Aseismatic building structure
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The invention is directed to develop for aseimatic building construction system by means of converting the solid structure for the building against the attack by earthquake into the flexible structure to absorb the energy of the vibration caused by the earthquake by the method of using spheres incorporated with the resilient frame-work in the function of rotating themselves and spreading the angle of the arch thereof and sliding on the ground-work.

Tomoyasu, Yoshioki (Kanagawa-ken, JP)
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Yoshioki, Tomoyasu (21-22, Mirokuji 3 chome, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 251-0016, omitted)
1. As the countermeasure against earthquake in the building construction, the building is built on not solid structure but on the flexible structure in alignment with the movement of the earthquake by means of using a spheres combined with resilient frame-work which is set between the space between the foundation of said building and the ground-work based on the ground reclaimed with particles such as sand intercepting the vibration from being transmitted to the said building constructed on the upper position substituting for props, piles, pillars and etc. in the conventional architecture.

2. Either piles or pillars to support the building in the conventional architecture is substituted for spheres bored on the surface sustained by a resilient frame-work accommodated another sphere in the downward section which is partially in contact with the ground and the inclined inside wall of said frame-work of which apex forming arch to be deformed in expansion toward outside to absorb the energy of vertical vibration and simultaneously the energy of lateral vibration which cause rotational and slide movement of said spheres and resilient frame-work in collaboration in alignment with the movement of the earthquake laid between the slab on which building is built and the ground work based on the ground filled with particles.



The present invention is generally directed to developing for the construction engineering for earthquake proof building.


1. Field of the Invention

This invention relates to the civil engineering to prevent building from being destroyed by earthquake and subsequent to being available for low cost construction system.

2. Description of the Prior Art

The conventional concept for proof structure of building against earthquake depends upon the method providing buildings with strong support with piles, nails, etc. to combine each other firmly and solidity with view to withstanding possible vibration by earthquake.


The present invention is generally directed to develop for a construction method to be free from any destruction imposed by either shock or vibration caused by earthquake by means of introducing the concept of flexibility on the building with any movement by earthquake into the architecture, particularly to the foundation of the building where oscillation by earthquake is allowed to be intercepted by means of absorbing energy of earthquake with rotating operation of sphere applied as support interlocked with resilient frame-work capable of withstanding the total weight load of the building in view of the fact that a ship with a ten stories of ship building of which bottom is exposed to lateral and vertical and mixed pulses is allowed to stand sound due to no adherence to any supports under the water.


FIG. 1: One example of the cross sectional side view of building foundation of the present invention.


As shown FIG. 1, the present invention is related to the aseismatic building system comprising the building foundation (5) which is assembled with dowel bars (7) and supporting said building with either walls or piles (8), the space where a spheres (1) as well as another sphere (3) processed with bores (6) on the surface collaborated with a resilient frame-work (2) reclaimed with particles (4) substituted for the function of the rest in the conventional building construction to support the weight forming rigid structure against the attack of the earthquake is set and the ground-work (11) with drainages (9) on the ground (10).

The present invention is the construction technology of aseismatic building depend upon flexible structure to absorb the energy of vibration caused by the earthquake by means of rotating said sphere (1) and another sphere (3) and sliding on the slab of said ground-work (11) in collaborating with the resilient function to expand the angle of arch (12) of said resilient frame-work (2), thus the vibration of the earthquake is liable to be intercepted in transmitting to the building.