Danette: Bridge of hope bra
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The Danette: Bridge of Hope bra is a mastectomy bra that is pre-filled. The bra has two cups separated which is open at the top. The cups will be open at the top for easy access. The cup, depending on the woman's needs can be filled, sewed together, and worn. The pre-filled bra is permanent—no prosthetic, no prescription necessary. The bra will be custom made. The bra can be washed and dried with regular garments. The Danette: Bridge of Hope bra is an alternative for women who have lost their breast(s) to cancer. A woman will have a choice whether to purchase an expensive bra with a prosthesis added. The prosthesis is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. Women should have choices. The affordable Danette: Bridge of Hope bra is lightweight, easy to wear, and comfortable. It is also natural feeling not to mention how it looks aesthetically. A woman can look and feel good at the same time. A woman can buy 3 Danette bras for the price of 1 conventional prosthetic and bra. The Danette was designed for myself and other breast cancer survivors. In addition to this bra, a woman can now decide whether or not to have reconstruction. The Danette: Bridge of Hope bra can fill the empty area nicely using this bra.

Bertini, Patricia Caroline (West Hempstead, NY, US)
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Patricia, Bertini (759 Wildwood Road, West Hempstead, NY, 11552, US)
1. The bra, in combination 2 fabric cups open at the top for easy fill which is comfortable, lightweight, and affordable.

2. The bra according to claim is fully adjustable and can be filled specifically to a woman's needs due to mastectomy which is the removal of the breast(s).

3. The bra according to claim will allow a woman to purchase this bra free of prescription as currently required by a doctor. The prescription is issued once a year for a prosthetic. The prosthetic is heavy, expensive, uncomfortable gel form that fits into the bra.

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The Figure: Front View

The Danette: Bridge of Hope bra is a pre-filled bra for woman who have had a mastectomy (removal of the breast(s)) due to breast cancer. The bra shown:

reference #1: adjustable straps
reference #2: open pockets
reference #3: eyes
reference #4: hook
reference #5: pink ribbon
reference #6: stretch material

The bra may be filled through the open pocket as shown in the Front View of Figure Depending on the woman's need (left, right or both). The open pocket(s) can be easily filled and stitched closed.

The Danette: Bridge of Hope Bra is a padded bra with either the right, left, or both cups completely filled depending on the woman's personal need. The bra will be pre-filled by the manufacturer and mass produced as any other bra made in a variety of sizes. The bra is then placed in the lingerie department. The bra will come in white with a pink breast cancer ribbon place in the middle as a symbol of survivorship. The Danette: Bridge of Hope bra can be machine washed, gentle cycle with like colors and machine dried and fluffed back into shape. The bra does not require a prosthetic or a prescription. It can be purchased in any store or specialty shop that sells bras. The bra is attractive, lightweight, and feminine. It is comfortable and natural feeling.


The Danette Bridge of Hope bra is a pre-filled bra that has been designed for breast cancer survivors that have opted not to have breast implants after mastectomy (removal of the breast(s). In addition women who have opted not to wear a prescribed prosthetic which can be heavy, uncomfortable, and costly. The Danette Bridge of Hope bra is filled with a premium polyester fiberfill in either the right, left, or both cups depending on the need of the woman. The Danette Bridge of Hope bra is free of a prescribed prosthetic ( a mold that fits into the cup area). The Danette Bridge of Hope bra is an all in one lightweight garment that can be washed and dried with regular laundry. This bra is aesthetically pleasing and affordable. The bra is 100% nylon, 100% polyester back, along with adjustable straps. The inner cup(s) are filled with premium polyester fiberfill.