Protective "table wrap" [ for umbrella table ] and fabric [ for any surface that you would use a decorative protective fabric ]
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I claim a decorative, protective fabric that is designed for the “Table Wrap” it can be used to protect any kind of table, surface or matter including a umbrella table, the protective coating is applied to the underside of the decorative cloth fabric leaving the exposed top surface or layer made from any combination of materials that may be used for the making of fabric cotton, cotton/linen, rayon, silk, synthetic or any combination of fabric, the protective undercoating may be applied to the underside of the decorative fabric by spraying, rolling onto,sewn into, woven into, non-solvent glue, hot glue there are many possible ways of applying a water proof or water resistant material or fabric for a protective undercoating to a decorative cloth fabric to be used for the “Table Wrap” the wrap around table cloth for a umbrella table so you can have beauty and protection for your table with an umbrella, or for any table, object or surface. The “Table Wrap” may be made with or without the protective undercoating.

Diaz, Cora Jane (Southampton, NY, US)
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108/50.12, 135/16
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1. I claim a decorative, protective fabric that is designed to protect any kind of table, surface or matter including a umbrella table, the protective coating is applied to the underside of the decorative cloth fabric so you can enjoy the beauty of untreated fabric and have protection for your table or any surface.

2. I claim the design for the “Table Wrap” or “Protective Table Wrap” made to be used for a umbrella table, the ‘Table Wrap” wraps around the table and umbrella pole and ties, hooks, or attaches in anyway to secure a closing, it is made from a decorative fabric of any design, pattern or material it can be made with or without the protective undercoating that can be applied in many ways, this creates the ability to have a protective, decorative table cloth for an umbrella table any shape or size.



This is a detailed description of the Table Wrap design, to be used for a table with a umbrella, it can be made with or without the decorative protective fabric. The drawing shows the purpose of and how the Table Wrap is used, on a table with a umbrella. My main profession is a chef, I have been decorating table tops for 30 years. It has always been a frustration when it came to designing for umbrella tables I came up with the idea years ago and this year I decided to start designing table cloths for umbrella tables and for any dinning table and a fabric that is made with a protective undercoating, seen at point D. on the drawing so the decorative cloth fabric can be seen on the exposed or top surface of the fabric. Seen at point E. on the drawing. The exposed decorative top surface of fabric as seen at point E on drawing may be made from cotton, linen, cotton/linen, hemp, nylon, rayon, silk, synthetic or any kind of natural or man made fabric or cloth that can be used by itself or in combination with any type of fabric or material.

This fabric may be treated or decorated with Block Printing, Hand Painting, Batik, Embroidery, Tie Dyed, Applicaied, Sequenced, Crystal, Glass Or Plastic Studs, this fabric may have designs that are woven or sewn into the fabric by a machine, It may have tassels, fringe or edging of any kind. This fabric has unlimited possibilities for design and decoration. The protective undercoating as seen on the drawing at point D., may be applied in many ways by spraying onto, painted on, rolled on, sewn onto, glued on, hot glued onto,weaving into by machine, there are many possibilities to provide a water resistant or waterproof protection. This fabric is designed to be used for the Protective Table Wrap tablecloth or for any kind of surface or matter for protection with a decorative cloth fabric. The “Table Wrap” is made from any kind of fabric with or without the protective undercoating. The “Table Wrap” is designed for outdoor tables with an umbrella, as seen in drawing at point F, G, and I. It is called a “Table Wrap” because it wraps around the table and umbrella pole, as seen at point F. on the drawing, it then hooks, buttons, ties, as seen as example at point B on drawing, or may be attached in anyway that will secure a decorative closing. This creates the ability to have a decorative table cloth for a umbrella table any shape or size round, square, rectangular, oval, oblong or any size or shape, as long as it is made with a seam that is cut from the edge or hem point H. of the table cloth to the center, at point C. on the drawing so it can wrap around and secure at the seam, point A. or closing. Cut out the preferred size table cloth, measure for the exact location of the center, seen at point C on drawing, where the umbrella hole is located, mark the spot. Then a seam, located at point A. on the drawing, would be cut preferably from the shortest distance from the edge of cloth or hem, located at point H. on the drawing to the exact center point C. where the spot is marked for the umbrella pole, point F. on drawing, and the hole at point C. where you cut out a hole a little larger than the size of the umbrella pole seen a point F. in case of fabricshrinking when washed. At this point you need to reinforce the hole at point C. and the seam at point A. from the outer edge of table cloth to the hole with extra fabric and you need to extend the fabric on the seam to have both seams meet each other. Decide what you will use to fasten the closure together at the seam. Lets say we will use ties, refer to point B on drawing, measure the length of the seam, at point A. From point C. the center, to point H. at the hem, and then measure and mark every 6 inches on either side of the seam, at point A. so they meet perfectly, where you will attach the ties and reinforce with double stitching. Let's say there will be 5 points for the location of the ties, you will need 10 ties, approximately 7 inches long. Now all you need to do is make a hem around the skirt of the “Umbrella Table Wrap”, then you can place it around your umbrella table and enjoy! Point I. shows the legs of the table, just for the description of how the table wrap is used and its purpose.

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