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This variation of blackjack allows the players to play two games simultaneously, with each game independent of the other. This is accomplished by shuffling two separate sets of cards together. The commingled cards are then dealt by the dealer. The cards for one game have no effect on the other game. While standard blackjack rules apply for one game, the second game has a different set of rules. Each game requires a separate bet. The rules insure that the second game does not disturb the card sequence of the blackjack game. The second game, which is a player funded jackpot bet, does not have to have a winner each hand. The jackpot just grows each hand, until it is won. This allows the player to compete for jackpots in addition to playing a hand of blackjack.

Simpson, Dean Gerard (Fenton, MO, US)
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1. A method of playing a card game comprising the steps of: A. Having a blackjack layout with two betting spots for each player comprised of the blackjack game spot and jackpot game spot. B. Combining and then shuffling the cards used for the blackjack game with the cards used for the jackpot game. C. Having the players place their bets. House rules will determine whether the jackpot game bet is optional or mandatory. In no case can the player bet the jackpot game without playing the blackjack bet. In the jackpot optional variation, a marker will be placed in the jackpot betting circle when the player declines to bet. This will denote that the player is ineligible for the jackpot if the player receives ajackpot card. All players bet the same amount on the jackpot bet. D. Collecting the bets for the jackpot game. Deducting the house fee for conducting the game. Placing the balance in a holder for distribution to the eventual winner. E. Dealing of the game and determination of winners. The game will be dealt according to the rules and procedures for blackjack of the casino in which it is played. It will also incorporate the following procedures to accommodate the jackpot game without disturbing the card sequence for the blackjack game. Ea. The dealer's first card will always be dealt face up. If the dealer receives a jackpot card, it will be placed in the discard rack and a replacement card will be dealt. If the dealer receives a blackjack card, the game will continue. If another jackpot card is dealt; the process is repeated until the dealer receives a blackjack card. Eb. The dealer will have to check their hole card (down card) every hand before the allowing the players to act on their hands. If the hole card is a jackpot card, a replacement card will be dealt according to the process described in Ea above. Ec. The first player to receive ajackpot card wins. The player is awarded the pot. The jackpot card is placed in the discard rack and the player receives a replacement card. Dealing of the replacement card will be dealt according to the process described in Ea above. The blackjack game continues according to the rules of the casino. If any player receives another jackpot card during the hand, it is discarded, and a replacement card is dealt in the manner already described.

2. Following these steps allow a jackpot game to be played during a blackjack hand while maintaining the correct sequence of cards from the shoe for the blackjack game.

3. By placing restrictions on when receiving the jackpot card counts as a win, additional variations can be created. One example would be that it would only count if received during the initial two cards to set the blackjack hand. If received during acting on the hand, it would not count as a win.

4. Creating a tie option creates additional variations of the game. One example would be combining this option with item 3 above to allow all players a chance to tie during the dealing of the initial hand. The pot would be split evenly among all players who tie. Another variation is that if a player receives a jackpot card during the first card dealt in the hand, the tie option is only in effect for the first card of the hand. If the first jackpot card received is during the second card of the hand, the tie option is only in effect for the second card of the hand. The preferred embodiments consists of two variations which would each offer appealing choices for the players. The tie variation will appeal to players who think of the jackpot game as a poker style bet. In poker, all players receive their cards before a winner is declared, and there are possibilities of ties. The instant win variation will appeal to players who like the sudden excitement of winning. Since jackpots are player funded, the casino benefits from not having to assume any financial risk for the jackpot game. Their revenue is generated by the fee charged each hand for running the game. The players benefit that except for this fee, all bets are returned in the form of jackpot payouts. While this presentation has only discussed this game in the context of a table game within a casino, it can be adapted to other forms of gambling or entertainment. These would include but not be limited to video games for the PC or game console, and video slot machines.



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1. Field of Invention

This invention relates to blackjack variant card games.

2. Prior Art

In its most broad form, casinos offer two types of gambling. The first type is where players compete against each other. These are the poker games of which Texas Hold'em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Stud are the most popular. Player's bets go into a pot, which the winner takes, or co-winners split. The casino earns revenue by taking a percentage from each pot for running the game.

The second type offered is where the players compete against the casino. The casino collects all losing bets and pays all winning bets. Within this category, there are three sub-categories: cards, dice, and machines.

One of the card games casinos offer is blackjack. In recent years, many new variations of the traditional blackjack game have been offered. These new games contain an additional optional side bet. Examples of these games are 21 plus 3, Super 7 Blackjack, Bet the Set, Fortune Blackjack, and Royal Match. For the optional side bet, players can win amounts determined by their card sequence alone, or based in conjunction with the dealer's cards. The payoffs and combinations needed to win are printed on the table layout or displayed on a sign at the table.

These new games serve two purposes. It allows the casino to run two games on one table, maximizing their use of table game space. It allows the casino to offer more variety to the player. What game a player chooses to play is a matter of personal preference. Just as people have a favorite channel for the local news, or favorite television show, gamblers have their favorite game.

The drawback to these new games is the odds of winning. While the odds in the traditional portion of the game are the same, the odds for winning the side bet are in many cases very high. In these new variations, the amount a player is paid on a winning hand does not compare with the odds of a player getting a winning hand. This variance is necessary to maintain the casino's profit margin. These odds coupled with the infrequent payoffs for the highest card combinations discourage gamblers from playing the side bet.


This invention adds a poker style side bet option to the game of blackjack creating a new game. Each game has its own separate set of cards which are mixed together during the shuffle allowing both games to be played simultaneously. Each player's position contains a betting spot for blackjack and a betting spot for the jackpot game. Each hand, the jackpot game bets are collected and placed in a holder for distribution to the winner. The casino will take a percentage from the bets collected for administering the game. In this game, there does not have to be a winner each hand. The player's bets continue to add to the pot until a winner is declared. A player only needs to be dealt one card from the jackpot game set of cards to be declared the winner.

The game begins by the players placing their bets. Cards are dealt in the same manner as a traditional blackjack game. If a player receives ajackpot game card, the player is declared the winner of the jackpot game and awarded the pot. The jackpot card is then replaced with the next card dealt. This allows the blackjack game to be played in proper card sequence.

The advantage of this game is that it allows a very high percentage of the amount bet in the jackpot game to be returned to the players. No longer does the player hope to receive a certain combination of cards to obtain the highest payout offered. No longer do all losing bets go to the casino. The player knows exactly how much is put into the pot each hand, how much fee is charged each hand, and that the remainder is paid out on a winning hand.