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The Journey is a board game with religious content. Game pieces are moved on the board from the starting point on earth to the finishing point of heaven. Players draw cards and follow the instructions or answer the questions on the cards. Correct answers or properly following instructions earns points for the players. The game is complete when all players get to the finishing point of heaven. The winner of the game is the player with the most points.

Keksi, Gregory Allen (Vancouver, WA, US)
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273/254, 273/243
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A63F3/02; A63F3/00
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Gregory, Allen Keksi (4109 NE 166th Avenue, Vancouver, WA, 98682, US)
1. I, Gregory Allen Keksi, do hereby make the claim that the invention of the board game, “The Journey” is my own original idea. The rules and the concept were conceived in October 2004 by me. No other parties were involved in the conception of this invention. The final concept was completed in the spring 2005. The invention and revisions of this game were done in my home at 4109 NE 166th Avenue in Vancouver, Wash. The concept, idea, or invention was not borrowed, stolen, or coerced from another party in any way. “The Journey” is a board game used for entertainment purposes only. This invention is designed for the whole family from ages 7 and up. This game is of religious content, however, it can be played by anybody without any restrictions or penalties. “The Journey” is not designed for any other purpose.


Object: THE GAME IS PLAYED UNTIL EVERYBODY ASCENDS TO HEAVEN. The winner is the player with the most Journey card points after everyone is in Heaven.

Players: For 2 to 6 players.

Ages: A game for the whole family from kids of 7 years old to Grandparents.

Equipment: The Lord Board, Jesus Pieces, 4 types of Journey cards, and Pointer cards (see Options) or dice.

Scoring: The Journey cards are worth either 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points, depending on the difficulty of the Journey card. Some Morals cards and Works cards can take away either 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points (see Options).

Starting the game: The player with the highest number on a Pointer card (see Options) or the highest roll of the dice starts the game.

Playing the game: Starting on earth, the players moves their Jesus piece around the Lord Board until they get into Heaven. The players move the number of spaces designated by the number picked out on the Pointer card (see Options) or the roll of the dice. The player left of the moving player will draw the Journey card, as designated by the space the moving player lands on, and read it aloud for the whole group to hear. The moving player will respond to the Journey card.

Rules: The moving player must complete the Journey card to the other player's satisfaction in order to keep the Journey card (this includes the Morals and Works cards that take away points).

All squares on the Lord Board can be shared with all other players at anytime.

Add and subtract all Journey cards to get the total Journey card points.

Journey cards will not be drawn if the moving player lands on a Prayer Square.


Pointer cards: If the moving player prefers not to use dice, then they can use the Pointer cards. To use a Pointer card, the moving player closes their eyes and keeps them closed until a number has been selected. The moving player holds out one hand with the palm open. The other players select 1 of the 6 Pointer cards and places it in the open hand. The moving player then points with a finger from the opposite hand to any position on the Pointer card. The moving player then opens their eyes. The number closest to their finger is the amount spaces they move their Jesus piece on the Lord Board.

Removing the negative or minus point Cards: If it is preferred not to play with Morals or Works cards of a negative or minus value, then remove and replace them with an extra set of the positive or plus value cards. Copies of the positive value cards can be made by permission of The Journey or extra cards can be ordered.

Landing on a Prayer Square: The moving player will lead the group in a prayer of their choice.

Journey Cards: The Journey cards are placed face down on the Lord Board on the designated places. The Journey cards are either in a Question and Answer format or an Instructional format. The moving player will either answer the question or follow the instruction. If the moving player can not complete the instruction on the Journey card until later in the game, then the Journey card can be held in reserve for the moving player. In each category, sixteen cards are worth plus 1 point or minus 1 point, eight cards are worth plus 2 points or minus 2 points, and 6 cards are worth plus 3 points, or minus 3 points.

    • Worship cards: The moving player will follow the instruction on the card. Any card that references a song, the moving player will sing their response.
    • Morals cards: The moving player will earn points for positive behavior or lose points for negative behavior. Some of the situations on the Morals cards are fictional and meant for play only.
    • Works cards: The moving player will earn points for positive behavior or lose points for negative behavior. Some of the situations on the Works cards are fictional and meant for play only.
    • Faith cards: The moving player will answer the question on the card for positive points depending on the difficulty. The questions are in a generic format.
    • Finishing the Journey: The moving player does not need the exact number on the Pointer card or the dice to get to complete the Journey, however, all players need faith to get into Heaven.