Gadget Bottle
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A device that has combined the function of a beverage or storage container with the function of a mobile phone and or music player holder into one unit. The device's utility is to provide the user with the benefit of not having to carry two or more items simultaneously (Container and phone/music player holder). With the integrated stretch band(s) and indented pocket(s) securing system, the device can simultaneously carry a beverage and phone and or music player. While the phone and or music player is attached to the device, the user has access to the controls on the phone or music player. While the phone or music player is attached, the device is able to slide in and out of common bottle and cup holders. The stretch band(s) and indented pocket(s) system allows for quick attachment and removal of the phone or music player.

Lach, Stephen Thomas (Spokane, WA, US)
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Stephen, Thomas Lach (504 E. 22ND AVE., SPOKANE, WA, 99203-2334, US)
1. - The invention in this utility patent application referred to as the Gadget Bottle is unique and patentable for the following reason. The Gadget Bottle adds a new function to the standard water bottle. The new function is the ability to attach an item to the side of the Gadget Bottle and fit in standard cup and bottle holders. The item can be a mobile phone, energy food bar, digital music player, GPS, keys, identification card or other item. Attaching the item is performed with the integrated securing system. The integrated securing system is comprised of an indented rectangular or square pocket, indented grooves and securing bands. The surface of the indented pocket and grooves are part of the the Gadget Bottle's wall, FIG. 4 Item 1 and FIG. 5. The securing bands fit in the indented grooves that surround the Gadget Bottle's wall and lay across the surface of the indented pocket. The bands hold the users item in place FIG. 1 and FIG. 3. The user of the Gadget Bottle has access to the attached item without removing it from the bottle.

2. - The Gadget Bottle's main body can be manufactured from plastic, polypropylene, metal or other materials.

3. - The securing bands can be rubber, hook and loop (Velcro) or O-rings.

4. - The top closure FIG. 1, Item 1 can be snap-on, threaded, solid cap, push-pull flow or squeeze flow.

5. - The main body can have one or more pocket(s) in different locations. See FIGS. 2, 5, 8, 9 and 10.


FIG. 1—is a Gadget Bottle front view with closure (Item 1) and a bar type mobile phone (Item 3 &4) held in the pocket (Item 2) with two bands (Item 5).

FIG. 2—is a Gadget Bottle front view with an empty pocket. The raised rails (Item 1) are for in and out sliding of the electronic device. The raised rails also allow for airflow in between the electronic device and pocket. Item 2 points to the threads for the closure. Item 3 Points to the grooves for the bands.

FIG. 3—is a Gadget Bottle side view with closure (Item 4) and a clamshell mobile phone (Item 1) held in the pocket by two bands (Item 2). Item 3 are two empty grooves.

FIG. 4—is a Gadget Bottle side view with an empty pocket (Item 1). The are four empty grooves to hold securing bands (Item 2).

FIG. 5—is a Gadget Bottle 3-D view.

FIG. 6—is a Gadget Bottle top view looking into the bottle with no closure and one indented pocket. Item 1 is the back side of the indented pocket.

FIG. 7—is a Gadget Bottle bottom view.

FIG. 8—is a Gadget Bottle side view with two empty indented pockets (Item 1 and Item 2).

FIG. 9—is a Gadget bottle front view with straight sides (Item 5) tapering out near the closure. There are two band groves (Item 3) for holding the device in. The pocket extensions (Items 1 &4) are for the devices headset jack cable. There are three slide rails for airflow and for the electronic device to rest against (Item 2).

FIG. 10—is a Gadget Bottle front view with three grooves for securing bands (Item 1). The pocket (Item 3) is located below the the waist (Item 2) of the bottle.

The Gadget Bottle was created for the purpose of being able to carry and use a hand held electronic device(s) (e.g, mobile phone, portable music player, two-way radio, GPS . . . ) while performing activities (e.g., running, bicycling, walking, nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, in-line skating . . . ) without having to carry a separate beverage bottle and the above mentioned electronic device(s). The user can place the electronic device(s) in the indented pocket(s) on the side of a Gadget Bottle and secure the electronic device(s) to the Gadget Bottle with the band and groove fastening system, see the bands and grooves in FIG. 1 Item 5 and FIG. 3 Item 2. See the pockets on FIG. 1 Item 2, FIG. 4 Item 1, FIG. 8 Items 1 &2, FIG. 10 Item 3. While performing the above mentioned activities it is difficult to grab a hand held device(s) from a jacket, shirt or pant pocket and operate the electronic device(s). It is usually easier to grab a larger item like a beverage bottle. By securing the electronic device(s) to a Gadget Bottle you can have a better grip on the Gadget Bottle and operate the electronic device(s) without removing them from the Gadget Bottle's indented pocket(s). With a Gadget Bottle you can carry your electronic device(s) placed in the Gadget Bottle's indented pocket(s) without the use of another external device carrier e.g., hook and loop pouch, necklace, belt attachment . . . You can place a Gadget Bottle with the secured electronic device(s) in an existing bottle or cup holder where you all ready place a traditional water bottle. There are many types of bottle and cup holders all ready in existence e.g, on exercise machines, bicycles, golf carts, boats . . . A Gadget Bottle allows you to answer your mobile phone or operate your music player without taking it out of the Gadget Bottle indented pocket(s).

Gadget Bottle(s) can be manufactured from United States Food and Drug Administration approved materials e.g. Polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, stainless steal or other FDA approved materials. The fastening bands can be made from silicone, rubber, elastic or other materials. The bands can be any color but clear or transparent will allow the user to better see the screen or buttons on their electronic device(s). The bands will be sized according to the molded groves on Gadget Bottle being manufactured. The width of the bands and grooves can vary from 0.125 of an inch to four inches. A Gadget Bottle band and groove securing system works on on many different shaped bottles, see FIGS. 2,8,9 and 10. The indented side pockets can vary in size for example: for many flip open or clamshell style phones , 4 inches long×2.1 inches wide×1. inches deep. For many bar or slide open phones 5 inches long×2.1 wide inches×0.75 inches deep. For many digital music players 4.25 inches long×1.75 wide×0.5 inches deep with a headset jack pocket extension see FIG. 9 Items 1 &4. If needed foam spacers can be added to the pocket to help secure the electronic device in the pocket. The thickness of the bands will allow the users of many flip-open or clamshell style mobile phones to open and close the phone without removing the phone from the pocket see FIG. 3 Item 1 &2. The groves that are molded into the bottle are deep enough to accommodate the bands and not interfere with sliding the Gadget Bottle in or out of the holder, see FIG. 1 Item 5, and FIG. 3 Item 2. There are numerous devices on the market that will fit in the different sized Gadget Bottle's indented pocket(s). A Gadget Bottle may have 1,2,3,4,5,6 or more molded band grooves, there are four grooves in FIG. 4 labeled Item 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D. There may be more grooves than are needed to secure a particular device see FIG. 3 Item 3. The drinking screw-on or snap-on closure (Tops) of the Gadget Bottle will be molded to fit standard snap on or thread on closures see FIG. 1 Item 1. Other non electronic devices may also be carried in the side pocket e.g, wallet, energy bar, keys . . .

Example of Use:

1—If you are bicycling and hear your phone ring you can choose to pull over to a safe location and pull the entire Gadget Bottle out the bicycle water bottle cage and see who is contacting you or contacted you without removing the phone from the pocket on the gadget Bottle.

2—If you are using an exercise machine, you can choose to place the Gadget Bottle in a holder that is found on most exercise machines dash boards. If you hear your phone ring, you can choose to stop what you are doing and grab the Gadget Bottle and answer your phone.

3—If you are walking or jogging you can choose to place your electronic device in the Gadget Bottle pocket and have access to it as needed. If the phone or digital music player is placed on the side of the Gadget Bottle you have access to the device with out carrying a separate harness for your electronic device(s).