Shower shelf and storage
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This is a storage compartment for items that are commonly used in the shower. The device is designed to fit within a cavity of the shower wall and a means to prevent water intrusion is provided. A series of compartments in which toiletry items may be stored is provided as well as a means to heat the areas of the device by diverting some of the hot water from the shower.

Gillis, Keith D. (Lawndale, NC, US)
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1. A shower storage compartment, which is comprised of: a. a cubic structure; wherein the cubic structure has defined sidewalls, a bottom and a top; b. doors; wherein the doors are hinged in the front; wherein the doors allow access to various compartments within the cubic structure; c. compartments; wherein a compartment is provided for soap; wherein a compartment is provided for razors; wherein a compartment is provided for washcloths; wherein a compartment is provided for shampoo and conditioner; wherein a compartment is provider for a towel; wherein a partition in the center of the structure allows division between the towels and the various other compartments; d. a soap dish; wherein a soap dish is placed below the doors; e. a washcloth rack; wherein a washcloth rack is placed below one of the doors to stow a washcloth; f. razor holder; wherein a razor holder is provided on the side of the device; g. means to heat; wherein a means to heat is provided; wherein the means to heat is used to warm a towel.

2. The device as described in claim 1 wherein a means of attachment is used to secure the device to the shower wall.

3. The device as described in claim 1 wherein the means of attachment is a plurality of bolts.

4. The device as described in claim 1 wherein the means to heat is a series of heating coils.



A. Field of the Invention

This relates to storage of hygiene items, particularly when in a shower in a separate compartment.

B. Prior Art

There are many prior art references to shower caddies or shower compartments to stow various commonly used items in the shower. A representative example of this type of device can be found at Frank Jr., U.S. Pat. No. 3,869,183. This is a shower bath caddy, which attaches to the sidewall of the shower and has various compartments to stow various items. Another example is Lovett, U.S. Pat. No. 4,927,995, which is an enclosed towel warmer for purposes of warming a towel while in the shower. Another example is found at Macek, U.S. Pat. No. 5,620,105, which is a storage caddy for razors and soap on the shower. Other examples include Yemini, design 417,990, and Washut, U.S. Pat. No. 4,793,517.


This is a storage caddy to be used in the shower. Often it is necessary to stow various items such as razors, shampoo, conditioner, and washcloths. It would sometimes be convenient to place them in one particular spot or area so that the individual can easily access those particular items. A variety of compartments are provided to stow frequently used shower items, such as shaving cream, soap, razors, washcloths to name a few. Hooks on the bottom of the device will be used to hang various toiletry items to provide ease of access.

Additionally, it may be necessary to warm a towel or washcloth and heating coils may be used for that specific purpose with this device.

In order to prevent intrusion of water into the various internal compartments, a raised rubber lip is provided.

This item is designed to be inserted into a recessed wall or may be installed in a shower that does not have a recessed wall by using a variety of anchoring devices.


FIG. 1 is an isometric view of the device in use.

FIG. 2 is a view according to Line 2-2 on FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a view according to Line 3-3 on FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is a view according to Line 4-4 on FIG. 1.

FIG. 5 is an isometric alternative embodiment, showing the means of attachment to the shower wall.


This is a shower compartment device 5. It will be installed in a cavity in a shower and will allow an individual to access commonly used items for bathing purposes. It will be essentially cubic in shape and can be installed in a shower compartment either in a recessed wall or separately installed using a separate means of attachment 60. FIG. 5

On the front surface will be a series of doors 42. The doors allow access to various compartments, including a washcloth compartment 28, a razor compartment 26, a shampoo and conditioner compartment 40, a soap compartment 9, and a towel compartment 30. Partitions in the interior of the device separates the various storage compartments are provided. Below the doors will be a soap dish 10 as well as a washcloth rack 15. On one side of the device will be a series of razor holders 25, which will allow an individual easy access to his or her razor. FIG. 1,2,3

The doors will have beveled edges 3 to accommodate most showers and to prevent sharp edges that may injure an individual. The doors 42 will be hinged on one side and will a allow access to the compartments within.

In order to prevent water intrusion, there will be a raised rubber lip 50, which is on the compartment and secured to the door. This will prevent intrusion of water into the various compartments within. FIG. 4

Within the towel compartment 30, there will be a bar 31, which will allow an individual to hang a small towel. Heating coils 35 will be located behind the towel compartment and will be used to warm the towel. Because there will be exposure to water, the heating coils are housed behind the back surface of the device. Some of the water from the shower is bypassed to the heating coils to provide the ability to heat that area of the device.

While the device is designed to fit within a compartment within a wall of a shower, it may also be installed on an existing shower structure using a means to secure the device. FIG. 5 Various means to secure the device to the shower wall are contemplated including screws, bolts or adhesive.