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The invention relates to enviromnentally-friendly storage pallets which are produced using recyclable materials other than wood. According to the invention, the height of said pallets can be modified and the resistance thereof can be varied in relation to load and damage caused during handling, in order to store products having different characteristics.

Conteras-uribe, Abdias (Xalostoc, MX)
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1. A storage pallet comprising a structure with an encapsulated tube-shaped structure or frame member geometrically arranged and a plurality of supports to increase the lifting capacity to the center of the geometric form, and a plurality of plugs or heels that can be of different geometric forms to provide stability to the pallet and of diverse thicknesses to support loads including of several tons.

2. The storage pallet of the claim 1 wherein the tube-shaped structure or frame member includes supports as reinforcement members in order to give more support capacity to the pallet.

3. The storage pallet of the claim 1 wherein the plugs or heels can vary of height with respect to the floor allowing the use of the pallet in different types of cranes or freight elevators.

4. The storage pallet of the claim 1 wherein the pallet can be adjusted to support different loads depending of the encapsulated frame member, of the reinforcement supports and of the polyethylene foam.

5. The storage pallet of the claim 1 wherein it is possible to personalize it with encapsulated prints and in different colors.

6. The storage pallet of the claim 1 wherein the frame member can be made of steel or any other kind of material and any shape to provide resistance to the pallet.



The invention relates to an ecological friendly pallet made of recyclable materials different from wood, of variable height and with the capacity to vary their resistance to load and damages caused during their handling, for packing products of diverse characteristics.

The pallet of the invention is a dense polyethylene foam pallet with an inner metallic frame to make it more resistant.

The pallet of the present invention has the intention to avoid deforestation to make pallets of wood and in its place is providing a novel assembly of ecological pallet, with high resistance to load and the possibility of regulating such resistance to load.

The pallet also can be repaired or even recycled itself to avoid wasting materials indiscriminately.

The pallet of the invention allows increasing its resistance to load as to the impacts of freight elevators nails and hydraulic cranes resulting in a very novel pallet.

The height of the pallet can be varied allowing so these pallets can be used in different types of freight elevator or cranes.

The pallet can be personalized with encapsulated prints and according to the client that may for example include logos, labels, trademarks or the distinctive signs and images used to keep control of the loads.

Additionally the pallet can also be permanently colored.


FIG. 1 illustrates a perspective view of the pallet;

FIG. 2 shows a perspective view of the pallet from below;

FIG. 3 is an explosion view of the finished pallet;

FIG. 4 is a different perspective view of the finished pallet;

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of the pallet in use.


The present invention refers to pallets and more particularly provides a novel pallet due to its presentation and assembly.

The pallet consists by inner encapsulated structure member (10), the structure member (10) is used as frame and is made with rectangular or angle metallic profile or any other pliable material. In a preferred embodiment the frame is one piece structure with three folds and a single welded joint to form different geometric shapes such as a rectangle or a square (although they can be of other geometric forms). As part of such geometric structure arrangement can be added a plurality of additional supports (15) that are put back to back so they increase the lifting or loading capacity of the structure center, in which such supports can be adapted to a plurality of plugs or heels (40), which can take different geometric forms in order to provide stability of the pallet in diverse thicknesses so that it resist loads of many.

When increasing the height of such plugs or heels (40) the pallet can acquire different heights and can be used with different kinds and sizes of cranes or freight elevators.

The pallet can increase its resistance when using more resistance frames and/or when includes a greater number of such frames, and/or when arranging them in different forms.

The pallet can increase its load capacity by covering it with a plurality of polyethylene foam layers and including additional portions of cover (30) so that the inner metallic frame is encapsulated, this also enhances the pallet weight resistance and possible damages caused by the loading and unloading.

It is hereby stated by the applicant that the best method to the practice of the mentioned invention is the conventional to manufacture the disclosure pallet.