or any of the numbers 1 through 13.



    • Dimensions
      • 12 Ft. wide
      • 4 Ft. deep
      • 3 Ft. high

Two displays are on the surface of the table: one on the right hand side, and one on the left hand side, the two displays are identical. Each display consists of 44 color printed symbols or SPOTS as follows:

a)10 poker hand names:1 PairFull House
2 Pairs4 of a kind
3 of a kind5 of a kind
StraightStraight Flush
FlushRoyal Flush
b)14 color symbols:BlackGreenPurple
c)13 numbers 1 through 13 matching the numbered chip
racks, to identify each player numerically.
d) 4 suits of poker cards:Hearts
e) 3 symbols:Joker
Red 7


It is utilized to play POKER CRAPS. The Orbital wheel device is 18″ in outside diameter, 3″ high. It sits horizontally on the table, about its center rear and it is not permanently attached to it.

The Orbital Wheel device contains 3 concentric circles. I call the outside circle the winners circle.

The two inner circles actually represent the Orbital Wheel device. Its motion resembles the motion of a Lazy Susan, except my Orbital Wheel device is fitted with bushings on ball bearings and the bushings are adapted with flanges.

The Orbital Wheel rides on its ball bearing bushings on a track in which their flanges are so inserted that they may not slide out of their track.

The Orbital Wheel is shaped the same as the circumference of a drum; with double, round,vertical walls, jointed at their top by a roof patterned like the brim of a hat.

The outer edge of the brim has 12 white and 1 red, embeded, protruding arrows. All arrows project ½″ beyond their rim's edge.

The outer, large circle, the winners circle of the Orbital Wheel displays 44 color printed SLOTS 6″ high, with symbols, the very same identical display of symbols as listed for the table on page 3.


The Spin Wheel device, located behind the table, about its rear middle, separated from the table, stands vertically on a pedestal or pillar.

The pedestal structure supports a circle and a wheel, pedestal stands on its own solid base of iron or cement.

Dimensions of pedestal are: 4″ diameter, 66″ overall height, its base is circular, 12″ in diameter.

The axle a solid steel rod ⅜″ diameter 4½″ long is so anchored in the pedestal that it maintains its setting without shifting out of its cradle.

Viewed from the front, the circle, and the wheel, appear to be overimposed without touching each other.

Both the circle and the wheel are fitted vertically on the pedestal.

Circle and wheel are flat, thin, concentric discs. Both are mounted on the same axle.

The wheel spins on a ball bearing bushing which surrounds the axle as a collar.

The circle is welded to the pedestal by a horizontal tie BAR preventing circle from turning.

The circle of the Spin Wheel device is stationary; it displays 44 color printed SLOTS, 6″ high, labeled with symbols, the very same identical symbols as listed for the table on page 3.


Either of my games: POKER CRAPS, or MAXI POKER, is played in the same fashion. Both use the very same identical layout.

The only difference in playing the two games is that POKER CRAPS gets its results from the rotation of the Orbital Wheel, a horizontally placed device that sits on top of the table; whereas MAXI POKER's outcome is obtained by the rotation of a Spin Wheel, a vertically supported device that stands away from the table.

It should be easy to play one game, or the other, once the following terms and functions are understood:

  • a) The same identical symbols are displayed on the table as SPOTS as well as on the circles as SLOTS.
  • b) Circles are stationary. Wheel rotate, their rims have arrows that point at SLOTS to pick winners or losers.
  • c) MEGA=gradually accumulated payments funded by the management, five dollars per each game. Kitty increases until one thousand dollars limit is reached, or it may be limitless at the discretion of the management.
  • If more than one bet wins MEGA, kitty shall be split between winners. Management to pay difference, if needed, to even out splits. When kitty empty, management must always start kitty with one hundred dollars.
    • 1) Color names printed on table surface are symbols or SPOTS on which bets are placed.
    • 2) Color of players chips; used to distinguish and separate the money of one player from the money of other players.
    • 1) SLOT symbols on circles match exactly SPOTS symbols on table. The ARROWS function is to point at winner and/or loser SLOTS.
    • 2) WHITE arrows “points” SLOTS: players win bets made there. SLOTS not “pointed” players lose bets made there.
    • 3) NO win, NO loss occurs when any of the following 3 results takes place: WHITE arrows point at
      • a) MEGA
      • b) Red 7
      • c) Any one of the numbers 1 through 13.
    • 4) It should also be clearly understood that there is NO win, NO loss when RED arrow points at any SLOT other than:
      • a) MEGA
      • b) Red 7
      • c) Any one of the numbers 1 through 13.
    • 5) RED arrows function is intended as a winner for the management, so, when RED arrow points at Red 7 the management wins. ALL bets lose. However, players allowed to bet WITH the management, when that happens, that is, if a player or players bet on Red 7 to win, and RED arrow ends up pointing at Red 7 those players win such bets, but ALL other bets still lose.
    • 6) If RED arrow points at the symbols: MEGA or Joker, the players win their bets made there.
    • 7) If RED arrow points at any number 1 through 13, which are matches to the table's numbered chip racks, then the player playing on that chip rack number, for that one game only, gets paid DOUBLE all his winning bets.
    • 8) Other than as stated above RED arrow has no other function.


Players buy from dealers chips of one, five, twenty-five, or more dollars value. Minimum table bet: 3 dollars. Each player is assigned chips of a color different from the color chips of other players.

Suggested color of chips:BlackGrayPink

Players may place on the table bets of one or more chips on one or more SPOTS of their choice.

Players may lay down their own bets on the table, or ask the dealers to place bets for them.

After bets closed, Orbital Wheel device, or Spin Wheel device, is rotated manually, in a clockwise direction.

After a minimum of 3 complete revolutions, wheel stops to point with its arrows the winners or the losers.

If any arrow points exactly at a line, then, at the discretion of the management, that arrow may be:

    • 1) Slightly moved clockwise so a win or a loss is pointed.
    • 2) Result may be declared a missed deal, no win, no loss; spin again.

Dealers collect all losers bets and pay all winners bets with chips of each players' respective color and value.

ONLY AFTER dealers finish collecting all losers bets and paying all winners bets, and ONLY THEN, may players collect their winnings.

Chips valid only at POKER CRAPS table and at MAXI POKER table.

Chips may be redeemed at POKER CRAPS table and at MAXI POKER TABLE.

Game Starts Over Again.

Examples of Pay Offs:

Each chip
bet wins:
WHITE arrow points at poker1 Pair 2
hand names:2 Pairs 4
3 of a kind 5
Full House20
4 of a kind25
5 of a kind30
straight Flush35
Royal Flush50
WHITE arrows points at:Color symbols2 to 1
Poker cards suits3 to 1
Joker5 to 1
Any number 1 through 13:NO win
NO loss.
RED arrow points at:MEGA: win accumulated kitty
Joker win 10 to 1
Red 7 to win pays: 31 to 1
but ALL other bets lose.
RED arrow points at:any one number 1 through 13 the
player playing om that chip rack, for
that one game only, gets paid DOUBLE
all his winning bets

Except as indicated above, WHITE or RED arrows have no other function. And except as indicated above, bets are good only once for one game at a time, no carry overs; wins or losses are final for each game. And all bets are paid or lose equal value or:

    • bet 1 lose 1 or win 1
    • bet 2 lose 2 or win 2 etc.

In actual practice all pay offs amounts to be color printed on the table surface, next to each SPOT, their value selected at the discretion of the management.


FIG. 1 page 15 Top view of POKER CRAPS table.

    • Table dimensions:
      • 12 Ft. wide
      • 4 Ft. deep
      • 3 Ft. high

On the right hand side of the table is the layout or “road map”, it is color printed and made up of 44 SPOTS for bets:

    • a) 10 poker hand names
    • b) 14 color symbols
    • c) 13 numbers 1 through 13
    • d) 4 poker cards suits
    • e) 3 symbols:
      • Joker
      • MEGA
      • Red 7

The same identical layout is printed on the left hand side of the table.

The Orbital Wheel device rests on the rear middle center of the table, not permanently attached to it.

Chip racks, numbered 1 through 13 identify each player numerically.

FIG. 2 page 16 Top view of the Orbital Wheel device.

    • Dimensions:
      • circle 18″
      • wheel 10″ outside rim

The wheel rotates, its outside rim has 12 WHITE and 1 RED arrows projecting ½″ beyond their rim, they indicate winner or loser SLOTS.

The Orbital Wheel device behaves as a Lazy Susan, the direction of its rotation is clockwise, as indicated here.

FIG. 3 page 17 Lateral view of Orbital Wheel device.

Presented here is a perspective of the Orbital Wheel device illustrating the location of its ball bearing rollers which enable the device to function in a manner similar to a Lazy Susan.

Note: rim resembles the brim of a hat.

The rollers are adapted with flanges, and so inserted in their track that they maintain the wheel in its intended position without sliding out of place.

FIG. 4 page 18 Top view of Orbital Wheel device.

The expanded view of this drawing explains the Orbital

Wheel function. Actually the inside circles represent the Orbital Wheel.

Its role is to point at losers or winners SLOTS.

Note 12 WHITE arrows and 1 RED arrow in its outside rim.

The winners circle, or the largest, outer circle displays 44 color printed SLOTS:

    • a) 10 poker hand names
    • b) 14 color symbols
    • c) 13 numbers 1 through 13
    • d) 4 poker cards suits
    • e) 3 symbols:
      • Joker
      • Mega
      • Red 7

FIG. 5 page 22 Top view of MAXI POKER table.

    • Table dimensions:
      • 12 Ft. wide
      • 4 Ft. deep
      • 3 Ft. high

color printed on the right hand side of the table surface is the layout or “road map”, made up of 44 SPOTS with symbols for bets:

    • a) 10 poker hand names
    • b) 14 color symbols
    • c) 13 numbers 1 through 13
    • d) 4 poker cards suits
    • e) 3 symbols:
      • Joker
      • MEGA
      • Red 7

As illustration shows,the same identical layout is printed on the left hand side of the table.

The Spin Wheel device location is given as behind the table, separated from it, about its middle rear center.

Note: chips racks numbered 1 through 13 to identify each player numerically.

FIG. 6 page 23 Lateral view of Spin Wheel device.

Described here is a vertical side view of the two concentric circle and wheel that are part of the Spin WHEEL device.

circle and wheel may be made of fiberglass, acrylic, plexiglass, aluminum or plastic.

A pedestal or pillar 4″ in diameter and 66″ overall height supports the entire structure, it stands on its own solid iron or cement base 12″ diameter. Pedestal may be made of wood, plastic, or galvanized steel, it actually resembles structurally a patio umbrella support.

the axle is a solid steel rod ⅜″ diameter, 4½″ long it is anchored with flared flanges against the inside walls of the pedestal so that it stays on its cradle.

Both circle and wheel are mounted on the same axle.

Wheel mounting is on a bushing with ball bearings to allow wheel rotation.

Circle is stationary, made so by a tie BAR that welds circle to pedestal, BAR is ⅛″ diameter, ¾″ long.

Circle displays slots with symbols.

Wheel rotates, and after its spin is complete it points at win or loss on circle slots.

Separation between the discs:

    • between circle and wheel ⅛″
    • circle from pedestal ¼″

FIG. 7 page 24 Front view of Spin Wheel device.

This drawing portrays the circle and the wheel mounted on their axle, and the entire structure supported by the pedestal

Dimensions of the Spin Wheel device:

    • 24″ diameter outer circle
    • 12″ diameter Spin Wheel

The direction of rotation is shown as clockwise.

FIG. 8 page 25 Front view of circle and Spin Wheel device.

This is an enhanced perspective of the circle and the wheel to explain further their functions.

The wheel rotates, its function is to indicate with its arrows the SLOTS that win or lose.

The circle is stationary, it displays 44 color printed SLOTS with the symbols:

    • a) 10 poker hand names
    • b) 14 colors symbols
    • c) 13 numbers 1 through 13
    • d) 4 poker cards suits
    • e) 3 symbols:
      • Joker
      • MEGA
      • Red 7


Special Note:

This Patent Application is submitted to include as an alternative option the fact that a deck of 52 poker cards, plus 4 jokers, plus 10 other related symbols, expanding the range to a total of 66 symbols may be displayed on the table as well as on the circles, such features would allow pay offs on poker hand combinations also.

The two game systems of my invention, as described in the preceding pages portray a manual operation, it is intended here also to make clear that this Patent Application is to include the fact that the same game systems and their devices can be operated automatically, by means of electrically and electronically activated switches, relays, rheostats, transistors, and computer memory chips.

In an electrically induced system, for example, the wheel's rotation are electronically powered and controlled.

The winners' SPOTS on the tables are illuminated with green, or any color strip lights around their perimeters, or entire SPOT lights up. Same goes for SLOTS on wheels.

For all the components of my game systems a selection of construction materials is readily available. The tables may be basically made of wood, their surfaces a color printed felt cloth.

For other components: wheels, circles, chips, pedestal, etc. materials that can be used range from semi-transparent or opaque plexiglass, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, galvanized or chrome steel, to cement, etc.

Other Options:

The management may be accorded the freedom to make improvement changes and alterations, and, at their discretion, to add and delete features, including size of minimum bets, pay off amounts, colors, use diverse symbols, number and size of SPOTS and SLOTS, number and color of arrows, table decor, “road map”, logos, advertisements, etc.

Management may also customize dollar value of chips by size, examples: small: one dollar, medium: five dollars, large twenty-five dollars, or dealers may keep track of dollar value of players' chips with a point—disc marker for each player.

It is my most sincere hope that many, many good things may come to the lives of many, many people, so that all of us may be better off because of my inventions.

I respectfuly request that you may soon grant my inventions the issue of a Patent.

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