Personal golf putter attachment
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The Personal Golf Putter Attachment allows the avid golfer to perfect their putting with the putter of their choice. For stainless steel putters, the base for the plastic attachment is constructed of consist three magnets encased is a thin piece of metal. For non-stainless steel putters, the base will be constructed of strong double coated magnet tape adhered to the top of the putter. The consumer will be able to chose from an array of designs on a plastic sticker. The designer sticker is made of laminated plastic and strong thin double coated tape. The sticker may also be used by companies for advertisement. With the use of the Personal Golf Putter Attachment, anyone will be able to perfect their putting average.

Meehan, Gerald F. (San Antonio, TX, US)
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1. What I claim as my invention is the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment.” The attachment is constructed of a plastic base with embedded magnets in a thin metal plate on the bottom of the base, on top of the base is a laminated plastic design. For three years I have improved the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment”. My invention gives the avid golfer a different design with alignment to help his putting accuracy. The stick on designs can be replaced with other designs to please the golfer. The plastic stick on will also provide a new area of advertisement for companies who want to branch out into a new market. The “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” is designed for every golfer in mind; from the beginner to the weekend golfer, to professionals. It functions as a new teaching aid for beginners as well as helps fine tune alignment for moderate to professional golfers.



For three years I have observed my friends, avid weekend golfers, while playing in charity gold tournaments. They would like up their important putts on the putting green, looking down at the top of their putter they had but one “Look”. Sometimes the putt was good other times very poor which becomes frustrating; this could be improved. I looked down at my putter as I addressed the ball, then I saw different looks and designs with my invention the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment.” The golfer will be able to choose from a variety of designs to help fine tune their alignment. The “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” will be available to the golfer at their favorite pro shop. It has proved very popular with the golfer for the artistic flare and improvement of their putting accuracy.


This “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” gives the golfer a selection of colorful stick on designs pleasing to his or her preference. The object of this invention is to give the golfer different designs to help him or her putting alignment. The old method the golfer had but one design of “look” as he addressed the ball on the putting green. A perfect putting aid, the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” is constructed of one plastic piece that will have a variety of different stick on designs. The stick on designs can be colorful or advertisement for companies but will adhere to the top of the attachment with strong thin double adhesive coated 3-M tape. The attachment itself will have three strong number three magnates that will allow it to firmly attach to the top of a stainless steel putter.


Enclosed in the Drawings section are both black and white drawings and color drawings. The first set of pictures are from the Prototype that I had manufactured by Design Prototyping Technologies, East Syracuse, N.Y. 13057. FIG. 1a is the illustration of the plastic alignment. FIG. 1b is the top view of the plastic attachment: 1. Plastic Attachment, 2. Alignment design. FIG. 1c is the bottom view of the plastic attachment: 1. Plastic Attachment, 2. Thin Metal Plate, 3. Three number ten magnets.

The second set of pictures are demonstrating how the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” is to be used. FIG. 2a is showing the bottom of the attachment next to the putter and golf ball: 1. Stainless Steel Putter of the golfer's choice, 2. Three number ten magnets, 3. Bottom view of the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment”, 4. Thin metal plate with the embedded magnets. FIG. 2b is the top view of the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” on a stainless steel putter: 1. Top view of the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment,” 2. Stainless Steel Putter, 3. Plastic Alignment design. FIG. 3a is showing the bottom of a non-stainless steel attachment with the removable adhesive: 1. Non-Stainless Steel putter of the golfer's choice, 2. Bottom view of the plastic attachment, 3. 3-M Double Coated Transfer Tape. FIG. 3b is the top view of the Plastic attachment: 1. Alignment design, 2. Laminated plastic attachment, 3. Non-Stainless Steel putter.


The “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” is a one shape plastic attachment constructed with a thin metal plate, with three strong number ten magnets on the bottom of the putter embedded in the thin metal plate. This will allow the “Personal Golf Putter Attachment” to stick to the top of a stainless steel putter. The colorful “stick on” design is made of laminated thin plastic and strong double coated 3-M tape on the bottom. The golfer simply removes the adhesive backing and stick the design to the top of the plastic attachment. For non-stainless steel putters the “stick on” design can be placed directly on top of the putter by removing the adhesive backing. The golfer will be able to choose from a variety of designs such as solid colors, intricate designs, or represent their favorite company.