Device for improving efficiently solar panels
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The Solar Device uses magnified glass or perspex to enhance the productivity of any solar panelling. It can be set on a frame above the panel or tile. It can also be built into the panel itself it would allow solar panels/tiles or devices to be more energy efficient.

Cunningham, Frank (Manchester, GB)
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F24J2/50; F24J2/06; F24J2/40; F24J2/46
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Frank, Cunningham (95 Kearsly Rd Crumpsau, Manchester, M84QT, GB)
1. A Structured Frame with glass or other materials having a shape that provides a magnifying optical effect built into it that would be magnified to various thickness to be set above solar panels in order to magnify the rays of the sun

2. The glass or other materials providing an optical effect would be also built into the solar panels themselves to further increase efficiency these solar panels would have the capability to form part of the bottom frame with the frame itself having the capability to be joined or linked to these panels

3. The frame and glass (top layer) can be split from the bottom layered solar panels giving it the capability to be added on its own to existing solar panels already on buildings and the frame would be adjusted manually or automatically from a remote location in order to get the most enhanced effects of the sun from various times of the day directed at the solar panel/or panels

4. A device as in claim 1-2 where the glass/perspex set on a frame would be adjusted from a remote location via a mobile phone a computer or other device automatically

5. A device that would use bluetooth or other similar technology in order to control the frame or the magnified glass from a remote location in order to get the maximum effects from the sun.

6. The frame would have the capability to use a camera system linked to the frame in order to check for damage to the panels for cracks or breaks from a remote location

7. The framed optical glass itself would also be self-cleaning glass which is a recent development in the glass industry this optical self-cleaning glass would be built into the solar panel itself 8. A device that would be used in many situations and many locations from an office block to a house or caravan roof


A device that can be connected to solar panels/panelling that can be fixed or fully adjustable and is magnified and made of glass or Perspex or other material. The reason for the glass to be magnified is to enhance the effects of the sun and so power the solar device quicker and more efficiently.

The device can be mobile or connected to the mains. It can be built into the solar panelling or set above the panels. The device can be adjusted manually or automatically on a timer set for time of day etc. It can be set from inside a building for example in order to follow the movements of the sun for maximum effect. The device can be made up of many materials and can be made up of tinted or coloured glass depending on the environment or setting for the device.

The glass magnification can be also made of varying thickness and size depending on its use and need. The device can also be attached to existing solar panelling or other type of solar device for efficiency. It can be used on a domestic or industrial scale and can cover everything from caravan to an office block.

The magnified glass can also be made of various materials including self-cleaning glass that is a recent development. In fact it may be best in certain circumstances for the device to be self cleaning if it is glass or other materials such as Perspex or other materials/plastics etc. The device could also use blue tooth and mobile phone technology such as a 3G phone so it can be set from a distance and other remote locations

The device could also have a small camera connected to it say for example a roof or office block it could then be inspected periodically and close up for damage cracked or broken glass etc. This too can be connected to blue tooth technology and 3G mobile phones with a video link. It can then be inspected and finely adjusted even from a distant or remote location. The solar panels themselves can even have the magnified glass built on them or the magnification process can be separate or just above the solar device.