T-Cap(Tablet Mouth Cap)
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Disclosed is an improved sanitary and also saving time device for consumer, in order to prevent fraction of any pill/tablet has been lost between the rest of them in the pill-box. This invention will change the stiff material (cardboard/pasteboard/elastic or plastic etc) on the lower side of the pill box cap with one press into a device (like a mouth) which is designed for holding half or quarter (fraction) of any pill/tablet under its cap in the inside of the pill-box. This invention does not need any added material. For making a T-Cap just the lower part of any pill-box cap (as is) goes once in the press-machine. Please refer to the photos No. 1-No. 5 attached and their descriptions.

Davallou, Harry H. (La Jolla, CA, US)
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Harry H. Davallou, (1539 Nautilus St., La Jolla, CA, 92037, US)
I claim:

1. An improved sanitary and saving time for any consumer who wants to have a fraction of any pill, by pushing her/his finger, changes any lower side of pills box underneath of its cap to a fraction pill holder. comprising: (a) a consumer does not pour out all the pills inside the box in order find a half pill between them and return them in the pill box again; (b) there is less germ contact with all pills in the box by not pouring them out side and inside; (c) by this invention half pill/tablet will consume first in first out automatically; (d) the consumer does not keep half pill outside of the pill-box and as result T-Cap prevents of any usage of half pill by mistake.

2. The invention of claim 1, wherein said top does not need any added martial of any kind just the lower part of stiff material of the cap of any pill-box (vitamin/medicine etc) with one press by a press-machine is ready to change to a (half pill-holder) T-Cap.



The present invention gives an option to any consumer for changing the stiff material (cardboard/pasteboard/elastic and plastic etc.) located on the lower side of any Pill-box Cap to a T-Cap (fraction pill holder).

T-cap goes once under a press-machine before it installs under the cap of the pill-box and that is all done by manufacturer side please refer to detailed description process “A”.


FIG. 1 “Circle A” shows the circle line of the Pill-box Cap.

FIG. 1 “Circle B” shows a round pressed full-cut (almost in 300 degree angle) with a little edge (size of the edge must stop air flows when the cap is tied up).

FIG. 1 “Crescent C” shows little full-cut crescent which is empty in order to open the T-Cap by finger-nail (push it down).

FIG. 1 “Two incomplete Trapezoids joint with the middle line D” shows half pressed line in 5 directions for making T-Cap Mouth (Fraction pill holder) by folding the lines towards each other. Please refer to 4 Photos attached the process of making the T-Cap which has been explained in two parts “A” and “B” in the detailed description section.


There are two separate processes for making a T-Cap as follows:

    • 1) Process “A” by a manufacturer, it means making ready a Pre-T-Cap as it is described below by the manufacturer of the pill-box for forming a T-Cap which it will be completed by the consumer.

FIG. 1 by reference describes a first embodiment of the present invention. The invention will be formed with a press on the stiff material (cardboard/pasteboard/elastic or plastic) usually locates underneath of the cap of the pill-box hereby after I call it Pre-T-Cap.

FIG. 1 the procedure how to form a T-Cap by full-pressed/half-pressed or full-cut has been explained in the summary of the invention and it may form with the same press-machine which makes Pre-T-Cap.

    • 2) Process “B” by consumer, it means a pill consumer if needed will open the pill-box cap and its security seal (if any) then by the nail of her/his finger will push down the Pre-T-Cap and will fold the 3 little half pressed surfaces towards each other then the mouth of the T-Cap is ready for holding any half tablet. Please refer to the following Photos No. 1 to No. 4 with the brief description for each one.

The following photos have been taken by inventor and they show the process of making a sample of T-Cap by the inventor.


1-1) It is a reality of FIG. 1 and in summary of the invention all the full-cut, half-cut, Crescent-full cut has been described.

    • 1-2) In some cases depends to stiff materials using a very mild glue only for margin area between “circle C full-cut” and Cap circle will be recommended.

1-3) A pre-T-Cap as showed in the above by shady arrow will explain in the second paragraph of detailed description.


2-1) This is upside down of the T-Cap out of the pill-box. It shows how the 3 surfaces of the T-Cap will be fold towards each other as described in process “B’ of the detailed description above.

2-2) It will be located underneath of the pill-box cap in the reverse position horizontally.


3-1) This is a vertical potion of the T-Cap out of the pill-box. It shows how the 3 surfaces of the T-Cap will be fold towards each other as described in process “B’ of the detailed description above.

3-2) It will be located underneath of the pill-box cap please refer to photos No. 4 and 5.


4-1) The above photo is a complete picture of a T-Cap, it shows how its holding a half tablet.

4-2) This photo shows after carrying out the process “B” by a consumer as described in paragraph 3 of detailed description.


5-1) It shows the half table left for next usage and the intention of the invention is done.

In the following data base:

1) http://patft1.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html

2) http://ep.espacenet.com/search97cgi/s97_cgi.exe?Action=FormGen& Template=ep/en/quick.hts

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Under the titles of (a): T-Cap (b): Half Pill holder (c): Fraction pill holder (d): fraction Tablet holder have been searched and the results were nothing.

Under the title of “Half Tablet holder” Patent number DE 19825901 dated 16 Dec. 1999 has been showed a Tablet holder with a reserve chamber (3) for half tablets, comprises one or more empty table chambers (2) which can hold half tablet when opened.

A copy of the result and its design are attached.

The patent DE 19825901 is totally deferent with this invention by these reasons:

1) The design is totally deferent in comparison please refer to PDF half-Ti Figures attached.

2) It is a separate pill-box other than the original box and there is a risk of medicine mistake.

3) There is a cost of row materials but this invention has no main added materials.

4) This invention is an option for consumer with no excess cost to brink down the (Pre-T-Cap) from the underneath of the cap of the pill-box in case of use.

The title of pill box has been search a list of patents showed up, we refer to the record of the 17 of them (we kept the record of the search in the file), but by the above mentioned reasons all of them are irrelevant.