Non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
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Phosphorus-substituted imidazole compounds with anti-HIV properties having use as therapeutics and for other industrial purposes are disclosed. The compositions inhibit reverse transcriptase activity and are useful therapeutically for the inhibition of such enzymes, as well as in assays for the detection of such enzymes.

Chen, James M. (San Ramon, CA, US)
Chen, Xiaowu (San Mateo, CA, US)
Kim, Choung U. (San Carlos, CA, US)
Lee, William A. (Los Altos, CA, US)
Lee, Christopher P. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Nelson, Peter H. (Los Altos, CA, US)
Tario, James D. (San Mateo, CA, US)
Xu, Lianhong (San Mateo, CA, US)
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Gilead Sciences Inc (333 Lakeside Drive, Foster City, CA, 94404, US)
We claim:

1. A non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound comprising a phosphonate group.

2. A non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor of claim 1 selected from: Capravirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Pyrazole-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Urea-PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Nevaripine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Quinazolinone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Efavirenz-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Benzophenone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Pyrimidine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, SJ3366-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Delavirdine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Emivirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Loviride-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, and UC781-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, and formulations thereof.

3. A compound according to claim 1 selected from the Formulas: embedded image embedded image wherein A0 is A1, A2 or W3 with the proviso that the compound includes at least one A1; embedded image Y1 is independently O, S, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), or N(N(Rx)(Rx)); Y2 is independently a bond, O, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), N(N(Rx)(Rx)), —S(O)M2—, or —S(O)M2—S(O)M2—; Rx is independently H, R1, W3, a protecting group, or the formula: embedded image Ry is independently H, W3, R2 or a protecting group; R1 is independently H or alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms; R2 is independently H, R1, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups, or taken together at a carbon atom, two R2 groups form a ring of 3 to 8 carbons and the ring may be substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R3 is R3a, R3b, R3c or R3d, provided that when R3 is bound to a heteroatom, then R3 is R3c or R3d; R3a is F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3 or —NO2; R3b is Y1; R3c is —Rx, —N(Rx)(Rx), —SRx, —S(O)Rx, —S(O)2Rx, —S(O)(ORx), —S(O)2(ORx), —OC(Y1)Rx, —OC(Y1)ORx, —OC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —SC(Y1)Rx, —SC(Y1)ORx, —SC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —N(Rx)C(Y1)Rx, —N(Rx)C(Y1)ORx, or —N(Rx)C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)); R3d is —C(Y1)Rx, —C(Y1)ORx or —C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)); R4 is an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms; R5 is R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; W3 is W4 or W5; W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5; W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; W6 is W3 are independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 A3 groups; M2 is 0, 1 or 2; M12a is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M12b is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. M1a, M1c, and M1d are independently 0 or 1; and M12c is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

4. A compound of claim 3 having Formula Ia: embedded image

5. A compound of claim 3 having Formula Ib: embedded image

6. A compound of claim 3 having Formula Ic: embedded image

7. A compound of claim 3 having Formula Id: embedded image

8. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

9. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

10. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

11. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

12. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

13. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

14. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

15. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

16. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

17. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

18. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

19. A compound of claim 3 having the formulas: embedded image

20. The compound of claim 3 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image

21. The compound of claim 20 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image

22. The compound of claim 21 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image

23. The compound of claim 22 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image and W5a is a carbocycle or a heterocycle where W5a is independently substituted with 0 or 1 R2 groups.

24. The compound of claim 23 wherein M12a is 1.

25. The compound of claim 23 wherein A1 is selected from the formulas: embedded image R1 and R2 are independently selected from hydroxy, methoxy, ethoxy, trifluoroethoxy, isopropoxy, phenoxy, benzyloxy, O-pivaloyloxymethyl, an amino acid ester and a lactate ester; and W5a is selected from the formulas: embedded image

26. The compound of claim 3 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

27. The compound of claim 26 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

28. The compound of claim 27 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2a is O, N(Rx) or S.

29. The compound of claim 28 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2b is O or N(Rx).

30. The compound of claim 29 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(Rx); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

31. The compound of claim 30 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(Rx); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

32. The compound of claim 31 wherein M12d is 1.

33. The compound of claim 3 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

34. The compound of claim 33 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

35. The compound of claim 34 wherein W5 is a carbocycle.

36. The compound of claim 35 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

37. The compound of claim 36 wherein W5 is phenyl.

38. The compound of claim 33 wherein M12b is 1.

39. The compound of claim 38 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2a is O, N(Rx) or S.

40. The compound of claim 39 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2b is O or N(Rx).

41. The compound of claim 40 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(Rx); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

42. The compound of claim 41 wherein R1 is H.

43. The compound of claim 41 wherein M12d is 1.

44. The compound of claim 41 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image wherein the phenyl carbocycle is substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups, and R1 is H or C1-C18 alkyl.

45. The compound of claim 44 wherein Y2b is N(Rx).

46. The compound of claim 45 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

47. The compound of claim 44 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

48. A compound of claim 3 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

49. A compound of claim 48 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

50. A compound of claim 48 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image and Y2d is O or N(Ry).

51. A compound of claim 50 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

52. A compound of claim 51 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

53. The compound of claim 3 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

54. The compound of claim 53 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

55. The compound of claim 3 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Rx is of the formula: embedded image

56. The compound of claim 55 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2a is O, N(R2) or S.

57. The compound of claim 56 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(R2); and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

58. The compound of claim 57 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); Y2d is O or N(Ry); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

59. The compound of claim 58 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

60. The compound of claim 59 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2b is O or N(R2).

61. The compound of claim 60 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

62. The compound of claim 3 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Rx is of the formula: embedded image

63. The compound of claim 62 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2a is O, N(R2) or S.

64. The compound of claim 63 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(R2); and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

65. The compound of claim 64 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image R1 is H or C1-C18 alkyl; Y2d is O or N(Ry); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

66. The compound of claim 65 wherein R1 is H; and Y1a and Y2d are 0.

67. The compound of claim 66 wherein M12d is 1.

68. The compound of claim 3 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image

69. The compound of claim 68 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image Rx is of the formula: embedded image

70. The compound of claim 69 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2a is O, N(R2) or S.

71. The compound of claim 70 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image W5a is a carbocycle independently substituted with 0 or 1 R2 groups; A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

72. The compound of claim 71 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image W5a is a carbocycle independently substituted with 0 or 1 R2 groups; A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); Y2d is O or N(Ry); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

73. The compound of claim 72 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

74. The compound of claim 3 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image

75. The compound of claim 74 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image Rx is of the formula: embedded image

76. The compound of claim 75 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; and Y2a is O, N(R2) or S.

77. The compound of claim 76 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image W5a is a carbocycle independently substituted with 0 or 1 R2 groups; A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

78. The compound of claim 77 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image wherein the phenyl carbocycle is substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

79. The compound of claim 75 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image W5a is a carbocycle or heterocycle where W5a is independently substituted with 0 or 1 R2 groups; A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); Y2d is O or N(Ry); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

80. The compound of claim 79 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image

81. The compound of claim 3 wherein A2 is of the formula: embedded image

82. The compound of claim 81 wherein A2 is of the formula: embedded image

83. The compound of claim 82 wherein M12b is 1.

84. The compound of claim 82 where M12b is 0, Y2 is a bond and W5 is a carbocycle or heterocycle where W5 is optionally and independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 R2 groups.

85. The compound of claim 82 wherein A2 is of the formula: embedded image and W5a is a carbocycle or heterocycle where W5a is optionally and independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 R2 groups.

86. The compound of claim 85 wherein M12a is 1.

87. The compound of claim 86 wherein A2 is selected from phenyl, substituted phenyl, benzyl, substituted benzyl, pyridyl and substituted pyridyl.

88. The compound of claim 3 wherein A2 is of the formula: embedded image

89. The compound of claim 88 wherein A2 is of the formula: embedded image

90. The compound of claim 89 wherein M12b is 1.

91. The compound of claim 6 having the formula: embedded image wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image

92. The compound of claim 91 wherein A2 is selected from phenyl, substituted phenyl, benzyl, substituted benzyl, pyridyl and substituted pyridyl.

93. The compound of claim 92 wherein substituted phenyl, substituted benzyl and substituted pyridyl are independently substituted with 1, 2 or 3 R2 groups.

94. The compound of claim 91 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image

95. The compound of claim 94 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

96. The compound of claim 94 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

97. The compound of claim 96 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

98. The compound of claim 95 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

99. The compound of claim 98 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

100. The compound of claim 91 having the formula: embedded image

101. The compound of claim 100 wherein R4 is isopropyl.

102. The compound of claim 100 having the formula: embedded image

103. The compound of claim 100 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y1a is O or S.

104. The compound of claim 103 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2, is O, N(R2) or S.

105. The compound of claim 104 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(R2); and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

106. The compound of claim 105 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); Y2d is O or N(Ry); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

107. The compound of claim 106 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

108. The compound of claim 106 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2b is O or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

109. The compound of claim 102 wherein W5 is selected from the structures: embedded image

110. The compound of claim 91 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image n is an integer from 1 to 18; A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

111. The compound of claim 110 wherein R1 is H and n is 1.

112. The compound of claim 5 having the formula: embedded image wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image and A3 is of the formula: embedded image

113. The compound of claim 112 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image

114. The compound of claim 113 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

115. The compound of claim 113 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

116. The compound of claim 115 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

117. The compound of claim 113 wherein Rx is of the formula: embedded image

118. The compound of claim 117 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image

119. The compound of claim 112 wherein A2 is selected from: embedded image where W5 is a carbocycle or a heterocycle and where W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

120. The compound of claim 112 having the formula: embedded image wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y1a is O or S.

121. The compound of claim 120 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image

122. The compound of claim 120 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2a is O, N(R2) or S.

123. The compound of claim 112 wherein A3 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

124. The compound of claim 112 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image W5a is a carbocycle or a heterocycle where the carbocycle or heterocycle is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; Y2b is O or N(R2); and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S.

125. The compound of claim 124 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image A3 is of the formula: embedded image Y1a is O or S; Y2b is O or N(R2); Y2d is O or N(Ry); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

126. The compound of claim 125 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image Y2b is O or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

127. The compound of claim 126 wherein A1 is of the formula: embedded image and Y2b is O or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

128. The compound of claim 112 wherein A2 is a phenyl substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

129. The compound of claim 120 wherein W4 is of the formula: embedded image wherein n is an integer from 1 to 18; and Y2b is O or N(R2).

130. The compound of claim 129 having the formula: embedded image

131. The compound of claim 130 selected from the formulas: embedded image

132. The compound of claim 6 selected from the structures: embedded image embedded image

133. A compound of claim 4 selected from the structures: embedded image

134. A compound of claim 6 selected from the structures: embedded image

135. A compound of claim 5 selected from the structures: embedded image embedded image

136. A compound of claim 5 selected from the structures: embedded image embedded image embedded image

137. A compound of claim 5 selected from the structures: embedded image embedded image

138. A compound of claim 5 selected from the structures: embedded image embedded image embedded image

139. A compound of claim 3 selected from the structures: embedded image

140. A compound of the formula: embedded image wherein: A1 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—W3, wherein W3 is substituted with 1 to 3 A3 groups; A2 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—W3; A3 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—P(Y1)(Y1R6a)(Y1R6a); X2 and X3 are independently a bond, —O—, —N(R2)—, —N(OR2)—, —N(N(R2)(R2))—, —S—, —SO—, or —SO2—; each Y1 is independently O, N(R2), N(OR2), or N(N(R2)(R2)), wherein each Y1 is bound by two single bonds or one double bond; R1 is independently H or alkyl of 1 to 12 carbon atoms; R2 is independently H, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R3 is independently F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3, —NO2, —OR6a, —OR1, —N(R1)2, —N(R1)(R6b), —N(R6b)2, —SR1, —SR6a, —S(O)R1, —S(O)2R1, —S(O)OR1, —S(O)OR6a, —S(O)2OR1, —S(O)2OR6a, —C(O)OR1, —C(O)R6c, —C(O)OR6a, —OC(O)R1, —N(R1)(C(O)R1), —N(R6b)(C(O)R1), —N(R1)(C(O)OR1), —N(R6b)(C(O)OR1), —C(O)N(R1)2, —C(O)N(R6b)(R1), —C(O)N(R6b)2, —C(NR1)(N(R1)2), —C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R1)2), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), ═O, ═S, ═N(R1), ═N(R6b) or W5; R4 is independently alkyl of 1 to 12 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 12 carbon atoms; R5 is independently R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R5a is independently alkylene of 1 to 12 carbon atoms, alkenylene of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, or alkynylene of 2-12 carbon atoms any one of which alkylene, alkenylene or alkynylene is substituted with 0-3 R3 groups; R6a is independently H or an ether- or ester-forming group; R6b is independently H, a protecting group for amino or the residue of a carboxyl-containing compound; R6c is independently H or the residue of an amino-containing compound; W3 is W4 or W5; W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5; W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; m1 is independently an integer from 0 to 12, wherein the sum of all m1's within each individual claim of A1, A2 or A3 is 12 or less; and m2 is independently an integer from 0 to 2.

141. The compound of claim 140 wherein: A1 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—W3, wherein W3 is substituted with 1 A3 group; A2 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—W3; and A3 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—P(Y1)(Y1R6a)(Y1R6a).

142. The compound of claim 141 having the formula: embedded image

143. The compound of claim 142 having the formula: embedded image

144. The compound of claim 143 having the formula: embedded image

145. The compound of claim 144 having the formula: embedded image

146. The compound of claim 145 wherein W5 is selected from: embedded image

147. A compound of claim 140 having the formula: embedded image

148. A compound of the formula: embedded image wherein: A1 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—W3, wherein W3 is substituted with 1 to 3 A3 groups; A2 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—W3; A3 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—P(Y1)(Y1R6a)(Y1R6a); X2 and X3 are independently a bond, —O—, —N(R2)—, —N(OR2)—, —N(N(R2)(R2))—, —S—, —SO—, or —SO2—; each Y1 is independently O, N(R2), N(OR2), or N(N(R2)(R2)), wherein each Y1 is bound by two single bonds or one double bond; R1 is independently H or alkyl of 1 to 12 carbon atoms; R2 is independently H, R1, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R3 is independently F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3, —NO2, —OR6a, —OR1, —N(R1)2, —N(R1)(R6b), —N(R6b)2, —SR1, —SR6a, —S(O)R1, —S(O)2R1, —S(O)OR1, —S(O)OR6a, —S(O)2OR1, —S(O)2OR6a, —C(O)OR1, —C(O)R6c, —C(O)OR6a, —OC(O)R1, —N(R1)(C(O)R1), —N(R6b)(C(O)R1), —N(R1)(C(O)OR1), —N(R6b)(C(O)OR1), —C(O)N(R1)2, —C(O)N(R6b)(R1), —C(O)N(R6b)2, —C(NR1)(N(R1)2), —C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R1)2), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), ═O, ═S, ═N(R1), ═N(R6b) or W5; R4 is independently alkyl of 1 to 12 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 12 carbon atoms; R5 is independently R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R5a is independently alkylene of 1 to 12 carbon atoms, alkenylene of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, or alkynylene of 2-12 carbon atoms any one of which alkylene, alkenylene or alkynylene is substituted with 0-3 R3 groups; R6a is independently H or an ether- or ester-forming group; R6b is independently H, a protecting group for amino or the residue of a carboxyl-containing compound; R6c is independently H or the residue of an amino-containing compound; W3 is W4 or W5; W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5; W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; m1 is independently an integer from 0 to 12, wherein the sum of all m1's within each individual claim of A1, A2 or A3 is 12 or less; and m2 is independently an integer from 0 to 2.

149. The compound of claim 148 wherein: A1 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—W3, wherein W3 is substituted with 1 A3 group; A2 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—W3; and A3 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—P(Y1)(Y1R6a)(Y1R6a).

150. The compound of claim 148 having the formula: embedded image

151. The compound of claim 148 having the formula: embedded image

152. The compound of claim 151 having the formula: embedded image

153. The compound of claim 152 wherein W3 is —OC(O)NH2.

154. The compound of claim 152 having the formula: embedded image

155. The compound of claim 151 having the formula: embedded image

156. The compound of claim 155 wherein W5 is a pyridine heterocycle bonded to —C(R2)2— at the 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 position.

157. The compound of claim 155 wherein W5-A3 has a formula selected from: embedded image

158. The compound of claim 155 wherein A3 has a formula selected from: embedded image wherein m1 is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, and the phenyl carbocycle is substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

159. The compound of claim 158 wherein A3 has a formula selected from: embedded image

160. The compound of claim 159 wherein A3 has a formula selected from: embedded image

161. A method of inhibiting the activity of HIV RT comprising the step of contacting a sample suspected of containing HIV RT with a composition of claim 1.

162. The method of claim 161 wherein the HIV RT is in vivo.

163. A method for the treatment or prevention of the symptoms or effects of an HIV infection in an infected animal which comprises administering to said animal a formulation comprising a therapeutically effective amount of a compound according to claim 1.

164. The method of claim 163 wherein the compound is formulated with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

165. A method of targetting white blood cells comprising administering to an HIV infected animal a formulation comprising a therapeutically effective amount of a compound according to claim 1 whereby the compound or metabolites derived from the compound accumulate in the white blood cells of the HIV infected animal.

166. The use of a compound of claim 1 to prepare a medicament for treatment of HIV infection.

167. The method of claim 163 wherein the formulation further comprises a second active ingredient selected from a protease inhibitor (Prt), a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), and an integrase inhibitor.

168. A process for preparing a compound of claim 1 wherein a compound comprising A3 or a precursor to A3 is reacted with an imidazole compound whereby a compound of claim 1 is formed.

169. A compound of the formula MBF.

170. In a non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor, the improvement comprising a substituent having a phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug.

171. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 170 selected from: Capravirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Pyrazole-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Urea-PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Nevaripine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Quinazolinone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Efavirenz-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Benzophenone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Pyrimidine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, SJ3366-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Delavirdine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Emivirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Loviride-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, and UC781-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, and formulations thereof.

172. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 170 of the Formulas: embedded image embedded image wherein: A0 is A1, A2 or W3 with the proviso that the compound includes at least one A1; embedded image Y1 is independently O, S, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), or N(N(Rx)(Rx)); Y2 is independently a bond, O, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), N(N(Rx)(Rx)), —S(O)M2—, or —S(O)M2—S(O)M2—; Rx is independently H, R1, W3, a protecting group, or the formula: embedded image Ry is independently H, W3, R2 or a protecting group; R1 is independently H or an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms; R2 is independently H, R1, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups, or taken together at a carbon atom, two R2 groups form a ring of 3 to 8 carbons and the ring may be substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R3 is R3a, R3b, R3c or R3d, provided that when R3 is bound to a heteroatom, then R3 is R3c or R3d; R3a is F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3 or —NO2; R3b is Y1; R3c is —Rx, —N(Rx)(Rx), —SRx, —S(O)Rx, —S(O)2Rx, —S(O)(ORx), —S(O)2(ORx), —OC(Y1)Rx, —OC(Y1)ORx, —OC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —SC(Y1)Rx, —SC(Y1)ORx, —SC(Y1)(Rx)(Rx)), —N(Rx)C(Y1)Rx, —N(Rx)C(Y1)ORx, or —N(Rx)C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)); R3d is —C(Y1)Rx, —C(Y1)ORx or —C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)); R4 is an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms; R5 is R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; W3 is W4 or W5; is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5; W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; W6 is W3 independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 A3 groups; W7 is a heterocycle bonded through a nitrogen atom of said heterocycle and independently substituted with 0, 1 or 2 A0 groups; M2 is 0, 1 or 2; M12a is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M12b is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M1a, M1c, and M1d are independently 0 or 1; and M12c is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

173. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

174. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

175. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

176. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

177. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

178. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

179. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

180. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

181. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

182. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

183. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

184. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

185. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 172 of the Formulas: embedded image

186. In a non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor not containing a phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug, the improvement comprising a substituent having a phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug.

187. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 186 selected from: Capravirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Pyrazole-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Urea-PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Nevaripine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Quinazolinone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Efavirenz-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Benzophenone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Pyrimidine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, SJ3366-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Delavirdine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Emivirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, Loviride-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds, and UC781-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, and formulations thereof.

188. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 186 of the Formulas: embedded image embedded image wherein: A0 is A1, A2 or W3 with the proviso that the compound includes at least one A1; embedded image Y1 is independently O, S, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), or N(N(Rx)(Rx)); Y2 is independently a bond, O, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), N(N(Rx)(Rx)), —S(O)M2—, or —S(O)M2—S(O)M2—; Rx is independently H, R1, W3, a protecting group, or the formula: embedded image Ry is independently H, W3, R2 or a protecting group; R1 is independently H or an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms; R2 is independently H, R1, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups, or taken together at a carbon atom, two R2 groups form a ring of 3 to 8 carbons and the ring may be substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R3 is R3a, R3b, R3c or R3d, provided that when R3 is bound to a heteroatom, then R3 is R3c or R3d; R3a is F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3 or —NO2; R3b is Y1; R3c is —Rx, N(Rx)(Rx), —SRx, S(O)Rx, —S(O)2Rx, —S(O)(ORx), —S(O)2(ORx), —OC(Y1)Rx, —OC(Y1)ORx, —OC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —SC(Y1)Rx, —SC(Y1)ORx, —SC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —N(Rx)C(Y1)Rx, —N(Rx)C(Y1)ORx, or —N(Rx)C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)) R3d is —C(Y1)Rx, —C(Y1)ORx or —C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)); R4 is an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms; R5 is R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; W3 is W 4 or W5; W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5; W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; W6 is W3 independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 A3 groups; W7 is a heterocycle bonded through a nitrogen atom of said heterocycle and independently substituted with 0, 1 or 2 A0 groups; M2 is 0, 1 or 2; M12a is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M12b is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M1a, M1c, and M1d are independently 0 or 1; and M12c is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

189. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

190. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

191. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

192. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

193. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

194. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

195. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

196. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

197. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

198. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

199. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

200. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

201. The improved non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound of claim 188 of the Formulas: embedded image

202. An MBF compound of Table 100.

203. A compound described herein.

204. A compound of claim 203 described in the schemes or examples.

205. A method of making a compound described herein.

206. A method of claim 205 described in the schemes or examples.

207. The use of a compound described here for treatment of HIV in humans.

208. The method of claim 207 wherein the compound is described in the schemes or examples.

209. The use of a compound described here in the manufacture of a medicament.

210. The use of claim 209 wherein the compound is described in the schemes or examples.

211. An non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound capable of accumulating in human PBMCs.

212. The compound of claim 211 further comprising a phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug.

213. The compound of claim 212 wherein the phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug are of the formula A3: A3 is: embedded image Y1 is independently O, S, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), or N(N(Rx)(Rx)); Y2 is independently a bond, O, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), N(N(Rx)(Rx)), —S(O)M2—, or —S(O)M2—S(O)M2—; Rx is independently H, R1, W3, a protecting group, or the formula: embedded image Ry is independently H, W3, R2 or a protecting group; R1 is independently H or an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms; R2 is independently H, R1, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; R3 is R3a, R3b, R3c or R3d, provided that when R3 is bound to a heteroatom, then R3 is R3c or R3d; R3, is F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3 or —NO2; R3b is Y1; R3c is —Rx, —N(Rx)(Rx), —SRx, —S(O)Rx, —S(O)2Rx, —S(O)(ORx), —S(O)2(ORx), —OC(Y1)Rx, —OC(Y1)ORx, —OC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —SC(Y1)Rx, —SC(Y1)ORx, —SC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —N(Rx)C(Y1)Rx, —N(Rx)C(Y1)ORx, or —N(Rx)C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)) R3d is —C(Y1)Rx, —C(Y1)ORx or —C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)); R4 is an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms; R5 is R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups; W3 is W4 or W5; W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5; W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups; M2 is 0, 1 or 2; M12a is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M12b is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; M1a, M1c, and M1d are independently 0 or 1; and M12c is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

214. The compound of claim 213 wherein the intracellular half-life of the compound or an intracellular metabolite of the compound in human PBMCs is improved when compared to an analog of the compound not having the phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug.

215. The compound of claim 214 wherein the half-life is improved by at least about 50%.

216. The compound of claim 214 wherein the half-life is improved by at least about 100%.

217. The compound of claim 214 wherein the intracellular half-life of a metabolite of the compound in human PBMCs is improved when compared to an analog of the compound not having the phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug.

218. The compound of claim 217 wherein the half-life is improved by at least about 50%.

219. The compound of claim 217 wherein the half-life is improved by at least about 100%.

220. The compound of claim 217 wherein the half-life is improved by greater than 100%.

221. Use of a compound of the invention for the treatment of HIV infection.

222. Use of a compound of the invention in the manufacture of a medicament.

223. Use of a compound of the invention in the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of disorders affecting white blood cells.

224. Method of treating a disorder affecting white blood cells, comprising: administering a compound of the invention to a patient in need of white-blood-cell targeting.

225. Method of targeting a compound to white blood cells, comprising: selecting a compound having a desired pharmaceutical activity and having a first structure; modifying said first structure by replacing one or more atom of said first structure with an organic substituent comprising a phosphonate group or incipient phosphonate group to provide a compound having a second structure.

226. A method of manufacturing a non-nucleoside compound having both selectivity for white blood cells and a desired pharmaceutical activity, comprising: chemically synthesizing a first molecule having a first structure containing a phosphonate or precursor phosphonate group, wherein said first structure differs from a second structure of a compound known to have said desired pharmaceutical activity by having at least one hydrogen atom of said second structure replaced by an organic substituent comprising a phosphonate group or incipient phosphonate group.

227. The method of claim 226, wherein said first molecule is synthesized by a series of chemical reactions in which a hydrogen of said second structure is replaced by said organic substituent.

228. The method of claim 226, wherein said first molecule is synthesized by a series of chemical reactions that never includes a molecule of said second structure.

229. Method of accumulating an non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor inside a white blood cell, comprising: administering to a sample a composition comprising a compound of the invention.

230. The method of claim 229 wherein said sample is a patient.

231. The method of claim 229, wherein said compound of the invention has a chemical structure A-B, wherein (a) a compound having structure A-H has non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor activity and (b) substructure B comprises a phosphonate group or a precursor phosphonate group.

232. Method of increasing half-life of a non-nucleoside compound having anti-retroviral activity, comprising: replacing at least one hydrogen atom or organic radical of said compound by an organic substituent comprising a phosphonate group or incipient phosphonate.

233. Method of designing a drug having specificity for white blood cells for synthesis, comprising: obtaining a first list of first compounds having a desired activity; creating a second list of second compounds, each of said second compounds having a structure in which at least one hydrogen atom or organic radical of a compound of said first list has been replaced by an organic substituent comprising a phosphonate group or incipient phosphonate group; and selecting a synthetic pathway capable of producing some or all of said second compounds from available starting materials, thereby providing a third list of compounds and associated synthetic techniques.

234. Method of manufacturing a pharmaceutical composition having said specificity of claim 233, comprising: synthesizing a compound selected from said third list using said associated synthetic technique; and admixing said synthesized compound with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

235. A composition produced by the method of claim 234.

236. Method for producing a pharmaceutical composition having specificity for white blood cells, comprising: admixing a therapeutically effective amount of a compound of the invention with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.


This non-provisional application claims the benefit of Provisional Application No. 60/375,622, filed Apr. 26, 2002, Provisional Application No. 60/375,779 filed Apr. 26, 2002, Provisional Application No. 60/375,834 filed Apr. 26, 2002 and Provisional Application No. 60/375,665 filed Apr. 26, 2002, which are incorporated herein by reference. Additionally, copending applications Attorney Docket Nos. 257.P2C and 259.PC filed concurrently with this application are also incorporated herein by reference in their entirety.


The invention relates generally to compounds with antiviral activity and more specifically with anti-HIV properties.


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and related disease is a major public health problem worldwide. The retrovirus human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), a member of the primate lentivirus family (DeClercq E (1994) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 724:438-456; Barre-Sinoussi F (1996) Lancet, 348:31-35), is generally accepted to be the causative agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) Tarrago et al FASEB Journal 1994, 8:497-503). AIDS is the result of repeated replication of HIV-1 Biochemistry, 63:133-173), including three key enzymes: (i) protease (Prt) (von der Helm K (1996) Biological Chemistry, 377:765-774); (ii) reverse transcriptase (RT) (Hottiger et al (1996) Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler, 377:97-120), an enzyme unique to retroviruses; and (iii) integrase (Asante et al (1999) Advances in Virus Research 52:351-369; Wlodawer A (1999) Advances in Virus Research 52:335-350; Esposito et al (1999) Advances in Virus Research 52:319-333). Protease is responsible for processing the viral precursor polyproteins, integrase is responsible for the integration of the double stranded DNA form of the viral genome into host DNA and RT is the key enzyme in the replication of the viral genome. In viral replication, RT acts as both an RNA- and a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase, to convert the single stranded RNA genome into double stranded DNA. Since virally encoded Reverse Transcriptase (RT) mediates specific reactions during the natural reproduction of the virus, inhibition of HIV RT is an important therapeutic target for treatment of HIV infection and related disease.

Until 1995, the only drugs approved in the United States were nucleoside inhibitors of RT (Smith et al (1994) Clinical Investigator, 17:226-243). Since then, two new classes of agents, protease inhibitors and non-nucleoside RT inhibitors (NNRTI), and more than ten new drugs have been approved (Johnson et al (2000) Advances in Internal Medicine, 45 (1-40; Porche D J (1999) Nursing Clinics of North America, 34:95-112). There are now three classes of drugs available: (1) the original nucleoside RT inhibitors, (2) protease inhibitors, and (3) the non-nucleoside RT inhibitors (NNRTI). Nucleoside RT inhibitors include zidovudine, didanosine (NIH), zalcitabine (NIH), lamivudine (BioChem Pharma Inc) and abacavir (Glaxo Wellcome plc). See Johnson V A (1995) Journal of Infectious Diseases, 171:Suppl 2:S140-S149; Venrura et al (1999) Archives of Virology, 144:513-523; and Venrura et al Archives of Virology 1999, 144 (513-523). Approved protease inhibitor drugs include saquinavir (Hoffmann-La Roche Inc, Noble et al (1996) Drugs, 52:1, 93-112), ritonavir (Abbott Laboratories), indinavir (Merck & Co Inc), nelfinavir (Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc) and amprenavir (Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc). Approved NNRTI include nevirapine (Boehringer Ingelheim Corp, Grob et al (1992) AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, 8:145-152; Pollard et al (1998) Clinical Therapeutics, 20:1071-1092), delavirdine (Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc, Freimuth W W (1996) Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 394:279-289) and efavirenz (DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co, Adkins et al (1998) Drugs, 56:6, 1055-1066). Capravirine is an orally administered NNRTI therapeutic candidate (Brown W. (2000) Current Opinion in Anti-Infective Investigational Drugs 2(3):286-94).

RT can be inhibited by both nucleoside and non-nucleoside drugs (Venrura et al (1999) Archives of Virology, 144:513-523; Matthee et al (1999) Planta Medica 65:493-506). The nucleoside inhibitors act as competitive inhibitors, competing with the natural substrates or as chain terminators (Mayers D (1996) AIDS 10:Suppl 1, S9-S13; Villahermosa et al (1997) Biochemistry, 36:13223-13231; Klarmann et al (2000) Journal of Biological Chemistry, 275:359-366). The nucleoside inhibitors, including zidovudine, didanosine and zalcitabine, remain first-line therapies against HIV-1. However, extended use of these drugs leads to the development of HIV variants that are resistant to them (Moyle G J (1997) Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 40:6, 765-777; Smith et al (1994) Clinical Investigator 17:226-243). This development of resistance has been associated with specific point mutations in the HIV pol gene, encoding RT.

The non-nucleoside inhibitors act by interacting with a non-substrate-binding site on the enzyme, i.e. allosterically (Proudfoot J R (1998) Current Opinion in Therapeutic Patents, 8:8, 971-982; DeClercq E (1998) Antiviral Research 38:3, 153-179; DeClercq E (1999) Farmaco 54:1-2, 26-45; Katlama C (1999) International Journal of Clinical Practice, 103:Suppl 16-20; Pederson et al (1999) Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 10:258-314). The NNRTI drugs have now gained a place in the arsenal of treatments for HIV-1 infection (Spence et al (1995) Science 267:988-993), acting non-competitively by interacting with a specific site on the RT that is near to, but distinct from, the active site where the nucleoside inhibitors bind. Several relevant crystal structures of HIV-1 RT complexed with the non-nucleoside inhibitors have been reported, expanding the understanding of how these inhibitors operate (Schafer-W et al (1993) Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 36:726-732).

Although drugs targeting reverse transcriptase and protease are in wide use and have shown effectiveness, particularly when employed in combination, toxicity and development of resistant strains have limited their usefulness (Palella, et al N. Engl. J. Med. (1998) 338:853-860; Richman, D. D. Nature (2001) 410:995-1001).

Combination therapy with RT inhibitors has proven to be highly effective in suppressing viral replication to unquantifiable levels for a sustained period of time. Also, combination therapy with RT and Prt inhibitors have shown synergistic effects in suppressing HIV replication. Unfortunately, 30 to 50% of patients currently fail combination therapy due to the development of drug resistance, non-compliance with complicated dosing regimens, pharmacokinetic interactions, toxicity, and lack of potency. Therefore, there is a need for new HIV-1 inhibitors that are synergistic in combination with other HIV inhibitors.

Assay methods capable of determining the presence, absence or amounts of HIV RT are of practical utility in the search for inhibitors as well as for diagnosing the presence of HIV.

Inhibition of HIV RT is an object of the invention. Inhibitors of HIV RT are useful to limit the establishment and progression of infection by HIV as well as in diagnostic assays for HIV RT, both of which are further objects of the invention. Preparation of compositions capable of inhibiting HIV RT is also an object of the invention.

There is a need for HIV RT inhibitors having improved antiviral and pharmacokinetic properties, including enhanced activity against development of HIV resistance, improved oral bioavailability, greater potency and extended effective half-life in vivo. New HIV RT inhibitors should be active against mutant HIV strains, have distinct resistance profiles, fewer side effects, less complicated dosing schedules, and orally active. In particular, there is a need for a less onerous dosage regimen, such as one pill, once per day.

Improving the delivery of drugs and other agents to target cells and tissues has been the focus of considerable research for many years. Though many attempts have been made to develop effective methods for importing biologically active molecules into cells, both in vivo and in vitro, none has proved to be entirely satisfactory. Optimizing the association of the inhibitory drug with its intracellular target, while minimizing intercellular redistribution of the drug, e.g. to neighboring cells, is often difficult or inefficient.

Most agents currently administered to a patient parenterally are not targeted, resulting in systemic delivery of the agent to cells and tissues of the body where it is unnecessary, and often undesirable. This may result in adverse drug side effects, and often limits the dose of a drug (e.g., cytotoxic agents and other anti-cancer or anti-viral drugs) that can be administered. By comparison, although oral administration of drugs is generally recognized as a convenient and economical method of administration, oral administration can result in either (a) uptake of the drug through the cellular and tissue barriers, e.g. blood/brain, epithelial, cell membrane, resulting in undesirable systemic distribution, or (b) temporary residence of the drug within the gastrointestinal tract. Accordingly, a major goal has been to develop methods for specifically targeting agents to cells and tissues. Benefits of such treatment includes avoiding the general physiological effects of inappropriate delivery of such agents to other cells and tissues, such as uninfected cells.

Intracellular targeting may be achieved by methods and compositions which allow accumulation or retention of biologically active agents inside cells.


The present invention provides compositions and methods for inhibition of HIV. Compositions of the invention include new imidazole compounds substituted on a carbon atom of the imidazole ring with a sulfur group, and having at least one phosphonate group. Accordingly, the invention includes compounds having Formula I: embedded image

wherein A0 is A1, A2 or W3. Compounds of the invention include at least one A1 which comprises at least one phosphonate group. In another aspect, the invention includes compounds having Formula II: embedded image
wherein A0 is A1, A2 or W3. Formula II includes at least one A1 which comprises at least one phosphonate group.

In one aspect, a compound or composition of the invention is provided that further comprises a pharmaceutically-acceptable carrier.

In another aspect of the invention, phosphonate analogs of known approved and experimental non-nucleoside RT inhibitors (NNRTI) are provided which include:

Capravirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Pyrazole-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Urea-PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Nevaripine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Quinazolinone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Efavirenz-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Benzophenone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Pyrimidine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

SJ3366-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Delavirdine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Emivirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

Loviride-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

UC781-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds

as well as analogs and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, and formulations thereof.

In another aspect of the invention the activity of HIV reverse transcriptase (RT) is inhibited by a method comprising the step of treating a sample suspected of containing HIV RT with a compound or composition of the invention.

Another aspect of the invention provides a method for inhibiting the activity of HIV RT comprising the step of contacting a sample suspected of containing HIV RT with the composition embodiments of the invention.

Another aspect of the invention provides a pharmaceutical combination comprising an effective amount of a compound of the invention and a second compound having anti-HIV properties.

Another aspect of the invention provides a method for the treatment or prevention of the symptoms or effects of an HIV infection in an infected animal, which comprises administering to, i.e. treating said animal with a pharmaceutical combination comprising an effective amount of a compound of the invention and a second compound having anti-HIV properties.

In other aspects, novel methods for syntheses of the compounds of this invention are provided.


Reference will now be made in detail to certain embodiments of the invention, examples of which are illustrated in the accompanying descriptions, structures and formulas. While the invention will be described in conjunction with the enumerated embodiments, it will be understood that they are not intended to limit the invention to those embodiments. On the contrary, the invention is intended to cover all alternatives, modifications, and equivalents, which may be included within the scope of the present invention as defined by the claims.


Unless stated otherwise, the following terms and phrases as used herein are intended to have the following meanings:

The terms “phosphonate” and “phosphonate group” mean a functional group or moiety within a molecule that comprises at least one phosphorus-carbon bond, and at least one phosphorus-oxygen double bond. The phosphorus atom is further substituted with oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen substituents. As defined herein, “phosphonate” and “phosphonate group” include molecules with phosphonic acid, phosphonic monoester, phosphonic diester, phosphonamidate, phosphondiamidate, and phosphonthioate functional groups.

The term “prodrug” as used herein refers to any compound that when administered to a biological system generates the drug substance, i.e. active ingredient, as a result of spontaneous chemical reaction(s), enzyme catalyzed chemical reaction(s), photolysis, and/or metabolic chemical reaction(s). A prodrug is thus a covalently modified analog or latent form of a therapeutically-active compound.

“Prodrug moiety” means a labile functional group which separates from the active inhibitory compound during metabolism, systemically, inside a cell, by hydrolysis, enzymatic cleavage, or by some other process (Bundgaard, Hans, “Design and Application of Prodrugs” in Textbook of Drug Design and Development (1991), P. Krogsgaard-Larsen and H. Bundgaard, Eds. Harwood Academic Publishers, pp. 113-191). Enzymes which are capable of an enzymatic activation mechanism with the phosphonate prodrug compounds of the invention include, but are not limited to, amidases, esterases, microbial enzymes, phospholipases, cholinesterases, and phosphases. Prodrug moieties can serve to enhance solubility, absorption and lipophilicity to optimize drug delivery, bioavailability and efficacy.

Exemplary prodrug moieties include the hydrolytically sensitive or labile acyloxymethyl esters —CH2C(═O)R9 and acyloxymethyl carbonates —CH2OC(═O)OR9 where R9 is C1-C6 alkyl, C1-C6 substituted alkyl, C6-C20 aryl or C6-C20 substituted aryl. The acyloxyalkyl ester was first used as a prodrug strategy for carboxylic acids and then applied to phosphates and phosphonates by Farquhar et al (1983) J. Pharm. Sci. 72: 324; also U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,816,570, 4,968,788, 5,663,159 and 5,792,756. Subsequently, the acyloxyalkyl ester was used to deliver phosphonic acids across cell membranes and to enhance oral bioavailability. A close variant of the acyloxyalkyl ester, the alkoxycarbonyloxyalkyl ester (carbonate), may also enhance oral bioavailability as a prodrug moiety in the compounds of the combinations of the invention. An exemplary acyloxymethyl ester is pivaloyloxymethoxy, (POM) —CH2OC(═O)C(CH3)3. An exemplary acyloxymethyl carbonate prodrug moiety is pivaloyloxymethylcarbonate (POC) —CH2OC(═O)OC(CH3)3.

Aryl esters of phosphorus groups, especially phenyl esters, are reported to enhance oral bioavailability (DeLambert et al (1994) J. Med. Chem. 37: 498). Phenyl esters containing a carboxylic ester ortho to the phosphate have also been described (Khamnei and Torrence, (1996) J. Med. Chem. 39:4109-4115). Benzyl esters are reported to generate the parent phosphonic acid. In some cases, substituents at the ortho- or para-position may accelerate the hydrolysis. Benzyl analogs with an acylated phenol or an alkylated phenol may generate the phenolic compound through the action of enzymes, e.g. esterases, oxidases, etc., which in turn undergoes cleavage at the benzylic C—O bond to generate the phosphoric acid and the quinone methide intermediate. Examples of this class of prodrugs are described by Mitchell et al (1992) J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. I 2345; Brook et al WO 91/19721. Still other benzylic prodrugs have been described containing a carboxylic ester-containing group attached to the benzylic methylene (Glazier et al WO 91/19721). Thio-containing prodrugs are reported to be useful for the intracellular delivery of phosphonate drugs. These proesters contain an ethylthio group in which the thiol group is either esterified with an acyl group or combined with another thiol group to form a disulfide. Deesterification or reduction of the disulfide generates the free thio intermediate which subsequently breaks down to the phosphoric acid and episulfide (Puech et al (1993) Antiviral Res., 22: 155-174; Benzaria et al (1996) J. Med. Chem. 39: 4958). Cyclic phosphonate esters have also been described as prodrugs of phosphorus-containing compounds (Erion et al, U.S. Pat. No. 6,312,662).

“Pharmaceutically acceptable prodrug” refer to a compound that is metabolized in the host, for example hydrolyzed or oxidized, by either enzymatic action or by general acid or base solvolysis, to form an active ingredient. Typical examples of prodrugs of the compounds of the invention have biologically labile protecting groups on a functional moiety of the compound. Prodrugs include compounds that can be oxidized, reduced, aminated, deaminated, esterified, deesterified, alkylated, dealkylated, acylated, deacylated, phosphorylated, dephosphorylated, or other functional group change or conversion involving forming or breaking chemical bonds on the prodrug.

“Protecting group” refers to a moiety of a compound that masks or alters the properties of a functional group or the properties of the compound as a whole. The chemical substructure of a protecting group varies widely. One function of a protecting group is to serve as intermediates in the synthesis of the parental drug substance. Chemical protecting groups and strategies for protection/deprotection are well known in the art. See: “Protective Groups in Organic Chemistry”, Theodora W. Greene (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1991. Protecting groups are often utilized to mask the reactivity of certain functional groups, to assist in the efficiency of desired chemical reactions, e.g. making and breaking chemical bonds in an ordered and planned fashion. Protection of functional groups of a compound alters other physical properties besides the reactivity of the protected functional group, such as the polarity, lipophilicity (hydrophobicity), and other properties which can be measured by common analytical tools. Chemically protected intermediates may themselves be biologically active or inactive.

Protected compounds may also exhibit altered, and in some cases, optimized properties in vitro and in vivo, such as passage through cellular membranes and resistance to enzymatic degradation or sequestration. In this role, protected compounds with intended therapeutic effects may be referred to as prodrugs. Another function of a protecting group is to convert the parental drug into a prodrug, whereby the parental drug is released upon conversion of the prodrug in vivo. Because active prodrugs may be absorbed more effectively than the parental drug, prodrugs may possess greater potency in vivo than the parental drug. Protecting groups are removed either in vitro, in the instance of chemical intermediates, or in vivo, in the case of prodrugs. With chemical intermediates, it is not particularly important that the resulting products after deprotection, e.g. alcohols, be physiologically acceptable, although in general it is more desirable if the products are pharmacologically innocuous.

Any reference to any of the compounds of the invention also includes a reference to a physiologically acceptable salt thereof. Examples of physiologically acceptable salts of the compounds of the invention include salts derived from an appropriate base, such as an alkali metal (for example, sodium), an alkaline earth (for example, magnesium), ammonium and NX4+ (wherein X is C1-C4 alkyl). Physiologically acceptable salts of an hydrogen atom or an amino group include salts of organic carboxylic acids such as acetic, benzoic, lactic, fumaric, tartaric, maleic, malonic, malic, isethionic, lactobionic and succinic acids; organic sulfonic acids, such as methanesulfonic, ethanesulfonic, benzenesulfonic and p-toluenesulfonic acids; and inorganic acids, such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric and sulfamic acids. Physiologically acceptable salts of a compound of an hydroxy group include the anion of said compound in combination with a suitable cation such as Na+ and NX4+ (wherein X is independently selected from H or a C1-C4 alkyl group).

For therapeutic use, salts of active ingredients of the compounds of the invention will be physiologically acceptable, i.e. they will be salts derived from a physiologically acceptable acid or base. However, salts of acids or bases which are not physiologically acceptable may also find use, for example, in the preparation or purification of a physiologically acceptable compound. All salts, whether or not derived form a physiologically acceptable acid or base, are within the scope of the present invention.

“Alkyl” is C1-C18 hydrocarbon containing normal, secondary, tertiary or cyclic carbon atoms. Examples are methyl (Me, —CH3), ethyl (Et, —CH2CH3), 1-propyl (n-Pr, n-propyl, —CH2CH2CH3), 2-propyl (i-Pr, i-propyl, —CH(CH3)2), 1-butyl (n-Bu, n-butyl, —CH2CH2CH2CH3), 2-methyl-1-propyl (i-Bu, i-butyl, —CH2CH(CH3)2), 2-butyl (s-Bu, s-butyl, —CH(CH3)CH2CH3), 2-methyl-2-propyl (t-Bu, t-butyl, —C(CH3)3), 1-pentyl (n-pentyl, —CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3), 2-pentyl (—CH(CH3)CH2CH2CH3), 3-pentyl (—CH(CH2CH3)2), 2-methyl-2-butyl (—C(CH3)2CH2CH3), 3-methyl-2-butyl (—CH(CH3)CH(CH3)2), 3-methyl-1-butyl (—CH2CH2CH(CH3)2), 2-methyl-1-butyl (—CH2CH(CH3)CH2CH3), 1-hexyl (—CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3), 2-hexyl (—CH(CH3)CH2CH2CH2CH3), 3-hexyl (—CH(CH2CH3)(CH2CH2CH3)), 2-methyl-2-pentyl (—C(CH3)2CH2CH2CH3), 3-methyl-2-pentyl (—CH(CH3)CH(CH3)CH2CH3), 4-methyl-2-pentyl (—CH(CH3)CH2CH(CH3)2), 3-methyl-3-pentyl (—C(CH3)(CH2CH3)2), 2-methyl-3-pentyl (—CH(CH2CH3)CH(CH3)2), 2,3-dimethyl-2-butyl (—C(CH3)2CH(CH3)2), 3,3-dimethyl-2-butyl (—CH(CH3)C(CH3)3.

“Alkenyl” is C2-C18 hydrocarbon containing normal, secondary, tertiary or cyclic carbon atoms with at least one site of unsaturation, i.e. a carbon-carbon, sp2 double bond. Examples include, but are not limited to: ethylene or vinyl (—CH═CH2), allyl (—CH2CH═CH2), cyclopentenyl (—C5H7), and 5-hexenyl (—CH2CH2CH2CH2CH═CH2).

“Alkynyl” is C2-C18 hydrocarbon containing normal, secondary, tertiary or cyclic carbon atoms with at least one site of unsaturation, i.e. a carbon-carbon, sp triple bond. Examples include, but are not limited to: acetylenic (—C≡CH) and propargyl (—CH2C≡CH).

“Alkylene” refers to a saturated, branched or straight chain or cyclic hydrocarbon radical of 1-18 carbon atoms, and having two monovalent radical centers derived by the removal of two hydrogen atoms from the same or two different carbon atoms of a parent alkane. Typical alkylene radicals include, but are not limited to: methylene (—CH2—) 1,2-ethyl (—CH2CH2—), 1,3-propyl (—CH2CH2CH2—), 1,4-butyl (—CH2CH2CH2CH2—), and the like.

“Alkenylene” refers to an unsaturated, branched or straight chain or cyclic hydrocarbon radical of 2-18 carbon atoms, and having two monovalent radical centers derived by the removal of two hydrogen atoms from the same or two different carbon atoms of a parent alkene. Typical alkenylene radicals include, but are not limited to: 1,2-ethylene (—CH═CH—).

“Alkynylene” refers to an unsaturated, branched or straight chain or cyclic hydrocarbon radical of 2-18 carbon atoms, and having two monovalent radical centers derived by the removal of two hydrogen atoms from the same or two different carbon atoms of a parent alkyne. Typical alkynylene radicals include, but are not limited to: acetylene (—C≡C—), propargyl (—CH2C≡C—), and 4-pentynyl (—CH2CH2CH2C≡CH—).

“Aryl” means a monovalent aromatic hydrocarbon radical of 6-20 carbon atoms derived by the removal of one hydrogen atom from a single carbon atom of a parent aromatic ring system. Typical aryl groups include, but are not limited to, radicals derived from benzene, substituted benzene, naphthalene, anthracene, biphenyl, and the like.

“Arylalkyl” refers to an acyclic alkyl radical in which one of the hydrogen atoms bonded to a carbon atom, typically a terminal or sp3 carbon atom, is replaced with an aryl radical. Typical arylalkyl groups include, but are not limited to, benzyl, 2-phenylethan-1-yl, 2-phenylethen-1-yl, naphthylmethyl, 2-naphthylethan-1-yl, 2-naphthylethen-1-yl, naphthobenzyl, 2-naphthophenylethan-1-yl and the like. The arylalkyl group comprises 6 to 20 carbon atoms, e.g. the alkyl moiety, including alkanyl, alkenyl or alkynyl groups, of the arylalkyl group is 1 to 6 carbon atoms and the aryl moiety is 5 to 14 carbon atoms.

“Substituted alkyl”, “substituted aryl”, and “substituted arylalkyl” mean alkyl, aryl, and arylalkyl respectively, in which one or more hydrogen atoms are each independently replaced with a substituent. Typical substituents include, but are not limited to, —X, —R, —O—, —OR, —SR, —S, —NR2, —NR3, ═NR, —CX3, —CN, —OCN, —SCN, —N═C═O, —NCS, —NO, —NO2, ═N2, —N3, NC(═O)R, —C(═O)R, —C(═O)NRR —S(═O)2O, —S(═O)2OH, —S(═O)2R, —OS(═O)2OR, —S(═O)2NR, —S(═O)R, —OP(═O)O2RR, —P(═O)O2RR —P(═O)(O)2, —P(═O)(OH)2, —C(═O)R, —C(═O)X, —C(S)R, —C(O)OR, —C(O)O, —C(S)OR, —C(O)SR, —C(S)SR, —C(O)NRR, —C(S)NRR, —C(NR)NRR, where each X is independently a halogen: F, Cl, Br, or I; and each R is independently —H, alkyl, aryl, heterocycle, or prodrug moiety. Alkylene, alkenylene, and alkynylene groups may also be similarly substituted.

“Heterocycle” as used herein includes by way of example and not limitation these heterocycles described in Paquette, Leo A.; “Principles of Modern Heterocyclic Chemistry” (W. A. Benjamin, New York, 1968), particularly Chapters 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9; “The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, A series of Monographs” (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1950 to present), in particular Volumes 13, 14, 16, 19, and 28; and J. Am. Chem. Soc. (1960) 82:5566.

Examples of heterocycles include by way of example and not limitation pyridyl, dihydroypyridyl, tetrahydropyridyl (piperidyl), thiazolyl, tetrahydrothiophenyl, sulfur oxidized tetrahydrothiophenyl, pyrimidinyl, furanyl, thienyl, pyrrolyl, pyrazolyl, imidazolyl, tetrazolyl, benzofuranyl, thianaphthalenyl, indolyl, indolenyl, quinolinyl, isoquinolinyl, benzimidazolyl, piperidinyl, 4-piperidonyl, pyrrolidinyl, 2-pyrrolidonyl, pyrrolinyl, tetrahydrofuranyl, tetrahydroquinolinyl, tetrahydroisoquinolinyl, decahydroquinolinyl, octahydroisoquinolinyl, azocinyl, triazinyl, 6H-1,2,5-thiadiazinyl, 2H,6H-1,5,2-dithiazinyl, thienyl, thianthrenyl, pyranyl, isobenzofuranyl, chromenyl, xanthenyl, phenoxathinyl, 2H-pyrrolyl, isothiazolyl, isoxazolyl, pyrazinyl, pyridazinyl, indolizinyl, isoindolyl, 3H-indolyl, 1H-indazoly, purinyl, 4H-quinolizinyl, phthalazinyl, naphthyridinyl, quinoxalinyl, quinazolinyl, cinnolinyl, pteridinyl, 4aH-carbazolyl, carbazolyl, β-carbolinyl, phenanthridinyl, acridinyl, pyrimidinyl, phenanthrolinyl, phenazinyl, phenothiazinyl, furazanyl, phenoxazinyl, isochromanyl, chromanyl, imidazolidinyl, imidazolinyl, pyrazolidinyl, pyrazolinyl, piperazinyl, indolinyl, isoindolinyl, quinuclidinyl, morpholinyl, oxazolidinyl, benzotriazolyl, benzisoxazolyl, oxindolyl, benzoxazolinyl, and isatinoyl.

By way of example and not limitation, carbon bonded heterocycles are bonded at position 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 of a pyridine, position 3, 4, 5, or 6 of a pyridazine, position 2, 4, 5, or 6 of a pyrimidine, position 2, 3, 5, or 6 of a pyrazine, position 2, 3, 4, or 5 of a furan, tetrahydrofuran, thiofuran, thiophene, pyrrole or tetrahydropyrrole, position 2, 4, or 5 of an oxazole, imidazole or thiazole, position 3, 4, or 5 of an isoxazole, pyrazole, or isothiazole, position 2 or 3 of an aziridine, position 2, 3, or 4 of an azetidine, position 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 of a quinoline or position 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 of an isoquinoline. Still more typically, carbon bonded heterocycles include 2-pyridyl, 3-pyridyl, 4-pyridyl, 5-pyridyl, 6-pyridyl, 3-pyridazinyl, 4-pyridazinyl, 5-pyridazinyl, 6-pyridazinyl, 2-pyrimidinyl, 4-pyrimidinyl, 5-pyrimidinyl, 6-pyrimidinyl, 2-pyrazinyl, 3-pyrazinyl, 5-pyrazinyl, 6-pyrazinyl, 2-thiazolyl, 4-thiazolyl, or 5-thiazolyl.

By way of example and not limitation, nitrogen bonded heterocycles are bonded at position 1 of an aziridine, azetidine, pyrrole, pyrrolidine, 2-pyrroline, 3-pyrroline, imidazole, imidazolidine, 2-imidazoline, 3-imidazoline, pyrazole, pyrazoline, 2-pyrazoline, 3-pyrazoline, piperidine, piperazine, indole, indoline, 1H-indazole, position 2 of a isoindole, or isoindoline, position 4 of a morpholine, and position 9 of a carbazole, or β-carboline. Still more typically, nitrogen bonded heterocycles include 1-aziridyl, 1-azetedyl, 1-pyrrolyl, 1-imidazolyl, 1-pyrazolyl, and 1-piperidinyl.

“Carbocycle” means a saturated, unsaturated or aromatic ring having 3 to 7 carbon atoms as a monocycle or 7 to 12 carbon atoms as a bicycle. Monocyclic carbocycles have 3 to 6 ring atoms, still more typically 5 or 6 ring atoms. Bicyclic carbocycles have 7 to 12 ring atoms, e.g. arranged as a bicyclo [4,5], [5,5], [5,6] or [6,6] system, or 9 or 10 ring atoms arranged as a bicyclo [5,6] or [6,6] system. Examples of monocyclic carbocycles include cyclopropyl, cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, 1-cyclopent-1-enyl, 1-cyclopent-2-enyl, 1-cyclopent-3-enyl, cyclohexyl, 1-cyclohex-1-enyl, 1-cyclohex-2-enyl, 1-cyclohex-3-enyl, phenyl, spiryl and naphthyl.

“Linker” or “link” means a chemical moiety comprising a covalent bond or a chain of atoms that covalently attaches a phosphonate group to a drug. Linkers include portions of substituents A1 and A3 enumerated in Formula I, or substituents A1 and A3 enumerated in Formula II, which include moieties such as: repeating units of alkyloxy (e.g. polyethylenoxy, PEG, polymethyleneoxy) and alkylamino (e.g. polyethyleneamino, Jeffamine™); and diacid ester and amides including succinate, succinamide, diglycolate, malonate, and caproamide.

Stereochemical definitions and conventions used herein generally follow S. P. Parker, Ed., McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Chemical Terms (1984) McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York; and Eliel, E. and Wilen, S., Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds (1994) John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. Many organic compounds exist in optically active forms, i.e., they have the ability to rotate the plane of plane-polarized light. In describing an optically active compound, the prefixes D and L or R and S are used to denote the absolute configuration of the molecule about its chiral center(s). The prefixes d and l, D and L, or (+) and (−) are employed to designate the sign of rotation of plane-polarized light by the compound, with (−) or l meaning that the compound is levorotatory. A compound prefixed with (+) or d is dextrorotatory. For a given chemical structure, these compounds, called stereoisomers, are identical except that they are mirror images of one another. A specific stereoisomer may also be referred to as an enantiomer, and a mixture of such isomers is often called an enantiomeric mixture. A 50:50 mixture of enantiomers is referred to as a racemic mixture or a racemate. The terms “racemic mixture” and “racemate” refer to an equimolar mixture of two enantiomeric species, devoid of optical activity.

The term “chiral” refers to molecules which have the property of non-superimposability of the mirror image partner, while the term “achiral” refers to molecules which are superimposable on their mirror image partner.

The term “stereoisomers” refers to compounds which have identical chemical constitution, but differ with regard to the arrangement of the atoms or groups in space.

“Diastereomer” refers to a stereoisomer with two or more centers of chirality and whose molecules are not mirror images of one another. Diastereomers have different physical properties, e.g. melting points, boiling points, spectral properties, and reactivities. Mixtures of diastereomers may separate under high resolution analytical procedures such as electrophoresis and chromatography.

“Enantiomers” refer to two stereoisomers of a compound which are non-superimposable mirror images of one another.

Non-Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NNRTI) Compounds

The compounds of the invention include those with anti-HIV activity. In particular, the compounds include non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTI). The compounds of the inventions bear a phosphonate group, which may be a prodrug moiety.

In one embodiment of the invention, one identifies compounds that may fall within the generic scope of the documents cited under the definition of the term CLC (Capravirine-like compound) but which further comprise a phosphonate group, e.g. a phosphonate diester, phosphonamidate-ester prodrug, or a bis-phosphonamidate-ester (Jiang et al, US 2002/0173490 A1).

Whenever a compound described herein is substituted with more than one of the same designated group, e.g., “R1” or “R6a”, then it will be understood that the groups may be the same or different, i.e., each group is independently selected. Wavy lines indicate the site of covalent bond attachments to the adjoining groups, moieties, or atoms.

Compounds of the invention are set forth in the Schemes, Examples, and claims below and include compounds of Formula I and Formula II. Formula I compounds have the general structure: embedded image

Compounds of the invention also include the Formulas: embedded image embedded image
The above Formulas are substituted with one or more covalently attached A0 groups, including simultaneous substitutions at any or all A0.

A0 is A1, A2 or W3 with the proviso that the compound includes at least one A1. Exemplary embodiments of Formula I include Ia, Ib, Ic, and Id: embedded image

Y1 is independently O, S, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), or N(N(Rx)(Rx)).

Y2 is independently a bond, O, N(Rx), N(O)(Rx), N(ORx), N(O)(ORx), N(N(Rx)(Rx)), —S(O)M2—, or —S(O)M2—S(O)M2—.

Rx is independently H, W3, a protecting group, or the formula: embedded image


M1a, M1c, and M1d are independently 0 or 1;

M12c is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; and

Ry is independently H, W3, R2 or a protecting group.

Alternatively, Rx is a group of the formula: embedded image

m1a, m1b, m1c, m1d and m1e are independently 0 or 1;

m12c is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12;

Ry is H, W3, R2 or a protecting group;

provided that:

if m1a, m12c, and m1d are 0, then m1b, m1c and m1e are 0;

if m1a and m12c are 0 and m1d is not 0, then m1b and m1c are 0;

if m1a and m1d are 0 and m12c is not 0, then m1b and at least one of m1c and m1e are 0;

if m1a is 0 and m12c and m1d are not 0, then m1b is 0;

if m12c and m1d are 0 and m1a is not 0, then at least two of m1b, m1c and m1e are 0;

if m12c is 0 and m1a and m1d are not 0, then at least one of m1b and m1c are 0; and

if m1d is 0 and m1a and m12c are not 0, then at least one of m1c and m1e are 0.

R1 is independently H or alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms.

R2 is independently H, R1, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups. Alternatively, taken together at a carbon atom, two R2 groups form a ring, i.e. a spiro carbon. The ring may be, for example, cyclopropyl, cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, or cyclohexyl. The ring may be substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups.

R3 is R3a, R3b, R3c or R3d, provided that when R3 is bound to a heteroatom, then R3 is R3c or R3d.

R3a is F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3 or —NO2.

R3b is Y1.

R3c is —Rx, —N(Rx)(Rx), —SRx, —S(O)Rx, —S(O)2Rx, —S(O)(ORx), —S(O)2(ORx), —OC(Y1)Rx, —OC(Y1)ORx, —OC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —SC(Y1)Rx, —SC(Y1)ORx, —SC(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)), —N(Rx)C(Y1)Rx, —N(Rx)C(Y1)ORx, or —N(Rx)C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)).

R3d is C(Y1)Rx, —C(Y1)ORx or —C(Y1)(N(Rx)(Rx)).

R4 is an alkyl of 1 to 18 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 18 carbon atoms.

R5 is R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups.

R5a is independently alkylene of 1 to 18 carbon atoms, alkenylene of 2 to 18 carbon atoms, or alkynylene of 2-18 carbon atoms any one of which alkylene, alkenylene or alkynylene is substituted with 0-3 R3 groups.

W3 is W4 or W5.

W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5.

W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

W3a is W4a or W5a.

W4a is R5a, —C(Y1)R5a, —C(Y1)W5a, —SO2R5a, or —SO2W5a.

W5a is a multivalent substituted carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5a may be independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups, Y2 and A3.

W6 is W3 independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 A3 groups.

M2 is 0, 1 or 2;

M12a is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12; and

M12b is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

W5 and W5a carbocycles and W5 and W5a heterocycles may be independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups. W5 and W5a may be a saturated, unsaturated or aromatic ring comprising a mono- or bicyclic carbocycle or heterocycle. W5 and W5a may have 3 to 10 ring atoms, e.g., 3 to 7 ring atoms. The W5 and W5a rings are saturated when containing 3 ring atoms, saturated or mono-unsaturated when containing 4 ring atoms, saturated, or mono- or di-unsaturated when containing 5 ring atoms, and saturated, mono- or di-unsaturated, or aromatic when containing 6 ring atoms.

A W5 or W5a heterocycle may be a monocycle having 3 to 7 ring members (2 to 6 carbon atoms and 1 to 3 heteroatoms selected from N, O, P, and S) or a bicycle having 7 to 10 ring members (4 to 9 carbon atoms and 1 to 3 heteroatoms selected from N, O, P, and S). W5 heterocyclic monocycles may have 3 to 6 ring atoms (2 to 5 carbon atoms and 1 to 2 heteroatoms selected from N, O, and S); or 5 or 6 ring atoms (3 to 5 carbon atoms and 1 to 2 heteroatoms selected from N and S). W5 and W5a heterocyclic bicycles have 7 to 10 ring atoms (6 to 9 carbon atoms and 1 to 2 heteroatoms selected from N, O, and S) arranged as a bicyclo [4,5], [5,5], [5,6], or [6,6] system; or 9 to 10 ring atoms (8 to 9 carbon atoms and 1 to 2 hetero atoms selected from N and S) arranged as a bicyclo [5,6] or [6,6] system. The W5 and W5a heterocycle may be bonded to Y2 through a carbon, nitrogen, sulfur or other atom by a stable covalent bond.

W5 and W5a heterocycles include for example, pyridyl, dihydropyridyl isomers, piperidine, pyridazinyl, pyrimidinyl, pyrazinyl, s-triazinyl, oxazolyl, imidazolyl, thiazolyl, isoxazolyl, pyrazolyl, isothiazolyl, furanyl, thiofuranyl, thienyl, and pyrrolyl. W5 and W5a also includes, but is not limited to, examples such as: embedded image

W5 and W5a carbocycles and heterocycles may be independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups, as defined above. For example, substituted W5 and W5a carbocycles include: embedded image

Examples of substituted phenyl carbocycles include: embedded image

Embodiments of A1 include: embedded image
and where one or more Y2 are a bond, such as: embedded image

Embodiments of A3 include where M2 is 0, such as: embedded image
and where M12b is 1, Y1 is oxygen, and Y2b is oxygen (O) or nitrogen (N(Rx)) such as: embedded image

Another embodiment of A3 includes: embedded image
where W5 is a carbocycle such as phenyl or substituted phenyl. Such embodiments include: embedded image
where Y2b is O or N(Rx); M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8; and the phenyl carbocycle is substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups. Such embodiments of A3 include phenyl phosphonamidate-alanate esters and phenyl phosphonate-lactate esters: embedded image

Embodiments of Rx include esters, carbamates, carbonates, thioesters, amides, thioamides, and urea groups: embedded image

Embodiments of A2 include where W3 is W5, such as: embedded image
Alternatively, A2 is phenyl, substituted phenyl, benzyl, substituted benzyl, pyridyl or substituted pyridyl.

Embodiments of Formula Ic include: embedded image

where W4 may be R4, such as isopropyl. Such an embodiment of Formula Ic may also include: embedded image

where W5a is a carbocycle or heterocycle and W5a is optionally and independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 R2 groups. For example, W5a may be 3,5-dichlorophenyl.

An embodiment of Formula Ic may include where A1 is: embedded image
n is an integer from 1 to 18; A3 is of the formula: embedded image
and Y2c is O, N(Ry) or S. For example, R1 may be H and n may be 1.

Embodiments of Formula Ib include: embedded image
where A1 comprises a phosphonate group attached to the imidazole nitrogen through a heterocycle linker, such as: embedded image
where Y2b is O or N(R2); and M12d is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. The A3 unit may be attached at any of the W6 carbocycle or heterocycle ring positions.

Further embodiments of Formula Ib include: embedded image

PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Pyrazole-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Urea-PETT-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Nevaripine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Quinazolinone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Efavirenz-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Benzophenone-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Pyrimidine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

SJ3366-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds and Emivirine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Delavirdine-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

UC781-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Loviride-like phosphonate NNRTI compounds include the formulas: embedded image

Formula II compounds include IIa and IIb which have the general structures, including: embedded image

A1 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—W3, and W3 is substituted with 1 to 3 A3 groups.

A2 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—W3.

A3 is —(X2—(C(R2)(R2))m1—X3)m1—P(Y1)(Y1R6a)(Y1R6a).

X2 and X3 are independently a bond, —O—, —N(R2)—, —N(OR2)—, —N(N(R2)(R2))—, —S—, —SO—, or —SO2—.

Each Y1 is independently O, N(R2), N(OR2), or N(N(R2)(R2)), wherein each Y1 is bound by two single bonds or one double bond.

R1 is independently H or alkyl of 1 to 12 carbon atoms.

R2 is independently H, R3 or R4 wherein each R4 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups. Alternatively, taken together at a carbon atom, two R2 groups form a ring, i.e. a spiro carbon. The ring may be, for example, cyclopropyl, cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, or cyclohexyl. The ring may be substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups.

R3 is independently F, Cl, Br, I, —CN, N3, —NO2, —OR6a, —OR1, —N(R1)2, —N(R1)(R6b), —N(R6b)2, —SR1, —SR6a, —S(O)R1, —S(O)2R1, —S(O)OR1, —S(O)OR6a, —S(O)2OR1, —S(O)2OR6a, —C(O)OR1, —C(O)R6c, —C(O)OR6a, —OC(O)R1, —N(R1)(C(O)R1), —N(R6b)(C(O)R1), —N(R1)(C(O)OR1), —N(R6b)(C(O)OR1), —C(O)N(R1)2, —C(O)N(R6b)(R1), —C(O)N(R6b)2, —C(NR1)(N(R1)2), —C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R1)2), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R1)C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R1)(R6b)), —N(R6b)C(N(R1))(N(R6b)2), —N(R1)C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), —N(R6b)C(N(R6b))(N(R6b)2), ═O, ═S, ═N(R1), ═N(R6b) or W5.

R4 is independently alkyl of 1 to 12 carbon atoms, alkenyl of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, or alkynyl of 2 to 12 carbon atoms.

R5 is independently R4 wherein each R4 is substituted with 0 to 3 R3 groups.

R5a is independently alkylene of 1 to 12 carbon atoms, alkenylene of 2 to 12 carbon atoms, or alkynylene of 2-12 carbon atoms any one of which alkylene, alkenylene or alkynylene is substituted with 0-3 R3 groups.

R6a is independently H or an ether- or ester-forming group.

R6b is independently H, a protecting group for amino or the residue of a carboxyl-containing compound.

R6c is independently H or the residue of an amino-containing compound.

W3 is W4 or W5.

W4 is R5, —C(Y1)R5, —C(Y1)W5, —SO2R5, or —SO2W5.

W5 is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

W3a is W4a or W5a.

W4a is R5a, —C(Y1)R5a, —C(Y1)W5a, —SO2R5a, or —SO2W5a.

W5a is carbocycle or heterocycle wherein W5 is independently substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups.

W6 is independently substituted with 1, 2, or 3 A3 groups.

m1 is independently an integer from 0 to 12, wherein the sum of all m1's within each individual embodiment of A1, A2 or A3 is 12 or less; and

m2 is independently an integer from 0 to 2.

One embodiment of Formula II is where A1 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—W3, wherein W3 is substituted with 1 A3 group; A2 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—W3; and A3 is —(C(R2)(R2))m1—P(Y1)(Y1R6a)(Y1R6a).

Exemplary Enumerated Compounds.

By way of example and not limitation, embodiments of the invention are named below in tabular format (Table 100). These embodiments are of the general formula “MBF”: embedded image

Each embodiment of MBF is depicted as a substituted nucleus (Sc) in which the nucleus is designated by a number and each substituent is designated in order by letter or number. Tables 1.1 to 1.5 are a schedule of nuclei used in forming the embodiments of Table 100. Each nucleus (Sc) is given a number designation from Tables 1.1 to 1.5, and this designation appears first in each embodiment name. Similarly, Tables 10.1 to 10.19 and 20.1 to 20.36 list the selected linking groups (Lg) and prodrug (Pd1 and Pd2) substituents, again by letter or number designation, respectively.

Accordingly, each named embodiment of Table 100 is depicted by a number designating the nucleus from Table 1.1-1.5, followed by a letter designating the linking group (Lg) from Table 10.1-10.19, and two numbers designating the two prodrug groups (Pd1 and Pd2) from Table 20.1-20.36. In graphical tabular form, each embodiment of Table 100 appears as a name having the syntax:
Thus, structure 58, Example 27, is represented by 12.AH.247.247. embedded image

Each Sc group is shown having a tilda (“˜”). The tilda is the point of covalent attachment of Sc to Lg. Q1 and Q2 of the linking groups (Lg), it should be understood, do not represent groups or atoms but are simply connectivity designations. Q1 is the site of the covalent bond to the nucleus (Sc) and Q2 is the site of the covalent bond to the phosphorous atom of formula MBF. Each prodrug group (Pd1 and Pd2) are covalently bonded to the phosphorous atom of MBF at the tilda symbol (“˜”). Some embodiments of Tables 10.1-10.19 and 20.1-20.36 may be designated as a combination of letters and numbers (Table 10.1-10.19) or number and letter (Table 20.1-20.36). For example there are Table 10 entries for BJ1 and BJ2. In any event, entries of Table 10.1-10.19 always begin with a letter and those of Table 20.1-20.36 always begin with a number. When a nucleus (Sc) is shown enclosed within square brackets (“[ ]”) and a covalent bond extends outside the brackets, the point of covalent attachment of Sc to Lg may be at any substitutable site on SC. Selection of the point of attachment is described herein. By way of example and not limitation, the point of attachment is selected from those depicted in the schemes and examples.

embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

embedded image
embedded image

embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

embedded image
embedded image

embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.1
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image

TABLE 10.2
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image

TABLE 10.3
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 10.4
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 10.5
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 10.6
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.7
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.8
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.9
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.10
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.11
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.12
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.13
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.14
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.15
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.16
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.17
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.18
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 10.19
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.1
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.2
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.3
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.4
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.5
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.6
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.7
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.8
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.9
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.10
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.11
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.12
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.13
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.14
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.15
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.16
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.17
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.18
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.19
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.20
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.21
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.22
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.23
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.24
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.25
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.26
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.27
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.28
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.29
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.30
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.31
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.32
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.33
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.34
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

TABLE 20.35
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.36
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image

TABLE 20.37
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image
embedded image

Prodrugs of 1.B
1.B.228.228; 1.B.228.229; 1.B.228.230; 1.B.228.231; 1.B.228.236; 1.B.228.237;
1.B.228.238; 1.B.228.239; 1.B.228.154; 1.B.228.157; 1.B.228.166; 1.B.228.169;
1.B.228.172; 1.B.228.175; 1.B.228.240; 1.B.228.244; 1.B.229.228; 1.B.229.229;
1.B.229.230; 1.B.229.231; 1.B.229.236; 1.B.229.237; 1.B.229.238; 1.B.229.239;
1.B.229.154; 1.B.229.157; 1.B.229.166; 1.B.229.169; 1.B.229.172; 1.B.229.175;
1.B.229.240; 1.B.229.244; 1.B.230.228; 1.B.230.229; 1.B.230.230; 1.B.230.231;
1.B.230.236; 1.B.230.237; 1.B.230.238; 1.B.230.239; 1.B.230.154; 1.B.230.157;
1.B.230.166; 1.B.230.169; 1.B.230.172; 1.B.230.175; 1.B.230.240; 1.B.230.244;
1.B.231.228; 1.B.231.229; 1.B.231.230; 1.B.231.231; 1.B.231.236; 1.B.231.237;
1.B.231.238; 1.B.231.239; 1.B.231.154; 1.B.231.157; 1.B.231.166; 1.B.231.169;
1.B.231.172; 1.B.231.175; 1.B.231.240; 1.B.231.244; 1.B.236.228; 1.B.236.229;
1.B.236.230; 1.B.236.231; 1.B.236.236; 1.B.236.237; 1.B.236.238; 1.B.236.239;
1.B.236.154; 1.B.236.157; 1.B.236.166; 1.B.236.169; 1.B.236.172; 1.B.236.175;
1.B.236.240; 1.B.236.244; 1.B.237.228; 1.B.237.229; 1.B.237.230; 1.B.237.231;
1.B.237.236; 1.B.237.237; 1.B.237.238; 1.B.237.239; 1.B.237.154; 1.B.237.157;
1.B.237.166; 1.B.237.169; 1.B.237.172; 1.B.237.175; 1.B.237.240; 1.B.237.244;
1.B.238.228; 1.B.238.229; 1.B.238.230; 1.B.238.231; 1.B.238.236; 1.B.238.237;
1.B.238.238; 1.B.238.239; 1.B.238.154; 1.B.238.157; 1.B.238.166; 1.B.238.169;
1.B.238.172; 1.B.238.175; 1.B.238.240; 1.B.238.244; 1.B.239.228; 1.B.239.229;
1.B.239.230; 1.B.239.231; 1.B.239.236; 1.B.239.237; 1.B.239.238; 1.B.239.239;
1.B.239.154; 1.B.239.157; 1.B.239.166; 1.B.239.169; 1.B.239.172; 1.B.239.175;
1.B.239.240; 1.B.239.244; 1.B.154.228; 1.B.154.229; 1.B.154.230; 1.B.154.231;
1.B.154.236; 1.B.154.237; 1.B.154.238; 1.B.154.239; 1.B.154.154; 1.B.154.157;
1.B.154.166; 1.B.154.169; 1.B.154.172; 1.B.154.175; 1.B.154.240; 1.B.154.244;
1.B.157.228; 1.B.157.229; 1.B.157.230; 1.B.157.231; 1.B.157.236; 1.B.157.237;
1.B.157.238; 1.B.157.239; 1.B.157.154; 1.B.157.157; 1.B.157.166; 1.B.157.169;
1.B.157.172; 1.B.157.175; 1.B.157.240; 1.B.157.244; 1.B.166.228; 1.B.166.229;
1.B.166.230; 1.B.166.231; 1.B.166.236; 1.B.166.237; 1.B.166.238; 1.B.166.239;
1.B.166.154; 1.B.166.157; 1.B.166.166; 1.B.166.169; 1.B.166.172; 1.B.166.175;
1.B.166.240; 1.B.166.244; 1.B.169.228; 1.B.169.229; 1.B.169.230; 1.B.169.231;
1.B.169.236; 1.B.169.237; 1.B.169.238; 1.B.169.239; 1.B.169.154; 1.B.169.157;
1.B.169.166; 1.B.169.169; 1.B.169.172; 1.B.169.175; 1.B.169.240; 1.B.169.244;
1.B.172.228; 1.B.172.229; 1.B.172.230; 1.B.172.231; 1.B.172.236; 1.B.172.237;
1.B.172.238; 1.B.172.239; 1.B.172.154; 1.B.172.157; 1.B.172.166; 1.B.172.169;
1.B.172.172; 1.B.172.175; 1.B.172.240; 1.B.172.244; 1.B.175.228; 1.B.175.229;
1.B.175.230; 1.B.175.231; 1.B.175.236; 1.B.175.237; 1.B.175.238; 1.B.175.239;
1.B.175.154; 1.B.175.157; 1.B.175.166; 1.B.175.169; 1.B.175.172; 1.B.175.175;
1.B.175.240; 1.B.175.244; 1.B.240.228; 1.B.240.229; 1.B.240.230; 1.B.240.231;
1.B.240.236; 1.B.240.237; 1.B.240.238; 1.B.240.239; 1.B.240.154; 1.B.240.157;
1.B.240.166; 1.B.240.169; 1.B.240.172; 1.B.240.175; 1.B.240.240; 1.B.240.244;
1.B.244.228; 1.B.244.229; 1.B.244.230; 1.B.244.231; 1.B.244.236; 1.B.244.237;
1.B.244.238; 1.B.244.239; 1.B.244.154; 1.B.244.157; 1.B.244.166; 1.B.244.169;
1.B.244.172; 1.B.244.175; 1.B.244.240; 1.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.D
1.D.228.228; 1.D.228.229; 1.D.228.230; 1.D.228.231; 1.D.228.236; 1.D.228.237;
1.D.228.238; 1.D.228.239; 1.D.228.154; 1.D.228.157; 1.D.228.166; 1.D.228.169;
1.D.228.172; 1.D.228.175; 1.D.228.240; 1.D.228.244; 1.D.229.228; 1.D.229.229;
1.D.229.230; 1.D.229.231; 1.D.229.236; 1.D.229.237; 1.D.229.238; 1.D.229.239;
1.D.229.154; 1.D.229.157; 1.D.229.166; 1.D.229.169; 1.D.229.172; 1.D.229.175;
1.D.229.240; 1.D.229.244; 1.D.230.228; 1.D.230.229; 1.D.230.230; 1.D.230.231;
1.D.230.236; 1.D.230.237; 1.D.230.238; 1.D.230.239; 1.D.230.154; 1.D.230.157;
1.D.230.166; 1.D.230.169; 1.D.230.172; 1.D.230.175; 1.D.230.240; 1.D.230.244;
1.D.231.228; 1.D.231.229; 1.D.231.230; 1.D.231.231; 1.D.231.236; 1.D.231.237;
1.D.231.238; 1.D.231.239; 1.D.231.154; 1.D.231.157; 1.D.231.166; 1.D.231.169;
1.D.231.172; 1.D.231.175; 1.D.231.240; 1.D.231.244; 1.D.236.228; 1.D.236.229;
1.D.236.230; 1.D.236.231; 1.D.236.236; 1.D.236.237; 1.D.236.238; 1.D.236.239;
1.D.236.154; 1.D.236.157; 1.D.236.166; 1.D.236.169; 1.D.236.172; 1.D.236.175;
1.D.236.240; 1.D.236.244; 1.D.237.228; 1.D.237.229; 1.D.237.230; 1.D.237.231;
1.D.237.236; 1.D.237.237; 1.D.237.238; 1.D.237.239; 1.D.237.154; 1.D.237.157;
1.D.237.166; 1.D.237.169; 1.D.237.172; 1.D.237.175; 1.D.237.240; 1.D.237.244;
1.D.238.228; 1.D.238.229; 1.D.238.230; 1.D.238.231; 1.D.238.236; 1.D.238.237;
1.D.238.238; 1.D.238.239; 1.D.238.154; 1.D.238.157; 1.D.238.166; 1.D.238.169;
1.D.238.172; 1.D.238.175; 1.D.238.240; 1.D.238.244; 1.D.239.228; 1.D.239.229;
1.D.239.230; 1.D.239.231; 1.D.239.236; 1.D.239.237; 1.D.239.238; 1.D.239.239;
1.D.239.154; 1.D.239.157; 1.D.239.166; 1.D.239.169; 1.D.239.172; 1.D.239.175;
1.D.239.240; 1.D.239.244; 1.D.154.228; 1.D.154.229; 1.D.154.230; 1.D.154.231;
1.D.154.236; 1.D.154.237; 1.D.154.238; 1.D.154.239; 1.D.154.154; 1.D.154.157;
1.D.154.166; 1.D.154.169; 1.D.154.172; 1.D.154.175; 1.D.154.240; 1.D.154.244;
1.D.157.228; 1.D.157.229; 1.D.157.230; 1.D.157.231; 1.D.157.236; 1.D.157.237;
1.D.157.238; 1.D.157.239; 1.D.157.154; 1.D.157.157; 1.D.157.166; 1.D.157.169;
1.D.157.172; 1.D.157.175; 1.D.157.240; 1.D.157.244; 1.D.166.228; 1.D.166.229;
1.D.166.230; 1.D.166.231; 1.D.166.236; 1.D.166.237; 1.D.166.238; 1.D.166.239;
1.D.166.154; 1.D.166.157; 1.D.166.166; 1.D.166.169; 1.D.166.172; 1.D.166.175;
1.D.166.240; 1.D.166.244; 1.D.169.228; 1.D.169.229; 1.D.169.230; 1.D.169.231;
1.D.169.236; 1.D.169.237; 1.D.169.238; 1.D.169.239; 1.D.169.154; 1.D.169.157;
1.D.169.166; 1.D.169.169; 1.D.169.172; 1.D.169.175; 1.D.169.240; 1.D.169.244;
1.D.172.228; 1.D.172.229; 1.D.172.230; 1.D.172.231; 1.D.172.236; 1.D.172.237;
1.D.172.238; 1.D.172.239; 1.D.172.154; 1.D.172.157; 1.D.172.166; 1.D.172.169;
1.D.172.172; 1.D.172.175; 1.D.172.240; 1.D.172.244; 1.D.175.228; 1.D.175.229;
1.D.175.230; 1.D.175.231; 1.D.175.236; 1.D.175.237; 1.D.175.238; 1.D.175.239;
1.D.175.154; 1.D.175.157; 1.D.175.166; 1.D.175.169; 1.D.175.172; 1.D.175.175;
1.D.175.240; 1.D.175.244; 1.D.240.228; 1.D.240.229; 1.D.240.230; 1.D.240.231;
1.D.240.236; 1.D.240.237; 1.D.240.238; 1.D.240.239; 1.D.240.154; 1.D.240.157;
1.D.240.166; 1.D.240.169; 1.D.240.172; 1.D.240.175; 1.D.240.240; 1.D.240.244;
1.D.244.228; 1.D.244.229; 1.D.244.230; 1.D.244.231; 1.D.244.236; 1.D.244.237;
1.D.244.238; 1.D.244.239; 1.D.244.154; 1.D.244.157; 1.D.244.166; 1.D.244.169;
1.D.244.172; 1.D.244.175; 1.D.244.240; 1.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.E
1.E.228.228; 1.E.228.229; 1.E.228.230; 1.E.228.231; 1.E.228.236; 1.E.228.237;
1.E.228.238; 1.E.228.239; 1.E.228.154; 1.E.228.157; 1.E.228.166; 1.E.228.169;
1.E.228.172; 1.E.228.175; 1.E.228.240; 1.E.228.244; 1.E.229.228; 1.E.229.229;
1.E.229.230; 1.E.229.231; 1.E.229.236; 1.E.229.237; 1.E.229.238; 1.E.229.239;
1.E.229.154; 1.E.229.157; 1.E.229.166; 1.E.229.169; 1.E.229.172; 1.E.229.175;
1.E.229.240; 1.E.229.244; 1.E.230.228; 1.E.230.229; 1.E.230.230; 1.E.230.231;
1.E.230.236; 1.E.230.237; 1.E.230.238; 1.E.230.239; 1.E.230.154; 1.E.230.157;
1.E.230.166; 1.E.230.169; 1.E.230.172; 1.E.230.175; 1.E.230.240; 1.E.230.244;
1.E.231.228; 1.E.231.229; 1.E.231.230; 1.E.231.231; 1.E.231.236; 1.E.231.237;
1.E.231.238; 1.E.231.239; 1.E.231.154; 1.E.231.157; 1.E.231.166; 1.E.231.169;
1.E.231.172; 1.E.231.175; 1.E.231.240; 1.E.231.244; 1.E.236.228; 1.E.236.229;
1.E.236.230; 1.E.236.231; 1.E.236.236; 1.E.236.237; 1.E.236.238; 1.E.236.239;
1.E.236.154; 1.E.236.157; 1.E.236.166; 1.E.236.169; 1.E.236.172; 1.E.236.175;
1.E.236.240; 1.E.236.244; 1.E.237.228; 1.E.237.229; 1.E.237.230; 1.E.237.231;
1.E.237.236; 1.E.237.237; 1.E.237.238; 1.E.237.239; 1.E.237.154; 1.E.237.157;
1.E.237.166; 1.E.237.169; 1.E.237.172; 1.E.237.175; 1.E.237.240; 1.E.237.244;
1.E.238.228; 1.E.238.229; 1.E.238.230; 1.E.238.231; 1.E.238.236; 1.E.238.237;
1.E.238.238; 1.E.238.239; 1.E.238.154; 1.E.238.157; 1.E.238.166; 1.E.238.169;
1.E.238.172; 1.E.238.175; 1.E.238.240; 1.E.238.244; 1.E.239.228; 1.E.239.229;
1.E.239.230; 1.E.239.231; 1.E.239.236; 1.E.239.237; 1.E.239.238; 1.E.239.239;
1.E.239.154; 1.E.239.157; 1.E.239.166; 1.E.239.169; 1.E.239.172; 1.E.239.175;
1.E.239.240; 1.E.239.244; 1.E.154.228; 1.E.154.229; 1.E.154.230; 1.E.154.231;
1.E.154.236; 1.E.154.237; 1.E.154.238; 1.E.154.239; 1.E.154.154; 1.E.154.157;
1.E.154.166; 1.E.154.169; 1.E.154.172; 1.E.154.175; 1.E.154.240; 1.E.154.244;
1.E.157.228; 1.E.157.229; 1.E.157.230; 1.E.157.231; 1.E.157.236; 1.E.157.237;
1.E.157.238; 1.E.157.239; 1.E.157.154; 1.E.157.157; 1.E.157.166; 1.E.157.169;
1.E.157.172; 1.E.157.175; 1.E.157.240; 1.E.157.244; 1.E.166.228; 1.E.166.229;
1.E.166.230; 1.E.166.231; 1.E.166.236; 1.E.166.237; 1.E.166.238; 1.E.166.239;
1.E.166.154; 1.E.166.157; 1.E.166.166; 1.E.166.169; 1.E.166.172; 1.E.166.175;
1.E.166.240; 1.E.166.244; 1.E.169.228; 1.E.169.229; 1.E.169.230; 1.E.169.231;
1.E.169.236; 1.E.169.237; 1.E.169.238; 1.E.169.239; 1.E.169.154; 1.E.169.157;
1.E.169.166; 1.E.169.169; 1.E.169.172; 1.E.169.175; 1.E.169.240; 1.E.169.244;
1.E.172.228; 1.E.172.229; 1.E.172.230; 1.E.172.231; 1.E.172.236; 1.E.172.237;
1.E.172.238; 1.E.172.239; 1.E.172.154; 1.E.172.157; 1.E.172.166; 1.E.172.169;
1.E.172.172; 1.E.172.175; 1.E.172.240; 1.E.172.244; 1.E.175.228; 1.E.175.229;
1.E.175.230; 1.E.175.231; 1.E.175.236; 1.E.175.237; 1.E.175.238; 1.E.175.239;
1.E.175.154; 1.E.175.157; 1.E.175.166; 1.E.175.169; 1.E.175.172; 1.E.175.175;
1.E.175.240; 1.E.175.244; 1.E.240.228; 1.E.240.229; 1.E.240.230; 1.E.240.231;
1.E.240.236; 1.E.240.237; 1.E.240.238; 1.E.240.239; 1.E.240.154; 1.E.240.157;
1.E.240.166; 1.E.240.169; 1.E.240.172; 1.E.240.175; 1.E.240.240; 1.E.240.244;
1.E.244.228; 1.E.244.229; 1.E.244.230; 1.E.244.231; 1.E.244.236; 1.E.244.237;
1.E.244.238; 1.E.244.239; 1.E.244.154; 1.E.244.157; 1.E.244.166; 1.E.244.169;
1.E.244.172; 1.E.244.175; 1.E.244.240; 1.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.G
1.G.228.228; 1.G.228.229; 1.G.228.230; 1.G.228.231; 1.G.228.236; 1.G.228.237;
1.G.228.238; 1.G.228.239; 1.G.228.154; 1.G.228.157; 1.G.228.166; 1.G.228.169;
1.G.228.172; 1.G.228.175; 1.G.228.240; 1.G.228.244; 1.G.229.228; 1.G.229.229;
1.G.229.230; 1.G.229.231; 1.G.229.236; 1.G.229.237; 1.G.229.238; 1.G.229.239;
1.G.229.154; 1.G.229.157; 1.G.229.166; 1.G.229.169; 1.G.229.172; 1.G.229.175;
1.G.229.240; 1.G.229.244; 1.G.230.228; 1.G.230.229; 1.G.230.230; 1.G.230.231;
1.G.230.236; 1.G.230.237; 1.G.230.238; 1.G.230.239; 1.G.230.154; 1.G.230.157;
1.G.230.166; 1.G.230.169; 1.G.230.172; 1.G.230.175; 1.G.230.240; 1.G.230.244;
1.G.231.228; 1.G.231.229; 1.G.231.230; 1.G.231.231; 1.G.231.236; 1.G.231.237;
1.G.231.238; 1.G.231.239; 1.G.231.154; 1.G.231.157; 1.G.231.166; 1.G.231.169;
1.G.231.172; 1.G.231.175; 1.G.231.240; 1.G.231.244; 1.G.236.228; 1.G.236.229;
1.G.236.230; 1.G.236.231; 1.G.236.236; 1.G.236.237; 1.G.236.238; 1.G.236.239;
1.G.236.154; 1.G.236.157; 1.G.236.166; 1.G.236.169; 1.G.236.172; 1.G.236.175;
1.G.236.240; 1.G.236.244; 1.G.237.228; 1.G.237.229; 1.G.237.230; 1.G.237.231;
1.G.237.236; 1.G.237.237; 1.G.237.238; 1.G.237.239; 1.G.237.154; 1.G.237.157;
1.G.237.166; 1.G.237.169; 1.G.237.172; 1.G.237.175; 1.G.237.240; 1.G.237.244;
1.G.238.228; 1.G.238.229; 1.G.238.230; 1.G.238.231; 1.G.238.236; 1.G.238.237;
1.G.238.238; 1.G.238.239; 1.G.238.154; 1.G.238.157; 1.G.238.166; 1.G.238.169;
1.G.238.172; 1.G.238.175; 1.G.238.240; 1.G.238.244; 1.G.239.228; 1.G.239.229;
1.G.239.230; 1.G.239.231; 1.G.239.236; 1.G.239.237; 1.G.239.238; 1.G.239.239;
1.G.239.154; 1.G.239.157; 1.G.239.166; 1.G.239.169; 1.G.239.172; 1.G.239.175;
1.G.239.240; 1.G.239.244; 1.G.154.228; 1.G.154.229; 1.G.154.230; 1.G.154.231;
1.G.154.236; 1.G.154.237; 1.G.154.238; 1.G.154.239; 1.G.154.154; 1.G.154.157;
1.G.154.166; 1.G.154.169; 1.G.154.172; 1.G.154.175; 1.G.154.240; 1.G.154.244;
1.G.157.228; 1.G.157.229; 1.G.157.230; 1.G.157.231; 1.G.157.236; 1.G.157.237;
1.G.157.238; 1.G.157.239; 1.G.157.154; 1.G.157.157; 1.G.157.166; 1.G.157.169;
1.G.157.172; 1.G.157.175; 1.G.157.240; 1.G.157.244; 1.G.166.228; 1.G.166.229;
1.G.166.230; 1.G.166.231; 1.G.166.236; 1.G.166.237; 1.G.166.238; 1.G.166.239;
1.G.166.154; 1.G.166.157; 1.G.166.166; 1.G.166.169; 1.G.166.172; 1.G.166.175;
1.G.166.240; 1.G.166.244; 1.G.169.228; 1.G.169.229; 1.G.169.230; 1.G.169.231;
1.G.169.236; 1.G.169.237; 1.G.169.238; 1.G.169.239; 1.G.169.154; 1.G.169.157;
1.G.169.166; 1.G.169.169; 1.G.169.172; 1.G.169.175; 1.G.169.240; 1.G.169.244;
1.G.172.228; 1.G.172.229; 1.G.172.230; 1.G.172.231; 1.G.172.236; 1.G.172.237;
1.G.172.238; 1.G.172.239; 1.G.172.154; 1.G.172.157; 1.G.172.166; 1.G.172.169;
1.G.172.172; 1.G.172.175; 1.G.172.240; 1.G.172.244; 1.G.175.228; 1.G.175.229;
1.G.175.230; 1.G.175.231; 1.G.175.236; 1.G.175.237; 1.G.175.238; 1.G.175.239;
1.G.175.154; 1.G.175.157; 1.G.175.166; 1.G.175.169; 1.G.175.172; 1.G.175.175;
1.G.175.240; 1.G.175.244; 1.G.240.228; 1.G.240.229; 1.G.240.230; 1.G.240.231;
1.G.240.236; 1.G.240.237; 1.G.240.238; 1.G.240.239; 1.G.240.154; 1.G.240.157;
1.G.240.166; 1.G.240.169; 1.G.240.172; 1.G.240.175; 1.G.240.240; 1.G.240.244;
1.G.244.228; 1.G.244.229; 1.G.244.230; 1.G.244.231; 1.G.244.236; 1.G.244.237;
1.G.244.238; 1.G.244.239; 1.G.244.154; 1.G.244.157; 1.G.244.166; 1.G.244.169;
1.G.244.172; 1.G.244.175; 1.G.244.240; 1.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.I
1.I.228.228; 1.I.228.229; 1.I.228.230; 1.I.228.231; 1.I.228.236; 1.I.228.237; 1.I.228.238;
1.I.228.239; 1.I.228.154; 1.I.228.157; 1.I.228.166; 1.I.228.169; 1.I.228.172; 1.I.228.175;
1.I.228.240; 1.I.228.244; 1.I.229.228; 1.I.229.229; 1.I.229.230; 1.I.229.231; 1.I.229.236;
1.I.229.237; 1.I.229.238; 1.I.229.239; 1.I.229.154; 1.I.229.157; 1.I.229.166; 1.I.229.169;
1.I.229.172; 1.I.229.175; 1.I.229.240; 1.I.229.244; 1.I.230.228; 1.I.230.229; 1.I.230.230;
1.I.230.231; 1.I.230.236; 1.I.230.237; 1.I.230.238; 1.I.230.239; 1.I.230.154; 1.I.230.157;
1.I.230.166; 1.I.230.169; 1.I.230.172; 1.I.230.175; 1.I.230.240; 1.I.230.244; 1.I.231.228;
1.I.231.229; 1.I.231.230; 1.I.231.231; 1.I.231.236; 1.I.231.237; 1.I.231.238; 1.I.231.239;
1.I.231.154; 1.I.231.157; 1.I.231.166; 1.I.231.169; 1.I.231.172; 1.I.231.175; 1.I.231.240;
1.I.231.244; 1.I.236.228; 1.I.236.229; 1.I.236.230; 1.I.236.231; 1.I.236.236; 1.I.236.237;
1.I.236.238; 1.I.236.239; 1.I.236.154; 1.I.236.157; 1.I.236.166; 1.I.236.169; 1.I.236.172;
1.I.236.175; 1.I.236.240; 1.I.236.244; 1.I.237.228; 1.I.237.229; 1.I.237.230; 1.I.237.231;
1.I.237.236; 1.I.237.237; 1.I.237.238; 1.I.237.239; 1.I.237.154; 1.I.237.157; 1.I.237.166;
1.I.237.169; 1.I.237.172; 1.I.237.175; 1.I.237.240; 1.I.237.244; 1.I.238.228; 1.I.238.229;
1.I.238.230; 1.I.238.231; 1.I.238.236; 1.I.238.237; 1.I.238.238; 1.I.238.239; 1.I.238.154;
1.I.238.157; 1.I.238.166; 1.I.238.169; 1.I.238.172; 1.I.238.175; 1.I.238.240; 1.I.238.244;
1.I.239.228; 1.I.239.229; 1.I.239.230; 1.I.239.231; 1.I.239.236; 1.I.239.237; 1.I.239.238;
1.I.239.239; 1.I.239.154; 1.I.239.157; 1.I.239.166; 1.I.239.169; 1.I.239.172; 1.I.239.175;
1.I.239.240; 1.I.239.244; 1.I.154.228; 1.I.154.229; 1.I.154.230; 1.I.154.231; 1.I.154.236;
1.I.154.237; 1.I.154.238; 1.I.154.239; 1.I.154.154; 1.I.154.157; 1.I.154.166; 1.I.154.169;
1.I.154.172; 1.I.154.175; 1.I.154.240; 1.I.154.244; 1.I.157.228; 1.I.157.229; 1.I.157.230;
1.I.157.231; 1.I.157.236; 1.I.157.237; 1.I.157.238; 1.I.157.239; 1.I.157.154; 1.I.157.157;
1.I.157.166; 1.I.157.169; 1.I.157.172; 1.I.157.175; 1.I.157.240; 1.I.157.244; 1.I.166.228;
1.I.166.229; 1.I.166.230; 1.I.166.231; 1.I.166.236; 1.I.166.237; 1.I.166.238; 1.I.166.239;
1.I.166.154; 1.I.166.157; 1.I.166.166; 1.I.166.169; 1.I.166.172; 1.I.166.175; 1.I.166.240;
1.I.166.244; 1.I.169.228; 1.I.169.229; 1.I.169.230; 1.I.169.231; 1.I.169.236; 1.I.169.237;
1.I.169.238; 1.I.169.239; 1.I.169.154; 1.I.169.157; 1.I.169.166; 1.I.169.169; 1.I.169.172;
1.I.169.175; 1.I.169.240; 1.I.169.244; 1.I.172.228; 1.I.172.229; 1.I.172.230; 1.I.172.231;
1.I.172.236; 1.I.172.237; 1.I.172.238; 1.I.172.239; 1.I.172.154; 1.I.172.157; 1.I.172.166;
1.I.172.169; 1.I.172.172; 1.I.172.175; 1.I.172.240; 1.I.172.244; 1.I.175.228; 1.I.175.229;
1.I.175.230; 1.I.175.231; 1.I.175.236; 1.I.175.237; 1.I.175.238; 1.I.175.239; 1.I.175.154;
1.I.175.157; 1.I.175.166; 1.I.175.169; 1.I.175.172; 1.I.175.175; 1.I.175.240; 1.I.175.244;
1.I.240.228; 1.I.240.229; 1.I.240.230; 1.I.240.231; 1.I.240.236; 1.I.240.237; 1.I.240.238;
1.I.240.239; 1.I.240.154; 1.I.240.157; 1.I.240.166; 1.I.240.169; 1.I.240.172; 1.I.240.175;
1.I.240.240; 1.I.240.244; 1.I.244.228; 1.I.244.229; 1.I.244.230; 1.I.244.231; 1.I.244.236;
1.I.244.237; 1.I.244.238; 1.I.244.239; 1.I.244.154; 1.I.244.157; 1.I.244.166; 1.I.244.169;
1.I.244.172; 1.I.244.175; 1.I.244.240; 1.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.J
1.J.228.228; 1.J.228.229; 1.J.228.230; 1.J.228.231; 1.J.228.236; 1.J.228.237; 1.J.228.238;
1.J.228.239; 1.J.228.154; 1.J.228.157; 1.J.228.166; 1.J.228.169; 1.J.228.172; 1.J.228.175;
1.J.228.240; 1.J.228.244; 1.J.229.228; 1.J.229.229; 1.J.229.230; 1.J.229.231; 1.J.229.236;
1.J.229.237; 1.J.229.238; 1.J.229.239; 1.J.229.154; 1.J.229.157; 1.J.229.166; 1.J.229.169;
1.J.229.172; 1.J.229.175; 1.J.229.240; 1.J.229.244; 1.J.230.228; 1.J.230.229; 1.J.230.230;
1.J.230.231; 1.J.230.236; 1.J.230.237; 1.J.230.238; 1.J.230.239; 1.J.230.154; 1.J.230.157;
1.J.230.166; 1.J.230.169; 1.J.230.172; 1.J.230.175; 1.J.230.240; 1.J.230.244; 1.J.231.228;
1.J.231.229; 1.J.231.230; 1.J.231.231; 1.J.231.236; 1.J.231.237; 1.J.231.238; 1.J.231.239;
1.J.231.154; 1.J.231.157; 1.J.231.166; 1.J.231.169; 1.J.231.172; 1.J.231.175; 1.J.231.240;
1.J.231.244; 1.J.236.228; 1.J.236.229; 1.J.236.230; 1.J.236.231; 1.J.236.236; 1.J.236.237;
1.J.236.238; 1.J.236.239; 1.J.236.154; 1.J.236.157; 1.J.236.166; 1.J.236.169; 1.J.236.172;
1.J.236.175; 1.J.236.240; 1.J.236.244; 1.J.237.228; 1.J.237.229; 1.J.237.230; 1.J.237.231;
1.J.237.236; 1.J.237.237; 1.J.237.238; 1.J.237.239; 1.J.237.154; 1.J.237.157; 1.J.237.166;
1.J.237.169; 1.J.237.172; 1.J.237.175; 1.J.237.240; 1.J.237.244; 1.J.238.228; 1.J.238.229;
1.J.238.230; 1.J.238.231; 1.J.238.236; 1.J.238.237; 1.J.238.238; 1.J.238.239; 1.J.238.154;
1.J.238.157; 1.J.238.166; 1.J.238.169; 1.J.238.172; 1.J.238.175; 1.J.238.240; 1.J.238.244;
1.J.239.228; 1.J.239.229; 1.J.239.230; 1.J.239.231; 1.J.239.236; 1.J.239.237; 1.J.239.238;
1.J.239.239; 1.J.239.154; 1.J.239.157; 1.J.239.166; 1.J.239.169; 1.J.239.172; 1.J.239.175;
1.J.239.240; 1.J.239.244; 1.J.154.228; 1.J.154.229; 1.J.154.230; 1.J.154.231; 1.J.154.236;
1.J.154.237; 1.J.154.238; 1.J.154.239; 1.J.154.154; 1.J.154.157; 1.J.154.166; 1.J.154.169;
1.J.154.172; 1.J.154.175; 1.J.154.240; 1.J.154.244; 1.J.157.228; 1.J.157.229; 1.J.157.230;
1.J.157.231; 1.J.157.236; 1.J.157.237; 1.J.157.238; 1.J.157.239; 1.J.157.154; 1.J.157.157;
1.J.157.166; 1.J.157.169; 1.J.157.172; 1.J.157.175; 1.J.157.240; 1.J.157.244; 1.J.166.228;
1.J.166.229; 1.J.166.230; 1.J.166.231; 1.J.166.236; 1.J.166.237; 1.J.166.238; 1.J.166.239;
1.J.166.154; 1.J.166.157; 1.J.166.166; 1.J.166.169; 1.J.166.172; 1.J.166.175; 1.J.166.240;
1.J.166.244; 1.J.169.228; 1.J.169.229; 1.J.169.230; 1.J.169.231; 1.J.169.236; 1.J.169.237;
1.J.169.238; 1.J.169.239; 1.J.169.154; 1.J.169.157; 1.J.169.166; 1.J.169.169; 1.J.169.172;
1.J.169.175; 1.J.169.240; 1.J.169.244; 1.J.172.228; 1.J.172.229; 1.J.172.230; 1.J.172.231;
1.J.172.236; 1.J.172.237; 1.J.172.238; 1.J.172.239; 1.J.172.154; 1.J.172.157; 1.J.172.166;
1.J.172.169; 1.J.172.172; 1.J.172.175; 1.J.172.240; 1.J.172.244; 1.J.175.228; 1.J.175.229;
1.J.175.230; 1.J.175.231; 1.J.175.236; 1.J.175.237; 1.J.175.238; 1.J.175.239; 1.J.175.154;
1.J.175.157; 1.J.175.166; 1.J.175.169; 1.J.175.172; 1.J.175.175; 1.J.175.240; 1.J.175.244;
1.J.240.228; 1.J.240.229; 1.J.240.230; 1.J.240.231; 1.J.240.236; 1.J.240.237; 1.J.240.238;
1.J.240.239; 1.J.240.154; 1.J.240.157; 1.J.240.166; 1.J.240.169; 1.J.240.172; 1.J.240.175;
1.J.240.240; 1.J.240.244; 1.J.244.228; 1.J.244.229; 1.J.244.230; 1.J.244.231; 1.J.244.236;
1.J.244.237; 1.J.244.238; 1.J.244.239; 1.J.244.154; 1.J.244.157; 1.J.244.166; 1.J.244.169;
1.J.244.172; 1.J.244.175; 1.J.244.240; 1.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.L
1.L.228.228; 1.L.228.229; 1.L.228.230; 1.L.228.231; 1.L.228.236; 1.L.228.237;
1.L.228.238; 1.L.228.239; 1.L.228.154; 1.L.228.157; 1.L.228.166; 1.L.228.169;
1.L.228.172; 1.L.228.175; 1.L.228.240; 1.L.228.244; 1.L.229.228; 1.L.229.229;
1.L.229.230; 1.L.229.231; 1.L.229.236; 1.L.229.237; 1.L.229.238; 1.L.229.239;
1.L.229.154; 1.L.229.157; 1.L.229.166; 1.L.229.169; 1.L.229.172; 1.L.229.175;
1.L.229.240; 1.L.229.244; 1.L.230.228; 1.L.230.229; 1.L.230.230; 1.L.230.231;
1.L.230.236; 1.L.230.237; 1.L.230.238; 1.L.230.239; 1.L.230.154; 1.L.230.157;
1.L.230.166; 1.L.230.169; 1.L.230.172; 1.L.230.175; 1.L.230.240; 1.L.230.244;
1.L.231.228; 1.L.231.229; 1.L.231.230; 1.L.231.231; 1.L.231.236; 1.L.231.237;
1.L.231.238; 1.L.231.239; 1.L.231.154; 1.L.231.157; 1.L.231.166; 1.L.231.169;
1.L.231.172; 1.L.231.175; 1.L.231.240; 1.L.231.244; 1.L.236.228; 1.L.236.229;
1.L.236.230; 1.L.236.231; 1.L.236.236; 1.L.236.237; 1.L.236.238; 1.L.236.239;
1.L.236.154; 1.L.236.157; 1.L.236.166; 1.L.236.169; 1.L.236.172; 1.L.236.175;
1.L.236.240; 1.L.236.244; 1.L.237.228; 1.L.237.229; 1.L.237.230; 1.L.237.231;
1.L.237.236; 1.L.237.237; 1.L.237.238; 1.L.237.239; 1.L.237.154; 1.L.237.157;
1.L.237.166; 1.L.237.169; 1.L.237.172; 1.L.237.175; 1.L.237.240; 1.L.237.244;
1.L.238.228; 1.L.238.229; 1.L.238.230; 1.L.238.231; 1.L.238.236; 1.L.238.237;
1.L.238.238; 1.L.238.239; 1.L.238.154; 1.L.238.157; 1.L.238.166; 1.L.238.169;
1.L.238.172; 1.L.238.175; 1.L.238.240; 1.L.238.244; 1.L.239.228; 1.L.239.229;
1.L.239.230; 1.L.239.231; 1.L.239.236; 1.L.239.237; 1.L.239.238; 1.L.239.239;
1.L.239.154; 1.L.239.157; 1.L.239.166; 1.L.239.169; 1.L.239.172; 1.L.239.175;
1.L.239.240; 1.L.239.244; 1.L.154.228; 1.L.154.229; 1.L.154.230; 1.L.154.231;
1.L.154.236; 1.L.154.237; 1.L.154.238; 1.L.154.239; 1.L.154.154; 1.L.154.157;
1.L.154.166; 1.L.154.169; 1.L.154.172; 1.L.154.175; 1.L.154.240; 1.L.154.244;
1.L.157.228; 1.L.157.229; 1.L.157.230; 1.L.157.231; 1.L.157.236; 1.L.157.237;
1.L.157.238; 1.L.157.239; 1.L.157.154; 1.L.157.157; 1.L.157.166; 1.L.157.169;
1.L.157.172; 1.L.157.175; 1.L.157.240; 1.L.157.244; 1.L.166.228; 1.L.166.229;
1.L.166.230; 1.L.166.231; 1.L.166.236; 1.L.166.237; 1.L.166.238; 1.L.166.239;
1.L.166.154; 1.L.166.157; 1.L.166.166; 1.L.166.169; 1.L.166.172; 1.L.166.175;
1.L.166.240; 1.L.166.244; 1.L.169.228; 1.L.169.229; 1.L.169.230; 1.L.169.231;
1.L.169.236; 1.L.169.237; 1.L.169.238; 1.L.169.239; 1.L.169.154; 1.L.169.157;
1.L.169.166; 1.L.169.169; 1.L.169.172; 1.L.169.175; 1.L.169.240; 1.L.169.244;
1.L.172.228; 1.L.172.229; 1.L.172.230; 1.L.172.231; 1.L.172.236; 1.L.172.237;
1.L.172.238; 1.L.172.239; 1.L.172.154; 1.L.172.157; 1.L.172.166; 1.L.172.169;
1.L.172.172; 1.L.172.175; 1.L.172.240; 1.L.172.244; 1.L.175.228; 1.L.175.229;
1.L.175.230; 1.L.175.231; 1.L.175.236; 1.L.175.237; 1.L.175.238; 1.L.175.239;
1.L.175.154; 1.L.175.157; 1.L.175.166; 1.L.175.169; 1.L.175.172; 1.L.175.175;
1.L.175.240; 1.L.175.244; 1.L.240.228; 1.L.240.229; 1.L.240.230; 1.L.240.231;
1.L.240.236; 1.L.240.237; 1.L.240.238; 1.L.240.239; 1.L.240.154; 1.L.240.157;
1.L.240.166; 1.L.240.169; 1.L.240.172; 1.L.240.175; 1.L.240.240; 1.L.240.244;
1.L.244.228; 1.L.244.229; 1.L.244.230; 1.L.244.231; 1.L.244.236; 1.L.244.237;
1.L.244.238; 1.L.244.239; 1.L.244.154; 1.L.244.157; 1.L.244.166; 1.L.244.169;
1.L.244.172; 1.L.244.175; 1.L.244.240; 1.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.O
1.O.228.228; 1.O.228.229; 1.O.228.230; 1.O.228.231; 1.O.228.236; 1.O.228.237;
1.O.228.238; 1.O.228.239; 1.O.228.154; 1.O.228.157; 1.O.228.166; 1.O.228.169;
1.O.228.172; 1.O.228.175; 1.O.228.240; 1.O.228.244; 1.O.229.228; 1.O.229.229;
1.O.229.230; 1.O.229.231; 1.O.229.236; 1.O.229.237; 1.O.229.238; 1.O.229.239;
1.O.229.154; 1.O.229.157; 1.O.229.166; 1.O.229.169; 1.O.229.172; 1.O.229.175;
1.O.229.240; 1.O.229.244; 1.O.230.228; 1.O.230.229; 1.O.230.230; 1.O.230.231;
1.O.230.236; 1.O.230.237; 1.O.230.238; 1.O.230.239; 1.O.230.154; 1.O.230.157;
1.O.230.166; 1.O.230.169; 1.O.230.172; 1.O.230.175; 1.O.230.240; 1.O.230.244;
1.O.231.228; 1.O.231.229; 1.O.231.230; 1.O.231.231; 1.O.231.236; 1.O.231.237;
1.O.231.238; 1.O.231.239; 1.O.231.154; 1.O.231.157; 1.O.231.166; 1.O.231.169;
1.O.231.172; 1.O.231.175; 1.O.231.240; 1.O.231.244; 1.O.236.228; 1.O.236.229;
1.O.236.230; 1.O.236.231; 1.O.236.236; 1.O.236.237; 1.O.236.238; 1.O.236.239;
1.O.236.154; 1.O.236.157; 1.O.236.166; 1.O.236.169; 1.O.236.172; 1.O.236.175;
1.O.236.240; 1.O.236.244; 1.O.237.228; 1.O.237.229; 1.O.237.230; 1.O.237.231;
1.O.237.236; 1.O.237.237; 1.O.237.238; 1.O.237.239; 1.O.237.154; 1.O.237.157;
1.O.237.166; 1.O.237.169; 1.O.237.172; 1.O.237.175; 1.O.237.240; 1.O.237.244;
1.O.238.228; 1.O.238.229; 1.O.238.230; 1.O.238.231; 1.O.238.236; 1.O.238.237;
1.O.238.238; 1.O.238.239; 1.O.238.154; 1.O.238.157; 1.O.238.166; 1.O.238.169;
1.O.238.172; 1.O.238.175; 1.O.238.240; 1.O.238.244; 1.O.239.228; 1.O.239.229;
1.O.239.230; 1.O.239.231; 1.O.239.236; 1.O.239.237; 1.O.239.238; 1.O.239.239;
1.O.239.154; 1.O.239.157; 1.O.239.166; 1.O.239.169; 1.O.239.172; 1.O.239.175;
1.O.239.240; 1.O.239.244; 1.O.154.228; 1.O.154.229; 1.O.154.230; 1.O.154.231;
1.O.154.236; 1.O.154.237; 1.O.154.238; 1.O.154.239; 1.O.154.154; 1.O.154.157;
1.O.154.166; 1.O.154.169; 1.O.154.172; 1.O.154.175; 1.O.154.240; 1.O.154.244;
1.O.157.228; 1.O.157.229; 1.O.157.230; 1.O.157.231; 1.O.157.236; 1.O.157.237;
1.O.157.238; 1.O.157.239; 1.O.157.154; 1.O.157.157; 1.O.157.166; 1.O.157.169;
1.O.157.172; 1.O.157.175; 1.O.157.240; 1.O.157.244; 1.O.166.228; 1.O.166.229;
1.O.166.230; 1.O.166.231; 1.O.166.236; 1.O.166.237; 1.O.166.238; 1.O.166.239;
1.O.166.154; 1.O.166.157; 1.O.166.166; 1.O.166.169; 1.O.166.172; 1.O.166.175;
1.O.166.240; 1.O.166.244; 1.O.169.228; 1.O.169.229; 1.O.169.230; 1.O.169.231;
1.O.169.236; 1.O.169.237; 1.O.169.238; 1.O.169.239; 1.O.169.154; 1.O.169.157;
1.O.169.166; 1.O.169.169; 1.O.169.172; 1.O.169.175; 1.O.169.240; 1.O.169.244;
1.O.172.228; 1.O.172.229; 1.O.172.230; 1.O.172.231; 1.O.172.236; 1.O.172.237;
1.O.172.238; 1.O.172.239; 1.O.172.154; 1.O.172.157; 1.O.172.166; 1.O.172.169;
1.O.172.172; 1.O.172.175; 1.O.172.240; 1.O.172.244; 1.O.175.228; 1.O.175.229;
1.O.175.230; 1.O.175.231; 1.O.175.236; 1.O.175.237; 1.O.175.238; 1.O.175.239;
1.O.175.154; 1.O.175.157; 1.O.175.166; 1.O.175.169; 1.O.175.172; 1.O.175.175;
1.O.175.240; 1.O.175.244; 1.O.240.228; 1.O.240.229; 1.O.240.230; 1.O.240.231;
1.O.240.236; 1.O.240.237; 1.O.240.238; 1.O.240.239; 1.O.240.154; 1.O.240.157;
1.O.240.166; 1.O.240.169; 1.O.240.172; 1.O.240.175; 1.O.240.240; 1.O.240.244;
1.O.244.228; 1.O.244.229; 1.O.244.230; 1.O.244.231; 1.O.244.236; 1.O.244.237;
1.O.244.238; 1.O.244.239; 1.O.244.154; 1.O.244.157; 1.O.244.166; 1.O.244.169;
1.O.244.172; 1.O.244.175; 1.O.244.240; 1.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.P
1.P.228.228; 1.P.228.229; 1.P.228.230; 1.P.228.231; 1.P.228.236; 1.P.228.237;
1.P.228.238; 1.P.228.239; 1.P.228.154; 1.P.228.157; 1.P.228.166; 1.P.228.169; 1.P.228.172;
1.P.228.175; 1.P.228.240; 1.P.228.244; 1.P.229.228; 1.P.229.229; 1.P.229.230; 1.P.229.231;
1.P.229.236; 1.P.229.237; 1.P.229.238; 1.P.229.239; 1.P.229.154; 1.P.229.157; 1.P.229.166;
1.P.229.169; 1.P.229.172; 1.P.229.175; 1.P.229.240; 1.P.229.244; 1.P.230.228; 1.P.230.229;
1.P.230.230; 1.P.230.231; 1.P.230.236; 1.P.230.237; 1.P.230.238; 1.P.230.239; 1.P.230.154;
1.P.230.157; 1.P.230.166; 1.P.230.169; 1.P.230.172; 1.P.230.175; 1.P.230.240; 1.P.230.244;
1.P.231.228; 1.P.231.229; 1.P.231.230; 1.P.231.231; 1.P.231.236; 1.P.231.237; 1.P.231.238;
1.P.231.239; 1.P.231.154; 1.P.231.157; 1.P.231.166; 1.P.231.169; 1.P.231.172; 1.P.231.175;
1.P.231.240; 1.P.231.244; 1.P.236.228; 1.P.236.229; 1.P.236.230; 1.P.236.231; 1.P.236.236;
1.P.236.237; 1.P.236.238; 1.P.236.239; 1.P.236.154; 1.P.236.157; 1.P.236.166; 1.P.236.169;
1.P.236.172; 1.P.236.175; 1.P.236.240; 1.P.236.244; 1.P.237.228; 1.P.237.229; 1.P.237.230;
1.P.237.231; 1.P.237.236; 1.P.237.237; 1.P.237.238; 1.P.237.239; 1.P.237.154; 1.P.237.157;
1.P.237.166; 1.P.237.169; 1.P.237.172; 1.P.237.175; 1.P.237.240; 1.P.237.244; 1.P.238.228;
1.P.238.229; 1.P.238.230; 1.P.238.231; 1.P.238.236; 1.P.238.237; 1.P.238.238; 1.P.238.239;
1.P.238.154; 1.P.238.157; 1.P.238.166; 1.P.238.169; 1.P.238.172; 1.P.238.175; 1.P.238.240;
1.P.238.244; 1.P.239.228; 1.P.239.229; 1.P.239.230; 1.P.239.231; 1.P.239.236; 1.P.239.237;
1.P.239.238; 1.P.239.239; 1.P.239.154; 1.P.239.157; 1.P.239.166; 1.P.239.169; 1.P.239.172;
1.P.239.175; 1.P.239.240; 1.P.239.244; 1.P.154.228; 1.P.154.229; 1.P.154.230; 1.P.154.231;
1.P.154.236; 1.P.154.237; 1.P.154.238; 1.P.154.239; 1.P.154.154; 1.P.154.157; 1.P.154.166;
1.P.154.169; 1.P.154.172; 1.P.154.175; 1.P.154.240; 1.P.154.244; 1.P.157.228; 1.P.157.229;
1.P.157.230; 1.P.157.231; 1.P.157.236; 1.P.157.237; 1.P.157.238; 1.P.157.239; 1.P.157.154;
1.P.157.157; 1.P.157.166; 1.P.157.169; 1.P.157.172; 1.P.157.175; 1.P.157.240; 1.P.157.244;
1.P.166.228; 1.P.166.229; 1.P.166.230; 1.P.166.231; 1.P.166.236; 1.P.166.237; 1.P.166.238;
1.P.166.239; 1.P.166.154; 1.P.166.157; 1.P.166.166; 1.P.166.169; 1.P.166.172; 1.P.166.175;
1.P.166.240; 1.P.166.244; 1.P.169.228; 1.P.169.229; 1.P.169.230; 1.P.169.231; 1.P.169.236;
1.P.169.237; 1.P.169.238; 1.P.169.239; 1.P.169.154; 1.P.169.157; 1.P.169.166; 1.P.169.169;
1.P.169.172; 1.P.169.175; 1.P.169.240; 1.P.169.244; 1.P.172.228; 1.P.172.229; 1.P.172.230;
1.P.172.231; 1.P.172.236; 1.P.172.237; 1.P.172.238; 1.P.172.239; 1.P.172.154; 1.P.172.157;
1.P.172.166; 1.P.172.169; 1.P.172.172; 1.P.172.175; 1.P.172.240; 1.P.172.244; 1.P.175.228;
1.P.175.229; 1.P.175.230; 1.P.175.231; 1.P.175.236; 1.P.175.237; 1.P.175.238; 1.P.175.239;
1.P.175.154; 1.P.175.157; 1.P.175.166; 1.P.175.169; 1.P.175.172; 1.P.175.175; 1.P.175.240;
1.P.175.244; 1.P.240.228; 1.P.240.229; 1.P.240.230; 1.P.240.231; 1.P.240.236; 1.P.240.237;
1.P.240.238; 1.P.240.239; 1.P.240.154; 1.P.240.157; 1.P.240.166; 1.P.240.169; 1.P.240.172;
1.P.240.175; 1.P.240.240; 1.P.240.244; 1.P.244.228; 1.P.244.229; 1.P.244.230; 1.P.244.231;
1.P.244.236; 1.P.244.237; 1.P.244.238; 1.P.244.239; 1.P.244.154; 1.P.244.157; 1.P.244.166;
1.P.244.169; 1.P.244.172; 1.P.244.175; 1.P.244.240; 1.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.U
1.U.228.228; 1.U.228.229; 1.U.228.230; 1.U.228.231; 1.U.228.236; 1.U.228.237;
1.U.228.238; 1.U.228.239; 1.U.228.154; 1.U.228.157; 1.U.228.166; 1.U.228.169;
1.U.228.172; 1.U.228.175; 1.U.228.240; 1.U.228.244; 1.U.229.228; 1.U.229.229;
1.U.229.230; 1.U.229.231; 1.U.229.236; 1.U.229.237; 1.U.229.238; 1.U.229.239;
1.U.229.154; 1.U.229.157; 1.U.229.166; 1.U.229.169; 1.U.229.172; 1.U.229.175;
1.U.229.240; 1.U.229.244; 1.U.230.228; 1.U.230.229; 1.U.230.230; 1.U.230.231;
1.U.230.236; 1.U.230.237; 1.U.230.238; 1.U.230.239; 1.U.230.154; 1.U.230.157;
1.U.230.166; 1.U.230.169; 1.U.230.172; 1.U.230.175; 1.U.230.240; 1.U.230.244;
1.U.231.228; 1.U.231.229; 1.U.231.230; 1.U.231.231; 1.U.231.236; 1.U.231.237;
1.U.231.238; 1.U.231.239; 1.U.231.154; 1.U.231.157; 1.U.231.166; 1.U.231.169;
1.U.231.172; 1.U.231.175; 1.U.231.240; 1.U.231.244; 1.U.236.228; 1.U.236.229;
1.U.236.230; 1.U.236.231; 1.U.236.236; 1.U.236.237; 1.U.236.238; 1.U.236.239;
1.U.236.154; 1.U.236.157; 1.U.236.166; 1.U.236.169; 1.U.236.172; 1.U.236.175;
1.U.236.240; 1.U.236.244; 1.U.237.228; 1.U.237.229; 1.U.237.230; 1.U.237.231;
1.U.237.236; 1.U.237.237; 1.U.237.238; 1.U.237.239; 1.U.237.154; 1.U.237.157;
1.U.237.166; 1.U.237.169; 1.U.237.172; 1.U.237.175; 1.U.237.240; 1.U.237.244;
1.U.238.228; 1.U.238.229; 1.U.238.230; 1.U.238.231; 1.U.238.236; 1.U.238.237;
1.U.238.238; 1.U.238.239; 1.U.238.154; 1.U.238.157; 1.U.238.166; 1.U.238.169;
1.U.238.172; 1.U.238.175; 1.U.238.240; 1.U.238.244; 1.U.239.228; 1.U.239.229;
1.U.239.230; 1.U.239.231; 1.U.239.236; 1.U.239.237; 1.U.239.238; 1.U.239.239;
1.U.239.154; 1.U.239.157; 1.U.239.166; 1.U.239.169; 1.U.239.172; 1.U.239.175;
1.U.239.240; 1.U.239.244; 1.U.154.228; 1.U.154.229; 1.U.154.230; 1.U.154.231;
1.U.154.236; 1.U.154.237; 1.U.154.238; 1.U.154.239; 1.U.154.154; 1.U.154.157;
1.U.154.166; 1.U.154.169; 1.U.154.172; 1.U.154.175; 1.U.154.240; 1.U.154.244;
1.U.157.228; 1.U.157.229; 1.U.157.230; 1.U.157.231; 1.U.157.236; 1.U.157.237;
1.U.157.238; 1.U.157.239; 1.U.157.154; 1.U.157.157; 1.U.157.166; 1.U.157.169;
1.U.157.172; 1.U.157.175; 1.U.157.240; 1.U.157.244; 1.U.166.228; 1.U.166.229;
1.U.166.230; 1.U.166.231; 1.U.166.236; 1.U.166.237; 1.U.166.238; 1.U.166.239;
1.U.166.154; 1.U.166.157; 1.U.166.166; 1.U.166.169; 1.U.166.172; 1.U.166.175;
1.U.166.240; 1.U.166.244; 1.U.169.228; 1.U.169.229; 1.U.169.230; 1.U.169.231;
1.U.169.236; 1.U.169.237; 1.U.169.238; 1.U.169.239; 1.U.169.154; 1.U.169.157;
1.U.169.166; 1.U.169.169; 1.U.169.172; 1.U.169.175; 1.U.169.240; 1.U.169.244;
1.U.172.228; 1.U.172.229; 1.U.172.230; 1.U.172.231; 1.U.172.236; 1.U.172.237;
1.U.172.238; 1.U.172.239; 1.U.172.154; 1.U.172.157; 1.U.172.166; 1.U.172.169;
1.U.172.172; 1.U.172.175; 1.U.172.240; 1.U.172.244; 1.U.175.228; 1.U.175.229;
1.U.175.230; 1.U.175.231; 1.U.175.236; 1.U.175.237; 1.U.175.238; 1.U.175.239;
1.U.175.154; 1.U.175.157; 1.U.175.166; 1.U.175.169; 1.U.175.172; 1.U.175.175;
1.U.175.240; 1.U.175.244; 1.U.240.228; 1.U.240.229; 1.U.240.230; 1.U.240.231;
1.U.240.236; 1.U.240.237; 1.U.240.238; 1.U.240.239; 1.U.240.154; 1.U.240.157;
1.U.240.166; 1.U.240.169; 1.U.240.172; 1.U.240.175; 1.U.240.240; 1.U.240.244;
1.U.244.228; 1.U.244.229; 1.U.244.230; 1.U.244.231; 1.U.244.236; 1.U.244.237;
1.U.244.238; 1.U.244.239; 1.U.244.154; 1.U.244.157; 1.U.244.166; 1.U.244.169;
1.U.244.172; 1.U.244.175; 1.U.244.240; 1.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.W
1.W.228.228; 1.W.228.229; 1.W.228.230; 1.W.228.231; 1.W.228.236; 1.W.228.237;
1.W.228.238; 1.W.228.239; 1.W.228.154; 1.W.228.157; 1.W.228.166; 1.W.228.169;
1.W.228.172; 1.W.228.175; 1.W.228.240; 1.W.228.244; 1.W.229.228; 1.W.229.229;
1.W.229.230; 1.W.229.231; 1.W.229.236; 1.W.229.237; 1.W.229.238; 1.W.229.239;
1.W.229.154; 1.W.229.157; 1.W.229.166; 1.W.229.169; 1.W.229.172; 1.W.229.175;
1.W.229.240; 1.W.229.244; 1.W.230.228; 1.W.230.229; 1.W.230.230; 1.W.230.231;
1.W.230.236; 1.W.230.237; 1.W.230.238; 1.W.230.239; 1.W.230.154; 1.W.230.157;
1.W.230.166; 1.W.230.169; 1.W.230.172; 1.W.230.175; 1.W.230.240; 1.W.230.244;
1.W.231.228; 1.W.231.229; 1.W.231.230; 1.W.231.231; 1.W.231.236; 1.W.231.237;
1.W.231.238; 1.W.231.239; 1.W.231.154; 1.W.231.157; 1.W.231.166; 1.W.231.169;
1.W.231.172; 1.W.231.175; 1.W.231.240; 1.W.231.244; 1.W.236.228; 1.W.236.229;
1.W.236.230; 1.W.236.231; 1.W.236.236; 1.W.236.237; 1.W.236.238; 1.W.236.239;
1.W.236.154; 1.W.236.157; 1.W.236.166; 1.W.236.169; 1.W.236.172; 1.W.236.175;
1.W.236.240; 1.W.236.244; 1.W.237.228; 1.W.237.229; 1.W.237.230; 1.W.237.231;
1.W.237.236; 1.W.237.237; 1.W.237.238; 1.W.237.239; 1.W.237.154; 1.W.237.157;
1.W.237.166; 1.W.237.169; 1.W.237.172; 1.W.237.175; 1.W.237.240; 1.W.237.244;
1.W.238.228; 1.W.238.229; 1.W.238.230; 1.W.238.231; 1.W.238.236; 1.W.238.237;
1.W.238.238; 1.W.238.239; 1.W.238.154; 1.W.238.157; 1.W.238.166; 1.W.238.169;
1.W.238.172; 1.W.238.175; 1.W.238.240; 1.W.238.244; 1.W.239.228; 1.W.239.229;
1.W.239.230; 1.W.239.231; 1.W.239.236; 1.W.239.237; 1.W.239.238; 1.W.239.239;
1.W.239.154; 1.W.239.157; 1.W.239.166; 1.W.239.169; 1.W.239.172; 1.W.239.175;
1.W.239.240; 1.W.239.244; 1.W.154.228; 1.W.154.229; 1.W.154.230; 1.W.154.231;
1.W.154.236; 1.W.154.237; 1.W.154.238; 1.W.154.239; 1.W.154.154; 1.W.154.157;
1.W.154.166; 1.W.154.169; 1.W.154.172; 1.W.154.175; 1.W.154.240; 1.W.154.244;
1.W.157.228; 1.W.157.229; 1.W.157.230; 1.W.157.231; 1.W.157.236; 1.W.157.237;
1.W.157.238; 1.W.157.239; 1.W.157.154; 1.W.157.157; 1.W.157.166; 1.W.157.169;
1.W.157.172; 1.W.157.175; 1.W.157.240; 1.W.157.244; 1.W.166.228; 1.W.166.229;
1.W.166.230; 1.W.166.231; 1.W.166.236; 1.W.166.237; 1.W.166.238; 1.W.166.239;
1.W.166.154; 1.W.166.157; 1.W.166.166; 1.W.166.169; 1.W.166.172; 1.W.166.175;
1.W.166.240; 1.W.166.244; 1.W.169.228; 1.W.169.229; 1.W.169.230; 1.W.169.231;
1.W.169.236; 1.W.169.237; 1.W.169.238; 1.W.169.239; 1.W.169.154; 1.W.169.157;
1.W.169.166; 1.W.169.169; 1.W.169.172; 1.W.169.175; 1.W.169.240; 1.W.169.244;
1.W.172.228; 1.W.172.229; 1.W.172.230; 1.W.172.231; 1.W.172.236; 1.W.172.237;
1.W.172.238; 1.W.172.239; 1.W.172.154; 1.W.172.157; 1.W.172.166; 1.W.172.169;
1.W.172.172; 1.W.172.175; 1.W.172.240; 1.W.172.244; 1.W.175.228; 1.W.175.229;
1.W.175.230; 1.W.175.231; 1.W.175.236; 1.W.175.237; 1.W.175.238; 1.W.175.239;
1.W.175.154; 1.W.175.157; 1.W.175.166; 1.W.175.169; 1.W.175.172; 1.W.175.175;
1.W.175.240; 1.W.175.244; 1.W.240.228; 1.W.240.229; 1.W.240.230; 1.W.240.231;
1.W.240.236; 1.W.240.237; 1.W.240.238; 1.W.240.239; 1.W.240.154; 1.W.240.157;
1.W.240.166; 1.W.240.169; 1.W.240.172; 1.W.240.175; 1.W.240.240; 1.W.240.244;
1.W.244.228; 1.W.244.229; 1.W.244.230; 1.W.244.231; 1.W.244.236; 1.W.244.237;
1.W.244.238; 1.W.244.239; 1.W.244.154; 1.W.244.157; 1.W.244.166; 1.W.244.169;
1.W.244.172; 1.W.244.175; 1.W.244.240; 1.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 1.Y
1.Y.228.228; 1.Y.228.229; 1.Y.228.230; 1.Y.228.231; 1.Y.228.236; 1.Y.228.237;
1.Y.228.238; 1.Y.228.239; 1.Y.228.154; 1.Y.228.157; 1.Y.228.166; 1.Y.228.169;
1.Y.228.172; 1.Y.228.175; 1.Y.228.240; 1.Y.228.244; 1.Y.229.228; 1.Y.229.229;
1.Y.229.230; 1.Y.229.231; 1.Y.229.236; 1.Y.229.237; 1.Y.229.238; 1.Y.229.239;
1.Y.229.154; 1.Y.229.157; 1.Y.229.166; 1.Y.229.169; 1.Y.229.172; 1.Y.229.175;
1.Y.229.240; 1.Y.229.244; 1.Y.230.228; 1.Y.230.229; 1.Y.230.230; 1.Y.230.231;
1.Y.230.236; 1.Y.230.237; 1.Y.230.238; 1.Y.230.239; 1.Y.230.154; 1.Y.230.157;
1.Y.230.166; 1.Y.230.169; 1.Y.230.172; 1.Y.230.175; 1.Y.230.240; 1.Y.230.244;
1.Y.231.228; 1.Y.231.229; 1.Y.231.230; 1.Y.231.231; 1.Y.231.236; 1.Y.231.237;
1.Y.231.238; 1.Y.231.239; 1.Y.231.154; 1.Y.231.157; 1.Y.231.166; 1.Y.231.169;
1.Y.231.172; 1.Y.231.175; 1.Y.231.240; 1.Y.231.244; 1.Y.236.228; 1.Y.236.229;
1.Y.236.230; 1.Y.236.231; 1.Y.236.236; 1.Y.236.237; 1.Y.236.238; 1.Y.236.239;
1.Y.236.154; 1.Y.236.157; 1.Y.236.166; 1.Y.236.169; 1.Y.236.172; 1.Y.236.175;
1.Y.236.240; 1.Y.236.244; 1.Y.237.228; 1.Y.237.229; 1.Y.237.230; 1.Y.237.231;
1.Y.237.236; 1.Y.237.237; 1.Y.237.238; 1.Y.237.239; 1.Y.237.154; 1.Y.237.157;
1.Y.237.166; 1.Y.237.169; 1.Y.237.172; 1.Y.237.175; 1.Y.237.240; 1.Y.237.244;
1.Y.238.228; 1.Y.238.229; 1.Y.238.230; 1.Y.238.231; 1.Y.238.236; 1.Y.238.237;
1.Y.238.238; 1.Y.238.239; 1.Y.238.154; 1.Y.238.157; 1.Y.238.166; 1.Y.238.169;
1.Y.238.172; 1.Y.238.175; 1.Y.238.240; 1.Y.238.244; 1.Y.239.228; 1.Y.239.229;
1.Y.239.230; 1.Y.239.231; 1.Y.239.236; 1.Y.239.237; 1.Y.239.238; 1.Y.239.239;
1.Y.239.154; 1.Y.239.157; 1.Y.239.166; 1.Y.239.169; 1.Y.239.172; 1.Y.239.175;
1.Y.239.240; 1.Y.239.244; 1.Y.154.228; 1.Y.154.229; 1.Y.154.230; 1.Y.154.231;
1.Y.154.236; 1.Y.154.237; 1.Y.154.238; 1.Y.154.239; 1.Y.154.154; 1.Y.154.157;
1.Y.154.166; 1.Y.154.169; 1.Y.154.172; 1.Y.154.175; 1.Y.154.240; 1.Y.154.244;
1.Y.157.228; 1.Y.157.229; 1.Y.157.230; 1.Y.157.231; 1.Y.157.236; 1.Y.157.237;
1.Y.157.238; 1.Y.157.239; 1.Y.157.154; 1.Y.157.157; 1.Y.157.166; 1.Y.157.169;
1.Y.157.172; 1.Y.157.175; 1.Y.157.240; 1.Y.157.244; 1.Y.166.228; 1.Y.166.229;
1.Y.166.230; 1.Y.166.231; 1.Y.166.236; 1.Y.166.237; 1.Y.166.238; 1.Y.166.239;
1.Y.166.154; 1.Y.166.157; 1.Y.166.166; 1.Y.166.169; 1.Y.166.172; 1.Y.166.175;
1.Y.166.240; 1.Y.166.244; 1.Y.169.228; 1.Y.169.229; 1.Y.169.230; 1.Y.169.231;
1.Y.169.236; 1.Y.169.237; 1.Y.169.238; 1.Y.169.239; 1.Y.169.154; 1.Y.169.157;
1.Y.169.166; 1.Y.169.169; 1.Y.169.172; 1.Y.169.175; 1.Y.169.240; 1.Y.169.244;
1.Y.172.228; 1.Y.172.229; 1.Y.172.230; 1.Y.172.231; 1.Y.172.236; 1.Y.172.237;
1.Y.172.238; 1.Y.172.239; 1.Y.172.154; 1.Y.172.157; 1.Y.172.166; 1.Y.172.169;
1.Y.172.172; 1.Y.172.175; 1.Y.172.240; 1.Y.172.244; 1.Y.175.228; 1.Y.175.229;
1.Y.175.230; 1.Y.175.231; 1.Y.175.236; 1.Y.175.237; 1.Y.175.238; 1.Y.175.239;
1.Y.175.154; 1.Y.175.157; 1.Y.175.166; 1.Y.175.169; 1.Y.175.172; 1.Y.175.175;
1.Y.175.240; 1.Y.175.244; 1.Y.240.228; 1.Y.240.229; 1.Y.240.230; 1.Y.240.231;
1.Y.240.236; 1.Y.240.237; 1.Y.240.238; 1.Y.240.239; 1.Y.240.154; 1.Y.240.157;
1.Y.240.166; 1.Y.240.169; 1.Y.240.172; 1.Y.240.175; 1.Y.240.240; 1.Y.240.244;
1.Y.244.228; 1.Y.244.229; 1.Y.244.230; 1.Y.244.231; 1.Y.244.236; 1.Y.244.237;
1.Y.244.238; 1.Y.244.239; 1.Y.244.154; 1.Y.244.157; 1.Y.244.166; 1.Y.244.169;
1.Y.244.172; 1.Y.244.175; 1.Y.244.240; 1.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.B
2.B.228.228; 2.B.228.229; 2.B.228.230; 2.B.228.231; 2.B.228.236; 2.B.228.237;
2.B.228.238; 2.B.228.239; 2.B.228.154; 2.B.228.157; 2.B.228.166; 2.B.228.169;
2.B.228.172; 2.B.228.175; 2.B.228.240; 2.B.228.244; 2.B.229.228; 2.B.229.229;
2.B.229.230; 2.B.229.231; 2.B.229.236; 2.B.229.237; 2.B.229.238; 2.B.229.239;
2.B.229.154; 2.B.229.157; 2.B.229.166; 2.B.229.169; 2.B.229.172; 2.B.229.175;
2.B.229.240; 2.B.229.244; 2.B.230.228; 2.B.230.229; 2.B.230.230; 2.B.230.231;
2.B.230.236; 2.B.230.237; 2.B.230.238; 2.B.230.239; 2.B.230.154; 2.B.230.157;
2.B.230.166; 2.B.230.169; 2.B.230.172; 2.B.230.175; 2.B.230.240; 2.B.230.244;
2.B.231.228; 2.B.231.229; 2.B.231.230; 2.B.231.231; 2.B.231.236; 2.B.231.237;
2.B.231.238; 2.B.231.239; 2.B.231.154; 2.B.231.157; 2.B.231.166; 2.B.231.169;
2.B.231.172; 2.B.231.175; 2.B.231.240; 2.B.231.244; 2.B.236.228; 2.B.236.229;
2.B.236.230; 2.B.236.231; 2.B.236.236; 2.B.236.237; 2.B.236.238; 2.B.236.239;
2.B.236.154; 2.B.236.157; 2.B.236.166; 2.B.236.169; 2.B.236.172; 2.B.236.175;
2.B.236.240; 2.B.236.244; 2.B.237.228; 2.B.237.229; 2.B.237.230; 2.B.237.231;
2.B.237.236; 2.B.237.237; 2.B.237.238; 2.B.237.239; 2.B.237.154; 2.B.237.157;
2.B.237.166; 2.B.237.169; 2.B.237.172; 2.B.237.175; 2.B.237.240; 2.B.237.244;
2.B.238.228; 2.B.238.229; 2.B.238.230; 2.B.238.231; 2.B.238.236; 2.B.238.237;
2.B.238.238; 2.B.238.239; 2.B.238.154; 2.B.238.157; 2.B.238.166; 2.B.238.169;
2.B.238.172; 2.B.238.175; 2.B.238.240; 2.B.238.244; 2.B.239.228; 2.B.239.229;
2.B.239.230; 2.B.239.231; 2.B.239.236; 2.B.239.237; 2.B.239.238; 2.B.239.239;
2.B.239.154; 2.B.239.157; 2.B.239.166; 2.B.239.169; 2.B.239.172; 2.B.239.175;
2.B.239.240; 2.B.239.244; 2.B.154.228; 2.B.154.229; 2.B.154.230; 2.B.154.231;
2.B.154.236; 2.B.154.237; 2.B.154.238; 2.B.154.239; 2.B.154.154; 2.B.154.157;
2.B.154.166; 2.B.154.169; 2.B.154.172; 2.B.154.175; 2.B.154.240; 2.B.154.244;
2.B.157.228; 2.B.157.229; 2.B.157.230; 2.B.157.231; 2.B.157.236; 2.B.157.237;
2.B.157.238; 2.B.157.239; 2.B.157.154; 2.B.157.157; 2.B.157.166; 2.B.157.169;
2.B.157.172; 2.B.157.175; 2.B.157.240; 2.B.157.244; 2.B.166.228; 2.B.166.229;
2.B.166.230; 2.B.166.231; 2.B.166.236; 2.B.166.237; 2.B.166.238; 2.B.166.239;
2.B.166.154; 2.B.166.157; 2.B.166.166; 2.B.166.169; 2.B.166.172; 2.B.166.175;
2.B.166.240; 2.B.166.244; 2.B.169.228; 2.B.169.229; 2.B.169.230; 2.B.169.231;
2.B.169.236; 2.B.169.237; 2.B.169.238; 2.B.169.239; 2.B.169.154; 2.B.169.157;
2.B.169.166; 2.B.169.169; 2.B.169.172; 2.B.169.175; 2.B.169.240; 2.B.169.244;
2.B.172.228; 2.B.172.229; 2.B.172.230; 2.B.172.231; 2.B.172.236; 2.B.172.237;
2.B.172.238; 2.B.172.239; 2.B.172.154; 2.B.172.157; 2.B.172.166; 2.B.172.169;
2.B.172.172; 2.B.172.175; 2.B.172.240; 2.B.172.244; 2.B.175.228; 2.B.175.229;
2.B.175.230; 2.B.175.231; 2.B.175.236; 2.B.175.237; 2.B.175.238; 2.B.175.239;
2.B.175.154; 2.B.175.157; 2.B.175.166; 2.B.175.169; 2.B.175.172; 2.B.175.175;
2.B.175.240; 2.B.175.244; 2.B.240.228; 2.B.240.229; 2.B.240.230; 2.B.240.231;
2.B.240.236; 2.B.240.237; 2.B.240.238; 2.B.240.239; 2.B.240.154; 2.B.240.157;
2.B.240.166; 2.B.240.169; 2.B.240.172; 2.B.240.175; 2.B.240.240; 2.B.240.244;
2.B.244.228; 2.B.244.229; 2.B.244.230; 2.B.244.231; 2.B.244.236; 2.B.244.237;
2.B.244.238; 2.B.244.239; 2.B.244.154; 2.B.244.157; 2.B.244.166; 2.B.244.169;
2.B.244.172; 2.B.244.175; 2.B.244.240; 2.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.D
2.D.228.228; 2.D.228.229; 2.D.228.230; 2.D.228.231; 2.D.228.236; 2.D.228.237;
2.D.228.238; 2.D.228.239; 2.D.228.154; 2.D.228.157; 2.D.228.166; 2.D.228.169;
2.D.228.172; 2.D.228.175; 2.D.228.240; 2.D.228.244; 2.D.229.228; 2.D.229.229;
2.D.229.230; 2.D.229.231; 2.D.229.236; 2.D.229.237; 2.D.229.238; 2.D.229.239;
2.D.229.154; 2.D.229.157; 2.D.229.166; 2.D.229.169; 2.D.229.172; 2.D.229.175;
2.D.229.240; 2.D.229.244; 2.D.230.228; 2.D.230.229; 2.D.230.230; 2.D.230.231;
2.D.230.236; 2.D.230.237; 2.D.230.238; 2.D.230.239; 2.D.230.154; 2.D.230.157;
2.D.230.166; 2.D.230.169; 2.D.230.172; 2.D.230.175; 2.D.230.240; 2.D.230.244;
2.D.231.228; 2.D.231.229; 2.D.231.230; 2.D.231.231; 2.D.231.236; 2.D.231.237;
2.D.231.238; 2.D.231.239; 2.D.231.154; 2.D.231.157; 2.D.231.166; 2.D.231.169;
2.D.231.172; 2.D.231.175; 2.D.231.240; 2.D.231.244; 2.D.236.228; 2.D.236.229;
2.D.236.230; 2.D.236.231; 2.D.236.236; 2.D.236.237; 2.D.236.238; 2.D.236.239;
2.D.236.154; 2.D.236.157; 2.D.236.166; 2.D.236.169; 2.D.236.172; 2.D.236.175;
2.D.236.240; 2.D.236.244; 2.D.237.228; 2.D.237.229; 2.D.237.230; 2.D.237.231;
2.D.237.236; 2.D.237.237; 2.D.237.238; 2.D.237.239; 2.D.237.154; 2.D.237.157;
2.D.237.166; 2.D.237.169; 2.D.237.172; 2.D.237.175; 2.D.237.240; 2.D.237.244;
2.D.238.228; 2.D.238.229; 2.D.238.230; 2.D.238.231; 2.D.238.236; 2.D.238.237;
2.D.238.238; 2.D.238.239; 2.D.238.154; 2.D.238.157; 2.D.238.166; 2.D.238.169;
2.D.238.172; 2.D.238.175; 2.D.238.240; 2.D.238.244; 2.D.239.228; 2.D.239.229;
2.D.239.230; 2.D.239.231; 2.D.239.236; 2.D.239.237; 2.D.239.238; 2.D.239.239;
2.D.239.154; 2.D.239.157; 2.D.239.166; 2.D.239.169; 2.D.239.172; 2.D.239.175;
2.D.239.240; 2.D.239.244; 2.D.154.228; 2.D.154.229; 2.D.154.230; 2.D.154.231;
2.D.154.236; 2.D.154.237; 2.D.154.238; 2.D.154.239; 2.D.154.154; 2.D.154.157;
2.D.154.166; 2.D.154.169; 2.D.154.172; 2.D.154.175; 2.D.154.240; 2.D.154.244;
2.D.157.228; 2.D.157.229; 2.D.157.230; 2.D.157.231; 2.D.157.236; 2.D.157.237;
2.D.157.238; 2.D.157.239; 2.D.157.154; 2.D.157.157; 2.D.157.166; 2.D.157.169;
2.D.157.172; 2.D.157.175; 2.D.157.240; 2.D.157.244; 2.D.166.228; 2.D.166.229;
2.D.166.230; 2.D.166.231; 2.D.166.236; 2.D.166.237; 2.D.166.238; 2.D.166.239;
2.D.166.154; 2.D.166.157; 2.D.166.166; 2.D.166.169; 2.D.166.172; 2.D.166.175;
2.D.166.240; 2.D.166.244; 2.D.169.228; 2.D.169.229; 2.D.169.230; 2.D.169.231;
2.D.169.236; 2.D.169.237; 2.D.169.238; 2.D.169.239; 2.D.169.154; 2.D.169.157;
2.D.169.166; 2.D.169.169; 2.D.169.172; 2.D.169.175; 2.D.169.240; 2.D.169.244;
2.D.172.228; 2.D.172.229; 2.D.172.230; 2.D.172.231; 2.D.172.236; 2.D.172.237;
2.D.172.238; 2.D.172.239; 2.D.172.154; 2.D.172.157; 2.D.172.166; 2.D.172.169;
2.D.172.172; 2.D.172.175; 2.D.172.240; 2.D.172.244; 2.D.175.228; 2.D.175.229;
2.D.175.230; 2.D.175.231; 2.D.175.236; 2.D.175.237; 2.D.175.238; 2.D.175.239;
2.D.175.154; 2.D.175.157; 2.D.175.166; 2.D.175.169; 2.D.175.172; 2.D.175.175;
2.D.175.240; 2.D.175.244; 2.D.240.228; 2.D.240.229; 2.D.240.230; 2.D.240.231;
2.D.240.236; 2.D.240.237; 2.D.240.238; 2.D.240.239; 2.D.240.154; 2.D.240.157;
2.D.240.166; 2.D.240.169; 2.D.240.172; 2.D.240.175; 2.D.240.240; 2.D.240.244;
2.D.244.228; 2.D.244.229; 2.D.244.230; 2.D.244.231; 2.D.244.236; 2.D.244.237;
2.D.244.238; 2.D.244.239; 2.D.244.154; 2.D.244.157; 2.D.244.166; 2.D.244.169;
2.D.244.172; 2.D.244.175; 2.D.244.240; 2.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.E
2.E.228.228; 2.E.228.229; 2.E.228.230; 2.E.228.231; 2.E.228.236; 2.E.228.237;
2.E.228.238; 2.E.228.239; 2.E.228.154; 2.E.228.157; 2.E.228.166; 2.E.228.169;
2.E.228.172; 2.E.228.175; 2.E.228.240; 2.E.228.244; 2.E.229.228; 2.E.229.229;
2.E.229.230; 2.E.229.231; 2.E.229.236; 2.E.229.237; 2.E.229.238; 2.E.229.239;
2.E.229.154; 2.E.229.157; 2.E.229.166; 2.E.229.169; 2.E.229.172; 2.E.229.175;
2.E.229.240; 2.E.229.244; 2.E.230.228; 2.E.230.229; 2.E.230.230; 2.E.230.231;
2.E.230.236; 2.E.230.237; 2.E.230.238; 2.E.230.239; 2.E.230.154; 2.E.230.157;
2.E.230.166; 2.E.230.169; 2.E.230.172; 2.E.230.175; 2.E.230.240; 2.E.230.244;
2.E.231.228; 2.E.231.229; 2.E.231.230; 2.E.231.231; 2.E.231.236; 2.E.231.237;
2.E.231.238; 2.E.231.239; 2.E.231.154; 2.E.231.157; 2.E.231.166; 2.E.231.169;
2.E.231.172; 2.E.231.175; 2.E.231.240; 2.E.231.244; 2.E.236.228; 2.E.236.229;
2.E.236.230; 2.E.236.231; 2.E.236.236; 2.E.236.237; 2.E.236.238; 2.E.236.239;
2.E.236.154; 2.E.236.157; 2.E.236.166; 2.E.236.169; 2.E.236.172; 2.E.236.175;
2.E.236.240; 2.E.236.244; 2.E.237.228; 2.E.237.229; 2.E.237.230; 2.E.237.231;
2.E.237.236; 2.E.237.237; 2.E.237.238; 2.E.237.239; 2.E.237.154; 2.E.237.157;
2.E.237.166; 2.E.237.169; 2.E.237.172; 2.E.237.175; 2.E.237.240; 2.E.237.244;
2.E.238.228; 2.E.238.229; 2.E.238.230; 2.E.238.231; 2.E.238.236; 2.E.238.237;
2.E.238.238; 2.E.238.239; 2.E.238.154; 2.E.238.157; 2.E.238.166; 2.E.238.169;
2.E.238.172; 2.E.238.175; 2.E.238.240; 2.E.238.244; 2.E.239.228; 2.E.239.229;
2.E.239.230; 2.E.239.231; 2.E.239.236; 2.E.239.237; 2.E.239.238; 2.E.239.239;
2.E.239.154; 2.E.239.157; 2.E.239.166; 2.E.239.169; 2.E.239.172; 2.E.239.175;
2.E.239.240; 2.E.239.244; 2.E.154.228; 2.E.154.229; 2.E.154.230; 2.E.154.231;
2.E.154.236; 2.E.154.237; 2.E.154.238; 2.E.154.239; 2.E.154.154; 2.E.154.157;
2.E.154.166; 2.E.154.169; 2.E.154.172; 2.E.154.175; 2.E.154.240; 2.E.154.244;
2.E.157.228; 2.E.157.229; 2.E.157.230; 2.E.157.231; 2.E.157.236; 2.E.157.237;
2.E.157.238; 2.E.157.239; 2.E.157.154; 2.E.157.157; 2.E.157.166; 2.E.157.169;
2.E.157.172; 2.E.157.175; 2.E.157.240; 2.E.157.244; 2.E.166.228; 2.E.166.229;
2.E.166.230; 2.E.166.231; 2.E.166.236; 2.E.166.237; 2.E.166.238; 2.E.166.239;
2.E.166.154; 2.E.166.157; 2.E.166.166; 2.E.166.169; 2.E.166.172; 2.E.166.175;
2.E.166.240; 2.E.166.244; 2.E.169.228; 2.E.169.229; 2.E.169.230; 2.E.169.231;
2.E.169.236; 2.E.169.237; 2.E.169.238; 2.E.169.239; 2.E.169.154; 2.E.169.157;
2.E.169.166; 2.E.169.169; 2.E.169.172; 2.E.169.175; 2.E.169.240; 2.E.169.244;
2.E.172.228; 2.E.172.229; 2.E.172.230; 2.E.172.231; 2.E.172.236; 2.E.172.237;
2.E.172.238; 2.E.172.239; 2.E.172.154; 2.E.172.157; 2.E.172.166; 2.E.172.169;
2.E.172.172; 2.E.172.175; 2.E.172.240; 2.E.172.244; 2.E.175.228; 2.E.175.229;
2.E.175.230; 2.E.175.231; 2.E.175.236; 2.E.175.237; 2.E.175.238; 2.E.175.239;
2.E.175.154; 2.E.175.157; 2.E.175.166; 2.E.175.169; 2.E.175.172; 2.E.175.175;
2.E.175.240; 2.E.175.244; 2.E.240.228; 2.E.240.229; 2.E.240.230; 2.E.240.231;
2.E.240.236; 2.E.240.237; 2.E.240.238; 2.E.240.239; 2.E.240.154; 2.E.240.157;
2.E.240.166; 2.E.240.169; 2.E.240.172; 2.E.240.175; 2.E.240.240; 2.E.240.244;
2.E.244.228; 2.E.244.229; 2.E.244.230; 2.E.244.231; 2.E.244.236; 2.E.244.237;
2.E.244.238; 2.E.244.239; 2.E.244.154; 2.E.244.157; 2.E.244.166; 2.E.244.169;
2.E.244.172; 2.E.244.175; 2.E.244.240; 2.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.G
2.G.228.228; 2.G.228.229; 2.G.228.230; 2.G.228.231; 2.G.228.236; 2.G.228.237;
2.G.228.238; 2.G.228.239; 2.G.228.154; 2.G.228.157; 2.G.228.166; 2.G.228.169;
2.G.228.172; 2.G.228.175; 2.G.228.240; 2.G.228.244; 2.G.229.228; 2.G.229.229;
2.G.229.230; 2.G.229.231; 2.G.229.236; 2.G.229.237; 2.G.229.238; 2.G.229.239;
2.G.229.154; 2.G.229.157; 2.G.229.166; 2.G.229.169; 2.G.229.172; 2.G.229.175;
2.G.229.240; 2.G.229.244; 2.G.230.228; 2.G.230.229; 2.G.230.230; 2.G.230.231;
2.G.230.236; 2.G.230.237; 2.G.230.238; 2.G.230.239; 2.G.230.154; 2.G.230.157;
2.G.230.166; 2.G.230.169; 2.G.230.172; 2.G.230.175; 2.G.230.240; 2.G.230.244;
2.G.231.228; 2.G.231.229; 2.G.231.230; 2.G.231.231; 2.G.231.236; 2.G.231.237;
2.G.231.238; 2.G.231.239; 2.G.231.154; 2.G.231.157; 2.G.231.166; 2.G.231.169;
2.G.231.172; 2.G.231.175; 2.G.231.240; 2.G.231.244; 2.G.236.228; 2.G.236.229;
2.G.236.230; 2.G.236.231; 2.G.236.236; 2.G.236.237; 2.G.236.238; 2.G.236.239;
2.G.236.154; 2.G.236.157; 2.G.236.166; 2.G.236.169; 2.G.236.172; 2.G.236.175;
2.G.236.240; 2.G.236.244; 2.G.237.228; 2.G.237.229; 2.G.237.230; 2.G.237.231;
2.G.237.236; 2.G.237.237; 2.G.237.238; 2.G.237.239; 2.G.237.154; 2.G.237.157;
2.G.237.166; 2.G.237.169; 2.G.237.172; 2.G.237.175; 2.G.237.240; 2.G.237.244;
2.G.238.228; 2.G.238.229; 2.G.238.230; 2.G.238.231; 2.G.238.236; 2.G.238.237;
2.G.238.238; 2.G.238.239; 2.G.238.154; 2.G.238.157; 2.G.238.166; 2.G.238.169;
2.G.238.172; 2.G.238.175; 2.G.238.240; 2.G.238.244; 2.G.239.228; 2.G.239.229;
2.G.239.230; 2.G.239.231; 2.G.239.236; 2.G.239.237; 2.G.239.238; 2.G.239.239;
2.G.239.154; 2.G.239.157; 2.G.239.166; 2.G.239.169; 2.G.239.172; 2.G.239.175;
2.G.239.240; 2.G.239.244; 2.G.154.228; 2.G.154.229; 2.G.154.230; 2.G.154.231;
2.G.154.236; 2.G.154.237; 2.G.154.238; 2.G.154.239; 2.G.154.154; 2.G.154.157;
2.G.154.166; 2.G.154.169; 2.G.154.172; 2.G.154.175; 2.G.154.240; 2.G.154.244;
2.G.157.228; 2.G.157.229; 2.G.157.230; 2.G.157.231; 2.G.157.236; 2.G.157.237;
2.G.157.238; 2.G.157.239; 2.G.157.154; 2.G.157.157; 2.G.157.166; 2.G.157.169;
2.G.157.172; 2.G.157.175; 2.G.157.240; 2.G.157.244; 2.G.166.228; 2.G.166.229;
2.G.166.230; 2.G.166.231; 2.G.166.236; 2.G.166.237; 2.G.166.238; 2.G.166.239;
2.G.166.154; 2.G.166.157; 2.G.166.166; 2.G.166.169; 2.G.166.172; 2.G.166.175;
2.G.166.240; 2.G.166.244; 2.G.169.228; 2.G.169.229; 2.G.169.230; 2.G.169.231;
2.G.169.236; 2.G.169.237; 2.G.169.238; 2.G.169.239; 2.G.169.154; 2.G.169.157;
2.G.169.166; 2.G.169.169; 2.G.169.172; 2.G.169.175; 2.G.169.240; 2.G.169.244;
2.G.172.228; 2.G.172.229; 2.G.172.230; 2.G.172.231; 2.G.172.236; 2.G.172.237;
2.G.172.238; 2.G.172.239; 2.G.172.154; 2.G.172.157; 2.G.172.166; 2.G.172.169;
2.G.172.172; 2.G.172.175; 2.G.172.240; 2.G.172.244; 2.G.175.228; 2.G.175.229;
2.G.175.230; 2.G.175.231; 2.G.175.236; 2.G.175.237; 2.G.175.238; 2.G.175.239;
2.G.175.154; 2.G.175.157; 2.G.175.166; 2.G.175.169; 2.G.175.172; 2.G.175.175;
2.G.175.240; 2.G.175.244; 2.G.240.228; 2.G.240.229; 2.G.240.230; 2.G.240.231;
2.G.240.236; 2.G.240.237; 2.G.240.238; 2.G.240.239; 2.G.240.154; 2.G.240.157;
2.G.240.166; 2.G.240.169; 2.G.240.172; 2.G.240.175; 2.G.240.240; 2.G.240.244;
2.G.244.228; 2.G.244.229; 2.G.244.230; 2.G.244.231; 2.G.244.236; 2.G.244.237;
2.G.244.238; 2.G.244.239; 2.G.244.154; 2.G.244.157; 2.G.244.166; 2.G.244.169;
2.G.244.172; 2.G.244.175; 2.G.244.240; 2.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.I
2.I.228.228; 2.I.228.229; 2.I.228.230; 2.I.228.231; 2.I.228.236; 2.I.228.237; 2.I.228.238;
2.I.228.239; 2.I.228.154; 2.I.228.157; 2.I.228.166; 2.I.228.169; 2.I.228.172; 2.I.228.175;
2.I.228.240; 2.I.228.244; 2.I.229.228; 2.I.229.229; 2.I.229.230; 2.I.229.231; 2.I.229.236;
2.I.229.237; 2.I.229.238; 2.I.229.239; 2.I.229.154; 2.I.229.157; 2.I.229.166; 2.I.229.169;
2.I.229.172; 2.I.229.175; 2.I.229.240; 2.I.229.244; 2.I.230.228; 2.I.230.229; 2.I.230.230;
2.I.230.231; 2.I.230.236; 2.I.230.237; 2.I.230.238; 2.I.230.239; 2.I.230.154; 2.I.230.157;
2.I.230.166; 2.I.230.169; 2.I.230.172; 2.I.230.175; 2.I.230.240; 2.I.230.244; 2.I.231.228;
2.I.231.229; 2.I.231.230; 2.I.231.231; 2.I.231.236; 2.I.231.237; 2.I.231.238; 2.I.231.239;
2.I.231.154; 2.I.231.157; 2.I.231.166; 2.I.231.169; 2.I.231.172; 2.I.231.175; 2.I.231.240;
2.I.231.244; 2.I.236.228; 2.I.236.229; 2.I.236.230; 2.I.236.231; 2.I.236.236; 2.I.236.237;
2.I.236.238; 2.I.236.239; 2.I.236.154; 2.I.236.157; 2.I.236.166; 2.I.236.169; 2.I.236.172;
2.I.236.175; 2.I.236.240; 2.I.236.244; 2.I.237.228; 2.I.237.229; 2.I.237.230; 2.I.237.231;
2.I.237.236; 2.I.237.237; 2.I.237.238; 2.I.237.239; 2.I.237.154; 2.I.237.157; 2.I.237.166;
2.I.237.169; 2.I.237.172; 2.I.237.175; 2.I.237.240; 2.I.237.244; 2.I.238.228; 2.I.238.229;
2.I.238.230; 2.I.238.231; 2.I.238.236; 2.I.238.237; 2.I.238.238; 2.I.238.239; 2.I.238.154;
2.I.238.157; 2.I.238.166; 2.I.238.169; 2.I.238.172; 2.I.238.175; 2.I.238.240; 2.I.238.244;
2.I.239.228; 2.I.239.229; 2.I.239.230; 2.I.239.231; 2.I.239.236; 2.I.239.237; 2.I.239.238;
2.I.239.239; 2.I.239.154; 2.I.239.157; 2.I.239.166; 2.I.239.169; 2.I.239.172; 2.I.239.175;
2.I.239.240; 2.I.239.244; 2.I.154.228; 2.I.154.229; 2.I.154.230; 2.I.154.231; 2.I.154.236;
2.I.154.237; 2.I.154.238; 2.I.154.239; 2.I.154.154; 2.I.154.157; 2.I.154.166; 2.I.154.169;
2.I.154.172; 2.I.154.175; 2.I.154.240; 2.I.154.244; 2.I.157.228; 2.I.157.229; 2.I.157.230;
2.I.157.231; 2.I.157.236; 2.I.157.237; 2.I.157.238; 2.I.157.239; 2.I.157.154; 2.I.157.157;
2.I.157.166; 2.I.157.169; 2.I.157.172; 2.I.157.175; 2.I.157.240; 2.I.157.244; 2.I.166.228;
2.I.166.229; 2.I.166.230; 2.I.166.231; 2.I.166.236; 2.I.166.237; 2.I.166.238; 2.I.166.239;
2.I.166.154; 2.I.166.157; 2.I.166.166; 2.I.166.169; 2.I.166.172; 2.I.166.175; 2.I.166.240;
2.I.166.244; 2.I.169.228; 2.I.169.229; 2.I.169.230; 2.I.169.231; 2.I.169.236; 2.I.169.237;
2.I.169.238; 2.I.169.239; 2.I.169.154; 2.I.169.157; 2.I.169.166; 2.I.169.169; 2.I.169.172;
2.I.169.175; 2.I.169.240; 2.I.169.244; 2.I.172.228; 2.I.172.229; 2.I.172.230; 2.I.172.231;
2.I.172.236; 2.I.172.237; 2.I.172.238; 2.I.172.239; 2.I.172.154; 2.I.172.157; 2.I.172.166;
2.I.172.169; 2.I.172.172; 2.I.172.175; 2.I.172.240; 2.I.172.244; 2.I.175.228; 2.I.175.229;
2.I.175.230; 2.I.175.231; 2.I.175.236; 2.I.175.237; 2.I.175.238; 2.I.175.239; 2.I.175.154;
2.I.175.157; 2.I.175.166; 2.I.175.169; 2.I.175.172; 2.I.175.175; 2.I.175.240; 2.I.175.244;
2.I.240.228; 2.I.240.229; 2.I.240.230; 2.I.240.231; 2.I.240.236; 2.I.240.237; 2.I.240.238;
2.I.240.239; 2.I.240.154; 2.I.240.157; 2.I.240.166; 2.I.240.169; 2.I.240.172; 2.I.240.175;
2.I.240.240; 2.I.240.244; 2.I.244.228; 2.I.244.229; 2.I.244.230; 2.I.244.231; 2.I.244.236;
2.I.244.237; 2.I.244.238; 2.I.244.239; 2.I.244.154; 2.I.244.157; 2.I.244.166; 2.I.244.169;
2.I.244.172; 2.I.244.175; 2.I.244.240; 2.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.J
2.J.228.228; 2.J.228.229; 2.J.228.230; 2.J.228.231; 2.J.228.236; 2.J.228.237; 2.J.228.238;
2.J.228.239; 2.J.228.154; 2.J.228.157; 2.J.228.166; 2.J.228.169; 2.J.228.172; 2.J.228.175;
2.J.228.240; 2.J.228.244; 2.J.229.228; 2.J.229.229; 2.J.229.230; 2.J.229.231; 2.J.229.236;
2.J.229.237; 2.J.229.238; 2.J.229.239; 2.J.229.154; 2.J.229.157; 2.J.229.166; 2.J.229.169;
2.J.229.172; 2.J.229.175; 2.J.229.240; 2.J.229.244; 2.J.230.228; 2.J.230.229; 2.J.230.230;
2.J.230.231; 2.J.230.236; 2.J.230.237; 2.J.230.238; 2.J.230.239; 2.J.230.154; 2.J.230.157;
2.J.230.166; 2.J.230.169; 2.J.230.172; 2.J.230.175; 2.J.230.240; 2.J.230.244; 2.J.231.228;
2.J.231.229; 2.J.231.230; 2.J.231.231; 2.J.231.236; 2.J.231.237; 2.J.231.238; 2.J.231.239;
2.J.231.154; 2.J.231.157; 2.J.231.166; 2.J.231.169; 2.J.231.172; 2.J.231.175; 2.J.231.240;
2.J.231.244; 2.J.236.228; 2.J.236.229; 2.J.236.230; 2.J.236.231; 2.J.236.236; 2.J.236.237;
2.J.236.238; 2.J.236.239; 2.J.236.154; 2.J.236.157; 2.J.236.166; 2.J.236.169; 2.J.236.172;
2.J.236.175; 2.J.236.240; 2.J.236.244; 2.J.237.228; 2.J.237.229; 2.J.237.230; 2.J.237.231;
2.J.237.236; 2.J.237.237; 2.J.237.238; 2.J.237.239; 2.J.237.154; 2.J.237.157; 2.J.237.166;
2.J.237.169; 2.J.237.172; 2.J.237.175; 2.J.237.240; 2.J.237.244; 2.J.238.228; 2.J.238.229;
2.J.238.230; 2.J.238.231; 2.J.238.236; 2.J.238.237; 2.J.238.238; 2.J.238.239; 2.J.238.154;
2.J.238.157; 2.J.238.166; 2.J.238.169; 2.J.238.172; 2.J.238.175; 2.J.238.240; 2.J.238.244;
2.J.239.228; 2.J.239.229; 2.J.239.230; 2.J.239.231; 2.J.239.236; 2.J.239.237; 2.J.239.238;
2.J.239.239; 2.J.239.154; 2.J.239.157; 2.J.239.166; 2.J.239.169; 2.J.239.172; 2.J.239.175;
2.J.239.240; 2.J.239.244; 2.J.154.228; 2.J.154.229; 2.J.154.230; 2.J.154.231; 2.J.154.236;
2.J.154.237; 2.J.154.238; 2.J.154.239; 2.J.154.154; 2.J.154.157; 2.J.154.166; 2.J.154.169;
2.J.154.172; 2.J.154.175; 2.J.154.240; 2.J.154.244; 2.J.157.228; 2.J.157.229; 2.J.157.230;
2.J.157.231; 2.J.157.236; 2.J.157.237; 2.J.157.238; 2.J.157.239; 2.J.157.154; 2.J.157.157;
2.J.157.166; 2.J.157.169; 2.J.157.172; 2.J.157.175; 2.J.157.240; 2.J.157.244; 2.J.166.228;
2.J.166.229; 2.J.166.230; 2.J.166.231; 2.J.166.236; 2.J.166.237; 2.J.166.238; 2.J.166.239;
2.J.166.154; 2.J.166.157; 2.J.166.166; 2.J.166.169; 2.J.166.172; 2.J.166.175; 2.J.166.240;
2.J.166.244; 2.J.169.228; 2.J.169.229; 2.J.169.230; 2.J.169.231; 2.J.169.236; 2.J.169.237;
2.J.169.238; 2.J.169.239; 2.J.169.154; 2.J.169.157; 2.J.169.166; 2.J.169.169; 2.J.169.172;
2.J.169.175; 2.J.169.240; 2.J.169.244; 2.J.172.228; 2.J.172.229; 2.J.172.230; 2.J.172.231;
2.J.172.236; 2.J.172.237; 2.J.172.238; 2.J.172.239; 2.J.172.154; 2.J.172.157; 2.J.172.166;
2.J.172.169; 2.J.172.172; 2.J.172.175; 2.J.172.240; 2.J.172.244; 2.J.175.228; 2.J.175.229;
2.J.175.230; 2.J.175.231; 2.J.175.236; 2.J.175.237; 2.J.175.238; 2.J.175.239; 2.J.175.154;
2.J.175.157; 2.J.175.166; 2.J.175.169; 2.J.175.172; 2.J.175.175; 2.J.175.240; 2.J.175.244;
2.J.240.228; 2.J.240.229; 2.J.240.230; 2.J.240.231; 2.J.240.236; 2.J.240.237; 2.J.240.238;
2.J.240.239; 2.J.240.154; 2.J.240.157; 2.J.240.166; 2.J.240.169; 2.J.240.172; 2.J.240.175;
2.J.240.240; 2.J.240.244; 2.J.244.228; 2.J.244.229; 2.J.244.230; 2.J.244.231; 2.J.244.236;
2.J.244.237; 2.J.244.238; 2.J.244.239; 2.J.244.154; 2.J.244.157; 2.J.244.166; 2.J.244.169;
2.J.244.172; 2.J.244.175; 2.J.244.240; 2.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.L
2.L.228.228; 2.L.228.229; 2.L.228.230; 2.L.228.231; 2.L.228.236; 2.L.228.237;
2.L.228.238; 2.L.228.239; 2.L.228.154; 2.L.228.157; 2.L.228.166; 2.L.228.169;
2.L.228.172; 2.L.228.175; 2.L.228.240; 2.L.228.244; 2.L.229.228; 2.L.229.229;
2.L.229.230; 2.L.229.231; 2.L.229.236; 2.L.229.237; 2.L.229.238; 2.L.229.239;
2.L.229.154; 2.L.229.157; 2.L.229.166; 2.L.229.169; 2.L.229.172; 2.L.229.175;
2.L.229.240; 2.L.229.244; 2.L.230.228; 2.L.230.229; 2.L.230.230; 2.L.230.231;
2.L.230.236; 2.L.230.237; 2.L.230.238; 2.L.230.239; 2.L.230.154; 2.L.230.157;
2.L.230.166; 2.L.230.169; 2.L.230.172; 2.L.230.175; 2.L.230.240; 2.L.230.244;
2.L.231.228; 2.L.231.229; 2.L.231.230; 2.L.231.231; 2.L.231.236; 2.L.231.237;
2.L.231.238; 2.L.231.239; 2.L.231.154; 2.L.231.157; 2.L.231.166; 2.L.231.169;
2.L.231.172; 2.L.231.175; 2.L.231.240; 2.L.231.244; 2.L.236.228; 2.L.236.229;
2.L.236.230; 2.L.236.231; 2.L.236.236; 2.L.236.237; 2.L.236.238; 2.L.236.239;
2.L.236.154; 2.L.236.157; 2.L.236.166; 2.L.236.169; 2.L.236.172; 2.L.236.175;
2.L.236.240; 2.L.236.244; 2.L.237.228; 2.L.237.229; 2.L.237.230; 2.L.237.231;
2.L.237.236; 2.L.237.237; 2.L.237.238; 2.L.237.239; 2.L.237.154; 2.L.237.157;
2.L.237.166; 2.L.237.169; 2.L.237.172; 2.L.237.175; 2.L.237.240; 2.L.237.244;
2.L.238.228; 2.L.238.229; 2.L.238.230; 2.L.238.231; 2.L.238.236; 2.L.238.237;
2.L.238.238; 2.L.238.239; 2.L.238.154; 2.L.238.157; 2.L.238.166; 2.L.238.169;
2.L.238.172; 2.L.238.175; 2.L.238.240; 2.L.238.244; 2.L.239.228; 2.L.239.229;
2.L.239.230; 2.L.239.231; 2.L.239.236; 2.L.239.237; 2.L.239.238; 2.L.239.239;
2.L.239.154; 2.L.239.157; 2.L.239.166; 2.L.239.169; 2.L.239.172; 2.L.239.175;
2.L.239.240; 2.L.239.244; 2.L.154.228; 2.L.154.229; 2.L.154.230; 2.L.154.231;
2.L.154.236; 2.L.154.237; 2.L.154.238; 2.L.154.239; 2.L.154.154; 2.L.154.157;
2.L.154.166; 2.L.154.169; 2.L.154.172; 2.L.154.175; 2.L.154.240; 2.L.154.244;
2.L.157.228; 2.L.157.229; 2.L.157.230; 2.L.157.231; 2.L.157.236; 2.L.157.237;
2.L.157.238; 2.L.157.239; 2.L.157.154; 2.L.157.157; 2.L.157.166; 2.L.157.169;
2.L.157.172; 2.L.157.175; 2.L.157.240; 2.L.157.244; 2.L.166.228; 2.L.166.229;
2.L.166.230; 2.L.166.231; 2.L.166.236; 2.L.166.237; 2.L.166.238; 2.L.166.239;
2.L.166.154; 2.L.166.157; 2.L.166.166; 2.L.166.169; 2.L.166.172; 2.L.166.175;
2.L.166.240; 2.L.166.244; 2.L.169.228; 2.L.169.229; 2.L.169.230; 2.L.169.231;
2.L.169.236; 2.L.169.237; 2.L.169.238; 2.L.169.239; 2.L.169.154; 2.L.169.157;
2.L.169.166; 2.L.169.169; 2.L.169.172; 2.L.169.175; 2.L.169.240; 2.L.169.244;
2.L.172.228; 2.L.172.229; 2.L.172.230; 2.L.172.231; 2.L.172.236; 2.L.172.237;
2.L.172.238; 2.L.172.239; 2.L.172.154; 2.L.172.157; 2.L.172.166; 2.L.172.169;
2.L.172.172; 2.L.172.175; 2.L.172.240; 2.L.172.244; 2.L.175.228; 2.L.175.229;
2.L.175.230; 2.L.175.231; 2.L.175.236; 2.L.175.237; 2.L.175.238; 2.L.175.239;
2.L.175.154; 2.L.175.157; 2.L.175.166; 2.L.175.169; 2.L.175.172; 2.L.175.175;
2.L.175.240; 2.L.175.244; 2.L.240.228; 2.L.240.229; 2.L.240.230; 2.L.240.231;
2.L.240.236; 2.L.240.237; 2.L.240.238; 2.L.240.239; 2.L.240.154; 2.L.240.157;
2.L.240.166; 2.L.240.169; 2.L.240.172; 2.L.240.175; 2.L.240.240; 2.L.240.244;
2.L.244.228; 2.L.244.229; 2.L.244.230; 2.L.244.231; 2.L.244.236; 2.L.244.237;
2.L.244.238; 2.L.244.239; 2.L.244.154; 2.L.244.157; 2.L.244.166; 2.L.244.169;
2.L.244.172; 2.L.244.175; 2.L.244.240; 2.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.O
2.O.228.228; 2.O.228.229; 2.O.228.230; 2.O.228.231; 2.O.228.236; 2.O.228.237;
2.O.228.238; 2.O.228.239; 2.O.228.154; 2.O.228.157; 2.O.228.166; 2.O.228.169;
2.O.228.172; 2.O.228.175; 2.O.228.240; 2.O.228.244; 2.O.229.228; 2.O.229.229;
2.O.229.230; 2.O.229.231; 2.O.229.236; 2.O.229.237; 2.O.229.238; 2.O.229.239;
2.O.229.154; 2.O.229.157; 2.O.229.166; 2.O.229.169; 2.O.229.172; 2.O.229.175;
2.O.229.240; 2.O.229.244; 2.O.230.228; 2.O.230.229; 2.O.230.230; 2.O.230.231;
2.O.230.236; 2.O.230.237; 2.O.230.238; 2.O.230.239; 2.O.230.154; 2.O.230.157;
2.O.230.166; 2.O.230.169; 2.O.230.172; 2.O.230.175; 2.O.230.240; 2.O.230.244;
2.O.231.228; 2.O.231.229; 2.O.231.230; 2.O.231.231; 2.O.231.236; 2.O.231.237;
2.O.231.238; 2.O.231.239; 2.O.231.154; 2.O.231.157; 2.O.231.166; 2.O.231.169;
2.O.231.172; 2.O.231.175; 2.O.231.240; 2.O.231.244; 2.O.236.228; 2.O.236.229;
2.O.236.230; 2.O.236.231; 2.O.236.236; 2.O.236.237; 2.O.236.238; 2.O.236.239;
2.O.236.154; 2.O.236.157; 2.O.236.166; 2.O.236.169; 2.O.236.172; 2.O.236.175;
2.O.236.240; 2.O.236.244; 2.O.237.228; 2.O.237.229; 2.O.237.230; 2.O.237.231;
2.O.237.236; 2.O.237.237; 2.O.237.238; 2.O.237.239; 2.O.237.154; 2.O.237.157;
2.O.237.166; 2.O.237.169; 2.O.237.172; 2.O.237.175; 2.O.237.240; 2.O.237.244;
2.O.238.228; 2.O.238.229; 2.O.238.230; 2.O.238.231; 2.O.238.236; 2.O.238.237;
2.O.238.238; 2.O.238.239; 2.O.238.154; 2.O.238.157; 2.O.238.166; 2.O.238.169;
2.O.238.172; 2.O.238.175; 2.O.238.240; 2.O.238.244; 2.O.239.228; 2.O.239.229;
2.O.239.230; 2.O.239.231; 2.O.239.236; 2.O.239.237; 2.O.239.238; 2.O.239.239;
2.O.239.154; 2.O.239.157; 2.O.239.166; 2.O.239.169; 2.O.239.172; 2.O.239.175;
2.O.239.240; 2.O.239.244; 2.O.154.228; 2.O.154.229; 2.O.154.230; 2.O.154.231;
2.O.154.236; 2.O.154.237; 2.O.154.238; 2.O.154.239; 2.O.154.154; 2.O.154.157;
2.O.154.166; 2.O.154.169; 2.O.154.172; 2.O.154.175; 2.O.154.240; 2.O.154.244;
2.O.157.228; 2.O.157.229; 2.O.157.230; 2.O.157.231; 2.O.157.236; 2.O.157.237;
2.O.157.238; 2.O.157.239; 2.O.157.154; 2.O.157.157; 2.O.157.166; 2.O.157.169;
2.O.157.172; 2.O.157.175; 2.O.157.240; 2.O.157.244; 2.O.166.228; 2.O.166.229;
2.O.166.230; 2.O.166.231; 2.O.166.236; 2.O.166.237; 2.O.166.238; 2.O.166.239;
2.O.166.154; 2.O.166.157; 2.O.166.166; 2.O.166.169; 2.O.166.172; 2.O.166.175;
2.O.166.240; 2.O.166.244; 2.O.169.228; 2.O.169.229; 2.O.169.230; 2.O.169.231;
2.O.169.236; 2.O.169.237; 2.O.169.238; 2.O.169.239; 2.O.169.154; 2.O.169.157;
2.O.169.166; 2.O.169.169; 2.O.169.172; 2.O.169.175; 2.O.169.240; 2.O.169.244;
2.O.172.228; 2.O.172.229; 2.O.172.230; 2.O.172.231; 2.O.172.236; 2.O.172.237;
2.O.172.238; 2.O.172.239; 2.O.172.154; 2.O.172.157; 2.O.172.166; 2.O.172.169;
2.O.172.172; 2.O.172.175; 2.O.172.240; 2.O.172.244; 2.O.175.228; 2.O.175.229;
2.O.175.230; 2.O.175.231; 2.O.175.236; 2.O.175.237; 2.O.175.238; 2.O.175.239;
2.O.175.154; 2.O.175.157; 2.O.175.166; 2.O.175.169; 2.O.175.172; 2.O.175.175;
2.O.175.240; 2.O.175.244; 2.O.240.228; 2.O.240.229; 2.O.240.230; 2.O.240.231;
2.O.240.236; 2.O.240.237; 2.O.240.238; 2.O.240.239; 2.O.240.154; 2.O.240.157;
2.O.240.166; 2.O.240.169; 2.O.240.172; 2.O.240.175; 2.O.240.240; 2.O.240.244;
2.O.244.228; 2.O.244.229; 2.O.244.230; 2.O.244.231; 2.O.244.236; 2.O.244.237;
2.O.244.238; 2.O.244.239; 2.O.244.154; 2.O.244.157; 2.O.244.166; 2.O.244.169;
2.O.244.172; 2.O.244.175; 2.O.244.240; 2.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.P
2.P.228.228; 2.P.228.229; 2.P.228.230; 2.P.228.231; 2.P.228.236; 2.P.228.237;
2.P.228.238; 2.P.228.239; 2.P.228.154; 2.P.228.157; 2.P.228.166; 2.P.228.169; 2.P.228.172;
2.P.228.175; 2.P.228.240; 2.P.228.244; 2.P.229.228; 2.P.229.229; 2.P.229.230; 2.P.229.231;
2.P.229.236; 2.P.229.237; 2.P.229.238; 2.P.229.239; 2.P.229.154; 2.P.229.157; 2.P.229.166;
2.P.229.169; 2.P.229.172; 2.P.229.175; 2.P.229.240; 2.P.229.244; 2.P.230.228; 2.P.230.229;
2.P.230.230; 2.P.230.231; 2.P.230.236; 2.P.230.237; 2.P.230.238; 2.P.230.239; 2.P.230.154;
2.P.230.157; 2.P.230.166; 2.P.230.169; 2.P.230.172; 2.P.230.175; 2.P.230.240; 2.P.230.244;
2.P.231.228; 2.P.231.229; 2.P.231.230; 2.P.231.231; 2.P.231.236; 2.P.231.237; 2.P.231.238;
2.P.231.239; 2.P.231.154; 2.P.231.157; 2.P.231.166; 2.P.231.169; 2.P.231.172; 2.P.231.175;
2.P.231.240; 2.P.231.244; 2.P.236.228; 2.P.236.229; 2.P.236.230; 2.P.236.231; 2.P.236.236;
2.P.236.237; 2.P.236.238; 2.P.236.239; 2.P.236.154; 2.P.236.157; 2.P.236.166; 2.P.236.169;
2.P.236.172; 2.P.236.175; 2.P.236.240; 2.P.236.244; 2.P.237.228; 2.P.237.229; 2.P.237.230;
2.P.237.231; 2.P.237.236; 2.P.237.237; 2.P.237.238; 2.P.237.239; 2.P.237.154; 2.P.237.157;
2.P.237.166; 2.P.237.169; 2.P.237.172; 2.P.237.175; 2.P.237.240; 2.P.237.244; 2.P.238.228;
2.P.238.229; 2.P.238.230; 2.P.238.231; 2.P.238.236; 2.P.238.237; 2.P.238.238; 2.P.238.239;
2.P.238.154; 2.P.238.157; 2.P.238.166; 2.P.238.169; 2.P.238.172; 2.P.238.175; 2.P.238.240;
2.P.238.244; 2.P.239.228; 2.P.239.229; 2.P.239.230; 2.P.239.231; 2.P.239.236; 2.P.239.237;
2.P.239.238; 2.P.239.239; 2.P.239.154; 2.P.239.157; 2.P.239.166; 2.P.239.169; 2.P.239.172;
2.P.239.175; 2.P.239.240; 2.P.239.244; 2.P.154.228; 2.P.154.229; 2.P.154.230; 2.P.154.231;
2.P.154.236; 2.P.154.237; 2.P.154.238; 2.P.154.239; 2.P.154.154; 2.P.154.157; 2.P.154.166;
2.P.154.169; 2.P.154.172; 2.P.154.175; 2.P.154.240; 2.P.154.244; 2.P.157.228; 2.P.157.229;
2.P.157.230; 2.P.157.231; 2.P.157.236; 2.P.157.237; 2.P.157.238; 2.P.157.239; 2.P.157.154;
2.P.157.157; 2.P.157.166; 2.P.157.169; 2.P.157.172; 2.P.157.175; 2.P.157.240; 2.P.157.244;
2.P.166.228; 2.P.166.229; 2.P.166.230; 2.P.166.231; 2.P.166.236; 2.P.166.237; 2.P.166.238;
2.P.166.239; 2.P.166.154; 2.P.166.157; 2.P.166.166; 2.P.166.169; 2.P.166.172; 2.P.166.175;
2.P.166.240; 2.P.166.244; 2.P.169.228; 2.P.169.229; 2.P.169.230; 2.P.169.231; 2.P.169.236;
2.P.169.237; 2.P.169.238; 2.P.169.239; 2.P.169.154; 2.P.169.157; 2.P.169.166; 2.P.169.169;
2.P.169.172; 2.P.169.175; 2.P.169.240; 2.P.169.244; 2.P.172.228; 2.P.172.229; 2.P.172.230;
2.P.172.231; 2.P.172.236; 2.P.172.237; 2.P.172.238; 2.P.172.239; 2.P.172.154; 2.P.172.157;
2.P.172.166; 2.P.172.169; 2.P.172.172; 2.P.172.175; 2.P.172.240; 2.P.172.244; 2.P.175.228;
2.P.175.229; 2.P.175.230; 2.P.175.231; 2.P.175.236; 2.P.175.237; 2.P.175.238; 2.P.175.239;
2.P.175.154; 2.P.175.157; 2.P.175.166; 2.P.175.169; 2.P.175.172; 2.P.175.175; 2.P.175.240;
2.P.175.244; 2.P.240.228; 2.P.240.229; 2.P.240.230; 2.P.240.231; 2.P.240.236; 2.P.240.237;
2.P.240.238; 2.P.240.239; 2.P.240.154; 2.P.240.157; 2.P.240.166; 2.P.240.169; 2.P.240.172;
2.P.240.175; 2.P.240.240; 2.P.240.244; 2.P.244.228; 2.P.244.229; 2.P.244.230; 2.P.244.231;
2.P.244.236; 2.P.244.237; 2.P.244.238; 2.P.244.239; 2.P.244.154; 2.P.244.157; 2.P.244.166;
2.P.244.169; 2.P.244.172; 2.P.244.175; 2.P.244.240; 2.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.U
2.U.228.228; 2.U.228.229; 2.U.228.230; 2.U.228.231; 2.U.228.236; 2.U.228.237;
2.U.228.238; 2.U.228.239; 2.U.228.154; 2.U.228.157; 2.U.228.166; 2.U.228.169;
2.U.228.172; 2.U.228.175; 2.U.228.240; 2.U.228.244; 2.U.229.228; 2.U.229.229;
2.U.229.230; 2.U.229.231; 2.U.229.236; 2.U.229.237; 2.U.229.238; 2.U.229.239;
2.U.229.154; 2.U.229.157; 2.U.229.166; 2.U.229.169; 2.U.229.172; 2.U.229.175;
2.U.229.240; 2.U.229.244; 2.U.230.228; 2.U.230.229; 2.U.230.230; 2.U.230.231;
2.U.230.236; 2.U.230.237; 2.U.230.238; 2.U.230.239; 2.U.230.154; 2.U.230.157;
2.U.230.166; 2.U.230.169; 2.U.230.172; 2.U.230.175; 2.U.230.240; 2.U.230.244;
2.U.231.228; 2.U.231.229; 2.U.231.230; 2.U.231.231; 2.U.231.236; 2.U.231.237;
2.U.231.238; 2.U.231.239; 2.U.231.154; 2.U.231.157; 2.U.231.166; 2.U.231.169;
2.U.231.172; 2.U.231.175; 2.U.231.240; 2.U.231.244; 2.U.236.228; 2.U.236.229;
2.U.236.230; 2.U.236.231; 2.U.236.236; 2.U.236.237; 2.U.236.238; 2.U.236.239;
2.U.236.154; 2.U.236.157; 2.U.236.166; 2.U.236.169; 2.U.236.172; 2.U.236.175;
2.U.236.240; 2.U.236.244; 2.U.237.228; 2.U.237.229; 2.U.237.230; 2.U.237.231;
2.U.237.236; 2.U.237.237; 2.U.237.238; 2.U.237.239; 2.U.237.154; 2.U.237.157;
2.U.237.166; 2.U.237.169; 2.U.237.172; 2.U.237.175; 2.U.237.240; 2.U.237.244;
2.U.238.228; 2.U.238.229; 2.U.238.230; 2.U.238.231; 2.U.238.236; 2.U.238.237;
2.U.238.238; 2.U.238.239; 2.U.238.154; 2.U.238.157; 2.U.238.166; 2.U.238.169;
2.U.238.172; 2.U.238.175; 2.U.238.240; 2.U.238.244; 2.U.239.228; 2.U.239.229;
2.U.239.230; 2.U.239.231; 2.U.239.236; 2.U.239.237; 2.U.239.238; 2.U.239.239;
2.U.239.154; 2.U.239.157; 2.U.239.166; 2.U.239.169; 2.U.239.172; 2.U.239.175;
2.U.239.240; 2.U.239.244; 2.U.154.228; 2.U.154.229; 2.U.154.230; 2.U.154.231;
2.U.154.236; 2.U.154.237; 2.U.154.238; 2.U.154.239; 2.U.154.154; 2.U.154.157;
2.U.154.166; 2.U.154.169; 2.U.154.172; 2.U.154.175; 2.U.154.240; 2.U.154.244;
2.U.157.228; 2.U.157.229; 2.U.157.230; 2.U.157.231; 2.U.157.236; 2.U.157.237;
2.U.157.238; 2.U.157.239; 2.U.157.154; 2.U.157.157; 2.U.157.166; 2.U.157.169;
2.U.157.172; 2.U.157.175; 2.U.157.240; 2.U.157.244; 2.U.166.228; 2.U.166.229;
2.U.166.230; 2.U.166.231; 2.U.166.236; 2.U.166.237; 2.U.166.238; 2.U.166.239;
2.U.166.154; 2.U.166.157; 2.U.166.166; 2.U.166.169; 2.U.166.172; 2.U.166.175;
2.U.166.240; 2.U.166.244; 2.U.169.228; 2.U.169.229; 2.U.169.230; 2.U.169.231;
2.U.169.236; 2.U.169.237; 2.U.169.238; 2.U.169.239; 2.U.169.154; 2.U.169.157;
2.U.169.166; 2.U.169.169; 2.U.169.172; 2.U.169.175; 2.U.169.240; 2.U.169.244;
2.U.172.228; 2.U.172.229; 2.U.172.230; 2.U.172.231; 2.U.172.236; 2.U.172.237;
2.U.172.238; 2.U.172.239; 2.U.172.154; 2.U.172.157; 2.U.172.166; 2.U.172.169;
2.U.172.172; 2.U.172.175; 2.U.172.240; 2.U.172.244; 2.U.175.228; 2.U.175.229;
2.U.175.230; 2.U.175.231; 2.U.175.236; 2.U.175.237; 2.U.175.238; 2.U.175.239;
2.U.175.154; 2.U.175.157; 2.U.175.166; 2.U.175.169; 2.U.175.172; 2.U.175.175;
2.U.175.240; 2.U.175.244; 2.U.240.228; 2.U.240.229; 2.U.240.230; 2.U.240.231;
2.U.240.236; 2.U.240.237; 2.U.240.238; 2.U.240.239; 2.U.240.154; 2.U.240.157;
2.U.240.166; 2.U.240.169; 2.U.240.172; 2.U.240.175; 2.U.240.240; 2.U.240.244;
2.U.244.228; 2.U.244.229; 2.U.244.230; 2.U.244.231; 2.U.244.236; 2.U.244.237;
2.U.244.238; 2.U.244.239; 2.U.244.154; 2.U.244.157; 2.U.244.166; 2.U.244.169;
2.U.244.172; 2.U.244.175; 2.U.244.240; 2.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.W
2.W.228.228; 2.W.228.229; 2.W.228.230; 2.W.228.231; 2.W.228.236; 2.W.228.237;
2.W.228.238; 2.W.228.239; 2.W.228.154; 2.W.228.157; 2.W.228.166; 2.W.228.169;
2.W.228.172; 2.W.228.175; 2.W.228.240; 2.W.228.244; 2.W.229.228; 2.W.229.229;
2.W.229.230; 2.W.229.231; 2.W.229.236; 2.W.229.237; 2.W.229.238; 2.W.229.239;
2.W.229.154; 2.W.229.157; 2.W.229.166; 2.W.229.169; 2.W.229.172; 2.W.229.175;
2.W.229.240; 2.W.229.244; 2.W.230.228; 2.W.230.229; 2.W.230.230; 2.W.230.231;
2.W.230.236; 2.W.230.237; 2.W.230.238; 2.W.230.239; 2.W.230.154; 2.W.230.157;
2.W.230.166; 2.W.230.169; 2.W.230.172; 2.W.230.175; 2.W.230.240; 2.W.230.244;
2.W.231.228; 2.W.231.229; 2.W.231.230; 2.W.231.231; 2.W.231.236; 2.W.231.237;
2.W.231.238; 2.W.231.239; 2.W.231.154; 2.W.231.157; 2.W.231.166; 2.W.231.169;
2.W.231.172; 2.W.231.175; 2.W.231.240; 2.W.231.244; 2.W.236.228; 2.W.236.229;
2.W.236.230; 2.W.236.231; 2.W.236.236; 2.W.236.237; 2.W.236.238; 2.W.236.239;
2.W.236.154; 2.W.236.157; 2.W.236.166; 2.W.236.169; 2.W.236.172; 2.W.236.175;
2.W.236.240; 2.W.236.244; 2.W.237.228; 2.W.237.229; 2.W.237.230; 2.W.237.231;
2.W.237.236; 2.W.237.237; 2.W.237.238; 2.W.237.239; 2.W.237.154; 2.W.237.157;
2.W.237.166; 2.W.237.169; 2.W.237.172; 2.W.237.175; 2.W.237.240; 2.W.237.244;
2.W.238.228; 2.W.238.229; 2.W.238.230; 2.W.238.231; 2.W.238.236; 2.W.238.237;
2.W.238.238; 2.W.238.239; 2.W.238.154; 2.W.238.157; 2.W.238.166; 2.W.238.169;
2.W.238.172; 2.W.238.175; 2.W.238.240; 2.W.238.244; 2.W.239.228; 2.W.239.229;
2.W.239.230; 2.W.239.231; 2.W.239.236; 2.W.239.237; 2.W.239.238; 2.W.239.239;
2.W.239.154; 2.W.239.157; 2.W.239.166; 2.W.239.169; 2.W.239.172; 2.W.239.175;
2.W.239.240; 2.W.239.244; 2.W.154.228; 2.W.154.229; 2.W.154.230; 2.W.154.231;
2.W.154.236; 2.W.154.237; 2.W.154.238; 2.W.154.239; 2.W.154.154; 2.W.154.157;
2.W.154.166; 2.W.154.169; 2.W.154.172; 2.W.154.175; 2.W.154.240; 2.W.154.244;
2.W.157.228; 2.W.157.229; 2.W.157.230; 2.W.157.231; 2.W.157.236; 2.W.157.237;
2.W.157.238; 2.W.157.239; 2.W.157.154; 2.W.157.157; 2.W.157.166; 2.W.157.169;
2.W.157.172; 2.W.157.175; 2.W.157.240; 2.W.157.244; 2.W.166.228; 2.W.166.229;
2.W.166.230; 2.W.166.231; 2.W.166.236; 2.W.166.237; 2.W.166.238; 2.W.166.239;
2.W.166.154; 2.W.166.157; 2.W.166.166; 2.W.166.169; 2.W.166.172; 2.W.166.175;
2.W.166.240; 2.W.166.244; 2.W.169.228; 2.W.169.229; 2.W.169.230; 2.W.169.231;
2.W.169.236; 2.W.169.237; 2.W.169.238; 2.W.169.239; 2.W.169.154; 2.W.169.157;
2.W.169.166; 2.W.169.169; 2.W.169.172; 2.W.169.175; 2.W.169.240; 2.W.169.244;
2.W.172.228; 2.W.172.229; 2.W.172.230; 2.W.172.231; 2.W.172.236; 2.W.172.237;
2.W.172.238; 2.W.172.239; 2.W.172.154; 2.W.172.157; 2.W.172.166; 2.W.172.169;
2.W.172.172; 2.W.172.175; 2.W.172.240; 2.W.172.244; 2.W.175.228; 2.W.175.229;
2.W.175.230; 2.W.175.231; 2.W.175.236; 2.W.175.237; 2.W.175.238; 2.W.175.239;
2.W.175.154; 2.W.175.157; 2.W.175.166; 2.W.175.169; 2.W.175.172; 2.W.175.175;
2.W.175.240; 2.W.175.244; 2.W.240.228; 2.W.240.229; 2.W.240.230; 2.W.240.231;
2.W.240.236; 2.W.240.237; 2.W.240.238; 2.W.240.239; 2.W.240.154; 2.W.240.157;
2.W.240.166; 2.W.240.169; 2.W.240.172; 2.W.240.175; 2.W.240.240; 2.W.240.244;
2.W.244.228; 2.W.244.229; 2.W.244.230; 2.W.244.231; 2.W.244.236; 2.W.244.237;
2.W.244.238; 2.W.244.239; 2.W.244.154; 2.W.244.157; 2.W.244.166; 2.W.244.169;
2.W.244.172; 2.W.244.175; 2.W.244.240; 2.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 2.Y
2.Y.228.228; 2.Y.228.229; 2.Y.228.230; 2.Y.228.231; 2.Y.228.236; 2.Y.228.237;
2.Y.228.238; 2.Y.228.239; 2.Y.228.154; 2.Y.228.157; 2.Y.228.166; 2.Y.228.169;
2.Y.228.172; 2.Y.228.175; 2.Y.228.240; 2.Y.228.244; 2.Y.229.228; 2.Y.229.229;
2.Y.229.230; 2.Y.229.231; 2.Y.229.236; 2.Y.229.237; 2.Y.229.238; 2.Y.229.239;
2.Y.229.154; 2.Y.229.157; 2.Y.229.166; 2.Y.229.169; 2.Y.229.172; 2.Y.229.175;
2.Y.229.240; 2.Y.229.244; 2.Y.230.228; 2.Y.230.229; 2.Y.230.230; 2.Y.230.231;
2.Y.230.236; 2.Y.230.237; 2.Y.230.238; 2.Y.230.239; 2.Y.230.154; 2.Y.230.157;
2.Y.230.166; 2.Y.230.169; 2.Y.230.172; 2.Y.230.175; 2.Y.230.240; 2.Y.230.244;
2.Y.231.228; 2.Y.231.229; 2.Y.231.230; 2.Y.231.231; 2.Y.231.236; 2.Y.231.237;
2.Y.231.238; 2.Y.231.239; 2.Y.231.154; 2.Y.231.157; 2.Y.231.166; 2.Y.231.169;
2.Y.231.172; 2.Y.231.175; 2.Y.231.240; 2.Y.231.244; 2.Y.236.228; 2.Y.236.229;
2.Y.236.230; 2.Y.236.231; 2.Y.236.236; 2.Y.236.237; 2.Y.236.238; 2.Y.236.239;
2.Y.236.154; 2.Y.236.157; 2.Y.236.166; 2.Y.236.169; 2.Y.236.172; 2.Y.236.175;
2.Y.236.240; 2.Y.236.244; 2.Y.237.228; 2.Y.237.229; 2.Y.237.230; 2.Y.237.231;
2.Y.237.236; 2.Y.237.237; 2.Y.237.238; 2.Y.237.239; 2.Y.237.154; 2.Y.237.157;
2.Y.237.166; 2.Y.237.169; 2.Y.237.172; 2.Y.237.175; 2.Y.237.240; 2.Y.237.244;
2.Y.238.228; 2.Y.238.229; 2.Y.238.230; 2.Y.238.231; 2.Y.238.236; 2.Y.238.237;
2.Y.238.238; 2.Y.238.239; 2.Y.238.154; 2.Y.238.157; 2.Y.238.166; 2.Y.238.169;
2.Y.238.172; 2.Y.238.175; 2.Y.238.240; 2.Y.238.244; 2.Y.239.228; 2.Y.239.229;
2.Y.239.230; 2.Y.239.231; 2.Y.239.236; 2.Y.239.237; 2.Y.239.238; 2.Y.239.239;
2.Y.239.154; 2.Y.239.157; 2.Y.239.166; 2.Y.239.169; 2.Y.239.172; 2.Y.239.175;
2.Y.239.240; 2.Y.239.244; 2.Y.154.228; 2.Y.154.229; 2.Y.154.230; 2.Y.154.231;
2.Y.154.236; 2.Y.154.237; 2.Y.154.238; 2.Y.154.239; 2.Y.154.154; 2.Y.154.157;
2.Y.154.166; 2.Y.154.169; 2.Y.154.172; 2.Y.154.175; 2.Y.154.240; 2.Y.154.244;
2.Y.157.228; 2.Y.157.229; 2.Y.157.230; 2.Y.157.231; 2.Y.157.236; 2.Y.157.237;
2.Y.157.238; 2.Y.157.239; 2.Y.157.154; 2.Y.157.157; 2.Y.157.166; 2.Y.157.169;
2.Y.157.172; 2.Y.157.175; 2.Y.157.240; 2.Y.157.244; 2.Y.166.228; 2.Y.166.229;
2.Y.166.230; 2.Y.166.231; 2.Y.166.236; 2.Y.166.237; 2.Y.166.238; 2.Y.166.239;
2.Y.166.154; 2.Y.166.157; 2.Y.166.166; 2.Y.166.169; 2.Y.166.172; 2.Y.166.175;
2.Y.166.240; 2.Y.166.244; 2.Y.169.228; 2.Y.169.229; 2.Y.169.230; 2.Y.169.231;
2.Y.169.236; 2.Y.169.237; 2.Y.169.238; 2.Y.169.239; 2.Y.169.154; 2.Y.169.157;
2.Y.169.166; 2.Y.169.169; 2.Y.169.172; 2.Y.169.175; 2.Y.169.240; 2.Y.169.244;
2.Y.172.228; 2.Y.172.229; 2.Y.172.230; 2.Y.172.231; 2.Y.172.236; 2.Y.172.237;
2.Y.172.238; 2.Y.172.239; 2.Y.172.154; 2.Y.172.157; 2.Y.172.166; 2.Y.172.169;
2.Y.172.172; 2.Y.172.175; 2.Y.172.240; 2.Y.172.244; 2.Y.175.228; 2.Y.175.229;
2.Y.175.230; 2.Y.175.231; 2.Y.175.236; 2.Y.175.237; 2.Y.175.238; 2.Y.175.239;
2.Y.175.154; 2.Y.175.157; 2.Y.175.166; 2.Y.175.169; 2.Y.175.172; 2.Y.175.175;
2.Y.175.240; 2.Y.175.244; 2.Y.240.228; 2.Y.240.229; 2.Y.240.230; 2.Y.240.231;
2.Y.240.236; 2.Y.240.237; 2.Y.240.238; 2.Y.240.239; 2.Y.240.154; 2.Y.240.157;
2.Y.240.166; 2.Y.240.169; 2.Y.240.172; 2.Y.240.175; 2.Y.240.240; 2.Y.240.244;
2.Y.244.228; 2.Y.244.229; 2.Y.244.230; 2.Y.244.231; 2.Y.244.236; 2.Y.244.237;
2.Y.244.238; 2.Y.244.239; 2.Y.244.154; 2.Y.244.157; 2.Y.244.166; 2.Y.244.169;
2.Y.244.172; 2.Y.244.175; 2.Y.244.240; 2.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.B
3.B.228.228; 3.B.228.229; 3.B.228.230; 3.B.228.231; 3.B.228.236; 3.B.228.237;
3.B.228.238; 3.B.228.239; 3.B.228.154; 3.B.228.157; 3.B.228.166; 3.B.228.169;
3.B.228.172; 3.B.228.175; 3.B.228.240; 3.B.228.244; 3.B.229.228; 3.B.229.229;
3.B.229.230; 3.B.229.231; 3.B.229.236; 3.B.229.237; 3.B.229.238; 3.B.229.239;
3.B.229.154; 3.B.229.157; 3.B.229.166; 3.B.229.169; 3.B.229.172; 3.B.229.175;
3.B.229.240; 3.B.229.244; 3.B.230.228; 3.B.230.229; 3.B.230.230; 3.B.230.231;
3.B.230.236; 3.B.230.237; 3.B.230.238; 3.B.230.239; 3.B.230.154; 3.B.230.157;
3.B.230.166; 3.B.230.169; 3.B.230.172; 3.B.230.175; 3.B.230.240; 3.B.230.244;
3.B.231.228; 3.B.231.229; 3.B.231.230; 3.B.231.231; 3.B.231.236; 3.B.231.237;
3.B.231.238; 3.B.231.239; 3.B.231.154; 3.B.231.157; 3.B.231.166; 3.B.231.169;
3.B.231.172; 3.B.231.175; 3.B.231.240; 3.B.231.244; 3.B.236.228; 3.B.236.229;
3.B.236.230; 3.B.236.231; 3.B.236.236; 3.B.236.237; 3.B.236.238; 3.B.236.239;
3.B.236.154; 3.B.236.157; 3.B.236.166; 3.B.236.169; 3.B.236.172; 3.B.236.175;
3.B.236.240; 3.B.236.244; 3.B.237.228; 3.B.237.229; 3.B.237.230; 3.B.237.231;
3.B.237.236; 3.B.237.237; 3.B.237.238; 3.B.237.239; 3.B.237.154; 3.B.237.157;
3.B.237.166; 3.B.237.169; 3.B.237.172; 3.B.237.175; 3.B.237.240; 3.B.237.244;
3.B.238.228; 3.B.238.229; 3.B.238.230; 3.B.238.231; 3.B.238.236; 3.B.238.237;
3.B.238.238; 3.B.238.239; 3.B.238.154; 3.B.238.157; 3.B.238.166; 3.B.238.169;
3.B.238.172; 3.B.238.175; 3.B.238.240; 3.B.238.244; 3.B.239.228; 3.B.239.229;
3.B.239.230; 3.B.239.231; 3.B.239.236; 3.B.239.237; 3.B.239.238; 3.B.239.239;
3.B.239.154; 3.B.239.157; 3.B.239.166; 3.B.239.169; 3.B.239.172; 3.B.239.175;
3.B.239.240; 3.B.239.244; 3.B.154.228; 3.B.154.229; 3.B.154.230; 3.B.154.231;
3.B.154.236; 3.B.154.237; 3.B.154.238; 3.B.154.239; 3.B.154.154; 3.B.154.157;
3.B.154.166; 3.B.154.169; 3.B.154.172; 3.B.154.175; 3.B.154.240; 3.B.154.244;
3.B.157.228; 3.B.157.229; 3.B.157.230; 3.B.157.231; 3.B.157.236; 3.B.157.237;
3.B.157.238; 3.B.157.239; 3.B.157.154; 3.B.157.157; 3.B.157.166; 3.B.157.169;
3.B.157.172; 3.B.157.175; 3.B.157.240; 3.B.157.244; 3.B.166.228; 3.B.166.229;
3.B.166.230; 3.B.166.231; 3.B.166.236; 3.B.166.237; 3.B.166.238; 3.B.166.239;
3.B.166.154; 3.B.166.157; 3.B.166.166; 3.B.166.169; 3.B.166.172; 3.B.166.175;
3.B.166.240; 3.B.166.244; 3.B.169.228; 3.B.169.229; 3.B.169.230; 3.B.169.231;
3.B.169.236; 3.B.169.237; 3.B.169.238; 3.B.169.239; 3.B.169.154; 3.B.169.157;
3.B.169.166; 3.B.169.169; 3.B.169.172; 3.B.169.175; 3.B.169.240; 3.B.169.244;
3.B.172.228; 3.B.172.229; 3.B.172.230; 3.B.172.231; 3.B.172.236; 3.B.172.237;
3.B.172.238; 3.B.172.239; 3.B.172.154; 3.B.172.157; 3.B.172.166; 3.B.172.169;
3.B.172.172; 3.B.172.175; 3.B.172.240; 3.B.172.244; 3.B.175.228; 3.B.175.229;
3.B.175.230; 3.B.175.231; 3.B.175.236; 3.B.175.237; 3.B.175.238; 3.B.175.239;
3.B.175.154; 3.B.175.157; 3.B.175.166; 3.B.175.169; 3.B.175.172; 3.B.175.175;
3.B.175.240; 3.B.175.244; 3.B.240.228; 3.B.240.229; 3.B.240.230; 3.B.240.231;
3.B.240.236; 3.B.240.237; 3.B.240.238; 3.B.240.239; 3.B.240.154; 3.B.240.157;
3.B.240.166; 3.B.240.169; 3.B.240.172; 3.B.240.175; 3.B.240.240; 3.B.240.244;
3.B.244.228; 3.B.244.229; 3.B.244.230; 3.B.244.231; 3.B.244.236; 3.B.244.237;
3.B.244.238; 3.B.244.239; 3.B.244.154; 3.B.244.157; 3.B.244.166; 3.B.244.169;
3.B.244.172; 3.B.244.175; 3.B.244.240; 3.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.D
3.D.228.228; 3.D.228.229; 3.D.228.230; 3.D.228.231; 3.D.228.236; 3.D.228.237;
3.D.228.238; 3.D.228.239; 3.D.228.154; 3.D.228.157; 3.D.228.166; 3.D.228.169;
3.D.228.172; 3.D.228.175; 3.D.228.240; 3.D.228.244; 3.D.229.228; 3.D.229.229;
3.D.229.230; 3.D.229.231; 3.D.229.236; 3.D.229.237; 3.D.229.238; 3.D.229.239;
3.D.229.154; 3.D.229.157; 3.D.229.166; 3.D.229.169; 3.D.229.172; 3.D.229.175;
3.D.229.240; 3.D.229.244; 3.D.230.228; 3.D.230.229; 3.D.230.230; 3.D.230.231;
3.D.230.236; 3.D.230.237; 3.D.230.238; 3.D.230.239; 3.D.230.154; 3.D.230.157;
3.D.230.166; 3.D.230.169; 3.D.230.172; 3.D.230.175; 3.D.230.240; 3.D.230.244;
3.D.231.228; 3.D.231.229; 3.D.231.230; 3.D.231.231; 3.D.231.236; 3.D.231.237;
3.D.231.238; 3.D.231.239; 3.D.231.154; 3.D.231.157; 3.D.231.166; 3.D.231.169;
3.D.231.172; 3.D.231.175; 3.D.231.240; 3.D.231.244; 3.D.236.228; 3.D.236.229;
3.D.236.230; 3.D.236.231; 3.D.236.236; 3.D.236.237; 3.D.236.238; 3.D.236.239;
3.D.236.154; 3.D.236.157; 3.D.236.166; 3.D.236.169; 3.D.236.172; 3.D.236.175;
3.D.236.240; 3.D.236.244; 3.D.237.228; 3.D.237.229; 3.D.237.230; 3.D.237.231;
3.D.237.236; 3.D.237.237; 3.D.237.238; 3.D.237.239; 3.D.237.154; 3.D.237.157;
3.D.237.166; 3.D.237.169; 3.D.237.172; 3.D.237.175; 3.D.237.240; 3.D.237.244;
3.D.238.228; 3.D.238.229; 3.D.238.230; 3.D.238.231; 3.D.238.236; 3.D.238.237;
3.D.238.238; 3.D.238.239; 3.D.238.154; 3.D.238.157; 3.D.238.166; 3.D.238.169;
3.D.238.172; 3.D.238.175; 3.D.238.240; 3.D.238.244; 3.D.239.228; 3.D.239.229;
3.D.239.230; 3.D.239.231; 3.D.239.236; 3.D.239.237; 3.D.239.238; 3.D.239.239;
3.D.239.154; 3.D.239.157; 3.D.239.166; 3.D.239.169; 3.D.239.172; 3.D.239.175;
3.D.239.240; 3.D.239.244; 3.D.154.228; 3.D.154.229; 3.D.154.230; 3.D.154.231;
3.D.154.236; 3.D.154.237; 3.D.154.238; 3.D.154.239; 3.D.154.154; 3.D.154.157;
3.D.154.166; 3.D.154.169; 3.D.154.172; 3.D.154.175; 3.D.154.240; 3.D.154.244;
3.D.157.228; 3.D.157.229; 3.D.157.230; 3.D.157.231; 3.D.157.236; 3.D.157.237;
3.D.157.238; 3.D.157.239; 3.D.157.154; 3.D.157.157; 3.D.157.166; 3.D.157.169;
3.D.157.172; 3.D.157.175; 3.D.157.240; 3.D.157.244; 3.D.166.228; 3.D.166.229;
3.D.166.230; 3.D.166.231; 3.D.166.236; 3.D.166.237; 3.D.166.238; 3.D.166.239;
3.D.166.154; 3.D.166.157; 3.D.166.166; 3.D.166.169; 3.D.166.172; 3.D.166.175;
3.D.166.240; 3.D.166.244; 3.D.169.228; 3.D.169.229; 3.D.169.230; 3.D.169.231;
3.D.169.236; 3.D.169.237; 3.D.169.238; 3.D.169.239; 3.D.169.154; 3.D.169.157;
3.D.169.166; 3.D.169.169; 3.D.169.172; 3.D.169.175; 3.D.169.240; 3.D.169.244;
3.D.172.228; 3.D.172.229; 3.D.172.230; 3.D.172.231; 3.D.172.236; 3.D.172.237;
3.D.172.238; 3.D.172.239; 3.D.172.154; 3.D.172.157; 3.D.172.166; 3.D.172.169;
3.D.172.172; 3.D.172.175; 3.D.172.240; 3.D.172.244; 3.D.175.228; 3.D.175.229;
3.D.175.230; 3.D.175.231; 3.D.175.236; 3.D.175.237; 3.D.175.238; 3.D.175.239;
3.D.175.154; 3.D.175.157; 3.D.175.166; 3.D.175.169; 3.D.175.172; 3.D.175.175;
3.D.175.240; 3.D.175.244; 3.D.240.228; 3.D.240.229; 3.D.240.230; 3.D.240.231;
3.D.240.236; 3.D.240.237; 3.D.240.238; 3.D.240.239; 3.D.240.154; 3.D.240.157;
3.D.240.166; 3.D.240.169; 3.D.240.172; 3.D.240.175; 3.D.240.240; 3.D.240.244;
3.D.244.228; 3.D.244.229; 3.D.244.230; 3.D.244.231; 3.D.244.236; 3.D.244.237;
3.D.244.238; 3.D.244.239; 3.D.244.154; 3.D.244.157; 3.D.244.166; 3.D.244.169;
3.D.244.172; 3.D.244.175; 3.D.244.240; 3.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.E
3.E.228.228; 3.E.228.229; 3.E.228.230; 3.E.228.231; 3.E.228.236; 3.E.228.237;
3.E.228.238; 3.E.228.239; 3.E.228.154; 3.E.228.157; 3.E.228.166; 3.E.228.169;
3.E.228.172; 3.E.228.175; 3.E.228.240; 3.E.228.244; 3.E.229.228; 3.E.229.229;
3.E.229.230; 3.E.229.231; 3.E.229.236; 3.E.229.237; 3.E.229.238; 3.E.229.239;
3.E.229.154; 3.E.229.157; 3.E.229.166; 3.E.229.169; 3.E.229.172; 3.E.229.175;
3.E.229.240; 3.E.229.244; 3.E.230.228; 3.E.230.229; 3.E.230.230; 3.E.230.231;
3.E.230.236; 3.E.230.237; 3.E.230.238; 3.E.230.239; 3.E.230.154; 3.E.230.157;
3.E.230.166; 3.E.230.169; 3.E.230.172; 3.E.230.175; 3.E.230.240; 3.E.230.244;
3.E.231.228; 3.E.231.229; 3.E.231.230; 3.E.231.231; 3.E.231.236; 3.E.231.237;
3.E.231.238; 3.E.231.239; 3.E.231.154; 3.E.231.157; 3.E.231.166; 3.E.231.169;
3.E.231.172; 3.E.231.175; 3.E.231.240; 3.E.231.244; 3.E.236.228; 3.E.236.229;
3.E.236.230; 3.E.236.231; 3.E.236.236; 3.E.236.237; 3.E.236.238; 3.E.236.239;
3.E.236.154; 3.E.236.157; 3.E.236.166; 3.E.236.169; 3.E.236.172; 3.E.236.175;
3.E.236.240; 3.E.236.244; 3.E.237.228; 3.E.237.229; 3.E.237.230; 3.E.237.231;
3.E.237.236; 3.E.237.237; 3.E.237.238; 3.E.237.239; 3.E.237.154; 3.E.237.157;
3.E.237.166; 3.E.237.169; 3.E.237.172; 3.E.237.175; 3.E.237.240; 3.E.237.244;
3.E.238.228; 3.E.238.229; 3.E.238.230; 3.E.238.231; 3.E.238.236; 3.E.238.237;
3.E.238.238; 3.E.238.239; 3.E.238.154; 3.E.238.157; 3.E.238.166; 3.E.238.169;
3.E.238.172; 3.E.238.175; 3.E.238.240; 3.E.238.244; 3.E.239.228; 3.E.239.229;
3.E.239.230; 3.E.239.231; 3.E.239.236; 3.E.239.237; 3.E.239.238; 3.E.239.239;
3.E.239.154; 3.E.239.157; 3.E.239.166; 3.E.239.169; 3.E.239.172; 3.E.239.175;
3.E.239.240; 3.E.239.244; 3.E.154.228; 3.E.154.229; 3.E.154.230; 3.E.154.231;
3.E.154.236; 3.E.154.237; 3.E.154.238; 3.E.154.239; 3.E.154.154; 3.E.154.157;
3.E.154.166; 3.E.154.169; 3.E.154.172; 3.E.154.175; 3.E.154.240; 3.E.154.244;
3.E.157.228; 3.E.157.229; 3.E.157.230; 3.E.157.231; 3.E.157.236; 3.E.157.237;
3.E.157.238; 3.E.157.239; 3.E.157.154; 3.E.157.157; 3.E.157.166; 3.E.157.169;
3.E.157.172; 3.E.157.175; 3.E.157.240; 3.E.157.244; 3.E.166.228; 3.E.166.229;
3.E.166.230; 3.E.166.231; 3.E.166.236; 3.E.166.237; 3.E.166.238; 3.E.166.239;
3.E.166.154; 3.E.166.157; 3.E.166.166; 3.E.166.169; 3.E.166.172; 3.E.166.175;
3.E.166.240; 3.E.166.244; 3.E.169.228; 3.E.169.229; 3.E.169.230; 3.E.169.231;
3.E.169.236; 3.E.169.237; 3.E.169.238; 3.E.169.239; 3.E.169.154; 3.E.169.157;
3.E.169.166; 3.E.169.169; 3.E.169.172; 3.E.169.175; 3.E.169.240; 3.E.169.244;
3.E.172.228; 3.E.172.229; 3.E.172.230; 3.E.172.231; 3.E.172.236; 3.E.172.237;
3.E.172.238; 3.E.172.239; 3.E.172.154; 3.E.172.157; 3.E.172.166; 3.E.172.169;
3.E.172.172; 3.E.172.175; 3.E.172.240; 3.E.172.244; 3.E.175.228; 3.E.175.229;
3.E.175.230; 3.E.175.231; 3.E.175.236; 3.E.175.237; 3.E.175.238; 3.E.175.239;
3.E.175.154; 3.E.175.157; 3.E.175.166; 3.E.175.169; 3.E.175.172; 3.E.175.175;
3.E.175.240; 3.E.175.244; 3.E.240.228; 3.E.240.229; 3.E.240.230; 3.E.240.231;
3.E.240.236; 3.E.240.237; 3.E.240.238; 3.E.240.239; 3.E.240.154; 3.E.240.157;
3.E.240.166; 3.E.240.169; 3.E.240.172; 3.E.240.175; 3.E.240.240; 3.E.240.244;
3.E.244.228; 3.E.244.229; 3.E.244.230; 3.E.244.231; 3.E.244.236; 3.E.244.237;
3.E.244.238; 3.E.244.239; 3.E.244.154; 3.E.244.157; 3.E.244.166; 3.E.244.169;
3.E.244.172; 3.E.244.175; 3.E.244.240; 3.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.G
3.G.228.228; 3.G.228.229; 3.G.228.230; 3.G.228.231; 3.G.228.236; 3.G.228.237;
3.G.228.238; 3.G.228.239; 3.G.228.154; 3.G.228.157; 3.G.228.166; 3.G.228.169;
3.G.228.172; 3.G.228.175; 3.G.228.240; 3.G.228.244; 3.G.229.228; 3.G.229.229;
3.G.229.230; 3.G.229.231; 3.G.229.236; 3.G.229.237; 3.G.229.238; 3.G.229.239;
3.G.229.154; 3.G.229.157; 3.G.229.166; 3.G.229.169; 3.G.229.172; 3.G.229.175;
3.G.229.240; 3.G.229.244; 3.G.230.228; 3.G.230.229; 3.G.230.230; 3.G.230.231;
3.G.230.236; 3.G.230.237; 3.G.230.238; 3.G.230.239; 3.G.230.154; 3.G.230.157;
3.G.230.166; 3.G.230.169; 3.G.230.172; 3.G.230.175; 3.G.230.240; 3.G.230.244;
3.G.231.228; 3.G.231.229; 3.G.231.230; 3.G.231.231; 3.G.231.236; 3.G.231.237;
3.G.231.238; 3.G.231.239; 3.G.231.154; 3.G.231.157; 3.G.231.166; 3.G.231.169;
3.G.231.172; 3.G.231.175; 3.G.231.240; 3.G.231.244; 3.G.236.228; 3.G.236.229;
3.G.236.230; 3.G.236.231; 3.G.236.236; 3.G.236.237; 3.G.236.238; 3.G.236.239;
3.G.236.154; 3.G.236.157; 3.G.236.166; 3.G.236.169; 3.G.236.172; 3.G.236.175;
3.G.236.240; 3.G.236.244; 3.G.237.228; 3.G.237.229; 3.G.237.230; 3.G.237.231;
3.G.237.236; 3.G.237.237; 3.G.237.238; 3.G.237.239; 3.G.237.154; 3.G.237.157;
3.G.237.166; 3.G.237.169; 3.G.237.172; 3.G.237.175; 3.G.237.240; 3.G.237.244;
3.G.238.228; 3.G.238.229; 3.G.238.230; 3.G.238.231; 3.G.238.236; 3.G.238.237;
3.G.238.238; 3.G.238.239; 3.G.238.154; 3.G.238.157; 3.G.238.166; 3.G.238.169;
3.G.238.172; 3.G.238.175; 3.G.238.240; 3.G.238.244; 3.G.239.228; 3.G.239.229;
3.G.239.230; 3.G.239.231; 3.G.239.236; 3.G.239.237; 3.G.239.238; 3.G.239.239;
3.G.239.154; 3.G.239.157; 3.G.239.166; 3.G.239.169; 3.G.239.172; 3.G.239.175;
3.G.239.240; 3.G.239.244; 3.G.154.228; 3.G.154.229; 3.G.154.230; 3.G.154.231;
3.G.154.236; 3.G.154.237; 3.G.154.238; 3.G.154.239; 3.G.154.154; 3.G.154.157;
3.G.154.166; 3.G.154.169; 3.G.154.172; 3.G.154.175; 3.G.154.240; 3.G.154.244;
3.G.157.228; 3.G.157.229; 3.G.157.230; 3.G.157.231; 3.G.157.236; 3.G.157.237;
3.G.157.238; 3.G.157.239; 3.G.157.154; 3.G.157.157; 3.G.157.166; 3.G.157.169;
3.G.157.172; 3.G.157.175; 3.G.157.240; 3.G.157.244; 3.G.166.228; 3.G.166.229;
3.G.166.230; 3.G.166.231; 3.G.166.236; 3.G.166.237; 3.G.166.238; 3.G.166.239;
3.G.166.154; 3.G.166.157; 3.G.166.166; 3.G.166.169; 3.G.166.172; 3.G.166.175;
3.G.166.240; 3.G.166.244; 3.G.169.228; 3.G.169.229; 3.G.169.230; 3.G.169.231;
3.G.169.236; 3.G.169.237; 3.G.169.238; 3.G.169.239; 3.G.169.154; 3.G.169.157;
3.G.169.166; 3.G.169.169; 3.G.169.172; 3.G.169.175; 3.G.169.240; 3.G.169.244;
3.G.172.228; 3.G.172.229; 3.G.172.230; 3.G.172.231; 3.G.172.236; 3.G.172.237;
3.G.172.238; 3.G.172.239; 3.G.172.154; 3.G.172.157; 3.G.172.166; 3.G.172.169;
3.G.172.172; 3.G.172.175; 3.G.172.240; 3.G.172.244; 3.G.175.228; 3.G.175.229;
3.G.175.230; 3.G.175.231; 3.G.175.236; 3.G.175.237; 3.G.175.238; 3.G.175.239;
3.G.175.154; 3.G.175.157; 3.G.175.166; 3.G.175.169; 3.G.175.172; 3.G.175.175;
3.G.175.240; 3.G.175.244; 3.G.240.228; 3.G.240.229; 3.G.240.230; 3.G.240.231;
3.G.240.236; 3.G.240.237; 3.G.240.238; 3.G.240.239; 3.G.240.154; 3.G.240.157;
3.G.240.166; 3.G.240.169; 3.G.240.172; 3.G.240.175; 3.G.240.240; 3.G.240.244;
3.G.244.228; 3.G.244.229; 3.G.244.230; 3.G.244.231; 3.G.244.236; 3.G.244.237;
3.G.244.238; 3.G.244.239; 3.G.244.154; 3.G.244.157; 3.G.244.166; 3.G.244.169;
3.G.244.172; 3.G.244.175; 3.G.244.240; 3.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.I
3.I.228.228; 3.I.228.229; 3.I.228.230; 3.I.228.231; 3.I.228.236; 3.I.228.237; 3.I.228.238;
3.I.228.239; 3.I.228.154; 3.I.228.157; 3.I.228.166; 3.I.228.169; 3.I.228.172; 3.I.228.175;
3.I.228.240; 3.I.228.244; 3.I.229.228; 3.I.229.229; 3.I.229.230; 3.I.229.231; 3.I.229.236;
3.I.229.237; 3.I.229.238; 3.I.229.239; 3.I.229.154; 3.I.229.157; 3.I.229.166; 3.I.229.169;
3.I.229.172; 3.I.229.175; 3.I.229.240; 3.I.229.244; 3.I.230.228; 3.I.230.229; 3.I.230.230;
3.I.230.231; 3.I.230.236; 3.I.230.237; 3.I.230.238; 3.I.230.239; 3.I.230.154; 3.I.230.157;
3.I.230.166; 3.I.230.169; 3.I.230.172; 3.I.230.175; 3.I.230.240; 3.I.230.244; 3.I.231.228;
3.I.231.229; 3.I.231.230; 3.I.231.231; 3.I.231.236; 3.I.231.237; 3.I.231.238; 3.I.231.239;
3.I.231.154; 3.I.231.157; 3.I.231.166; 3.I.231.169; 3.I.231.172; 3.I.231.175; 3.I.231.240;
3.I.231.244; 3.I.236.228; 3.I.236.229; 3.I.236.230; 3.I.236.231; 3.I.236.236; 3.I.236.237;
3.I.236.238; 3.I.236.239; 3.I.236.154; 3.I.236.157; 3.I.236.166; 3.I.236.169; 3.I.236.172;
3.I.236.175; 3.I.236.240; 3.I.236.244; 3.I.237.228; 3.I.237.229; 3.I.237.230; 3.I.237.231;
3.I.237.236; 3.I.237.237; 3.I.237.238; 3.I.237.239; 3.I.237.154; 3.I.237.157; 3.I.237.166;
3.I.237.169; 3.I.237.172; 3.I.237.175; 3.I.237.240; 3.I.237.244; 3.I.238.228; 3.I.238.229;
3.I.238.230; 3.I.238.231; 3.I.238.236; 3.I.238.237; 3.I.238.238; 3.I.238.239; 3.I.238.154;
3.I.238.157; 3.I.238.166; 3.I.238.169; 3.I.238.172; 3.I.238.175; 3.I.238.240; 3.I.238.244;
3.I.239.228; 3.I.239.229; 3.I.239.230; 3.I.239.231; 3.I.239.236; 3.I.239.237; 3.I.239.238;
3.I.239.239; 3.I.239.154; 3.I.239.157; 3.I.239.166; 3.I.239.169; 3.I.239.172; 3.I.239.175;
3.I.239.240; 3.I.239.244; 3.I.154.228; 3.I.154.229; 3.I.154.230; 3.I.154.231; 3.I.154.236;
3.I.154.237; 3.I.154.238; 3.I.154.239; 3.I.154.154; 3.I.154.157; 3.I.154.166; 3.I.154.169;
3.I.154.172; 3.I.154.175; 3.I.154.240; 3.I.154.244; 3.I.157.228; 3.I.157.229; 3.I.157.230;
3.I.157.231; 3.I.157.236; 3.I.157.237; 3.I.157.238; 3.I.157.239; 3.I.157.154; 3.I.157.157;
3.I.157.166; 3.I.157.169; 3.I.157.172; 3.I.157.175; 3.I.157.240; 3.I.157.244; 3.I.166.228;
3.I.166.229; 3.I.166.230; 3.I.166.231; 3.I.166.236; 3.I.166.237; 3.I.166.238; 3.I.166.239;
3.I.166.154; 3.I.166.157; 3.I.166.166; 3.I.166.169; 3.I.166.172; 3.I.166.175; 3.I.166.240;
3.I.166.244; 3.I.169.228; 3.I.169.229; 3.I.169.230; 3.I.169.231; 3.I.169.236; 3.I.169.237;
3.I.169.238; 3.I.169.239; 3.I.169.154; 3.I.169.157; 3.I.169.166; 3.I.169.169; 3.I.169.172;
3.I.169.175; 3.I.169.240; 3.I.169.244; 3.I.172.228; 3.I.172.229; 3.I.172.230; 3.I.172.231;
3.I.172.236; 3.I.172.237; 3.I.172.238; 3.I.172.239; 3.I.172.154; 3.I.172.157; 3.I.172.166;
3.I.172.169; 3.I.172.172; 3.I.172.175; 3.I.172.240; 3.I.172.244; 3.I.175.228; 3.I.175.229;
3.I.175.230; 3.I.175.231; 3.I.175.236; 3.I.175.237; 3.I.175.238; 3.I.175.239; 3.I.175.154;
3.I.175.157; 3.I.175.166; 3.I.175.169; 3.I.175.172; 3.I.175.175; 3.I.175.240; 3.I.175.244;
3.I.240.228; 3.I.240.229; 3.I.240.230; 3.I.240.231; 3.I.240.236; 3.I.240.237; 3.I.240.238;
3.I.240.239; 3.I.240.154; 3.I.240.157; 3.I.240.166; 3.I.240.169; 3.I.240.172; 3.I.240.175;
3.I.240.240; 3.I.240.244; 3.I.244.228; 3.I.244.229; 3.I.244.230; 3.I.244.231; 3.I.244.236;
3.I.244.237; 3.I.244.238; 3.I.244.239; 3.I.244.154; 3.I.244.157; 3.I.244.166; 3.I.244.169;
3.I.244.172; 3.I.244.175; 3.I.244.240; 3.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.J
3.J.228.228; 3.J.228.229; 3.J.228.230; 3.J.228.231; 3.J.228.236; 3.J.228.237; 3.J.228.238;
3.J.228.239; 3.J.228.154; 3.J.228.157; 3.J.228.166; 3.J.228.169; 3.J.228.172; 3.J.228.175;
3.J.228.240; 3.J.228.244; 3.J.229.228; 3.J.229.229; 3.J.229.230; 3.J.229.231; 3.J.229.236;
3.J.229.237; 3.J.229.238; 3.J.229.239; 3.J.229.154; 3.J.229.157; 3.J.229.166; 3.J.229.169;
3.J.229.172; 3.J.229.175; 3.J.229.240; 3.J.229.244; 3.J.230.228; 3.J.230.229; 3.J.230.230;
3.J.230.231; 3.J.230.236; 3.J.230.237; 3.J.230.238; 3.J.230.239; 3.J.230.154; 3.J.230.157;
3.J.230.166; 3.J.230.169; 3.J.230.172; 3.J.230.175; 3.J.230.240; 3.J.230.244; 3.J.231.228;
3.J.231.229; 3.J.231.230; 3.J.231.231; 3.J.231.236; 3.J.231.237; 3.J.231.238; 3.J.231.239;
3.J.231.154; 3.J.231.157; 3.J.231.166; 3.J.231.169; 3.J.231.172; 3.J.231.175; 3.J.231.240;
3.J.231.244; 3.J.236.228; 3.J.236.229; 3.J.236.230; 3.J.236.231; 3.J.236.236; 3.J.236.237;
3.J.236.238; 3.J.236.239; 3.J.236.154; 3.J.236.157; 3.J.236.166; 3.J.236.169; 3.J.236.172;
3.J.236.175; 3.J.236.240; 3.J.236.244; 3.J.237.228; 3.J.237.229; 3.J.237.230; 3.J.237.231;
3.J.237.236; 3.J.237.237; 3.J.237.238; 3.J.237.239; 3.J.237.154; 3.J.237.157; 3.J.237.166;
3.J.237.169; 3.J.237.172; 3.J.237.175; 3.J.237.240; 3.J.237.244; 3.J.238.228; 3.J.238.229;
3.J.238.230; 3.J.238.231; 3.J.238.236; 3.J.238.237; 3.J.238.238; 3.J.238.239; 3.J.238.154;
3.J.238.157; 3.J.238.166; 3.J.238.169; 3.J.238.172; 3.J.238.175; 3.J.238.240; 3.J.238.244;
3.J.239.228; 3.J.239.229; 3.J.239.230; 3.J.239.231; 3.J.239.236; 3.J.239.237; 3.J.239.238;
3.J.239.239; 3.J.239.154; 3.J.239.157; 3.J.239.166; 3.J.239.169; 3.J.239.172; 3.J.239.175;
3.J.239.240; 3.J.239.244; 3.J.154.228; 3.J.154.229; 3.J.154.230; 3.J.154.231; 3.J.154.236;
3.J.154.237; 3.J.154.238; 3.J.154.239; 3.J.154.154; 3.J.154.157; 3.J.154.166; 3.J.154.169;
3.J.154.172; 3.J.154.175; 3.J.154.240; 3.J.154.244; 3.J.157.228; 3.J.157.229; 3.J.157.230;
3.J.157.231; 3.J.157.236; 3.J.157.237; 3.J.157.238; 3.J.157.239; 3.J.157.154; 3.J.157.157;
3.J.157.166; 3.J.157.169; 3.J.157.172; 3.J.157.175; 3.J.157.240; 3.J.157.244; 3.J.166.228;
3.J.166.229; 3.J.166.230; 3.J.166.231; 3.J.166.236; 3.J.166.237; 3.J.166.238; 3.J.166.239;
3.J.166.154; 3.J.166.157; 3.J.166.166; 3.J.166.169; 3.J.166.172; 3.J.166.175; 3.J.166.240;
3.J.166.244; 3.J.169.228; 3.J.169.229; 3.J.169.230; 3.J.169.231; 3.J.169.236; 3.J.169.237;
3.J.169.238; 3.J.169.239; 3.J.169.154; 3.J.169.157; 3.J.169.166; 3.J.169.169; 3.J.169.172;
3.J.169.175; 3.J.169.240; 3.J.169.244; 3.J.172.228; 3.J.172.229; 3.J.172.230; 3.J.172.231;
3.J.172.236; 3.J.172.237; 3.J.172.238; 3.J.172.239; 3.J.172.154; 3.J.172.157; 3.J.172.166;
3.J.172.169; 3.J.172.172; 3.J.172.175; 3.J.172.240; 3.J.172.244; 3.J.175.228; 3.J.175.229;
3.J.175.230; 3.J.175.231; 3.J.175.236; 3.J.175.237; 3.J.175.238; 3.J.175.239; 3.J.175.154;
3.J.175.157; 3.J.175.166; 3.J.175.169; 3.J.175.172; 3.J.175.175; 3.J.175.240; 3.J.175.244;
3.J.240.228; 3.J.240.229; 3.J.240.230; 3.J.240.231; 3.J.240.236; 3.J.240.237; 3.J.240.238;
3.J.240.239; 3.J.240.154; 3.J.240.157; 3.J.240.166; 3.J.240.169; 3.J.240.172; 3.J.240.175;
3.J.240.240; 3.J.240.244; 3.J.244.228; 3.J.244.229; 3.J.244.230; 3.J.244.231; 3.J.244.236;
3.J.244.237; 3.J.244.238; 3.J.244.239; 3.J.244.154; 3.J.244.157; 3.J.244.166; 3.J.244.169;
3.J.244.172; 3.J.244.175; 3.J.244.240; 3.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.L
3.L.228.228; 3.L.228.229; 3.L.228.230; 3.L.228.231; 3.L.228.236; 3.L.228.237;
3.L.228.238; 3.L.228.239; 3.L.228.154; 3.L.228.157; 3.L.228.166; 3.L.228.169;
3.L.228.172; 3.L.228.175; 3.L.228.240; 3.L.228.244; 3.L.229.228; 3.L.229.229;
3.L.229.230; 3.L.229.231; 3.L.229.236; 3.L.229.237; 3.L.229.238; 3.L.229.239;
3.L.229.154; 3.L.229.157; 3.L.229.166; 3.L.229.169; 3.L.229.172; 3.L.229.175;
3.L.229.240; 3.L.229.244; 3.L.230.228; 3.L.230.229; 3.L.230.230; 3.L.230.231;
3.L.230.236; 3.L.230.237; 3.L.230.238; 3.L.230.239; 3.L.230.154; 3.L.230.157;
3.L.230.166; 3.L.230.169; 3.L.230.172; 3.L.230.175; 3.L.230.240; 3.L.230.244;
3.L.231.228; 3.L.231.229; 3.L.231.230; 3.L.231.231; 3.L.231.236; 3.L.231.237;
3.L.231.238; 3.L.231.239; 3.L.231.154; 3.L.231.157; 3.L.231.166; 3.L.231.169;
3.L.231.172; 3.L.231.175; 3.L.231.240; 3.L.231.244; 3.L.236.228; 3.L.236.229;
3.L.236.230; 3.L.236.231; 3.L.236.236; 3.L.236.237; 3.L.236.238; 3.L.236.239;
3.L.236.154; 3.L.236.157; 3.L.236.166; 3.L.236.169; 3.L.236.172; 3.L.236.175;
3.L.236.240; 3.L.236.244; 3.L.237.228; 3.L.237.229; 3.L.237.230; 3.L.237.231;
3.L.237.236; 3.L.237.237; 3.L.237.238; 3.L.237.239; 3.L.237.154; 3.L.237.157;
3.L.237.166; 3.L.237.169; 3.L.237.172; 3.L.237.175; 3.L.237.240; 3.L.237.244;
3.L.238.228; 3.L.238.229; 3.L.238.230; 3.L.238.231; 3.L.238.236; 3.L.238.237;
3.L.238.238; 3.L.238.239; 3.L.238.154; 3.L.238.157; 3.L.238.166; 3.L.238.169;
3.L.238.172; 3.L.238.175; 3.L.238.240; 3.L.238.244; 3.L.239.228; 3.L.239.229;
3.L.239.230; 3.L.239.231; 3.L.239.236; 3.L.239.237; 3.L.239.238; 3.L.239.239;
3.L.239.154; 3.L.239.157; 3.L.239.166; 3.L.239.169; 3.L.239.172; 3.L.239.175;
3.L.239.240; 3.L.239.244; 3.L.154.228; 3.L.154.229; 3.L.154.230; 3.L.154.231;
3.L.154.236; 3.L.154.237; 3.L.154.238; 3.L.154.239; 3.L.154.154; 3.L.154.157;
3.L.154.166; 3.L.154.169; 3.L.154.172; 3.L.154.175; 3.L.154.240; 3.L.154.244;
3.L.157.228; 3.L.157.229; 3.L.157.230; 3.L.157.231; 3.L.157.236; 3.L.157.237;
3.L.157.238; 3.L.157.239; 3.L.157.154; 3.L.157.157; 3.L.157.166; 3.L.157.169;
3.L.157.172; 3.L.157.175; 3.L.157.240; 3.L.157.244; 3.L.166.228; 3.L.166.229;
3.L.166.230; 3.L.166.231; 3.L.166.236; 3.L.166.237; 3.L.166.238; 3.L.166.239;
3.L.166.154; 3.L.166.157; 3.L.166.166; 3.L.166.169; 3.L.166.172; 3.L.166.175;
3.L.166.240; 3.L.166.244; 3.L.169.228; 3.L.169.229; 3.L.169.230; 3.L.169.231;
3.L.169.236; 3.L.169.237; 3.L.169.238; 3.L.169.239; 3.L.169.154; 3.L.169.157;
3.L.169.166; 3.L.169.169; 3.L.169.172; 3.L.169.175; 3.L.169.240; 3.L.169.244;
3.L.172.228; 3.L.172.229; 3.L.172.230; 3.L.172.231; 3.L.172.236; 3.L.172.237;
3.L.172.238; 3.L.172.239; 3.L.172.154; 3.L.172.157; 3.L.172.166; 3.L.172.169;
3.L.172.172; 3.L.172.175; 3.L.172.240; 3.L.172.244; 3.L.175.228; 3.L.175.229;
3.L.175.230; 3.L.175.231; 3.L.175.236; 3.L.175.237; 3.L.175.238; 3.L.175.239;
3.L.175.154; 3.L.175.157; 3.L.175.166; 3.L.175.169; 3.L.175.172; 3.L.175.175;
3.L.175.240; 3.L.175.244; 3.L.240.228; 3.L.240.229; 3.L.240.230; 3.L.240.231;
3.L.240.236; 3.L.240.237; 3.L.240.238; 3.L.240.239; 3.L.240.154; 3.L.240.157;
3.L.240.166; 3.L.240.169; 3.L.240.172; 3.L.240.175; 3.L.240.240; 3.L.240.244;
3.L.244.228; 3.L.244.229; 3.L.244.230; 3.L.244.231; 3.L.244.236; 3.L.244.237;
3.L.244.238; 3.L.244.239; 3.L.244.154; 3.L.244.157; 3.L.244.166; 3.L.244.169;
3.L.244.172; 3.L.244.175; 3.L.244.240; 3.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.O
3.O.228.228; 3.O.228.229; 3.O.228.230; 3.O.228.231; 3.O.228.236; 3.O.228.237;
3.O.228.238; 3.O.228.239; 3.O.228.154; 3.O.228.157; 3.O.228.166; 3.O.228.169;
3.O.228.172; 3.O.228.175; 3.O.228.240; 3.O.228.244; 3.O.229.228; 3.O.229.229;
3.O.229.230; 3.O.229.231; 3.O.229.236; 3.O.229.237; 3.O.229.238; 3.O.229.239;
3.O.229.154; 3.O.229.157; 3.O.229.166; 3.O.229.169; 3.O.229.172; 3.O.229.175;
3.O.229.240; 3.O.229.244; 3.O.230.228; 3.O.230.229; 3.O.230.230; 3.O.230.231;
3.O.230.236; 3.O.230.237; 3.O.230.238; 3.O.230.239; 3.O.230.154; 3.O.230.157;
3.O.230.166; 3.O.230.169; 3.O.230.172; 3.O.230.175; 3.O.230.240; 3.O.230.244;
3.O.231.228; 3.O.231.229; 3.O.231.230; 3.O.231.231; 3.O.231.236; 3.O.231.237;
3.O.231.238; 3.O.231.239; 3.O.231.154; 3.O.231.157; 3.O.231.166; 3.O.231.169;
3.O.231.172; 3.O.231.175; 3.O.231.240; 3.O.231.244; 3.O.236.228; 3.O.236.229;
3.O.236.230; 3.O.236.231; 3.O.236.236; 3.O.236.237; 3.O.236.238; 3.O.236.239;
3.O.236.154; 3.O.236.157; 3.O.236.166; 3.O.236.169; 3.O.236.172; 3.O.236.175;
3.O.236.240; 3.O.236.244; 3.O.237.228; 3.O.237.229; 3.O.237.230; 3.O.237.231;
3.O.237.236; 3.O.237.237; 3.O.237.238; 3.O.237.239; 3.O.237.154; 3.O.237.157;
3.O.237.166; 3.O.237.169; 3.O.237.172; 3.O.237.175; 3.O.237.240; 3.O.237.244;
3.O.238.228; 3.O.238.229; 3.O.238.230; 3.O.238.231; 3.O.238.236; 3.O.238.237;
3.O.238.238; 3.O.238.239; 3.O.238.154; 3.O.238.157; 3.O.238.166; 3.O.238.169;
3.O.238.172; 3.O.238.175; 3.O.238.240; 3.O.238.244; 3.O.239.228; 3.O.239.229;
3.O.239.230; 3.O.239.231; 3.O.239.236; 3.O.239.237; 3.O.239.238; 3.O.239.239;
3.O.239.154; 3.O.239.157; 3.O.239.166; 3.O.239.169; 3.O.239.172; 3.O.239.175;
3.O.239.240; 3.O.239.244; 3.O.154.228; 3.O.154.229; 3.O.154.230; 3.O.154.231;
3.O.154.236; 3.O.154.237; 3.O.154.238; 3.O.154.239; 3.O.154.154; 3.O.154.157;
3.O.154.166; 3.O.154.169; 3.O.154.172; 3.O.154.175; 3.O.154.240; 3.O.154.244;
3.O.157.228; 3.O.157.229; 3.O.157.230; 3.O.157.231; 3.O.157.236; 3.O.157.237;
3.O.157.238; 3.O.157.239; 3.O.157.154; 3.O.157.157; 3.O.157.166; 3.O.157.169;
3.O.157.172; 3.O.157.175; 3.O.157.240; 3.O.157.244; 3.O.166.228; 3.O.166.229;
3.O.166.230; 3.O.166.231; 3.O.166.236; 3.O.166.237; 3.O.166.238; 3.O.166.239;
3.O.166.154; 3.O.166.157; 3.O.166.166; 3.O.166.169; 3.O.166.172; 3.O.166.175;
3.O.166.240; 3.O.166.244; 3.O.169.228; 3.O.169.229; 3.O.169.230; 3.O.169.231;
3.O.169.236; 3.O.169.237; 3.O.169.238; 3.O.169.239; 3.O.169.154; 3.O.169.157;
3.O.169.166; 3.O.169.169; 3.O.169.172; 3.O.169.175; 3.O.169.240; 3.O.169.244;
3.O.172.228; 3.O.172.229; 3.O.172.230; 3.O.172.231; 3.O.172.236; 3.O.172.237;
3.O.172.238; 3.O.172.239; 3.O.172.154; 3.O.172.157; 3.O.172.166; 3.O.172.169;
3.O.172.172; 3.O.172.175; 3.O.172.240; 3.O.172.244; 3.O.175.228; 3.O.175.229;
3.O.175.230; 3.O.175.231; 3.O.175.236; 3.O.175.237; 3.O.175.238; 3.O.175.239;
3.O.175.154; 3.O.175.157; 3.O.175.166; 3.O.175.169; 3.O.175.172; 3.O.175.175;
3.O.175.240; 3.O.175.244; 3.O.240.228; 3.O.240.229; 3.O.240.230; 3.O.240.231;
3.O.240.236; 3.O.240.237; 3.O.240.238; 3.O.240.239; 3.O.240.154; 3.O.240.157;
3.O.240.166; 3.O.240.169; 3.O.240.172; 3.O.240.175; 3.O.240.240; 3.O.240.244;
3.O.244.228; 3.O.244.229; 3.O.244.230; 3.O.244.231; 3.O.244.236; 3.O.244.237;
3.O.244.238; 3.O.244.239; 3.O.244.154; 3.O.244.157; 3.O.244.166; 3.O.244.169;
3.O.244.172; 3.O.244.175; 3.O.244.240; 3.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.P
3.P.228.228; 3.P.228.229; 3.P.228.230; 3.P.228.231; 3.P.228.236; 3.P.228.237;
3.P.228.238; 3.P.228.239; 3.P.228.154; 3.P.228.157; 3.P.228.166; 3.P.228.169; 3.P.228.172;
3.P.228.175; 3.P.228.240; 3.P.228.244; 3.P.229.228; 3.P.229.229; 3.P.229.230; 3.P.229.231;
3.P.229.236; 3.P.229.237; 3.P.229.238; 3.P.229.239; 3.P.229.154; 3.P.229.157; 3.P.229.166;
3.P.229.169; 3.P.229.172; 3.P.229.175; 3.P.229.240; 3.P.229.244; 3.P.230.228; 3.P.230.229;
3.P.230.230; 3.P.230.231; 3.P.230.236; 3.P.230.237; 3.P.230.238; 3.P.230.239; 3.P.230.154;
3.P.230.157; 3.P.230.166; 3.P.230.169; 3.P.230.172; 3.P.230.175; 3.P.230.240; 3.P.230.244;
3.P.231.228; 3.P.231.229; 3.P.231.230; 3.P.231.231; 3.P.231.236; 3.P.231.237; 3.P.231.238;
3.P.231.239; 3.P.231.154; 3.P.231.157; 3.P.231.166; 3.P.231.169; 3.P.231.172; 3.P.231.175;
3.P.231.240; 3.P.231.244; 3.P.236.228; 3.P.236.229; 3.P.236.230; 3.P.236.231; 3.P.236.236;
3.P.236.237; 3.P.236.238; 3.P.236.239; 3.P.236.154; 3.P.236.157; 3.P.236.166; 3.P.236.169;
3.P.236.172; 3.P.236.175; 3.P.236.240; 3.P.236.244; 3.P.237.228; 3.P.237.229; 3.P.237.230;
3.P.237.231; 3.P.237.236; 3.P.237.237; 3.P.237.238; 3.P.237.239; 3.P.237.154; 3.P.237.157;
3.P.237.166; 3.P.237.169; 3.P.237.172; 3.P.237.175; 3.P.237.240; 3.P.237.244; 3.P.238.228;
3.P.238.229; 3.P.238.230; 3.P.238.231; 3.P.238.236; 3.P.238.237; 3.P.238.238; 3.P.238.239;
3.P.238.154; 3.P.238.157; 3.P.238.166; 3.P.238.169; 3.P.238.172; 3.P.238.175; 3.P.238.240;
3.P.238.244; 3.P.239.228; 3.P.239.229; 3.P.239.230; 3.P.239.231; 3.P.239.236; 3.P.239.237;
3.P.239.238; 3.P.239.239; 3.P.239.154; 3.P.239.157; 3.P.239.166; 3.P.239.169; 3.P.239.172;
3.P.239.175; 3.P.239.240; 3.P.239.244; 3.P.154.228; 3.P.154.229; 3.P.154.230; 3.P.154.231;
3.P.154.236; 3.P.154.237; 3.P.154.238; 3.P.154.239; 3.P.154.154; 3.P.154.157; 3.P.154.166;
3.P.154.169; 3.P.154.172; 3.P.154.175; 3.P.154.240; 3.P.154.244; 3.P.157.228; 3.P.157.229;
3.P.157.230; 3.P.157.231; 3.P.157.236; 3.P.157.237; 3.P.157.238; 3.P.157.239; 3.P.157.154;
3.P.157.157; 3.P.157.166; 3.P.157.169; 3.P.157.172; 3.P.157.175; 3.P.157.240; 3.P.157.244;
3.P.166.228; 3.P.166.229; 3.P.166.230; 3.P.166.231; 3.P.166.236; 3.P.166.237; 3.P.166.238;
3.P.166.239; 3.P.166.154; 3.P.166.157; 3.P.166.166; 3.P.166.169; 3.P.166.172; 3.P.166.175;
3.P.166.240; 3.P.166.244; 3.P.169.228; 3.P.169.229; 3.P.169.230; 3.P.169.231; 3.P.169.236;
3.P.169.237; 3.P.169.238; 3.P.169.239; 3.P.169.154; 3.P.169.157; 3.P.169.166; 3.P.169.169;
3.P.169.172; 3.P.169.175; 3.P.169.240; 3.P.169.244; 3.P.172.228; 3.P.172.229; 3.P.172.230;
3.P.172.231; 3.P.172.236; 3.P.172.237; 3.P.172.238; 3.P.172.239; 3.P.172.154; 3.P.172.157;
3.P.172.166; 3.P.172.169; 3.P.172.172; 3.P.172.175; 3.P.172.240; 3.P.172.244; 3.P.175.228;
3.P.175.229; 3.P.175.230; 3.P.175.231; 3.P.175.236; 3.P.175.237; 3.P.175.238; 3.P.175.239;
3.P.175.154; 3.P.175.157; 3.P.175.166; 3.P.175.169; 3.P.175.172; 3.P.175.175; 3.P.175.240;
3.P.175.244; 3.P.240.228; 3.P.240.229; 3.P.240.230; 3.P.240.231; 3.P.240.236; 3.P.240.237;
3.P.240.238; 3.P.240.239; 3.P.240.154; 3.P.240.157; 3.P.240.166; 3.P.240.169; 3.P.240.172;
3.P.240.175; 3.P.240.240; 3.P.240.244; 3.P.244.228; 3.P.244.229; 3.P.244.230; 3.P.244.231;
3.P.244.236; 3.P.244.237; 3.P.244.238; 3.P.244.239; 3.P.244.154; 3.P.244.157; 3.P.244.166;
3.P.244.169; 3.P.244.172; 3.P.244.175; 3.P.244.240; 3.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.U
3.U.228.228; 3.U.228.229; 3.U.228.230; 3.U.228.231; 3.U.228.236; 3.U.228.237;
3.U.228.238; 3.U.228.239; 3.U.228.154; 3.U.228.157; 3.U.228.166; 3.U.228.169;
3.U.228.172; 3.U.228.175; 3.U.228.240; 3.U.228.244; 3.U.229.228; 3.U.229.229;
3.U.229.230; 3.U.229.231; 3.U.229.236; 3.U.229.237; 3.U.229.238; 3.U.229.239;
3.U.229.154; 3.U.229.157; 3.U.229.166; 3.U.229.169; 3.U.229.172; 3.U.229.175;
3.U.229.240; 3.U.229.244; 3.U.230.228; 3.U.230.229; 3.U.230.230; 3.U.230.231;
3.U.230.236; 3.U.230.237; 3.U.230.238; 3.U.230.239; 3.U.230.154; 3.U.230.157;
3.U.230.166; 3.U.230.169; 3.U.230.172; 3.U.230.175; 3.U.230.240; 3.U.230.244;
3.U.231.228; 3.U.231.229; 3.U.231.230; 3.U.231.231; 3.U.231.236; 3.U.231.237;
3.U.231.238; 3.U.231.239; 3.U.231.154; 3.U.231.157; 3.U.231.166; 3.U.231.169;
3.U.231.172; 3.U.231.175; 3.U.231.240; 3.U.231.244; 3.U.236.228; 3.U.236.229;
3.U.236.230; 3.U.236.231; 3.U.236.236; 3.U.236.237; 3.U.236.238; 3.U.236.239;
3.U.236.154; 3.U.236.157; 3.U.236.166; 3.U.236.169; 3.U.236.172; 3.U.236.175;
3.U.236.240; 3.U.236.244; 3.U.237.228; 3.U.237.229; 3.U.237.230; 3.U.237.231;
3.U.237.236; 3.U.237.237; 3.U.237.238; 3.U.237.239; 3.U.237.154; 3.U.237.157;
3.U.237.166; 3.U.237.169; 3.U.237.172; 3.U.237.175; 3.U.237.240; 3.U.237.244;
3.U.238.228; 3.U.238.229; 3.U.238.230; 3.U.238.231; 3.U.238.236; 3.U.238.237;
3.U.238.238; 3.U.238.239; 3.U.238.154; 3.U.238.157; 3.U.238.166; 3.U.238.169;
3.U.238.172; 3.U.238.175; 3.U.238.240; 3.U.238.244; 3.U.239.228; 3.U.239.229;
3.U.239.230; 3.U.239.231; 3.U.239.236; 3.U.239.237; 3.U.239.238; 3.U.239.239;
3.U.239.154; 3.U.239.157; 3.U.239.166; 3.U.239.169; 3.U.239.172; 3.U.239.175;
3.U.239.240; 3.U.239.244; 3.U.154.228; 3.U.154.229; 3.U.154.230; 3.U.154.231;
3.U.154.236; 3.U.154.237; 3.U.154.238; 3.U.154.239; 3.U.154.154; 3.U.154.157;
3.U.154.166; 3.U.154.169; 3.U.154.172; 3.U.154.175; 3.U.154.240; 3.U.154.244;
3.U.157.228; 3.U.157.229; 3.U.157.230; 3.U.157.231; 3.U.157.236; 3.U.157.237;
3.U.157.238; 3.U.157.239; 3.U.157.154; 3.U.157.157; 3.U.157.166; 3.U.157.169;
3.U.157.172; 3.U.157.175; 3.U.157.240; 3.U.157.244; 3.U.166.228; 3.U.166.229;
3.U.166.230; 3.U.166.231; 3.U.166.236; 3.U.166.237; 3.U.166.238; 3.U.166.239;
3.U.166.154; 3.U.166.157; 3.U.166.166; 3.U.166.169; 3.U.166.172; 3.U.166.175;
3.U.166.240; 3.U.166.244; 3.U.169.228; 3.U.169.229; 3.U.169.230; 3.U.169.231;
3.U.169.236; 3.U.169.237; 3.U.169.238; 3.U.169.239; 3.U.169.154; 3.U.169.157;
3.U.169.166; 3.U.169.169; 3.U.169.172; 3.U.169.175; 3.U.169.240; 3.U.169.244;
3.U.172.228; 3.U.172.229; 3.U.172.230; 3.U.172.231; 3.U.172.236; 3.U.172.237;
3.U.172.238; 3.U.172.239; 3.U.172.154; 3.U.172.157; 3.U.172.166; 3.U.172.169;
3.U.172.172; 3.U.172.175; 3.U.172.240; 3.U.172.244; 3.U.175.228; 3.U.175.229;
3.U.175.230; 3.U.175.231; 3.U.175.236; 3.U.175.237; 3.U.175.238; 3.U.175.239;
3.U.175.154; 3.U.175.157; 3.U.175.166; 3.U.175.169; 3.U.175.172; 3.U.175.175;
3.U.175.240; 3.U.175.244; 3.U.240.228; 3.U.240.229; 3.U.240.230; 3.U.240.231;
3.U.240.236; 3.U.240.237; 3.U.240.238; 3.U.240.239; 3.U.240.154; 3.U.240.157;
3.U.240.166; 3.U.240.169; 3.U.240.172; 3.U.240.175; 3.U.240.240; 3.U.240.244;
3.U.244.228; 3.U.244.229; 3.U.244.230; 3.U.244.231; 3.U.244.236; 3.U.244.237;
3.U.244.238; 3.U.244.239; 3.U.244.154; 3.U.244.157; 3.U.244.166; 3.U.244.169;
3.U.244.172; 3.U.244.175; 3.U.244.240; 3.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.W
3.W.228.228; 3.W.228.229; 3.W.228.230; 3.W.228.231; 3.W.228.236; 3.W.228.237;
3.W.228.238; 3.W.228.239; 3.W.228.154; 3.W.228.157; 3.W.228.166; 3.W.228.169;
3.W.228.172; 3.W.228.175; 3.W.228.240; 3.W.228.244; 3.W.229.228; 3.W.229.229;
3.W.229.230; 3.W.229.231; 3.W.229.236; 3.W.229.237; 3.W.229.238; 3.W.229.239;
3.W.229.154; 3.W.229.157; 3.W.229.166; 3.W.229.169; 3.W.229.172; 3.W.229.175;
3.W.229.240; 3.W.229.244; 3.W.230.228; 3.W.230.229; 3.W.230.230; 3.W.230.231;
3.W.230.236; 3.W.230.237; 3.W.230.238; 3.W.230.239; 3.W.230.154; 3.W.230.157;
3.W.230.166; 3.W.230.169; 3.W.230.172; 3.W.230.175; 3.W.230.240; 3.W.230.244;
3.W.231.228; 3.W.231.229; 3.W.231.230; 3.W.231.231; 3.W.231.236; 3.W.231.237;
3.W.231.238; 3.W.231.239; 3.W.231.154; 3.W.231.157; 3.W.231.166; 3.W.231.169;
3.W.231.172; 3.W.231.175; 3.W.231.240; 3.W.231.244; 3.W.236.228; 3.W.236.229;
3.W.236.230; 3.W.236.231; 3.W.236.236; 3.W.236.237; 3.W.236.238; 3.W.236.239;
3.W.236.154; 3.W.236.157; 3.W.236.166; 3.W.236.169; 3.W.236.172; 3.W.236.175;
3.W.236.240; 3.W.236.244; 3.W.237.228; 3.W.237.229; 3.W.237.230; 3.W.237.231;
3.W.237.236; 3.W.237.237; 3.W.237.238; 3.W.237.239; 3.W.237.154; 3.W.237.157;
3.W.237.166; 3.W.237.169; 3.W.237.172; 3.W.237.175; 3.W.237.240; 3.W.237.244;
3.W.238.228; 3.W.238.229; 3.W.238.230; 3.W.238.231; 3.W.238.236; 3.W.238.237;
3.W.238.238; 3.W.238.239; 3.W.238.154; 3.W.238.157; 3.W.238.166; 3.W.238.169;
3.W.238.172; 3.W.238.175; 3.W.238.240; 3.W.238.244; 3.W.239.228; 3.W.239.229;
3.W.239.230; 3.W.239.231; 3.W.239.236; 3.W.239.237; 3.W.239.238; 3.W.239.239;
3.W.239.154; 3.W.239.157; 3.W.239.166; 3.W.239.169; 3.W.239.172; 3.W.239.175;
3.W.239.240; 3.W.239.244; 3.W.154.228; 3.W.154.229; 3.W.154.230; 3.W.154.231;
3.W.154.236; 3.W.154.237; 3.W.154.238; 3.W.154.239; 3.W.154.154; 3.W.154.157;
3.W.154.166; 3.W.154.169; 3.W.154.172; 3.W.154.175; 3.W.154.240; 3.W.154.244;
3.W.157.228; 3.W.157.229; 3.W.157.230; 3.W.157.231; 3.W.157.236; 3.W.157.237;
3.W.157.238; 3.W.157.239; 3.W.157.154; 3.W.157.157; 3.W.157.166; 3.W.157.169;
3.W.157.172; 3.W.157.175; 3.W.157.240; 3.W.157.244; 3.W.166.228; 3.W.166.229;
3.W.166.230; 3.W.166.231; 3.W.166.236; 3.W.166.237; 3.W.166.238; 3.W.166.239;
3.W.166.154; 3.W.166.157; 3.W.166.166; 3.W.166.169; 3.W.166.172; 3.W.166.175;
3.W.166.240; 3.W.166.244; 3.W.169.228; 3.W.169.229; 3.W.169.230; 3.W.169.231;
3.W.169.236; 3.W.169.237; 3.W.169.238; 3.W.169.239; 3.W.169.154; 3.W.169.157;
3.W.169.166; 3.W.169.169; 3.W.169.172; 3.W.169.175; 3.W.169.240; 3.W.169.244;
3.W.172.228; 3.W.172.229; 3.W.172.230; 3.W.172.231; 3.W.172.236; 3.W.172.237;
3.W.172.238; 3.W.172.239; 3.W.172.154; 3.W.172.157; 3.W.172.166; 3.W.172.169;
3.W.172.172; 3.W.172.175; 3.W.172.240; 3.W.172.244; 3.W.175.228; 3.W.175.229;
3.W.175.230; 3.W.175.231; 3.W.175.236; 3.W.175.237; 3.W.175.238; 3.W.175.239;
3.W.175.154; 3.W.175.157; 3.W.175.166; 3.W.175.169; 3.W.175.172; 3.W.175.175;
3.W.175.240; 3.W.175.244; 3.W.240.228; 3.W.240.229; 3.W.240.230; 3.W.240.231;
3.W.240.236; 3.W.240.237; 3.W.240.238; 3.W.240.239; 3.W.240.154; 3.W.240.157;
3.W.240.166; 3.W.240.169; 3.W.240.172; 3.W.240.175; 3.W.240.240; 3.W.240.244;
3.W.244.228; 3.W.244.229; 3.W.244.230; 3.W.244.231; 3.W.244.236; 3.W.244.237;
3.W.244.238; 3.W.244.239; 3.W.244.154; 3.W.244.157; 3.W.244.166; 3.W.244.169;
3.W.244.172; 3.W.244.175; 3.W.244.240; 3.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 3.Y
3.Y.228.228; 3.Y.228.229; 3.Y.228.230; 3.Y.228.231; 3.Y.228.236; 3.Y.228.237;
3.Y.228.238; 3.Y.228.239; 3.Y.228.154; 3.Y.228.157; 3.Y.228.166; 3.Y.228.169;
3.Y.228.172; 3.Y.228.175; 3.Y.228.240; 3.Y.228.244; 3.Y.229.228; 3.Y.229.229;
3.Y.229.230; 3.Y.229.231; 3.Y.229.236; 3.Y.229.237; 3.Y.229.238; 3.Y.229.239;
3.Y.229.154; 3.Y.229.157; 3.Y.229.166; 3.Y.229.169; 3.Y.229.172; 3.Y.229.175;
3.Y.229.240; 3.Y.229.244; 3.Y.230.228; 3.Y.230.229; 3.Y.230.230; 3.Y.230.231;
3.Y.230.236; 3.Y.230.237; 3.Y.230.238; 3.Y.230.239; 3.Y.230.154; 3.Y.230.157;
3.Y.230.166; 3.Y.230.169; 3.Y.230.172; 3.Y.230.175; 3.Y.230.240; 3.Y.230.244;
3.Y.231.228; 3.Y.231.229; 3.Y.231.230; 3.Y.231.231; 3.Y.231.236; 3.Y.231.237;
3.Y.231.238; 3.Y.231.239; 3.Y.231.154; 3.Y.231.157; 3.Y.231.166; 3.Y.231.169;
3.Y.231.172; 3.Y.231.175; 3.Y.231.240; 3.Y.231.244; 3.Y.236.228; 3.Y.236.229;
3.Y.236.230; 3.Y.236.231; 3.Y.236.236; 3.Y.236.237; 3.Y.236.238; 3.Y.236.239;
3.Y.236.154; 3.Y.236.157; 3.Y.236.166; 3.Y.236.169; 3.Y.236.172; 3.Y.236.175;
3.Y.236.240; 3.Y.236.244; 3.Y.237.228; 3.Y.237.229; 3.Y.237.230; 3.Y.237.231;
3.Y.237.236; 3.Y.237.237; 3.Y.237.238; 3.Y.237.239; 3.Y.237.154; 3.Y.237.157;
3.Y.237.166; 3.Y.237.169; 3.Y.237.172; 3.Y.237.175; 3.Y.237.240; 3.Y.237.244;
3.Y.238.228; 3.Y.238.229; 3.Y.238.230; 3.Y.238.231; 3.Y.238.236; 3.Y.238.237;
3.Y.238.238; 3.Y.238.239; 3.Y.238.154; 3.Y.238.157; 3.Y.238.166; 3.Y.238.169;
3.Y.238.172; 3.Y.238.175; 3.Y.238.240; 3.Y.238.244; 3.Y.239.228; 3.Y.239.229;
3.Y.239.230; 3.Y.239.231; 3.Y.239.236; 3.Y.239.237; 3.Y.239.238; 3.Y.239.239;
3.Y.239.154; 3.Y.239.157; 3.Y.239.166; 3.Y.239.169; 3.Y.239.172; 3.Y.239.175;
3.Y.239.240; 3.Y.239.244; 3.Y.154.228; 3.Y.154.229; 3.Y.154.230; 3.Y.154.231;
3.Y.154.236; 3.Y.154.237; 3.Y.154.238; 3.Y.154.239; 3.Y.154.154; 3.Y.154.157;
3.Y.154.166; 3.Y.154.169; 3.Y.154.172; 3.Y.154.175; 3.Y.154.240; 3.Y.154.244;
3.Y.157.228; 3.Y.157.229; 3.Y.157.230; 3.Y.157.231; 3.Y.157.236; 3.Y.157.237;
3.Y.157.238; 3.Y.157.239; 3.Y.157.154; 3.Y.157.157; 3.Y.157.166; 3.Y.157.169;
3.Y.157.172; 3.Y.157.175; 3.Y.157.240; 3.Y.157.244; 3.Y.166.228; 3.Y.166.229;
3.Y.166.230; 3.Y.166.231; 3.Y.166.236; 3.Y.166.237; 3.Y.166.238; 3.Y.166.239;
3.Y.166.154; 3.Y.166.157; 3.Y.166.166; 3.Y.166.169; 3.Y.166.172; 3.Y.166.175;
3.Y.166.240; 3.Y.166.244; 3.Y.169.228; 3.Y.169.229; 3.Y.169.230; 3.Y.169.231;
3.Y.169.236; 3.Y.169.237; 3.Y.169.238; 3.Y.169.239; 3.Y.169.154; 3.Y.169.157;
3.Y.169.166; 3.Y.169.169; 3.Y.169.172; 3.Y.169.175; 3.Y.169.240; 3.Y.169.244;
3.Y.172.228; 3.Y.172.229; 3.Y.172.230; 3.Y.172.231; 3.Y.172.236; 3.Y.172.237;
3.Y.172.238; 3.Y.172.239; 3.Y.172.154; 3.Y.172.157; 3.Y.172.166; 3.Y.172.169;
3.Y.172.172; 3.Y.172.175; 3.Y.172.240; 3.Y.172.244; 3.Y.175.228; 3.Y.175.229;
3.Y.175.230; 3.Y.175.231; 3.Y.175.236; 3.Y.175.237; 3.Y.175.238; 3.Y.175.239;
3.Y.175.154; 3.Y.175.157; 3.Y.175.166; 3.Y.175.169; 3.Y.175.172; 3.Y.175.175;
3.Y.175.240; 3.Y.175.244; 3.Y.240.228; 3.Y.240.229; 3.Y.240.230; 3.Y.240.231;
3.Y.240.236; 3.Y.240.237; 3.Y.240.238; 3.Y.240.239; 3.Y.240.154; 3.Y.240.157;
3.Y.240.166; 3.Y.240.169; 3.Y.240.172; 3.Y.240.175; 3.Y.240.240; 3.Y.240.244;
3.Y.244.228; 3.Y.244.229; 3.Y.244.230; 3.Y.244.231; 3.Y.244.236; 3.Y.244.237;
3.Y.244.238; 3.Y.244.239; 3.Y.244.154; 3.Y.244.157; 3.Y.244.166; 3.Y.244.169;
3.Y.244.172; 3.Y.244.175; 3.Y.244.240; 3.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.B
4.B.228.228; 4.B.228.229; 4.B.228.230; 4.B.228.231; 4.B.228.236; 4.B.228.237;
4.B.228.238; 4.B.228.239; 4.B.228.154; 4.B.228.157; 4.B.228.166; 4.B.228.169;
4.B.228.172; 4.B.228.175; 4.B.228.240; 4.B.228.244; 4.B.229.228; 4.B.229.229;
4.B.229.230; 4.B.229.231; 4.B.229.236; 4.B.229.237; 4.B.229.238; 4.B.229.239;
4.B.229.154; 4.B.229.157; 4.B.229.166; 4.B.229.169; 4.B.229.172; 4.B.229.175;
4.B.229.240; 4.B.229.244; 4.B.230.228; 4.B.230.229; 4.B.230.230; 4.B.230.231;
4.B.230.236; 4.B.230.237; 4.B.230.238; 4.B.230.239; 4.B.230.154; 4.B.230.157;
4.B.230.166; 4.B.230.169; 4.B.230.172; 4.B.230.175; 4.B.230.240; 4.B.230.244;
4.B.231.228; 4.B.231.229; 4.B.231.230; 4.B.231.231; 4.B.231.236; 4.B.231.237;
4.B.231.238; 4.B.231.239; 4.B.231.154; 4.B.231.157; 4.B.231.166; 4.B.231.169;
4.B.231.172; 4.B.231.175; 4.B.231.240; 4.B.231.244; 4.B.236.228; 4.B.236.229;
4.B.236.230; 4.B.236.231; 4.B.236.236; 4.B.236.237; 4.B.236.238; 4.B.236.239;
4.B.236.154; 4.B.236.157; 4.B.236.166; 4.B.236.169; 4.B.236.172; 4.B.236.175;
4.B.236.240; 4.B.236.244; 4.B.237.228; 4.B.237.229; 4.B.237.230; 4.B.237.231;
4.B.237.236; 4.B.237.237; 4.B.237.238; 4.B.237.239; 4.B.237.154; 4.B.237.157;
4.B.237.166; 4.B.237.169; 4.B.237.172; 4.B.237.175; 4.B.237.240; 4.B.237.244;
4.B.238.228; 4.B.238.229; 4.B.238.230; 4.B.238.231; 4.B.238.236; 4.B.238.237;
4.B.238.238; 4.B.238.239; 4.B.238.154; 4.B.238.157; 4.B.238.166; 4.B.238.169;
4.B.238.172; 4.B.238.175; 4.B.238.240; 4.B.238.244; 4.B.239.228; 4.B.239.229;
4.B.239.230; 4.B.239.231; 4.B.239.236; 4.B.239.237; 4.B.239.238; 4.B.239.239;
4.B.239.154; 4.B.239.157; 4.B.239.166; 4.B.239.169; 4.B.239.172; 4.B.239.175;
4.B.239.240; 4.B.239.244; 4.B.154.228; 4.B.154.229; 4.B.154.230; 4.B.154.231;
4.B.154.236; 4.B.154.237; 4.B.154.238; 4.B.154.239; 4.B.154.154; 4.B.154.157;
4.B.154.166; 4.B.154.169; 4.B.154.172; 4.B.154.175; 4.B.154.240; 4.B.154.244;
4.B.157.228; 4.B.157.229; 4.B.157.230; 4.B.157.231; 4.B.157.236; 4.B.157.237;
4.B.157.238; 4.B.157.239; 4.B.157.154; 4.B.157.157; 4.B.157.166; 4.B.157.169;
4.B.157.172; 4.B.157.175; 4.B.157.240; 4.B.157.244; 4.B.166.228; 4.B.166.229;
4.B.166.230; 4.B.166.231; 4.B.166.236; 4.B.166.237; 4.B.166.238; 4.B.166.239;
4.B.166.154; 4.B.166.157; 4.B.166.166; 4.B.166.169; 4.B.166.172; 4.B.166.175;
4.B.166.240; 4.B.166.244; 4.B.169.228; 4.B.169.229; 4.B.169.230; 4.B.169.231;
4.B.169.236; 4.B.169.237; 4.B.169.238; 4.B.169.239; 4.B.169.154; 4.B.169.157;
4.B.169.166; 4.B.169.169; 4.B.169.172; 4.B.169.175; 4.B.169.240; 4.B.169.244;
4.B.172.228; 4.B.172.229; 4.B.172.230; 4.B.172.231; 4.B.172.236; 4.B.172.237;
4.B.172.238; 4.B.172.239; 4.B.172.154; 4.B.172.157; 4.B.172.166; 4.B.172.169;
4.B.172.172; 4.B.172.175; 4.B.172.240; 4.B.172.244; 4.B.175.228; 4.B.175.229;
4.B.175.230; 4.B.175.231; 4.B.175.236; 4.B.175.237; 4.B.175.238; 4.B.175.239;
4.B.175.154; 4.B.175.157; 4.B.175.166; 4.B.175.169; 4.B.175.172; 4.B.175.175;
4.B.175.240; 4.B.175.244; 4.B.240.228; 4.B.240.229; 4.B.240.230; 4.B.240.231;
4.B.240.236; 4.B.240.237; 4.B.240.238; 4.B.240.239; 4.B.240.154; 4.B.240.157;
4.B.240.166; 4.B.240.169; 4.B.240.172; 4.B.240.175; 4.B.240.240; 4.B.240.244;
4.B.244.228; 4.B.244.229; 4.B.244.230; 4.B.244.231; 4.B.244.236; 4.B.244.237;
4.B.244.238; 4.B.244.239; 4.B.244.154; 4.B.244.157; 4.B.244.166; 4.B.244.169;
4.B.244.172; 4.B.244.175; 4.B.244.240; 4.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.D
4.D.228.228; 4.D.228.229; 4.D.228.230; 4.D.228.231; 4.D.228.236; 4.D.228.237;
4.D.228.238; 4.D.228.239; 4.D.228.154; 4.D.228.157; 4.D.228.166; 4.D.228.169;
4.D.228.172; 4.D.228.175; 4.D.228.240; 4.D.228.244; 4.D.229.228; 4.D.229.229;
4.D.229.230; 4.D.229.231; 4.D.229.236; 4.D.229.237; 4.D.229.238; 4.D.229.239;
4.D.229.154; 4.D.229.157; 4.D.229.166; 4.D.229.169; 4.D.229.172; 4.D.229.175;
4.D.229.240; 4.D.229.244; 4.D.230.228; 4.D.230.229; 4.D.230.230; 4.D.230.231;
4.D.230.236; 4.D.230.237; 4.D.230.238; 4.D.230.239; 4.D.230.154; 4.D.230.157;
4.D.230.166; 4.D.230.169; 4.D.230.172; 4.D.230.175; 4.D.230.240; 4.D.230.244;
4.D.231.228; 4.D.231.229; 4.D.231.230; 4.D.231.231; 4.D.231.236; 4.D.231.237;
4.D.231.238; 4.D.231.239; 4.D.231.154; 4.D.231.157; 4.D.231.166; 4.D.231.169;
4.D.231.172; 4.D.231.175; 4.D.231.240; 4.D.231.244; 4.D.236.228; 4.D.236.229;
4.D.236.230; 4.D.236.231; 4.D.236.236; 4.D.236.237; 4.D.236.238; 4.D.236.239;
4.D.236.154; 4.D.236.157; 4.D.236.166; 4.D.236.169; 4.D.236.172; 4.D.236.175;
4.D.236.240; 4.D.236.244; 4.D.237.228; 4.D.237.229; 4.D.237.230; 4.D.237.231;
4.D.237.236; 4.D.237.237; 4.D.237.238; 4.D.237.239; 4.D.237.154; 4.D.237.157;
4.D.237.166; 4.D.237.169; 4.D.237.172; 4.D.237.175; 4.D.237.240; 4.D.237.244;
4.D.238.228; 4.D.238.229; 4.D.238.230; 4.D.238.231; 4.D.238.236; 4.D.238.237;
4.D.238.238; 4.D.238.239; 4.D.238.154; 4.D.238.157; 4.D.238.166; 4.D.238.169;
4.D.238.172; 4.D.238.175; 4.D.238.240; 4.D.238.244; 4.D.239.228; 4.D.239.229;
4.D.239.230; 4.D.239.231; 4.D.239.236; 4.D.239.237; 4.D.239.238; 4.D.239.239;
4.D.239.154; 4.D.239.157; 4.D.239.166; 4.D.239.169; 4.D.239.172; 4.D.239.175;
4.D.239.240; 4.D.239.244; 4.D.154.228; 4.D.154.229; 4.D.154.230; 4.D.154.231;
4.D.154.236; 4.D.154.237; 4.D.154.238; 4.D.154.239; 4.D.154.154; 4.D.154.157;
4.D.154.166; 4.D.154.169; 4.D.154.172; 4.D.154.175; 4.D.154.240; 4.D.154.244;
4.D.157.228; 4.D.157.229; 4.D.157.230; 4.D.157.231; 4.D.157.236; 4.D.157.237;
4.D.157.238; 4.D.157.239; 4.D.157.154; 4.D.157.157; 4.D.157.166; 4.D.157.169;
4.D.157.172; 4.D.157.175; 4.D.157.240; 4.D.157.244; 4.D.166.228; 4.D.166.229;
4.D.166.230; 4.D.166.231; 4.D.166.236; 4.D.166.237; 4.D.166.238; 4.D.166.239;
4.D.166.154; 4.D.166.157; 4.D.166.166; 4.D.166.169; 4.D.166.172; 4.D.166.175;
4.D.166.240; 4.D.166.244; 4.D.169.228; 4.D.169.229; 4.D.169.230; 4.D.169.231;
4.D.169.236; 4.D.169.237; 4.D.169.238; 4.D.169.239; 4.D.169.154; 4.D.169.157;
4.D.169.166; 4.D.169.169; 4.D.169.172; 4.D.169.175; 4.D.169.240; 4.D.169.244;
4.D.172.228; 4.D.172.229; 4.D.172.230; 4.D.172.231; 4.D.172.236; 4.D.172.237;
4.D.172.238; 4.D.172.239; 4.D.172.154; 4.D.172.157; 4.D.172.166; 4.D.172.169;
4.D.172.172; 4.D.172.175; 4.D.172.240; 4.D.172.244; 4.D.175.228; 4.D.175.229;
4.D.175.230; 4.D.175.231; 4.D.175.236; 4.D.175.237; 4.D.175.238; 4.D.175.239;
4.D.175.154; 4.D.175.157; 4.D.175.166; 4.D.175.169; 4.D.175.172; 4.D.175.175;
4.D.175.240; 4.D.175.244; 4.D.240.228; 4.D.240.229; 4.D.240.230; 4.D.240.231;
4.D.240.236; 4.D.240.237; 4.D.240.238; 4.D.240.239; 4.D.240.154; 4.D.240.157;
4.D.240.166; 4.D.240.169; 4.D.240.172; 4.D.240.175; 4.D.240.240; 4.D.240.244;
4.D.244.228; 4.D.244.229; 4.D.244.230; 4.D.244.231; 4.D.244.236; 4.D.244.237;
4.D.244.238; 4.D.244.239; 4.D.244.154; 4.D.244.157; 4.D.244.166; 4.D.244.169;
4.D.244.172; 4.D.244.175; 4.D.244.240; 4.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.E.
4.E.228.228; 4.E.228.229; 4.E.228.230; 4.E.228.231; 4.E.228.236; 4.E.228.237;
4.E.228.238; 4.E.228.239; 4.E.228.154; 4.E.228.157; 4.E.228.166; 4.E.228.169;
4.E.228.172; 4.E.228.175; 4.E.228.240; 4.E.228.244; 4.E.229.228; 4.E.229.229;
4.E.229.230; 4.E.229.231; 4.E.229.236; 4.E.229.237; 4.E.229.238; 4.E.229.239;
4.E.229.154; 4.E.229.157; 4.E.229.166; 4.E.229.169; 4.E.229.172; 4.E.229.175;
4.E.229.240; 4.E.229.244; 4.E.230.228; 4.E.230.229; 4.E.230.230; 4.E.230.231;
4.E.230.236; 4.E.230.237; 4.E.230.238; 4.E.230.239; 4.E.230.154; 4.E.230.157;
4.E.230.166; 4.E.230.169; 4.E.230.172; 4.E.230.175; 4.E.230.240; 4.E.230.244;
4.E.231.228; 4.E.231.229; 4.E.231.230; 4.E.231.231; 4.E.231.236; 4.E.231.237;
4.E.231.238; 4.E.231.239; 4.E.231.154; 4.E.231.157; 4.E.231.166; 4.E.231.169;
4.E.231.172; 4.E.231.175; 4.E.231.240; 4.E.231.244; 4.E.236.228; 4.E.236.229;
4.E.236.230; 4.E.236.231; 4.E.236.236; 4.E.236.237; 4.E.236.238; 4.E.236.239;
4.E.236.154; 4.E.236.157; 4.E.236.166; 4.E.236.169; 4.E.236.172; 4.E.236.175;
4.E.236.240; 4.E.236.244; 4.E.237.228; 4.E.237.229; 4.E.237.230; 4.E.237.231;
4.E.237.236; 4.E.237.237; 4.E.237.238; 4.E.237.239; 4.E.237.154; 4.E.237.157;
4.E.237.166; 4.E.237.169; 4.E.237.172; 4.E.237.175; 4.E.237.240; 4.E.237.244;
4.E.238.228; 4.E.238.229; 4.E.238.230; 4.E.238.231; 4.E.238.236; 4.E.238.237;
4.E.238.238; 4.E.238.239; 4.E.238.154; 4.E.238.157; 4.E.238.166; 4.E.238.169;
4.E.238.172; 4.E.238.175; 4.E.238.240; 4.E.238.244; 4.E.239.228; 4.E.239.229;
4.E.239.230; 4.E.239.231; 4.E.239.236; 4.E.239.237; 4.E.239.238; 4.E.239.239;
4.E.239.154; 4.E.239.157; 4.E.239.166; 4.E.239.169; 4.E.239.172; 4.E.239.175;
4.E.239.240; 4.E.239.244; 4.E.154.228; 4.E.154.229; 4.E.154.230; 4.E.154.231;
4.E.154.236; 4.E.154.237; 4.E.154.238; 4.E.154.239; 4.E.154.154; 4.E.154.157;
4.E.154.166; 4.E.154.169; 4.E.154.172; 4.E.154.175; 4.E.154.240; 4.E.154.244;
4.E.157.228; 4.E.157.229; 4.E.157.230; 4.E.157.231; 4.E.157.236; 4.E.157.237;
4.E.157.238; 4.E.157.239; 4.E.157.154; 4.E.157.157; 4.E.157.166; 4.E.157.169;
4.E.157.172; 4.E.157.175; 4.E.157.240; 4.E.157.244; 4.E.166.228; 4.E.166.229;
4.E.166.230; 4.E.166.231; 4.E.166.236; 4.E.166.237; 4.E.166.238; 4.E.166.239;
4.E.166.154; 4.E.166.157; 4.E.166.166; 4.E.166.169; 4.E.166.172; 4.E.166.175;
4.E.166.240; 4.E.166.244; 4.E.169.228; 4.E.169.229; 4.E.169.230; 4.E.169.231;
4.E.169.236; 4.E.169.237; 4.E.169.238; 4.E.169.239; 4.E.169.154; 4.E.169.157;
4.E.169.166; 4.E.169.169; 4.E.169.172; 4.E.169.175; 4.E.169.240; 4.E.169.244;
4.E.172.228; 4.E.172.229; 4.E.172.230; 4.E.172.231; 4.E.172.236; 4.E.172.237;
4.E.172.238; 4.E.172.239; 4.E.172.154; 4.E.172.157; 4.E.172.166; 4.E.172.169;
4.E.172.172; 4.E.172.175; 4.E.172.240; 4.E.172.244; 4.E.175.228; 4.E.175.229;
4.E.175.230; 4.E.175.231; 4.E.175.236; 4.E.175.237; 4.E.175.238; 4.E.175.239;
4.E.175.154; 4.E.175.157; 4.E.175.166; 4.E.175.169; 4.E.175.172; 4.E.175.175;
4.E.175.240; 4.E.175.244; 4.E.240.228; 4.E.240.229; 4.E.240.230; 4.E.240.231;
4.E.240.236; 4.E.240.237; 4.E.240.238; 4.E.240.239; 4.E.240.154; 4.E.240.157;
4.E.240.166; 4.E.240.169; 4.E.240.172; 4.E.240.175; 4.E.240.240; 4.E.240.244;
4.E.244.228; 4.E.244.229; 4.E.244.230; 4.E.244.231; 4.E.244.236; 4.E.244.237;
4.E.244.238; 4.E.244.239; 4.E.244.154; 4.E.244.157; 4.E.244.166; 4.E.244.169;
4.E.244.172; 4.E.244.175; 4.E.244.240; 4.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.G
4.G.228.228; 4.G.228.229; 4.G.228.230; 4.G.228.231; 4.G.228.236; 4.G.228.237;
4.G.228.238; 4.G.228.239; 4.G.228.154; 4.G.228.157; 4.G.228.166; 4.G.228.169;
4.G.228.172; 4.G.228.175; 4.G.228.240; 4.G.228.244; 4.G.229.228; 4.G.229.229;
4.G.229.230; 4.G.229.231; 4.G.229.236; 4.G.229.237; 4.G.229.238; 4.G.229.239;
4.G.229.154; 4.G.229.157; 4.G.229.166; 4.G.229.169; 4.G.229.172; 4.G.229.175;
4.G.229.240; 4.G.229.244; 4.G.230.228; 4.G.230.229; 4.G.230.230; 4.G.230.231;
4.G.230.236; 4.G.230.237; 4.G.230.238; 4.G.230.239; 4.G.230.154; 4.G.230.157;
4.G.230.166; 4.G.230.169; 4.G.230.172; 4.G.230.175; 4.G.230.240; 4.G.230.244;
4.G.231.228; 4.G.231.229; 4.G.231.230; 4.G.231.231; 4.G.231.236; 4.G.231.237;
4.G.231.238; 4.G.231.239; 4.G.231.154; 4.G.231.157; 4.G.231.166; 4.G.231.169;
4.G.231.172; 4.G.231.175; 4.G.231.240; 4.G.231.244; 4.G.236.228; 4.G.236.229;
4.G.236.230; 4.G.236.231; 4.G.236.236; 4.G.236.237; 4.G.236.238; 4.G.236.239;
4.G.236.154; 4.G.236.157; 4.G.236.166; 4.G.236.169; 4.G.236.172; 4.G.236.175;
4.G.236.240; 4.G.236.244; 4.G.237.228; 4.G.237.229; 4.G.237.230; 4.G.237.231;
4.G.237.236; 4.G.237.237; 4.G.237.238; 4.G.237.239; 4.G.237.154; 4.G.237.157;
4.G.237.166; 4.G.237.169; 4.G.237.172; 4.G.237.175; 4.G.237.240; 4.G.237.244;
4.G.238.228; 4.G.238.229; 4.G.238.230; 4.G.238.231; 4.G.238.236; 4.G.238.237;
4.G.238.238; 4.G.238.239; 4.G.238.154; 4.G.238.157; 4.G.238.166; 4.G.238.169;
4.G.238.172; 4.G.238.175; 4.G.238.240; 4.G.238.244; 4.G.239.228; 4.G.239.229;
4.G.239.230; 4.G.239.231; 4.G.239.236; 4.G.239.237; 4.G.239.238; 4.G.239.239;
4.G.239.154; 4.G.239.157; 4.G.239.166; 4.G.239.169; 4.G.239.172; 4.G.239.175;
4.G.239.240; 4.G.239.244; 4.G.154.228; 4.G.154.229; 4.G.154.230; 4.G.154.231;
4.G.154.236; 4.G.154.237; 4.G.154.238; 4.G.154.239; 4.G.154.154; 4.G.154.157;
4.G.154.166; 4.G.154.169; 4.G.154.172; 4.G.154.175; 4.G.154.240; 4.G.154.244;
4.G.157.228; 4.G.157.229; 4.G.157.230; 4.G.157.231; 4.G.157.236; 4.G.157.237;
4.G.157.238; 4.G.157.239; 4.G.157.154; 4.G.157.157; 4.G.157.166; 4.G.157.169;
4.G.157.172; 4.G.157.175; 4.G.157.240; 4.G.157.244; 4.G.166.228; 4.G.166.229;
4.G.166.230; 4.G.166.231; 4.G.166.236; 4.G.166.237; 4.G.166.238; 4.G.166.239;
4.G.166.154; 4.G.166.157; 4.G.166.166; 4.G.166.169; 4.G.166.172; 4.G.166.175;
4.G.166.240; 4.G.166.244; 4.G.169.228; 4.G.169.229; 4.G.169.230; 4.G.169.231;
4.G.169.236; 4.G.169.237; 4.G.169.238; 4.G.169.239; 4.G.169.154; 4.G.169.157;
4.G.169.166; 4.G.169.169; 4.G.169.172; 4.G.169.175; 4.G.169.240; 4.G.169.244;
4.G.172.228; 4.G.172.229; 4.G.172.230; 4.G.172.231; 4.G.172.236; 4.G.172.237;
4.G.172.238; 4.G.172.239; 4.G.172.154; 4.G.172.157; 4.G.172.166; 4.G.172.169;
4.G.172.172; 4.G.172.175; 4.G.172.240; 4.G.172.244; 4.G.175.228; 4.G.175.229;
4.G.175.230; 4.G.175.231; 4.G.175.236; 4.G.175.237; 4.G.175.238; 4.G.175.239;
4.G.175.154; 4.G.175.157; 4.G.175.166; 4.G.175.169; 4.G.175.172; 4.G.175.175;
4.G.175.240; 4.G.175.244; 4.G.240.228; 4.G.240.229; 4.G.240.230; 4.G.240.231;
4.G.240.236; 4.G.240.237; 4.G.240.238; 4.G.240.239; 4.G.240.154; 4.G.240.157;
4.G.240.166; 4.G.240.169; 4.G.240.172; 4.G.240.175; 4.G.240.240; 4.G.240.244;
4.G.244.228; 4.G.244.229; 4.G.244.230; 4.G.244.231; 4.G.244.236; 4.G.244.237;
4.G.244.238; 4.G.244.239; 4.G.244.154; 4.G.244.157; 4.G.244.166; 4.G.244.169;
4.G.244.172; 4.G.244.175; 4.G.244.240; 4.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.I
4.I.228.228; 4.I.228.229; 4.I.228.230; 4.I.228.231; 4.I.228.236; 4.I.228.237; 4.I.228.238;
4.I.228.239; 4.I.228.154; 4.I.228.157; 4.I.228.166; 4.I.228.169; 4.I.228.172; 4.I.228.175;
4.I.228.240; 4.I.228.244; 4.I.229.228; 4.I.229.229; 4.I.229.230; 4.I.229.231; 4.I.229.236;
4.I.229.237; 4.I.229.238; 4.I.229.239; 4.I.229.154; 4.I.229.157; 4.I.229.166; 4.I.229.169;
4.I.229.172; 4.I.229.175; 4.I.229.240; 4.I.229.244; 4.I.230.228; 4.I.230.229; 4.I.230.230;
4.I.230.231; 4.I.230.236; 4.I.230.237; 4.I.230.238; 4.I.230.239; 4.I.230.154; 4.I.230.157;
4.I.230.166; 4.I.230.169; 4.I.230.172; 4.I.230.175; 4.I.230.240; 4.I.230.244; 4.I.231.228;
4.I.231.229; 4.I.231.230; 4.I.231.231; 4.I.231.236; 4.I.231.237; 4.I.231.238; 4.I.231.239;
4.I.231.154; 4.I.231.157; 4.I.231.166; 4.I.231.169; 4.I.231.172; 4.I.231.175; 4.I.231.240;
4.I.231.244; 4.I.236.228; 4.I.236.229; 4.I.236.230; 4.I.236.231; 4.I.236.236; 4.I.236.237;
4.I.236.238; 4.I.236.239; 4.I.236.154; 4.I.236.157; 4.I.236.166; 4.I.236.169; 4.I.236.172;
4.I.236.175; 4.I.236.240; 4.I.236.244; 4.I.237.228; 4.I.237.229; 4.I.237.230; 4.I.237.231;
4.I.237.236; 4.I.237.237; 4.I.237.238; 4.I.237.239; 4.I.237.154; 4.I.237.157; 4.I.237.166;
4.I.237.169; 4.I.237.172; 4.I.237.175; 4.I.237.240; 4.I.237.244; 4.I.238.228; 4.I.238.229;
4.I.238.230; 4.I.238.231; 4.I.238.236; 4.I.238.237; 4.I.238.238; 4.I.238.239; 4.I.238.154;
4.I.238.157; 4.I.238.166; 4.I.238.169; 4.I.238.172; 4.I.238.175; 4.I.238.240; 4.I.238.244;
4.I.239.228; 4.I.239.229; 4.I.239.230; 4.I.239.231; 4.I.239.236; 4.I.239.237; 4.I.239.238;
4.I.239.239; 4.I.239.154; 4.I.239.157; 4.I.239.166; 4.I.239.169; 4.I.239.172; 4.I.239.175;
4.I.239.240; 4.I.239.244; 4.I.154.228; 4.I.154.229; 4.I.154.230; 4.I.154.231; 4.I.154.236;
4.I.154.237; 4.I.154.238; 4.I.154.239; 4.I.154.154; 4.I.154.157; 4.I.154.166; 4.I.154.169;
4.I.154.172; 4.I.154.175; 4.I.154.240; 4.I.154.244; 4.I.157.228; 4.I.157.229; 4.I.157.230;
4.I.157.231; 4.I.157.236; 4.I.157.237; 4.I.157.238; 4.I.157.239; 4.I.157.154; 4.I.157.157;
4.I.157.166; 4.I.157.169; 4.I.157.172; 4.I.157.175; 4.I.157.240; 4.I.157.244; 4.I.166.228;
4.I.166.229; 4.I.166.230; 4.I.166.231; 4.I.166.236; 4.I.166.237; 4.I.166.238; 4.I.166.239;
4.I.166.154; 4.I.166.157; 4.I.166.166; 4.I.166.169; 4.I.166.172; 4.I.166.175; 4.I.166.240;
4.I.166.244; 4.I.169.228; 4.I.169.229; 4.I.169.230; 4.I.169.231; 4.I.169.236; 4.I.169.237;
4.I.169.238; 4.I.169.239; 4.I.169.154; 4.I.169.157; 4.I.169.166; 4.I.169.169; 4.I.169.172;
4.I.169.175; 4.I.169.240; 4.I.169.244; 4.I.172.228; 4.I.172.229; 4.I.172.230; 4.I.172.231;
4.I.172.236; 4.I.172.237; 4.I.172.238; 4.I.172.239; 4.I.172.154; 4.I.172.157; 4.I.172.166;
4.I.172.169; 4.I.172.172; 4.I.172.175; 4.I.172.240; 4.I.172.244; 4.I.175.228; 4.I.175.229;
4.I.175.230; 4.I.175.231; 4.I.175.236; 4.I.175.237; 4.I.175.238; 4.I.175.239; 4.I.175.154;
4.I.175.157; 4.I.175.166; 4.I.175.169; 4.I.175.172; 4.I.175.175; 4.I.175.240; 4.I.175.244;
4.I.240.228; 4.I.240.229; 4.I.240.230; 4.I.240.231; 4.I.240.236; 4.I.240.237; 4.I.240.238;
4.I.240.239; 4.I.240.154; 4.I.240.157; 4.I.240.166; 4.I.240.169; 4.I.240.172; 4.I.240.175;
4.I.240.240; 4.I.240.244; 4.I.244.228; 4.I.244.229; 4.I.244.230; 4.I.244.231; 4.I.244.236;
4.I.244.237; 4.I.244.238; 4.I.244.239; 4.I.244.154; 4.I.244.157; 4.I.244.166; 4.I.244.169;
4.I.244.172; 4.I.244.175; 4.I.244.240; 4.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.J
4.J.228.228; 4.J.228.229; 4.J.228.230; 4.J.228.231; 4.J.228.236; 4.J.228.237; 4.J.228.238;
4.J.228.239; 4.J.228.154; 4.J.228.157; 4.J.228.166; 4.J.228.169; 4.J.228.172; 4.J.228.175;
4.J.228.240; 4.J.228.244; 4.J.229.228; 4.J.229.229; 4.J.229.230; 4.J.229.231; 4.J.229.236;
4.J.229.237; 4.J.229.238; 4.J.229.239; 4.J.229.154; 4.J.229.157; 4.J.229.166; 4.J.229.169;
4.J.229.172; 4.J.229.175; 4.J.229.240; 4.J.229.244; 4.J.230.228; 4.J.230.229; 4.J.230.230;
4.J.230.231; 4.J.230.236; 4.J.230.237; 4.J.230.238; 4.J.230.239; 4.J.230.154; 4.J.230.157;
4.J.230.166; 4.J.230.169; 4.J.230.172; 4.J.230.175; 4.J.230.240; 4.J.230.244; 4.J.231.228;
4.J.231.229; 4.J.231.230; 4.J.231.231; 4.J.231.236; 4.J.231.237; 4.J.231.238; 4.J.231.239;
4.J.231.154; 4.J.231.157; 4.J.231.166; 4.J.231.169; 4.J.231.172; 4.J.231.175; 4.J.231.240;
4.J.231.244; 4.J.236.228; 4.J.236.229; 4.J.236.230; 4.J.236.231; 4.J.236.236; 4.J.236.237;
4.J.236.238; 4.J.236.239; 4.J.236.154; 4.J.236.157; 4.J.236.166; 4.J.236.169; 4.J.236.172;
4.J.236.175; 4.J.236.240; 4.J.236.244; 4.J.237.228; 4.J.237.229; 4.J.237.230; 4.J.237.231;
4.J.237.236; 4.J.237.237; 4.J.237.238; 4.J.237.239; 4.J.237.154; 4.J.237.157; 4.J.237.166;
4.J.237.169; 4.J.237.172; 4.J.237.175; 4.J.237.240; 4.J.237.244; 4.J.238.228; 4.J.238.229;
4.J.238.230; 4.J.238.231; 4.J.238.236; 4.J.238.237; 4.J.238.238; 4.J.238.239; 4.J.238.154;
4.J.238.157; 4.J.238.166; 4.J.238.169; 4.J.238.172; 4.J.238.175; 4.J.238.240; 4.J.238.244;
4.J.239.228; 4.J.239.229; 4.J.239.230; 4.J.239.231; 4.J.239.236; 4.J.239.237; 4.J.239.238;
4.J.239.239; 4.J.239.154; 4.J.239.157; 4.J.239.166; 4.J.239.169; 4.J.239.172; 4.J.239.175;
4.J.239.240; 4.J.239.244; 4.J.154.228; 4.J.154.229; 4.J.154.230; 4.J.154.231; 4.J.154.236;
4.J.154.237; 4.J.154.238; 4.J.154.239; 4.J.154.154; 4.J.154.157; 4.J.154.166; 4.J.154.169;
4.J.154.172; 4.J.154.175; 4.J.154.240; 4.J.154.244; 4.J.157.228; 4.J.157.229; 4.J.157.230;
4.J.157.231; 4.J.157.236; 4.J.157.237; 4.J.157.238; 4.J.157.239; 4.J.157.154; 4.J.157.157;
4.J.157.166; 4.J.157.169; 4.J.157.172; 4.J.157.175; 4.J.157.240; 4.J.157.244; 4.J.166.228;
4.J.166.229; 4.J.166.230; 4.J.166.231; 4.J.166.236; 4.J.166.237; 4.J.166.238; 4.J.166.239;
4.J.166.154; 4.J.166.157; 4.J.166.166; 4.J.166.169; 4.J.166.172; 4.J.166.175; 4.J.166.240;
4.J.166.244; 4.J.169.228; 4.J.169.229; 4.J.169.230; 4.J.169.231; 4.J.169.236; 4.J.169.237;
4.J.169.238; 4.J.169.239; 4.J.169.154; 4.J.169.157; 4.J.169.166; 4.J.169.169; 4.J.169.172;
4.J.169.175; 4.J.169.240; 4.J.169.244; 4.J.172.228; 4.J.172.229; 4.J.172.230; 4.J.172.231;
4.J.172.236; 4.J.172.237; 4.J.172.238; 4.J.172.239; 4.J.172.154; 4.J.172.157; 4.J.172.166;
4.J.172.169; 4.J.172.172; 4.J.172.175; 4.J.172.240; 4.J.172.244; 4.J.175.228; 4.J.175.229;
4.J.175.230; 4.J.175.231; 4.J.175.236; 4.J.175.237; 4.J.175.238; 4.J.175.239; 4.J.175.154;
4.J.175.157; 4.J.175.166; 4.J.175.169; 4.J.175.172; 4.J.175.175; 4.J.175.240; 4.J.175.244;
4.J.240.228; 4.J.240.229; 4.J.240.230; 4.J.240.231; 4.J.240.236; 4.J.240.237; 4.J.240.238;
4.J.240.239; 4.J.240.154; 4.J.240.157; 4.J.240.166; 4.J.240.169; 4.J.240.172; 4.J.240.175;
4.J.240.240; 4.J.240.244; 4.J.244.228; 4.J.244.229; 4.J.244.230; 4.J.244.231; 4.J.244.236;
4.J.244.237; 4.J.244.238; 4.J.244.239; 4.J.244.154; 4.J.244.157; 4.J.244.166; 4.J.244.169;
4.J.244.172; 4.J.244.175; 4.J.244.240; 4.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.L
4.L.228.228; 4.L.228.229; 4.L.228.230; 4.L.228.231; 4.L.228.236; 4.L.228.237;
4.L.228.238; 4.L.228.239; 4.L.228.154; 4.L.228.157; 4.L.228.166; 4.L.228.169;
4.L.228.172; 4.L.228.175; 4.L.228.240; 4.L.228.244; 4.L.229.228; 4.L.229.229;
4.L.229.230; 4.L.229.231; 4.L.229.236; 4.L.229.237; 4.L.229.238; 4.L.229.239;
4.L.229.154; 4.L.229.157; 4.L.229.166; 4.L.229.169; 4.L.229.172; 4.L.229.175;
4.L.229.240; 4.L.229.244; 4.L.230.228; 4.L.230.229; 4.L.230.230; 4.L.230.231;
4.L.230.236; 4.L.230.237; 4.L.230.238; 4.L.230.239; 4.L.230.154; 4.L.230.157;
4.L.230.166; 4.L.230.169; 4.L.230.172; 4.L.230.175; 4.L.230.240; 4.L.230.244;
4.L.231.228; 4.L.231.229; 4.L.231.230; 4.L.231.231; 4.L.231.236; 4.L.231.237;
4.L.231.238; 4.L.231.239; 4.L.231.154; 4.L.231.157; 4.L.231.166; 4.L.231.169;
4.L.231.172; 4.L.231.175; 4.L.231.240; 4.L.231.244; 4.L.236.228; 4.L.236.229;
4.L.236.230; 4.L.236.231; 4.L.236.236; 4.L.236.237; 4.L.236.238; 4.L.236.239;
4.L.236.154; 4.L.236.157; 4.L.236.166; 4.L.236.169; 4.L.236.172; 4.L.236.175;
4.L.236.240; 4.L.236.244; 4.L.237.228; 4.L.237.229; 4.L.237.230; 4.L.237.231;
4.L.237.236; 4.L.237.237; 4.L.237.238; 4.L.237.239; 4.L.237.154; 4.L.237.157;
4.L.237.166; 4.L.237.169; 4.L.237.172; 4.L.237.175; 4.L.237.240; 4.L.237.244;
4.L.238.228; 4.L.238.229; 4.L.238.230; 4.L.238.231; 4.L.238.236; 4.L.238.237;
4.L.238.238; 4.L.238.239; 4.L.238.154; 4.L.238.157; 4.L.238.166; 4.L.238.169;
4.L.238.172; 4.L.238.175; 4.L.238.240; 4.L.238.244; 4.L.239.228; 4.L.239.229;
4.L.239.230; 4.L.239.231; 4.L.239.236; 4.L.239.237; 4.L.239.238; 4.L.239.239;
4.L.239.154; 4.L.239.157; 4.L.239.166; 4.L.239.169; 4.L.239.172; 4.L.239.175;
4.L.239.240; 4.L.239.244; 4.L.154.228; 4.L.154.229; 4.L.154.230; 4.L.154.231;
4.L.154.236; 4.L.154.237; 4.L.154.238; 4.L.154.239; 4.L.154.154; 4.L.154.157;
4.L.154.166; 4.L.154.169; 4.L.154.172; 4.L.154.175; 4.L.154.240; 4.L.154.244;
4.L.157.228; 4.L.157.229; 4.L.157.230; 4.L.157.231; 4.L.157.236; 4.L.157.237;
4.L.157.238; 4.L.157.239; 4.L.157.154; 4.L.157.157; 4.L.157.166; 4.L.157.169;
4.L.157.172; 4.L.157.175; 4.L.157.240; 4.L.157.244; 4.L.166.228; 4.L.166.229;
4.L.166.230; 4.L.166.231; 4.L.166.236; 4.L.166.237; 4.L.166.238; 4.L.166.239;
4.L.166.154; 4.L.166.157; 4.L.166.166; 4.L.166.169; 4.L.166.172; 4.L.166.175;
4.L.166.240; 4.L.166.244; 4.L.169.228; 4.L.169.229; 4.L.169.230; 4.L.169.231;
4.L.169.236; 4.L.169.237; 4.L.169.238; 4.L.169.239; 4.L.169.154; 4.L.169.157;
4.L.169.166; 4.L.169.169; 4.L.169.172; 4.L.169.175; 4.L.169.240; 4.L.169.244;
4.L.172.228; 4.L.172.229; 4.L.172.230; 4.L.172.231; 4.L.172.236; 4.L.172.237;
4.L.172.238; 4.L.172.239; 4.L.172.154; 4.L.172.157; 4.L.172.166; 4.L.172.169;
4.L.172.172; 4.L.172.175; 4.L.172.240; 4.L.172.244; 4.L.175.228; 4.L.175.229;
4.L.175.230; 4.L.175.231; 4.L.175.236; 4.L.175.237; 4.L.175.238; 4.L.175.239;
4.L.175.154; 4.L.175.157; 4.L.175.166; 4.L.175.169; 4.L.175.172; 4.L.175.175;
4.L.175.240; 4.L.175.244; 4.L.240.228; 4.L.240.229; 4.L.240.230; 4.L.240.231;
4.L.240.236; 4.L.240.237; 4.L.240.238; 4.L.240.239; 4.L.240.154; 4.L.240.157;
4.L.240.166; 4.L.240.169; 4.L.240.172; 4.L.240.175; 4.L.240.240; 4.L.240.244;
4.L.244.228; 4.L.244.229; 4.L.244.230; 4.L.244.231; 4.L.244.236; 4.L.244.237;
4.L.244.238; 4.L.244.239; 4.L.244.154; 4.L.244.157; 4.L.244.166; 4.L.244.169;
4.L.244.172; 4.L.244.175; 4.L.244.240; 4.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.O
4.O.228.228; 4.O.228.229; 4.O.228.230; 4.O.228.231; 4.O.228.236; 4.O.228.237;
4.O.228.238; 4.O.228.239; 4.O.228.154; 4.O.228.157; 4.O.228.166; 4.O.228.169;
4.O.228.172; 4.O.228.175; 4.O.228.240; 4.O.228.244; 4.O.229.228; 4.O.229.229;
4.O.229.230; 4.O.229.231; 4.O.229.236; 4.O.229.237; 4.O.229.238; 4.O.229.239;
4.O.229.154; 4.O.229.157; 4.O.229.166; 4.O.229.169; 4.O.229.172; 4.O.229.175;
4.O.229.240; 4.O.229.244; 4.O.230.228; 4.O.230.229; 4.O.230.230; 4.O.230.231;
4.O.230.236; 4.O.230.237; 4.O.230.238; 4.O.230.239; 4.O.230.154; 4.O.230.157;
4.O.230.166; 4.O.230.169; 4.O.230.172; 4.O.230.175; 4.O.230.240; 4.O.230.244;
4.O.231.228; 4.O.231.229; 4.O.231.230; 4.O.231.231; 4.O.231.236; 4.O.231.237;
4.O.231.238; 4.O.231.239; 4.O.231.154; 4.O.231.157; 4.O.231.166; 4.O.231.169;
4.O.231.172; 4.O.231.175; 4.O.231.240; 4.O.231.244; 4.O.236.228; 4.O.236.229;
4.O.236.230; 4.O.236.231; 4.O.236.236; 4.O.236.237; 4.O.236.238; 4.O.236.239;
4.O.236.154; 4.O.236.157; 4.O.236.166; 4.O.236.169; 4.O.236.172; 4.O.236.175;
4.O.236.240; 4.O.236.244; 4.O.237.228; 4.O.237.229; 4.O.237.230; 4.O.237.231;
4.O.237.236; 4.O.237.237; 4.O.237.238; 4.O.237.239; 4.O.237.154; 4.O.237.157;
4.O.237.166; 4.O.237.169; 4.O.237.172; 4.O.237.175; 4.O.237.240; 4.O.237.244;
4.O.238.228; 4.O.238.229; 4.O.238.230; 4.O.238.231; 4.O.238.236; 4.O.238.237;
4.O.238.238; 4.O.238.239; 4.O.238.154; 4.O.238.157; 4.O.238.166; 4.O.238.169;
4.O.238.172; 4.O.238.175; 4.O.238.240; 4.O.238.244; 4.O.239.228; 4.O.239.229;
4.O.239.230; 4.O.239.231; 4.O.239.236; 4.O.239.237; 4.O.239.238; 4.O.239.239;
4.O.239.154; 4.O.239.157; 4.O.239.166; 4.O.239.169; 4.O.239.172; 4.O.239.175;
4.O.239.240; 4.O.239.244; 4.O.154.228; 4.O.154.229; 4.O.154.230; 4.O.154.231;
4.O.154.236; 4.O.154.237; 4.O.154.238; 4.O.154.239; 4.O.154.154; 4.O.154.157;
4.O.154.166; 4.O.154.169; 4.O.154.172; 4.O.154.175; 4.O.154.240; 4.O.154.244;
4.O.157.228; 4.O.157.229; 4.O.157.230; 4.O.157.231; 4.O.157.236; 4.O.157.237;
4.O.157.238; 4.O.157.239; 4.O.157.154; 4.O.157.157; 4.O.157.166; 4.O.157.169;
4.O.157.172; 4.O.157.175; 4.O.157.240; 4.O.157.244; 4.O.166.228; 4.O.166.229;
4.O.166.230; 4.O.166.231; 4.O.166.236; 4.O.166.237; 4.O.166.238; 4.O.166.239;
4.O.166.154; 4.O.166.157; 4.O.166.166; 4.O.166.169; 4.O.166.172; 4.O.166.175;
4.O.166.240; 4.O.166.244; 4.O.169.228; 4.O.169.229; 4.O.169.230; 4.O.169.231;
4.O.169.236; 4.O.169.237; 4.O.169.238; 4.O.169.239; 4.O.169.154; 4.O.169.157;
4.O.169.166; 4.O.169.169; 4.O.169.172; 4.O.169.175; 4.O.169.240; 4.O.169.244;
4.O.172.228; 4.O.172.229; 4.O.172.230; 4.O.172.231; 4.O.172.236; 4.O.172.237;
4.O.172.238; 4.O.172.239; 4.O.172.154; 4.O.172.157; 4.O.172.166; 4.O.172.169;
4.O.172.172; 4.O.172.175; 4.O.172.240; 4.O.172.244; 4.O.175.228; 4.O.175.229;
4.O.175.230; 4.O.175.231; 4.O.175.236; 4.O.175.237; 4.O.175.238; 4.O.175.239;
4.O.175.154; 4.O.175.157; 4.O.175.166; 4.O.175.169; 4.O.175.172; 4.O.175.175;
4.O.175.240; 4.O.175.244; 4.O.240.228; 4.O.240.229; 4.O.240.230; 4.O.240.231;
4.O.240.236; 4.O.240.237; 4.O.240.238; 4.O.240.239; 4.O.240.154; 4.O.240.157;
4.O.240.166; 4.O.240.169; 4.O.240.172; 4.O.240.175; 4.O.240.240; 4.O.240.244;
4.O.244.228; 4.O.244.229; 4.O.244.230; 4.O.244.231; 4.O.244.236; 4.O.244.237;
4.O.244.238; 4.O.244.239; 4.O.244.154; 4.O.244.157; 4.O.244.166; 4.O.244.169;
4.O.244.172; 4.O.244.175; 4.O.244.240; 4.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.P
4.P.228.228; 4.P.228.229; 4.P.228.230; 4.P.228.231; 4.P.228.236; 4.P.228.237;
4.P.228.238; 4.P.228.239; 4.P.228.154; 4.P.228.157; 4.P.228.166; 4.P.228.169; 4.P.228.172;
4.P.228.175; 4.P.228.240; 4.P.228.244; 4.P.229.228; 4.P.229.229; 4.P.229.230; 4.P.229.231;
4.P.229.236; 4.P.229.237; 4.P.229.238; 4.P.229.239; 4.P.229.154; 4.P.229.157; 4.P.229.166;
4.P.229.169; 4.P.229.172; 4.P.229.175; 4.P.229.240; 4.P.229.244; 4.P.230.228; 4.P.230.229;
4.P.230.230; 4.P.230.231; 4.P.230.236; 4.P.230.237; 4.P.230.238; 4.P.230.239; 4.P.230.154;
4.P.230.157; 4.P.230.166; 4.P.230.169; 4.P.230.172; 4.P.230.175; 4.P.230.240; 4.P.230.244;
4.P.231.228; 4.P.231.229; 4.P.231.230; 4.P.231.231; 4.P.231.236; 4.P.231.237; 4.P.231.238;
4.P.231.239; 4.P.231.154; 4.P.231.157; 4.P.231.166; 4.P.231.169; 4.P.231.172; 4.P.231.175;
4.P.231.240; 4.P.231.244; 4.P.236.228; 4.P.236.229; 4.P.236.230; 4.P.236.231; 4.P.236.236;
4.P.236.237; 4.P.236.238; 4.P.236.239; 4.P.236.154; 4.P.236.157; 4.P.236.166; 4.P.236.169;
4.P.236.172; 4.P.236.175; 4.P.236.240; 4.P.236.244; 4.P.237.228; 4.P.237.229; 4.P.237.230;
4.P.237.231; 4.P.237.236; 4.P.237.237; 4.P.237.238; 4.P.237.239; 4.P.237.154; 4.P.237.157;
4.P.237.166; 4.P.237.169; 4.P.237.172; 4.P.237.175; 4.P.237.240; 4.P.237.244; 4.P.238.228;
4.P.238.229; 4.P.238.230; 4.P.238.231; 4.P.238.236; 4.P.238.237; 4.P.238.238; 4.P.238.239;
4.P.238.154; 4.P.238.157; 4.P.238.166; 4.P.238.169; 4.P.238.172; 4.P.238.175; 4.P.238.240;
4.P.238.244; 4.P.239.228; 4.P.239.229; 4.P.239.230; 4.P.239.231; 4.P.239.236; 4.P.239.237;
4.P.239.238; 4.P.239.239; 4.P.239.154; 4.P.239.157; 4.P.239.166; 4.P.239.169; 4.P.239.172;
4.P.239.175; 4.P.239.240; 4.P.239.244; 4.P.154.228; 4.P.154.229; 4.P.154.230; 4.P.154.231;
4.P.154.236; 4.P.154.237; 4.P.154.238; 4.P.154.239; 4.P.154.154; 4.P.154.157; 4.P.154.166;
4.P.154.169; 4.P.154.172; 4.P.154.175; 4.P.154.240; 4.P.154.244; 4.P.157.228; 4.P.157.229;
4.P.157.230; 4.P.157.231; 4.P.157.236; 4.P.157.237; 4.P.157.238; 4.P.157.239; 4.P.157.154;
4.P.157.157; 4.P.157.166; 4.P.157.169; 4.P.157.172; 4.P.157.175; 4.P.157.240; 4.P.157.244;
4.P.166.228; 4.P.166.229; 4.P.166.230; 4.P.166.231; 4.P.166.236; 4.P.166.237; 4.P.166.238;
4.P.166.239; 4.P.166.154; 4.P.166.157; 4.P.166.166; 4.P.166.169; 4.P.166.172; 4.P.166.175;
4.P.166.240; 4.P.166.244; 4.P.169.228; 4.P.169.229; 4.P.169.230; 4.P.169.231; 4.P.169.236;
4.P.169.237; 4.P.169.238; 4.P.169.239; 4.P.169.154; 4.P.169.157; 4.P.169.166; 4.P.169.169;
4.P.169.172; 4.P.169.175; 4.P.169.240; 4.P.169.244; 4.P.172.228; 4.P.172.229; 4.P.172.230;
4.P.172.231; 4.P.172.236; 4.P.172.237; 4.P.172.238; 4.P.172.239; 4.P.172.154; 4.P.172.157;
4.P.172.166; 4.P.172.169; 4.P.172.172; 4.P.172.175; 4.P.172.240; 4.P.172.244; 4.P.175.228;
4.P.175.229; 4.P.175.230; 4.P.175.231; 4.P.175.236; 4.P.175.237; 4.P.175.238; 4.P.175.239;
4.P.175.154; 4.P.175.157; 4.P.175.166; 4.P.175.169; 4.P.175.172; 4.P.175.175; 4.P.175.240;
4.P.175.244; 4.P.240.228; 4.P.240.229; 4.P.240.230; 4.P.240.231; 4.P.240.236; 4.P.240.237;
4.P.240.238; 4.P.240.239; 4.P.240.154; 4.P.240.157; 4.P.240.166; 4.P.240.169; 4.P.240.172;
4.P.240.175; 4.P.240.240; 4.P.240.244; 4.P.244.228; 4.P.244.229; 4.P.244.230; 4.P.244.231;
4.P.244.236; 4.P.244.237; 4.P.244.238; 4.P.244.239; 4.P.244.154; 4.P.244.157; 4.P.244.166;
4.P.244.169; 4.P.244.172; 4.P.244.175; 4.P.244.240; 4.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.U
4.U.228.228; 4.U.228.229; 4.U.228.230; 4.U.228.231; 4.U.228.236; 4.U.228.237;
4.U.228.238; 4.U.228.239; 4.U.228.154; 4.U.228.157; 4.U.228.166; 4.U.228.169;
4.U.228.172; 4.U.228.175; 4.U.228.240; 4.U.228.244; 4.U.229.228; 4.U.229.229;
4.U.229.230; 4.U.229.231; 4.U.229.236; 4.U.229.237; 4.U.229.238; 4.U.229.239;
4.U.229.154; 4.U.229.157; 4.U.229.166; 4.U.229.169; 4.U.229.172; 4.U.229.175;
4.U.229.240; 4.U.229.244; 4.U.230.228; 4.U.230.229; 4.U.230.230; 4.U.230.231;
4.U.230.236; 4.U.230.237; 4.U.230.238; 4.U.230.239; 4.U.230.154; 4.U.230.157;
4.U.230.166; 4.U.230.169; 4.U.230.172; 4.U.230.175; 4.U.230.240; 4.U.230.244;
4.U.231.228; 4.U.231.229; 4.U.231.230; 4.U.231.231; 4.U.231.236; 4.U.231.237;
4.U.231.238; 4.U.231.239; 4.U.231.154; 4.U.231.157; 4.U.231.166; 4.U.231.169;
4.U.231.172; 4.U.231.175; 4.U.231.240; 4.U.231.244; 4.U.236.228; 4.U.236.229;
4.U.236.230; 4.U.236.231; 4.U.236.236; 4.U.236.237; 4.U.236.238; 4.U.236.239;
4.U.236.154; 4.U.236.157; 4.U.236.166; 4.U.236.169; 4.U.236.172; 4.U.236.175;
4.U.236.240; 4.U.236.244; 4.U.237.228; 4.U.237.229; 4.U.237.230; 4.U.237.231;
4.U.237.236; 4.U.237.237; 4.U.237.238; 4.U.237.239; 4.U.237.154; 4.U.237.157;
4.U.237.166; 4.U.237.169; 4.U.237.172; 4.U.237.175; 4.U.237.240; 4.U.237.244;
4.U.238.228; 4.U.238.229; 4.U.238.230; 4.U.238.231; 4.U.238.236; 4.U.238.237;
4.U.238.238; 4.U.238.239; 4.U.238.154; 4.U.238.157; 4.U.238.166; 4.U.238.169;
4.U.238.172; 4.U.238.175; 4.U.238.240; 4.U.238.244; 4.U.239.228; 4.U.239.229;
4.U.239.230; 4.U.239.231; 4.U.239.236; 4.U.239.237; 4.U.239.238; 4.U.239.239;
4.U.239.154; 4.U.239.157; 4.U.239.166; 4.U.239.169; 4.U.239.172; 4.U.239.175;
4.U.239.240; 4.U.239.244; 4.U.154.228; 4.U.154.229; 4.U.154.230; 4.U.154.231;
4.U.154.236; 4.U.154.237; 4.U.154.238; 4.U.154.239; 4.U.154.154; 4.U.154.157;
4.U.154.166; 4.U.154.169; 4.U.154.172; 4.U.154.175; 4.U.154.240; 4.U.154.244;
4.U.157.228; 4.U.157.229; 4.U.157.230; 4.U.157.231; 4.U.157.236; 4.U.157.237;
4.U.157.238; 4.U.157.239; 4.U.157.154; 4.U.157.157; 4.U.157.166; 4.U.157.169;
4.U.157.172; 4.U.157.175; 4.U.157.240; 4.U.157.244; 4.U.166.228; 4.U.166.229;
4.U.166.230; 4.U.166.231; 4.U.166.236; 4.U.166.237; 4.U.166.238; 4.U.166.239;
4.U.166.154; 4.U.166.157; 4.U.166.166; 4.U.166.169; 4.U.166.172; 4.U.166.175;
4.U.166.240; 4.U.166.244; 4.U.169.228; 4.U.169.229; 4.U.169.230; 4.U.169.231;
4.U.169.236; 4.U.169.237; 4.U.169.238; 4.U.169.239; 4.U.169.154; 4.U.169.157;
4.U.169.166; 4.U.169.169; 4.U.169.172; 4.U.169.175; 4.U.169.240; 4.U.169.244;
4.U.172.228; 4.U.172.229; 4.U.172.230; 4.U.172.231; 4.U.172.236; 4.U.172.237;
4.U.172.238; 4.U.172.239; 4.U.172.154; 4.U.172.157; 4.U.172.166; 4.U.172.169;
4.U.172.172; 4.U.172.175; 4.U.172.240; 4.U.172.244; 4.U.175.228; 4.U.175.229;
4.U.175.230; 4.U.175.231; 4.U.175.236; 4.U.175.237; 4.U.175.238; 4.U.175.239;
4.U.175.154; 4.U.175.157; 4.U.175.166; 4.U.175.169; 4.U.175.172; 4.U.175.175;
4.U.175.240; 4.U.175.244; 4.U.240.228; 4.U.240.229; 4.U.240.230; 4.U.240.231;
4.U.240.236; 4.U.240.237; 4.U.240.238; 4.U.240.239; 4.U.240.154; 4.U.240.157;
4.U.240.166; 4.U.240.169; 4.U.240.172; 4.U.240.175; 4.U.240.240; 4.U.240.244;
4.U.244.228; 4.U.244.229; 4.U.244.230; 4.U.244.231; 4.U.244.236; 4.U.244.237;
4.U.244.238; 4.U.244.239; 4.U.244.154; 4.U.244.157; 4.U.244.166; 4.U.244.169;
4.U.244.172; 4.U.244.175; 4.U.244.240; 4.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.W
4.W.228.228; 4.W.228.229; 4.W.228.230; 4.W.228.231; 4.W.228.236; 4.W.228.237;
4.W.228.238; 4.W.228.239; 4.W.228.154; 4.W.228.157; 4.W.228.166; 4.W.228.169;
4.W.228.172; 4.W.228.175; 4.W.228.240; 4.W.228.244; 4.W.229.228; 4.W.229.229;
4.W.229.230; 4.W.229.231; 4.W.229.236; 4.W.229.237; 4.W.229.238; 4.W.229.239;
4.W.229.154; 4.W.229.157; 4.W.229.166; 4.W.229.169; 4.W.229.172; 4.W.229.175;
4.W.229.240; 4.W.229.244; 4.W.230.228; 4.W.230.229; 4.W.230.230; 4.W.230.231;
4.W.230.236; 4.W.230.237; 4.W.230.238; 4.W.230.239; 4.W.230.154; 4.W.230.157;
4.W.230.166; 4.W.230.169; 4.W.230.172; 4.W.230.175; 4.W.230.240; 4.W.230.244;
4.W.231.228; 4.W.231.229; 4.W.231.230; 4.W.231.231; 4.W.231.236; 4.W.231.237;
4.W.231.238; 4.W.231.239; 4.W.231.154; 4.W.231.157; 4.W.231.166; 4.W.231.169;
4.W.231.172; 4.W.231.175; 4.W.231.240; 4.W.231.244; 4.W.236.228; 4.W.236.229;
4.W.236.230; 4.W.236.231; 4.W.236.236; 4.W.236.237; 4.W.236.238; 4.W.236.239;
4.W.236.154; 4.W.236.157; 4.W.236.166; 4.W.236.169; 4.W.236.172; 4.W.236.175;
4.W.236.240; 4.W.236.244; 4.W.237.228; 4.W.237.229; 4.W.237.230; 4.W.237.231;
4.W.237.236; 4.W.237.237; 4.W.237.238; 4.W.237.239; 4.W.237.154; 4.W.237.157;
4.W.237.166; 4.W.237.169; 4.W.237.172; 4.W.237.175; 4.W.237.240; 4.W.237.244;
4.W.238.228; 4.W.238.229; 4.W.238.230; 4.W.238.231; 4.W.238.236; 4.W.238.237;
4.W.238.238; 4.W.238.239; 4.W.238.154; 4.W.238.157; 4.W.238.166; 4.W.238.169;
4.W.238.172; 4.W.238.175; 4.W.238.240; 4.W.238.244; 4.W.239.228; 4.W.239.229;
4.W.239.230; 4.W.239.231; 4.W.239.236; 4.W.239.237; 4.W.239.238; 4.W.239.239;
4.W.239.154; 4.W.239.157; 4.W.239.166; 4.W.239.169; 4.W.239.172; 4.W.239.175;
4.W.239.240; 4.W.239.244; 4.W.154.228; 4.W.154.229; 4.W.154.230; 4.W.154.231;
4.W.154.236; 4.W.154.237; 4.W.154.238; 4.W.154.239; 4.W.154.154; 4.W.154.157;
4.W.154.166; 4.W.154.169; 4.W.154.172; 4.W.154.175; 4.W.154.240; 4.W.154.244;
4.W.157.228; 4.W.157.229; 4.W.157.230; 4.W.157.231; 4.W.157.236; 4.W.157.237;
4.W.157.238; 4.W.157.239; 4.W.157.154; 4.W.157.157; 4.W.157.166; 4.W.157.169;
4.W.157.172; 4.W.157.175; 4.W.157.240; 4.W.157.244; 4.W.166.228; 4.W.166.229;
4.W.166.230; 4.W.166.231; 4.W.166.236; 4.W.166.237; 4.W.166.238; 4.W.166.239;
4.W.166.154; 4.W.166.157; 4.W.166.166; 4.W.166.169; 4.W.166.172; 4.W.166.175;
4.W.166.240; 4.W.166.244; 4.W.169.228; 4.W.169.229; 4.W.169.230; 4.W.169.231;
4.W.169.236; 4.W.169.237; 4.W.169.238; 4.W.169.239; 4.W.169.154; 4.W.169.157;
4.W.169.166; 4.W.169.169; 4.W.169.172; 4.W.169.175; 4.W.169.240; 4.W.169.244;
4.W.172.228; 4.W.172.229; 4.W.172.230; 4.W.172.231; 4.W.172.236; 4.W.172.237;
4.W.172.238; 4.W.172.239; 4.W.172.154; 4.W.172.157; 4.W.172.166; 4.W.172.169;
4.W.172.172; 4.W.172.175; 4.W.172.240; 4.W.172.244; 4.W.175.228; 4.W.175.229;
4.W.175.230; 4.W.175.231; 4.W.175.236; 4.W.175.237; 4.W.175.238; 4.W.175.239;
4.W.175.154; 4.W.175.157; 4.W.175.166; 4.W.175.169; 4.W.175.172; 4.W.175.175;
4.W.175.240; 4.W.175.244; 4.W.240.228; 4.W.240.229; 4.W.240.230; 4.W.240.231;
4.W.240.236; 4.W.240.237; 4.W.240.238; 4.W.240.239; 4.W.240.154; 4.W.240.157;
4.W.240.166; 4.W.240.169; 4.W.240.172; 4.W.240.175; 4.W.240.240; 4.W.240.244;
4.W.244.228; 4.W.244.229; 4.W.244.230; 4.W.244.231; 4.W.244.236; 4.W.244.237;
4.W.244.238; 4.W.244.239; 4.W.244.154; 4.W.244.157; 4.W.244.166; 4.W.244.169;
4.W.244.172; 4.W.244.175; 4.W.244.240; 4.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 4.Y
4.Y.228.228; 4.Y.228.229; 4.Y.228.230; 4.Y.228.231; 4.Y.228.236; 4.Y.228.237;
4.Y.228.238; 4.Y.228.239; 4.Y.228.154; 4.Y.228.157; 4.Y.228.166; 4.Y.228.169;
4.Y.228.172; 4.Y.228.175; 4.Y.228.240; 4.Y.228.244; 4.Y.229.228; 4.Y.229.229;
4.Y.229.230; 4.Y.229.231; 4.Y.229.236; 4.Y.229.237; 4.Y.229.238; 4.Y.229.239;
4.Y.229.154; 4.Y.229.157; 4.Y.229.166; 4.Y.229.169; 4.Y.229.172; 4.Y.229.175;
4.Y.229.240; 4.Y.229.244; 4.Y.230.228; 4.Y.230.229; 4.Y.230.230; 4.Y.230.231;
4.Y.230.236; 4.Y.230.237; 4.Y.230.238; 4.Y.230.239; 4.Y.230.154; 4.Y.230.157;
4.Y.230.166; 4.Y.230.169; 4.Y.230.172; 4.Y.230.175; 4.Y.230.240; 4.Y.230.244;
4.Y.231.228; 4.Y.231.229; 4.Y.231.230; 4.Y.231.231; 4.Y.231.236; 4.Y.231.237;
4.Y.231.238; 4.Y.231.239; 4.Y.231.154; 4.Y.231.157; 4.Y.231.166; 4.Y.231.169;
4.Y.231.172; 4.Y.231.175; 4.Y.231.240; 4.Y.231.244; 4.Y.236.228; 4.Y.236.229;
4.Y.236.230; 4.Y.236.231; 4.Y.236.236; 4.Y.236.237; 4.Y.236.238; 4.Y.236.239;
4.Y.236.154; 4.Y.236.157; 4.Y.236.166; 4.Y.236.169; 4.Y.236.172; 4.Y.236.175;
4.Y.236.240; 4.Y.236.244; 4.Y.237.228; 4.Y.237.229; 4.Y.237.230; 4.Y.237.231;
4.Y.237.236; 4.Y.237.237; 4.Y.237.238; 4.Y.237.239; 4.Y.237.154; 4.Y.237.157;
4.Y.237.166; 4.Y.237.169; 4.Y.237.172; 4.Y.237.175; 4.Y.237.240; 4.Y.237.244;
4.Y.238.228; 4.Y.238.229; 4.Y.238.230; 4.Y.238.231; 4.Y.238.236; 4.Y.238.237;
4.Y.238.238; 4.Y.238.239; 4.Y.238.154; 4.Y.238.157; 4.Y.238.166; 4.Y.238.169;
4.Y.238.172; 4.Y.238.175; 4.Y.238.240; 4.Y.238.244; 4.Y.239.228; 4.Y.239.229;
4.Y.239.230; 4.Y.239.231; 4.Y.239.236; 4.Y.239.237; 4.Y.239.238; 4.Y.239.239;
4.Y.239.154; 4.Y.239.157; 4.Y.239.166; 4.Y.239.169; 4.Y.239.172; 4.Y.239.175;
4.Y.239.240; 4.Y.239.244; 4.Y.154.228; 4.Y.154.229; 4.Y.154.230; 4.Y.154.231;
4.Y.154.236; 4.Y.154.237; 4.Y.154.238; 4.Y.154.239; 4.Y.154.154; 4.Y.154.157;
4.Y.154.166; 4.Y.154.169; 4.Y.154.172; 4.Y.154.175; 4.Y.154.240; 4.Y.154.244;
4.Y.157.228; 4.Y.157.229; 4.Y.157.230; 4.Y.157.231; 4.Y.157.236; 4.Y.157.237;
4.Y.157.238; 4.Y.157.239; 4.Y.157.154; 4.Y.157.157; 4.Y.157.166; 4.Y.157.169;
4.Y.157.172; 4.Y.157.175; 4.Y.157.240; 4.Y.157.244; 4.Y.166.228; 4.Y.166.229;
4.Y.166.230; 4.Y.166.231; 4.Y.166.236; 4.Y.166.237; 4.Y.166.238; 4.Y.166.239;
4.Y.166.154; 4.Y.166.157; 4.Y.166.166; 4.Y.166.169; 4.Y.166.172; 4.Y.166.175;
4.Y.166.240; 4.Y.166.244; 4.Y.169.228; 4.Y.169.229; 4.Y.169.230; 4.Y.169.231;
4.Y.169.236; 4.Y.169.237; 4.Y.169.238; 4.Y.169.239; 4.Y.169.154; 4.Y.169.157;
4.Y.169.166; 4.Y.169.169; 4.Y.169.172; 4.Y.169.175; 4.Y.169.240; 4.Y.169.244;
4.Y.172.228; 4.Y.172.229; 4.Y.172.230; 4.Y.172.231; 4.Y.172.236; 4.Y.172.237;
4.Y.172.238; 4.Y.172.239; 4.Y.172.154; 4.Y.172.157; 4.Y.172.166; 4.Y.172.169;
4.Y.172.172; 4.Y.172.175; 4.Y.172.240; 4.Y.172.244; 4.Y.175.228; 4.Y.175.229;
4.Y.175.230; 4.Y.175.231; 4.Y.175.236; 4.Y.175.237; 4.Y.175.238; 4.Y.175.239;
4.Y.175.154; 4.Y.175.157; 4.Y.175.166; 4.Y.175.169; 4.Y.175.172; 4.Y.175.175;
4.Y.175.240; 4.Y.175.244; 4.Y.240.228; 4.Y.240.229; 4.Y.240.230; 4.Y.240.231;
4.Y.240.236; 4.Y.240.237; 4.Y.240.238; 4.Y.240.239; 4.Y.240.154; 4.Y.240.157;
4.Y.240.166; 4.Y.240.169; 4.Y.240.172; 4.Y.240.175; 4.Y.240.240; 4.Y.240.244;
4.Y.244.228; 4.Y.244.229; 4.Y.244.230; 4.Y.244.231; 4.Y.244.236; 4.Y.244.237;
4.Y.244.238; 4.Y.244.239; 4.Y.244.154; 4.Y.244.157; 4.Y.244.166; 4.Y.244.169;
4.Y.244.172; 4.Y.244.175; 4.Y.244.240; 4.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.B
5.B.228.228; 5.B.228.229; 5.B.228.230; 5.B.228.231; 5.B.228.236; 5.B.228.237;
5.B.228.238; 5.B.228.239; 5.B.228.154; 5.B.228.157; 5.B.228.166; 5.B.228.169;
5.B.228.172; 5.B.228.175; 5.B.228.240; 5.B.228.244; 5.B.229.228; 5.B.229.229;
5.B.229.230; 5.B.229.231; 5.B.229.236; 5.B.229.237; 5.B.229.238; 5.B.229.239;
5.B.229.154; 5.B.229.157; 5.B.229.166; 5.B.229.169; 5.B.229.172; 5.B.229.175;
5.B.229.240; 5.B.229.244; 5.B.230.228; 5.B.230.229; 5.B.230.230; 5.B.230.231;
5.B.230.236; 5.B.230.237; 5.B.230.238; 5.B.230.239; 5.B.230.154; 5.B.230.157;
5.B.230.166; 5.B.230.169; 5.B.230.172; 5.B.230.175; 5.B.230.240; 5.B.230.244;
5.B.231.228; 5.B.231.229; 5.B.231.230; 5.B.231.231; 5.B.231.236; 5.B.231.237;
5.B.231.238; 5.B.231.239; 5.B.231.154; 5.B.231.157; 5.B.231.166; 5.B.231.169;
5.B.231.172; 5.B.231.175; 5.B.231.240; 5.B.231.244; 5.B.236.228; 5.B.236.229;
5.B.236.230; 5.B.236.231; 5.B.236.236; 5.B.236.237; 5.B.236.238; 5.B.236.239;
5.B.236.154; 5.B.236.157; 5.B.236.166; 5.B.236.169; 5.B.236.172; 5.B.236.175;
5.B.236.240; 5.B.236.244; 5.B.237.228; 5.B.237.229; 5.B.237.230; 5.B.237.231;
5.B.237.236; 5.B.237.237; 5.B.237.238; 5.B.237.239; 5.B.237.154; 5.B.237.157;
5.B.237.166; 5.B.237.169; 5.B.237.172; 5.B.237.175; 5.B.237.240; 5.B.237.244;
5.B.238.228; 5.B.238.229; 5.B.238.230; 5.B.238.231; 5.B.238.236; 5.B.238.237;
5.B.238.238; 5.B.238.239; 5.B.238.154; 5.B.238.157; 5.B.238.166; 5.B.238.169;
5.B.238.172; 5.B.238.175; 5.B.238.240; 5.B.238.244; 5.B.239.228; 5.B.239.229;
5.B.239.230; 5.B.239.231; 5.B.239.236; 5.B.239.237; 5.B.239.238; 5.B.239.239;
5.B.239.154; 5.B.239.157; 5.B.239.166; 5.B.239.169; 5.B.239.172; 5.B.239.175;
5.B.239.240; 5.B.239.244; 5.B.154.228; 5.B.154.229; 5.B.154.230; 5.B.154.231;
5.B.154.236; 5.B.154.237; 5.B.154.238; 5.B.154.239; 5.B.154.154; 5.B.154.157;
5.B.154.166; 5.B.154.169; 5.B.154.172; 5.B.154.175; 5.B.154.240; 5.B.154.244;
5.B.157.228; 5.B.157.229; 5.B.157.230; 5.B.157.231; 5.B.157.236; 5.B.157.237;
5.B.157.238; 5.B.157.239; 5.B.157.154; 5.B.157.157; 5.B.157.166; 5.B.157.169;
5.B.157.172; 5.B.157.175; 5.B.157.240; 5.B.157.244; 5.B.166.228; 5.B.166.229;
5.B.166.230; 5.B.166.231; 5.B.166.236; 5.B.166.237; 5.B.166.238; 5.B.166.239;
5.B.166.154; 5.B.166.157; 5.B.166.166; 5.B.166.169; 5.B.166.172; 5.B.166.175;
5.B.166.240; 5.B.166.244; 5.B.169.228; 5.B.169.229; 5.B.169.230; 5.B.169.231;
5.B.169.236; 5.B.169.237; 5.B.169.238; 5.B.169.239; 5.B.169.154; 5.B.169.157;
5.B.169.166; 5.B.169.169; 5.B.169.172; 5.B.169.175; 5.B.169.240; 5.B.169.244;
5.B.172.228; 5.B.172.229; 5.B.172.230; 5.B.172.231; 5.B.172.236; 5.B.172.237;
5.B.172.238; 5.B.172.239; 5.B.172.154; 5.B.172.157; 5.B.172.166; 5.B.172.169;
5.B.172.172; 5.B.172.175; 5.B.172.240; 5.B.172.244; 5.B.175.228; 5.B.175.229;
5.B.175.230; 5.B.175.231; 5.B.175.236; 5.B.175.237; 5.B.175.238; 5.B.175.239;
5.B.175.154; 5.B.175.157; 5.B.175.166; 5.B.175.169; 5.B.175.172; 5.B.175.175;
5.B.175.240; 5.B.175.244; 5.B.240.228; 5.B.240.229; 5.B.240.230; 5.B.240.231;
5.B.240.236; 5.B.240.237; 5.B.240.238; 5.B.240.239; 5.B.240.154; 5.B.240.157;
5.B.240.166; 5.B.240.169; 5.B.240.172; 5.B.240.175; 5.B.240.240; 5.B.240.244;
5.B.244.228; 5.B.244.229; 5.B.244.230; 5.B.244.231; 5.B.244.236; 5.B.244.237;
5.B.244.238; 5.B.244.239; 5.B.244.154; 5.B.244.157; 5.B.244.166; 5.B.244.169;
5.B.244.172; 5.B.244.175; 5.B.244.240; 5.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.D
5.D.228.228; 5.D.228.229; 5.D.228.230; 5.D.228.231; 5.D.228.236; 5.D.228.237;
5.D.228.238; 5.D.228.239; 5.D.228.154; 5.D.228.157; 5.D.228.166; 5.D.228.169;
5.D.228.172; 5.D.228.175; 5.D.228.240; 5.D.228.244; 5.D.229.228; 5.D.229.229;
5.D.229.230; 5.D.229.231; 5.D.229.236; 5.D.229.237; 5.D.229.238; 5.D.229.239;
5.D.229.154; 5.D.229.157; 5.D.229.166; 5.D.229.169; 5.D.229.172; 5.D.229.175;
5.D.229.240; 5.D.229.244; 5.D.230.228; 5.D.230.229; 5.D.230.230; 5.D.230.231;
5.D.230.236; 5.D.230.237; 5.D.230.238; 5.D.230.239; 5.D.230.154; 5.D.230.157;
5.D.230.166; 5.D.230.169; 5.D.230.172; 5.D.230.175; 5.D.230.240; 5.D.230.244;
5.D.231.228; 5.D.231.229; 5.D.231.230; 5.D.231.231; 5.D.231.236; 5.D.231.237;
5.D.231.238; 5.D.231.239; 5.D.231.154; 5.D.231.157; 5.D.231.166; 5.D.231.169;
5.D.231.172; 5.D.231.175; 5.D.231.240; 5.D.231.244; 5.D.236.228; 5.D.236.229;
5.D.236.230; 5.D.236.231; 5.D.236.236; 5.D.236.237; 5.D.236.238; 5.D.236.239;
5.D.236.154; 5.D.236.157; 5.D.236.166; 5.D.236.169; 5.D.236.172; 5.D.236.175;
5.D.236.240; 5.D.236.244; 5.D.237.228; 5.D.237.229; 5.D.237.230; 5.D.237.231;
5.D.237.236; 5.D.237.237; 5.D.237.238; 5.D.237.239; 5.D.237.154; 5.D.237.157;
5.D.237.166; 5.D.237.169; 5.D.237.172; 5.D.237.175; 5.D.237.240; 5.D.237.244;
5.D.238.228; 5.D.238.229; 5.D.238.230; 5.D.238.231; 5.D.238.236; 5.D.238.237;
5.D.238.238; 5.D.238.239; 5.D.238.154; 5.D.238.157; 5.D.238.166; 5.D.238.169;
5.D.238.172; 5.D.238.175; 5.D.238.240; 5.D.238.244; 5.D.239.228; 5.D.239.229;
5.D.239.230; 5.D.239.231; 5.D.239.236; 5.D.239.237; 5.D.239.238; 5.D.239.239;
5.D.239.154; 5.D.239.157; 5.D.239.166; 5.D.239.169; 5.D.239.172; 5.D.239.175;
5.D.239.240; 5.D.239.244; 5.D.154.228; 5.D.154.229; 5.D.154.230; 5.D.154.231;
5.D.154.236; 5.D.154.237; 5.D.154.238; 5.D.154.239; 5.D.154.154; 5.D.154.157;
5.D.154.166; 5.D.154.169; 5.D.154.172; 5.D.154.175; 5.D.154.240; 5.D.154.244;
5.D.157.228; 5.D.157.229; 5.D.157.230; 5.D.157.231; 5.D.157.236; 5.D.157.237;
5.D.157.238; 5.D.157.239; 5.D.157.154; 5.D.157.157; 5.D.157.166; 5.D.157.169;
5.D.157.172; 5.D.157.175; 5.D.157.240; 5.D.157.244; 5.D.166.228; 5.D.166.229;
5.D.166.230; 5.D.166.231; 5.D.166.236; 5.D.166.237; 5.D.166.238; 5.D.166.239;
5.D.166.154; 5.D.166.157; 5.D.166.166; 5.D.166.169; 5.D.166.172; 5.D.166.175;
5.D.166.240; 5.D.166.244; 5.D.169.228; 5.D.169.229; 5.D.169.230; 5.D.169.231;
5.D.169.236; 5.D.169.237; 5.D.169.238; 5.D.169.239; 5.D.169.154; 5.D.169.157;
5.D.169.166; 5.D.169.169; 5.D.169.172; 5.D.169.175; 5.D.169.240; 5.D.169.244;
5.D.172.228; 5.D.172.229; 5.D.172.230; 5.D.172.231; 5.D.172.236; 5.D.172.237;
5.D.172.238; 5.D.172.239; 5.D.172.154; 5.D.172.157; 5.D.172.166; 5.D.172.169;
5.D.172.172; 5.D.172.175; 5.D.172.240; 5.D.172.244; 5.D.175.228; 5.D.175.229;
5.D.175.230; 5.D.175.231; 5.D.175.236; 5.D.175.237; 5.D.175.238; 5.D.175.239;
5.D.175.154; 5.D.175.157; 5.D.175.166; 5.D.175.169; 5.D.175.172; 5.D.175.175;
5.D.175.240; 5.D.175.244; 5.D.240.228; 5.D.240.229; 5.D.240.230; 5.D.240.231;
5.D.240.236; 5.D.240.237; 5.D.240.238; 5.D.240.239; 5.D.240.154; 5.D.240.157;
5.D.240.166; 5.D.240.169; 5.D.240.172; 5.D.240.175; 5.D.240.240; 5.D.240.244;
5.D.244.228; 5.D.244.229; 5.D.244.230; 5.D.244.231; 5.D.244.236; 5.D.244.237;
5.D.244.238; 5.D.244.239; 5.D.244.154; 5.D.244.157; 5.D.244.166; 5.D.244.169;
5.D.244.172; 5.D.244.175; 5.D.244.240; 5.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.E
5.E.228.228; 5.E.228.229; 5.E.228.230; 5.E.228.231; 5.E.228.236; 5.E.228.237;
5.E.228.238; 5.E.228.239; 5.E.228.154; 5.E.228.157; 5.E.228.166; 5.E.228.169;
5.E.228.172; 5.E.228.175; 5.E.228.240; 5.E.228.244; 5.E.229.228; 5.E.229.229;
5.E.229.230; 5.E.229.231; 5.E.229.236; 5.E.229.237; 5.E.229.238; 5.E.229.239;
5.E.229.154; 5.E.229.157; 5.E.229.166; 5.E.229.169; 5.E.229.172; 5.E.229.175;
5.E.229.240; 5.E.229.244; 5.E.230.228; 5.E.230.229; 5.E.230.230; 5.E.230.231;
5.E.230.236; 5.E.230.237; 5.E.230.238; 5.E.230.239; 5.E.230.154; 5.E.230.157;
5.E.230.166; 5.E.230.169; 5.E.230.172; 5.E.230.175; 5.E.230.240; 5.E.230.244;
5.E.231.228; 5.E.231.229; 5.E.231.230; 5.E.231.231; 5.E.231.236; 5.E.231.237;
5.E.231.238; 5.E.231.239; 5.E.231.154; 5.E.231.157; 5.E.231.166; 5.E.231.169;
5.E.231.172; 5.E.231.175; 5.E.231.240; 5.E.231.244; 5.E.236.228; 5.E.236.229;
5.E.236.230; 5.E.236.231; 5.E.236.236; 5.E.236.237; 5.E.236.238; 5.E.236.239;
5.E.236.154; 5.E.236.157; 5.E.236.166; 5.E.236.169; 5.E.236.172; 5.E.236.175;
5.E.236.240; 5.E.236.244; 5.E.237.228; 5.E.237.229; 5.E.237.230; 5.E.237.231;
5.E.237.236; 5.E.237.237; 5.E.237.238; 5.E.237.239; 5.E.237.154; 5.E.237.157;
5.E.237.166; 5.E.237.169; 5.E.237.172; 5.E.237.175; 5.E.237.240; 5.E.237.244;
5.E.238.228; 5.E.238.229; 5.E.238.230; 5.E.238.231; 5.E.238.236; 5.E.238.237;
5.E.238.238; 5.E.238.239; 5.E.238.154; 5.E.238.157; 5.E.238.166; 5.E.238.169;
5.E.238.172; 5.E.238.175; 5.E.238.240; 5.E.238.244; 5.E.239.228; 5.E.239.229;
5.E.239.230; 5.E.239.231; 5.E.239.236; 5.E.239.237; 5.E.239.238; 5.E.239.239;
5.E.239.154; 5.E.239.157; 5.E.239.166; 5.E.239.169; 5.E.239.172; 5.E.239.175;
5.E.239.240; 5.E.239.244; 5.E.154.228; 5.E.154.229; 5.E.154.230; 5.E.154.231;
5.E.154.236; 5.E.154.237; 5.E.154.238; 5.E.154.239; 5.E.154.154; 5.E.154.157;
5.E.154.166; 5.E.154.169; 5.E.154.172; 5.E.154.175; 5.E.154.240; 5.E.154.244;
5.E.157.228; 5.E.157.229; 5.E.157.230; 5.E.157.231; 5.E.157.236; 5.E.157.237;
5.E.157.238; 5.E.157.239; 5.E.157.154; 5.E.157.157; 5.E.157.166; 5.E.157.169;
5.E.157.172; 5.E.157.175; 5.E.157.240; 5.E.157.244; 5.E.166.228; 5.E.166.229;
5.E.166.230; 5.E.166.231; 5.E.166.236; 5.E.166.237; 5.E.166.238; 5.E.166.239;
5.E.166.154; 5.E.166.157; 5.E.166.166; 5.E.166.169; 5.E.166.172; 5.E.166.175;
5.E.166.240; 5.E.166.244; 5.E.169.228; 5.E.169.229; 5.E.169.230; 5.E.169.231;
5.E.169.236; 5.E.169.237; 5.E.169.238; 5.E.169.239; 5.E.169.154; 5.E.169.157;
5.E.169.166; 5.E.169.169; 5.E.169.172; 5.E.169.175; 5.E.169.240; 5.E.169.244;
5.E.172.228; 5.E.172.229; 5.E.172.230; 5.E.172.231; 5.E.172.236; 5.E.172.237;
5.E.172.238; 5.E.172.239; 5.E.172.154; 5.E.172.157; 5.E.172.166; 5.E.172.169;
5.E.172.172; 5.E.172.175; 5.E.172.240; 5.E.172.244; 5.E.175.228; 5.E.175.229;
5.E.175.230; 5.E.175.231; 5.E.175.236; 5.E.175.237; 5.E.175.238; 5.E.175.239;
5.E.175.154; 5.E.175.157; 5.E.175.166; 5.E.175.169; 5.E.175.172; 5.E.175.175;
5.E.175.240; 5.E.175.244; 5.E.240.228; 5.E.240.229; 5.E.240.230; 5.E.240.231;
5.E.240.236; 5.E.240.237; 5.E.240.238; 5.E.240.239; 5.E.240.154; 5.E.240.157;
5.E.240.166; 5.E.240.169; 5.E.240.172; 5.E.240.175; 5.E.240.240; 5.E.240.244;
5.E.244.228; 5.E.244.229; 5.E.244.230; 5.E.244.231; 5.E.244.236; 5.E.244.237;
5.E.244.238; 5.E.244.239; 5.E.244.154; 5.E.244.157; 5.E.244.166; 5.E.244.169;
5.E.244.172; 5.E.244.175; 5.E.244.240; 5.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.G
5.G.228.228; 5.G.228.229; 5.G.228.230; 5.G.228.231; 5.G.228.236; 5.G.228.237;
5.G.228.238; 5.G.228.239; 5.G.228.154; 5.G.228.157; 5.G.228.166; 5.G.228.169;
5.G.228.172; 5.G.228.175; 5.G.228.240; 5.G.228.244; 5.G.229.228; 5.G.229.229;
5.G.229.230; 5.G.229.231; 5.G.229.236; 5.G.229.237; 5.G.229.238; 5.G.229.239;
5.G.229.154; 5.G.229.157; 5.G.229.166; 5.G.229.169; 5.G.229.172; 5.G.229.175;
5.G.229.240; 5.G.229.244; 5.G.230.228; 5.G.230.229; 5.G.230.230; 5.G.230.231;
5.G.230.236; 5.G.230.237; 5.G.230.238; 5.G.230.239; 5.G.230.154; 5.G.230.157;
5.G.230.166; 5.G.230.169; 5.G.230.172; 5.G.230.175; 5.G.230.240; 5.G.230.244;
5.G.231.228; 5.G.231.229; 5.G.231.230; 5.G.231.231; 5.G.231.236; 5.G.231.237;
5.G.231.238; 5.G.231.239; 5.G.231.154; 5.G.231.157; 5.G.231.166; 5.G.231.169;
5.G.231.172; 5.G.231.175; 5.G.231.240; 5.G.231.244; 5.G.236.228; 5.G.236.229;
5.G.236.230; 5.G.236.231; 5.G.236.236; 5.G.236.237; 5.G.236.238; 5.G.236.239;
5.G.236.154; 5.G.236.157; 5.G.236.166; 5.G.236.169; 5.G.236.172; 5.G.236.175;
5.G.236.240; 5.G.236.244; 5.G.237.228; 5.G.237.229; 5.G.237.230; 5.G.237.231;
5.G.237.236; 5.G.237.237; 5.G.237.238; 5.G.237.239; 5.G.237.154; 5.G.237.157;
5.G.237.166; 5.G.237.169; 5.G.237.172; 5.G.237.175; 5.G.237.240; 5.G.237.244;
5.G.238.228; 5.G.238.229; 5.G.238.230; 5.G.238.231; 5.G.238.236; 5.G.238.237;
5.G.238.238; 5.G.238.239; 5.G.238.154; 5.G.238.157; 5.G.238.166; 5.G.238.169;
5.G.238.172; 5.G.238.175; 5.G.238.240; 5.G.238.244; 5.G.239.228; 5.G.239.229;
5.G.239.230; 5.G.239.231; 5.G.239.236; 5.G.239.237; 5.G.239.238; 5.G.239.239;
5.G.239.154; 5.G.239.157; 5.G.239.166; 5.G.239.169; 5.G.239.172; 5.G.239.175;
5.G.239.240; 5.G.239.244; 5.G.154.228; 5.G.154.229; 5.G.154.230; 5.G.154.231;
5.G.154.236; 5.G.154.237; 5.G.154.238; 5.G.154.239; 5.G.154.154; 5.G.154.157;
5.G.154.166; 5.G.154.169; 5.G.154.172; 5.G.154.175; 5.G.154.240; 5.G.154.244;
5.G.157.228; 5.G.157.229; 5.G.157.230; 5.G.157.231; 5.G.157.236; 5.G.157.237;
5.G.157.238; 5.G.157.239; 5.G.157.154; 5.G.157.157; 5.G.157.166; 5.G.157.169;
5.G.157.172; 5.G.157.175; 5.G.157.240; 5.G.157.244; 5.G.166.228; 5.G.166.229;
5.G.166.230; 5.G.166.231; 5.G.166.236; 5.G.166.237; 5.G.166.238; 5.G.166.239;
5.G.166.154; 5.G.166.157; 5.G.166.166; 5.G.166.169; 5.G.166.172; 5.G.166.175;
5.G.166.240; 5.G.166.244; 5.G.169.228; 5.G.169.229; 5.G.169.230; 5.G.169.231;
5.G.169.236; 5.G.169.237; 5.G.169.238; 5.G.169.239; 5.G.169.154; 5.G.169.157;
5.G.169.166; 5.G.169.169; 5.G.169.172; 5.G.169.175; 5.G.169.240; 5.G.169.244;
5.G.172.228; 5.G.172.229; 5.G.172.230; 5.G.172.231; 5.G.172.236; 5.G.172.237;
5.G.172.238; 5.G.172.239; 5.G.172.154; 5.G.172.157; 5.G.172.166; 5.G.172.169;
5.G.172.172; 5.G.172.175; 5.G.172.240; 5.G.172.244; 5.G.175.228; 5.G.175.229;
5.G.175.230; 5.G.175.231; 5.G.175.236; 5.G.175.237; 5.G.175.238; 5.G.175.239;
5.G.175.154; 5.G.175.157; 5.G.175.166; 5.G.175.169; 5.G.175.172; 5.G.175.175;
5.G.175.240; 5.G.175.244; 5.G.240.228; 5.G.240.229; 5.G.240.230; 5.G.240.231;
5.G.240.236; 5.G.240.237; 5.G.240.238; 5.G.240.239; 5.G.240.154; 5.G.240.157;
5.G.240.166; 5.G.240.169; 5.G.240.172; 5.G.240.175; 5.G.240.240; 5.G.240.244;
5.G.244.228; 5.G.244.229; 5.G.244.230; 5.G.244.231; 5.G.244.236; 5.G.244.237;
5.G.244.238; 5.G.244.239; 5.G.244.154; 5.G.244.157; 5.G.244.166; 5.G.244.169;
5.G.244.172; 5.G.244.175; 5.G.244.240; 5.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.I
5.I.228.228; 5.I.228.229; 5.I.228.230; 5.I.228.231; 5.I.228.236; 5.I.228.237; 5.I.228.238;
5.I.228.239; 5.I.228.154; 5.I.228.157; 5.I.228.166; 5.I.228.169; 5.I.228.172; 5.I.228.175;
5.I.228.240; 5.I.228.244; 5.I.229.228; 5.I.229.229; 5.I.229.230; 5.I.229.231; 5.I.229.236;
5.I.229.237; 5.I.229.238; 5.I.229.239; 5.I.229.154; 5.I.229.157; 5.I.229.166; 5.I.229.169;
5.I.229.172; 5.I.229.175; 5.I.229.240; 5.I.229.244; 5.I.230.228; 5.I.230.229; 5.I.230.230;
5.I.230.231; 5.I.230.236; 5.I.230.237; 5.I.230.238; 5.I.230.239; 5.I.230.154; 5.I.230.157;
5.I.230.166; 5.I.230.169; 5.I.230.172; 5.I.230.175; 5.I.230.240; 5.I.230.244; 5.I.231.228;
5.I.231.229; 5.I.231.230; 5.I.231.231; 5.I.231.236; 5.I.231.237; 5.I.231.238; 5.I.231.239;
5.I.231.154; 5.I.231.157; 5.I.231.166; 5.I.231.169; 5.I.231.172; 5.I.231.175; 5.I.231.240;
5.I.231.244; 5.I.236.228; 5.I.236.229; 5.I.236.230; 5.I.236.231; 5.I.236.236; 5.I.236.237;
5.I.236.238; 5.I.236.239; 5.I.236.154; 5.I.236.157; 5.I.236.166; 5.I.236.169; 5.I.236.172;
5.I.236.175; 5.I.236.240; 5.I.236.244; 5.I.237.228; 5.I.237.229; 5.I.237.230; 5.I.237.231;
5.I.237.236; 5.I.237.237; 5.I.237.238; 5.I.237.239; 5.I.237.154; 5.I.237.157; 5.I.237.166;
5.I.237.169; 5.I.237.172; 5.I.237.175; 5.I.237.240; 5.I.237.244; 5.I.238.228; 5.I.238.229;
5.I.238.230; 5.I.238.231; 5.I.238.236; 5.I.238.237; 5.I.238.238; 5.I.238.239; 5.I.238.154;
5.I.238.157; 5.I.238.166; 5.I.238.169; 5.I.238.172; 5.I.238.175; 5.I.238.240; 5.I.238.244;
5.I.239.228; 5.I.239.229; 5.I.239.230; 5.I.239.231; 5.I.239.236; 5.I.239.237; 5.I.239.238;
5.I.239.239; 5.I.239.154; 5.I.239.157; 5.I.239.166; 5.I.239.169; 5.I.239.172; 5.I.239.175;
5.I.239.240; 5.I.239.244; 5.I.154.228; 5.I.154.229; 5.I.154.230; 5.I.154.231; 5.I.154.236;
5.I.154.237; 5.I.154.238; 5.I.154.239; 5.I.154.154; 5.I.154.157; 5.I.154.166; 5.I.154.169;
5.I.154.172; 5.I.154.175; 5.I.154.240; 5.I.154.244; 5.I.157.228; 5.I.157.229; 5.I.157.230;
5.I.157.231; 5.I.157.236; 5.I.157.237; 5.I.157.238; 5.I.157.239; 5.I.157.154; 5.I.157.157;
5.I.157.166; 5.I.157.169; 5.I.157.172; 5.I.157.175; 5.I.157.240; 5.I.157.244; 5.I.166.228;
5.I.166.229; 5.I.166.230; 5.I.166.231; 5.I.166.236; 5.I.166.237; 5.I.166.238; 5.I.166.239;
5.I.166.154; 5.I.166.157; 5.I.166.166; 5.I.166.169; 5.I.166.172; 5.I.166.175; 5.I.166.240;
5.I.166.244; 5.I.169.228; 5.I.169.229; 5.I.169.230; 5.I.169.231; 5.I.169.236; 5.I.169.237;
5.I.169.238; 5.I.169.239; 5.I.169.154; 5.I.169.157; 5.I.169.166; 5.I.169.169; 5.I.169.172;
5.I.169.175; 5.I.169.240; 5.I.169.244; 5.I.172.228; 5.I.172.229; 5.I.172.230; 5.I.172.231;
5.I.172.236; 5.I.172.237; 5.I.172.238; 5.I.172.239; 5.I.172.154; 5.I.172.157; 5.I.172.166;
5.I.172.169; 5.I.172.172; 5.I.172.175; 5.I.172.240; 5.I.172.244; 5.I.175.228; 5.I.175.229;
5.I.175.230; 5.I.175.231; 5.I.175.236; 5.I.175.237; 5.I.175.238; 5.I.175.239; 5.I.175.154;
5.I.175.157; 5.I.175.166; 5.I.175.169; 5.I.175.172; 5.I.175.175; 5.I.175.240; 5.I.175.244;
5.I.240.228; 5.I.240.229; 5.I.240.230; 5.I.240.231; 5.I.240.236; 5.I.240.237; 5.I.240.238;
5.I.240.239; 5.I.240.154; 5.I.240.157; 5.I.240.166; 5.I.240.169; 5.I.240.172; 5.I.240.175;
5.I.240.240; 5.I.240.244; 5.I.244.228; 5.I.244.229; 5.I.244.230; 5.I.244.231; 5.I.244.236;
5.I.244.237; 5.I.244.238; 5.I.244.239; 5.I.244.154; 5.I.244.157; 5.I.244.166; 5.I.244.169;
5.I.244.172; 5.I.244.175; 5.I.244.240; 5.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.J
5.J.228.228; 5.J.228.229; 5.J.228.230; 5.J.228.231; 5.J.228.236; 5.J.228.237; 5.J.228.238;
5.J.228.239; 5.J.228.154; 5.J.228.157; 5.J.228.166; 5.J.228.169; 5.J.228.172; 5.J.228.175;
5.J.228.240; 5.J.228.244; 5.J.229.228; 5.J.229.229; 5.J.229.230; 5.J.229.231; 5.J.229.236;
5.J.229.237; 5.J.229.238; 5.J.229.239; 5.J.229.154; 5.J.229.157; 5.J.229.166; 5.J.229.169;
5.J.229.172; 5.J.229.175; 5.J.229.240; 5.J.229.244; 5.J.230.228; 5.J.230.229; 5.J.230.230;
5.J.230.231; 5.J.230.236; 5.J.230.237; 5.J.230.238; 5.J.230.239; 5.J.230.154; 5.J.230.157;
5.J.230.166; 5.J.230.169; 5.J.230.172; 5.J.230.175; 5.J.230.240; 5.J.230.244; 5.J.231.228;
5.J.231.229; 5.J.231.230; 5.J.231.231; 5.J.231.236; 5.J.231.237; 5.J.231.238; 5.J.231.239;
5.J.231.154; 5.J.231.157; 5.J.231.166; 5.J.231.169; 5.J.231.172; 5.J.231.175; 5.J.231.240;
5.J.231.244; 5.J.236.228; 5.J.236.229; 5.J.236.230; 5.J.236.231; 5.J.236.236; 5.J.236.237;
5.J.236.238; 5.J.236.239; 5.J.236.154; 5.J.236.157; 5.J.236.166; 5.J.236.169; 5.J.236.172;
5.J.236.175; 5.J.236.240; 5.J.236.244; 5.J.237.228; 5.J.237.229; 5.J.237.230; 5.J.237.231;
5.J.237.236; 5.J.237.237; 5.J.237.238; 5.J.237.239; 5.J.237.154; 5.J.237.157; 5.J.237.166;
5.J.237.169; 5.J.237.172; 5.J.237.175; 5.J.237.240; 5.J.237.244; 5.J.238.228; 5.J.238.229;
5.J.238.230; 5.J.238.231; 5.J.238.236; 5.J.238.237; 5.J.238.238; 5.J.238.239; 5.J.238.154;
5.J.238.157; 5.J.238.166; 5.J.238.169; 5.J.238.172; 5.J.238.175; 5.J.238.240; 5.J.238.244;
5.J.239.228; 5.J.239.229; 5.J.239.230; 5.J.239.231; 5.J.239.236; 5.J.239.237; 5.J.239.238;
5.J.239.239; 5.J.239.154; 5.J.239.157; 5.J.239.166; 5.J.239.169; 5.J.239.172; 5.J.239.175;
5.J.239.240; 5.J.239.244; 5.J.154.228; 5.J.154.229; 5.J.154.230; 5.J.154.231; 5.J.154.236;
5.J.154.237; 5.J.154.238; 5.J.154.239; 5.J.154.154; 5.J.154.157; 5.J.154.166; 5.J.154.169;
5.J.154.172; 5.J.154.175; 5.J.154.240; 5.J.154.244; 5.J.157.228; 5.J.157.229; 5.J.157.230;
5.J.157.231; 5.J.157.236; 5.J.157.237; 5.J.157.238; 5.J.157.239; 5.J.157.154; 5.J.157.157;
5.J.157.166; 5.J.157.169; 5.J.157.172; 5.J.157.175; 5.J.157.240; 5.J.157.244; 5.J.166.228;
5.J.166.229; 5.J.166.230; 5.J.166.231; 5.J.166.236; 5.J.166.237; 5.J.166.238; 5.J.166.239;
5.J.166.154; 5.J.166.157; 5.J.166.166; 5.J.166.169; 5.J.166.172; 5.J.166.175; 5.J.166.240;
5.J.166.244; 5.J.169.228; 5.J.169.229; 5.J.169.230; 5.J.169.231; 5.J.169.236; 5.J.169.237;
5.J.169.238; 5.J.169.239; 5.J.169.154; 5.J.169.157; 5.J.169.166; 5.J.169.169; 5.J.169.172;
5.J.169.175; 5.J.169.240; 5.J.169.244; 5.J.172.228; 5.J.172.229; 5.J.172.230; 5.J.172.231;
5.J.172.236; 5.J.172.237; 5.J.172.238; 5.J.172.239; 5.J.172.154; 5.J.172.157; 5.J.172.166;
5.J.172.169; 5.J.172.172; 5.J.172.175; 5.J.172.240; 5.J.172.244; 5.J.175.228; 5.J.175.229;
5.J.175.230; 5.J.175.231; 5.J.175.236; 5.J.175.237; 5.J.175.238; 5.J.175.239; 5.J.175.154;
5.J.175.157; 5.J.175.166; 5.J.175.169; 5.J.175.172; 5.J.175.175; 5.J.175.240; 5.J.175.244;
5.J.240.228; 5.J.240.229; 5.J.240.230; 5.J.240.231; 5.J.240.236; 5.J.240.237; 5.J.240.238;
5.J.240.239; 5.J.240.154; 5.J.240.157; 5.J.240.166; 5.J.240.169; 5.J.240.172; 5.J.240.175;
5.J.240.240; 5.J.240.244; 5.J.244.228; 5.J.244.229; 5.J.244.230; 5.J.244.231; 5.J.244.236;
5.J.244.237; 5.J.244.238; 5.J.244.239; 5.J.244.154; 5.J.244.157; 5.J.244.166; 5.J.244.169;
5.J.244.172; 5.J.244.175; 5.J.244.240; 5.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.L
5.L.228.228; 5.L.228.229; 5.L.228.230; 5.L.228.231; 5.L.228.236; 5.L.228.237;
5.L.228.238; 5.L.228.239; 5.L.228.154; 5.L.228.157; 5.L.228.166; 5.L.228.169;
5.L.228.172; 5.L.228.175; 5.L.228.240; 5.L.228.244; 5.L.229.228; 5.L.229.229;
5.L.229.230; 5.L.229.231; 5.L.229.236; 5.L.229.237; 5.L.229.238; 5.L.229.239;
5.L.229.154; 5.L.229.157; 5.L.229.166; 5.L.229.169; 5.L.229.172; 5.L.229.175;
5.L.229.240; 5.L.229.244; 5.L.230.228; 5.L.230.229; 5.L.230.230; 5.L.230.231;
5.L.230.236; 5.L.230.237; 5.L.230.238; 5.L.230.239; 5.L.230.154; 5.L.230.157;
5.L.230.166; 5.L.230.169; 5.L.230.172; 5.L.230.175; 5.L.230.240; 5.L.230.244;
5.L.231.228; 5.L.231.229; 5.L.231.230; 5.L.231.231; 5.L.231.236; 5.L.231.237;
5.L.231.238; 5.L.231.239; 5.L.231.154; 5.L.231.157; 5.L.231.166; 5.L.231.169;
5.L.231.172; 5.L.231.175; 5.L.231.240; 5.L.231.244; 5.L.236.228; 5.L.236.229;
5.L.236.230; 5.L.236.231; 5.L.236.236; 5.L.236.237; 5.L.236.238; 5.L.236.239;
5.L.236.154; 5.L.236.157; 5.L.236.166; 5.L.236.169; 5.L.236.172; 5.L.236.175;
5.L.236.240; 5.L.236.244; 5.L.237.228; 5.L.237.229; 5.L.237.230; 5.L.237.231;
5.L.237.236; 5.L.237.237; 5.L.237.238; 5.L.237.239; 5.L.237.154; 5.L.237.157;
5.L.237.166; 5.L.237.169; 5.L.237.172; 5.L.237.175; 5.L.237.240; 5.L.237.244;
5.L.238.228; 5.L.238.229; 5.L.238.230; 5.L.238.231; 5.L.238.236; 5.L.238.237;
5.L.238.238; 5.L.238.239; 5.L.238.154; 5.L.238.157; 5.L.238.166; 5.L.238.169;
5.L.238.172; 5.L.238.175; 5.L.238.240; 5.L.238.244; 5.L.239.228; 5.L.239.229;
5.L.239.230; 5.L.239.231; 5.L.239.236; 5.L.239.237; 5.L.239.238; 5.L.239.239;
5.L.239.154; 5.L.239.157; 5.L.239.166; 5.L.239.169; 5.L.239.172; 5.L.239.175;
5.L.239.240; 5.L.239.244; 5.L.154.228; 5.L.154.229; 5.L.154.230; 5.L.154.231;
5.L.154.236; 5.L.154.237; 5.L.154.238; 5.L.154.239; 5.L.154.154; 5.L.154.157;
5.L.154.166; 5.L.154.169; 5.L.154.172; 5.L.154.175; 5.L.154.240; 5.L.154.244;
5.L.157.228; 5.L.157.229; 5.L.157.230; 5.L.157.231; 5.L.157.236; 5.L.157.237;
5.L.157.238; 5.L.157.239; 5.L.157.154; 5.L.157.157; 5.L.157.166; 5.L.157.169;
5.L.157.172; 5.L.157.175; 5.L.157.240; 5.L.157.244; 5.L.166.228; 5.L.166.229;
5.L.166.230; 5.L.166.231; 5.L.166.236; 5.L.166.237; 5.L.166.238; 5.L.166.239;
5.L.166.154; 5.L.166.157; 5.L.166.166; 5.L.166.169; 5.L.166.172; 5.L.166.175;
5.L.166.240; 5.L.166.244; 5.L.169.228; 5.L.169.229; 5.L.169.230; 5.L.169.231;
5.L.169.236; 5.L.169.237; 5.L.169.238; 5.L.169.239; 5.L.169.154; 5.L.169.157;
5.L.169.166; 5.L.169.169; 5.L.169.172; 5.L.169.175; 5.L.169.240; 5.L.169.244;
5.L.172.228; 5.L.172.229; 5.L.172.230; 5.L.172.231; 5.L.172.236; 5.L.172.237;
5.L.172.238; 5.L.172.239; 5.L.172.154; 5.L.172.157; 5.L.172.166; 5.L.172.169;
5.L.172.172; 5.L.172.175; 5.L.172.240; 5.L.172.244; 5.L.175.228; 5.L.175.229;
5.L.175.230; 5.L.175.231; 5.L.175.236; 5.L.175.237; 5.L.175.238; 5.L.175.239;
5.L.175.154; 5.L.175.157; 5.L.175.166; 5.L.175.169; 5.L.175.172; 5.L.175.175;
5.L.175.240; 5.L.175.244; 5.L.240.228; 5.L.240.229; 5.L.240.230; 5.L.240.231;
5.L.240.236; 5.L.240.237; 5.L.240.238; 5.L.240.239; 5.L.240.154; 5.L.240.157;
5.L.240.166; 5.L.240.169; 5.L.240.172; 5.L.240.175; 5.L.240.240; 5.L.240.244;
5.L.244.228; 5.L.244.229; 5.L.244.230; 5.L.244.231; 5.L.244.236; 5.L.244.237;
5.L.244.238; 5.L.244.239; 5.L.244.154; 5.L.244.157; 5.L.244.166; 5.L.244.169;
5.L.244.172; 5.L.244.175; 5.L.244.240; 5.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.O
5.O.228.228; 5.O.228.229; 5.O.228.230; 5.O.228.231; 5.O.228.236; 5.O.228.237;
5.O.228.238; 5.O.228.239; 5.O.228.154; 5.O.228.157; 5.O.228.166; 5.O.228.169;
5.O.228.172; 5.O.228.175; 5.O.228.240; 5.O.228.244; 5.O.229.228; 5.O.229.229;
5.O.229.230; 5.O.229.231; 5.O.229.236; 5.O.229.237; 5.O.229.238; 5.O.229.239;
5.O.229.154; 5.O.229.157; 5.O.229.166; 5.O.229.169; 5.O.229.172; 5.O.229.175;
5.O.229.240; 5.O.229.244; 5.O.230.228; 5.O.230.229; 5.O.230.230; 5.O.230.231;
5.O.230.236; 5.O.230.237; 5.O.230.238; 5.O.230.239; 5.O.230.154; 5.O.230.157;
5.O.230.166; 5.O.230.169; 5.O.230.172; 5.O.230.175; 5.O.230.240; 5.O.230.244;
5.O.231.228; 5.O.231.229; 5.O.231.230; 5.O.231.231; 5.O.231.236; 5.O.231.237;
5.O.231.238; 5.O.231.239; 5.O.231.154; 5.O.231.157; 5.O.231.166; 5.O.231.169;
5.O.231.172; 5.O.231.175; 5.O.231.240; 5.O.231.244; 5.O.236.228; 5.O.236.229;
5.O.236.230; 5.O.236.231; 5.O.236.236; 5.O.236.237; 5.O.236.238; 5.O.236.239;
5.O.236.154; 5.O.236.157; 5.O.236.166; 5.O.236.169; 5.O.236.172; 5.O.236.175;
5.O.236.240; 5.O.236.244; 5.O.237.228; 5.O.237.229; 5.O.237.230; 5.O.237.231;
5.O.237.236; 5.O.237.237; 5.O.237.238; 5.O.237.239; 5.O.237.154; 5.O.237.157;
5.O.237.166; 5.O.237.169; 5.O.237.172; 5.O.237.175; 5.O.237.240; 5.O.237.244;
5.O.238.228; 5.O.238.229; 5.O.238.230; 5.O.238.231; 5.O.238.236; 5.O.238.237;
5.O.238.238; 5.O.238.239; 5.O.238.154; 5.O.238.157; 5.O.238.166; 5.O.238.169;
5.O.238.172; 5.O.238.175; 5.O.238.240; 5.O.238.244; 5.O.239.228; 5.O.239.229;
5.O.239.230; 5.O.239.231; 5.O.239.236; 5.O.239.237; 5.O.239.238; 5.O.239.239;
5.O.239.154; 5.O.239.157; 5.O.239.166; 5.O.239.169; 5.O.239.172; 5.O.239.175;
5.O.239.240; 5.O.239.244; 5.O.154.228; 5.O.154.229; 5.O.154.230; 5.O.154.231;
5.O.154.236; 5.O.154.237; 5.O.154.238; 5.O.154.239; 5.O.154.154; 5.O.154.157;
5.O.154.166; 5.O.154.169; 5.O.154.172; 5.O.154.175; 5.O.154.240; 5.O.154.244;
5.O.157.228; 5.O.157.229; 5.O.157.230; 5.O.157.231; 5.O.157.236; 5.O.157.237;
5.O.157.238; 5.O.157.239; 5.O.157.154; 5.O.157.157; 5.O.157.166; 5.O.157.169;
5.O.157.172; 5.O.157.175; 5.O.157.240; 5.O.157.244; 5.O.166.228; 5.O.166.229;
5.O.166.230; 5.O.166.231; 5.O.166.236; 5.O.166.237; 5.O.166.238; 5.O.166.239;
5.O.166.154; 5.O.166.157; 5.O.166.166; 5.O.166.169; 5.O.166.172; 5.O.166.175;
5.O.166.240; 5.O.166.244; 5.O.169.228; 5.O.169.229; 5.O.169.230; 5.O.169.231;
5.O.169.236; 5.O.169.237; 5.O.169.238; 5.O.169.239; 5.O.169.154; 5.O.169.157;
5.O.169.166; 5.O.169.169; 5.O.169.172; 5.O.169.175; 5.O.169.240; 5.O.169.244;
5.O.172.228; 5.O.172.229; 5.O.172.230; 5.O.172.231; 5.O.172.236; 5.O.172.237;
5.O.172.238; 5.O.172.239; 5.O.172.154; 5.O.172.157; 5.O.172.166; 5.O.172.169;
5.O.172.172; 5.O.172.175; 5.O.172.240; 5.O.172.244; 5.O.175.228; 5.O.175.229;
5.O.175.230; 5.O.175.231; 5.O.175.236; 5.O.175.237; 5.O.175.238; 5.O.175.239;
5.O.175.154; 5.O.175.157; 5.O.175.166; 5.O.175.169; 5.O.175.172; 5.O.175.175;
5.O.175.240; 5.O.175.244; 5.O.240.228; 5.O.240.229; 5.O.240.230; 5.O.240.231;
5.O.240.236; 5.O.240.237; 5.O.240.238; 5.O.240.239; 5.O.240.154; 5.O.240.157;
5.O.240.166; 5.O.240.169; 5.O.240.172; 5.O.240.175; 5.O.240.240; 5.O.240.244;
5.O.244.228; 5.O.244.229; 5.O.244.230; 5.O.244.231; 5.O.244.236; 5.O.244.237;
5.O.244.238; 5.O.244.239; 5.O.244.154; 5.O.244.157; 5.O.244.166; 5.O.244.169;
5.O.244.172; 5.O.244.175; 5.O.244.240; 5.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.P
5.P.228.228; 5.P.228.229; 5.P.228.230; 5.P.228.231; 5.P.228.236; 5.P.228.237;
5.P.228.238; 5.P.228.239; 5.P.228.154; 5.P.228.157; 5.P.228.166; 5.P.228.169; 5.P.228.172;
5.P.228.175; 5.P.228.240; 5.P.228.244; 5.P.229.228; 5.P.229.229; 5.P.229.230; 5.P.229.231;
5.P.229.236; 5.P.229.237; 5.P.229.238; 5.P.229.239; 5.P.229.154; 5.P.229.157; 5.P.229.166;
5.P.229.169; 5.P.229.172; 5.P.229.175; 5.P.229.240; 5.P.229.244; 5.P.230.228; 5.P.230.229;
5.P.230.230; 5.P.230.231; 5.P.230.236; 5.P.230.237; 5.P.230.238; 5.P.230.239; 5.P.230.154;
5.P.230.157; 5.P.230.166; 5.P.230.169; 5.P.230.172; 5.P.230.175; 5.P.230.240; 5.P.230.244;
5.P.231.228; 5.P.231.229; 5.P.231.230; 5.P.231.231; 5.P.231.236; 5.P.231.237; 5.P.231.238;
5.P.231.239; 5.P.231.154; 5.P.231.157; 5.P.231.166; 5.P.231.169; 5.P.231.172; 5.P.231.175;
5.P.231.240; 5.P.231.244; 5.P.236.228; 5.P.236.229; 5.P.236.230; 5.P.236.231; 5.P.236.236;
5.P.236.237; 5.P.236.238; 5.P.236.239; 5.P.236.154; 5.P.236.157; 5.P.236.166; 5.P.236.169;
5.P.236.172; 5.P.236.175; 5.P.236.240; 5.P.236.244; 5.P.237.228; 5.P.237.229; 5.P.237.230;
5.P.237.231; 5.P.237.236; 5.P.237.237; 5.P.237.238; 5.P.237.239; 5.P.237.154; 5.P.237.157;
5.P.237.166; 5.P.237.169; 5.P.237.172; 5.P.237.175; 5.P.237.240; 5.P.237.244; 5.P.238.228;
5.P.238.229; 5.P.238.230; 5.P.238.231; 5.P.238.236; 5.P.238.237; 5.P.238.238; 5.P.238.239;
5.P.238.154; 5.P.238.157; 5.P.238.166; 5.P.238.169; 5.P.238.172; 5.P.238.175; 5.P.238.240;
5.P.238.244; 5.P.239.228; 5.P.239.229; 5.P.239.230; 5.P.239.231; 5.P.239.236; 5.P.239.237;
5.P.239.238; 5.P.239.239; 5.P.239.154; 5.P.239.157; 5.P.239.166; 5.P.239.169; 5.P.239.172;
5.P.239.175; 5.P.239.240; 5.P.239.244; 5.P.154.228; 5.P.154.229; 5.P.154.230; 5.P.154.231;
5.P.154.236; 5.P.154.237; 5.P.154.238; 5.P.154.239; 5.P.154.154; 5.P.154.157; 5.P.154.166;
5.P.154.169; 5.P.154.172; 5.P.154.175; 5.P.154.240; 5.P.154.244; 5.P.157.228; 5.P.157.229;
5.P.157.230; 5.P.157.231; 5.P.157.236; 5.P.157.237; 5.P.157.238; 5.P.157.239; 5.P.157.154;
5.P.157.157; 5.P.157.166; 5.P.157.169; 5.P.157.172; 5.P.157.175; 5.P.157.240; 5.P.157.244;
5.P.166.228; 5.P.166.229; 5.P.166.230; 5.P.166.231; 5.P.166.236; 5.P.166.237; 5.P.166.238;
5.P.166.239; 5.P.166.154; 5.P.166.157; 5.P.166.166; 5.P.166.169; 5.P.166.172; 5.P.166.175;
5.P.166.240; 5.P.166.244; 5.P.169.228; 5.P.169.229; 5.P.169.230; 5.P.169.231; 5.P.169.236;
5.P.169.237; 5.P.169.238; 5.P.169.239; 5.P.169.154; 5.P.169.157; 5.P.169.166; 5.P.169.169;
5.P.169.172; 5.P.169.175; 5.P.169.240; 5.P.169.244; 5.P.172.228; 5.P.172.229; 5.P.172.230;
5.P.172.231; 5.P.172.236; 5.P.172.237; 5.P.172.238; 5.P.172.239; 5.P.172.154; 5.P.172.157;
5.P.172.166; 5.P.172.169; 5.P.172.172; 5.P.172.175; 5.P.172.240; 5.P.172.244; 5.P.175.228;
5.P.175.229; 5.P.175.230; 5.P.175.231; 5.P.175.236; 5.P.175.237; 5.P.175.238; 5.P.175.239;
5.P.175.154; 5.P.175.157; 5.P.175.166; 5.P.175.169; 5.P.175.172; 5.P.175.175; 5.P.175.240;
5.P.175.244; 5.P.240.228; 5.P.240.229; 5.P.240.230; 5.P.240.231; 5.P.240.236; 5.P.240.237;
5.P.240.238; 5.P.240.239; 5.P.240.154; 5.P.240.157; 5.P.240.166; 5.P.240.169; 5.P.240.172;
5.P.240.175; 5.P.240.240; 5.P.240.244; 5.P.244.228; 5.P.244.229; 5.P.244.230; 5.P.244.231;
5.P.244.236; 5.P.244.237; 5.P.244.238; 5.P.244.239; 5.P.244.154; 5.P.244.157; 5.P.244.166;
5.P.244.169; 5.P.244.172; 5.P.244.175; 5.P.244.240; 5.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.U
5.U.228.228; 5.U.228.229; 5.U.228.230; 5.U.228.231; 5.U.228.236; 5.U.228.237;
5.U.228.238; 5.U.228.239; 5.U.228.154; 5.U.228.157; 5.U.228.166; 5.U.228.169;
5.U.228.172; 5.U.228.175; 5.U.228.240; 5.U.228.244; 5.U.229.228; 5.U.229.229;
5.U.229.230; 5.U.229.231; 5.U.229.236; 5.U.229.237; 5.U.229.238; 5.U.229.239;
5.U.229.154; 5.U.229.157; 5.U.229.166; 5.U.229.169; 5.U.229.172; 5.U.229.175;
5.U.229.240; 5.U.229.244; 5.U.230.228; 5.U.230.229; 5.U.230.230; 5.U.230.231;
5.U.230.236; 5.U.230.237; 5.U.230.238; 5.U.230.239; 5.U.230.154; 5.U.230.157;
5.U.230.166; 5.U.230.169; 5.U.230.172; 5.U.230.175; 5.U.230.240; 5.U.230.244;
5.U.231.228; 5.U.231.229; 5.U.231.230; 5.U.231.231; 5.U.231.236; 5.U.231.237;
5.U.231.238; 5.U.231.239; 5.U.231.154; 5.U.231.157; 5.U.231.166; 5.U.231.169;
5.U.231.172; 5.U.231.175; 5.U.231.240; 5.U.231.244; 5.U.236.228; 5.U.236.229;
5.U.236.230; 5.U.236.231; 5.U.236.236; 5.U.236.237; 5.U.236.238; 5.U.236.239;
5.U.236.154; 5.U.236.157; 5.U.236.166; 5.U.236.169; 5.U.236.172; 5.U.236.175;
5.U.236.240; 5.U.236.244; 5.U.237.228; 5.U.237.229; 5.U.237.230; 5.U.237.231;
5.U.237.236; 5.U.237.237; 5.U.237.238; 5.U.237.239; 5.U.237.154; 5.U.237.157;
5.U.237.166; 5.U.237.169; 5.U.237.172; 5.U.237.175; 5.U.237.240; 5.U.237.244;
5.U.238.228; 5.U.238.229; 5.U.238.230; 5.U.238.231; 5.U.238.236; 5.U.238.237;
5.U.238.238; 5.U.238.239; 5.U.238.154; 5.U.238.157; 5.U.238.166; 5.U.238.169;
5.U.238.172; 5.U.238.175; 5.U.238.240; 5.U.238.244; 5.U.239.228; 5.U.239.229;
5.U.239.230; 5.U.239.231; 5.U.239.236; 5.U.239.237; 5.U.239.238; 5.U.239.239;
5.U.239.154; 5.U.239.157; 5.U.239.166; 5.U.239.169; 5.U.239.172; 5.U.239.175;
5.U.239.240; 5.U.239.244; 5.U.154.228; 5.U.154.229; 5.U.154.230; 5.U.154.231;
5.U.154.236; 5.U.154.237; 5.U.154.238; 5.U.154.239; 5.U.154.154; 5.U.154.157;
5.U.154.166; 5.U.154.169; 5.U.154.172; 5.U.154.175; 5.U.154.240; 5.U.154.244;
5.U.157.228; 5.U.157.229; 5.U.157.230; 5.U.157.231; 5.U.157.236; 5.U.157.237;
5.U.157.238; 5.U.157.239; 5.U.157.154; 5.U.157.157; 5.U.157.166; 5.U.157.169;
5.U.157.172; 5.U.157.175; 5.U.157.240; 5.U.157.244; 5.U.166.228; 5.U.166.229;
5.U.166.230; 5.U.166.231; 5.U.166.236; 5.U.166.237; 5.U.166.238; 5.U.166.239;
5.U.166.154; 5.U.166.157; 5.U.166.166; 5.U.166.169; 5.U.166.172; 5.U.166.175;
5.U.166.240; 5.U.166.244; 5.U.169.228; 5.U.169.229; 5.U.169.230; 5.U.169.231;
5.U.169.236; 5.U.169.237; 5.U.169.238; 5.U.169.239; 5.U.169.154; 5.U.169.157;
5.U.169.166; 5.U.169.169; 5.U.169.172; 5.U.169.175; 5.U.169.240; 5.U.169.244;
5.U.172.228; 5.U.172.229; 5.U.172.230; 5.U.172.231; 5.U.172.236; 5.U.172.237;
5.U.172.238; 5.U.172.239; 5.U.172.154; 5.U.172.157; 5.U.172.166; 5.U.172.169;
5.U.172.172; 5.U.172.175; 5.U.172.240; 5.U.172.244; 5.U.175.228; 5.U.175.229;
5.U.175.230; 5.U.175.231; 5.U.175.236; 5.U.175.237; 5.U.175.238; 5.U.175.239;
5.U.175.154; 5.U.175.157; 5.U.175.166; 5.U.175.169; 5.U.175.172; 5.U.175.175;
5.U.175.240; 5.U.175.244; 5.U.240.228; 5.U.240.229; 5.U.240.230; 5.U.240.231;
5.U.240.236; 5.U.240.237; 5.U.240.238; 5.U.240.239; 5.U.240.154; 5.U.240.157;
5.U.240.166; 5.U.240.169; 5.U.240.172; 5.U.240.175; 5.U.240.240; 5.U.240.244;
5.U.244.228; 5.U.244.229; 5.U.244.230; 5.U.244.231; 5.U.244.236; 5.U.244.237;
5.U.244.238; 5.U.244.239; 5.U.244.154; 5.U.244.157; 5.U.244.166; 5.U.244.169;
5.U.244.172; 5.U.244.175; 5.U.244.240; 5.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.W
5.W.228.228; 5.W.228.229; 5.W.228.230; 5.W.228.231; 5.W.228.236; 5.W.228.237;
5.W.228.238; 5.W.228.239; 5.W.228.154; 5.W.228.157; 5.W.228.166; 5.W.228.169;
5.W.228.172; 5.W.228.175; 5.W.228.240; 5.W.228.244; 5.W.229.228; 5.W.229.229;
5.W.229.230; 5.W.229.231; 5.W.229.236; 5.W.229.237; 5.W.229.238; 5.W.229.239;
5.W.229.154; 5.W.229.157; 5.W.229.166; 5.W.229.169; 5.W.229.172; 5.W.229.175;
5.W.229.240; 5.W.229.244; 5.W.230.228; 5.W.230.229; 5.W.230.230; 5.W.230.231;
5.W.230.236; 5.W.230.237; 5.W.230.238; 5.W.230.239; 5.W.230.154; 5.W.230.157;
5.W.230.166; 5.W.230.169; 5.W.230.172; 5.W.230.175; 5.W.230.240; 5.W.230.244;
5.W.231.228; 5.W.231.229; 5.W.231.230; 5.W.231.231; 5.W.231.236; 5.W.231.237;
5.W.231.238; 5.W.231.239; 5.W.231.154; 5.W.231.157; 5.W.231.166; 5.W.231.169;
5.W.231.172; 5.W.231.175; 5.W.231.240; 5.W.231.244; 5.W.236.228; 5.W.236.229;
5.W.236.230; 5.W.236.231; 5.W.236.236; 5.W.236.237; 5.W.236.238; 5.W.236.239;
5.W.236.154; 5.W.236.157; 5.W.236.166; 5.W.236.169; 5.W.236.172; 5.W.236.175;
5.W.236.240; 5.W.236.244; 5.W.237.228; 5.W.237.229; 5.W.237.230; 5.W.237.231;
5.W.237.236; 5.W.237.237; 5.W.237.238; 5.W.237.239; 5.W.237.154; 5.W.237.157;
5.W.237.166; 5.W.237.169; 5.W.237.172; 5.W.237.175; 5.W.237.240; 5.W.237.244;
5.W.238.228; 5.W.238.229; 5.W.238.230; 5.W.238.231; 5.W.238.236; 5.W.238.237;
5.W.238.238; 5.W.238.239; 5.W.238.154; 5.W.238.157; 5.W.238.166; 5.W.238.169;
5.W.238.172; 5.W.238.175; 5.W.238.240; 5.W.238.244; 5.W.239.228; 5.W.239.229;
5.W.239.230; 5.W.239.231; 5.W.239.236; 5.W.239.237; 5.W.239.238; 5.W.239.239;
5.W.239.154; 5.W.239.157; 5.W.239.166; 5.W.239.169; 5.W.239.172; 5.W.239.175;
5.W.239.240; 5.W.239.244; 5.W.154.228; 5.W.154.229; 5.W.154.230; 5.W.154.231;
5.W.154.236; 5.W.154.237; 5.W.154.238; 5.W.154.239; 5.W.154.154; 5.W.154.157;
5.W.154.166; 5.W.154.169; 5.W.154.172; 5.W.154.175; 5.W.154.240; 5.W.154.244;
5.W.157.228; 5.W.157.229; 5.W.157.230; 5.W.157.231; 5.W.157.236; 5.W.157.237;
5.W.157.238; 5.W.157.239; 5.W.157.154; 5.W.157.157; 5.W.157.166; 5.W.157.169;
5.W.157.172; 5.W.157.175; 5.W.157.240; 5.W.157.244; 5.W.166.228; 5.W.166.229;
5.W.166.230; 5.W.166.231; 5.W.166.236; 5.W.166.237; 5.W.166.238; 5.W.166.239;
5.W.166.154; 5.W.166.157; 5.W.166.166; 5.W.166.169; 5.W.166.172; 5.W.166.175;
5.W.166.240; 5.W.166.244; 5.W.169.228; 5.W.169.229; 5.W.169.230; 5.W.169.231;
5.W.169.236; 5.W.169.237; 5.W.169.238; 5.W.169.239; 5.W.169.154; 5.W.169.157;
5.W.169.166; 5.W.169.169; 5.W.169.172; 5.W.169.175; 5.W.169.240; 5.W.169.244;
5.W.172.228; 5.W.172.229; 5.W.172.230; 5.W.172.231; 5.W.172.236; 5.W.172.237;
5.W.172.238; 5.W.172.239; 5.W.172.154; 5.W.172.157; 5.W.172.166; 5.W.172.169;
5.W.172.172; 5.W.172.175; 5.W.172.240; 5.W.172.244; 5.W.175.228; 5.W.175.229;
5.W.175.230; 5.W.175.231; 5.W.175.236; 5.W.175.237; 5.W.175.238; 5.W.175.239;
5.W.175.154; 5.W.175.157; 5.W.175.166; 5.W.175.169; 5.W.175.172; 5.W.175.175;
5.W.175.240; 5.W.175.244; 5.W.240.228; 5.W.240.229; 5.W.240.230; 5.W.240.231;
5.W.240.236; 5.W.240.237; 5.W.240.238; 5.W.240.239; 5.W.240.154; 5.W.240.157;
5.W.240.166; 5.W.240.169; 5.W.240.172; 5.W.240.175; 5.W.240.240; 5.W.240.244;
5.W.244.228; 5.W.244.229; 5.W.244.230; 5.W.244.231; 5.W.244.236; 5.W.244.237;
5.W.244.238; 5.W.244.239; 5.W.244.154; 5.W.244.157; 5.W.244.166; 5.W.244.169;
5.W.244.172; 5.W.244.175; 5.W.244.240; 5.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 5.Y
5.Y.228.228; 5.Y.228.229; 5.Y.228.230; 5.Y.228.231; 5.Y.228.236; 5.Y.228.237;
5.Y.228.238; 5.Y.228.239; 5.Y.228.154; 5.Y.228.157; 5.Y.228.166; 5.Y.228.169;
5.Y.228.172; 5.Y.228.175; 5.Y.228.240; 5.Y.228.244; 5.Y.229.228; 5.Y.229.229;
5.Y.229.230; 5.Y.229.231; 5.Y.229.236; 5.Y.229.237; 5.Y.229.238; 5.Y.229.239;
5.Y.229.154; 5.Y.229.157; 5.Y.229.166; 5.Y.229.169; 5.Y.229.172; 5.Y.229.175;
5.Y.229.240; 5.Y.229.244; 5.Y.230.228; 5.Y.230.229; 5.Y.230.230; 5.Y.230.231;
5.Y.230.236; 5.Y.230.237; 5.Y.230.238; 5.Y.230.239; 5.Y.230.154; 5.Y.230.157;
5.Y.230.166; 5.Y.230.169; 5.Y.230.172; 5.Y.230.175; 5.Y.230.240; 5.Y.230.244;
5.Y.231.228; 5.Y.231.229; 5.Y.231.230; 5.Y.231.231; 5.Y.231.236; 5.Y.231.237;
5.Y.231.238; 5.Y.231.239; 5.Y.231.154; 5.Y.231.157; 5.Y.231.166; 5.Y.231.169;
5.Y.231.172; 5.Y.231.175; 5.Y.231.240; 5.Y.231.244; 5.Y.236.228; 5.Y.236.229;
5.Y.236.230; 5.Y.236.231; 5.Y.236.236; 5.Y.236.237; 5.Y.236.238; 5.Y.236.239;
5.Y.236.154; 5.Y.236.157; 5.Y.236.166; 5.Y.236.169; 5.Y.236.172; 5.Y.236.175;
5.Y.236.240; 5.Y.236.244; 5.Y.237.228; 5.Y.237.229; 5.Y.237.230; 5.Y.237.231;
5.Y.237.236; 5.Y.237.237; 5.Y.237.238; 5.Y.237.239; 5.Y.237.154; 5.Y.237.157;
5.Y.237.166; 5.Y.237.169; 5.Y.237.172; 5.Y.237.175; 5.Y.237.240; 5.Y.237.244;
5.Y.238.228; 5.Y.238.229; 5.Y.238.230; 5.Y.238.231; 5.Y.238.236; 5.Y.238.237;
5.Y.238.238; 5.Y.238.239; 5.Y.238.154; 5.Y.238.157; 5.Y.238.166; 5.Y.238.169;
5.Y.238.172; 5.Y.238.175; 5.Y.238.240; 5.Y.238.244; 5.Y.239.228; 5.Y.239.229;
5.Y.239.230; 5.Y.239.231; 5.Y.239.236; 5.Y.239.237; 5.Y.239.238; 5.Y.239.239;
5.Y.239.154; 5.Y.239.157; 5.Y.239.166; 5.Y.239.169; 5.Y.239.172; 5.Y.239.175;
5.Y.239.240; 5.Y.239.244; 5.Y.154.228; 5.Y.154.229; 5.Y.154.230; 5.Y.154.231;
5.Y.154.236; 5.Y.154.237; 5.Y.154.238; 5.Y.154.239; 5.Y.154.154; 5.Y.154.157;
5.Y.154.166; 5.Y.154.169; 5.Y.154.172; 5.Y.154.175; 5.Y.154.240; 5.Y.154.244;
5.Y.157.228; 5.Y.157.229; 5.Y.157.230; 5.Y.157.231; 5.Y.157.236; 5.Y.157.237;
5.Y.157.238; 5.Y.157.239; 5.Y.157.154; 5.Y.157.157; 5.Y.157.166; 5.Y.157.169;
5.Y.157.172; 5.Y.157.175; 5.Y.157.240; 5.Y.157.244; 5.Y.166.228; 5.Y.166.229;
5.Y.166.230; 5.Y.166.231; 5.Y.166.236; 5.Y.166.237; 5.Y.166.238; 5.Y.166.239;
5.Y.166.154; 5.Y.166.157; 5.Y.166.166; 5.Y.166.169; 5.Y.166.172; 5.Y.166.175;
5.Y.166.240; 5.Y.166.244; 5.Y.169.228; 5.Y.169.229; 5.Y.169.230; 5.Y.169.231;
5.Y.169.236; 5.Y.169.237; 5.Y.169.238; 5.Y.169.239; 5.Y.169.154; 5.Y.169.157;
5.Y.169.166; 5.Y.169.169; 5.Y.169.172; 5.Y.169.175; 5.Y.169.240; 5.Y.169.244;
5.Y.172.228; 5.Y.172.229; 5.Y.172.230; 5.Y.172.231; 5.Y.172.236; 5.Y.172.237;
5.Y.172.238; 5.Y.172.239; 5.Y.172.154; 5.Y.172.157; 5.Y.172.166; 5.Y.172.169;
5.Y.172.172; 5.Y.172.175; 5.Y.172.240; 5.Y.172.244; 5.Y.175.228; 5.Y.175.229;
5.Y.175.230; 5.Y.175.231; 5.Y.175.236; 5.Y.175.237; 5.Y.175.238; 5.Y.175.239;
5.Y.175.154; 5.Y.175.157; 5.Y.175.166; 5.Y.175.169; 5.Y.175.172; 5.Y.175.175;
5.Y.175.240; 5.Y.175.244; 5.Y.240.228; 5.Y.240.229; 5.Y.240.230; 5.Y.240.231;
5.Y.240.236; 5.Y.240.237; 5.Y.240.238; 5.Y.240.239; 5.Y.240.154; 5.Y.240.157;
5.Y.240.166; 5.Y.240.169; 5.Y.240.172; 5.Y.240.175; 5.Y.240.240; 5.Y.240.244;
5.Y.244.228; 5.Y.244.229; 5.Y.244.230; 5.Y.244.231; 5.Y.244.236; 5.Y.244.237;
5.Y.244.238; 5.Y.244.239; 5.Y.244.154; 5.Y.244.157; 5.Y.244.166; 5.Y.244.169;
5.Y.244.172; 5.Y.244.175; 5.Y.244.240; 5.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.B
6.B.228.228; 6.B.228.229; 6.B.228.230; 6.B.228.231; 6.B.228.236; 6.B.228.237;
6.B.228.238; 6.B.228.239; 6.B.228.154; 6.B.228.157; 6.B.228.166; 6.B.228.169;
6.B.228.172; 6.B.228.175; 6.B.228.240; 6.B.228.244; 6.B.229.228; 6.B.229.229;
6.B.229.230; 6.B.229.231; 6.B.229.236; 6.B.229.237; 6.B.229.238; 6.B.229.239;
6.B.229.154; 6.B.229.157; 6.B.229.166; 6.B.229.169; 6.B.229.172; 6.B.229.175;
6.B.229.240; 6.B.229.244; 6.B.230.228; 6.B.230.229; 6.B.230.230; 6.B.230.231;
6.B.230.236; 6.B.230.237; 6.B.230.238; 6.B.230.239; 6.B.230.154; 6.B.230.157;
6.B.230.166; 6.B.230.169; 6.B.230.172; 6.B.230.175; 6.B.230.240; 6.B.230.244;
6.B.231.228; 6.B.231.229; 6.B.231.230; 6.B.231.231; 6.B.231.236; 6.B.231.237;
6.B.231.238; 6.B.231.239; 6.B.231.154; 6.B.231.157; 6.B.231.166; 6.B.231.169;
6.B.231.172; 6.B.231.175; 6.B.231.240; 6.B.231.244; 6.B.236.228; 6.B.236.229;
6.B.236.230; 6.B.236.231; 6.B.236.236; 6.B.236.237; 6.B.236.238; 6.B.236.239;
6.B.236.154; 6.B.236.157; 6.B.236.166; 6.B.236.169; 6.B.236.172; 6.B.236.175;
6.B.236.240; 6.B.236.244; 6.B.237.228; 6.B.237.229; 6.B.237.230; 6.B.237.231;
6.B.237.236; 6.B.237.237; 6.B.237.238; 6.B.237.239; 6.B.237.154; 6.B.237.157;
6.B.237.166; 6.B.237.169; 6.B.237.172; 6.B.237.175; 6.B.237.240; 6.B.237.244;
6.B.238.228; 6.B.238.229; 6.B.238.230; 6.B.238.231; 6.B.238.236; 6.B.238.237;
6.B.238.238; 6.B.238.239; 6.B.238.154; 6.B.238.157; 6.B.238.166; 6.B.238.169;
6.B.238.172; 6.B.238.175; 6.B.238.240; 6.B.238.244; 6.B.239.228; 6.B.239.229;
6.B.239.230; 6.B.239.231; 6.B.239.236; 6.B.239.237; 6.B.239.238; 6.B.239.239;
6.B.239.154; 6.B.239.157; 6.B.239.166; 6.B.239.169; 6.B.239.172; 6.B.239.175;
6.B.239.240; 6.B.239.244; 6.B.154.228; 6.B.154.229; 6.B.154.230; 6.B.154.231;
6.B.154.236; 6.B.154.237; 6.B.154.238; 6.B.154.239; 6.B.154.154; 6.B.154.157;
6.B.154.166; 6.B.154.169; 6.B.154.172; 6.B.154.175; 6.B.154.240; 6.B.154.244;
6.B.157.228; 6.B.157.229; 6.B.157.230; 6.B.157.231; 6.B.157.236; 6.B.157.237;
6.B.157.238; 6.B.157.239; 6.B.157.154; 6.B.157.157; 6.B.157.166; 6.B.157.169;
6.B.157.172; 6.B.157.175; 6.B.157.240; 6.B.157.244; 6.B.166.228; 6.B.166.229;
6.B.166.230; 6.B.166.231; 6.B.166.236; 6.B.166.237; 6.B.166.238; 6.B.166.239;
6.B.166.154; 6.B.166.157; 6.B.166.166; 6.B.166.169; 6.B.166.172; 6.B.166.175;
6.B.166.240; 6.B.166.244; 6.B.169.228; 6.B.169.229; 6.B.169.230; 6.B.169.231;
6.B.169.236; 6.B.169.237; 6.B.169.238; 6.B.169.239; 6.B.169.154; 6.B.169.157;
6.B.169.166; 6.B.169.169; 6.B.169.172; 6.B.169.175; 6.B.169.240; 6.B.169.244;
6.B.172.228; 6.B.172.229; 6.B.172.230; 6.B.172.231; 6.B.172.236; 6.B.172.237;
6.B.172.238; 6.B.172.239; 6.B.172.154; 6.B.172.157; 6.B.172.166; 6.B.172.169;
6.B.172.172; 6.B.172.175; 6.B.172.240; 6.B.172.244; 6.B.175.228; 6.B.175.229;
6.B.175.230; 6.B.175.231; 6.B.175.236; 6.B.175.237; 6.B.175.238; 6.B.175.239;
6.B.175.154; 6.B.175.157; 6.B.175.166; 6.B.175.169; 6.B.175.172; 6.B.175.175;
6.B.175.240; 6.B.175.244; 6.B.240.228; 6.B.240.229; 6.B.240.230; 6.B.240.231;
6.B.240.236; 6.B.240.237; 6.B.240.238; 6.B.240.239; 6.B.240.154; 6.B.240.157;
6.B.240.166; 6.B.240.169; 6.B.240.172; 6.B.240.175; 6.B.240.240; 6.B.240.244;
6.B.244.228; 6.B.244.229; 6.B.244.230; 6.B.244.231; 6.B.244.236; 6.B.244.237;
6.B.244.238; 6.B.244.239; 6.B.244.154; 6.B.244.157; 6.B.244.166; 6.B.244.169;
6.B.244.172; 6.B.244.175; 6.B.244.240; 6.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.D
6.D.228.228; 6.D.228.229; 6.D.228.230; 6.D.228.231; 6.D.228.236; 6.D.228.237;
6.D.228.238; 6.D.228.239; 6.D.228.154; 6.D.228.157; 6.D.228.166; 6.D.228.169;
6.D.228.172; 6.D.228.175; 6.D.228.240; 6.D.228.244; 6.D.229.228; 6.D.229.229;
6.D.229.230; 6.D.229.231; 6.D.229.236; 6.D.229.237; 6.D.229.238; 6.D.229.239;
6.D.229.154; 6.D.229.157; 6.D.229.166; 6.D.229.169; 6.D.229.172; 6.D.229.175;
6.D.229.240; 6.D.229.244; 6.D.230.228; 6.D.230.229; 6.D.230.230; 6.D.230.231;
6.D.230.236; 6.D.230.237; 6.D.230.238; 6.D.230.239; 6.D.230.154; 6.D.230.157;
6.D.230.166; 6.D.230.169; 6.D.230.172; 6.D.230.175; 6.D.230.240; 6.D.230.244;
6.D.231.228; 6.D.231.229; 6.D.231.230; 6.D.231.231; 6.D.231.236; 6.D.231.237;
6.D.231.238; 6.D.231.239; 6.D.231.154; 6.D.231.157; 6.D.231.166; 6.D.231.169;
6.D.231.172; 6.D.231.175; 6.D.231.240; 6.D.231.244; 6.D.236.228; 6.D.236.229;
6.D.236.230; 6.D.236.231; 6.D.236.236; 6.D.236.237; 6.D.236.238; 6.D.236.239;
6.D.236.154; 6.D.236.157; 6.D.236.166; 6.D.236.169; 6.D.236.172; 6.D.236.175;
6.D.236.240; 6.D.236.244; 6.D.237.228; 6.D.237.229; 6.D.237.230; 6.D.237.231;
6.D.237.236; 6.D.237.237; 6.D.237.238; 6.D.237.239; 6.D.237.154; 6.D.237.157;
6.D.237.166; 6.D.237.169; 6.D.237.172; 6.D.237.175; 6.D.237.240; 6.D.237.244;
6.D.238.228; 6.D.238.229; 6.D.238.230; 6.D.238.231; 6.D.238.236; 6.D.238.237;
6.D.238.238; 6.D.238.239; 6.D.238.154; 6.D.238.157; 6.D.238.166; 6.D.238.169;
6.D.238.172; 6.D.238.175; 6.D.238.240; 6.D.238.244; 6.D.239.228; 6.D.239.229;
6.D.239.230; 6.D.239.231; 6.D.239.236; 6.D.239.237; 6.D.239.238; 6.D.239.239;
6.D.239.154; 6.D.239.157; 6.D.239.166; 6.D.239.169; 6.D.239.172; 6.D.239.175;
6.D.239.240; 6.D.239.244; 6.D.154.228; 6.D.154.229; 6.D.154.230; 6.D.154.231;
6.D.154.236; 6.D.154.237; 6.D.154.238; 6.D.154.239; 6.D.154.154; 6.D.154.157;
6.D.154.166; 6.D.154.169; 6.D.154.172; 6.D.154.175; 6.D.154.240; 6.D.154.244;
6.D.157.228; 6.D.157.229; 6.D.157.230; 6.D.157.231; 6.D.157.236; 6.D.157.237;
6.D.157.238; 6.D.157.239; 6.D.157.154; 6.D.157.157; 6.D.157.166; 6.D.157.169;
6.D.157.172; 6.D.157.175; 6.D.157.240; 6.D.157.244; 6.D.166.228; 6.D.166.229;
6.D.166.230; 6.D.166.231; 6.D.166.236; 6.D.166.237; 6.D.166.238; 6.D.166.239;
6.D.166.154; 6.D.166.157; 6.D.166.166; 6.D.166.169; 6.D.166.172; 6.D.166.175;
6.D.166.240; 6.D.166.244; 6.D.169.228; 6.D.169.229; 6.D.169.230; 6.D.169.231;
6.D.169.236; 6.D.169.237; 6.D.169.238; 6.D.169.239; 6.D.169.154; 6.D.169.157;
6.D.169.166; 6.D.169.169; 6.D.169.172; 6.D.169.175; 6.D.169.240; 6.D.169.244;
6.D.172.228; 6.D.172.229; 6.D.172.230; 6.D.172.231; 6.D.172.236; 6.D.172.237;
6.D.172.238; 6.D.172.239; 6.D.172.154; 6.D.172.157; 6.D.172.166; 6.D.172.169;
6.D.172.172; 6.D.172.175; 6.D.172.240; 6.D.172.244; 6.D.175.228; 6.D.175.229;
6.D.175.230; 6.D.175.231; 6.D.175.236; 6.D.175.237; 6.D.175.238; 6.D.175.239;
6.D.175.154; 6.D.175.157; 6.D.175.166; 6.D.175.169; 6.D.175.172; 6.D.175.175;
6.D.175.240; 6.D.175.244; 6.D.240.228; 6.D.240.229; 6.D.240.230; 6.D.240.231;
6.D.240.236; 6.D.240.237; 6.D.240.238; 6.D.240.239; 6.D.240.154; 6.D.240.157;
6.D.240.166; 6.D.240.169; 6.D.240.172; 6.D.240.175; 6.D.240.240; 6.D.240.244;
6.D.244.228; 6.D.244.229; 6.D.244.230; 6.D.244.231; 6.D.244.236; 6.D.244.237;
6.D.244.238; 6.D.244.239; 6.D.244.154; 6.D.244.157; 6.D.244.166; 6.D.244.169;
6.D.244.172; 6.D.244.175; 6.D.244.240; 6.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.E
6.E.228.228; 6.E.228.229; 6.E.228.230; 6.E.228.231; 6.E.228.236; 6.E.228.237;
6.E.228.238; 6.E.228.239; 6.E.228.154; 6.E.228.157; 6.E.228.166; 6.E.228.169;
6.E.228.172; 6.E.228.175; 6.E.228.240; 6.E.228.244; 6.E.229.228; 6.E.229.229;
6.E.229.230; 6.E.229.231; 6.E.229.236; 6.E.229.237; 6.E.229.238; 6.E.229.239;
6.E.229.154; 6.E.229.157; 6.E.229.166; 6.E.229.169; 6.E.229.172; 6.E.229.175;
6.E.229.240; 6.E.229.244; 6.E.230.228; 6.E.230.229; 6.E.230.230; 6.E.230.231;
6.E.230.236; 6.E.230.237; 6.E.230.238; 6.E.230.239; 6.E.230.154; 6.E.230.157;
6.E.230.166; 6.E.230.169; 6.E.230.172; 6.E.230.175; 6.E.230.240; 6.E.230.244;
6.E.231.228; 6.E.231.229; 6.E.231.230; 6.E.231.231; 6.E.231.236; 6.E.231.237;
6.E.231.238; 6.E.231.239; 6.E.231.154; 6.E.231.157; 6.E.231.166; 6.E.231.169;
6.E.231.172; 6.E.231.175; 6.E.231.240; 6.E.231.244; 6.E.236.228; 6.E.236.229;
6.E.236.230; 6.E.236.231; 6.E.236.236; 6.E.236.237; 6.E.236.238; 6.E.236.239;
6.E.236.154; 6.E.236.157; 6.E.236.166; 6.E.236.169; 6.E.236.172; 6.E.236.175;
6.E.236.240; 6.E.236.244; 6.E.237.228; 6.E.237.229; 6.E.237.230; 6.E.237.231;
6.E.237.236; 6.E.237.237; 6.E.237.238; 6.E.237.239; 6.E.237.154; 6.E.237.157;
6.E.237.166; 6.E.237.169; 6.E.237.172; 6.E.237.175; 6.E.237.240; 6.E.237.244;
6.E.238.228; 6.E.238.229; 6.E.238.230; 6.E.238.231; 6.E.238.236; 6.E.238.237;
6.E.238.238; 6.E.238.239; 6.E.238.154; 6.E.238.157; 6.E.238.166; 6.E.238.169;
6.E.238.172; 6.E.238.175; 6.E.238.240; 6.E.238.244; 6.E.239.228; 6.E.239.229;
6.E.239.230; 6.E.239.231; 6.E.239.236; 6.E.239.237; 6.E.239.238; 6.E.239.239;
6.E.239.154; 6.E.239.157; 6.E.239.166; 6.E.239.169; 6.E.239.172; 6.E.239.175;
6.E.239.240; 6.E.239.244; 6.E.154.228; 6.E.154.229; 6.E.154.230; 6.E.154.231;
6.E.154.236; 6.E.154.237; 6.E.154.238; 6.E.154.239; 6.E.154.154; 6.E.154.157;
6.E.154.166; 6.E.154.169; 6.E.154.172; 6.E.154.175; 6.E.154.240; 6.E.154.244;
6.E.157.228; 6.E.157.229; 6.E.157.230; 6.E.157.231; 6.E.157.236; 6.E.157.237;
6.E.157.238; 6.E.157.239; 6.E.157.154; 6.E.157.157; 6.E.157.166; 6.E.157.169;
6.E.157.172; 6.E.157.175; 6.E.157.240; 6.E.157.244; 6.E.166.228; 6.E.166.229;
6.E.166.230; 6.E.166.231; 6.E.166.236; 6.E.166.237; 6.E.166.238; 6.E.166.239;
6.E.166.154; 6.E.166.157; 6.E.166.166; 6.E.166.169; 6.E.166.172; 6.E.166.175;
6.E.166.240; 6.E.166.244; 6.E.169.228; 6.E.169.229; 6.E.169.230; 6.E.169.231;
6.E.169.236; 6.E.169.237; 6.E.169.238; 6.E.169.239; 6.E.169.154; 6.E.169.157;
6.E.169.166; 6.E.169.169; 6.E.169.172; 6.E.169.175; 6.E.169.240; 6.E.169.244;
6.E.172.228; 6.E.172.229; 6.E.172.230; 6.E.172.231; 6.E.172.236; 6.E.172.237;
6.E.172.238; 6.E.172.239; 6.E.172.154; 6.E.172.157; 6.E.172.166; 6.E.172.169;
6.E.172.172; 6.E.172.175; 6.E.172.240; 6.E.172.244; 6.E.175.228; 6.E.175.229;
6.E.175.230; 6.E.175.231; 6.E.175.236; 6.E.175.237; 6.E.175.238; 6.E.175.239;
6.E.175.154; 6.E.175.157; 6.E.175.166; 6.E.175.169; 6.E.175.172; 6.E.175.175;
6.E.175.240; 6.E.175.244; 6.E.240.228; 6.E.240.229; 6.E.240.230; 6.E.240.231;
6.E.240.236; 6.E.240.237; 6.E.240.238; 6.E.240.239; 6.E.240.154; 6.E.240.157;
6.E.240.166; 6.E.240.169; 6.E.240.172; 6.E.240.175; 6.E.240.240; 6.E.240.244;
6.E.244.228; 6.E.244.229; 6.E.244.230; 6.E.244.231; 6.E.244.236; 6.E.244.237;
6.E.244.238; 6.E.244.239; 6.E.244.154; 6.E.244.157; 6.E.244.166; 6.E.244.169;
6.E.244.172; 6.E.244.175; 6.E.244.240; 6.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.G
6.G.228.228; 6.G.228.229; 6.G.228.230; 6.G.228.231; 6.G.228.236; 6.G.228.237;
6.G.228.238; 6.G.228.239; 6.G.228.154; 6.G.228.157; 6.G.228.166; 6.G.228.169;
6.G.228.172; 6.G.228.175; 6.G.228.240; 6.G.228.244; 6.G.229.228; 6.G.229.229;
6.G.229.230; 6.G.229.231; 6.G.229.236; 6.G.229.237; 6.G.229.238; 6.G.229.239;
6.G.229.154; 6.G.229.157; 6.G.229.166; 6.G.229.169; 6.G.229.172; 6.G.229.175;
6.G.229.240; 6.G.229.244; 6.G.230.228; 6.G.230.229; 6.G.230.230; 6.G.230.231;
6.G.230.236; 6.G.230.237; 6.G.230.238; 6.G.230.239; 6.G.230.154; 6.G.230.157;
6.G.230.166; 6.G.230.169; 6.G.230.172; 6.G.230.175; 6.G.230.240; 6.G.230.244;
6.G.231.228; 6.G.231.229; 6.G.231.230; 6.G.231.231; 6.G.231.236; 6.G.231.237;
6.G.231.238; 6.G.231.239; 6.G.231.154; 6.G.231.157; 6.G.231.166; 6.G.231.169;
6.G.231.172; 6.G.231.175; 6.G.231.240; 6.G.231.244; 6.G.236.228; 6.G.236.229;
6.G.236.230; 6.G.236.231; 6.G.236.236; 6.G.236.237; 6.G.236.238; 6.G.236.239;
6.G.236.154; 6.G.236.157; 6.G.236.166; 6.G.236.169; 6.G.236.172; 6.G.236.175;
6.G.236.240; 6.G.236.244; 6.G.237.228; 6.G.237.229; 6.G.237.230; 6.G.237.231;
6.G.237.236; 6.G.237.237; 6.G.237.238; 6.G.237.239; 6.G.237.154; 6.G.237.157;
6.G.237.166; 6.G.237.169; 6.G.237.172; 6.G.237.175; 6.G.237.240; 6.G.237.244;
6.G.238.228; 6.G.238.229; 6.G.238.230; 6.G.238.231; 6.G.238.236; 6.G.238.237;
6.G.238.238; 6.G.238.239; 6.G.238.154; 6.G.238.157; 6.G.238.166; 6.G.238.169;
6.G.238.172; 6.G.238.175; 6.G.238.240; 6.G.238.244; 6.G.239.228; 6.G.239.229;
6.G.239.230; 6.G.239.231; 6.G.239.236; 6.G.239.237; 6.G.239.238; 6.G.239.239;
6.G.239.154; 6.G.239.157; 6.G.239.166; 6.G.239.169; 6.G.239.172; 6.G.239.175;
6.G.239.240; 6.G.239.244; 6.G.154.228; 6.G.154.229; 6.G.154.230; 6.G.154.231;
6.G.154.236; 6.G.154.237; 6.G.154.238; 6.G.154.239; 6.G.154.154; 6.G.154.157;
6.G.154.166; 6.G.154.169; 6.G.154.172; 6.G.154.175; 6.G.154.240; 6.G.154.244;
6.G.157.228; 6.G.157.229; 6.G.157.230; 6.G.157.231; 6.G.157.236; 6.G.157.237;
6.G.157.238; 6.G.157.239; 6.G.157.154; 6.G.157.157; 6.G.157.166; 6.G.157.169;
6.G.157.172; 6.G.157.175; 6.G.157.240; 6.G.157.244; 6.G.166.228; 6.G.166.229;
6.G.166.230; 6.G.166.231; 6.G.166.236; 6.G.166.237; 6.G.166.238; 6.G.166.239;
6.G.166.154; 6.G.166.157; 6.G.166.166; 6.G.166.169; 6.G.166.172; 6.G.166.175;
6.G.166.240; 6.G.166.244; 6.G.169.228; 6.G.169.229; 6.G.169.230; 6.G.169.231;
6.G.169.236; 6.G.169.237; 6.G.169.238; 6.G.169.239; 6.G.169.154; 6.G.169.157;
6.G.169.166; 6.G.169.169; 6.G.169.172; 6.G.169.175; 6.G.169.240; 6.G.169.244;
6.G.172.228; 6.G.172.229; 6.G.172.230; 6.G.172.231; 6.G.172.236; 6.G.172.237;
6.G.172.238; 6.G.172.239; 6.G.172.154; 6.G.172.157; 6.G.172.166; 6.G.172.169;
6.G.172.172; 6.G.172.175; 6.G.172.240; 6.G.172.244; 6.G.175.228; 6.G.175.229;
6.G.175.230; 6.G.175.231; 6.G.175.236; 6.G.175.237; 6.G.175.238; 6.G.175.239;
6.G.175.154; 6.G.175.157; 6.G.175.166; 6.G.175.169; 6.G.175.172; 6.G.175.175;
6.G.175.240; 6.G.175.244; 6.G.240.228; 6.G.240.229; 6.G.240.230; 6.G.240.231;
6.G.240.236; 6.G.240.237; 6.G.240.238; 6.G.240.239; 6.G.240.154; 6.G.240.157;
6.G.240.166; 6.G.240.169; 6.G.240.172; 6.G.240.175; 6.G.240.240; 6.G.240.244;
6.G.244.228; 6.G.244.229; 6.G.244.230; 6.G.244.231; 6.G.244.236; 6.G.244.237;
6.G.244.238; 6.G.244.239; 6.G.244.154; 6.G.244.157; 6.G.244.166; 6.G.244.169;
6.G.244.172; 6.G.244.175; 6.G.244.240; 6.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.I
6.I.228.228; 6.I.228.229; 6.I.228.230; 6.I.228.231; 6.I.228.236; 6.I.228.237; 6.I.228.238;
6.I.228.239; 6.I.228.154; 6.I.228.157; 6.I.228.166; 6.I.228.169; 6.I.228.172; 6.I.228.175;
6.I.228.240; 6.I.228.244; 6.I.229.228; 6.I.229.229; 6.I.229.230; 6.I.229.231; 6.I.229.236;
6.I.229.237; 6.I.229.238; 6.I.229.239; 6.I.229.154; 6.I.229.157; 6.I.229.166; 6.I.229.169;
6.I.229.172; 6.I.229.175; 6.I.229.240; 6.I.229.244; 6.I.230.228; 6.I.230.229; 6.I.230.230;
6.I.230.231; 6.I.230.236; 6.I.230.237; 6.I.230.238; 6.I.230.239; 6.I.230.154; 6.I.230.157;
6.I.230.166; 6.I.230.169; 6.I.230.172; 6.I.230.175; 6.I.230.240; 6.I.230.244; 6.I.231.228;
6.I.231.229; 6.I.231.230; 6.I.231.231; 6.I.231.236; 6.I.231.237; 6.I.231.238; 6.I.231.239;
6.I.231.154; 6.I.231.157; 6.I.231.166; 6.I.231.169; 6.I.231.172; 6.I.231.175; 6.I.231.240;
6.I.231.244; 6.I.236.228; 6.I.236.229; 6.I.236.230; 6.I.236.231; 6.I.236.236; 6.I.236.237;
6.I.236.238; 6.I.236.239; 6.I.236.154; 6.I.236.157; 6.I.236.166; 6.I.236.169; 6.I.236.172;
6.I.236.175; 6.I.236.240; 6.I.236.244; 6.I.237.228; 6.I.237.229; 6.I.237.230; 6.I.237.231;
6.I.237.236; 6.I.237.237; 6.I.237.238; 6.I.237.239; 6.I.237.154; 6.I.237.157; 6.I.237.166;
6.I.237.169; 6.I.237.172; 6.I.237.175; 6.I.237.240; 6.I.237.244; 6.I.238.228; 6.I.238.229;
6.I.238.230; 6.I.238.231; 6.I.238.236; 6.I.238.237; 6.I.238.238; 6.I.238.239; 6.I.238.154;
6.I.238.157; 6.I.238.166; 6.I.238.169; 6.I.238.172; 6.I.238.175; 6.I.238.240; 6.I.238.244;
6.I.239.228; 6.I.239.229; 6.I.239.230; 6.I.239.231; 6.I.239.236; 6.I.239.237; 6.I.239.238;
6.I.239.239; 6.I.239.154; 6.I.239.157; 6.I.239.166; 6.I.239.169; 6.I.239.172; 6.I.239.175;
6.I.239.240; 6.I.239.244; 6.I.154.228; 6.I.154.229; 6.I.154.230; 6.I.154.231; 6.I.154.236;
6.I.154.237; 6.I.154.238; 6.I.154.239; 6.I.154.154; 6.I.154.157; 6.I.154.166; 6.I.154.169;
6.I.154.172; 6.I.154.175; 6.I.154.240; 6.I.154.244; 6.I.157.228; 6.I.157.229; 6.I.157.230;
6.I.157.231; 6.I.157.236; 6.I.157.237; 6.I.157.238; 6.I.157.239; 6.I.157.154; 6.I.157.157;
6.I.157.166; 6.I.157.169; 6.I.157.172; 6.I.157.175; 6.I.157.240; 6.I.157.244; 6.I.166.228;
6.I.166.229; 6.I.166.230; 6.I.166.231; 6.I.166.236; 6.I.166.237; 6.I.166.238; 6.I.166.239;
6.I.166.154; 6.I.166.157; 6.I.166.166; 6.I.166.169; 6.I.166.172; 6.I.166.175; 6.I.166.240;
6.I.166.244; 6.I.169.228; 6.I.169.229; 6.I.169.230; 6.I.169.231; 6.I.169.236; 6.I.169.237;
6.I.169.238; 6.I.169.239; 6.I.169.154; 6.I.169.157; 6.I.169.166; 6.I.169.169; 6.I.169.172;
6.I.169.175; 6.I.169.240; 6.I.169.244; 6.I.172.228; 6.I.172.229; 6.I.172.230; 6.I.172.231;
6.I.172.236; 6.I.172.237; 6.I.172.238; 6.I.172.239; 6.I.172.154; 6.I.172.157; 6.I.172.166;
6.I.172.169; 6.I.172.172; 6.I.172.175; 6.I.172.240; 6.I.172.244; 6.I.175.228; 6.I.175.229;
6.I.175.230; 6.I.175.231; 6.I.175.236; 6.I.175.237; 6.I.175.238; 6.I.175.239; 6.I.175.154;
6.I.175.157; 6.I.175.166; 6.I.175.169; 6.I.175.172; 6.I.175.175; 6.I.175.240; 6.I.175.244;
6.I.240.228; 6.I.240.229; 6.I.240.230; 6.I.240.231; 6.I.240.236; 6.I.240.237; 6.I.240.238;
6.I.240.239; 6.I.240.154; 6.I.240.157; 6.I.240.166; 6.I.240.169; 6.I.240.172; 6.I.240.175;
6.I.240.240; 6.I.240.244; 6.I.244.228; 6.I.244.229; 6.I.244.230; 6.I.244.231; 6.I.244.236;
6.I.244.237; 6.I.244.238; 6.I.244.239; 6.I.244.154; 6.I.244.157; 6.I.244.166; 6.I.244.169;
6.I.244.172; 6.I.244.175; 6.I.244.240; 6.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.J
6.J.228.228; 6.J.228.229; 6.J.228.230; 6.J.228.231; 6.J.228.236; 6.J.228.237; 6.J.228.238;
6.J.228.239; 6.J.228.154; 6.J.228.157; 6.J.228.166; 6.J.228.169; 6.J.228.172; 6.J.228.175;
6.J.228.240; 6.J.228.244; 6.J.229.228; 6.J.229.229; 6.J.229.230; 6.J.229.231; 6.J.229.236;
6.J.229.237; 6.J.229.238; 6.J.229.239; 6.J.229.154; 6.J.229.157; 6.J.229.166; 6.J.229.169;
6.J.229.172; 6.J.229.175; 6.J.229.240; 6.J.229.244; 6.J.230.228; 6.J.230.229; 6.J.230.230;
6.J.230.231; 6.J.230.236; 6.J.230.237; 6.J.230.238; 6.J.230.239; 6.J.230.154; 6.J.230.157;
6.J.230.166; 6.J.230.169; 6.J.230.172; 6.J.230.175; 6.J.230.240; 6.J.230.244; 6.J.231.228;
6.J.231.229; 6.J.231.230; 6.J.231.231; 6.J.231.236; 6.J.231.237; 6.J.231.238; 6.J.231.239;
6.J.231.154; 6.J.231.157; 6.J.231.166; 6.J.231.169; 6.J.231.172; 6.J.231.175; 6.J.231.240;
6.J.231.244; 6.J.236.228; 6.J.236.229; 6.J.236.230; 6.J.236.231; 6.J.236.236; 6.J.236.237;
6.J.236.238; 6.J.236.239; 6.J.236.154; 6.J.236.157; 6.J.236.166; 6.J.236.169; 6.J.236.172;
6.J.236.175; 6.J.236.240; 6.J.236.244; 6.J.237.228; 6.J.237.229; 6.J.237.230; 6.J.237.231;
6.J.237.236; 6.J.237.237; 6.J.237.238; 6.J.237.239; 6.J.237.154; 6.J.237.157; 6.J.237.166;
6.J.237.169; 6.J.237.172; 6.J.237.175; 6.J.237.240; 6.J.237.244; 6.J.238.228; 6.J.238.229;
6.J.238.230; 6.J.238.231; 6.J.238.236; 6.J.238.237; 6.J.238.238; 6.J.238.239; 6.J.238.154;
6.J.238.157; 6.J.238.166; 6.J.238.169; 6.J.238.172; 6.J.238.175; 6.J.238.240; 6.J.238.244;
6.J.239.228; 6.J.239.229; 6.J.239.230; 6.J.239.231; 6.J.239.236; 6.J.239.237; 6.J.239.238;
6.J.239.239; 6.J.239.154; 6.J.239.157; 6.J.239.166; 6.J.239.169; 6.J.239.172; 6.J.239.175;
6.J.239.240; 6.J.239.244; 6.J.154.228; 6.J.154.229; 6.J.154.230; 6.J.154.231; 6.J.154.236;
6.J.154.237; 6.J.154.238; 6.J.154.239; 6.J.154.154; 6.J.154.157; 6.J.154.166; 6.J.154.169;
6.J.154.172; 6.J.154.175; 6.J.154.240; 6.J.154.244; 6.J.157.228; 6.J.157.229; 6.J.157.230;
6.J.157.231; 6.J.157.236; 6.J.157.237; 6.J.157.238; 6.J.157.239; 6.J.157.154; 6.J.157.157;
6.J.157.166; 6.J.157.169; 6.J.157.172; 6.J.157.175; 6.J.157.240; 6.J.157.244; 6.J.166.228;
6.J.166.229; 6.J.166.230; 6.J.166.231; 6.J.166.236; 6.J.166.237; 6.J.166.238; 6.J.166.239;
6.J.166.154; 6.J.166.157; 6.J.166.166; 6.J.166.169; 6.J.166.172; 6.J.166.175; 6.J.166.240;
6.J.166.244; 6.J.169.228; 6.J.169.229; 6.J.169.230; 6.J.169.231; 6.J.169.236; 6.J.169.237;
6.J.169.238; 6.J.169.239; 6.J.169.154; 6.J.169.157; 6.J.169.166; 6.J.169.169; 6.J.169.172;
6.J.169.175; 6.J.169.240; 6.J.169.244; 6.J.172.228; 6.J.172.229; 6.J.172.230; 6.J.172.231;
6.J.172.236; 6.J.172.237; 6.J.172.238; 6.J.172.239; 6.J.172.154; 6.J.172.157; 6.J.172.166;
6.J.172.169; 6.J.172.172; 6.J.172.175; 6.J.172.240; 6.J.172.244; 6.J.175.228; 6.J.175.229;
6.J.175.230; 6.J.175.231; 6.J.175.236; 6.J.175.237; 6.J.175.238; 6.J.175.239; 6.J.175.154;
6.J.175.157; 6.J.175.166; 6.J.175.169; 6.J.175.172; 6.J.175.175; 6.J.175.240; 6.J.175.244;
6.J.240.228; 6.J.240.229; 6.J.240.230; 6.J.240.231; 6.J.240.236; 6.J.240.237; 6.J.240.238;
6.J.240.239; 6.J.240.154; 6.J.240.157; 6.J.240.166; 6.J.240.169; 6.J.240.172; 6.J.240.175;
6.J.240.240; 6.J.240.244; 6.J.244.228; 6.J.244.229; 6.J.244.230; 6.J.244.231; 6.J.244.236;
6.J.244.237; 6.J.244.238; 6.J.244.239; 6.J.244.154; 6.J.244.157; 6.J.244.166; 6.J.244.169;
6.J.244.172; 6.J.244.175; 6.J.244.240; 6.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.L
6.L.228.228; 6.L.228.229; 6.L.228.230; 6.L.228.231; 6.L.228.236; 6.L.228.237;
6.L.228.238; 6.L.228.239; 6.L.228.154; 6.L.228.157; 6.L.228.166; 6.L.228.169;
6.L.228.172; 6.L.228.175; 6.L.228.240; 6.L.228.244; 6.L.229.228; 6.L.229.229;
6.L.229.230; 6.L.229.231; 6.L.229.236; 6.L.229.237; 6.L.229.238; 6.L.229.239;
6.L.229.154; 6.L.229.157; 6.L.229.166; 6.L.229.169; 6.L.229.172; 6.L.229.175;
6.L.229.240; 6.L.229.244; 6.L.230.228; 6.L.230.229; 6.L.230.230; 6.L.230.231;
6.L.230.236; 6.L.230.237; 6.L.230.238; 6.L.230.239; 6.L.230.154; 6.L.230.157;
6.L.230.166; 6.L.230.169; 6.L.230.172; 6.L.230.175; 6.L.230.240; 6.L.230.244;
6.L.231.228; 6.L.231.229; 6.L.231.230; 6.L.231.231; 6.L.231.236; 6.L.231.237;
6.L.231.238; 6.L.231.239; 6.L.231.154; 6.L.231.157; 6.L.231.166; 6.L.231.169;
6.L.231.172; 6.L.231.175; 6.L.231.240; 6.L.231.244; 6.L.236.228; 6.L.236.229;
6.L.236.230; 6.L.236.231; 6.L.236.236; 6.L.236.237; 6.L.236.238; 6.L.236.239;
6.L.236.154; 6.L.236.157; 6.L.236.166; 6.L.236.169; 6.L.236.172; 6.L.236.175;
6.L.236.240; 6.L.236.244; 6.L.237.228; 6.L.237.229; 6.L.237.230; 6.L.237.231;
6.L.237.236; 6.L.237.237; 6.L.237.238; 6.L.237.239; 6.L.237.154; 6.L.237.157;
6.L.237.166; 6.L.237.169; 6.L.237.172; 6.L.237.175; 6.L.237.240; 6.L.237.244;
6.L.238.228; 6.L.238.229; 6.L.238.230; 6.L.238.231; 6.L.238.236; 6.L.238.237;
6.L.238.238; 6.L.238.239; 6.L.238.154; 6.L.238.157; 6.L.238.166; 6.L.238.169;
6.L.238.172; 6.L.238.175; 6.L.238.240; 6.L.238.244; 6.L.239.228; 6.L.239.229;
6.L.239.230; 6.L.239.231; 6.L.239.236; 6.L.239.237; 6.L.239.238; 6.L.239.239;
6.L.239.154; 6.L.239.157; 6.L.239.166; 6.L.239.169; 6.L.239.172; 6.L.239.175;
6.L.239.240; 6.L.239.244; 6.L.154.228; 6.L.154.229; 6.L.154.230; 6.L.154.231;
6.L.154.236; 6.L.154.237; 6.L.154.238; 6.L.154.239; 6.L.154.154; 6.L.154.157;
6.L.154.166; 6.L.154.169; 6.L.154.172; 6.L.154.175; 6.L.154.240; 6.L.154.244;
6.L.157.228; 6.L.157.229; 6.L.157.230; 6.L.157.231; 6.L.157.236; 6.L.157.237;
6.L.157.238; 6.L.157.239; 6.L.157.154; 6.L.157.157; 6.L.157.166; 6.L.157.169;
6.L.157.172; 6.L.157.175; 6.L.157.240; 6.L.157.244; 6.L.166.228; 6.L.166.229;
6.L.166.230; 6.L.166.231; 6.L.166.236; 6.L.166.237; 6.L.166.238; 6.L.166.239;
6.L.166.154; 6.L.166.157; 6.L.166.166; 6.L.166.169; 6.L.166.172; 6.L.166.175;
6.L.166.240; 6.L.166.244; 6.L.169.228; 6.L.169.229; 6.L.169.230; 6.L.169.231;
6.L.169.236; 6.L.169.237; 6.L.169.238; 6.L.169.239; 6.L.169.154; 6.L.169.157;
6.L.169.166; 6.L.169.169; 6.L.169.172; 6.L.169.175; 6.L.169.240; 6.L.169.244;
6.L.172.228; 6.L.172.229; 6.L.172.230; 6.L.172.231; 6.L.172.236; 6.L.172.237;
6.L.172.238; 6.L.172.239; 6.L.172.154; 6.L.172.157; 6.L.172.166; 6.L.172.169;
6.L.172.172; 6.L.172.175; 6.L.172.240; 6.L.172.244; 6.L.175.228; 6.L.175.229;
6.L.175.230; 6.L.175.231; 6.L.175.236; 6.L.175.237; 6.L.175.238; 6.L.175.239;
6.L.175.154; 6.L.175.157; 6.L.175.166; 6.L.175.169; 6.L.175.172; 6.L.175.175;
6.L.175.240; 6.L.175.244; 6.L.240.228; 6.L.240.229; 6.L.240.230; 6.L.240.231;
6.L.240.236; 6.L.240.237; 6.L.240.238; 6.L.240.239; 6.L.240.154; 6.L.240.157;
6.L.240.166; 6.L.240.169; 6.L.240.172; 6.L.240.175; 6.L.240.240; 6.L.240.244;
6.L.244.228; 6.L.244.229; 6.L.244.230; 6.L.244.231; 6.L.244.236; 6.L.244.237;
6.L.244.238; 6.L.244.239; 6.L.244.154; 6.L.244.157; 6.L.244.166; 6.L.244.169;
6.L.244.172; 6.L.244.175; 6.L.244.240; 6.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.O
6.O.228.228; 6.O.228.229; 6.O.228.230; 6.O.228.231; 6.O.228.236; 6.O.228.237;
6.O.228.238; 6.O.228.239; 6.O.228.154; 6.O.228.157; 6.O.228.166; 6.O.228.169;
6.O.228.172; 6.O.228.175; 6.O.228.240; 6.O.228.244; 6.O.229.228; 6.O.229.229;
6.O.229.230; 6.O.229.231; 6.O.229.236; 6.O.229.237; 6.O.229.238; 6.O.229.239;
6.O.229.154; 6.O.229.157; 6.O.229.166; 6.O.229.169; 6.O.229.172; 6.O.229.175;
6.O.229.240; 6.O.229.244; 6.O.230.228; 6.O.230.229; 6.O.230.230; 6.O.230.231;
6.O.230.236; 6.O.230.237; 6.O.230.238; 6.O.230.239; 6.O.230.154; 6.O.230.157;
6.O.230.166; 6.O.230.169; 6.O.230.172; 6.O.230.175; 6.O.230.240; 6.O.230.244;
6.O.231.228; 6.O.231.229; 6.O.231.230; 6.O.231.231; 6.O.231.236; 6.O.231.237;
6.O.231.238; 6.O.231.239; 6.O.231.154; 6.O.231.157; 6.O.231.166; 6.O.231.169;
6.O.231.172; 6.O.231.175; 6.O.231.240; 6.O.231.244; 6.O.236.228; 6.O.236.229;
6.O.236.230; 6.O.236.231; 6.O.236.236; 6.O.236.237; 6.O.236.238; 6.O.236.239;
6.O.236.154; 6.O.236.157; 6.O.236.166; 6.O.236.169; 6.O.236.172; 6.O.236.175;
6.O.236.240; 6.O.236.244; 6.O.237.228; 6.O.237.229; 6.O.237.230; 6.O.237.231;
6.O.237.236; 6.O.237.237; 6.O.237.238; 6.O.237.239; 6.O.237.154; 6.O.237.157;
6.O.237.166; 6.O.237.169; 6.O.237.172; 6.O.237.175; 6.O.237.240; 6.O.237.244;
6.O.238.228; 6.O.238.229; 6.O.238.230; 6.O.238.231; 6.O.238.236; 6.O.238.237;
6.O.238.238; 6.O.238.239; 6.O.238.154; 6.O.238.157; 6.O.238.166; 6.O.238.169;
6.O.238.172; 6.O.238.175; 6.O.238.240; 6.O.238.244; 6.O.239.228; 6.O.239.229;
6.O.239.230; 6.O.239.231; 6.O.239.236; 6.O.239.237; 6.O.239.238; 6.O.239.239;
6.O.239.154; 6.O.239.157; 6.O.239.166; 6.O.239.169; 6.O.239.172; 6.O.239.175;
6.O.239.240; 6.O.239.244; 6.O.154.228; 6.O.154.229; 6.O.154.230; 6.O.154.231;
6.O.154.236; 6.O.154.237; 6.O.154.238; 6.O.154.239; 6.O.154.154; 6.O.154.157;
6.O.154.166; 6.O.154.169; 6.O.154.172; 6.O.154.175; 6.O.154.240; 6.O.154.244;
6.O.157.228; 6.O.157.229; 6.O.157.230; 6.O.157.231; 6.O.157.236; 6.O.157.237;
6.O.157.238; 6.O.157.239; 6.O.157.154; 6.O.157.157; 6.O.157.166; 6.O.157.169;
6.O.157.172; 6.O.157.175; 6.O.157.240; 6.O.157.244; 6.O.166.228; 6.O.166.229;
6.O.166.230; 6.O.166.231; 6.O.166.236; 6.O.166.237; 6.O.166.238; 6.O.166.239;
6.O.166.154; 6.O.166.157; 6.O.166.166; 6.O.166.169; 6.O.166.172; 6.O.166.175;
6.O.166.240; 6.O.166.244; 6.O.169.228; 6.O.169.229; 6.O.169.230; 6.O.169.231;
6.O.169.236; 6.O.169.237; 6.O.169.238; 6.O.169.239; 6.O.169.154; 6.O.169.157;
6.O.169.166; 6.O.169.169; 6.O.169.172; 6.O.169.175; 6.O.169.240; 6.O.169.244;
6.O.172.228; 6.O.172.229; 6.O.172.230; 6.O.172.231; 6.O.172.236; 6.O.172.237;
6.O.172.238; 6.O.172.239; 6.O.172.154; 6.O.172.157; 6.O.172.166; 6.O.172.169;
6.O.172.172; 6.O.172.175; 6.O.172.240; 6.O.172.244; 6.O.175.228; 6.O.175.229;
6.O.175.230; 6.O.175.231; 6.O.175.236; 6.O.175.237; 6.O.175.238; 6.O.175.239;
6.O.175.154; 6.O.175.157; 6.O.175.166; 6.O.175.169; 6.O.175.172; 6.O.175.175;
6.O.175.240; 6.O.175.244; 6.O.240.228; 6.O.240.229; 6.O.240.230; 6.O.240.231;
6.O.240.236; 6.O.240.237; 6.O.240.238; 6.O.240.239; 6.O.240.154; 6.O.240.157;
6.O.240.166; 6.O.240.169; 6.O.240.172; 6.O.240.175; 6.O.240.240; 6.O.240.244;
6.O.244.228; 6.O.244.229; 6.O.244.230; 6.O.244.231; 6.O.244.236; 6.O.244.237;
6.O.244.238; 6.O.244.239; 6.O.244.154; 6.O.244.157; 6.O.244.166; 6.O.244.169;
6.O.244.172; 6.O.244.175; 6.O.244.240; 6.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.P
6.P.228.228; 6.P.228.229; 6.P.228.230; 6.P.228.231; 6.P.228.236; 6.P.228.237;
6.P.228.238; 6.P.228.239; 6.P.228.154; 6.P.228.157; 6.P.228.166; 6.P.228.169; 6.P.228.172;
6.P.228.175; 6.P.228.240; 6.P.228.244; 6.P.229.228; 6.P.229.229; 6.P.229.230; 6.P.229.231;
6.P.229.236; 6.P.229.237; 6.P.229.238; 6.P.229.239; 6.P.229.154; 6.P.229.157; 6.P.229.166;
6.P.229.169; 6.P.229.172; 6.P.229.175; 6.P.229.240; 6.P.229.244; 6.P.230.228; 6.P.230.229;
6.P.230.230; 6.P.230.231; 6.P.230.236; 6.P.230.237; 6.P.230.238; 6.P.230.239; 6.P.230.154;
6.P.230.157; 6.P.230.166; 6.P.230.169; 6.P.230.172; 6.P.230.175; 6.P.230.240; 6.P.230.244;
6.P.231.228; 6.P.231.229; 6.P.231.230; 6.P.231.231; 6.P.231.236; 6.P.231.237; 6.P.231.238;
6.P.231.239; 6.P.231.154; 6.P.231.157; 6.P.231.166; 6.P.231.169; 6.P.231.172; 6.P.231.175;
6.P.231.240; 6.P.231.244; 6.P.236.228; 6.P.236.229; 6.P.236.230; 6.P.236.231; 6.P.236.236;
6.P.236.237; 6.P.236.238; 6.P.236.239; 6.P.236.154; 6.P.236.157; 6.P.236.166; 6.P.236.169;
6.P.236.172; 6.P.236.175; 6.P.236.240; 6.P.236.244; 6.P.237.228; 6.P.237.229; 6.P.237.230;
6.P.237.231; 6.P.237.236; 6.P.237.237; 6.P.237.238; 6.P.237.239; 6.P.237.154; 6.P.237.157;
6.P.237.166; 6.P.237.169; 6.P.237.172; 6.P.237.175; 6.P.237.240; 6.P.237.244; 6.P.238.228;
6.P.238.229; 6.P.238.230; 6.P.238.231; 6.P.238.236; 6.P.238.237; 6.P.238.238; 6.P.238.239;
6.P.238.154; 6.P.238.157; 6.P.238.166; 6.P.238.169; 6.P.238.172; 6.P.238.175; 6.P.238.240;
6.P.238.244; 6.P.239.228; 6.P.239.229; 6.P.239.230; 6.P.239.231; 6.P.239.236; 6.P.239.237;
6.P.239.238; 6.P.239.239; 6.P.239.154; 6.P.239.157; 6.P.239.166; 6.P.239.169; 6.P.239.172;
6.P.239.175; 6.P.239.240; 6.P.239.244; 6.P.154.228; 6.P.154.229; 6.P.154.230; 6.P.154.231;
6.P.154.236; 6.P.154.237; 6.P.154.238; 6.P.154.239; 6.P.154.154; 6.P.154.157; 6.P.154.166;
6.P.154.169; 6.P.154.172; 6.P.154.175; 6.P.154.240; 6.P.154.244; 6.P.157.228; 6.P.157.229;
6.P.157.230; 6.P.157.231; 6.P.157.236; 6.P.157.237; 6.P.157.238; 6.P.157.239; 6.P.157.154;
6.P.157.157; 6.P.157.166; 6.P.157.169; 6.P.157.172; 6.P.157.175; 6.P.157.240; 6.P.157.244;
6.P.166.228; 6.P.166.229; 6.P.166.230; 6.P.166.231; 6.P.166.236; 6.P.166.237; 6.P.166.238;
6.P.166.239; 6.P.166.154; 6.P.166.157; 6.P.166.166; 6.P.166.169; 6.P.166.172; 6.P.166.175;
6.P.166.240; 6.P.166.244; 6.P.169.228; 6.P.169.229; 6.P.169.230; 6.P.169.231; 6.P.169.236;
6.P.169.237; 6.P.169.238; 6.P.169.239; 6.P.169.154; 6.P.169.157; 6.P.169.166; 6.P.169.169;
6.P.169.172; 6.P.169.175; 6.P.169.240; 6.P.169.244; 6.P.172.228; 6.P.172.229; 6.P.172.230;
6.P.172.231; 6.P.172.236; 6.P.172.237; 6.P.172.238; 6.P.172.239; 6.P.172.154; 6.P.172.157;
6.P.172.166; 6.P.172.169; 6.P.172.172; 6.P.172.175; 6.P.172.240; 6.P.172.244; 6.P.175.228;
6.P.175.229; 6.P.175.230; 6.P.175.231; 6.P.175.236; 6.P.175.237; 6.P.175.238; 6.P.175.239;
6.P.175.154; 6.P.175.157; 6.P.175.166; 6.P.175.169; 6.P.175.172; 6.P.175.175; 6.P.175.240;
6.P.175.244; 6.P.240.228; 6.P.240.229; 6.P.240.230; 6.P.240.231; 6.P.240.236; 6.P.240.237;
6.P.240.238; 6.P.240.239; 6.P.240.154; 6.P.240.157; 6.P.240.166; 6.P.240.169; 6.P.240.172;
6.P.240.175; 6.P.240.240; 6.P.240.244; 6.P.244.228; 6.P.244.229; 6.P.244.230; 6.P.244.231;
6.P.244.236; 6.P.244.237; 6.P.244.238; 6.P.244.239; 6.P.244.154; 6.P.244.157; 6.P.244.166;
6.P.244.169; 6.P.244.172; 6.P.244.175; 6.P.244.240; 6.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.U
6.U.228.228; 6.U.228.229; 6.U.228.230; 6.U.228.231; 6.U.228.236; 6.U.228.237;
6.U.228.238; 6.U.228.239; 6.U.228.154; 6.U.228.157; 6.U.228.166; 6.U.228.169;
6.U.228.172; 6.U.228.175; 6.U.228.240; 6.U.228.244; 6.U.229.228; 6.U.229.229;
6.U.229.230; 6.U.229.231; 6.U.229.236; 6.U.229.237; 6.U.229.238; 6.U.229.239;
6.U.229.154; 6.U.229.157; 6.U.229.166; 6.U.229.169; 6.U.229.172; 6.U.229.175;
6.U.229.240; 6.U.229.244; 6.U.230.228; 6.U.230.229; 6.U.230.230; 6.U.230.231;
6.U.230.236; 6.U.230.237; 6.U.230.238; 6.U.230.239; 6.U.230.154; 6.U.230.157;
6.U.230.166; 6.U.230.169; 6.U.230.172; 6.U.230.175; 6.U.230.240; 6.U.230.244;
6.U.231.228; 6.U.231.229; 6.U.231.230; 6.U.231.231; 6.U.231.236; 6.U.231.237;
6.U.231.238; 6.U.231.239; 6.U.231.154; 6.U.231.157; 6.U.231.166; 6.U.231.169;
6.U.231.172; 6.U.231.175; 6.U.231.240; 6.U.231.244; 6.U.236.228; 6.U.236.229;
6.U.236.230; 6.U.236.231; 6.U.236.236; 6.U.236.237; 6.U.236.238; 6.U.236.239;
6.U.236.154; 6.U.236.157; 6.U.236.166; 6.U.236.169; 6.U.236.172; 6.U.236.175;
6.U.236.240; 6.U.236.244; 6.U.237.228; 6.U.237.229; 6.U.237.230; 6.U.237.231;
6.U.237.236; 6.U.237.237; 6.U.237.238; 6.U.237.239; 6.U.237.154; 6.U.237.157;
6.U.237.166; 6.U.237.169; 6.U.237.172; 6.U.237.175; 6.U.237.240; 6.U.237.244;
6.U.238.228; 6.U.238.229; 6.U.238.230; 6.U.238.231; 6.U.238.236; 6.U.238.237;
6.U.238.238; 6.U.238.239; 6.U.238.154; 6.U.238.157; 6.U.238.166; 6.U.238.169;
6.U.238.172; 6.U.238.175; 6.U.238.240; 6.U.238.244; 6.U.239.228; 6.U.239.229;
6.U.239.230; 6.U.239.231; 6.U.239.236; 6.U.239.237; 6.U.239.238; 6.U.239.239;
6.U.239.154; 6.U.239.157; 6.U.239.166; 6.U.239.169; 6.U.239.172; 6.U.239.175;
6.U.239.240; 6.U.239.244; 6.U.154.228; 6.U.154.229; 6.U.154.230; 6.U.154.231;
6.U.154.236; 6.U.154.237; 6.U.154.238; 6.U.154.239; 6.U.154.154; 6.U.154.157;
6.U.154.166; 6.U.154.169; 6.U.154.172; 6.U.154.175; 6.U.154.240; 6.U.154.244;
6.U.157.228; 6.U.157.229; 6.U.157.230; 6.U.157.231; 6.U.157.236; 6.U.157.237;
6.U.157.238; 6.U.157.239; 6.U.157.154; 6.U.157.157; 6.U.157.166; 6.U.157.169;
6.U.157.172; 6.U.157.175; 6.U.157.240; 6.U.157.244; 6.U.166.228; 6.U.166.229;
6.U.166.230; 6.U.166.231; 6.U.166.236; 6.U.166.237; 6.U.166.238; 6.U.166.239;
6.U.166.154; 6.U.166.157; 6.U.166.166; 6.U.166.169; 6.U.166.172; 6.U.166.175;
6.U.166.240; 6.U.166.244; 6.U.169.228; 6.U.169.229; 6.U.169.230; 6.U.169.231;
6.U.169.236; 6.U.169.237; 6.U.169.238; 6.U.169.239; 6.U.169.154; 6.U.169.157;
6.U.169.166; 6.U.169.169; 6.U.169.172; 6.U.169.175; 6.U.169.240; 6.U.169.244;
6.U.172.228; 6.U.172.229; 6.U.172.230; 6.U.172.231; 6.U.172.236; 6.U.172.237;
6.U.172.238; 6.U.172.239; 6.U.172.154; 6.U.172.157; 6.U.172.166; 6.U.172.169;
6.U.172.172; 6.U.172.175; 6.U.172.240; 6.U.172.244; 6.U.175.228; 6.U.175.229;
6.U.175.230; 6.U.175.231; 6.U.175.236; 6.U.175.237; 6.U.175.238; 6.U.175.239;
6.U.175.154; 6.U.175.157; 6.U.175.166; 6.U.175.169; 6.U.175.172; 6.U.175.175;
6.U.175.240; 6.U.175.244; 6.U.240.228; 6.U.240.229; 6.U.240.230; 6.U.240.231;
6.U.240.236; 6.U.240.237; 6.U.240.238; 6.U.240.239; 6.U.240.154; 6.U.240.157;
6.U.240.166; 6.U.240.169; 6.U.240.172; 6.U.240.175; 6.U.240.240; 6.U.240.244;
6.U.244.228; 6.U.244.229; 6.U.244.230; 6.U.244.231; 6.U.244.236; 6.U.244.237;
6.U.244.238; 6.U.244.239; 6.U.244.154; 6.U.244.157; 6.U.244.166; 6.U.244.169;
6.U.244.172; 6.U.244.175; 6.U.244.240; 6.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.W
6.W.228.228; 6.W.228.229; 6.W.228.230; 6.W.228.231; 6.W.228.236; 6.W.228.237;
6.W.228.238; 6.W.228.239; 6.W.228.154; 6.W.228.157; 6.W.228.166; 6.W.228.169;
6.W.228.172; 6.W.228.175; 6.W.228.240; 6.W.228.244; 6.W.229.228; 6.W.229.229;
6.W.229.230; 6.W.229.231; 6.W.229.236; 6.W.229.237; 6.W.229.238; 6.W.229.239;
6.W.229.154; 6.W.229.157; 6.W.229.166; 6.W.229.169; 6.W.229.172; 6.W.229.175;
6.W.229.240; 6.W.229.244; 6.W.230.228; 6.W.230.229; 6.W.230.230; 6.W.230.231;
6.W.230.236; 6.W.230.237; 6.W.230.238; 6.W.230.239; 6.W.230.154; 6.W.230.157;
6.W.230.166; 6.W.230.169; 6.W.230.172; 6.W.230.175; 6.W.230.240; 6.W.230.244;
6.W.231.228; 6.W.231.229; 6.W.231.230; 6.W.231.231; 6.W.231.236; 6.W.231.237;
6.W.231.238; 6.W.231.239; 6.W.231.154; 6.W.231.157; 6.W.231.166; 6.W.231.169;
6.W.231.172; 6.W.231.175; 6.W.231.240; 6.W.231.244; 6.W.236.228; 6.W.236.229;
6.W.236.230; 6.W.236.231; 6.W.236.236; 6.W.236.237; 6.W.236.238; 6.W.236.239;
6.W.236.154; 6.W.236.157; 6.W.236.166; 6.W.236.169; 6.W.236.172; 6.W.236.175;
6.W.236.240; 6.W.236.244; 6.W.237.228; 6.W.237.229; 6.W.237.230; 6.W.237.231;
6.W.237.236; 6.W.237.237; 6.W.237.238; 6.W.237.239; 6.W.237.154; 6.W.237.157;
6.W.237.166; 6.W.237.169; 6.W.237.172; 6.W.237.175; 6.W.237.240; 6.W.237.244;
6.W.238.228; 6.W.238.229; 6.W.238.230; 6.W.238.231; 6.W.238.236; 6.W.238.237;
6.W.238.238; 6.W.238.239; 6.W.238.154; 6.W.238.157; 6.W.238.166; 6.W.238.169;
6.W.238.172; 6.W.238.175; 6.W.238.240; 6.W.238.244; 6.W.239.228; 6.W.239.229;
6.W.239.230; 6.W.239.231; 6.W.239.236; 6.W.239.237; 6.W.239.238; 6.W.239.239;
6.W.239.154; 6.W.239.157; 6.W.239.166; 6.W.239.169; 6.W.239.172; 6.W.239.175;
6.W.239.240; 6.W.239.244; 6.W.154.228; 6.W.154.229; 6.W.154.230; 6.W.154.231;
6.W.154.236; 6.W.154.237; 6.W.154.238; 6.W.154.239; 6.W.154.154; 6.W.154.157;
6.W.154.166; 6.W.154.169; 6.W.154.172; 6.W.154.175; 6.W.154.240; 6.W.154.244;
6.W.157.228; 6.W.157.229; 6.W.157.230; 6.W.157.231; 6.W.157.236; 6.W.157.237;
6.W.157.238; 6.W.157.239; 6.W.157.154; 6.W.157.157; 6.W.157.166; 6.W.157.169;
6.W.157.172; 6.W.157.175; 6.W.157.240; 6.W.157.244; 6.W.166.228; 6.W.166.229;
6.W.166.230; 6.W.166.231; 6.W.166.236; 6.W.166.237; 6.W.166.238; 6.W.166.239;
6.W.166.154; 6.W.166.157; 6.W.166.166; 6.W.166.169; 6.W.166.172; 6.W.166.175;
6.W.166.240; 6.W.166.244; 6.W.169.228; 6.W.169.229; 6.W.169.230; 6.W.169.231;
6.W.169.236; 6.W.169.237; 6.W.169.238; 6.W.169.239; 6.W.169.154; 6.W.169.157;
6.W.169.166; 6.W.169.169; 6.W.169.172; 6.W.169.175; 6.W.169.240; 6.W.169.244;
6.W.172.228; 6.W.172.229; 6.W.172.230; 6.W.172.231; 6.W.172.236; 6.W.172.237;
6.W.172.238; 6.W.172.239; 6.W.172.154; 6.W.172.157; 6.W.172.166; 6.W.172.169;
6.W.172.172; 6.W.172.175; 6.W.172.240; 6.W.172.244; 6.W.175.228; 6.W.175.229;
6.W.175.230; 6.W.175.231; 6.W.175.236; 6.W.175.237; 6.W.175.238; 6.W.175.239;
6.W.175.154; 6.W.175.157; 6.W.175.166; 6.W.175.169; 6.W.175.172; 6.W.175.175;
6.W.175.240; 6.W.175.244; 6.W.240.228; 6.W.240.229; 6.W.240.230; 6.W.240.231;
6.W.240.236; 6.W.240.237; 6.W.240.238; 6.W.240.239; 6.W.240.154; 6.W.240.157;
6.W.240.166; 6.W.240.169; 6.W.240.172; 6.W.240.175; 6.W.240.240; 6.W.240.244;
6.W.244.228; 6.W.244.229; 6.W.244.230; 6.W.244.231; 6.W.244.236; 6.W.244.237;
6.W.244.238; 6.W.244.239; 6.W.244.154; 6.W.244.157; 6.W.244.166; 6.W.244.169;
6.W.244.172; 6.W.244.175; 6.W.244.240; 6.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 6.Y
6.Y.228.228; 6.Y.228.229; 6.Y.228.230; 6.Y.228.231; 6.Y.228.236; 6.Y.228.237;
6.Y.228.238; 6.Y.228.239; 6.Y.228.154; 6.Y.228.157; 6.Y.228.166; 6.Y.228.169;
6.Y.228.172; 6.Y.228.175; 6.Y.228.240; 6.Y.228.244; 6.Y.229.228; 6.Y.229.229;
6.Y.229.230; 6.Y.229.231; 6.Y.229.236; 6.Y.229.237; 6.Y.229.238; 6.Y.229.239;
6.Y.229.154; 6.Y.229.157; 6.Y.229.166; 6.Y.229.169; 6.Y.229.172; 6.Y.229.175;
6.Y.229.240; 6.Y.229.244; 6.Y.230.228; 6.Y.230.229; 6.Y.230.230; 6.Y.230.231;
6.Y.230.236; 6.Y.230.237; 6.Y.230.238; 6.Y.230.239; 6.Y.230.154; 6.Y.230.157;
6.Y.230.166; 6.Y.230.169; 6.Y.230.172; 6.Y.230.175; 6.Y.230.240; 6.Y.230.244;
6.Y.231.228; 6.Y.231.229; 6.Y.231.230; 6.Y.231.231; 6.Y.231.236; 6.Y.231.237;
6.Y.231.238; 6.Y.231.239; 6.Y.231.154; 6.Y.231.157; 6.Y.231.166; 6.Y.231.169;
6.Y.231.172; 6.Y.231.175; 6.Y.231.240; 6.Y.231.244; 6.Y.236.228; 6.Y.236.229;
6.Y.236.230; 6.Y.236.231; 6.Y.236.236; 6.Y.236.237; 6.Y.236.238; 6.Y.236.239;
6.Y.236.154; 6.Y.236.157; 6.Y.236.166; 6.Y.236.169; 6.Y.236.172; 6.Y.236.175;
6.Y.236.240; 6.Y.236.244; 6.Y.237.228; 6.Y.237.229; 6.Y.237.230; 6.Y.237.231;
6.Y.237.236; 6.Y.237.237; 6.Y.237.238; 6.Y.237.239; 6.Y.237.154; 6.Y.237.157;
6.Y.237.166; 6.Y.237.169; 6.Y.237.172; 6.Y.237.175; 6.Y.237.240; 6.Y.237.244;
6.Y.238.228; 6.Y.238.229; 6.Y.238.230; 6.Y.238.231; 6.Y.238.236; 6.Y.238.237;
6.Y.238.238; 6.Y.238.239; 6.Y.238.154; 6.Y.238.157; 6.Y.238.166; 6.Y.238.169;
6.Y.238.172; 6.Y.238.175; 6.Y.238.240; 6.Y.238.244; 6.Y.239.228; 6.Y.239.229;
6.Y.239.230; 6.Y.239.231; 6.Y.239.236; 6.Y.239.237; 6.Y.239.238; 6.Y.239.239;
6.Y.239.154; 6.Y.239.157; 6.Y.239.166; 6.Y.239.169; 6.Y.239.172; 6.Y.239.175;
6.Y.239.240; 6.Y.239.244; 6.Y.154.228; 6.Y.154.229; 6.Y.154.230; 6.Y.154.231;
6.Y.154.236; 6.Y.154.237; 6.Y.154.238; 6.Y.154.239; 6.Y.154.154; 6.Y.154.157;
6.Y.154.166; 6.Y.154.169; 6.Y.154.172; 6.Y.154.175; 6.Y.154.240; 6.Y.154.244;
6.Y.157.228; 6.Y.157.229; 6.Y.157.230; 6.Y.157.231; 6.Y.157.236; 6.Y.157.237;
6.Y.157.238; 6.Y.157.239; 6.Y.157.154; 6.Y.157.157; 6.Y.157.166; 6.Y.157.169;
6.Y.157.172; 6.Y.157.175; 6.Y.157.240; 6.Y.157.244; 6.Y.166.228; 6.Y.166.229;
6.Y.166.230; 6.Y.166.231; 6.Y.166.236; 6.Y.166.237; 6.Y.166.238; 6.Y.166.239;
6.Y.166.154; 6.Y.166.157; 6.Y.166.166; 6.Y.166.169; 6.Y.166.172; 6.Y.166.175;
6.Y.166.240; 6.Y.166.244; 6.Y.169.228; 6.Y.169.229; 6.Y.169.230; 6.Y.169.231;
6.Y.169.236; 6.Y.169.237; 6.Y.169.238; 6.Y.169.239; 6.Y.169.154; 6.Y.169.157;
6.Y.169.166; 6.Y.169.169; 6.Y.169.172; 6.Y.169.175; 6.Y.169.240; 6.Y.169.244;
6.Y.172.228; 6.Y.172.229; 6.Y.172.230; 6.Y.172.231; 6.Y.172.236; 6.Y.172.237;
6.Y.172.238; 6.Y.172.239; 6.Y.172.154; 6.Y.172.157; 6.Y.172.166; 6.Y.172.169;
6.Y.172.172; 6.Y.172.175; 6.Y.172.240; 6.Y.172.244; 6.Y.175.228; 6.Y.175.229;
6.Y.175.230; 6.Y.175.231; 6.Y.175.236; 6.Y.175.237; 6.Y.175.238; 6.Y.175.239;
6.Y.175.154; 6.Y.175.157; 6.Y.175.166; 6.Y.175.169; 6.Y.175.172; 6.Y.175.175;
6.Y.175.240; 6.Y.175.244; 6.Y.240.228; 6.Y.240.229; 6.Y.240.230; 6.Y.240.231;
6.Y.240.236; 6.Y.240.237; 6.Y.240.238; 6.Y.240.239; 6.Y.240.154; 6.Y.240.157;
6.Y.240.166; 6.Y.240.169; 6.Y.240.172; 6.Y.240.175; 6.Y.240.240; 6.Y.240.244;
6.Y.244.228; 6.Y.244.229; 6.Y.244.230; 6.Y.244.231; 6.Y.244.236; 6.Y.244.237;
6.Y.244.238; 6.Y.244.239; 6.Y.244.154; 6.Y.244.157; 6.Y.244.166; 6.Y.244.169;
6.Y.244.172; 6.Y.244.175; 6.Y.244.240; 6.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 7.AH
7.AH.4.157; 7.AH.4.158; 7.AH.4.196; 7.AH.4.223; 7.AH.4.240; 7.AH.4.244; 7.AH.4.243;
7.AH.4.247; 7.AH.5.157; 7.AH.5.158; 7.AH.5.196; 7.AH.5.223; 7.AH.5.240; 7.AH.5.244;
7.AH.5.243; 7.AH.5.247; 7.AH.7.157; 7.AH.7.158; 7.AH.7.196; 7.AH.7.223; 7.AH.7.240;
7.AH.7.244; 7.AH.7.243; 7.AH.7.247; 7.AH.15.157; 7.AH.15.158; 7.AH.15.196;
7.AH.15.223; 7.AH.15.240; 7.AH.15.244; 7.AH.15.243; 7.AH.15.247; 7.AH.16.157;
7.AH.16.158; 7.AH.16.196; 7.AH.16.223; 7.AH.16.240; 7.AH.16.244; 7.AH.16.243;
7.AH.16.247; 7.AH.18.157; 7.AH.18.158; 7.AH.18.196; 7.AH.18.223; 7.AH.18.240;
7.AH.18.244; 7.AH.18.243; 7.AH.18.247; 7.AH.26.157; 7.AH.26.158; 7.AH.26.196;
7.AH.26.223; 7.AH.26.240; 7.AH.26.244; 7.AH.26.243; 7.AH.26.247; 7.AH.27.157;
7.AH.27.158; 7.AH.27.196; 7.AH.27.223; 7.AH.27.240; 7.AH.27.244; 7.AH.27.243;
7.AH.27.247; 7.AH.29.157; 7.AH.29.158; 7.AH.29.196; 7.AH.29.223; 7.AH.29.240;
7.AH.29.244; 7.AH.29.243; 7.AH.29.247; 7.AH.54.157; 7.AH.54.158; 7.AH.54.196;
7.AH.54.223; 7.AH.54.240; 7.AH.54.244; 7.AH.54.243; 7.AH.54.247; 7.AH.55.157;
7.AH.55.158; 7.AH.55.196; 7.AH.55.223; 7.AH.55.240; 7.AH.55.244; 7.AH.55.243;
7.AH.55.247; 7.AH.56.157; 7.AH.56.158; 7.AH.56.196; 7.AH.56.223; 7.AH.56.240;
7.AH.56.244; 7.AH.56.243; 7.AH.56.247; 7.AH.157.157; 7.AH.157.158; 7.AH.157.196;
7.AH.157.223; 7.AH.157.240; 7.AH.157.244; 7.AH.157.243; 7.AH.157.247; 7.AH.196.157;
7.AH.196.158; 7.AH.196.196; 7.AH.196.223; 7.AH.196.240; 7.AH.196.244; 7.AH.196.243;
7.AH.196.247; 7.AH.223.157; 7.AH.223.158; 7.AH.223.196; 7.AH.223.223; 7.AH.223.240;
7.AH.223.244; 7.AH.223.243; 7.AH.223.247; 7.AH.240.157; 7.AH.240.158; 7.AH.240.196;
7.AH.240.223; 7.AH.240.240; 7.AH.240.244; 7.AH.240.243; 7.AH.240.247; 7.AH.244.157;
7.AH.244.158; 7.AH.244.196; 7.AH.244.223; 7.AH.244.240; 7.AH.244.244; 7.AH.244.243;
7.AH.244.247; 7.AH.247.157; 7.AH.247.158; 7.AH.247.196; 7.AH.247.223; 7.AH.247.240;
7.AH.247.244; 7.AH.247.243; 7.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.AJ
7.AJ.4.157; 7.AJ.4.158; 7.AJ.4.196; 7.AJ.4.223; 7.AJ.4.240; 7.AJ.4.244; 7.AJ.4.243;
7.AJ.4.247; 7.AJ.5.157; 7.AJ.5.158; 7.AJ.5.196; 7.AJ.5.223; 7.AJ.5.240; 7.AJ.5.244;
7.AJ.5.243; 7.AJ.5.247; 7.AJ.7.157; 7.AJ.7.158; 7.AJ.7.196; 7.AJ.7.223; 7.AJ.7.240;
7.AJ.7.244; 7.AJ.7.243; 7.AJ.7.247; 7.AJ.15.157; 7.AJ.15.158; 7.AJ.15.196; 7.AJ.15.223;
7.AJ.15.240; 7.AJ.15.244; 7.AJ.15.243; 7.AJ.15.247; 7.AJ.16.157; 7.AJ.16.158; 7.AJ.16.196;
7.AJ.16.223; 7.AJ.16.240; 7.AJ.16.244; 7.AJ.16.243; 7.AJ.16.247; 7.AJ.18.157; 7.AJ.18.158;
7.AJ.18.196; 7.AJ.18.223; 7.AJ.18.240; 7.AJ.18.244; 7.AJ.18.243; 7.AJ.18.247; 7.AJ.26.157;
7.AJ.26.158; 7.AJ.26.196; 7.AJ.26.223; 7.AJ.26.240; 7.AJ.26.244; 7.AJ.26.243; 7.AJ.26.247;
7.AJ.27.157; 7.AJ.27.158; 7.AJ.27.196; 7.AJ.27.223; 7.AJ.27.240; 7.AJ.27.244; 7.AJ.27.243;
7.AJ.27.247; 7.AJ.29.157; 7.AJ.29.158; 7.AJ.29.196; 7.AJ.29.223; 7.AJ.29.240; 7.AJ.29.244;
7.AJ.29.243; 7.AJ.29.247; 7.AJ.54.157; 7.AJ.54.158; 7.AJ.54.196; 7.AJ.54.223; 7.AJ.54.240;
7.AJ.54.244; 7.AJ.54.243; 7.AJ.54.247; 7.AJ.55.157; 7.AJ.55.158; 7.AJ.55.196; 7.AJ.55.223;
7.AJ.55.240; 7.AJ.55.244; 7.AJ.55.243; 7.AJ.55.247; 7.AJ.56.157; 7.AJ.56.158; 7.AJ.56.196;
7.AJ.56.223; 7.AJ.56.240; 7.AJ.56.244; 7.AJ.56.243; 7.AJ.56.247; 7.AJ.157.157;
7.AJ.157.158; 7.AJ.157.196; 7.AJ.157.223; 7.AJ.157.240; 7.AJ.157.244; 7.AJ.157.243;
7.AJ.157.247; 7.AJ.196.157; 7.AJ.196.158; 7.AJ.196.196; 7.AJ.196.223; 7.AJ.196.240;
7.AJ.196.244; 7.AJ.196.243; 7.AJ.196.247; 7.AJ.223.157; 7.AJ.223.158; 7.AJ.223.196;
7.AJ.223.223; 7.AJ.223.240; 7.AJ.223.244; 7.AJ.223.243; 7.AJ.223.247; 7.AJ.240.157;
7.AJ.240.158; 7.AJ.240.196; 7.AJ.240.223; 7.AJ.240.240; 7.AJ.240.244; 7.AJ.240.243;
7.AJ.240.247; 7.AJ.244.157; 7.AJ.244.158; 7.AJ.244.196; 7.AJ.244.223; 7.AJ.244.240;
7.AJ.244.244; 7.AJ.244.243; 7.AJ.244.247; 7.AJ.247.157; 7.AJ.247.158; 7.AJ.247.196;
7.AJ.247.223; 7.AJ.247.240; 7.AJ.247.244; 7.AJ.247.243; 7.AJ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.AN
7.AN.4.157; 7.AN.4.158; 7.AN.4.196; 7.AN.4.223; 7.AN.4.240; 7.AN.4.244; 7.AN.4.243;
7.AN.4.247; 7.AN.5.157; 7.AN.5.158; 7.AN.5.196; 7.AN.5.223; 7.AN.5.240; 7.AN.5.244;
7.AN.5.243; 7.AN.5.247; 7.AN.7.157; 7.AN.7.158; 7.AN.7.196; 7.AN.7.223; 7.AN.7.240;
7.AN.7.244; 7.AN.7.243; 7.AN.7.247; 7.AN.15.157; 7.AN.15.158; 7.AN.15.196;
7.AN.15.223; 7.AN.15.240; 7.AN.15.244; 7.AN.15.243; 7.AN.15.247; 7.AN.16.157;
7.AN.16.158; 7.AN.16.196; 7.AN.16.223; 7.AN.16.240; 7.AN.16.244; 7.AN.16.243;
7.AN.16.247; 7.AN.18.157; 7.AN.18.158; 7.AN.18.196; 7.AN.18.223; 7.AN.18.240;
7.AN.18.244; 7.AN.18.243; 7.AN.18.247; 7.AN.26.157; 7.AN.26.158; 7.AN.26.196;
7.AN.26.223; 7.AN.26.240; 7.AN.26.244; 7.AN.26.243; 7.AN.26.247; 7.AN.27.157;
7.AN.27.158; 7.AN.27.196; 7.AN.27.223; 7.AN.27.240; 7.AN.27.244; 7.AN.27.243;
7.AN.27.247; 7.AN.29.157; 7.AN.29.158; 7.AN.29.196; 7.AN.29.223; 7.AN.29.240;
7.AN.29.244; 7.AN.29.243; 7.AN.29.247; 7.AN.54.157; 7.AN.54.158; 7.AN.54.196;
7.AN.54.223; 7.AN.54.240; 7.AN.54.244; 7.AN.54.243; 7.AN.54.247; 7.AN.55.157;
7.AN.55.158; 7.AN.55.196; 7.AN.55.223; 7.AN.55.240; 7.AN.55.244; 7.AN.55.243;
7.AN.55.247; 7.AN.56.157; 7.AN.56.158; 7.AN.56.196; 7.AN.56.223; 7.AN.56.240;
7.AN.56.244; 7.AN.56.243; 7.AN.56.247; 7.AN.157.157; 7.AN.157.158; 7.AN.157.196;
7.AN.157.223; 7.AN.157.240; 7.AN.157.244; 7.AN.157.243; 7.AN.157.247; 7.AN.196.157;
7.AN.196.158; 7.AN.196.196; 7.AN.196.223; 7.AN.196.240; 7.AN.196.244; 7.AN.196.243;
7.AN.196.247; 7.AN.223.157; 7.AN.223.158; 7.AN.223.196; 7.AN.223.223; 7.AN.223.240;
7.AN.223.244; 7.AN.223.243; 7.AN.223.247; 7.AN.240.157; 7.AN.240.158; 7.AN.240.196;
7.AN.240.223; 7.AN.240.240; 7.AN.240.244; 7.AN.240.243; 7.AN.240.247; 7.AN.244.157;
7.AN.244.158; 7.AN.244.196; 7.AN.244.223; 7.AN.244.240; 7.AN.244.244; 7.AN.244.243;
7.AN.244.247; 7.AN.247.157; 7.AN.247.158; 7.AN.247.196; 7.AN.247.223; 7.AN.247.240;
7.AN.247.244; 7.AN.247.243; 7.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.AP
7.AP.4.157; 7.AP.4.158; 7.AP.4.196; 7.AP.4.223; 7.AP.4.240; 7.AP.4.244; 7.AP.4.243;
7.AP.4.247; 7.AP.5.157; 7.AP.5.158; 7.AP.5.196; 7.AP.5.223; 7.AP.5.240; 7.AP.5.244;
7.AP.5.243; 7.AP.5.247; 7.AP.7.157; 7.AP.7.158; 7.AP.7.196; 7.AP.7.223; 7.AP.7.240;
7.AP.7.244; 7.AP.7.243; 7.AP.7.247; 7.AP.15.157; 7.AP.15.158; 7.AP.15.196; 7.AP.15.223;
7.AP.15.240; 7.AP.15.244; 7.AP.15.243; 7.AP.15.247; 7.AP.16.157; 7.AP.16.158;
7.AP.16.196; 7.AP.16.223; 7.AP.16.240; 7.AP.16.244; 7.AP.16.243; 7.AP.16.247;
7.AP.18.157; 7.AP.18.158; 7.AP.18.196; 7.AP.18.223; 7.AP.18.240; 7.AP.18.244;
7.AP.18.243; 7.AP.18.247; 7.AP.26.157; 7.AP.26.158; 7.AP.26.196; 7.AP.26.223;
7.AP.26.240; 7.AP.26.244; 7.AP.26.243; 7.AP.26.247; 7.AP.27.157; 7.AP.27.158;
7.AP.27.196; 7.AP.27.223; 7.AP.27.240; 7.AP.27.244; 7.AP.27.243; 7.AP.27.247;
7.AP.29.157; 7.AP.29.158; 7.AP.29.196; 7.AP.29.223; 7.AP.29.240; 7.AP.29.244;
7.AP.29.243; 7.AP.29.247; 7.AP.54.157; 7.AP.54.158; 7.AP.54.196; 7.AP.54.223;
7.AP.54.240; 7.AP.54.244; 7.AP.54.243; 7.AP.54.247; 7.AP.55.157; 7.AP.55.158;
7.AP.55.196; 7.AP.55.223; 7.AP.55.240; 7.AP.55.244; 7.AP.55.243; 7.AP.55.247;
7.AP.56.157; 7.AP.56.158; 7.AP.56.196; 7.AP.56.223; 7.AP.56.240; 7.AP.56.244;
7.AP.56.243; 7.AP.56.247; 7.AP.157.157; 7.AP.157.158; 7.AP.157.196; 7.AP.157.223;
7.AP.157.240; 7.AP.157.244; 7.AP.157.243; 7.AP.157.247; 7.AP.196.157; 7.AP.196.158;
7.AP.196.196; 7.AP.196.223; 7.AP.196.240; 7.AP.196.244; 7.AP.196.243; 7.AP.196.247;
7.AP.223.157; 7.AP.223.158; 7.AP.223.196; 7.AP.223.223; 7.AP.223.240; 7.AP.223.244;
7.AP.223.243; 7.AP.223.247; 7.AP.240.157; 7.AP.240.158; 7.AP.240.196; 7.AP.240.223;
7.AP.240.240; 7.AP.240.244; 7.AP.240.243; 7.AP.240.247; 7.AP.244.157; 7.AP.244.158;
7.AP.244.196; 7.AP.244.223; 7.AP.244.240; 7.AP.244.244; 7.AP.244.243; 7.AP.244.247;
7.AP.247.157; 7.AP.247.158; 7.AP.247.196; 7.AP.247.223; 7.AP.247.240; 7.AP.247.244;
7.AP.247.243; 7.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.AZ
7.AZ.4.157; 7.AZ.4.158; 7.AZ.4.196; 7.AZ.4.223; 7.AZ.4.240; 7.AZ.4.244; 7.AZ.4.243;
7.AZ.4.247; 7.AZ.5.157; 7.AZ.5.158; 7.AZ.5.196; 7.AZ.5.223; 7.AZ.5.240; 7.AZ.5.244;
7.AZ.5.243; 7.AZ.5.247; 7.AZ.7.157; 7.AZ.7.158; 7.AZ.7.196; 7.AZ.7.223; 7.AZ.7.240;
7.AZ.7.244; 7.AZ.7.243; 7.AZ.7.247; 7.AZ.15.157; 7.AZ.15.158; 7.AZ.15.196; 7.AZ.15.223;
7.AZ.15.240; 7.AZ.15.244; 7.AZ.15.243; 7.AZ.15.247; 7.AZ.16.157; 7.AZ.16.158;
7.AZ.16.196; 7.AZ.16.223; 7.AZ.16.240; 7.AZ.16.244; 7.AZ.16.243; 7.AZ.16.247;
7.AZ.18.157; 7.AZ.18.158; 7.AZ.18.196; 7.AZ.18.223; 7.AZ.18.240; 7.AZ.18.244;
7.AZ.18.243; 7.AZ.18.247; 7.AZ.26.157; 7.AZ.26.158; 7.AZ.26.196; 7.AZ.26.223;
7.AZ.26.240; 7.AZ.26.244; 7.AZ.26.243; 7.AZ.26.247; 7.AZ.27.157; 7.AZ.27.158;
7.AZ.27.196; 7.AZ.27.223; 7.AZ.27.240; 7.AZ.27.244; 7.AZ.27.243; 7.AZ.27.247;
7.AZ.29.157; 7.AZ.29.158; 7.AZ.29.196; 7.AZ.29.223; 7.AZ.29.240; 7.AZ.29.244;
7.AZ.29.243; 7.AZ.29.247; 7.AZ.54.157; 7.AZ.54.158; 7.AZ.54.196; 7.AZ.54.223;
7.AZ.54.240; 7.AZ.54.244; 7.AZ.54.243; 7.AZ.54.247; 7.AZ.55.157; 7.AZ.55.158;
7.AZ.55.196; 7.AZ.55.223; 7.AZ.55.240; 7.AZ.55.244; 7.AZ.55.243; 7.AZ.55.247;
7.AZ.56.157; 7.AZ.56.158; 7.AZ.56.196; 7.AZ.56.223; 7.AZ.56.240; 7.AZ.56.244;
7.AZ.56.243; 7.AZ.56.247; 7.AZ.157.157; 7.AZ.157.158; 7.AZ.157.196; 7.AZ.157.223;
7.AZ.157.240; 7.AZ.157.244; 7.AZ.157.243; 7.AZ.157.247; 7.AZ.196.157; 7.AZ.196.158;
7.AZ.196.196; 7.AZ.196.223; 7.AZ.196.240; 7.AZ.196.244; 7.AZ.196.243; 7.AZ.196.247;
7.AZ.223.157; 7.AZ.223.158; 7.AZ.223.196; 7.AZ.223.223; 7.AZ.223.240; 7.AZ.223.244;
7.AZ.223.243; 7.AZ.223.247; 7.AZ.240.157; 7.AZ.240.158; 7.AZ.240.196; 7.AZ.240.223;
7.AZ.240.240; 7.AZ.240.244; 7.AZ.240.243; 7.AZ.240.247; 7.AZ.244.157; 7.AZ.244.158;
7.AZ.244.196; 7.AZ.244.223; 7.AZ.244.240; 7.AZ.244.244; 7.AZ.244.243; 7.AZ.244.247;
7.AZ.247.157; 7.AZ.247.158; 7.AZ.247.196; 7.AZ.247.223; 7.AZ.247.240; 7.AZ.247.244;
7.AZ.247.243; 7.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.BF
7.BF.4.157; 7.BF.4.158; 7.BF.4.196; 7.BF.4.223; 7.BF.4.240; 7.BF.4.244; 7.BF.4.243;
7.BF.4.247; 7.BF.5.157; 7.BF.5.158; 7.BF.5.196; 7.BF.5.223; 7.BF.5.240; 7.BF.5.244;
7.BF.5.243; 7.BF.5.247; 7.BF.7.157; 7.BF.7.158; 7.BF.7.196; 7.BF.7.223; 7.BF.7.240;
7.BF.7.244; 7.BF.7.243; 7.BF.7.247; 7.BF.15.157; 7.BF.15.158; 7.BF.15.196; 7.BF.15.223;
7.BF.15.240; 7.BF.15.244; 7.BF.15.243; 7.BF.15.247; 7.BF.16.157; 7.BF.16.158;
7.BF.16.196; 7.BF.16.223; 7.BF.16.240; 7.BF.16.244; 7.BF.16.243; 7.BF.16.247;
7.BF.18.157; 7.BF.18.158; 7.BF.18.196; 7.BF.18.223; 7.BF.18.240; 7.BF.18.244;
7.BF.18.243; 7.BF.18.247; 7.BF.26.157; 7.BF.26.158; 7.BF.26.196; 7.BF.26.223;
7.BF.26.240; 7.BF.26.244; 7.BF.26.243; 7.BF.26.247; 7.BF.27.157; 7.BF.27.158;
7.BF.27.196; 7.BF.27.223; 7.BF.27.240; 7.BF.27.244; 7.BF.27.243; 7.BF.27.247;
7.BF.29.157; 7.BF.29.158; 7.BF.29.196; 7.BF.29.223; 7.BF.29.240; 7.BF.29.244;
7.BF.29.243; 7.BF.29.247; 7.BF.54.157; 7.BF.54.158; 7.BF.54.196; 7.BF.54.223;
7.BF.54.240; 7.BF.54.244; 7.BF.54.243; 7.BF.54.247; 7.BF.55.157; 7.BF.55.158;
7.BF.55.196; 7.BF.55.223; 7.BF.55.240; 7.BF.55.244; 7.BF.55.243; 7.BF.55.247;
7.BF.56.157; 7.BF.56.158; 7.BF.56.196; 7.BF.56.223; 7.BF.56.240; 7.BF.56.244;
7.BF.56.243; 7.BF.56.247; 7.BF.157.157; 7.BF.157.158; 7.BF.157.196; 7.BF.157.223;
7.BF.157.240; 7.BF.157.244; 7.BF.157.243; 7.BF.157.247; 7.BF.196.157; 7.BF.196.158;
7.BF.196.196; 7.BF.196.223; 7.BF.196.240; 7.BF.196.244; 7.BF.196.243; 7.BF.196.247;
7.BF.223.157; 7.BF.223.158; 7.BF.223.196; 7.BF.223.223; 7.BF.223.240; 7.BF.223.244;
7.BF.223.243; 7.BF.223.247; 7.BF.240.157; 7.BF.240.158; 7.BF.240.196; 7.BF.240.223;
7.BF.240.240; 7.BF.240.244; 7.BF.240.243; 7.BF.240.247; 7.BF.244.157; 7.BF.244.158;
7.BF.244.196; 7.BF.244.223; 7.BF.244.240; 7.BF.244.244; 7.BF.244.243; 7.BF.244.247;
7.BF.247.157; 7.BF.247.158; 7.BF.247.196; 7.BF.247.223; 7.BF.247.240; 7.BF.247.244;
7.BF.247.243; 7.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.CI
7.CI.4.157; 7.CI.4.158; 7.CI.4.196; 7.CI.4.223; 7.CI.4.240; 7.CI.4.244; 7.CI.4.243;
7.CI.4.247; 7.CI.5.157; 7.CI.5.158; 7.CI.5.196; 7.CI.5.223; 7.CI.5.240; 7.CI.5.244;
7.CI.5.243; 7.CI.5.247; 7.CI.7.157; 7.CI.7.158; 7.CI.7.196; 7.CI.7.223; 7.CI.7.240;
7.CI.7.244; 7.CI.7.243; 7.CI.7.247; 7.CI.15.157; 7.CI.15.158; 7.CI.15.196; 7.CI.15.223;
7.CI.15.240; 7.CI.15.244; 7.CI.15.243; 7.CI.15.247; 7.CI.16.157; 7.CI.16.158; 7.CI.16.196;
7.CI.16.223; 7.CI.16.240; 7.CI.16.244; 7.CI.16.243; 7.CI.16.247; 7.CI.18.157; 7.CI.18.158;
7.CI.18.196; 7.CI.18.223; 7.CI.18.240; 7.CI.18.244; 7.CI.18.243; 7.CI.18.247; 7.CI.26.157;
7.CI.26.158; 7.CI.26.196; 7.CI.26.223; 7.CI.26.240; 7.CI.26.244; 7.CI.26.243; 7.CI.26.247;
7.CI.27.157; 7.CI.27.158; 7.CI.27.196; 7.CI.27.223; 7.CI.27.240; 7.CI.27.244; 7.CI.27.243;
7.CI.27.247; 7.CI.29.157; 7.CI.29.158; 7.CI.29.196; 7.CI.29.223; 7.CI.29.240; 7.CI.29.244;
7.CI.29.243; 7.CI.29.247; 7.CI.54.157; 7.CI.54.158; 7.CI.54.196; 7.CI.54.223; 7.CI.54.240;
7.CI.54.244; 7.CI.54.243; 7.CI.54.247; 7.CI.55.157; 7.CI.55.158; 7.CI.55.196; 7.CI.55.223;
7.CI.55.240; 7.CI.55.244; 7.CI.55.243; 7.CI.55.247; 7.CI.56.157; 7.CI.56.158; 7.CI.56.196;
7.CI.56.223; 7.CI.56.240; 7.CI.56.244; 7.CI.56.243; 7.CI.56.247; 7.CI.157.157;
7.CI.157.158; 7.CI.157.196; 7.CI.157.223; 7.CI.157.240; 7.CI.157.244; 7.CI.157.243;
7.CI.157.247; 7.CI.196.157; 7.CI.196.158; 7.CI.196.196; 7.CI.196.223; 7.CI.196.240;
7.CI.196.244; 7.CI.196.243; 7.CI.196.247; 7.CI.223.157; 7.CI.223.158; 7.CI.223.196;
7.CI.223.223; 7.CI.223.240; 7.CI.223.244; 7.CI.223.243; 7.CI.223.247; 7.CI.240.157;
7.CI.240.158; 7.CI.240.196; 7.CI.240.223; 7.CI.240.240; 7.CI.240.244; 7.CI.240.243;
7.CI.240.247; 7.CI.244.157; 7.CI.244.158; 7.CI.244.196; 7.CI.244.223; 7.CI.244.240;
7.CI.244.244; 7.CI.244.243; 7.CI.244.247; 7.CI.247.157; 7.CI.247.158; 7.CI.247.196;
7.CI.247.223; 7.CI.247.240; 7.CI.247.244; 7.CI.247.243; 7.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 7.CO
7.CO.4.157; 7.CO.4.158; 7.CO.4.196; 7.CO.4.223; 7.CO.4.240; 7.CO.4.244; 7.CO.4.243;
7.CO.4.247; 7.CO.5.157; 7.CO.5.158; 7.CO.5.196; 7.CO.5.223; 7.CO.5.240; 7.CO.5.244;
7.CO.5.243; 7.CO.5.247; 7.CO.7.157; 7.CO.7.158; 7.CO.7.196; 7.CO.7.223; 7.CO.7.240;
7.CO.7.244; 7.CO.7.243; 7.CO.7.247; 7.CO.15.157; 7.CO.15.158; 7.CO.15.196;
7.CO.15.223; 7.CO.15.240; 7.CO.15.244; 7.CO.15.243; 7.CO.15.247; 7.CO.16.157;
7.CO.16.158; 7.CO.16.196; 7.CO.16.223; 7.CO.16.240; 7.CO.16.244; 7.CO.16.243;
7.CO.16.247; 7.CO.18.157; 7.CO.18.158; 7.CO.18.196; 7.CO.18.223; 7.CO.18.240;
7.CO.18.244; 7.CO.18.243; 7.CO.18.247; 7.CO.26.157; 7.CO.26.158; 7.CO.26.196;
7.CO.26.223; 7.CO.26.240; 7.CO.26.244; 7.CO.26.243; 7.CO.26.247; 7.CO.27.157;
7.CO.27.158; 7.CO.27.196; 7.CO.27.223; 7.CO.27.240; 7.CO.27.244; 7.CO.27.243;
7.CO.27.247; 7.CO.29.157; 7.CO.29.158; 7.CO.29.196; 7.CO.29.223; 7.CO.29.240;
7.CO.29.244; 7.CO.29.243; 7.CO.29.247; 7.CO.54.157; 7.CO.54.158; 7.CO.54.196;
7.CO.54.223; 7.CO.54.240; 7.CO.54.244; 7.CO.54.243; 7.CO.54.247; 7.CO.55.157;
7.CO.55.158; 7.CO.55.196; 7.CO.55.223; 7.CO.55.240; 7.CO.55.244; 7.CO.55.243;
7.CO.55.247; 7.CO.56.157; 7.CO.56.158; 7.CO.56.196; 7.CO.56.223; 7.CO.56.240;
7.CO.56.244; 7.CO.56.243; 7.CO.56.247; 7.CO.157.157; 7.CO.157.158; 7.CO.157.196;
7.CO.157.223; 7.CO.157.240; 7.CO.157.244; 7.CO.157.243; 7.CO.157.247; 7.CO.196.157;
7.CO.196.158; 7.CO.196.196; 7.CO.196.223; 7.CO.196.240; 7.CO.196.244; 7.CO.196.243;
7.CO.196.247; 7.CO.223.157; 7.CO.223.158; 7.CO.223.196; 7.CO.223.223; 7.CO.223.240;
7.CO.223.244; 7.CO.223.243; 7.CO.223.247; 7.CO.240.157; 7.CO.240.158; 7.CO.240.196;
7.CO.240.223; 7.CO.240.240; 7.CO.240.244; 7.CO.240.243; 7.CO.240.247; 7.CO.244.157;
7.CO.244.158; 7.CO.244.196; 7.CO.244.223; 7.CO.244.240; 7.CO.244.244; 7.CO.244.243;
7.CO.244.247; 7.CO.4.157; 7.CO.4.158; 7.CO.4.196; 7.CO.4.223; 7.CO.4.240; 7.CO.4.244;
7.CO.4.243; 7.CO.4.247;
Prodrugs of 8.AH
8.AH.4.157; 8.AH.4.158; 8.AH.4.196; 8.AH.4.223; 8.AH.4.240; 8.AH.4.244; 8.AH.4.243;
8.AH.4.247; 8.AH.5.157; 8.AH.5.158; 8.AH.5.196; 8.AH.5.223; 8.AH.5.240; 8.AH.5.244;
8.AH.5.243; 8.AH.5.247; 8.AH.7.157; 8.AH.7.158; 8.AH.7.196; 8.AH.7.223; 8.AH.7.240;
8.AH.7.244; 8.AH.7.243; 8.AH.7.247; 8.AH.15.157; 8.AH.15.158; 8.AH.15.196;
8.AH.15.223; 8.AH.15.240; 8.AH.15.244; 8.AH.15.243; 8.AH.15.247; 8.AH.16.157;
8.AH.16.158; 8.AH.16.196; 8.AH.16.223; 8.AH.16.240; 8.AH.16.244; 8.AH.16.243;
8.AH.16.247; 8.AH.18.157; 8.AH.18.158; 8.AH.18.196; 8.AH.18.223; 8.AH.18.240;
8.AH.18.244; 8.AH.18.243; 8.AH.18.247; 8.AH.26.157; 8.AH.26.158; 8.AH.26.196;
8.AH.26.223; 8.AH.26.240; 8.AH.26.244; 8.AH.26.243; 8.AH.26.247; 8.AH.27.157;
8.AH.27.158; 8.AH.27.196; 8.AH.27.223; 8.AH.27.240; 8.AH.27.244; 8.AH.27.243;
8.AH.27.247; 8.AH.29.157; 8.AH.29.158; 8.AH.29.196; 8.AH.29.223; 8.AH.29.240;
8.AH.29.244; 8.AH.29.243; 8.AH.29.247; 8.AH.54.157; 8.AH.54.158; 8.AH.54.196;
8.AH.54.223; 8.AH.54.240; 8.AH.54.244; 8.AH.54.243; 8.AH.54.247; 8.AH.55.157;
8.AH.55.158; 8.AH.55.196; 8.AH.55.223; 8.AH.55.240; 8.AH.55.244; 8.AH.55.243;
8.AH.55.247; 8.AH.56.157; 8.AH.56.158; 8.AH.56.196; 8.AH.56.223; 8.AH.56.240;
8.AH.56.244; 8.AH.56.243; 8.AH.56.247; 8.AH.157.157; 8.AH.157.158; 8.AH.157.196;
8.AH.157.223; 8.AH.157.240; 8.AH.157.244; 8.AH.157.243; 8.AH.157.247; 8.AH.196.157;
8.AH.196.158; 8.AH.196.196; 8.AH.196.223; 8.AH.196.240; 8.AH.196.244; 8.AH.196.243;
8.AH.196.247; 8.AH.223.157; 8.AH.223.158; 8.AH.223.196; 8.AH.223.223; 8.AH.223.240;
8.AH.223.244; 8.AH.223.243; 8.AH.223.247; 8.AH.240.157; 8.AH.240.158; 8.AH.240.196;
8.AH.240.223; 8.AH.240.240; 8.AH.240.244; 8.AH.240.243; 8.AH.240.247; 8.AH.244.157;
8.AH.244.158; 8.AH.244.196; 8.AH.244.223; 8.AH.244.240; 8.AH.244.244; 8.AH.244.243;
8.AH.244.247; 8.AH.247.157; 8.AH.247.158; 8.AH.247.196; 8.AH.247.223; 8.AH.247.240;
8.AH.247.244; 8.AH.247.243; 8.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.AJ
8.AJ.4.157; 8.AJ.4.158; 8.AJ.4.196; 8.AJ.4.223; 8.AJ.4.240; 8.AJ.4.244; 8.AJ.4.243;
8.AJ.4.247; 8.AJ.5.157; 8.AJ.5.158; 8.AJ.5.196; 8.AJ.5.223; 8.AJ.5.240; 8.AJ.5.244;
8.AJ.5.243; 8.AJ.5.247; 8.AJ.7.157; 8.AJ.7.158; 8.AJ.7.196; 8.AJ.7.223; 8.AJ.7.240;
8.AJ.7.244; 8.AJ.7.243; 8.AJ.7.247; 8.AJ.15.157; 8.AJ.15.158; 8.AJ.15.196; 8.AJ.15.223;
8.AJ.15.240; 8.AJ.15.244; 8.AJ.15.243; 8.AJ.15.247; 8.AJ.16.157; 8.AJ.16.158; 8.AJ.16.196;
8.AJ.16.223; 8.AJ.16.240; 8.AJ.16.244; 8.AJ.16.243; 8.AJ.16.247; 8.AJ.18.157; 8.AJ.18.158;
8.AJ.18.196; 8.AJ.18.223; 8.AJ.18.240; 8.AJ.18.244; 8.AJ.18.243; 8.AJ.18.247; 8.AJ.26.157;
8.AJ.26.158; 8.AJ.26.196; 8.AJ.26.223; 8.AJ.26.240; 8.AJ.26.244; 8.AJ.26.243; 8.AJ.26.247;
8.AJ.27.157; 8.AJ.27.158; 8.AJ.27.196; 8.AJ.27.223; 8.AJ.27.240; 8.AJ.27.244; 8.AJ.27.243;
8.AJ.27.247; 8.AJ.29.157; 8.AJ.29.158; 8.AJ.29.196; 8.AJ.29.223; 8.AJ.29.240; 8.AJ.29.244;
8.AJ.29.243; 8.AJ.29.247; 8.AJ.54.157; 8.AJ.54.158; 8.AJ.54.196; 8.AJ.54.223; 8.AJ.54.240;
8.AJ.54.244; 8.AJ.54.243; 8.AJ.54.247; 8.AJ.55.157; 8.AJ.55.158; 8.AJ.55.196; 8.AJ.55.223;
8.AJ.55.240; 8.AJ.55.244; 8.AJ.55.243; 8.AJ.55.247; 8.AJ.56.157; 8.AJ.56.158; 8.AJ.56.196;
8.AJ.56.223; 8.AJ.56.240; 8.AJ.56.244; 8.AJ.56.243; 8.AJ.56.247; 8.AJ.157.157;
8.AJ.157.158; 8.AJ.157.196; 8.AJ.157.223; 8.AJ.157.240; 8.AJ.157.244; 8.AJ.157.243;
8.AJ.157.247; 8.AJ.196.157; 8.AJ.196.158; 8.AJ.196.196; 8.AJ.196.223; 8.AJ.196.240;
8.AJ.196.244; 8.AJ.196.243; 8.AJ.196.247; 8.AJ.223.157; 8.AJ.223.158; 8.AJ.223.196;
8.AJ.223.223; 8.AJ.223.240; 8.AJ.223.244; 8.AJ.223.243; 8.AJ.223.247; 8.AJ.240.157;
8.AJ.240.158; 8.AJ.240.196; 8.AJ.240.223; 8.AJ.240.240; 8.AJ.240.244; 8.AJ.240.243;
8.AJ.240.247; 8.AJ.244.157; 8.AJ.244.158; 8.AJ.244.196; 8.AJ.244.223; 8.AJ.244.240;
8.AJ.244.244; 8.AJ.244.243; 8.AJ.244.247; 8.AJ.247.157; 8.AJ.247.158; 8.AJ.247.196;
8.AJ.247.223; 8.AJ.247.240; 8.AJ.247.244; 8.AJ.247.243; 8.AJ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.AN
8.AN.4.157; 8.AN.4.158; 8.AN.4.196; 8.AN.4.223; 8.AN.4.240; 8.AN.4.244; 8.AN.4.243;
8.AN.4.247; 8.AN.5.157; 8.AN.5.158; 8.AN.5.196; 8.AN.5.223; 8.AN.5.240; 8.AN.5.244;
8.AN.5.243; 8.AN.5.247; 8.AN.7.157; 8.AN.7.158; 8.AN.7.196; 8.AN.7.223; 8.AN.7.240;
8.AN.7.244; 8.AN.7.243; 8.AN.7.247; 8.AN.15.157; 8.AN.15.158; 8.AN.15.196;
8.AN.15.223; 8.AN.15.240; 8.AN.15.244; 8.AN.15.243; 8.AN.15.247; 8.AN.16.157;
8.AN.16.158; 8.AN.16.196; 8.AN.16.223; 8.AN.16.240; 8.AN.16.244; 8.AN.16.243;
8.AN.16.247; 8.AN.18.157; 8.AN.18.158; 8.AN.18.196; 8.AN.18.223; 8.AN.18.240;
8.AN.18.244; 8.AN.18.243; 8.AN.18.247; 8.AN.26.157; 8.AN.26.158; 8.AN.26.196;
8.AN.26.223; 8.AN.26.240; 8.AN.26.244; 8.AN.26.243; 8.AN.26.247; 8.AN.27.157;
8.AN.27.158; 8.AN.27.196; 8.AN.27.223; 8.AN.27.240; 8.AN.27.244; 8.AN.27.243;
8.AN.27.247; 8.AN.29.157; 8.AN.29.158; 8.AN.29.196; 8.AN.29.223; 8.AN.29.240;
8.AN.29.244; 8.AN.29.243; 8.AN.29.247; 8.AN.54.157; 8.AN.54.158; 8.AN.54.196;
8.AN.54.223; 8.AN.54.240; 8.AN.54.244; 8.AN.54.243; 8.AN.54.247; 8.AN.55.157;
8.AN.55.158; 8.AN.55.196; 8.AN.55.223; 8.AN.55.240; 8.AN.55.244; 8.AN.55.243;
8.AN.55.247; 8.AN.56.157; 8.AN.56.158; 8.AN.56.196; 8.AN.56.223; 8.AN.56.240;
8.AN.56.244; 8.AN.56.243; 8.AN.56.247; 8.AN.157.157; 8.AN.157.158; 8.AN.157.196;
8.AN.157.223; 8.AN.157.240; 8.AN.157.244; 8.AN.157.243; 8.AN.157.247; 8.AN.196.157;
8.AN.196.158; 8.AN.196.196; 8.AN.196.223; 8.AN.196.240; 8.AN.196.244; 8.AN.196.243;
8.AN.196.247; 8.AN.223.157; 8.AN.223.158; 8.AN.223.196; 8.AN.223.223; 8.AN.223.240;
8.AN.223.244; 8.AN.223.243; 8.AN.223.247; 8.AN.240.157; 8.AN.240.158; 8.AN.240.196;
8.AN.240.223; 8.AN.240.240; 8.AN.240.244; 8.AN.240.243; 8.AN.240.247; 8.AN.244.157;
8.AN.244.158; 8.AN.244.196; 8.AN.244.223; 8.AN.244.240; 8.AN.244.244; 8.AN.244.243;
8.AN.244.247; 8.AN.247.157; 8.AN.247.158; 8.AN.247.196; 8.AN.247.223; 8.AN.247.240;
8.AN.247.244; 8.AN.247.243; 8.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.AP
8.AP.4.157; 8.AP.4.158; 8.AP.4.196; 8.AP.4.223; 8.AP.4.240; 8.AP.4.244; 8.AP.4.243;
8.AP.4.247; 8.AP.5.157; 8.AP.5.158; 8.AP.5.196; 8.AP.5.223; 8.AP.5.240; 8.AP.5.244;
8.AP.5.243; 8.AP.5.247; 8.AP.7.157; 8.AP.7.158; 8.AP.7.196; 8.AP.7.223; 8.AP.7.240;
8.AP.7.244; 8.AP.7.243; 8.AP.7.247; 8.AP.15.157; 8.AP.15.158; 8.AP.15.196; 8.AP.15.223;
8.AP.15.240; 8.AP.15.244; 8.AP.15.243; 8.AP.15.247; 8.AP.16.157; 8.AP.16.158;
8.AP.16.196; 8.AP.16.223; 8.AP.16.240; 8.AP.16.244; 8.AP.16.243; 8.AP.16.247;
8.AP.18.157; 8.AP.18.158; 8.AP.18.196; 8.AP.18.223; 8.AP.18.240; 8.AP.18.244;
8.AP.18.243; 8.AP.18.247; 8.AP.26.157; 8.AP.26.158; 8.AP.26.196; 8.AP.26.223;
8.AP.26.240; 8.AP.26.244; 8.AP.26.243; 8.AP.26.247; 8.AP.27.157; 8.AP.27.158;
8.AP.27.196; 8.AP.27.223; 8.AP.27.240; 8.AP.27.244; 8.AP.27.243; 8.AP.27.247;
8.AP.29.157; 8.AP.29.158; 8.AP.29.196; 8.AP.29.223; 8.AP.29.240; 8.AP.29.244;
8.AP.29.243; 8.AP.29.247; 8.AP.54.157; 8.AP.54.158; 8.AP.54.196; 8.AP.54.223;
8.AP.54.240; 8.AP.54.244; 8.AP.54.243; 8.AP.54.247; 8.AP.55.157; 8.AP.55.158;
8.AP.55.196; 8.AP.55.223; 8.AP.55.240; 8.AP.55.244; 8.AP.55.243; 8.AP.55.247;
8.AP.56.157; 8.AP.56.158; 8.AP.56.196; 8.AP.56.223; 8.AP.56.240; 8.AP.56.244;
8.AP.56.243; 8.AP.56.247; 8.AP.157.157; 8.AP.157.158; 8.AP.157.196; 8.AP.157.223;
8.AP.157.240; 8.AP.157.244; 8.AP.157.243; 8.AP.157.247; 8.AP.196.157; 8.AP.196.158;
8.AP.196.196; 8.AP.196.223; 8.AP.196.240; 8.AP.196.244; 8.AP.196.243; 8.AP.196.247;
8.AP.223.157; 8.AP.223.158; 8.AP.223.196; 8.AP.223.223; 8.AP.223.240; 8.AP.223.244;
8.AP.223.243; 8.AP.223.247; 8.AP.240.157; 8.AP.240.158; 8.AP.240.196; 8.AP.240.223;
8.AP.240.240; 8.AP.240.244; 8.AP.240.243; 8.AP.240.247; 8.AP.244.157; 8.AP.244.158;
8.AP.244.196; 8.AP.244.223; 8.AP.244.240; 8.AP.244.244; 8.AP.244.243; 8.AP.244.247;
8.AP.247.157; 8.AP.247.158; 8.AP.247.196; 8.AP.247.223; 8.AP.247.240; 8.AP.247.244;
8.AP.247.243; 8.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.AZ
8.AZ.4.157; 8.AZ.4.158; 8.AZ.4.196; 8.AZ.4.223; 8.AZ.4.240; 8.AZ.4.244; 8.AZ.4.243;
8.AZ.4.247; 8.AZ.5.157; 8.AZ.5.158; 8.AZ.5.196; 8.AZ.5.223; 8.AZ.5.240; 8.AZ.5.244;
8.AZ.5.243; 8.AZ.5.247; 8.AZ.7.157; 8.AZ.7.158; 8.AZ.7.196; 8.AZ.7.223; 8.AZ.7.240;
8.AZ.7.244; 8.AZ.7.243; 8.AZ.7.247; 8.AZ.15.157; 8.AZ.15.158; 8.AZ.15.196; 8.AZ.15.223;
8.AZ.15.240; 8.AZ.15.244; 8.AZ.15.243; 8.AZ.15.247; 8.AZ.16.157; 8.AZ.16.158;
8.AZ.16.196; 8.AZ.16.223; 8.AZ.16.240; 8.AZ.16.244; 8.AZ.16.243; 8.AZ.16.247;
8.AZ.18.157; 8.AZ.18.158; 8.AZ.18.196; 8.AZ.18.223; 8.AZ.18.240; 8.AZ.18.244;
8.AZ.18.243; 8.AZ.18.247; 8.AZ.26.157; 8.AZ.26.158; 8.AZ.26.196; 8.AZ.26.223;
8.AZ.26.240; 8.AZ.26.244; 8.AZ.26.243; 8.AZ.26.247; 8.AZ.27.157; 8.AZ.27.158;
8.AZ.27.196; 8.AZ.27.223; 8.AZ.27.240; 8.AZ.27.244; 8.AZ.27.243; 8.AZ.27.247;
8.AZ.29.157; 8.AZ.29.158; 8.AZ.29.196; 8.AZ.29.223; 8.AZ.29.240; 8.AZ.29.244;
8.AZ.29.243; 8.AZ.29.247; 8.AZ.54.157; 8.AZ.54.158; 8.AZ.54.196; 8.AZ.54.223;
8.AZ.54.240; 8.AZ.54.244; 8.AZ.54.243; 8.AZ.54.247; 8.AZ.55.157; 8.AZ.55.158;
8.AZ.55.196; 8.AZ.55.223; 8.AZ.55.240; 8.AZ.55.244; 8.AZ.55.243; 8.AZ.55.247;
8.AZ.56.157; 8.AZ.56.158; 8.AZ.56.196; 8.AZ.56.223; 8.AZ.56.240; 8.AZ.56.244;
8.AZ.56.243; 8.AZ.56.247; 8.AZ.157.157; 8.AZ.157.158; 8.AZ.157.196; 8.AZ.157.223;
8.AZ.157.240; 8.AZ.157.244; 8.AZ.157.243; 8.AZ.157.247; 8.AZ.196.157; 8.AZ.196.158;
8.AZ.196.196; 8.AZ.196.223; 8.AZ.196.240; 8.AZ.196.244; 8.AZ.196.243; 8.AZ.196.247;
8.AZ.223.157; 8.AZ.223.158; 8.AZ.223.196; 8.AZ.223.223; 8.AZ.223.240; 8.AZ.223.244;
8.AZ.223.243; 8.AZ.223.247; 8.AZ.240.157; 8.AZ.240.158; 8.AZ.240.196; 8.AZ.240.223;
8.AZ.240.240; 8.AZ.240.244; 8.AZ.240.243; 8.AZ.240.247; 8.AZ.244.157; 8.AZ.244.158;
8.AZ.244.196; 8.AZ.244.223; 8.AZ.244.240; 8.AZ.244.244; 8.AZ.244.243; 8.AZ.244.247;
8.AZ.247.157; 8.AZ.247.158; 8.AZ.247.196; 8.AZ.247.223; 8.AZ.247.240; 8.AZ.247.244;
8.AZ.247.243; 8.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.BF
8.BF.4.157; 8.BF.4.158; 8.BF.4.196; 8.BF.4.223; 8.BF.4.240; 8.BF.4.244; 8.BF.4.243;
8.BF.4.247; 8.BF.5.157; 8.BF.5.158; 8.BF.5.196; 8.BF.5.223; 8.BF.5.240; 8.BF.5.244;
8.BF.5.243; 8.BF.5.247; 8.BF.7.157; 8.BF.7.158; 8.BF.7.196; 8.BF.7.223; 8.BF.7.240;
8.BF.7.244; 8.BF.7.243; 8.BF.7.247; 8.BF.15.157; 8.BF.15.158; 8.BF.15.196; 8.BF.15.223;
8.BF.15.240; 8.BF.15.244; 8.BF.15.243; 8.BF.15.247; 8.BF.16.157; 8.BF.16.158;
8.BF.16.196; 8.BF.16.223; 8.BF.16.240; 8.BF.16.244; 8.BF.16.243; 8.BF.16.247;
8.BF.18.157; 8.BF.18.158; 8.BF.18.196; 8.BF.18.223; 8.BF.18.240; 8.BF.18.244;
8.BF.18.243; 8.BF.18.247; 8.BF.26.157; 8.BF.26.158; 8.BF.26.196; 8.BF.26.223;
8.BF.26.240; 8.BF.26.244; 8.BF.26.243; 8.BF.26.247; 8.BF.27.157; 8.BF.27.158;
8.BF.27.196; 8.BF.27.223; 8.BF.27.240; 8.BF.27.244; 8.BF.27.243; 8.BF.27.247;
8.BF.29.157; 8.BF.29.158; 8.BF.29.196; 8.BF.29.223; 8.BF.29.240; 8.BF.29.244;
8.BF.29.243; 8.BF.29.247; 8.BF.54.157; 8.BF.54.158; 8.BF.54.196; 8.BF.54.223;
8.BF.54.240; 8.BF.54.244; 8.BF.54.243; 8.BF.54.247; 8.BF.55.157; 8.BF.55.158;
8.BF.55.196; 8.BF.55.223; 8.BF.55.240; 8.BF.55.244; 8.BF.55.243; 8.BF.55.247;
8.BF.56.157; 8.BF.56.158; 8.BF.56.196; 8.BF.56.223; 8.BF.56.240; 8.BF.56.244;
8.BF.56.243; 8.BF.56.247; 8.BF.157.157; 8.BF.157.158; 8.BF.157.196; 8.BF.157.223;
8.BF.157.240; 8.BF.157.244; 8.BF.157.243; 8.BF.157.247; 8.BF.196.157; 8.BF.196.158;
8.BF.196.196; 8.BF.196.223; 8.BF.196.240; 8.BF.196.244; 8.BF.196.243; 8.BF.196.247;
8.BF.223.157; 8.BF.223.158; 8.BF.223.196; 8.BF.223.223; 8.BF.223.240; 8.BF.223.244;
8.BF.223.243; 8.BF.223.247; 8.BF.240.157; 8.BF.240.158; 8.BF.240.196; 8.BF.240.223;
8.BF.240.240; 8.BF.240.244; 8.BF.240.243; 8.BF.240.247; 8.BF.244.157; 8.BF.244.158;
8.BF.244.196; 8.BF.244.223; 8.BF.244.240; 8.BF.244.244; 8.BF.244.243; 8.BF.244.247;
8.BF.247.157; 8.BF.247.158; 8.BF.247.196; 8.BF.247.223; 8.BF.247.240; 8.BF.247.244;
8.BF.247.243; 8.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.CI
8.CI.4.157; 8.CI.4.158; 8.CI.4.196; 8.CI.4.223; 8.CI.4.240; 8.CI.4.244; 8.CI.4.243;
8.CI.4.247; 8.CI.5.157; 8.CI.5.158; 8.CI.5.196; 8.CI.5.223; 8.CI.5.240; 8.CI.5.244;
8.CI.5.243; 8.CI.5.247; 8.CI.7.157; 8.CI.7.158; 8.CI.7.196; 8.CI.7.223; 8.CI.7.240;
8.CI.7.244; 8.CI.7.243; 8.CI.7.247; 8.CI.15.157; 8.CI.15.158; 8.CI.15.196; 8.CI.15.223;
8.CI.15.240; 8.CI.15.244; 8.CI.15.243; 8.CI.15.247; 8.CI.16.157; 8.CI.16.158; 8.CI.16.196;
8.CI.16.223; 8.CI.16.240; 8.CI.16.244; 8.CI.16.243; 8.CI.16.247; 8.CI.18.157; 8.CI.18.158;
8.CI.18.196; 8.CI.18.223; 8.CI.18.240; 8.CI.18.244; 8.CI.18.243; 8.CI.18.247; 8.CI.26.157;
8.CI.26.158; 8.CI.26.196; 8.CI.26.223; 8.CI.26.240; 8.CI.26.244; 8.CI.26.243; 8.CI.26.247;
8.CI.27.157; 8.CI.27.158; 8.CI.27.196; 8.CI.27.223; 8.CI.27.240; 8.CI.27.244; 8.CI.27.243;
8.CI.27.247; 8.CI.29.157; 8.CI.29.158; 8.CI.29.196; 8.CI.29.223; 8.CI.29.240; 8.CI.29.244;
8.CI.29.243; 8.CI.29.247; 8.CI.54.157; 8.CI.54.158; 8.CI.54.196; 8.CI.54.223; 8.CI.54.240;
8.CI.54.244; 8.CI.54.243; 8.CI.54.247; 8.CI.55.157; 8.CI.55.158; 8.CI.55.196; 8.CI.55.223;
8.CI.55.240; 8.CI.55.244; 8.CI.55.243; 8.CI.55.247; 8.CI.56.157; 8.CI.56.158; 8.CI.56.196;
8.CI.56.223; 8.CI.56.240; 8.CI.56.244; 8.CI.56.243; 8.CI.56.247; 8.CI.157.157;
8.CI.157.158; 8.CI.157.196; 8.CI.157.223; 8.CI.157.240; 8.CI.157.244; 8.CI.157.243;
8.CI.157.247; 8.CI.196.157; 8.CI.196.158; 8.CI.196.196; 8.CI.196.223; 8.CI.196.240;
8.CI.196.244; 8.CI.196.243; 8.CI.196.247; 8.CI.223.157; 8.CI.223.158; 8.CI.223.196;
8.CI.223.223; 8.CI.223.240; 8.CI.223.244; 8.CI.223.243; 8.CI.223.247; 8.CI.240.157;
8.CI.240.158; 8.CI.240.196; 8.CI.240.223; 8.CI.240.240; 8.CI.240.244; 8.CI.240.243;
8.CI.240.247; 8.CI.244.157; 8.CI.244.158; 8.CI.244.196; 8.CI.244.223; 8.CI.244.240;
8.CI.244.244; 8.CI.244.243; 8.CI.244.247; 8.CI.247.157; 8.CI.247.158; 8.CI.247.196;
8.CI.247.223; 8.CI.247.240; 8.CI.247.244; 8.CI.247.243; 8.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 8.CO
8.CO.4.157; 8.CO.4.158; 8.CO.4.196; 8.CO.4.223; 8.CO.4.240; 8.CO.4.244; 8.CO.4.243;
8.CO.4.247; 8.CO.5.157; 8.CO.5.158; 8.CO.5.196; 8.CO.5.223; 8.CO.5.240; 8.CO.5.244;
8.CO.5.243; 8.CO.5.247; 8.CO.7.157; 8.CO.7.158; 8.CO.7.196; 8.CO.7.223; 8.CO.7.240;
8.CO.7.244; 8.CO.7.243; 8.CO.7.247; 8.CO.15.157; 8.CO.15.158; 8.CO.15.196;
8.CO.15.223; 8.CO.15.240; 8.CO.15.244; 8.CO.15.243; 8.CO.15.247; 8.CO.16.157;
8.CO.16.158; 8.CO.16.196; 8.CO.16.223; 8.CO.16.240; 8.CO.16.244; 8.CO.16.243;
8.CO.16.247; 8.CO.18.157; 8.CO.18.158; 8.CO.18.196; 8.CO.18.223; 8.CO.18.240;
8.CO.18.244; 8.CO.18.243; 8.CO.18.247; 8.CO.26.157; 8.CO.26.158; 8.CO.26.196;
8.CO.26.223; 8.CO.26.240; 8.CO.26.244; 8.CO.26.243; 8.CO.26.247; 8.CO.27.157;
8.CO.27.158; 8.CO.27.196; 8.CO.27.223; 8.CO.27.240; 8.CO.27.244; 8.CO.27.243;
8.CO.27.247; 8.CO.29.157; 8.CO.29.158; 8.CO.29.196; 8.CO.29.223; 8.CO.29.240;
8.CO.29.244; 8.CO.29.243; 8.CO.29.247; 8.CO.54.157; 8.CO.54.158; 8.CO.54.196;
8.CO.54.223; 8.CO.54.240; 8.CO.54.244; 8.CO.54.243; 8.CO.54.247; 8.CO.55.157;
8.CO.55.158; 8.CO.55.196; 8.CO.55.223; 8.CO.55.240; 8.CO.55.244; 8.CO.55.243;
8.CO.55.247; 8.CO.56.157; 8.CO.56.158; 8.CO.56.196; 8.CO.56.223; 8.CO.56.240;
8.CO.56.244; 8.CO.56.243; 8.CO.56.247; 8.CO.157.157; 8.CO.157.158; 8.CO.157.196;
8.CO.157.223; 8.CO.157.240; 8.CO.157.244; 8.CO.157.243; 8.CO.157.247; 8.CO.196.157;
8.CO.196.158; 8.CO.196.196; 8.CO.196.223; 8.CO.196.240; 8.CO.196.244; 8.CO.196.243;
8.CO.196.247; 8.CO.223.157; 8.CO.223.158; 8.CO.223.196; 8.CO.223.223; 8.CO.223.240;
8.CO.223.244; 8.CO.223.243; 8.CO.223.247; 8.CO.240.157; 8.CO.240.158; 8.CO.240.196;
8.CO.240.223; 8.CO.240.240; 8.CO.240.244; 8.CO.240.243; 8.CO.240.247; 8.CO.244.157;
8.CO.244.158; 8.CO.244.196; 8.CO.244.223; 8.CO.244.240; 8.CO.244.244; 8.CO.244.243;
8.CO.244.247; 8.CO.247.157; 8.CO.247.158; 8.CO.247.196; 8.CO.247.223; 8.CO.247.240;
8.CO.247.244; 8.CO.247.243; 8.CO.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.AH
9.AH.4.157; 9.AH.4.158; 9.AH.4.196; 9.AH.4.223; 9.AH.4.240; 9.AH.4.244; 9.AH.4.243;
9.AH.4.247; 9.AH.5.157; 9.AH.5.158; 9.AH.5.196; 9.AH.5.223; 9.AH.5.240; 9.AH.5.244;
9.AH.5.243; 9.AH.5.247; 9.AH.7.157; 9.AH.7.158; 9.AH.7.196; 9.AH.7.223; 9.AH.7.240;
9.AH.7.244; 9.AH.7.243; 9.AH.7.247; 9.AH.15.157; 9.AH.15.158; 9.AH.15.196;
9.AH.15.223; 9.AH.15.240; 9.AH.15.244; 9.AH.15.243; 9.AH.15.247; 9.AH.16.157;
9.AH.16.158; 9.AH.16.196; 9.AH.16.223; 9.AH.16.240; 9.AH.16.244; 9.AH.16.243;
9.AH.16.247; 9.AH.18.157; 9.AH.18.158; 9.AH.18.196; 9.AH.18.223; 9.AH.18.240;
9.AH.18.244; 9.AH.18.243; 9.AH.18.247; 9.AH.26.157; 9.AH.26.158; 9.AH.26.196;
9.AH.26.223; 9.AH.26.240; 9.AH.26.244; 9.AH.26.243; 9.AH.26.247; 9.AH.27.157;
9.AH.27.158; 9.AH.27.196; 9.AH.27.223; 9.AH.27.240; 9.AH.27.244; 9.AH.27.243;
9.AH.27.247; 9.AH.29.157; 9.AH.29.158; 9.AH.29.196; 9.AH.29.223; 9.AH.29.240;
9.AH.29.244; 9.AH.29.243; 9.AH.29.247; 9.AH.54.157; 9.AH.54.158; 9.AH.54.196;
9.AH.54.223; 9.AH.54.240; 9.AH.54.244; 9.AH.54.243; 9.AH.54.247; 9.AH.55.157;
9.AH.55.158; 9.AH.55.196; 9.AH.55.223; 9.AH.55.240; 9.AH.55.244; 9.AH.55.243;
9.AH.55.247; 9.AH.56.157; 9.AH.56.158; 9.AH.56.196; 9.AH.56.223; 9.AH.56.240;
9.AH.56.244; 9.AH.56.243; 9.AH.56.247; 9.AH.157.157; 9.AH.157.158; 9.AH.157.196;
9.AH.157.223; 9.AH.157.240; 9.AH.157.244; 9.AH.157.243; 9.AH.157.247; 9.AH.196.157;
9.AH.196.158; 9.AH.196.196; 9.AH.196.223; 9.AH.196.240; 9.AH.196.244; 9.AH.196.243;
9.AH.196.247; 9.AH.223.157; 9.AH.223.158; 9.AH.223.196; 9.AH.223.223; 9.AH.223.240;
9.AH.223.244; 9.AH.223.243; 9.AH.223.247; 9.AH.240.157; 9.AH.240.158; 9.AH.240.196;
9.AH.240.223; 9.AH.240.240; 9.AH.240.244; 9.AH.240.243; 9.AH.240.247; 9.AH.244.157;
9.AH.244.158; 9.AH.244.196; 9.AH.244.223; 9.AH.244.240; 9.AH.244.244; 9.AH.244.243;
9.AH.244.247; 9.AH.247.157; 9.AH.247.158; 9.AH.247.196; 9.AH.247.223; 9.AH.247.240;
9.AH.247.244; 9.AH.247.243; 9.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.AJ
9.AJ.4.157; 9.AJ.4.158; 9.AJ.4.196; 9.AJ.4.223; 9.AJ.4.240; 9.AJ.4.244; 9.AJ.4.243;
9.AJ.4.247; 9.AJ.5.157; 9.AJ.5.158; 9.AJ.5.196; 9.AJ.5.223; 9.AJ.5.240; 9.AJ.5.244;
9.AJ.5.243; 9.AJ.5.247; 9.AJ.7.157; 9.AJ.7.158; 9.AJ.7.196; 9.AJ.7.223; 9.AJ.7.240;
9.AJ.7.244; 9.AJ.7.243; 9.AJ.7.247; 9.AJ.15.157; 9.AJ.15.158; 9.AJ.15.196; 9.AJ.15.223;
9.AJ.15.240; 9.AJ.15.244; 9.AJ.15.243; 9.AJ.15.247; 9.AJ.16.157; 9.AJ.16.158; 9.AJ.16.196;
9.AJ.16.223; 9.AJ.16.240; 9.AJ.16.244; 9.AJ.16.243; 9.AJ.16.247; 9.AJ.18.157; 9.AJ.18.158;
9.AJ.18.196; 9.AJ.18.223; 9.AJ.18.240; 9.AJ.18.244; 9.AJ.18.243; 9.AJ.18.247; 9.AJ.26.157;
9.AJ.26.158; 9.AJ.26.196; 9.AJ.26.223; 9.AJ.26.240; 9.AJ.26.244; 9.AJ.26.243; 9.AJ.26.247;
9.AJ.27.157; 9.AJ.27.158; 9.AJ.27.196; 9.AJ.27.223; 9.AJ.27.240; 9.AJ.27.244; 9.AJ.27.243;
9.AJ.27.247; 9.AJ.29.157; 9.AJ.29.158; 9.AJ.29.196; 9.AJ.29.223; 9.AJ.29.240; 9.AJ.29.244;
9.AJ.29.243; 9.AJ.29.247; 9.AJ.54.157; 9.AJ.54.158; 9.AJ.54.196; 9.AJ.54.223; 9.AJ.54.240;
9.AJ.54.244; 9.AJ.54.243; 9.AJ.54.247; 9.AJ.55.157; 9.AJ.55.158; 9.AJ.55.196; 9.AJ.55.223;
9.AJ.55.240; 9.AJ.55.244; 9.AJ.55.243; 9.AJ.55.247; 9.AJ.56.157; 9.AJ.56.158; 9.AJ.56.196;
9.AJ.56.223; 9.AJ.56.240; 9.AJ.56.244; 9.AJ.56.243; 9.AJ.56.247; 9.AJ.157.157;
9.AJ.157.158; 9.AJ.157.196; 9.AJ.157.223; 9.AJ.157.240; 9.AJ.157.244; 9.AJ.157.243;
9.AJ.157.247; 9.AJ.196.157; 9.AJ.196.158; 9.AJ.196.196; 9.AJ.196.223; 9.AJ.196.240;
9.AJ.196.244; 9.AJ.196.243; 9.AJ.196.247; 9.AJ.223.157; 9.AJ.223.158; 9.AJ.223.196;
9.AJ.223.223; 9.AJ.223.240; 9.AJ.223.244; 9.AJ.223.243; 9.AJ.223.247; 9.AJ.240.157;
9.AJ.240.158; 9.AJ.240.196; 9.AJ.240.223; 9.AJ.240.240; 9.AJ.240.244; 9.AJ.240.243;
9.AJ.240.247; 9.AJ.244.157; 9.AJ.244.158; 9.AJ.244.196; 9.AJ.244.223; 9.AJ.244.240;
9.AJ.244.244; 9.AJ.244.243; 9.AJ.244.247; 9.AJ.247.157; 9.AJ.247.158; 9.AJ.247.196;
9.AJ.247.223; 9.AJ.247.240; 9.AJ.247.244; 9.AJ.247.243; 9.AJ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.AN
9.AN.4.157; 9.AN.4.158; 9.AN.4.196; 9.AN.4.223; 9.AN.4.240; 9.AN.4.244; 9.AN.4.243;
9.AN.4.247; 9.AN.5.157; 9.AN.5.158; 9.AN.5.196; 9.AN.5.223; 9.AN.5.240; 9.AN.5.244;
9.AN.5.243; 9.AN.5.247; 9.AN.7.157; 9.AN.7.158; 9.AN.7.196; 9.AN.7.223; 9.AN.7.240;
9.AN.7.244; 9.AN.7.243; 9.AN.7.247; 9.AN.15.157; 9.AN.15.158; 9.AN.15.196;
9.AN.15.223; 9.AN.15.240; 9.AN.15.244; 9.AN.15.243; 9.AN.15.247; 9.AN.16.157;
9.AN.16.158; 9.AN.16.196; 9.AN.16.223; 9.AN.16.240; 9.AN.16.244; 9.AN.16.243;
9.AN.16.247; 9.AN.18.157; 9.AN.18.158; 9.AN.18.196; 9.AN.18.223; 9.AN.18.240;
9.AN.18.244; 9.AN.18.243; 9.AN.18.247; 9.AN.26.157; 9.AN.26.158; 9.AN.26.196;
9.AN.26.223; 9.AN.26.240; 9.AN.26.244; 9.AN.26.243; 9.AN.26.247; 9.AN.27.157;
9.AN.27.158; 9.AN.27.196; 9.AN.27.223; 9.AN.27.240; 9.AN.27.244; 9.AN.27.243;
9.AN.27.247; 9.AN.29.157; 9.AN.29.158; 9.AN.29.196; 9.AN.29.223; 9.AN.29.240;
9.AN.29.244; 9.AN.29.243; 9.AN.29.247; 9.AN.54.157; 9.AN.54.158; 9.AN.54.196;
9.AN.54.223; 9.AN.54.240; 9.AN.54.244; 9.AN.54.243; 9.AN.54.247; 9.AN.55.157;
9.AN.55.158; 9.AN.55.196; 9.AN.55.223; 9.AN.55.240; 9.AN.55.244; 9.AN.55.243;
9.AN.55.247; 9.AN.56.157; 9.AN.56.158; 9.AN.56.196; 9.AN.56.223; 9.AN.56.240;
9.AN.56.244; 9.AN.56.243; 9.AN.56.247; 9.AN.157.157; 9.AN.157.158; 9.AN.157.196;
9.AN.157.223; 9.AN.157.240; 9.AN.157.244; 9.AN.157.243; 9.AN.157.247; 9.AN.196.157;
9.AN.196.158; 9.AN.196.196; 9.AN.196.223; 9.AN.196.240; 9.AN.196.244; 9.AN.196.243;
9.AN.196.247; 9.AN.223.157; 9.AN.223.158; 9.AN.223.196; 9.AN.223.223; 9.AN.223.240;
9.AN.223.244; 9.AN.223.243; 9.AN.223.247; 9.AN.240.157; 9.AN.240.158; 9.AN.240.196;
9.AN.240.223; 9.AN.240.240; 9.AN.240.244; 9.AN.240.243; 9.AN.240.247; 9.AN.244.157;
9.AN.244.158; 9.AN.244.196; 9.AN.244.223; 9.AN.244.240; 9.AN.244.244; 9.AN.244.243;
9.AN.244.247; 9.AN.247.157; 9.AN.247.158; 9.AN.247.196; 9.AN.247.223; 9.AN.247.240;
9.AN.247.244; 9.AN.247.243; 9.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.AP
9.AP.4.157; 9.AP.4.158; 9.AP.4.196; 9.AP.4.223; 9.AP.4.240; 9.AP.4.244; 9.AP.4.243;
9.AP.4.247; 9.AP.5.157; 9.AP.5.158; 9.AP.5.196; 9.AP.5.223; 9.AP.5.240; 9.AP.5.244;
9.AP.5.243; 9.AP.5.247; 9.AP.7.157; 9.AP.7.158; 9.AP.7.196; 9.AP.7.223; 9.AP.7.240;
9.AP.7.244; 9.AP.7.243; 9.AP.7.247; 9.AP.15.157; 9.AP.15.158; 9.AP.15.196; 9.AP.15.223;
9.AP.15.240; 9.AP.15.244; 9.AP.15.243; 9.AP.15.247; 9.AP.16.157; 9.AP.16.158;
9.AP.16.196; 9.AP.16.223; 9.AP.16.240; 9.AP.16.244; 9.AP.16.243; 9.AP.16.247;
9.AP.18.157; 9.AP.18.158; 9.AP.18.196; 9.AP.18.223; 9.AP.18.240; 9.AP.18.244;
9.AP.18.243; 9.AP.18.247; 9.AP.26.157; 9.AP.26.158; 9.AP.26.196; 9.AP.26.223;
9.AP.26.240; 9.AP.26.244; 9.AP.26.243; 9.AP.26.247; 9.AP.27.157; 9.AP.27.158;
9.AP.27.196; 9.AP.27.223; 9.AP.27.240; 9.AP.27.244; 9.AP.27.243; 9.AP.27.247;
9.AP.29.157; 9.AP.29.158; 9.AP.29.196; 9.AP.29.223; 9.AP.29.240; 9.AP.29.244;
9.AP.29.243; 9.AP.29.247; 9.AP.54.157; 9.AP.54.158; 9.AP.54.196; 9.AP.54.223;
9.AP.54.240; 9.AP.54.244; 9.AP.54.243; 9.AP.54.247; 9.AP.55.157; 9.AP.55.158;
9.AP.55.196; 9.AP.55.223; 9.AP.55.240; 9.AP.55.244; 9.AP.55.243; 9.AP.55.247;
9.AP.56.157; 9.AP.56.158; 9.AP.56.196; 9.AP.56.223; 9.AP.56.240; 9.AP.56.244;
9.AP.56.243; 9.AP.56.247; 9.AP.157.157; 9.AP.157.158; 9.AP.157.196; 9.AP.157.223;
9.AP.157.240; 9.AP.157.244; 9.AP.157.243; 9.AP.157.247; 9.AP.196.157; 9.AP.196.158;
9.AP.196.196; 9.AP.196.223; 9.AP.196.240; 9.AP.196.244; 9.AP.196.243; 9.AP.196.247;
9.AP.223.157; 9.AP.223.158; 9.AP.223.196; 9.AP.223.223; 9.AP.223.240; 9.AP.223.244;
9.AP.223.243; 9.AP.223.247; 9.AP.240.157; 9.AP.240.158; 9.AP.240.196; 9.AP.240.223;
9.AP.240.240; 9.AP.240.244; 9.AP.240.243; 9.AP.240.247; 9.AP.244.157; 9.AP.244.158;
9.AP.244.196; 9.AP.244.223; 9.AP.244.240; 9.AP.244.244; 9.AP.244.243; 9.AP.244.247;
9.AP.247.157; 9.AP.247.158; 9.AP.247.196; 9.AP.247.223; 9.AP.247.240; 9.AP.247.244;
9.AP.247.243; 9.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.AZ
9.AZ.4.157; 9.AZ.4.158; 9.AZ.4.196; 9.AZ.4.223; 9.AZ.4.240; 9.AZ.4.244; 9.AZ.4.243;
9.AZ.4.247; 9.AZ.5.157; 9.AZ.5.158; 9.AZ.5.196; 9.AZ.5.223; 9.AZ.5.240; 9.AZ.5.244;
9.AZ.5.243; 9.AZ.5.247; 9.AZ.7.157; 9.AZ.7.158; 9.AZ.7.196; 9.AZ.7.223; 9.AZ.7.240;
9.AZ.7.244; 9.AZ.7.243; 9.AZ.7.247; 9.AZ.15.157; 9.AZ.15.158; 9.AZ.15.196; 9.AZ.15.223;
9.AZ.15.240; 9.AZ.15.244; 9.AZ.15.243; 9.AZ.15.247; 9.AZ.16.157; 9.AZ.16.158;
9.AZ.16.196; 9.AZ.16.223; 9.AZ.16.240; 9.AZ.16.244; 9.AZ.16.243; 9.AZ.16.247;
9.AZ.18.157; 9.AZ.18.158; 9.AZ.18.196; 9.AZ.18.223; 9.AZ.18.240; 9.AZ.18.244;
9.AZ.18.243; 9.AZ.18.247; 9.AZ.26.157; 9.AZ.26.158; 9.AZ.26.196; 9.AZ.26.223;
9.AZ.26.240; 9.AZ.26.244; 9.AZ.26.243; 9.AZ.26.247; 9.AZ.27.157; 9.AZ.27.158;
9.AZ.27.196; 9.AZ.27.223; 9.AZ.27.240; 9.AZ.27.244; 9.AZ.27.243; 9.AZ.27.247;
9.AZ.29.157; 9.AZ.29.158; 9.AZ.29.196; 9.AZ.29.223; 9.AZ.29.240; 9.AZ.29.244;
9.AZ.29.243; 9.AZ.29.247; 9.AZ.54.157; 9.AZ.54.158; 9.AZ.54.196; 9.AZ.54.223;
9.AZ.54.240; 9.AZ.54.244; 9.AZ.54.243; 9.AZ.54.247; 9.AZ.55.157; 9.AZ.55.158;
9.AZ.55.196; 9.AZ.55.223; 9.AZ.55.240; 9.AZ.55.244; 9.AZ.55.243; 9.AZ.55.247;
9.AZ.56.157; 9.AZ.56.158; 9.AZ.56.196; 9.AZ.56.223; 9.AZ.56.240; 9.AZ.56.244;
9.AZ.56.243; 9.AZ.56.247; 9.AZ.157.157; 9.AZ.157.158; 9.AZ.157.196; 9.AZ.157.223;
9.AZ.157.240; 9.AZ.157.244; 9.AZ.157.243; 9.AZ.157.247; 9.AZ.196.157; 9.AZ.196.158;
9.AZ.196.196; 9.AZ.196.223; 9.AZ.196.240; 9.AZ.196.244; 9.AZ.196.243; 9.AZ.196.247;
9.AZ.223.157; 9.AZ.223.158; 9.AZ.223.196; 9.AZ.223.223; 9.AZ.223.240; 9.AZ.223.244;
9.AZ.223.243; 9.AZ.223.247; 9.AZ.240.157; 9.AZ.240.158; 9.AZ.240.196; 9.AZ.240.223;
9.AZ.240.240; 9.AZ.240.244; 9.AZ.240.243; 9.AZ.240.247; 9.AZ.244.157; 9.AZ.244.158;
9.AZ.244.196; 9.AZ.244.223; 9.AZ.244.240; 9.AZ.244.244; 9.AZ.244.243; 9.AZ.244.247;
9.AZ.247.157; 9.AZ.247.158; 9.AZ.247.196; 9.AZ.247.223; 9.AZ.247.240; 9.AZ.247.244;
9.AZ.247.243; 9.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.BF
9.BF.4.157; 9.BF.4.158; 9.BF.4.196; 9.BF.4.223; 9.BF.4.240; 9.BF.4.244; 9.BF.4.243;
9.BF.4.247; 9.BF.5.157; 9.BF.5.158; 9.BF.5.196; 9.BF.5.223; 9.BF.5.240; 9.BF.5.244;
9.BF.5.243; 9.BF.5.247; 9.BF.7.157; 9.BF.7.158; 9.BF.7.196; 9.BF.7.223; 9.BF.7.240;
9.BF.7.244; 9.BF.7.243; 9.BF.7.247; 9.BF.15.157; 9.BF.15.158; 9.BF.15.196; 9.BF.15.223;
9.BF.15.240; 9.BF.15.244; 9.BF.15.243; 9.BF.15.247; 9.BF.16.157; 9.BF.16.158;
9.BF.16.196; 9.BF.16.223; 9.BF.16.240; 9.BF.16.244; 9.BF.16.243; 9.BF.16.247;
9.BF.18.157; 9.BF.18.158; 9.BF.18.196; 9.BF.18.223; 9.BF.18.240; 9.BF.18.244;
9.BF.18.243; 9.BF.18.247; 9.BF.26.157; 9.BF.26.158; 9.BF.26.196; 9.BF.26.223;
9.BF.26.240; 9.BF.26.244; 9.BF.26.243; 9.BF.26.247; 9.BF.27.157; 9.BF.27.158;
9.BF.27.196; 9.BF.27.223; 9.BF.27.240; 9.BF.27.244; 9.BF.27.243; 9.BF.27.247;
9.BF.29.157; 9.BF.29.158; 9.BF.29.196; 9.BF.29.223; 9.BF.29.240; 9.BF.29.244;
9.BF.29.243; 9.BF.29.247; 9.BF.54.157; 9.BF.54.158; 9.BF.54.196; 9.BF.54.223;
9.BF.54.240; 9.BF.54.244; 9.BF.54.243; 9.BF.54.247; 9.BF.55.157; 9.BF.55.158;
9.BF.55.196; 9.BF.55.223; 9.BF.55.240; 9.BF.55.244; 9.BF.55.243; 9.BF.55.247;
9.BF.56.157; 9.BF.56.158; 9.BF.56.196; 9.BF.56.223; 9.BF.56.240; 9.BF.56.244;
9.BF.56.243; 9.BF.56.247; 9.BF.157.157; 9.BF.157.158; 9.BF.157.196; 9.BF.157.223;
9.BF.157.240; 9.BF.157.244; 9.BF.157.243; 9.BF.157.247; 9.BF.196.157; 9.BF.196.158;
9.BF.196.196; 9.BF.196.223; 9.BF.196.240; 9.BF.196.244; 9.BF.196.243; 9.BF.196.247;
9.BF.223.157; 9.BF.223.158; 9.BF.223.196; 9.BF.223.223; 9.BF.223.240; 9.BF.223.244;
9.BF.223.243; 9.BF.223.247; 9.BF.240.157; 9.BF.240.158; 9.BF.240.196; 9.BF.240.223;
9.BF.240.240; 9.BF.240.244; 9.BF.240.243; 9.BF.240.247; 9.BF.244.157; 9.BF.244.158;
9.BF.244.196; 9.BF.244.223; 9.BF.244.240; 9.BF.244.244; 9.BF.244.243; 9.BF.244.247;
9.BF.247.157; 9.BF.247.158; 9.BF.247.196; 9.BF.247.223; 9.BF.247.240; 9.BF.247.244;
9.BF.247.243; 9.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.CI
9.CI.4.157; 9.CI.4.158; 9.CI.4.196; 9.CI.4.223; 9.CI.4.240; 9.CI.4.244; 9.CI.4.243;
9.CI.4.247; 9.CI.5.157; 9.CI.5.158; 9.CI.5.196; 9.CI.5.223; 9.CI.5.240; 9.CI.5.244;
9.CI.5.243; 9.CI.5.247; 9.CI.7.157; 9.CI.7.158; 9.CI.7.196; 9.CI.7.223; 9.CI.7.240;
9.CI.7.244; 9.CI.7.243; 9.CI.7.247; 9.CI.15.157; 9.CI.15.158; 9.CI.15.196; 9.CI.15.223;
9.CI.15.240; 9.CI.15.244; 9.CI.15.243; 9.CI.15.247; 9.CI.16.157; 9.CI.16.158; 9.CI.16.196;
9.CI.16.223; 9.CI.16.240; 9.CI.16.244; 9.CI.16.243; 9.CI.16.247; 9.CI.18.157; 9.CI.18.158;
9.CI.18.196; 9.CI.18.223; 9.CI.18.240; 9.CI.18.244; 9.CI.18.243; 9.CI.18.247; 9.CI.26.157;
9.CI.26.158; 9.CI.26.196; 9.CI.26.223; 9.CI.26.240; 9.CI.26.244; 9.CI.26.243; 9.CI.26.247;
9.CI.27.157; 9.CI.27.158; 9.CI.27.196; 9.CI.27.223; 9.CI.27.240; 9.CI.27.244; 9.CI.27.243;
9.CI.27.247; 9.CI.29.157; 9.CI.29.158; 9.CI.29.196; 9.CI.29.223; 9.CI.29.240; 9.CI.29.244;
9.CI.29.243; 9.CI.29.247; 9.CI.54.157; 9.CI.54.158; 9.CI.54.196; 9.CI.54.223; 9.CI.54.240;
9.CI.54.244; 9.CI.54.243; 9.CI.54.247; 9.CI.55.157; 9.CI.55.158; 9.CI.55.196; 9.CI.55.223;
9.CI.55.240; 9.CI.55.244; 9.CI.55.243; 9.CI.55.247; 9.CI.56.157; 9.CI.56.158; 9.CI.56.196;
9.CI.56.223; 9.CI.56.240; 9.CI.56.244; 9.CI.56.243; 9.CI.56.247; 9.CI.157.157;
9.CI.157.158; 9.CI.157.196; 9.CI.157.223; 9.CI.157.240; 9.CI.157.244; 9.CI.157.243;
9.CI.157.247; 9.CI.196.157; 9.CI.196.158; 9.CI.196.196; 9.CI.196.223; 9.CI.196.240;
9.CI.196.244; 9.CI.196.243; 9.CI.196.247; 9.CI.223.157; 9.CI.223.158; 9.CI.223.196;
9.CI.223.223; 9.CI.223.240; 9.CI.223.244; 9.CI.223.243; 9.CI.223.247; 9.CI.240.157;
9.CI.240.158; 9.CI.240.196; 9.CI.240.223; 9.CI.240.240; 9.CI.240.244; 9.CI.240.243;
9.CI.240.247; 9.CI.244.157; 9.CI.244.158; 9.CI.244.196; 9.CI.244.223; 9.CI.244.240;
9.CI.244.244; 9.CI.244.243; 9.CI.244.247; 9.CI.247.157; 9.CI.247.158; 9.CI.247.196;
9.CI.247.223; 9.CI.247.240; 9.CI.247.244; 9.CI.247.243; 9.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 9.CO
9.CO.4.157; 9.CO.4.158; 9.CO.4.196; 9.CO.4.223; 9.CO.4.240; 9.CO.4.244; 9.CO.4.243;
9.CO.4.247; 9.CO.5.157; 9.CO.5.158; 9.CO.5.196; 9.CO.5.223; 9.CO.5.240; 9.CO.5.244;
9.CO.5.243; 9.CO.5.247; 9.CO.7.157; 9.CO.7.158; 9.CO.7.196; 9.CO.7.223; 9.CO.7.240;
9.CO.7.244; 9.CO.7.243; 9.CO.7.247; 9.CO.15.157; 9.CO.15.158; 9.CO.15.196;
9.CO.15.223; 9.CO.15.240; 9.CO.15.244; 9.CO.15.243; 9.CO.15.247; 9.CO.16.157;
9.CO.16.158; 9.CO.16.196; 9.CO.16.223; 9.CO.16.240; 9.CO.16.244; 9.CO.16.243;
9.CO.16.247; 9.CO.18.157; 9.CO.18.158; 9.CO.18.196; 9.CO.18.223; 9.CO.18.240;
9.CO.18.244; 9.CO.18.243; 9.CO.18.247; 9.CO.26.157; 9.CO.26.158; 9.CO.26.196;
9.CO.26.223; 9.CO.26.240; 9.CO.26.244; 9.CO.26.243; 9.CO.26.247; 9.CO.27.157;
9.CO.27.158; 9.CO.27.196; 9.CO.27.223; 9.CO.27.240; 9.CO.27.244; 9.CO.27.243;
9.CO.27.247; 9.CO.29.157; 9.CO.29.158; 9.CO.29.196; 9.CO.29.223; 9.CO.29.240;
9.CO.29.244; 9.CO.29.243; 9.CO.29.247; 9.CO.54.157; 9.CO.54.158; 9.CO.54.196;
9.CO.54.223; 9.CO.54.240; 9.CO.54.244; 9.CO.54.243; 9.CO.54.247; 9.CO.55.157;
9.CO.55.158; 9.CO.55.196; 9.CO.55.223; 9.CO.55.240; 9.CO.55.244; 9.CO.55.243;
9.CO.55.247; 9.CO.56.157; 9.CO.56.158; 9.CO.56.196; 9.CO.56.223; 9.CO.56.240;
9.CO.56.244; 9.CO.56.243; 9.CO.56.247; 9.CO.157.157; 9.CO.157.158; 9.CO.157.196;
9.CO.157.223; 9.CO.157.240; 9.CO.157.244; 9.CO.157.243; 9.CO.157.247; 9.CO.196.157;
9.CO.196.158; 9.CO.196.196; 9.CO.196.223; 9.CO.196.240; 9.CO.196.244; 9.CO.196.243;
9.CO.196.247; 9.CO.223.157; 9.CO.223.158; 9.CO.223.196; 9.CO.223.223; 9.CO.223.240;
9.CO.223.244; 9.CO.223.243; 9.CO.223.247; 9.CO.240.157; 9.CO.240.158; 9.CO.240.196;
9.CO.240.223; 9.CO.240.240; 9.CO.240.244; 9.CO.240.243; 9.CO.240.247; 9.CO.244.157;
9.CO.244.158; 9.CO.244.196; 9.CO.244.223; 9.CO.244.240; 9.CO.244.244; 9.CO.244.243;
9.CO.244.247; 9.CO.247.157; 9.CO.247.158; 9.CO.247.196; 9.CO.247.223; 9.CO.247.240;
9.CO.247.244; 9.CO.247.243; 9.CO.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.AH
10.AH.4.157; 10.AH.4.158; 10.AH.4.196; 10.AH.4.223; 10.AH.4.240; 10.AH.4.244;
10.AH.4.243; 10.AH.4.247; 10.AH.5.157; 10.AH.5.158; 10.AH.5.196; 10.AH.5.223;
10.AH.5.240; 10.AH.5.244; 10.AH.5.243; 10.AH.5.247; 10.AH.7.157; 10.AH.7.158;
10.AH.7.196; 10.AH.7.223; 10.AH.7.240; 10.AH.7.244; 10.AH.7.243; 10.AH.7.247;
10.AH.15.157; 10.AH.15.158; 10.AH.15.196; 10.AH.15.223; 10.AH.15.240; 10.AH.15.244;
10.AH.15.243; 10.AH.15.247; 10.AH.16.157; 10.AH.16.158; 10.AH.16.196; 10.AH.16.223;
10.AH.16.240; 10.AH.16.244; 10.AH.16.243; 10.AH.16.247; 10.AH.18.157; 10.AH.18.158;
10.AH.18.196; 10.AH.18.223; 10.AH.18.240; 10.AH.18.244; 10.AH.18.243; 10.AH.18.247;
10.AH.26.157; 10.AH.26.158; 10.AH.26.196; 10.AH.26.223; 10.AH.26.240; 10.AH.26.244;
10.AH.26.243; 10.AH.26.247; 10.AH.27.157; 10.AH.27.158; 10.AH.27.196; 10.AH.27.223;
10.AH.27.240; 10.AH.27.244; 10.AH.27.243; 10.AH.27.247; 10.AH.29.157; 10.AH.29.158;
10.AH.29.196; 10.AH.29.223; 10.AH.29.240; 10.AH.29.244; 10.AH.29.243; 10.AH.29.247;
10.AH.54.157; 10.AH.54.158; 10.AH.54.196; 10.AH.54.223; 10.AH.54.240; 10.AH.54.244;
10.AH.54.243; 10.AH.54.247; 10.AH.55.157; 10.AH.55.158; 10.AH.55.196; 10.AH.55.223;
10.AH.55.240; 10.AH.55.244; 10.AH.55.243; 10.AH.55.247; 10.AH.56.157; 10.AH.56.158;
10.AH.56.196; 10.AH.56.223; 10.AH.56.240; 10.AH.56.244; 10.AH.56.243; 10.AH.56.247;
10.AH.157.157; 10.AH.157.158; 10.AH.157.196; 10.AH.157.223; 10.AH.157.240;
10.AH.157.244; 10.AH.157.243; 10.AH.157.247; 10.AH.196.157; 10.AH.196.158;
10.AH.196.196; 10.AH.196.223; 10.AH.196.240; 10.AH.196.244; 10.AH.196.243;
10.AH.196.247; 10.AH.223.157; 10.AH.223.158; 10.AH.223.196; 10.AH.223.223;
10.AH.223.240; 10.AH.223.244; 10.AH.223.243; 10.AH.223.247; 10.AH.240.157;
10.AH.240.158; 10.AH.240.196; 10.AH.240.223; 10.AH.240.240; 10.AH.240.244;
10.AH.240.243; 10.AH.240.247; 10.AH.244.157; 10.AH.244.158; 10.AH.244.196;
10.AH.244.223; 10.AH.244.240; 10.AH.244.244; 10.AH.244.243; 10.AH.244.247;
10.AH.247.157; 10.AH.247.158; 10.AH.247.196; 10.AH.247.223; 10.AH.247.240;
10.AH.247.244; 10.AH.247.243; 10.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.AJ
10.AJ.4.157; 10.AJ.4.158; 10.AJ.4.196; 10.AJ.4.223; 10.AJ.4.240; 10.AJ.4.244;
10.AJ.4.243; 10.AJ.4.247; 10.AJ.5.157; 10.AJ.5.158; 10.AJ.5.196; 10.AJ.5.223; 10.AJ.5.240;
10.AJ.5.244; 10.AJ.5.243; 10.AJ.5.247; 10.AJ.7.157; 10.AJ.7.158; 10.AJ.7.196; 10.AJ.7.223;
10.AJ.7.240; 10.AJ.7.244; 10.AJ.7.243; 10.AJ.7.247; 10.AJ.15.157; 10.AJ.15.158;
10.AJ.15.196; 10.AJ.15.223; 10.AJ.15.240; 10.AJ.15.244; 10.AJ.15.243; 10.AJ.15.247;
10.AJ.16.157; 10.AJ.16.158; 10.AJ.16.196; 10.AJ.16.223; 10.AJ.16.240; 10.AJ.16.244;
10.AJ.16.243; 10.AJ.16.247; 10.AJ.18.157; 10.AJ.18.158; 10.AJ.18.196; 10.AJ.18.223;
10.AJ.18.240; 10.AJ.18.244; 10.AJ.18.243; 10.AJ.18.247; 10.AJ.26.157; 10.AJ.26.158;
10.AJ.26.196; 10.AJ.26.223; 10.AJ.26.240; 10.AJ.26.244; 10.AJ.26.243; 10.AJ.26.247;
10.AJ.27.157; 10.AJ.27.158; 10.AJ.27.196; 10.AJ.27.223; 10.AJ.27.240; 10.AJ.27.244;
10.AJ.27.243; 10.AJ.27.247; 10.AJ.29.157; 10.AJ.29.158; 10.AJ.29.196; 10.AJ.29.223;
10.AJ.29.240; 10.AJ.29.244; 10.AJ.29.243; 10.AJ.29.247; 10.AJ.54.157; 10.AJ.54.158;
10.AJ.54.196; 10.AJ.54.223; 10.AJ.54.240; 10.AJ.54.244; 10.AJ.54.243; 10.AJ.54.247;
10.AJ.55.157; 10.AJ.55.158; 10.AJ.55.196; 10.AJ.55.223; 10.AJ.55.240; 10.AJ.55.244;
10.AJ.55.243; 10.AJ.55.247; 10.AJ.56.157; 10.AJ.56.158; 10.AJ.56.196; 10.AJ.56.223;
10.AJ.56.240; 10.AJ.56.244; 10.AJ.56.243; 10.AJ.56.247; 10.AJ.157.157; 10.AJ.157.158;
10.AJ.157.196; 10.AJ.157.223; 10.AJ.157.240; 10.AJ.157.244; 10.AJ.157.243;
10.AJ.157.247; 10.AJ.196.157; 10.AJ.196.158; 10.AJ.196.196; 10.AJ.196.223;
10.AJ.196.240; 10.AJ.196.244; 10.AJ.196.243; 10.AJ.196.247; 10.AJ.223.157;
10.AJ.223.158; 10.AJ.223.196; 10.AJ.223.223; 10.AJ.223.240; 10.AJ.223.244;
10.AJ.223.243; 10.AJ.223.247; 10.AJ.240.157; 10.AJ.240.158; 10.AJ.240.196;
10.AJ.240.223; 10.AJ.240.240; 10.AJ.240.244; 10.AJ.240.243; 10.AJ.240.247;
10.AJ.244.157; 10.AJ.244.158; 10.AJ.244.196; 10.AJ.244.223; 10.AJ.244.240;
10.AJ.244.244; 10.AJ.244.243; 10.AJ.244.247; 10.AJ.247.157; 10.AJ.247.158;
10.AJ.247.196; 10.AJ.247.223; 10.AJ.247.240; 10.AJ.247.244; 10.AJ.247.243;
Prodrugs of 10.AN
10.AN.4.157; 10.AN.4.158; 10.AN.4.196; 10.AN.4.223; 10.AN.4.240; 10.AN.4.244;
10.AN.4.243; 10.AN.4.247; 10.AN.5.157; 10.AN.5.158; 10.AN.5.196; 10.AN.5.223;
10.AN.5.240; 10.AN.5.244; 10.AN.5.243; 10.AN.5.247; 10.AN.7.157; 10.AN.7.158;
10.AN.7.196; 10.AN.7.223; 10.AN.7.240; 10.AN.7.244; 10.AN.7.243; 10.AN.7.247;
10.AN.15.157; 10.AN.15.158; 10.AN.15.196; 10.AN.15.223; 10.AN.15.240; 10.AN.15.244;
10.AN.15.243; 10.AN.15.247; 10.AN.16.157; 10.AN.16.158; 10.AN.16.196; 10.AN.16.223;
10.AN.16.240; 10.AN.16.244; 10.AN.16.243; 10.AN.16.247; 10.AN.18.157; 10.AN.18.158;
10.AN.18.196; 10.AN.18.223; 10.AN.18.240; 10.AN.18.244; 10.AN.18.243; 10.AN.18.247;
10.AN.26.157; 10.AN.26.158; 10.AN.26.196; 10.AN.26.223; 10.AN.26.240; 10.AN.26.244;
10.AN.26.243; 10.AN.26.247; 10.AN.27.157; 10.AN.27.158; 10.AN.27.196; 10.AN.27.223;
10.AN.27.240; 10.AN.27.244; 10.AN.27.243; 10.AN.27.247; 10.AN.29.157; 10.AN.29.158;
10.AN.29.196; 10.AN.29.223; 10.AN.29.240; 10.AN.29.244; 10.AN.29.243; 10.AN.29.247;
10.AN.54.157; 10.AN.54.158; 10.AN.54.196; 10.AN.54.223; 10.AN.54.240; 10.AN.54.244;
10.AN.54.243; 10.AN.54.247; 10.AN.55.157; 10.AN.55.158; 10.AN.55.196; 10.AN.55.223;
10.AN.55.240; 10.AN.55.244; 10.AN.55.243; 10.AN.55.247; 10.AN.56.157; 10.AN.56.158;
10.AN.56.196; 10.AN.56.223; 10.AN.56.240; 10.AN.56.244; 10.AN.56.243; 10.AN.56.247;
10.AN.157.157; 10.AN.157.158; 10.AN.157.196; 10.AN.157.223; 10.AN.157.240;
10.AN.157.244; 10.AN.157.243; 10.AN.157.247; 10.AN.196.157; 10.AN.196.158;
10.AN.196.196; 10.AN.196.223; 10.AN.196.240; 10.AN.196.244; 10.AN.196.243;
10.AN.196.247; 10.AN.223.157; 10.AN.223.158; 10.AN.223.196; 10.AN.223.223;
10.AN.223.240; 10.AN.223.244; 10.AN.223.243; 10.AN.223.247; 10.AN.240.157;
10.AN.240.158; 10.AN.240.196; 10.AN.240.223; 10.AN.240.240; 10.AN.240.244;
10.AN.240.243; 10.AN.240.247; 10.AN.244.157; 10.AN.244.158; 10.AN.244.196;
10.AN.244.223; 10.AN.244.240; 10.AN.244.244; 10.AN.244.243; 10.AN.244.247;
10.AN.247.157; 10.AN.247.158; 10.AN.247.196; 10.AN.247.223; 10.AN.247.240;
10.AN.247.244; 10.AN.247.243; 10.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.AP
10.AP.4.157; 10.AP.4.158; 10.AP.4.196; 10.AP.4.223; 10.AP.4.240; 10.AP.4.244;
10.AP.4.243; 10.AP.4.247; 10.AP.5.157; 10.AP.5.158; 10.AP.5.196; 10.AP.5.223;
10.AP.5.240; 10.AP.5.244; 10.AP.5.243; 10.AP.5.247; 10.AP.7.157; 10.AP.7.158;
10.AP.7.196; 10.AP.7.223; 10.AP.7.240; 10.AP.7.244; 10.AP.7.243; 10.AP.7.247;
10.AP.15.157; 10.AP.15.158; 10.AP.15.196; 10.AP.15.223; 10.AP.15.240; 10.AP.15.244;
10.AP.15.243; 10.AP.15.247; 10.AP.16.157; 10.AP.16.158; 10.AP.16.196; 10.AP.16.223;
10.AP.16.240; 10.AP.16.244; 10.AP.16.243; 10.AP.16.247; 10.AP.18.157; 10.AP.18.158;
10.AP.18.196; 10.AP.18.223; 10.AP.18.240; 10.AP.18.244; 10.AP.18.243; 10.AP.18.247;
10.AP.26.157; 10.AP.26.158; 10.AP.26.196; 10.AP.26.223; 10.AP.26.240; 10.AP.26.244;
10.AP.26.243; 10.AP.26.247; 10.AP.27.157; 10.AP.27.158; 10.AP.27.196; 10.AP.27.223;
10.AP.27.240; 10.AP.27.244; 10.AP.27.243; 10.AP.27.247; 10.AP.29.157; 10.AP.29.158;
10.AP.29.196; 10.AP.29.223; 10.AP.29.240; 10.AP.29.244; 10.AP.29.243; 10.AP.29.247;
10.AP.54.157; 10.AP.54.158; 10.AP.54.196; 10.AP.54.223; 10.AP.54.240; 10.AP.54.244;
10.AP.54.243; 10.AP.54.247; 10.AP.55.157; 10.AP.55.158; 10.AP.55.196; 10.AP.55.223;
10.AP.55.240; 10.AP.55.244; 10.AP.55.243; 10.AP.55.247; 10.AP.56.157; 10.AP.56.158;
10.AP.56.196; 10.AP.56.223; 10.AP.56.240; 10.AP.56.244; 10.AP.56.243; 10.AP.56.247;
10.AP.157.157; 10.AP.157.158; 10.AP.157.196; 10.AP.157.223; 10.AP.157.240;
10.AP.157.244; 10.AP.157.243; 10.AP.157.247; 10.AP.196.157; 10.AP.196.158;
10.AP.196.196; 10.AP.196.223; 10.AP.196.240; 10.AP.196.244; 10.AP.196.243;
10.AP.196.247; 10.AP.223.157; 10.AP.223.158; 10.AP.223.196; 10.AP.223.223;
10.AP.223.240; 10.AP.223.244; 10.AP.223.243; 10.AP.223.247; 10.AP.240.157;
10.AP.240.158; 10.AP.240.196; 10.AP.240.223; 10.AP.240.240; 10.AP.240.244;
10.AP.240.243; 10.AP.240.247; 10.AP.244.157; 10.AP.244.158; 10.AP.244.196;
10.AP.244.223; 10.AP.244.240; 10.AP.244.244; 10.AP.244.243; 10.AP.244.247;
10.AP.247.157; 10.AP.247.158; 10.AP.247.196; 10.AP.247.223; 10.AP.247.240;
10.AP.247.244; 10.AP.247.243; 10.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.AZ
10.AZ.4.157; 10.AZ.4.158; 10.AZ.4.196; 10.AZ.4.223; 10.AZ.4.240; 10.AZ.4.244;
10.AZ.4.243; 10.AZ.4.247; 10.AZ.5.157; 10.AZ.5.158; 10.AZ.5.196; 10.AZ.5.223;
10.AZ.5.240; 10.AZ.5.244; 10.AZ.5.243; 10.AZ.5.247; 10.AZ.7.157; 10.AZ.7.158;
10.AZ.7.196; 10.AZ.7.223; 10.AZ.7.240; 10.AZ.7.244; 10.AZ.7.243; 10.AZ.7.247;
10.AZ.15.157; 10.AZ.15.158; 10.AZ.15.196; 10.AZ.15.223; 10.AZ.15.240; 10.AZ.15.244;
10.AZ.15.243; 10.AZ.15.247; 10.AZ.16.157; 10.AZ.16.158; 10.AZ.16.196; 10.AZ.16.223;
10.AZ.16.240; 10.AZ.16.244; 10.AZ.16.243; 10.AZ.16.247; 10.AZ.18.157; 10.AZ.18.158;
10.AZ.18.196; 10.AZ.18.223; 10.AZ.18.240; 10.AZ.18.244; 10.AZ.18.243; 10.AZ.18.247;
10.AZ.26.157; 10.AZ.26.158; 10.AZ.26.196; 10.AZ.26.223; 10.AZ.26.240; 10.AZ.26.244;
10.AZ.26.243; 10.AZ.26.247; 10.AZ.27.157; 10.AZ.27.158; 10.AZ.27.196; 10.AZ.27.223;
10.AZ.27.240; 10.AZ.27.244; 10.AZ.27.243; 10.AZ.27.247; 10.AZ.29.157; 10.AZ.29.158;
10.AZ.29.196; 10.AZ.29.223; 10.AZ.29.240; 10.AZ.29.244; 10.AZ.29.243; 10.AZ.29.247;
10.AZ.54.157; 10.AZ.54.158; 10.AZ.54.196; 10.AZ.54.223; 10.AZ.54.240; 10.AZ.54.244;
10.AZ.54.243; 10.AZ.54.247; 10.AZ.55.157; 10.AZ.55.158; 10.AZ.55.196; 10.AZ.55.223;
10.AZ.55.240; 10.AZ.55.244; 10.AZ.55.243; 10.AZ.55.247; 10.AZ.56.157; 10.AZ.56.158;
10.AZ.56.196; 10.AZ.56.223; 10.AZ.56.240; 10.AZ.56.244; 10.AZ.56.243; 10.AZ.56.247;
10.AZ.157.157; 10.AZ.157.158; 10.AZ.157.196; 10.AZ.157.223; 10.AZ.157.240;
10.AZ.157.244; 10.AZ.157.243; 10.AZ.157.247; 10.AZ.196.157; 10.AZ.196.158;
10.AZ.196.196; 10.AZ.196.223; 10.AZ.196.240; 10.AZ.196.244; 10.AZ.196.243;
10.AZ.196.247; 10.AZ.223.157; 10.AZ.223.158; 10.AZ.223.196; 10.AZ.223.223;
10.AZ.223.240; 10.AZ.223.244; 10.AZ.223.243; 10.AZ.223.247; 10.AZ.240.157;
10.AZ.240.158; 10.AZ.240.196; 10.AZ.240.223; 10.AZ.240.240; 10.AZ.240.244;
10.AZ.240.243; 10.AZ.240.247; 10.AZ.244.157; 10.AZ.244.158; 10.AZ.244.196;
10.AZ.244.223; 10.AZ.244.240; 10.AZ.244.244; 10.AZ.244.243; 10.AZ.244.247;
10.AZ.247.157; 10.AZ.247.158; 10.AZ.247.196; 10.AZ.247.223; 10.AZ.247.240;
10.AZ.247.244; 10.AZ.247.243; 10.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.BF
10.BF.4.157; 10.BF.4.158; 10.BF.4.196; 10.BF.4.223; 10.BF.4.240; 10.BF.4.244;
10.BF.4.243; 10.BF.4.247; 10.BF.5.157; 10.BF.5.158; 10.BF.5.196; 10.BF.5.223;
10.BF.5.240; 10.BF.5.244; 10.BF.5.243; 10.BF.5.247; 10.BF.7.157; 10.BF.7.158;
10.BF.7.196; 10.BF.7.223; 10.BF.7.240; 10.BF.7.244; 10.BF.7.243; 10.BF.7.247;
10.BF.15.157; 10.BF.15.158; 10.BF.15.196; 10.BF.15.223; 10.BF.15.240; 10.BF.15.244;
10.BF.15.243; 10.BF.15.247; 10.BF.16.157; 10.BF.16.158; 10.BF.16.196; 10.BF.16.223;
10.BF.16.240; 10.BF.16.244; 10.BF.16.243; 10.BF.16.247; 10.BF.18.157; 10.BF.18.158;
10.BF.18.196; 10.BF.18.223; 10.BF.18.240; 10.BF.18.244; 10.BF.18.243; 10.BF.18.247;
10.BF.26.157; 10.BF.26.158; 10.BF.26.196; 10.BF.26.223; 10.BF.26.240; 10.BF.26.244;
10.BF.26.243; 10.BF.26.247; 10.BF.27.157; 10.BF.27.158; 10.BF.27.196; 10.BF.27.223;
10.BF.27.240; 10.BF.27.244; 10.BF.27.243; 10.BF.27.247; 10.BF.29.157; 10.BF.29.158;
10.BF.29.196; 10.BF.29.223; 10.BF.29.240; 10.BF.29.244; 10.BF.29.243; 10.BF.29.247;
10.BF.54.157; 10.BF.54.158; 10.BF.54.196; 10.BF.54.223; 10.BF.54.240; 10.BF.54.244;
10.BF.54.243; 10.BF.54.247; 10.BF.55.157; 10.BF.55.158; 10.BF.55.196; 10.BF.55.223;
10.BF.55.240; 10.BF.55.244; 10.BF.55.243; 10.BF.55.247; 10.BF.56.157; 10.BF.56.158;
10.BF.56.196; 10.BF.56.223; 10.BF.56.240; 10.BF.56.244; 10.BF.56.243; 10.BF.56.247;
10.BF.157.157; 10.BF.157.158; 10.BF.157.196; 10.BF.157.223; 10.BF.157.240;
10.BF.157.244; 10.BF.157.243; 10.BF.157.247; 10.BF.196.157; 10.BF.196.158;
10.BF.196.196; 10.BF.196.223; 10.BF.196.240; 10.BF.196.244; 10.BF.196.243;
10.BF.196.247; 10.BF.223.157; 10.BF.223.158; 10.BF.223.196; 10.BF.223.223;
10.BF.223.240; 10.BF.223.244; 10.BF.223.243; 10.BF.223.247; 10.BF.240.157;
10.BF.240.158; 10.BF.240.196; 10.BF.240.223; 10.BF.240.240; 10.BF.240.244;
10.BF.240.243; 10.BF.240.247; 10.BF.244.157; 10.BF.244.158; 10.BF.244.196;
10.BF.244.223; 10.BF.244.240; 10.BF.244.244; 10.BF.244.243; 10.BF.244.247;
10.BF.247.157; 10.BF.247.158; 10.BF.247.196; 10.BF.247.223; 10.BF.247.240;
10.BF.247.244; 10.BF.247.243; 10.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.CI
10.CI.4.157; 10.CI.4.158; 10.CI.4.196; 10.CI.4.223; 10.CI.4.240; 10.CI.4.244;
10.CI.4.243; 10.CI.4.247; 10.CI.5.157; 10.CI.5.158; 10.CI.5.196; 10.CI.5.223; 10.CI.5.240;
10.CI.5.244; 10.CI.5.243; 10.CI.5.247; 10.CI.7.157; 10.CI.7.158; 10.CI.7.196; 10.CI.7.223;
10.CI.7.240; 10.CI.7.244; 10.CI.7.243; 10.CI.7.247; 10.CI.15.157; 10.CI.15.158;
10.CI.15.196; 10.CI.15.223; 10.CI.15.240; 10.CI.15.244; 10.CI.15.243; 10.CI.15.247;
10.CI.16.157; 10.CI.16.158; 10.CI.16.196; 10.CI.16.223; 10.CI.16.240; 10.CI.16.244;
10.CI.16.243; 10.CI.16.247; 10.CI.18.157; 10.CI.18.158; 10.CI.18.196; 10.CI.18.223;
10.CI.18.240; 10.CI.18.244; 10.CI.18.243; 10.CI.18.247; 10.CI.26.157; 10.CI.26.158;
10.CI.26.196; 10.CI.26.223; 10.CI.26.240; 10.CI.26.244; 10.CI.26.243; 10.CI.26.247;
10.CI.27.157; 10.CI.27.158; 10.CI.27.196; 10.CI.27.223; 10.CI.27.240; 10.CI.27.244;
10.CI.27.243; 10.CI.27.247; 10.CI.29.157; 10.CI.29.158; 10.CI.29.196; 10.CI.29.223;
10.CI.29.240; 10.CI.29.244; 10.CI.29.243; 10.CI.29.247; 10.CI.54.157; 10.CI.54.158;
10.CI.54.196; 10.CI.54.223; 10.CI.54.240; 10.CI.54.244; 10.CI.54.243; 10.CI.54.247;
10.CI.55.157; 10.CI.55.158; 10.CI.55.196; 10.CI.55.223; 10.CI.55.240; 10.CI.55.244;
10.CI.55.243; 10.CI.55.247; 10.CI.56.157; 10.CI.56.158; 10.CI.56.196; 10.CI.56.223;
10.CI.56.240; 10.CI.56.244; 10.CI.56.243; 10.CI.56.247; 10.CI.157.157; 10.CI.157.158;
10.CI.157.196; 10.CI.157.223; 10.CI.157.240; 10.CI.157.244; 10.CI.157.243; 10.CI.157.247;
10.CI.196.157; 10.CI.196.158; 10.CI.196.196; 10.CI.196.223; 10.CI.196.240; 10.CI.196.244;
10.CI.196.243; 10.CI.196.247; 10.CI.223.157; 10.CI.223.158; 10.CI.223.196; 10.CI.223.223;
10.CI.223.240; 10.CI.223.244; 10.CI.223.243; 10.CI.223.247; 10.CI.240.157; 10.CI.240.158;
10.CI.240.196; 10.CI.240.223; 10.CI.240.240; 10.CI.240.244; 10.CI.240.243; 10.CI.240.247;
10.CI.244.157; 10.CI.244.158; 10.CI.244.196; 10.CI.244.223; 10.CI.244.240; 10.CI.244.244;
10.CI.244.243; 10.CI.244.247; 10.CI.247.157; 10.CI.247.158; 10.CI.247.196; 10.CI.247.223;
10.CI.247.240; 10.CI.247.244; 10.CI.247.243; 10.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 10.CO
10.CO.4.157; 10.CO.4.158; 10.CO.4.196; 10.CO.4.223; 10.CO.4.240; 10.CO.4.244;
10.CO.4.243; 10.CO.4.247; 10.CO.5.157; 10.CO.5.158; 10.CO.5.196; 10.CO.5.223;
10.CO.5.240; 10.CO.5.244; 10.CO.5.243; 10.CO.5.247; 10.CO.7.157; 10.CO.7.158;
10.CO.7.196; 10.CO.7.223; 10.CO.7.240; 10.CO.7.244; 10.CO.7.243; 10.CO.7.247;
10.CO.15.157; 10.CO.15.158; 10.CO.15.196; 10.CO.15.223; 10.CO.15.240; 10.CO.15.244;
10.CO.15.243; 10.CO.15.247; 10.CO.16.157; 10.CO.16.158; 10.CO.16.196; 10.CO.16.223;
10.CO.16.240; 10.CO.16.244; 10.CO.16.243; 10.CO.16.247; 10.CO.18.157; 10.CO.18.158;
10.CO.18.196; 10.CO.18.223; 10.CO.18.240; 10.CO.18.244; 10.CO.18.243; 10.CO.18.247;
10.CO.26.157; 10.CO.26.158; 10.CO.26.196; 10.CO.26.223; 10.CO.26.240; 10.CO.26.244;
10.CO.26.243; 10.CO.26.247; 10.CO.27.157; 10.CO.27.158; 10.CO.27.196; 10.CO.27.223;
10.CO.27.240; 10.CO.27.244; 10.CO.27.243; 10.CO.27.247; 10.CO.29.157; 10.CO.29.158;
10.CO.29.196; 10.CO.29.223; 10.CO.29.240; 10.CO.29.244; 10.CO.29.243; 10.CO.29.247;
10.CO.54.157; 10.CO.54.158; 10.CO.54.196; 10.CO.54.223; 10.CO.54.240; 10.CO.54.244;
10.CO.54.243; 10.CO.54.247; 10.CO.55.157; 10.CO.55.158; 10.CO.55.196; 10.CO.55.223;
10.CO.55.240; 10.CO.55.244; 10.CO.55.243; 10.CO.55.247; 10.CO.56.157; 10.CO.56.158;
10.CO.56.196; 10.CO.56.223; 10.CO.56.240; 10.CO.56.244; 10.CO.56.243; 10.CO.56.247;
10.CO.157.157; 10.CO.157.158; 10.CO.157.196; 10.CO.157.223; 10.CO.157.240;
10.CO.157.244; 10.CO.157.243; 10.CO.157.247; 10.CO.196.157; 10.CO.196.158;
10.CO.196.196; 10.CO.196.223; 10.CO.196.240; 10.CO.196.244; 10.CO.196.243;
10.CO.196.247; 10.CO.223.157; 10.CO.223.158; 10.CO.223.196; 10.CO.223.223;
10.CO.223.240; 10.CO.223.244; 10.CO.223.243; 10.CO.223.247; 10.CO.240.157;
10.CO.240.158; 10.CO.240.196; 10.CO.240.223; 10.CO.240.240; 10.CO.240.244;
10.CO.240.243; 10.CO.240.247; 10.CO.244.157; 10.CO.244.158; 10.CO.244.196;
10.CO.244.223; 10.CO.244.240; 10.CO.244.244; 10.CO.244.243; 10.CO.244.247;
10.CO.247.157; 10.CO.247.158; 10.CO.247.196; 10.CO.247.223; 10.CO.247.240;
10.CO.247.244; 10.CO.247.243; 10.CO.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.AH
11.AH.4.157; 11.AH.4.158; 11.AH.4.196; 11.AH.4.223; 11.AH.4.240; 11.AH.4.244;
11.AH.4.243; 11.AH.4.247; 11.AH.5.157; 11.AH.5.158; 11.AH.5.196; 11.AH.5.223;
11.AH.5.240; 11.AH.5.244; 11.AH.5.243; 11.AH.5.247; 11.AH.7.157; 11.AH.7.158;
11.AH.7.196; 11.AH.7.223; 11.AH.7.240; 11.AH.7.244; 11.AH.7.243; 11.AH.7.247;
11.AH.15.157; 11.AH.15.158; 11.AH.15.196; 11.AH.15.223; 11.AH.15.240; 11.AH.15.244;
11.AH.15.243; 11.AH.15.247; 11.AH.16.157; 11.AH.16.158; 11.AH.16.196; 11.AH.16.223;
11.AH.16.240; 11.AH.16.244; 11.AH.16.243; 11.AH.16.247; 11.AH.18.157; 11.AH.18.158;
11.AH.18.196; 11.AH.18.223; 11.AH.18.240; 11.AH.18.244; 11.AH.18.243; 11.AH.18.247;
11.AH.26.157; 11.AH.26.158; 11.AH.26.196; 11.AH.26.223; 11.AH.26.240; 11.AH.26.244;
11.AH.26.243; 11.AH.26.247; 11.AH.27.157; 11.AH.27.158; 11.AH.27.196; 11.AH.27.223;
11.AH.27.240; 11.AH.27.244; 11.AH.27.243; 11.AH.27.247; 11.AH.29.157; 11.AH.29.158;
11.AH.29.196; 11.AH.29.223; 11.AH.29.240; 11.AH.29.244; 11.AH.29.243; 11.AH.29.247;
11.AH.54.157; 11.AH.54.158; 11.AH.54.196; 11.AH.54.223; 11.AH.54.240; 11.AH.54.244;
11.AH.54.243; 11.AH.54.247; 11.AH.55.157; 11.AH.55.158; 11.AH.55.196; 11.AH.55.223;
11.AH.55.240; 11.AH.55.244; 11.AH.55.243; 11.AH.55.247; 11.AH.56.157; 11.AH.56.158;
11.AH.56.196; 11.AH.56.223; 11.AH.56.240; 11.AH.56.244; 11.AH.56.243; 11.AH.56.247;
11.AH.157.157; 11.AH.157.158; 11.AH.157.196; 11.AH.157.223; 11.AH.157.240;
11.AH.157.244; 11.AH.157.243; 11.AH.157.247; 11.AH.196.157; 11.AH.196.158;
11.AH.196.196; 11.AH.196.223; 11.AH.196.240; 11.AH.196.244; 11.AH.196.243;
11.AH.196.247; 11.AH.223.157; 11.AH.223.158; 11.AH.223.196; 11.AH.223.223;
11.AH.223.240; 11.AH.223.244; 11.AH.223.243; 11.AH.223.247; 11.AH.240.157;
11.AH.240.158; 11.AH.240.196; 11.AH.240.223; 11.AH.240.240; 11.AH.240.244;
11.AH.240.243; 11.AH.240.247; 11.AH.244.157; 11.AH.244.158; 11.AH.244.196;
11.AH.244.223; 11.AH.244.240; 11.AH.244.244; 11.AH.244.243; 11.AH.244.247;
11.AH.247.157; 11.AH.247.158; 11.AH.247.196; 11.AH.247.223; 11.AH.247.240;
11.AH.247.244; 11.AH.247.243; 11.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.AJ
11.AJ.4.157; 11.AJ.4.158; 11.AJ.4.196; 11.AJ.4.223; 11.AJ.4.240; 11.AJ.4.244;
11.AJ.4.243; 11.AJ.4.247; 11.AJ.5.157; 11.AJ.5.158; 11.AJ.5.196; 11.AJ.5.223; 11.AJ.5.240;
11.AJ.5.244; 11.AJ.5.243; 11.AJ.5.247; 11.AJ.7.157; 11.AJ.7.158; 11.AJ.7.196; 11.AJ.7.223;
11.AJ.7.240; 11.AJ.7.244; 11.AJ.7.243; 11.AJ.7.247; 11.AJ.15.157; 11.AJ.15.158;
11.AJ.15.196; 11.AJ.15.223; 11.AJ.15.240; 11.AJ.15.244; 11.AJ.15.243; 11.AJ.15.247;
11.AJ.16.157; 11.AJ.16.158; 11.AJ.16.196; 11.AJ.16.223; 11.AJ.16.240; 11.AJ.16.244;
11.AJ.16.243; 11.AJ.16.247; 11.AJ.18.157; 11.AJ.18.158; 11.AJ.18.196; 11.AJ.18.223;
11.AJ.18.240; 11.AJ.18.244; 11.AJ.18.243; 11.AJ.18.247; 11.AJ.26.157; 11.AJ.26.158;
11.AJ.26.196; 11.AJ.26.223; 11.AJ.26.240; 11.AJ.26.244; 11.AJ.26.243; 11.AJ.26.247;
11.AJ.27.157; 11.AJ.27.158; 11.AJ.27.196; 11.AJ.27.223; 11.AJ.27.240; 11.AJ.27.244;
11.AJ.27.243; 11.AJ.27.247; 11.AJ.29.157; 11.AJ.29.158; 11.AJ.29.196; 11.AJ.29.223;
11.AJ.29.240; 11.AJ.29.244; 11.AJ.29.243; 11.AJ.29.247; 11.AJ.54.157; 11.AJ.54.158;
11.AJ.54.196; 11.AJ.54.223; 11.AJ.54.240; 11.AJ.54.244; 11.AJ.54.243; 11.AJ.54.247;
11.AJ.55.157; 11.AJ.55.158; 11.AJ.55.196; 11.AJ.55.223; 11.AJ.55.240; 11.AJ.55.244;
11.AJ.55.243; 11.AJ.55.247; 11.AJ.56.157; 11.AJ.56.158; 11.AJ.56.196; 11.AJ.56.223;
11.AJ.56.240; 11.AJ.56.244; 11.AJ.56.243; 11.AJ.56.247; 11.AJ.157.157; 11.AJ.157.158;
11.AJ.157.196; 11.AJ.157.223; 11.AJ.157.240; 11.AJ.157.244; 11.AJ.157.243;
11.AJ.157.247; 11.AJ.196.157; 11.AJ.196.158; 11.AJ.196.196; 11.AJ.196.223;
11.AJ.196.240; 11.AJ.196.244; 11.AJ.196.243; 11.AJ.196.247; 11.AJ.223.157;
11.AJ.223.158; 11.AJ.223.196; 11.AJ.223.223; 11.AJ.223.240; 11.AJ.223.244;
11.AJ.223.243; 11.AJ.223.247; 11.AJ.240.157; 11.AJ.240.158; 11.AJ.240.196;
11.AJ.240.223; 11.AJ.240.240; 11.AJ.240.244; 11.AJ.240.243; 11.AJ.240.247;
11.AJ.244.157; 11.AJ.244.158; 11.AJ.244.196; 11.AJ.244.223; 11.AJ.244.240;
11.AJ.244.244; 11.AJ.244.243; 11.AJ.244.247; 11.AJ.247.157; 11.AJ.247.158;
11.AJ.247.196; 11.AJ.247.223; 11.AJ.247.240; 11.AJ.247.244; 11.AJ.247.243;
Prodrugs of 11.AN
11.AN.4.157; 11.AN.4.158; 11.AN.4.196; 11.AN.4.223; 11.AN.4.240; 11.AN.4.244;
11.AN.4.243; 11.AN.4.247; 11.AN.5.157; 11.AN.5.158; 11.AN.5.196; 11.AN.5.223;
11.AN.5.240; 11.AN.5.244; 11.AN.5.243; 11.AN.5.247; 11.AN.7.157; 11.AN.7.158;
11.AN.7.196; 11.AN.7.223; 11.AN.7.240; 11.AN.7.244; 11.AN.7.243; 11.AN.7.247;
11.AN.15.157; 11.AN.15.158; 11.AN.15.196; 11.AN.15.223; 11.AN.15.240; 11.AN.15.244;
11.AN.15.243; 11.AN.15.247; 11.AN.16.157; 11.AN.16.158; 11.AN.16.196; 11.AN.16.223;
11.AN.16.240; 11.AN.16.244; 11.AN.16.243; 11.AN.16.247; 11.AN.18.157; 11.AN.18.158;
11.AN.18.196; 11.AN.18.223; 11.AN.18.240; 11.AN.18.244; 11.AN.18.243; 11.AN.18.247;
11.AN.26.157; 11.AN.26.158; 11.AN.26.196; 11.AN.26.223; 11.AN.26.240; 11.AN.26.244;
11.AN.26.243; 11.AN.26.247; 11.AN.27.157; 11.AN.27.158; 11.AN.27.196; 11.AN.27.223;
11.AN.27.240; 11.AN.27.244; 11.AN.27.243; 11.AN.27.247; 11.AN.29.157; 11.AN.29.158;
11.AN.29.196; 11.AN.29.223; 11.AN.29.240; 11.AN.29.244; 11.AN.29.243; 11.AN.29.247;
11.AN.54.157; 11.AN.54.158; 11.AN.54.196; 11.AN.54.223; 11.AN.54.240; 11.AN.54.244;
11.AN.54.243; 11.AN.54.247; 11.AN.55.157; 11.AN.55.158; 11.AN.55.196; 11.AN.55.223;
11.AN.55.240; 11.AN.55.244; 11.AN.55.243; 11.AN.55.247; 11.AN.56.157; 11.AN.56.158;
11.AN.56.196; 11.AN.56.223; 11.AN.56.240; 11.AN.56.244; 11.AN.56.243; 11.AN.56.247;
11.AN.157.157; 11.AN.157.158; 11.AN.157.196; 11.AN.157.223; 11.AN.157.240;
11.AN.157.244; 11.AN.157.243; 11.AN.157.247; 11.AN.196.157; 11.AN.196.158;
11.AN.196.196; 11.AN.196.223; 11.AN.196.240; 11.AN.196.244; 11.AN.196.243;
11.AN.196.247; 11.AN.223.157; 11.AN.223.158; 11.AN.223.196; 11.AN.223.223;
11.AN.223.240; 11.AN.223.244; 11.AN.223.243; 11.AN.223.247; 11.AN.240.157;
11.AN.240.158; 11.AN.240.196; 11.AN.240.223; 11.AN.240.240; 11.AN.240.244;
11.AN.240.243; 11.AN.240.247; 11.AN.244.157; 11.AN.244.158; 11.AN.244.196;
11.AN.244.223; 11.AN.244.240; 11.AN.244.244; 11.AN.244.243; 11.AN.244.247;
11.AN.247.157; 11.AN.247.158; 11.AN.247.196; 11.AN.247.223; 11.AN.247.240;
11.AN.247.244; 11.AN.247.243; 11.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.AP
11.AP.4.157; 11.AP.4.158; 11.AP.4.196; 11.AP.4.223; 11.AP.4.240; 11.AP.4.244;
11.AP.4.243; 11.AP.4.247; 11.AP.5.157; 11.AP.5.158; 11.AP.5.196; 11.AP.5.223;
11.AP.5.240; 11.AP.5.244; 11.AP.5.243; 11.AP.5.247; 11.AP.7.157; 11.AP.7.158;
11.AP.7.196; 11.AP.7.223; 11.AP.7.240; 11.AP.7.244; 11.AP.7.243; 11.AP.7.247;
11.AP.15.157; 11.AP.15.158; 11.AP.15.196; 11.AP.15.223; 11.AP.15.240; 11.AP.15.244;
11.AP.15.243; 11.AP.15.247; 11.AP.16.157; 11.AP.16.158; 11.AP.16.196; 11.AP.16.223;
11.AP.16.240; 11.AP.16.244; 11.AP.16.243; 11.AP.16.247; 11.AP.18.157; 11.AP.18.158;
11.AP.18.196; 11.AP.18.223; 11.AP.18.240; 11.AP.18.244; 11.AP.18.243; 11.AP.18.247;
11.AP.26.157; 11.AP.26.158; 11.AP.26.196; 11.AP.26.223; 11.AP.26.240; 11.AP.26.244;
11.AP.26.243; 11.AP.26.247; 11.AP.27.157; 11.AP.27.158; 11.AP.27.196; 11.AP.27.223;
11.AP.27.240; 11.AP.27.244; 11.AP.27.243; 11.AP.27.247; 11.AP.29.157; 11.AP.29.158;
11.AP.29.196; 11.AP.29.223; 11.AP.29.240; 11.AP.29.244; 11.AP.29.243; 11.AP.29.247;
11.AP.54.157; 11.AP.54.158; 11.AP.54.196; 11.AP.54.223; 11.AP.54.240; 11.AP.54.244;
11.AP.54.243; 11.AP.54.247; 11.AP.55.157; 11.AP.55.158; 11.AP.55.196; 11.AP.55.223;
11.AP.55.240; 11.AP.55.244; 11.AP.55.243; 11.AP.55.247; 11.AP.56.157; 11.AP.56.158;
11.AP.56.196; 11.AP.56.223; 11.AP.56.240; 11.AP.56.244; 11.AP.56.243; 11.AP.56.247;
11.AP.157.157; 11.AP.157.158; 11.AP.157.196; 11.AP.157.223; 11.AP.157.240;
11.AP.157.244; 11.AP.157.243; 11.AP.157.247; 11.AP.196.157; 11.AP.196.158;
11.AP.196.196; 11.AP.196.223; 11.AP.196.240; 11.AP.196.244; 11.AP.196.243;
11.AP.196.247; 11.AP.223.157; 11.AP.223.158; 11.AP.223.196; 11.AP.223.223;
11.AP.223.240; 11.AP.223.244; 11.AP.223.243; 11.AP.223.247; 11.AP.240.157;
11.AP.240.158; 11.AP.240.196; 11.AP.240.223; 11.AP.240.240; 11.AP.240.244;
11.AP.240.243; 11.AP.240.247; 11.AP.244.157; 11.AP.244.158; 11.AP.244.196;
11.AP.244.223; 11.AP.244.240; 11.AP.244.244; 11.AP.244.243; 11.AP.244.247;
11.AP.247.157; 11.AP.247.158; 11.AP.247.196; 11.AP.247.223; 11.AP.247.240;
11.AP.247.244; 11.AP.247.243; 11.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.AZ
11.AZ.4.157; 11.AZ.4.158; 11.AZ.4.196; 11.AZ.4.223; 11.AZ.4.240; 11.AZ.4.244;
11.AZ.4.243; 11.AZ.4.247; 11.AZ.5.157; 11.AZ.5.158; 11.AZ.5.196; 11.AZ.5.223;
11.AZ.5.240; 11.AZ.5.244; 11.AZ.5.243; 11.AZ.5.247; 11.AZ.7.157; 11.AZ.7.158;
11.AZ.7.196; 11.AZ.7.223; 11.AZ.7.240; 11.AZ.7.244; 11.AZ.7.243; 11.AZ.7.247;
11.AZ.15.157; 11.AZ.15.158; 11.AZ.15.196; 11.AZ.15.223; 11.AZ.15.240; 11.AZ.15.244;
11.AZ.15.243; 11.AZ.15.247; 11.AZ.16.157; 11.AZ.16.158; 11.AZ.16.196; 11.AZ.16.223;
11.AZ.16.240; 11.AZ.16.244; 11.AZ.16.243; 11.AZ.16.247; 11.AZ.18.157; 11.AZ.18.158;
11.AZ.18.196; 11.AZ.18.223; 11.AZ.18.240; 11.AZ.18.244; 11.AZ.18.243; 11.AZ.18.247;
11.AZ.26.157; 11.AZ.26.158; 11.AZ.26.196; 11.AZ.26.223; 11.AZ.26.240; 11.AZ.26.244;
11.AZ.26.243; 11.AZ.26.247; 11.AZ.27.157; 11.AZ.27.158; 11.AZ.27.196; 11.AZ.27.223;
11.AZ.27.240; 11.AZ.27.244; 11.AZ.27.243; 11.AZ.27.247; 11.AZ.29.157; 11.AZ.29.158;
11.AZ.29.196; 11.AZ.29.223; 11.AZ.29.240; 11.AZ.29.244; 11.AZ.29.243; 11.AZ.29.247;
11.AZ.54.157; 11.AZ.54.158; 11.AZ.54.196; 11.AZ.54.223; 11.AZ.54.240; 11.AZ.54.244;
11.AZ.54.243; 11.AZ.54.247; 11.AZ.55.157; 11.AZ.55.158; 11.AZ.55.196; 11.AZ.55.223;
11.AZ.55.240; 11.AZ.55.244; 11.AZ.55.243; 11.AZ.55.247; 11.AZ.56.157; 11.AZ.56.158;
11.AZ.56.196; 11.AZ.56.223; 11.AZ.56.240; 11.AZ.56.244; 11.AZ.56.243; 11.AZ.56.247;
11.AZ.157.157; 11.AZ.157.158; 11.AZ.157.196; 11.AZ.157.223; 11.AZ.157.240;
11.AZ.157.244; 11.AZ.157.243; 11.AZ.157.247; 11.AZ.196.157; 11.AZ.196.158;
11.AZ.196.196; 11.AZ.196.223; 11.AZ.196.240; 11.AZ.196.244; 11.AZ.196.243;
11.AZ.196.247; 11.AZ.223.157; 11.AZ.223.158; 11.AZ.223.196; 11.AZ.223.223;
11.AZ.223.240; 11.AZ.223.244; 11.AZ.223.243; 11.AZ.223.247; 11.AZ.240.157;
11.AZ.240.158; 11.AZ.240.196; 11.AZ.240.223; 11.AZ.240.240; 11.AZ.240.244;
11.AZ.240.243; 11.AZ.240.247; 11.AZ.244.157; 11.AZ.244.158; 11.AZ.244.196;
11.AZ.244.223; 11.AZ.244.240; 11.AZ.244.244; 11.AZ.244.243; 11.AZ.244.247;
11.AZ.247.157; 11.AZ.247.158; 11.AZ.247.196; 11.AZ.247.223; 11.AZ.247.240;
11.AZ.247.244; 11.AZ.247.243; 11.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.BF
11.BF.4.157; 11.BF.4.158; 11.BF.4.196; 11.BF.4.223; 11.BF.4.240; 11.BF.4.244;
11.BF.4.243; 11.BF.4.247; 11.BF.5.157; 11.BF.5.158; 11.BF.5.196; 11.BF.5.223;
11.BF.5.240; 11.BF.5.244; 11.BF.5.243; 11.BF.5.247; 11.BF.7.157; 11.BF.7.158;
11.BF.7.196; 11.BF.7.223; 11.BF.7.240; 11.BF.7.244; 11.BF.7.243; 11.BF.7.247;
11.BF.15.157; 11.BF.15.158; 11.BF.15.196; 11.BF.15.223; 11.BF.15.240; 11.BF.15.244;
11.BF.15.243; 11.BF.15.247; 11.BF.16.157; 11.BF.16.158; 11.BF.16.196; 11.BF.16.223;
11.BF.16.240; 11.BF.16.244; 11.BF.16.243; 11.BF.16.247; 11.BF.18.157; 11.BF.18.158;
11.BF.18.196; 11.BF.18.223; 11.BF.18.240; 11.BF.18.244; 11.BF.18.243; 11.BF.18.247;
11.BF.26.157; 11.BF.26.158; 11.BF.26.196; 11.BF.26.223; 11.BF.26.240; 11.BF.26.244;
11.BF.26.243; 11.BF.26.247; 11.BF.27.157; 11.BF.27.158; 11.BF.27.196; 11.BF.27.223;
11.BF.27.240; 11.BF.27.244; 11.BF.27.243; 11.BF.27.247; 11.BF.29.157; 11.BF.29.158;
11.BF.29.196; 11.BF.29.223; 11.BF.29.240; 11.BF.29.244; 11.BF.29.243; 11.BF.29.247;
11.BF.54.157; 11.BF.54.158; 11.BF.54.196; 11.BF.54.223; 11.BF.54.240; 11.BF.54.244;
11.BF.54.243; 11.BF.54.247; 11.BF.55.157; 11.BF.55.158; 11.BF.55.196; 11.BF.55.223;
11.BF.55.240; 11.BF.55.244; 11.BF.55.243; 11.BF.55.247; 11.BF.56.157; 11.BF.56.158;
11.BF.56.196; 11.BF.56.223; 11.BF.56.240; 11.BF.56.244; 11.BF.56.243; 11.BF.56.247;
11.BF.157.157; 11.BF.157.158; 11.BF.157.196; 11.BF.157.223; 11.BF.157.240;
11.BF.157.244; 11.BF.157.243; 11.BF.157.247; 11.BF.196.157; 11.BF.196.158;
11.BF.196.196; 11.BF.196.223; 11.BF.196.240; 11.BF.196.244; 11.BF.196.243;
11.BF.196.247; 11.BF.223.157; 11.BF.223.158; 11.BF.223.196; 11.BF.223.223;
11.BF.223.240; 11.BF.223.244; 11.BF.223.243; 11.BF.223.247; 11.BF.240.157;
11.BF.240.158; 11.BF.240.196; 11.BF.240.223; 11.BF.240.240; 11.BF.240.244;
11.BF.240.243; 11.BF.240.247; 11.BF.244.157; 11.BF.244.158; 11.BF.244.196;
11.BF.244.223; 11.BF.244.240; 11.BF.244.244; 11.BF.244.243; 11.BF.244.247;
11.BF.247.157; 11.BF.247.158; 11.BF.247.196; 11.BF.247.223; 11.BF.247.240;
11.BF.247.244; 11.BF.247.243; 11.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.CI
11.CI.4.157; 11.CI.4.158; 11.CI.4.196; 11.CI.4.223; 11.CI.4.240; 11.CI.4.244;
11.CI.4.243; 11.CI.4.247; 11.CI.5.157; 11.CI.5.158; 11.CI.5.196; 11.CI.5.223; 11.CI.5.240;
11.CI.5.244; 11.CI.5.243; 11.CI.5.247; 11.CI.7.157; 11.CI.7.158; 11.CI.7.196; 11.CI.7.223;
11.CI.7.240; 11.CI.7.244; 11.CI.7.243; 11.CI.7.247; 11.CI.15.157; 11.CI.15.158;
11.CI.15.196; 11.CI.15.223; 11.CI.15.240; 11.CI.15.244; 11.CI.15.243; 11.CI.15.247;
11.CI.16.157; 11.CI.16.158; 11.CI.16.196; 11.CI.16.223; 11.CI.16.240; 11.CI.16.244;
11.CI.16.243; 11.CI.16.247; 11.CI.18.157; 11.CI.18.158; 11.CI.18.196; 11.CI.18.223;
11.CI.18.240; 11.CI.18.244; 11.CI.18.243; 11.CI.18.247; 11.CI.26.157; 11.CI.26.158;
11.CI.26.196; 11.CI.26.223; 11.CI.26.240; 11.CI.26.244; 11.CI.26.243; 11.CI.26.247;
11.CI.27.157; 11.CI.27.158; 11.CI.27.196; 11.CI.27.223; 11.CI.27.240; 11.CI.27.244;
11.CI.27.243; 11.CI.27.247; 11.CI.29.157; 11.CI.29.158; 11.CI.29.196; 11.CI.29.223;
11.CI.29.240; 11.CI.29.244; 11.CI.29.243; 11.CI.29.247; 11.CI.54.157; 11.CI.54.158;
11.CI.54.196; 11.CI.54.223; 11.CI.54.240; 11.CI.54.244; 11.CI.54.243; 11.CI.54.247;
11.CI.55.157; 11.CI.55.158; 11.CI.55.196; 11.CI.55.223; 11.CI.55.240; 11.CI.55.244;
11.CI.55.243; 11.CI.55.247; 11.CI.56.157; 11.CI.56.158; 11.CI.56.196; 11.CI.56.223;
11.CI.56.240; 11.CI.56.244; 11.CI.56.243; 11.CI.56.247; 11.CI.157.157; 11.CI.157.158;
11.CI.157.196; 11.CI.157.223; 11.CI.157.240; 11.CI.157.244; 11.CI.157.243; 11.CI.157.247;
11.CI.196.157; 11.CI.196.158; 11.CI.196.196; 11.CI.196.223; 11.CI.196.240; 11.CI.196.244;
11.CI.196.243; 11.CI.196.247; 11.CI.223.157; 11.CI.223.158; 11.CI.223.196; 11.CI.223.223;
11.CI.223.240; 11.CI.223.244; 11.CI.223.243; 11.CI.223.247; 11.CI.240.157; 11.CI.240.158;
11.CI.240.196; 11.CI.240.223; 11.CI.240.240; 11.CI.240.244; 11.CI.240.243; 11.CI.240.247;
11.CI.244.157; 11.CI.244.158; 11.CI.244.196; 11.CI.244.223; 11.CI.244.240; 11.CI.244.244;
11.CI.244.243; 11.CI.244.247; 11.CI.247.157; 11.CI.247.158; 11.CI.247.196; 11.CI.247.223;
11.CI.247.240; 11.CI.247.244; 11.CI.247.243; 11.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 11.CO
11.CO.4.157; 11.CO.4.158; 11.CO.4.196; 11.CO.4.223; 11.CO.4.240; 11.CO.4.244;
11.CO.4.243; 11.CO.4.247; 11.CO.5.157; 11.CO.5.158; 11.CO.5.196; 11.CO.5.223;
11.CO.5.240; 11.CO.5.244; 11.CO.5.243; 11.CO.5.247; 11.CO.7.157; 11.CO.7.158;
11.CO.7.196; 11.CO.7.223; 11.CO.7.240; 11.CO.7.244; 11.CO.7.243; 11.CO.7.247;
11.CO.15.157; 11.CO.15.158; 11.CO.15.196; 11.CO.15.223; 11.CO.15.240; 11.CO.15.244;
11.CO.15.243; 11.CO.15.247; 11.CO.16.157; 11.CO.16.158; 11.CO.16.196; 11.CO.16.223;
11.CO.16.240; 11.CO.16.244; 11.CO.16.243; 11.CO.16.247; 11.CO.18.157; 11.CO.18.158;
11.CO.18.196; 11.CO.18.223; 11.CO.18.240; 11.CO.18.244; 11.CO.18.243; 11.CO.18.247;
11.CO.26.157; 11.CO.26.158; 11.CO.26.196; 11.CO.26.223; 11.CO.26.240; 11.CO.26.244;
11.CO.26.243; 11.CO.26.247; 11.CO.27.157; 11.CO.27.158; 11.CO.27.196; 11.CO.27.223;
11.CO.27.240; 11.CO.27.244; 11.CO.27.243; 11.CO.27.247; 11.CO.29.157; 11.CO.29.158;
11.CO.29.196; 11.CO.29.223; 11.CO.29.240; 11.CO.29.244; 11.CO.29.243; 11.CO.29.247;
11.CO.54.157; 11.CO.54.158; 11.CO.54.196; 11.CO.54.223; 11.CO.54.240; 11.CO.54.244;
11.CO.54.243; 11.CO.54.247; 11.CO.55.157; 11.CO.55.158; 11.CO.55.196; 11.CO.55.223;
11.CO.55.240; 11.CO.55.244; 11.CO.55.243; 11.CO.55.247; 11.CO.56.157; 11.CO.56.158;
11.CO.56.196; 11.CO.56.223; 11.CO.56.240; 11.CO.56.244; 11.CO.56.243; 11.CO.56.247;
11.CO.157.157; 11.CO.157.158; 11.CO.157.196; 11.CO.157.223; 11.CO.157.240;
11.CO.157.244; 11.CO.157.243; 11.CO.157.247; 11.CO.196.157; 11.CO.196.158;
11.CO.196.196; 11.CO.196.223; 11.CO.196.240; 11.CO.196.244; 11.CO.196.243;
11.CO.196.247; 11.CO.223.157; 11.CO.223.158; 11.CO.223.196; 11.CO.223.223;
11.CO.223.240; 11.CO.223.244; 11.CO.223.243; 11.CO.223.247; 11.CO.240.157;
11.CO.240.158; 11.CO.240.196; 11.CO.240.223; 11.CO.240.240; 11.CO.240.244;
11.CO.240.243; 11.CO.240.247; 11.CO.244.157; 11.CO.244.158; 11.CO.244.196;
11.CO.244.223; 11.CO.244.240; 11.CO.244.244; 11.CO.244.243; 11.CO.244.247;
11.CO.247.157; 11.CO.247.158; 11.CO.247.196; 11.CO.247.223; 11.CO.247.240;
11.CO.247.244; 11.CO.247.243; 11.CO.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.AH
12.AH.4.157; 12.AH.4.158; 12.AH.4.196; 12.AH.4.223; 12.AH.4.240; 12.AH.4.244;
12.AH.4.243; 12.AH.4.247; 12.AH.5.157; 12.AH.5.158; 12.AH.5.196; 12.AH.5.223;
12.AH.5.240; 12.AH.5.244; 12.AH.5.243; 12.AH.5.247; 12.AH.7.157; 12.AH.7.158;
12.AH.7.196; 12.AH.7.223; 12.AH.7.240; 12.AH.7.244; 12.AH.7.243; 12.AH.7.247;
12.AH.15.157; 12.AH.15.158; 12.AH.15.196; 12.AH.15.223; 12.AH.15.240; 12.AH.15.244;
12.AH.15.243; 12.AH.15.247; 12.AH.16.157; 12.AH.16.158; 12.AH.16.196; 12.AH.16.223;
12.AH.16.240; 12.AH.16.244; 12.AH.16.243; 12.AH.16.247; 12.AH.18.157; 12.AH.18.158;
12.AH.18.196; 12.AH.18.223; 12.AH.18.240; 12.AH.18.244; 12.AH.18.243; 12.AH.18.247;
12.AH.26.157; 12.AH.26.158; 12.AH.26.196; 12.AH.26.223; 12.AH.26.240; 12.AH.26.244;
12.AH.26.243; 12.AH.26.247; 12.AH.27.157; 12.AH.27.158; 12.AH.27.196; 12.AH.27.223;
12.AH.27.240; 12.AH.27.244; 12.AH.27.243; 12.AH.27.247; 12.AH.29.157; 12.AH.29.158;
12.AH.29.196; 12.AH.29.223; 12.AH.29.240; 12.AH.29.244; 12.AH.29.243; 12.AH.29.247;
12.AH.54.157; 12.AH.54.158; 12.AH.54.196; 12.AH.54.223; 12.AH.54.240; 12.AH.54.244;
12.AH.54.243; 12.AH.54.247; 12.AH.55.157; 12.AH.55.158; 12.AH.55.196; 12.AH.55.223;
12.AH.55.240; 12.AH.55.244; 12.AH.55.243; 12.AH.55.247; 12.AH.56.157; 12.AH.56.158;
12.AH.56.196; 12.AH.56.223; 12.AH.56.240; 12.AH.56.244; 12.AH.56.243; 12.AH.56.247;
12.AH.157.157; 12.AH.157.158; 12.AH.157.196; 12.AH.157.223; 12.AH.157.240;
12.AH.157.244; 12.AH.157.243; 12.AH.157.247; 12.AH.196.157; 12.AH.196.158;
12.AH.196.196; 12.AH.196.223; 12.AH.196.240; 12.AH.196.244; 12.AH.196.243;
12.AH.196.247; 12.AH.223.157; 12.AH.223.158; 12.AH.223.196; 12.AH.223.223;
12.AH.223.240; 12.AH.223.244; 12.AH.223.243; 12.AH.223.247; 12.AH.240.157;
12.AH.240.158; 12.AH.240.196; 12.AH.240.223; 12.AH.240.240; 12.AH.240.244;
12.AH.240.243; 12.AH.240.247; 12.AH.244.157; 12.AH.244.158; 12.AH.244.196;
12.AH.244.223; 12.AH.244.240; 12.AH.244.244; 12.AH.244.243; 12.AH.244.247;
12.AH.247.157; 12.AH.247.158; 12.AH.247.196; 12.AH.247.223; 12.AH.247.240;
12.AH.247.244; 12.AH.247.243; 12.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.AJ
12.AJ.4.157; 12.AJ.4.158; 12.AJ.4.196; 12.AJ.4.223; 12.AJ.4.240; 12.AJ.4.244;
12.AJ.4.243; 12.AJ.4.247; 12.AJ.5.157; 12.AJ.5.158; 12.AJ.5.196; 12.AJ.5.223; 12.AJ.5.240;
12.AJ.5.244; 12.AJ.5.243; 12.AJ.5.247; 12.AJ.7.157; 12.AJ.7.158; 12.AJ.7.196; 12.AJ.7.223;
12.AJ.7.240; 12.AJ.7.244; 12.AJ.7.243; 12.AJ.7.247; 12.AJ.15.157; 12.AJ.15.158;
12.AJ.15.196; 12.AJ.15.223; 12.AJ.15.240; 12.AJ.15.244; 12.AJ.15.243; 12.AJ.15.247;
12.AJ.16.157; 12.AJ.16.158; 12.AJ.16.196; 12.AJ.16.223; 12.AJ.16.240; 12.AJ.16.244;
12.AJ.16.243; 12.AJ.16.247; 12.AJ.18.157; 12.AJ.18.158; 12.AJ.18.196; 12.AJ.18.223;
12.AJ.18.240; 12.AJ.18.244; 12.AJ.18.243; 12.AJ.18.247; 12.AJ.26.157; 12.AJ.26.158;
12.AJ.26.196; 12.AJ.26.223; 12.AJ.26.240; 12.AJ.26.244; 12.AJ.26.243; 12.AJ.26.247;
12.AJ.27.157; 12.AJ.27.158; 12.AJ.27.196; 12.AJ.27.223; 12.AJ.27.240; 12.AJ.27.244;
12.AJ.27.243; 12.AJ.27.247; 12.AJ.29.157; 12.AJ.29.158; 12.AJ.29.196; 12.AJ.29.223;
12.AJ.29.240; 12.AJ.29.244; 12.AJ.29.243; 12.AJ.29.247; 12.AJ.54.157; 12.AJ.54.158;
12.AJ.54.196; 12.AJ.54.223; 12.AJ.54.240; 12.AJ.54.244; 12.AJ.54.243; 12.AJ.54.247;
12.AJ.55.157; 12.AJ.55.158; 12.AJ.55.196; 12.AJ.55.223; 12.AJ.55.240; 12.AJ.55.244;
12.AJ.55.243; 12.AJ.55.247; 12.AJ.56.157; 12.AJ.56.158; 12.AJ.56.196; 12.AJ.56.223;
12.AJ.56.240; 12.AJ.56.244; 12.AJ.56.243; 12.AJ.56.247; 12.AJ.157.157; 12.AJ.157.158;
12.AJ.157.196; 12.AJ.157.223; 12.AJ.157.240; 12.AJ.157.244; 12.AJ.157.243;
12.AJ.157.247; 12.AJ.196.157; 12.AJ.196.158; 12.AJ.196.196; 12.AJ.196.223;
12.AJ.196.240; 12.AJ.196.244; 12.AJ.196.243; 12.AJ.196.247; 12.AJ.223.157;
12.AJ.223.158; 12.AJ.223.196; 12.AJ.223.223; 12.AJ.223.240; 12.AJ.223.244;
12.AJ.223.243; 12.AJ.223.247; 12.AJ.240.157; 12.AJ.240.158; 12.AJ.240.196;
12.AJ.240.223; 12.AJ.240.240; 12.AJ.240.244; 12.AJ.240.243; 12.AJ.240.247;
12.AJ.244.157; 12.AJ.244.158; 12.AJ.244.196; 12.AJ.244.223; 12.AJ.244.240;
12.AJ.244.244; 12.AJ.244.243; 12.AJ.244.247; 12.AJ.247.157; 12.AJ.247.158;
12.AJ.247.196; 12.AJ.247.223; 12.AJ.247.240; 12.AJ.247.244; 12.AJ.247.243;
Prodrugs of 12.AN
12.AN.4.157; 12.AN.4.158; 12.AN.4.196; 12.AN.4.223; 12.AN.4.240; 12.AN.4.244;
12.AN.4.243; 12.AN.4.247; 12.AN.5.157; 12.AN.5.158; 12.AN.5.196; 12.AN.5.223;
12.AN.5.240; 12.AN.5.244; 12.AN.5.243; 12.AN.5.247; 12.AN.7.157; 12.AN.7.158;
12.AN.7.196; 12.AN.7.223; 12.AN.7.240; 12.AN.7.244; 12.AN.7.243; 12.AN.7.247;
12.AN.15.157; 12.AN.15.158; 12.AN.15.196; 12.AN.15.223; 12.AN.15.240; 12.AN.15.244;
12.AN.15.243; 12.AN.15.247; 12.AN.16.157; 12.AN.16.158; 12.AN.16.196; 12.AN.16.223;
12.AN.16.240; 12.AN.16.244; 12.AN.16.243; 12.AN.16.247; 12.AN.18.157; 12.AN.18.158;
12.AN.18.196; 12.AN.18.223; 12.AN.18.240; 12.AN.18.244; 12.AN.18.243; 12.AN.18.247;
12.AN.26.157; 12.AN.26.158; 12.AN.26.196; 12.AN.26.223; 12.AN.26.240; 12.AN.26.244;
12.AN.26.243; 12.AN.26.247; 12.AN.27.157; 12.AN.27.158; 12.AN.27.196; 12.AN.27.223;
12.AN.27.240; 12.AN.27.244; 12.AN.27.243; 12.AN.27.247; 12.AN.29.157; 12.AN.29.158;
12.AN.29.196; 12.AN.29.223; 12.AN.29.240; 12.AN.29.244; 12.AN.29.243; 12.AN.29.247;
12.AN.54.157; 12.AN.54.158; 12.AN.54.196; 12.AN.54.223; 12.AN.54.240; 12.AN.54.244;
12.AN.54.243; 12.AN.54.247; 12.AN.55.157; 12.AN.55.158; 12.AN.55.196; 12.AN.55.223;
12.AN.55.240; 12.AN.55.244; 12.AN.55.243; 12.AN.55.247; 12.AN.56.157; 12.AN.56.158;
12.AN.56.196; 12.AN.56.223; 12.AN.56.240; 12.AN.56.244; 12.AN.56.243; 12.AN.56.247;
12.AN.157.157; 12.AN.157.158; 12.AN.157.196; 12.AN.157.223; 12.AN.157.240;
12.AN.157.244; 12.AN.157.243; 12.AN.157.247; 12.AN.196.157; 12.AN.196.158;
12.AN.196.196; 12.AN.196.223; 12.AN.196.240; 12.AN.196.244; 12.AN.196.243;
12.AN.196.247; 12.AN.223.157; 12.AN.223.158; 12.AN.223.196; 12.AN.223.223;
12.AN.223.240; 12.AN.223.244; 12.AN.223.243; 12.AN.223.247; 12.AN.240.157;
12.AN.240.158; 12.AN.240.196; 12.AN.240.223; 12.AN.240.240; 12.AN.240.244;
12.AN.240.243; 12.AN.240.247; 12.AN.244.157; 12.AN.244.158; 12.AN.244.196;
12.AN.244.223; 12.AN.244.240; 12.AN.244.244; 12.AN.244.243; 12.AN.244.247;
12.AN.247.157; 12.AN.247.158; 12.AN.247.196; 12.AN.247.223; 12.AN.247.240;
12.AN.247.244; 12.AN.247.243; 12.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.AP
12.AP.4.157; 12.AP.4.158; 12.AP.4.196; 12.AP.4.223; 12.AP.4.240; 12.AP.4.244;
12.AP.4.243; 12.AP.4.247; 12.AP.5.157; 12.AP.5.158; 12.AP.5.196; 12.AP.5.223;
2.AP.5.240; 12.AP.5.244; 12.AP.5.243; 12.AP.5.247; 12.AP.7.157; 12.AP.7.158;
12.AP.7.196; 12.AP.7.223; 12.AP.7.240; 12.AP.7.244; 12.AP.7.243; 12.AP.7.247;
12.AP.15.157; 12.AP.15.158; 12.AP.15.196; 12.AP.15.223; 12.AP.15.240; 12.AP.15.244;
12.AP.15.243; 12.AP.15.247; 12.AP.16.157; 12.AP.16.158; 12.AP.16.196; 12.AP.16.223;
12.AP.16.240; 12.AP.16.244; 12.AP.16.243; 12.AP.16.247; 12.AP.18.157; 12.AP.18.158;
12.AP.18.196; 12.AP.18.223; 12.AP.18.240; 12.AP.18.244; 12.AP.18.243; 12.AP.18.247;
12.AP.26.157; 12.AP.26.158; 12.AP.26.196; 12.AP.26.223; 12.AP.26.240; 12.AP.26.244;
12.AP.26.243; 12.AP.26.247; 12.AP.27.157; 12.AP.27.158; 12.AP.27.196; 12.AP.27.223;
12.AP.27.240; 12.AP.27.244; 12.AP.27.243; 12.AP.27.247; 12.AP.29.157; 12.AP.29.158;
12.AP.29.196; 12.AP.29.223; 12.AP.29.240; 12.AP.29.244; 12.AP.29.243; 12.AP.29.247;
12.AP.54.157; 12.AP.54.158; 12.AP.54.196; 12.AP.54.223; 12.AP.54.240; 12.AP.54.244;
12.AP.54.243; 12.AP.54.247; 12.AP.55.157; 12.AP.55.158; 12.AP.55.196; 12.AP.55.223;
12.AP.55.240; 12.AP.55.244; 12.AP.55.243; 12.AP.55.247; 12.AP.56.157; 12.AP.56.158;
12.AP.56.196; 12.AP.56.223; 12.AP.56.240; 12.AP.56.244; 12.AP.56.243; 12.AP.56.247;
12.AP.157.157; 12.AP.157.158; 12.AP.157.196; 12.AP.157.223; 12.AP.157.240;
12.AP.157.244; 12.AP.157.243; 12.AP.157.247; 12.AP.196.157; 12.AP.196.158;
12.AP.196.196; 12.AP.196.223; 12.AP.196.240; 12.AP.196.244; 12.AP.196.243;
12.AP.196.247; 12.AP.223.157; 12.AP.223.158; 12.AP.223.196; 12.AP.223.223;
12.AP.223.240; 12.AP.223.244; 12.AP.223.243; 12.AP.223.247; 12.AP.240.157;
12.AP.240.158; 12.AP.240.196; 12.AP.240.223; 12.AP.240.240; 12.AP.240.244;
12.AP.240.243; 12.AP.240.247; 12.AP.244.157; 12.AP.244.158; 12.AP.244.196;
12.AP.244.223; 12.AP.244.240; 12.AP.244.244; 12.AP.244.243; 12.AP.244.247;
12.AP.247.157; 12.AP.247.158; 12.AP.247.196; 12.AP.247.223; 12.AP.247.240;
12.AP.247.244; 12.AP.247.243; 12.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.AZ
12.AZ.4.157; 12.AZ.4.158; 12.AZ.4.196; 12.AZ.4.223; 12.AZ.4.240; 12.AZ.4.244;
12.AZ.4.243; 12.AZ.4.247; 12.AZ.5.157; 12.AZ.5.158; 12.AZ.5.196; 12.AZ.5.223;
12.AZ.5.240; 12.AZ.5.244; 12.AZ.5.243; 12.AZ.5.247; 12.AZ.7.157; 12.AZ.7.158;
12.AZ.7.196; 12.AZ.7.223; 12.AZ.7.240; 12.AZ.7.244; 12.AZ.7.243; 12.AZ.7.247;
12.AZ.15.157; 12.AZ.15.158; 12.AZ.15.196; 12.AZ.15.223; 12.AZ.15.240; 12.AZ.15.244;
12.AZ.15.243; 12.AZ.15.247; 12.AZ.16.157; 12.AZ.16.158; 12.AZ.16.196; 12.AZ.16.223;
12.AZ.16.240; 12.AZ.16.244; 12.AZ.16.243; 12.AZ.16.247; 12.AZ.18.157; 12.AZ.18.158;
12.AZ.18.196; 12.AZ.18.223; 12.AZ.18.240; 12.AZ.18.244; 12.AZ.18.243; 12.AZ.18.247;
12.AZ.26.157; 12.AZ.26.158; 12.AZ.26.196; 12.AZ.26.223; 12.AZ.26.240; 12.AZ.26.244;
12.AZ.26.243; 12.AZ.26.247; 12.AZ.27.157; 12.AZ.27.158; 12.AZ.27.196; 12.AZ.27.223;
12.AZ.27.240; 12.AZ.27.244; 12.AZ.27.243; 12.AZ.27.247; 12.AZ.29.157; 12.AZ.29.158;
12.AZ.29.196; 12.AZ.29.223; 12.AZ.29.240; 12.AZ.29.244; 12.AZ.29.243; 12.AZ.29.247;
12.AZ.54.157; 12.AZ.54.158; 12.AZ.54.196; 12.AZ.54.223; 12.AZ.54.240; 12.AZ.54.244;
12.AZ.54.243; 12.AZ.54.247; 12.AZ.55.157; 12.AZ.55.158; 12.AZ.55.196; 12.AZ.55.223;
12.AZ.55.240; 12.AZ.55.244; 12.AZ.55.243; 12.AZ.55.247; 12.AZ.56.157; 12.AZ.56.158;
12.AZ.56.196; 12.AZ.56.223; 12.AZ.56.240; 12.AZ.56.244; 12.AZ.56.243; 12.AZ.56.247;
12.AZ.157.157; 12.AZ.157.158; 12.AZ.157.196; 12.AZ.157.223; 12.AZ.157.240;
12.AZ.157.244; 12.AZ.157.243; 12.AZ.157.247; 12.AZ.196.157; 12.AZ.196.158;
12.AZ.196.196; 12.AZ.196.223; 12.AZ.196.240; 12.AZ.196.244; 12.AZ.196.243;
12.AZ.196.247; 12.AZ.223.157; 12.AZ.223.158; 12.AZ.223.196; 12.AZ.223.223;
12.AZ.223.240; 12.AZ.223.244; 12.AZ.223.243; 12.AZ.223.247; 12.AZ.240.157;
12.AZ.240.158; 12.AZ.240.196; 12.AZ.240.223; 12.AZ.240.240; 12.AZ.240.244;
12.AZ.240.243; 12.AZ.240.247; 12.AZ.244.157; 12.AZ.244.158; 12.AZ.244.196;
12.AZ.244.223; 12.AZ.244.240; 12.AZ.244.244; 12.AZ.244.243; 12.AZ.244.247;
12.AZ.247.157; 12.AZ.247.158; 12.AZ.247.196; 12.AZ.247.223; 12.AZ.247.240;
12.AZ.247.244; 12.AZ.247.243; 12.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.BF
12.BF.4.157; 12.BF.4.158; 12.BF.4.196; 12.BF.4.223; 12.BF.4.240; 12.BF.4.244;
12.BF.4.243; 12.BF.4.247; 12.BF.5.157; 12.BF.5.158; 12.BF.5.196; 12.BF.5.223;
12.BF.5.240; 12.BF.5.244; 12.BF.5.243; 12.BF.5.247; 12.BF.7.157; 12.BF.7.158;
12.BF.7.196; 12.BF.7.223; 12.BF.7.240; 12.BF.7.244; 12.BF.7.243; 12.BF.7.247;
12.BF.15.157; 12.BF.15.158; 12.BF.15.196; 12.BF.15.223; 12.BF.15.240; 12.BF.15.244;
12.BF.15.243; 12.BF.15.247; 12.BF.16.157; 12.BF.16.158; 12.BF.16.196; 12.BF.16.223;
12.BF.16.240; 12.BF.16.244; 12.BF.16.243; 12.BF.16.247; 12.BF.18.157; 12.BF.18.158;
12.BF.18.196; 12.BF.18.223; 12.BF.18.240; 12.BF.18.244; 12.BF.18.243; 12.BF.18.247;
12.BF.26.157; 12.BF.26.158; 12.BF.26.196; 12.BF.26.223; 12.BF.26.240; 12.BF.26.244;
12.BF.26.243; 12.BF.26.247; 12.BF.27.157; 12.BF.27.158; 12.BF.27.196; 12.BF.27.223;
12.BF.27.240; 12.BF.27.244; 12.BF.27.243; 12.BF.27.247; 12.BF.29.157; 12.BF.29.158;
12.BF.29.196; 12.BF.29.223; 12.BF.29.240; 12.BF.29.244; 12.BF.29.243; 12.BF.29.247;
12.BF.54.157; 12.BF.54.158; 12.BF.54.196; 12.BF.54.223; 12.BF.54.240; 12.BF.54.244;
12.BF.54.243; 12.BF.54.247; 12.BF.55.157; 12.BF.55.158; 12.BF.55.196; 12.BF.55.223;
12.BF.55.240; 12.BF.55.244; 12.BF.55.243; 12.BF.55.247; 12.BF.56.157; 12.BF.56.158;
12.BF.56.196; 12.BF.56.223; 12.BF.56.240; 12.BF.56.244; 12.BF.56.243; 12.BF.56.247;
12.BF.157.157; 12.BF.157.158; 12.BF.157.196; 12.BF.157.223; 12.BF.157.240;
12.BF.157.244; 12.BF.157.243; 12.BF.157.247; 12.BF.196.157; 12.BF.196.158;
12.BF.196.196; 12.BF.196.223; 12.BF.196.240; 12.BF.196.244; 12.BF.196.243;
12.BF.196.247; 12.BF.223.157; 12.BF.223.158; 12.BF.223.196; 12.BF.223.223;
12.BF.223.240; 12.BF.223.244; 12.BF.223.243; 12.BF.223.247; 12.BF.240.157;
12.BF.240.158; 12.BF.240.196; 12.BF.240.223; 12.BF.240.240; 12.BF.240.244;
12.BF.240.243; 12.BF.240.247; 12.BF.244.157; 12.BF.244.158; 12.BF.244.196;
12.BF.244.223; 12.BF.244.240; 12.BF.244.244; 12.BF.244.243; 12.BF.244.247;
12.BF.247.157; 12.BF.247.158; 12.BF.247.196; 12.BF.247.223; 12.BF.247.240;
12.BF.247.244; 12.BF.247.243; 12.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.CI
12.CI.4.157; 12.CI.4.158; 12.CI.4.196; 12.CI.4.223; 12.CI.4.240; 12.CI.4.244;
12.CI.4.243; 12.CI.4.247; 12.CI.5.157; 12.CI.5.158; 12.CI.5.196; 12.CI.5.223; 12.CI.5.240;
12.CI.5.244; 12.CI.5.243; 12.CI.5.247; 12.CI.7.157; 12.CI.7.158; 12.CI.7.196; 12.CI.7.223;
12.CI.7.240; 12.CI.7.244; 12.CI.7.243; 12.CI.7.247; 12.CI.15.157; 12.CI.15.158;
12.CI.15.196; 12.CI.15.223; 12.CI.15.240; 12.CI.15.244; 12.CI.15.243; 12.CI.15.247;
12.CI.16.157; 12.CI.16.158; 12.CI.16.196; 12.CI.16.223; 12.CI.16.240; 12.CI.16.244;
12.CI.16.243; 12.CI.16.247; 12.CI.18.157; 12.CI.18.158; 12.CI.18.196; 12.CI.18.223;
12.CI.18.240; 12.CI.18.244; 12.CI.18.243; 12.CI.18.247; 12.CI.26.157; 12.CI.26.158;
12.CI.26.196; 12.CI.26.223; 12.CI.26.240; 12.CI.26.244; 12.CI.26.243; 12.CI.26.247;
12.CI.27.157; 12.CI.27.158; 12.CI.27.196; 12.CI.27.223; 12.CI.27.240; 12.CI.27.244;
12.CI.27.243; 12.CI.27.247; 12.CI.29.157; 12.CI.29.158; 12.CI.29.196; 12.CI.29.223;
12.CI.29.240; 12.CI.29.244; 12.CI.29.243; 12.CI.29.247; 12.CI.54.157; 12.CI.54.158;
12.CI.54.196; 12.CI.54.223; 12.CI.54.240; 12.CI.54.244; 12.CI.54.243; 12.CI.54.247;
12.CI.55.157; 12.CI.55.158; 12.CI.55.196; 12.CI.55.223; 12.CI.55.240; 12.CI.55.244;
12.CI.55.243; 12.CI.55.247; 12.CI.56.157; 12.CI.56.158; 12.CI.56.196; 12.CI.56.223;
12.CI.56.240; 12.CI.56.244; 12.CI.56.243; 12.CI.56.247; 12.CI.157.157; 12.CI.157.158;
12.CI.157.196; 12.CI.157.223; 12.CI.157.240; 12.CI.157.244; 12.CI.157.243; 12.CI.157.247;
12.CI.196.157; 12.CI.196.158; 12.CI.196.196; 12.CI.196.223; 12.CI.196.240; 12.CI.196.244;
12.CI.196.243; 12.CI.196.247; 12.CI.223.157; 12.CI.223.158; 12.CI.223.196; 12.CI.223.223;
12.CI.223.240; 12.CI.223.244; 12.CI.223.243; 12.CI.223.247; 12.CI.240.157; 12.CI.240.158;
12.CI.240.196; 12.CI.240.223; 12.CI.240.240; 12.CI.240.244; 12.CI.240.243; 12.CI.240.247;
12.CI.244.157; 12.CI.244.158; 12.CI.244.196; 12.CI.244.223; 12.CI.244.240; 12.CI.244.244;
12.CI.244.243; 12.CI.244.247; 12.CI.247.157; 12.CI.247.158; 12.CI.247.196; 12.CI.247.223;
12.CI.247.240; 12.CI.247.244; 12.CI.247.243; 12.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 12.CO
12.CO.4.157; 12.CO.4.158; 12.CO.4.196; 12.CO.4.223; 12.CO.4.240; 12.CO.4.244;
12.CO.4.243; 12.CO.4.247; 12.CO.5.157; 12.CO.5.158; 12.CO.5.196; 12.CO.5.223;
12.CO.5.240; 12.CO.5.244; 12.CO.5.243; 12.CO.5.247; 12.CO.7.157; 12.CO.7.158;
12.CO.7.196; 12.CO.7.223; 12.CO.7.240; 12.CO.7.244; 12.CO.7.243; 12.CO.7.247;
12.CO.15.157; 12.CO.15.158; 12.CO.15.196; 12.CO.15.223; 12.CO.15.240; 12.CO.15.244;
12.CO.15.243; 12.CO.15.247; 12.CO.16.157; 12.CO.16.158; 12.CO.16.196; 12.CO.16.223;
12.CO.16.240; 12.CO.16.244; 12.CO.16.243; 12.CO.16.247; 12.CO.18.157; 12.CO.18.158;
12.CO.18.196; 12.CO.18.223; 12.CO.18.240; 12.CO.18.244; 12.CO.18.243; 12.CO.18.247;
12.CO.26.157; 12.CO.26.158; 12.CO.26.196; 12.CO.26.223; 12.CO.26.240; 12.CO.26.244;
12.CO.26.243; 12.CO.26.247; 12.CO.27.157; 12.CO.27.158; 12.CO.27.196; 12.CO.27.223;
12.CO.27.240; 12.CO.27.244; 12.CO.27.243; 12.CO.27.247; 12.CO.29.157; 12.CO.29.158;
12.CO.29.196; 12.CO.29.223; 12.CO.29.240; 12.CO.29.244; 12.CO.29.243; 12.CO.29.247;
12.CO.54.157; 12.CO.54.158; 12.CO.54.196; 12.CO.54.223; 12.CO.54.240; 12.CO.54.244;
12.CO.54.243; 12.CO.54.247; 12.CO.55.157; 12.CO.55.158; 12.CO.55.196; 12.CO.55.223;
12.CO.55.240; 12.CO.55.244; 12.CO.55.243; 12.CO.55.247; 12.CO.56.157; 12.CO.56.158;
12.CO.56.196; 12.CO.56.223; 12.CO.56.240; 12.CO.56.244; 12.CO.56.243; 12.CO.56.247;
12.CO.157.157; 12.CO.157.158; 12.CO.157.196; 12.CO.157.223; 12.CO.157.240;
12.CO.157.244; 12.CO.157.243; 12.CO.157.247; 12.CO.196.157; 12.CO.196.158;
12.CO.196.196; 12.CO.196.223; 12.CO.196.240; 12.CO.196.244; 12.CO.196.243;
12.CO.196.247; 12.CO.223.157; 12.CO.223.158; 12.CO.223.196; 12.CO.223.223;
12.CO.223.240; 12.CO.223.244; 12.CO.223.243; 12.CO.223.247; 12.CO.240.157;
12.CO.240.158; 12.CO.240.196; 12.CO.240.223; 12.CO.240.240; 12.CO.240.244;
12.CO.240.243; 12.CO.240.247; 12.CO.244.157; 12.CO.244.158; 12.CO.244.196;
12.CO.244.223; 12.CO.244.240; 12.CO.244.244; 12.CO.244.243; 12.CO.244.247;
12.CO.247.157; 12.CO.247.158; 12.CO.247.196; 12.CO.247.223; 12.CO.247.240;
12.CO.247.244; 12.CO.247.243; 12.CO.247.247.
Prodrugs of 13.B
13.B.228.228; 13.B.228.229; 13.B.228.230; 13.B.228.231; 13.B.228.236; 13.B.228.237;
13.B.228.238; 13.B.228.239; 13.B.228.154; 13.B.228.157; 13.B.228.166; 13.B.228.169;
13.B.228.172; 13.B.228.175; 13.B.228.240; 13.B.228.244; 13.B.229.228; 13.B.229.229;
13.B.229.230; 13.B.229.231; 13.B.229.236; 13.B.229.237; 13.B.229.238; 13.B.229.239;
13.B.229.154; 13.B.229.157; 13.B.229.166; 13.B.229.169; 13.B.229.172; 13.B.229.175;
13.B.229.240; 13.B.229.244; 13.B.230.228; 13.B.230.229; 13.B.230.230; 13.B.230.231;
13.B.230.236; 13.B.230.237; 13.B.230.238; 13.B.230.239; 13.B.230.154; 13.B.230.157;
13.B.230.166; 13.B.230.169; 13.B.230.172; 13.B.230.175; 13.B.230.240; 13.B.230.244;
13.B.231.228; 13.B.231.229; 13.B.231.230; 13.B.231.231; 13.B.231.236; 13.B.231.237;
13.B.231.238; 13.B.231.239; 13.B.231.154; 13.B.231.157; 13.B.231.166; 13.B.231.169;
13.B.231.172; 13.B.231.175; 13.B.231.240; 13.B.231.244; 13.B.236.228; 13.B.236.229;
13.B.236.230; 13.B.236.231; 13.B.236.236; 13.B.236.237; 13.B.236.238; 13.B.236.239;
13.B.236.154; 13.B.236.157; 13.B.236.166; 13.B.236.169; 13.B.236.172; 13.B.236.175;
13.B.236.240; 13.B.236.244; 13.B.237.228; 13.B.237.229; 13.B.237.230; 13.B.237.231;
13.B.237.236; 13.B.237.237; 13.B.237.238; 13.B.237.239; 13.B.237.154; 13.B.237.157;
13.B.237.166; 13.B.237.169; 13.B.237.172; 13.B.237.175; 13.B.237.240; 13.B.237.244;
13.B.238.228; 13.B.238.229; 13.B.238.230; 13.B.238.231; 13.B.238.236; 13.B.238.237;
13.B.238.238; 13.B.238.239; 13.B.238.154; 13.B.238.157; 13.B.238.166; 13.B.238.169;
13.B.238.172; 13.B.238.175; 13.B.238.240; 13.B.238.244; 13.B.239.228; 13.B.239.229;
13.B.239.230; 13.B.239.231; 13.B.239.236; 13.B.239.237; 13.B.239.238; 13.B.239.239;
13.B.239.154; 13.B.239.157; 13.B.239.166; 13.B.239.169; 13.B.239.172; 13.B.239.175;
13.B.239.240; 13.B.239.244; 13.B.154.228; 13.B.154.229; 13.B.154.230; 13.B.154.231;
13.B.154.236; 13.B.154.237; 13.B.154.238; 13.B.154.239; 13.B.154.154; 13.B.154.157;
13.B.154.166; 13.B.154.169; 13.B.154.172; 13.B.154.175; 13.B.154.240; 13.B.154.244;
13.B.157.228; 13.B.157.229; 13.B.157.230; 13.B.157.231; 13.B.157.236; 13.B.157.237;
13.B.157.238; 13.B.157.239; 13.B.157.154; 13.B.157.157; 13.B.157.166; 13.B.157.169;
13.B.157.172; 13.B.157.175; 13.B.157.240; 13.B.157.244; 13.B.166.228; 13.B.166.229;
13.B.166.230; 13.B.166.231; 13.B.166.236; 13.B.166.237; 13.B.166.238; 13.B.166.239;
13.B.166.154; 13.B.166.157; 13.B.166.166; 13.B.166.169; 13.B.166.172; 13.B.166.175;
13.B.166.240; 13.B.166.244; 13.B.169.228; 13.B.169.229; 13.B.169.230; 13.B.169.231;
13.B.169.236; 13.B.169.237; 13.B.169.238; 13.B.169.239; 13.B.169.154; 13.B.169.157;
13.B.169.166; 13.B.169.169; 13.B.169.172; 13.B.169.175; 13.B.169.240; 13.B.169.244;
13.B.172.228; 13.B.172.229; 13.B.172.230; 13.B.172.231; 13.B.172.236; 13.B.172.237;
13.B.172.238; 13.B.172.239; 13.B.172.154; 13.B.172.157; 13.B.172.166; 13.B.172.169;
13.B.172.172; 13.B.172.175; 13.B.172.240; 13.B.172.244; 13.B.175.228; 13.B.175.229;
13.B.175.230; 13.B.175.231; 13.B.175.236; 13.B.175.237; 13.B.175.238; 13.B.175.239;
13.B.175.154; 13.B.175.157; 13.B.175.166; 13.B.175.169; 13.B.175.172; 13.B.175.175;
13.B.175.240; 13.B.175.244; 13.B.240.228; 13.B.240.229; 13.B.240.230; 13.B.240.231;
13.B.240.236; 13.B.240.237; 13.B.240.238; 13.B.240.239; 13.B.240.154; 13.B.240.157;
13.B.240.166; 13.B.240.169; 13.B.240.172; 13.B.240.175; 13.B.240.240; 13.B.240.244;
13.B.244.228; 13.B.244.229; 13.B.244.230; 13.B.244.231; 13.B.244.236; 13.B.244.237;
13.B.244.238; 13.B.244.239; 13.B.244.154; 13.B.244.157; 13.B.244.166; 13.B.244.169;
13.B.244.172; 13.B.244.175; 13.B.244.240; 13.B.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.D
13.D.228.228; 13.D.228.229; 13.D.228.230; 13.D.228.231; 13.D.228.236; 13.D.228.237;
13.D.228.238; 13.D.228.239; 13.D.228.154; 13.D.228.157; 13.D.228.166; 13.D.228.169;
13.D.228.172; 13.D.228.175; 13.D.228.240; 13.D.228.244; 13.D.229.228; 13.D.229.229;
13.D.229.230; 13.D.229.231; 13.D.229.236; 13.D.229.237; 13.D.229.238; 13.D.229.239;
13.D.229.154; 13.D.229.157; 13.D.229.166; 13.D.229.169; 13.D.229.172; 13.D.229.175;
13.D.229.240; 13.D.229.244; 13.D.230.228; 13.D.230.229; 13.D.230.230; 13.D.230.231;
13.D.230.236; 13.D.230.237; 13.D.230.238; 13.D.230.239; 13.D.230.154; 13.D.230.157;
13.D.230.166; 13.D.230.169; 13.D.230.172; 13.D.230.175; 13.D.230.240; 13.D.230.244;
13.D.231.228; 13.D.231.229; 13.D.231.230; 13.D.231.231; 13.D.231.236; 13.D.231.237;
13.D.231.238; 13.D.231.239; 13.D.231.154; 13.D.231.157; 13.D.231.166; 13.D.231.169;
13.D.231.172; 13.D.231.175; 13.D.231.240; 13.D.231.244; 13.D.236.228; 13.D.236.229;
13.D.236.230; 13.D.236.231; 13.D.236.236; 13.D.236.237; 13.D.236.238; 13.D.236.239;
13.D.236.154; 13.D.236.157; 13.D.236.166; 13.D.236.169; 13.D.236.172; 13.D.236.175;
13.D.236.240; 13.D.236.244; 13.D.237.228; 13.D.237.229; 13.D.237.230; 13.D.237.231;
13.D.237.236; 13.D.237.237; 13.D.237.238; 13.D.237.239; 13.D.237.154; 13.D.237.157;
13.D.237.166; 13.D.237.169; 13.D.237.172; 13.D.237.175; 13.D.237.240; 13.D.237.244;
13.D.238.228; 13.D.238.229; 13.D.238.230; 13.D.238.231; 13.D.238.236; 13.D.238.237;
13.D.238.238; 13.D.238.239; 13.D.238.154; 13.D.238.157; 13.D.238.166; 13.D.238.169;
13.D.238.172; 13.D.238.175; 13.D.238.240; 13.D.238.244; 13.D.239.228; 13.D.239.229;
13.D.239.230; 13.D.239.231; 13.D.239.236; 13.D.239.237; 13.D.239.238; 13.D.239.239;
13.D.239.154; 13.D.239.157; 13.D.239.166; 13.D.239.169; 13.D.239.172; 13.D.239.175;
13.D.239.240; 13.D.239.244; 13.D.154.228; 13.D.154.229; 13.D.154.230; 13.D.154.231;
13.D.154.236; 13.D.154.237; 13.D.154.238; 13.D.154.239; 13.D.154.154; 13.D.154.157;
13.D.154.166; 13.D.154.169; 13.D.154.172; 13.D.154.175; 13.D.154.240; 13.D.154.244;
13.D.157.228; 13.D.157.229; 13.D.157.230; 13.D.157.231; 13.D.157.236; 13.D.157.237;
13.D.157.238; 13.D.157.239; 13.D.157.154; 13.D.157.157; 13.D.157.166; 13.D.157.169;
13.D.157.172; 13.D.157.175; 13.D.157.240; 13.D.157.244; 13.D.166.228; 13.D.166.229;
13.D.166.230; 13.D.166.231; 13.D.166.236; 13.D.166.237; 13.D.166.238; 13.D.166.239;
13.D.166.154; 13.D.166.157; 13.D.166.166; 13.D.166.169; 13.D.166.172; 13.D.166.175;
13.D.166.240; 13.D.166.244; 13.D.169.228; 13.D.169.229; 13.D.169.230; 13.D.169.231;
13.D.169.236; 13.D.169.237; 13.D.169.238; 13.D.169.239; 13.D.169.154; 13.D.169.157;
13.D.169.166; 13.D.169.169; 13.D.169.172; 13.D.169.175; 13.D.169.240; 13.D.169.244;
13.D.172.228; 13.D.172.229; 13.D.172.230; 13.D.172.231; 13.D.172.236; 13.D.172.237;
13.D.172.238; 13.D.172.239; 13.D.172.154; 13.D.172.157; 13.D.172.166; 13.D.172.169;
13.D.172.172; 13.D.172.175; 13.D.172.240; 13.D.172.244; 13.D.175.228; 13.D.175.229;
13.D.175.230; 13.D.175.231; 13.D.175.236; 13.D.175.237; 13.D.175.238; 13.D.175.239;
13.D.175.154; 13.D.175.157; 13.D.175.166; 13.D.175.169; 13.D.175.172; 13.D.175.175;
13.D.175.240; 13.D.175.244; 13.D.240.228; 13.D.240.229; 13.D.240.230; 13.D.240.231;
13.D.240.236; 13.D.240.237; 13.D.240.238; 13.D.240.239; 13.D.240.154; 13.D.240.157;
13.D.240.166; 13.D.240.169; 13.D.240.172; 13.D.240.175; 13.D.240.240; 13.D.240.244;
13.D.244.228; 13.D.244.229; 13.D.244.230; 13.D.244.231; 13.D.244.236; 13.D.244.237;
13.D.244.238; 13.D.244.239; 13.D.244.154; 13.D.244.157; 13.D.244.166; 13.D.244.169;
13.D.244.172; 13.D.244.175; 13.D.244.240; 13.D.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.E
13.E.228.228; 13.E.228.229; 13.E.228.230; 13.E.228.231; 13.E.228.236; 13.E.228.237;
13.E.228.238; 13.E.228.239; 13.E.228.154; 13.E.228.157; 13.E.228.166; 13.E.228.169;
13.E.228.172; 13.E.228.175; 13.E.228.240; 13.E.228.244; 13.E.229.228; 13.E.229.229;
13.E.229.230; 13.E.229.231; 13.E.229.236; 13.E.229.237; 13.E.229.238; 13.E.229.239;
13.E.229.154; 13.E.229.157; 13.E.229.166; 13.E.229.169; 13.E.229.172; 13.E.229.175;
13.E.229.240; 13.E.229.244; 13.E.230.228; 13.E.230.229; 13.E.230.230; 13.E.230.231;
13.E.230.236; 13.E.230.237; 13.E.230.238; 13.E.230.239; 13.E.230.154; 13.E.230.157;
13.E.230.166; 13.E.230.169; 13.E.230.172; 13.E.230.175; 13.E.230.240; 13.E.230.244;
13.E.231.228; 13.E.231.229; 13.E.231.230; 13.E.231.231; 13.E.231.236; 13.E.231.237;
13.E.231.238; 13.E.231.239; 13.E.231.154; 13.E.231.157; 13.E.231.166; 13.E.231.169;
13.E.231.172; 13.E.231.175; 13.E.231.240; 13.E.231.244; 13.E.236.228; 13.E.236.229;
13.E.236.230; 13.E.236.231; 13.E.236.236; 13.E.236.237; 13.E.236.238; 13.E.236.239;
13.E.236.154; 13.E.236.157; 13.E.236.166; 13.E.236.169; 13.E.236.172; 13.E.236.175;
13.E.236.240; 13.E.236.244; 13.E.237.228; 13.E.237.229; 13.E.237.230; 13.E.237.231;
13.E.237.236; 13.E.237.237; 13.E.237.238; 13.E.237.239; 13.E.237.154; 13.E.237.157;
13.E.237.166; 13.E.237.169; 13.E.237.172; 13.E.237.175; 13.E.237.240; 13.E.237.244;
13.E.238.228; 13.E.238.229; 13.E.238.230; 13.E.238.231; 13.E.238.236; 13.E.238.237;
13.E.238.238; 13.E.238.239; 13.E.238.154; 13.E.238.157; 13.E.238.166; 13.E.238.169;
13.E.238.172; 13.E.238.175; 13.E.238.240; 13.E.238.244; 13.E.239.228; 13.E.239.229;
13.E.239.230; 13.E.239.231; 13.E.239.236; 13.E.239.237; 13.E.239.238; 13.E.239.239;
13.E.239.154; 13.E.239.157; 13.E.239.166; 13.E.239.169; 13.E.239.172; 13.E.239.175;
13.E.239.240; 13.E.239.244; 13.E.154.228; 13.E.154.229; 13.E.154.230; 13.E.154.231;
13.E.154.236; 13.E.154.237; 13.E.154.238; 13.E.154.239; 13.E.154.154; 13.E.154.157;
13.E.154.166; 13.E.154.169; 13.E.154.172; 13.E.154.175; 13.E.154.240; 13.E.154.244;
13.E.157.228; 13.E.157.229; 13.E.157.230; 13.E.157.231; 13.E.157.236; 13.E.157.237;
13.E.157.238; 13.E.157.239; 13.E.157.154; 13.E.157.157; 13.E.157.166; 13.E.157.169;
13.E.157.172; 13.E.157.175; 13.E.157.240; 13.E.157.244; 13.E.166.228; 13.E.166.229;
13.E.166.230; 13.E.166.231; 13.E.166.236; 13.E.166.237; 13.E.166.238; 13.E.166.239;
13.E.166.154; 13.E.166.157; 13.E.166.166; 13.E.166.169; 13.E.166.172; 13.E.166.175;
13.E.166.240; 13.E.166.244; 13.E.169.228; 13.E.169.229; 13.E.169.230; 13.E.169.231;
13.E.169.236; 13.E.169.237; 13.E.169.238; 13.E.169.239; 13.E.169.154; 13.E.169.157;
13.E.169.166; 13.E.169.169; 13.E.169.172; 13.E.169.175; 13.E.169.240; 13.E.169.244;
13.E.172.228; 13.E.172.229; 13.E.172.230; 13.E.172.231; 13.E.172.236; 13.E.172.237;
13.E.172.238; 13.E.172.239; 13.E.172.154; 13.E.172.157; 13.E.172.166; 13.E.172.169;
13.E.172.172; 13.E.172.175; 13.E.172.240; 13.E.172.244; 13.E.175.228; 13.E.175.229;
13.E.175.230; 13.E.175.231; 13.E.175.236; 13.E.175.237; 13.E.175.238; 13.E.175.239;
13.E.175.154; 13.E.175.157; 13.E.175.166; 13.E.175.169; 13.E.175.172; 13.E.175.175;
13.E.175.240; 13.E.175.244; 13.E.240.228; 13.E.240.229; 13.E.240.230; 13.E.240.231;
13.E.240.236; 13.E.240.237; 13.E.240.238; 13.E.240.239; 13.E.240.154; 13.E.240.157;
13.E.240.166; 13.E.240.169; 13.E.240.172; 13.E.240.175; 13.E.240.240; 13.E.240.244;
13.E.244.228; 13.E.244.229; 13.E.244.230; 13.E.244.231; 13.E.244.236; 13.E.244.237;
13.E.244.238; 13.E.244.239; 13.E.244.154; 13.E.244.157; 13.E.244.166; 13.E.244.169;
13.E.244.172; 13.E.244.175; 13.E.244.240; 13.E.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.G
13.G.228.228; 13.G.228.229; 13.G.228.230; 13.G.228.231; 13.G.228.236; 13.G.228.237;
13.G.228.238; 13.G.228.239; 13.G.228.154; 13.G.228.157; 13.G.228.166; 13.G.228.169;
13.G.228.172; 13.G.228.175; 13.G.228.240; 13.G.228.244; 13.G.229.228; 13.G.229.229;
13.G.229.230; 13.G.229.231; 13.G.229.236; 13.G.229.237; 13.G.229.238; 13.G.229.239;
13.G.229.154; 13.G.229.157; 13.G.229.166; 13.G.229.169; 13.G.229.172; 13.G.229.175;
13.G.229.240; 13.G.229.244; 13.G.230.228; 13.G.230.229; 13.G.230.230; 13.G.230.231;
13.G.230.236; 13.G.230.237; 13.G.230.238; 13.G.230.239; 13.G.230.154; 13.G.230.157;
13.G.230.166; 13.G.230.169; 13.G.230.172; 13.G.230.175; 13.G.230.240; 13.G.230.244;
13.G.231.228; 13.G.231.229; 13.G.231.230; 13.G.231.231; 13.G.231.236; 13.G.231.237;
13.G.231.238; 13.G.231.239; 13.G.231.154; 13.G.231.157; 13.G.231.166; 13.G.231.169;
13.G.231.172; 13.G.231.175; 13.G.231.240; 13.G.231.244; 13.G.236.228; 13.G.236.229;
13.G.236.230; 13.G.236.231; 13.G.236.236; 13.G.236.237; 13.G.236.238; 13.G.236.239;
13.G.236.154; 13.G.236.157; 13.G.236.166; 13.G.236.169; 13.G.236.172; 13.G.236.175;
13.G.236.240; 13.G.236.244; 13.G.237.228; 13.G.237.229; 13.G.237.230; 13.G.237.231;
13.G.237.236; 13.G.237.237; 13.G.237.238; 13.G.237.239; 13.G.237.154; 13.G.237.157;
13.G.237.166; 13.G.237.169; 13.G.237.172; 13.G.237.175; 13.G.237.240; 13.G.237.244;
13.G.238.228; 13.G.238.229; 13.G.238.230; 13.G.238.231; 13.G.238.236; 13.G.238.237;
13.G.238.238; 13.G.238.239; 13.G.238.154; 13.G.238.157; 13.G.238.166; 13.G.238.169;
13.G.238.172; 13.G.238.175; 13.G.238.240; 13.G.238.244; 13.G.239.228; 13.G.239.229;
13.G.239.230; 13.G.239.231; 13.G.239.236; 13.G.239.237; 13.G.239.238; 13.G.239.239;
13.G.239.154; 13.G.239.157; 13.G.239.166; 13.G.239.169; 13.G.239.172; 13.G.239.175;
13.G.239.240; 13.G.239.244; 13.G.154.228; 13.G.154.229; 13.G.154.230; 13.G.154.231;
13.G.154.236; 13.G.154.237; 13.G.154.238; 13.G.154.239; 13.G.154.154; 13.G.154.157;
13.G.154.166; 13.G.154.169; 13.G.154.172; 13.G.154.175; 13.G.154.240; 13.G.154.244;
13.G.157.228; 13.G.157.229; 13.G.157.230; 13.G.157.231; 13.G.157.236; 13.G.157.237;
13.G.157.238; 13.G.157.239; 13.G.157.154; 13.G.157.157; 13.G.157.166; 13.G.157.169;
13.G.157.172; 13.G.157.175; 13.G.157.240; 13.G.157.244; 13.G.166.228; 13.G.166.229;
13.G.166.230; 13.G.166.231; 13.G.166.236; 13.G.166.237; 13.G.166.238; 13.G.166.239;
13.G.166.154; 13.G.166.157; 13.G.166.166; 13.G.166.169; 13.G.166.172; 13.G.166.175;
13.G.166.240; 13.G.166.244; 13.G.169.228; 13.G.169.229; 13.G.169.230; 13.G.169.231;
13.G.169.236; 13.G.169.237; 13.G.169.238; 13.G.169.239; 13.G.169.154; 13.G.169.157;
13.G.169.166; 13.G.169.169; 13.G.169.172; 13.G.169.175; 13.G.169.240; 13.G.169.244;
13.G.172.228; 13.G.172.229; 13.G.172.230; 13.G.172.231; 13.G.172.236; 13.G.172.237;
13.G.172.238; 13.G.172.239; 13.G.172.154; 13.G.172.157; 13.G.172.166; 13.G.172.169;
13.G.172.172; 13.G.172.175; 13.G.172.240; 13.G.172.244; 13.G.175.228; 13.G.175.229;
13.G.175.230; 13.G.175.231; 13.G.175.236; 13.G.175.237; 13.G.175.238; 13.G.175.239;
13.G.175.154; 13.G.175.157; 13.G.175.166; 13.G.175.169; 13.G.175.172; 13.G.175.175;
13.G.175.240; 13.G.175.244; 13.G.240.228; 13.G.240.229; 13.G.240.230; 13.G.240.231;
13.G.240.236; 13.G.240.237; 13.G.240.238; 13.G.240.239; 13.G.240.154; 13.G.240.157;
13.G.240.166; 13.G.240.169; 13.G.240.172; 13.G.240.175; 13.G.240.240; 13.G.240.244;
13.G.244.228; 13.G.244.229; 13.G.244.230; 13.G.244.231; 13.G.244.236; 13.G.244.237;
13.G.244.238; 13.G.244.239; 13.G.244.154; 13.G.244.157; 13.G.244.166; 13.G.244.169;
13.G.244.172; 13.G.244.175; 13.G.244.240; 13.G.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.I
13.I.228.228; 13.I.228.229; 13.I.228.230; 13.I.228.231; 13.I.228.236; 13.I.228.237;
13.I.228.238; 13.I.228.239; 13.I.228.154; 13.I.228.157; 13.I.228.166; 13.I.228.169;
13.I.228.172; 13.I.228.175; 13.I.228.240; 13.I.228.244; 13.I.229.228; 13.I.229.229;
13.I.229.230; 13.I.229.231; 13.I.229.236; 13.I.229.237; 13.I.229.238; 13.I.229.239;
13.I.229.154; 13.I.229.157; 13.I.229.166; 13.I.229.169; 13.I.229.172; 13.I.229.175;
13.I.229.240; 13.I.229.244; 13.I.230.228; 13.I.230.229; 13.I.230.230; 13.I.230.231;
13.I.230.236; 13.I.230.237; 13.I.230.238; 13.I.230.239; 13.I.230.154; 13.I.230.157;
13.I.230.166; 13.I.230.169; 13.I.230.172; 13.I.230.175; 13.I.230.240; 13.I.230.244;
13.I.231.228; 13.I.231.229; 13.I.231.230; 13.I.231.231; 13.I.231.236; 13.I.231.237;
13.I.231.238; 13.I.231.239; 13.I.231.154; 13.I.231.157; 13.I.231.166; 13.I.231.169;
13.I.231.172; 13.I.231.175; 13.I.231.240; 13.I.231.244; 13.I.236.228; 13.I.236.229;
13.I.236.230; 13.I.236.231; 13.I.236.236; 13.I.236.237; 13.I.236.238; 13.I.236.239;
13.I.236.154; 13.I.236.157; 13.I.236.166; 13.I.236.169; 13.I.236.172; 13.I.236.175;
13.I.236.240; 13.I.236.244; 13.I.237.228; 13.I.237.229; 13.I.237.230; 13.I.237.231;
13.I.237.236; 13.I.237.237; 13.I.237.238; 13.I.237.239; 13.I.237.154; 13.I.237.157;
13.I.237.166; 13.I.237.169; 13.I.237.172; 13.I.237.175; 13.I.237.240; 13.I.237.244;
13.I.238.228; 13.I.238.229; 13.I.238.230; 13.I.238.231; 13.I.238.236; 13.I.238.237;
13.I.238.238; 13.I.238.239; 13.I.238.154; 13.I.238.157; 13.I.238.166; 13.I.238.169;
13.I.238.172; 13.I.238.175; 13.I.238.240; 13.I.238.244; 13.I.239.228; 13.I.239.229;
13.I.239.230; 13.I.239.231; 13.I.239.236; 13.I.239.237; 13.I.239.238; 13.I.239.239;
13.I.239.154; 13.I.239.157; 13.I.239.166; 13.I.239.169; 13.I.239.172; 13.I.239.175;
13.I.239.240; 13.I.239.244; 13.I.154.228; 13.I.154.229; 13.I.154.230; 13.I.154.231;
13.I.154.236; 13.I.154.237; 13.I.154.238; 13.I.154.239; 13.I.154.154; 13.I.154.157;
13.I.154.166; 13.I.154.169; 13.I.154.172; 13.I.154.175; 13.I.154.240; 13.I.154.244;
13.I.157.228; 13.I.157.229; 13.I.157.230; 13.I.157.231; 13.I.157.236; 13.I.157.237;
13.I.157.238; 13.I.157.239; 13.I.157.154; 13.I.157.157; 13.I.157.166; 13.I.157.169;
13.I.157.172; 13.I.157.175; 13.I.157.240; 13.I.157.244; 13.I.166.228; 13.I.166.229;
13.I.166.230; 13.I.166.231; 13.I.166.236; 13.I.166.237; 13.I.166.238; 13.I.166.239;
13.I.166.154; 13.I.166.157; 13.I.166.166; 13.I.166.169; 13.I.166.172; 13.I.166.175;
13.I.166.240; 13.I.166.244; 13.I.169.228; 13.I.169.229; 13.I.169.230; 13.I.169.231;
13.I.169.236; 13.I.169.237; 13.I.169.238; 13.I.169.239; 13.I.169.154; 13.I.169.157;
13.I.169.166; 13.I.169.169; 13.I.169.172; 13.I.169.175; 13.I.169.240; 13.I.169.244;
13.I.172.228; 13.I.172.229; 13.I.172.230; 13.I.172.231; 13.I.172.236; 13.I.172.237;
13.I.172.238; 13.I.172.239; 13.I.172.154; 13.I.172.157; 13.I.172.166; 13.I.172.169;
13.I.172.172; 13.I.172.175; 13.I.172.240; 13.I.172.244; 13.I.175.228; 13.I.175.229;
13.I.175.230; 13.I.175.231; 13.I.175.236; 13.I.175.237; 13.I.175.238; 13.I.175.239;
13.I.175.154; 13.I.175.157; 13.I.175.166; 13.I.175.169; 13.I.175.172; 13.I.175.175;
13.I.175.240; 13.I.175.244; 13.I.240.228; 13.I.240.229; 13.I.240.230; 13.I.240.231;
13.I.240.236; 13.I.240.237; 13.I.240.238; 13.I.240.239; 13.I.240.154; 13.I.240.157;
13.I.240.166; 13.I.240.169; 13.I.240.172; 13.I.240.175; 13.I.240.240; 13.I.240.244;
13.I.244.228; 13.I.244.229; 13.I.244.230; 13.I.244.231; 13.I.244.236; 13.I.244.237;
13.I.244.238; 13.I.244.239; 13.I.244.154; 13.I.244.157; 13.I.244.166; 13.I.244.169;
13.I.244.172; 13.I.244.175; 13.I.244.240; 13.I.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.J
13.J.228.228; 13.J.228.229; 13.J.228.230; 13.J.228.231; 13.J.228.236; 13.J.228.237;
13.J.228.238; 13.J.228.239; 13.J.228.154; 13.J.228.157; 13.J.228.166; 13.J.228.169;
13.J.228.172; 13.J.228.175; 13.J.228.240; 13.J.228.244; 13.J.229.228; 13.J.229.229;
13.J.229.230; 13.J.229.231; 13.J.229.236; 13.J.229.237; 13.J.229.238; 13.J.229.239;
13.J.229.154; 13.J.229.157; 13.J.229.166; 13.J.229.169; 13.J.229.172; 13.J.229.175;
13.J.229.240; 13.J.229.244; 13.J.230.228; 13.J.230.229; 13.J.230.230; 13.J.230.231;
13.J.230.236; 13.J.230.237; 13.J.230.238; 13.J.230.239; 13.J.230.154; 13.J.230.157;
13.J.230.166; 13.J.230.169; 13.J.230.172; 13.J.230.175; 13.J.230.240; 13.J.230.244;
13.J.231.228; 13.J.231.229; 13.J.231.230; 13.J.231.231; 13.J.231.236; 13.J.231.237;
13.J.231.238; 13.J.231.239; 13.J.231.154; 13.J.231.157; 13.J.231.166; 13.J.231.169;
13.J.231.172; 13.J.231.175; 13.J.231.240; 13.J.231.244; 13.J.236.228; 13.J.236.229;
13.J.236.230; 13.J.236.231; 13.J.236.236; 13.J.236.237; 13.J.236.238; 13.J.236.239;
13.J.236.154; 13.J.236.157; 13.J.236.166; 13.J.236.169; 13.J.236.172; 13.J.236.175;
13.J.236.240; 13.J.236.244; 13.J.237.228; 13.J.237.229; 13.J.237.230; 13.J.237.231;
13.J.237.236; 13.J.237.237; 13.J.237.238; 13.J.237.239; 13.J.237.154; 13.J.237.157;
13.J.237.166; 13.J.237.169; 13.J.237.172; 13.J.237.175; 13.J.237.240; 13.J.237.244;
13.J.238.228; 13.J.238.229; 13.J.238.230; 13.J.238.231; 13.J.238.236; 13.J.238.237;
13.J.238.238; 13.J.238.239; 13.J.238.154; 13.J.238.157; 13.J.238.166; 13.J.238.169;
13.J.238.172; 13.J.238.175; 13.J.238.240; 13.J.238.244; 13.J.239.228; 13.J.239.229;
13.J.239.230; 13.J.239.231; 13.J.239.236; 13.J.239.237; 13.J.239.238; 13.J.239.239;
13.J.239.154; 13.J.239.157; 13.J.239.166; 13.J.239.169; 13.J.239.172; 13.J.239.175;
13.J.239.240; 13.J.239.244; 13.J.154.228; 13.J.154.229; 13.J.154.230; 13.J.154.231;
13.J.154.236; 13.J.154.237; 13.J.154.238; 13.J.154.239; 13.J.154.154; 13.J.154.157;
13.J.154.166; 13.J.154.169; 13.J.154.172; 13.J.154.175; 13.J.154.240; 13.J.154.244;
13.J.157.228; 13.J.157.229; 13.J.157.230; 13.J.157.231; 13.J.157.236; 13.J.157.237;
13.J.157.238; 13.J.157.239; 13.J.157.154; 13.J.157.157; 13.J.157.166; 13.J.157.169;
13.J.157.172; 13.J.157.175; 13.J.157.240; 13.J.157.244; 13.J.166.228; 13.J.166.229;
13.J.166.230; 13.J.166.231; 13.J.166.236; 13.J.166.237; 13.J.166.238; 13.J.166.239;
13.J.166.154; 13.J.166.157; 13.J.166.166; 13.J.166.169; 13.J.166.172; 13.J.166.175;
13.J.166.240; 13.J.166.244; 13.J.169.228; 13.J.169.229; 13.J.169.230; 13.J.169.231;
13.J.169.236; 13.J.169.237; 13.J.169.238; 13.J.169.239; 13.J.169.154; 13.J.169.157;
13.J.169.166; 13.J.169.169; 13.J.169.172; 13.J.169.175; 13.J.169.240; 13.J.169.244;
13.J.172.228; 13.J.172.229; 13.J.172.230; 13.J.172.231; 13.J.172.236; 13.J.172.237;
13.J.172.238; 13.J.172.239; 13.J.172.154; 13.J.172.157; 13.J.172.166; 13.J.172.169;
13.J.172.172; 13.J.172.175; 13.J.172.240; 13.J.172.244; 13.J.175.228; 13.J.175.229;
13.J.175.230; 13.J.175.231; 13.J.175.236; 13.J.175.237; 13.J.175.238; 13.J.175.239;
13.J.175.154; 13.J.175.157; 13.J.175.166; 13.J.175.169; 13.J.175.172; 13.J.175.175;
13.J.175.240; 13.J.175.244; 13.J.240.228; 13.J.240.229; 13.J.240.230; 13.J.240.231;
13.J.240.236; 13.J.240.237; 13.J.240.238; 13.J.240.239; 13.J.240.154; 13.J.240.157;
13.J.240.166; 13.J.240.169; 13.J.240.172; 13.J.240.175; 13.J.240.240; 13.J.240.244;
13.J.244.228; 13.J.244.229; 13.J.244.230; 13.J.244.231; 13.J.244.236; 13.J.244.237;
13.J.244.238; 13.J.244.239; 13.J.244.154; 13.J.244.157; 13.J.244.166; 13.J.244.169;
13.J.244.172; 13.J.244.175; 13.J.244.240; 13.J.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.L
13.L.228.228; 13.L.228.229; 13.L.228.230; 13.L.228.231; 13.L.228.236; 13.L.228.237;
13.L.228.238; 13.L.228.239; 13.L.228.154; 13.L.228.157; 13.L.228.166; 13.L.228.169;
13.L.228.172; 13.L.228.175; 13.L.228.240; 13.L.228.244; 13.L.229.228; 13.L.229.229;
13.L.229.230; 13.L.229.231; 13.L.229.236; 13.L.229.237; 13.L.229.238; 13.L.229.239;
13.L.229.154; 13.L.229.157; 13.L.229.166; 13.L.229.169; 13.L.229.172; 13.L.229.175;
13.L.229.240; 13.L.229.244; 13.L.230.228; 13.L.230.229; 13.L.230.230; 13.L.230.231;
13.L.230.236; 13.L.230.237; 13.L.230.238; 13.L.230.239; 13.L.230.154; 13.L.230.157;
13.L.230.166; 13.L.230.169; 13.L.230.172; 13.L.230.175; 13.L.230.240; 13.L.230.244;
13.L.231.228; 13.L.231.229; 13.L.231.230; 13.L.231.231; 13.L.231.236; 13.L.231.237;
13.L.231.238; 13.L.231.239; 13.L.231.154; 13.L.231.157; 13.L.231.166; 13.L.231.169;
13.L.231.172; 13.L.231.175; 13.L.231.240; 13.L.231.244; 13.L.236.228; 13.L.236.229;
13.L.236.230; 13.L.236.231; 13.L.236.236; 13.L.236.237; 13.L.236.238; 13.L.236.239;
13.L.236.154; 13.L.236.157; 13.L.236.166; 13.L.236.169; 13.L.236.172; 13.L.236.175;
13.L.236.240; 13.L.236.244; 13.L.237.228; 13.L.237.229; 13.L.237.230; 13.L.237.231;
13.L.237.236; 13.L.237.237; 13.L.237.238; 13.L.237.239; 13.L.237.154; 13.L.237.157;
13.L.237.166; 13.L.237.169; 13.L.237.172; 13.L.237.175; 13.L.237.240; 13.L.237.244;
13.L.238.228; 13.L.238.229; 13.L.238.230; 13.L.238.231; 13.L.238.236; 13.L.238.237;
13.L.238.238; 13.L.238.239; 13.L.238.154; 13.L.238.157; 13.L.238.166; 13.L.238.169;
13.L.238.172; 13.L.238.175; 13.L.238.240; 13.L.238.244; 13.L.239.228; 13.L.239.229;
13.L.239.230; 13.L.239.231; 13.L.239.236; 13.L.239.237; 13.L.239.238; 13.L.239.239;
13.L.239.154; 13.L.239.157; 13.L.239.166; 13.L.239.169; 13.L.239.172; 13.L.239.175;
13.L.239.240; 13.L.239.244; 13.L.154.228; 13.L.154.229; 13.L.154.230; 13.L.154.231;
13.L.154.236; 13.L.154.237; 13.L.154.238; 13.L.154.239; 13.L.154.154; 13.L.154.157;
13.L.154.166; 13.L.154.169; 13.L.154.172; 13.L.154.175; 13.L.154.240; 13.L.154.244;
13.L.157.228; 13.L.157.229; 13.L.157.230; 13.L.157.231; 13.L.157.236; 13.L.157.237;
13.L.157.238; 13.L.157.239; 13.L.157.154; 13.L.157.157; 13.L.157.166; 13.L.157.169;
13.L.157.172; 13.L.157.175; 13.L.157.240; 13.L.157.244; 13.L.166.228; 13.L.166.229;
13.L.166.230; 13.L.166.231; 13.L.166.236; 13.L.166.237; 13.L.166.238; 13.L.166.239;
13.L.166.154; 13.L.166.157; 13.L.166.166; 13.L.166.169; 13.L.166.172; 13.L.166.175;
13.L.166.240; 13.L.166.244; 13.L.169.228; 13.L.169.229; 13.L.169.230; 13.L.169.231;
13.L.169.236; 13.L.169.237; 13.L.169.238; 13.L.169.239; 13.L.169.154; 13.L.169.157;
13.L.169.166; 13.L.169.169; 13.L.169.172; 13.L.169.175; 13.L.169.240; 13.L.169.244;
13.L.172.228; 13.L.172.229; 13.L.172.230; 13.L.172.231; 13.L.172.236; 13.L.172.237;
13.L.172.238; 13.L.172.239; 13.L.172.154; 13.L.172.157; 13.L.172.166; 13.L.172.169;
13.L.172.172; 13.L.172.175; 13.L.172.240; 13.L.172.244; 13.L.175.228; 13.L.175.229;
13.L.175.230; 13.L.175.231; 13.L.175.236; 13.L.175.237; 13.L.175.238; 13.L.175.239;
13.L.175.154; 13.L.175.157; 13.L.175.166; 13.L.175.169; 13.L.175.172; 13.L.175.175;
13.L.175.240; 13.L.175.244; 13.L.240.228; 13.L.240.229; 13.L.240.230; 13.L.240.231;
13.L.240.236; 13.L.240.237; 13.L.240.238; 13.L.240.239; 13.L.240.154; 13.L.240.157;
13.L.240.166; 13.L.240.169; 13.L.240.172; 13.L.240.175; 13.L.240.240; 13.L.240.244;
13.L.244.228; 13.L.244.229; 13.L.244.230; 13.L.244.231; 13.L.244.236; 13.L.244.237;
13.L.244.238; 13.L.244.239; 13.L.244.154; 13.L.244.157; 13.L.244.166; 13.L.244.169;
13.L.244.172; 13.L.244.175; 13.L.244.240; 13.L.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.O
13.O.228.228; 13.O.228.229; 13.O.228.230; 13.O.228.231; 13.O.228.236; 13.O.228.237;
13.O.228.238; 13.O.228.239; 13.O.228.154; 13.O.228.157; 13.O.228.166; 13.O.228.169;
13.O.228.172; 13.O.228.175; 13.O.228.240; 13.O.228.244; 13.O.229.228; 13.O.229.229;
13.O.229.230; 13.O.229.231; 13.O.229.236; 13.O.229.237; 13.O.229.238; 13.O.229.239;
13.O.229.154; 13.O.229.157; 13.O.229.166; 13.O.229.169; 13.O.229.172; 13.O.229.175;
13.O.229.240; 13.O.229.244; 13.O.230.228; 13.O.230.229; 13.O.230.230; 13.O.230.231;
13.O.230.236; 13.O.230.237; 13.O.230.238; 13.O.230.239; 13.O.230.154; 13.O.230.157;
13.O.230.166; 13.O.230.169; 13.O.230.172; 13.O.230.175; 13.O.230.240; 13.O.230.244;
13.O.231.228; 13.O.231.229; 13.O.231.230; 13.O.231.231; 13.O.231.236; 13.O.231.237;
13.O.231.238; 13.O.231.239; 13.O.231.154; 13.O.231.157; 13.O.231.166; 13.O.231.169;
13.O.231.172; 13.O.231.175; 13.O.231.240; 13.O.231.244; 13.O.236.228; 13.O.236.229;
13.O.236.230; 13.O.236.231; 13.O.236.236; 13.O.236.237; 13.O.236.238; 13.O.236.239;
13.O.236.154; 13.O.236.157; 13.O.236.166; 13.O.236.169; 13.O.236.172; 13.O.236.175;
13.O.236.240; 13.O.236.244; 13.O.237.228; 13.O.237.229; 13.O.237.230; 13.O.237.231;
13.O.237.236; 13.O.237.237; 13.O.237.238; 13.O.237.239; 13.O.237.154; 13.O.237.157;
13.O.237.166; 13.O.237.169; 13.O.237.172; 13.O.237.175; 13.O.237.240; 13.O.237.244;
13.O.238.228; 13.O.238.229; 13.O.238.230; 13.O.238.231; 13.O.238.236; 13.O.238.237;
13.O.238.238; 13.O.238.239; 13.O.238.154; 13.O.238.157; 13.O.238.166; 13.O.238.169;
13.O.238.172; 13.O.238.175; 13.O.238.240; 13.O.238.244; 13.O.239.228; 13.O.239.229;
13.O.239.230; 13.O.239.231; 13.O.239.236; 13.O.239.237; 13.O.239.238; 13.O.239.239;
13.O.239.154; 13.O.239.157; 13.O.239.166; 13.O.239.169; 13.O.239.172; 13.O.239.175;
13.O.239.240; 13.O.239.244; 13.O.154.228; 13.O.154.229; 13.O.154.230; 13.O.154.231;
13.O.154.236; 13.O.154.237; 13.O.154.238; 13.O.154.239; 13.O.154.154; 13.O.154.157;
13.O.154.166; 13.O.154.169; 13.O.154.172; 13.O.154.175; 13.O.154.240; 13.O.154.244;
13.O.157.228; 13.O.157.229; 13.O.157.230; 13.O.157.231; 13.O.157.236; 13.O.157.237;
13.O.157.238; 13.O.157.239; 13.O.157.154; 13.O.157.157; 13.O.157.166; 13.O.157.169;
13.O.157.172; 13.O.157.175; 13.O.157.240; 13.O.157.244; 13.O.166.228; 13.O.166.229;
13.O.166.230; 13.O.166.231; 13.O.166.236; 13.O.166.237; 13.O.166.238; 13.O.166.239;
13.O.166.154; 13.O.166.157; 13.O.166.166; 13.O.166.169; 13.O.166.172; 13.O.166.175;
13.O.166.240; 13.O.166.244; 13.O.169.228; 13.O.169.229; 13.O.169.230; 13.O.169.231;
13.O.169.236; 13.O.169.237; 13.O.169.238; 13.O.169.239; 13.O.169.154; 13.O.169.157;
13.O.169.166; 13.O.169.169; 13.O.169.172; 13.O.169.175; 13.O.169.240; 13.O.169.244;
13.O.172.228; 13.O.172.229; 13.O.172.230; 13.O.172.231; 13.O.172.236; 13.O.172.237;
13.O.172.238; 13.O.172.239; 13.O.172.154; 13.O.172.157; 13.O.172.166; 13.O.172.169;
13.O.172.172; 13.O.172.175; 13.O.172.240; 13.O.172.244; 13.O.175.228; 13.O.175.229;
13.O.175.230; 13.O.175.231; 13.O.175.236; 13.O.175.237; 13.O.175.238; 13.O.175.239;
13.O.175.154; 13.O.175.157; 13.O.175.166; 13.O.175.169; 13.O.175.172; 13.O.175.175;
13.O.175.240; 13.O.175.244; 13.O.240.228; 13.O.240.229; 13.O.240.230; 13.O.240.231;
13.O.240.236; 13.O.240.237; 13.O.240.238; 13.O.240.239; 13.O.240.154; 13.O.240.157;
13.O.240.166; 13.O.240.169; 13.O.240.172; 13.O.240.175; 13.O.240.240; 13.O.240.244;
13.O.244.228; 13.O.244.229; 13.O.244.230; 13.O.244.231; 13.O.244.236; 13.O.244.237;
13.O.244.238; 13.O.244.239; 13.O.244.154; 13.O.244.157; 13.O.244.166; 13.O.244.169;
13.O.244.172; 13.O.244.175; 13.O.244.240; 13.O.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.P
13.P.228.228; 13.P.228.229; 13.P.228.230; 13.P.228.231; 13.P.228.236; 13.P.228.237;
13.P.228.238; 13.P.228.239; 13.P.228.154; 13.P.228.157; 13.P.228.166; 13.P.228.169;
13.P.228.172; 13.P.228.175; 13.P.228.240; 13.P.228.244; 13.P.229.228; 13.P.229.229;
13.P.229.230; 13.P.229.231; 13.P.229.236; 13.P.229.237; 13.P.229.238; 13.P.229.239;
13.P.229.154; 13.P.229.157; 13.P.229.166; 13.P.229.169; 13.P.229.172; 13.P.229.175;
13.P.229.240; 13.P.229.244; 13.P.230.228; 13.P.230.229; 13.P.230.230; 13.P.230.231;
13.P.230.236; 13.P.230.237; 13.P.230.238; 13.P.230.239; 13.P.230.154; 13.P.230.157;
13.P.230.166; 13.P.230.169; 13.P.230.172; 13.P.230.175; 13.P.230.240; 13.P.230.244;
13.P.231.228; 13.P.231.229; 13.P.231.230; 13.P.231.231; 13.P.231.236; 13.P.231.237;
13.P.231.238; 13.P.231.239; 13.P.231.154; 13.P.231.157; 13.P.231.166; 13.P.231.169;
13.P.231.172; 13.P.231.175; 13.P.231.240; 13.P.231.244; 13.P.236.228; 13.P.236.229;
13.P.236.230; 13.P.236.231; 13.P.236.236; 13.P.236.237; 13.P.236.238; 13.P.236.239;
13.P.236.154; 13.P.236.157; 13.P.236.166; 13.P.236.169; 13.P.236.172; 13.P.236.175;
13.P.236.240; 13.P.236.244; 13.P.237.228; 13.P.237.229; 13.P.237.230; 13.P.237.231;
13.P.237.236; 13.P.237.237; 13.P.237.238; 13.P.237.239; 13.P.237.154; 13.P.237.157;
13.P.237.166; 13.P.237.169; 13.P.237.172; 13.P.237.175; 13.P.237.240; 13.P.237.244;
13.P.238.228; 13.P.238.229; 13.P.238.230; 13.P.238.231; 13.P.238.236; 13.P.238.237;
13.P.238.238; 13.P.238.239; 13.P.238.154; 13.P.238.157; 13.P.238.166; 13.P.238.169;
13.P.238.172; 13.P.238.175; 13.P.238.240; 13.P.238.244; 13.P.239.228; 13.P.239.229;
13.P.239.230; 13.P.239.231; 13.P.239.236; 13.P.239.237; 13.P.239.238; 13.P.239.239;
13.P.239.154; 13.P.239.157; 13.P.239.166; 13.P.239.169; 13.P.239.172; 13.P.239.175;
13.P.239.240; 13.P.239.244; 13.P.154.228; 13.P.154.229; 13.P.154.230; 13.P.154.231;
13.P.154.236; 13.P.154.237; 13.P.154.238; 13.P.154.239; 13.P.154.154; 13.P.154.157;
13.P.154.166; 13.P.154.169; 13.P.154.172; 13.P.154.175; 13.P.154.240; 13.P.154.244;
13.P.157.228; 13.P.157.229; 13.P.157.230; 13.P.157.231; 13.P.157.236; 13.P.157.237;
13.P.157.238; 13.P.157.239; 13.P.157.154; 13.P.157.157; 13.P.157.166; 13.P.157.169;
13.P.157.172; 13.P.157.175; 13.P.157.240; 13.P.157.244; 13.P.166.228; 13.P.166.229;
13.P.166.230; 13.P.166.231; 13.P.166.236; 13.P.166.237; 13.P.166.238; 13.P.166.239;
13.P.166.154; 13.P.166.157; 13.P.166.166; 13.P.166.169; 13.P.166.172; 13.P.166.175;
13.P.166.240; 13.P.166.244; 13.P.169.228; 13.P.169.229; 13.P.169.230; 13.P.169.231;
13.P.169.236; 13.P.169.237; 13.P.169.238; 13.P.169.239; 13.P.169.154; 13.P.169.157;
13.P.169.166; 13.P.169.169; 13.P.169.172; 13.P.169.175; 13.P.169.240; 13.P.169.244;
13.P.172.228; 13.P.172.229; 13.P.172.230; 13.P.172.231; 13.P.172.236; 13.P.172.237;
13.P.172.238; 13.P.172.239; 13.P.172.154; 13.P.172.157; 13.P.172.166; 13.P.172.169;
13.P.172.172; 13.P.172.175; 13.P.172.240; 13.P.172.244; 13.P.175.228; 13.P.175.229;
13.P.175.230; 13.P.175.231; 13.P.175.236; 13.P.175.237; 13.P.175.238; 13.P.175.239;
13.P.175.154; 13.P.175.157; 13.P.175.166; 13.P.175.169; 13.P.175.172; 13.P.175.175;
13.P.175.240; 13.P.175.244; 13.P.240.228; 13.P.240.229; 13.P.240.230; 13.P.240.231;
13.P.240.236; 13.P.240.237; 13.P.240.238; 13.P.240.239; 13.P.240.154; 13.P.240.157;
13.P.240.166; 13.P.240.169; 13.P.240.172; 13.P.240.175; 13.P.240.240; 13.P.240.244;
13.P.244.228; 13.P.244.229; 13.P.244.230; 13.P.244.231; 13.P.244.236; 13.P.244.237;
13.P.244.238; 13.P.244.239; 13.P.244.154; 13.P.244.157; 13.P.244.166; 13.P.244.169;
13.P.244.172; 13.P.244.175; 13.P.244.240; 13.P.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.U
13.U.228.228; 13.U.228.229; 13.U.228.230; 13.U.228.231; 13.U.228.236; 13.U.228.237;
13.U.228.238; 13.U.228.239; 13.U.228.154; 13.U.228.157; 13.U.228.166; 13.U.228.169;
13.U.228.172; 13.U.228.175; 13.U.228.240; 13.U.228.244; 13.U.229.228; 13.U.229.229;
13.U.229.230; 13.U.229.231; 13.U.229.236; 13.U.229.237; 13.U.229.238; 13.U.229.239;
13.U.229.154; 13.U.229.157; 13.U.229.166; 13.U.229.169; 13.U.229.172; 13.U.229.175;
13.U.229.240; 13.U.229.244; 13.U.230.228; 13.U.230.229; 13.U.230.230; 13.U.230.231;
13.U.230.236; 13.U.230.237; 13.U.230.238; 13.U.230.239; 13.U.230.154; 13.U.230.157;
13.U.230.166; 13.U.230.169; 13.U.230.172; 13.U.230.175; 13.U.230.240; 13.U.230.244;
13.U.231.228; 13.U.231.229; 13.U.231.230; 13.U.231.231; 13.U.231.236; 13.U.231.237;
13.U.231.238; 13.U.231.239; 13.U.231.154; 13.U.231.157; 13.U.231.166; 13.U.231.169;
13.U.231.172; 13.U.231.175; 13.U.231.240; 13.U.231.244; 13.U.236.228; 13.U.236.229;
13.U.236.230; 13.U.236.231; 13.U.236.236; 13.U.236.237; 13.U.236.238; 13.U.236.239;
13.U.236.154; 13.U.236.157; 13.U.236.166; 13.U.236.169; 13.U.236.172; 13.U.236.175;
13.U.236.240; 13.U.236.244; 13.U.237.228; 13.U.237.229; 13.U.237.230; 13.U.237.231;
13.U.237.236; 13.U.237.237; 13.U.237.238; 13.U.237.239; 13.U.237.154; 13.U.237.157;
13.U.237.166; 13.U.237.169; 13.U.237.172; 13.U.237.175; 13.U.237.240; 13.U.237.244;
13.U.238.228; 13.U.238.229; 13.U.238.230; 13.U.238.231; 13.U.238.236; 13.U.238.237;
13.U.238.238; 13.U.238.239; 13.U.238.154; 13.U.238.157; 13.U.238.166; 13.U.238.169;
13.U.238.172; 13.U.238.175; 13.U.238.240; 13.U.238.244; 13.U.239.228; 13.U.239.229;
13.U.239.230; 13.U.239.231; 13.U.239.236; 13.U.239.237; 13.U.239.238; 13.U.239.239;
13.U.239.154; 13.U.239.157; 13.U.239.166; 13.U.239.169; 13.U.239.172; 13.U.239.175;
13.U.239.240; 13.U.239.244; 13.U.154.228; 13.U.154.229; 13.U.154.230; 13.U.154.231;
13.U.154.236; 13.U.154.237; 13.U.154.238; 13.U.154.239; 13.U.154.154; 13.U.154.157;
13.U.154.166; 13.U.154.169; 13.U.154.172; 13.U.154.175; 13.U.154.240; 13.U.154.244;
13.U.157.228; 13.U.157.229; 13.U.157.230; 13.U.157.231; 13.U.157.236; 13.U.157.237;
13.U.157.238; 13.U.157.239; 13.U.157.154; 13.U.157.157; 13.U.157.166; 13.U.157.169;
13.U.157.172; 13.U.157.175; 13.U.157.240; 13.U.157.244; 13.U.166.228; 13.U.166.229;
13.U.166.230; 13.U.166.231; 13.U.166.236; 13.U.166.237; 13.U.166.238; 13.U.166.239;
13.U.166.154; 13.U.166.157; 13.U.166.166; 13.U.166.169; 13.U.166.172; 13.U.166.175;
13.U.166.240; 13.U.166.244; 13.U.169.228; 13.U.169.229; 13.U.169.230; 13.U.169.231;
13.U.169.236; 13.U.169.237; 13.U.169.238; 13.U.169.239; 13.U.169.154; 13.U.169.157;
13.U.169.166; 13.U.169.169; 13.U.169.172; 13.U.169.175; 13.U.169.240; 13.U.169.244;
13.U.172.228; 13.U.172.229; 13.U.172.230; 13.U.172.231; 13.U.172.236; 13.U.172.237;
13.U.172.238; 13.U.172.239; 13.U.172.154; 13.U.172.157; 13.U.172.166; 13.U.172.169;
13.U.172.172; 13.U.172.175; 13.U.172.240; 13.U.172.244; 13.U.175.228; 13.U.175.229;
13.U.175.230; 13.U.175.231; 13.U.175.236; 13.U.175.237; 13.U.175.238; 13.U.175.239;
13.U.175.154; 13.U.175.157; 13.U.175.166; 13.U.175.169; 13.U.175.172; 13.U.175.175;
13.U.175.240; 13.U.175.244; 13.U.240.228; 13.U.240.229; 13.U.240.230; 13.U.240.231;
13.U.240.236; 13.U.240.237; 13.U.240.238; 13.U.240.239; 13.U.240.154; 13.U.240.157;
13.U.240.166; 13.U.240.169; 13.U.240.172; 13.U.240.175; 13.U.240.240; 13.U.240.244;
13.U.244.228; 13.U.244.229; 13.U.244.230; 13.U.244.231; 13.U.244.236; 13.U.244.237;
13.U.244.238; 13.U.244.239; 13.U.244.154; 13.U.244.157; 13.U.244.166; 13.U.244.169;
13.U.244.172; 13.U.244.175; 13.U.244.240; 13.U.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.W
13.W.228.228; 13.W.228.229; 13.W.228.230; 13.W.228.231; 13.W.228.236;
13.W.228.237; 13.W.228.238; 13.W.228.239; 13.W.228.154; 13.W.228.157; 13.W.228.166;
13.W.228.169; 13.W.228.172; 13.W.228.175; 13.W.228.240; 13.W.228.244; 13.W.229.228;
13.W.229.229; 13.W.229.230; 13.W.229.231; 13.W.229.236; 13.W.229.237; 13.W.229.238;
13.W.229.239; 13.W.229.154; 13.W.229.157; 13.W.229.166; 13.W.229.169; 13.W.229.172;
13.W.229.175; 13.W.229.240; 13.W.229.244; 13.W.230.228; 13.W.230.229; 13.W.230.230;
13.W.230.231; 13.W.230.236; 13.W.230.237; 13.W.230.238; 13.W.230.239; 13.W.230.154;
13.W.230.157; 13.W.230.166; 13.W.230.169; 13.W.230.172; 13.W.230.175; 13.W.230.240;
13.W.230.244; 13.W.231.228; 13.W.231.229; 13.W.231.230; 13.W.231.231; 13.W.231.236;
13.W.231.237; 13.W.231.238; 13.W.231.239; 13.W.231.154; 13.W.231.157; 13.W.231.166;
13.W.231.169; 13.W.231.172; 13.W.231.175; 13.W.231.240; 13.W.231.244; 13.W.236.228;
13.W.236.229; 13.W.236.230; 13.W.236.231; 13.W.236.236; 13.W.236.237; 13.W.236.238;
13.W.236.239; 13.W.236.154; 13.W.236.157; 13.W.236.166; 13.W.236.169; 13.W.236.172;
13.W.236.175; 13.W.236.240; 13.W.236.244; 13.W.237.228; 13.W.237.229; 13.W.237.230;
13.W.237.231; 13.W.237.236; 13.W.237.237; 13.W.237.238; 13.W.237.239; 13.W.237.154;
13.W.237.157; 13.W.237.166; 13.W.237.169; 13.W.237.172; 13.W.237.175; 13.W.237.240;
13.W.237.244; 13.W.238.228; 13.W.238.229; 13.W.238.230; 13.W.238.231; 13.W.238.236;
13.W.238.237; 13.W.238.238; 13.W.238.239; 13.W.238.154; 13.W.238.157; 13.W.238.166;
13.W.238.169; 13.W.238.172; 13.W.238.175; 13.W.238.240; 13.W.238.244; 13.W.239.228;
13.W.239.229; 13.W.239.230; 13.W.239.231; 13.W.239.236; 13.W.239.237; 13.W.239.238;
13.W.239.239; 13.W.239.154; 13.W.239.157; 13.W.239.166; 13.W.239.169; 13.W.239.172;
13.W.239.175; 13.W.239.240; 13.W.239.244; 13.W.154.228; 13.W.154.229; 13.W.154.230;
13.W.154.231; 13.W.154.236; 13.W.154.237; 13.W.154.238; 13.W.154.239; 13.W.154.154;
13.W.154.157; 13.W.154.166; 13.W.154.169; 13.W.154.172; 13.W.154.175; 13.W.154.240;
13.W.154.244; 13.W.157.228; 13.W.157.229; 13.W.157.230; 13.W.157.231; 13.W.157.236;
13.W.157.237; 13.W.157.238; 13.W.157.239; 13.W.157.154; 13.W.157.157; 13.W.157.166;
13.W.157.169; 13.W.157.172; 13.W.157.175; 13.W.157.240; 13.W.157.244; 13.W.166.228;
13.W.166.229; 13.W.166.230; 13.W.166.231; 13.W.166.236; 13.W.166.237; 13.W.166.238;
13.W.166.239; 13.W.166.154; 13.W.166.157; 13.W.166.166; 13.W.166.169; 13.W.166.172;
13.W.166.175; 13.W.166.240; 13.W.166.244; 13.W.169.228; 13.W.169.229; 13.W.169.230;
13.W.169.231; 13.W.169.236; 13.W.169.237; 13.W.169.238; 13.W.169.239; 13.W.169.154;
13.W.169.157; 13.W.169.166; 13.W.169.169; 13.W.169.172; 13.W.169.175; 13.W.169.240;
13.W.169.244; 13.W.172.228; 13.W.172.229; 13.W.172.230; 13.W.172.231; 13.W.172.236;
13.W.172.237; 13.W.172.238; 13.W.172.239; 13.W.172.154; 13.W.172.157; 13.W.172.166;
13.W.172.169; 13.W.172.172; 13.W.172.175; 13.W.172.240; 13.W.172.244; 13.W.175.228;
13.W.175.229; 13.W.175.230; 13.W.175.231; 13.W.175.236; 13.W.175.237; 13.W.175.238;
13.W.175.239; 13.W.175.154; 13.W.175.157; 13.W.175.166; 13.W.175.169; 13.W.175.172;
13.W.175.175; 13.W.175.240; 13.W.175.244; 13.W.240.228; 13.W.240.229; 13.W.240.230;
13.W.240.231; 13.W.240.236; 13.W.240.237; 13.W.240.238; 13.W.240.239; 13.W.240.154;
13.W.240.157; 13.W.240.166; 13.W.240.169; 13.W.240.172; 13.W.240.175; 13.W.240.240;
13.W.240.244; 13.W.244.228; 13.W.244.229; 13.W.244.230; 13.W.244.231; 13.W.244.236;
13.W.244.237; 13.W.244.238; 13.W.244.239; 13.W.244.154; 13.W.244.157; 13.W.244.166;
13.W.244.169; 13.W.244.172; 13.W.244.175; 13.W.244.240; 13.W.244.244;
Prodrugs of 13.Y
13.Y.228.228; 13.Y.228.229; 13.Y.228.230; 13.Y.228.231; 13.Y.228.236; 13.Y.228.237;
13.Y.228.238; 13.Y.228.239; 13.Y.228.154; 13.Y.228.157; 13.Y.228.166; 13.Y.228.169;
13.Y.228.172; 13.Y.228.175; 13.Y.228.240; 13.Y.228.244; 13.Y.229.228; 13.Y.229.229;
13.Y.229.230; 13.Y.229.231; 13.Y.229.236; 13.Y.229.237; 13.Y.229.238; 13.Y.229.239;
13.Y.229.154; 13.Y.229.157; 13.Y.229.166; 13.Y.229.169; 13.Y.229.172; 13.Y.229.175;
13.Y.229.240; 13.Y.229.244; 13.Y.230.228; 13.Y.230.229; 13.Y.230.230; 13.Y.230.231;
13.Y.230.236; 13.Y.230.237; 13.Y.230.238; 13.Y.230.239; 13.Y.230.154; 13.Y.230.157;
13.Y.230.166; 13.Y.230.169; 13.Y.230.172; 13.Y.230.175; 13.Y.230.240; 13.Y.230.244;
13.Y.231.228; 13.Y.231.229; 13.Y.231.230; 13.Y.231.231; 13.Y.231.236; 13.Y.231.237;
13.Y.231.238; 13.Y.231.239; 13.Y.231.154; 13.Y.231.157; 13.Y.231.166; 13.Y.231.169;
13.Y.231.172; 13.Y.231.175; 13.Y.231.240; 13.Y.231.244; 13.Y.236.228; 13.Y.236.229;
13.Y.236.230; 13.Y.236.231; 13.Y.236.236; 13.Y.236.237; 13.Y.236.238; 13.Y.236.239;
13.Y.236.154; 13.Y.236.157; 13.Y.236.166; 13.Y.236.169; 13.Y.236.172; 13.Y.236.175;
13.Y.236.240; 13.Y.236.244; 13.Y.237.228; 13.Y.237.229; 13.Y.237.230; 13.Y.237.231;
13.Y.237.236; 13.Y.237.237; 13.Y.237.238; 13.Y.237.239; 13.Y.237.154; 13.Y.237.157;
13.Y.237.166; 13.Y.237.169; 13.Y.237.172; 13.Y.237.175; 13.Y.237.240; 13.Y.237.244;
13.Y.238.228; 13.Y.238.229; 13.Y.238.230; 13.Y.238.231; 13.Y.238.236; 13.Y.238.237;
13.Y.238.238; 13.Y.238.239; 13.Y.238.154; 13.Y.238.157; 13.Y.238.166; 13.Y.238.169;
13.Y.238.172; 13.Y.238.175; 13.Y.238.240; 13.Y.238.244; 13.Y.239.228; 13.Y.239.229;
13.Y.239.230; 13.Y.239.231; 13.Y.239.236; 13.Y.239.237; 13.Y.239.238; 13.Y.239.239;
13.Y.239.154; 13.Y.239.157; 13.Y.239.166; 13.Y.239.169; 13.Y.239.172; 13.Y.239.175;
13.Y.239.240; 13.Y.239.244; 13.Y.154.228; 13.Y.154.229; 13.Y.154.230; 13.Y.154.231;
13.Y.154.236; 13.Y.154.237; 13.Y.154.238; 13.Y.154.239; 13.Y.154.154; 13.Y.154.157;
13.Y.154.166; 13.Y.154.169; 13.Y.154.172; 13.Y.154.175; 13.Y.154.240; 13.Y.154.244;
13.Y.157.228; 13.Y.157.229; 13.Y.157.230; 13.Y.157.231; 13.Y.157.236; 13.Y.157.237;
13.Y.157.238; 13.Y.157.239; 13.Y.157.154; 13.Y.157.157; 13.Y.157.166; 13.Y.157.169;
13.Y.157.172; 13.Y.157.175; 13.Y.157.240; 13.Y.157.244; 13.Y.166.228; 13.Y.166.229;
13.Y.166.230; 13.Y.166.231; 13.Y.166.236; 13.Y.166.237; 13.Y.166.238; 13.Y.166.239;
13.Y.166.154; 13.Y.166.157; 13.Y.166.166; 13.Y.166.169; 13.Y.166.172; 13.Y.166.175;
13.Y.166.240; 13.Y.166.244; 13.Y.169.228; 13.Y.169.229; 13.Y.169.230; 13.Y.169.231;
13.Y.169.236; 13.Y.169.237; 13.Y.169.238; 13.Y.169.239; 13.Y.169.154; 13.Y.169.157;
13.Y.169.166; 13.Y.169.169; 13.Y.169.172; 13.Y.169.175; 13.Y.169.240; 13.Y.169.244;
13.Y.172.228; 13.Y.172.229; 13.Y.172.230; 13.Y.172.231; 13.Y.172.236; 13.Y.172.237;
13.Y.172.238; 13.Y.172.239; 13.Y.172.154; 13.Y.172.157; 13.Y.172.166; 13.Y.172.169;
13.Y.172.172; 13.Y.172.175; 13.Y.172.240; 13.Y.172.244; 13.Y.175.228; 13.Y.175.229;
13.Y.175.230; 13.Y.175.231; 13.Y.175.236; 13.Y.175.237; 13.Y.175.238; 13.Y.175.239;
13.Y.175.154; 13.Y.175.157; 13.Y.175.166; 13.Y.175.169; 13.Y.175.172; 13.Y.175.175;
13.Y.175.240; 13.Y.175.244; 13.Y.240.228; 13.Y.240.229; 13.Y.240.230; 13.Y.240.231;
13.Y.240.236; 13.Y.240.237; 13.Y.240.238; 13.Y.240.239; 13.Y.240.154; 13.Y.240.157;
13.Y.240.166; 13.Y.240.169; 13.Y.240.172; 13.Y.240.175; 13.Y.240.240; 13.Y.240.244;
13.Y.244.228; 13.Y.244.229; 13.Y.244.230; 13.Y.244.231; 13.Y.244.236; 13.Y.244.237;
13.Y.244.238; 13.Y.244.239; 13.Y.244.154; 13.Y.244.157; 13.Y.244.166; 13.Y.244.169;
13.Y.244.172; 13.Y.244.175; 13.Y.244.240; 13.Y.244.244;
Prodrugs of 14.AH
14.AH.4.157; 14.AH.4.158; 14.AH.4.196; 14.AH.4.223; 14.AH.4.240; 14.AH.4.244;
14.AH.4.243; 14.AH.4.247; 14.AH.5.157; 14.AH.5.158; 14.AH.5.196; 14.AH.5.223;
14.AH.5.240; 14.AH.5.244; 14.AH.5.243; 14.AH.5.247; 14.AH.7.157; 14.AH.7.158;
14.AH.7.196; 14.AH.7.223; 14.AH.7.240; 14.AH.7.244; 14.AH.7.243; 14.AH.7.247;
14.AH.15.157; 14.AH.15.158; 14.AH.15.196; 14.AH.15.223; 14.AH.15.240; 14.AH.15.244;
14.AH.15.243; 14.AH.15.247; 14.AH.16.157; 14.AH.16.158; 14.AH.16.196; 14.AH.16.223;
14.AH.16.240; 14.AH.16.244; 14.AH.16.243; 14.AH.16.247; 14.AH.18.157; 14.AH.18.158;
14.AH.18.196; 14.AH.18.223; 14.AH.18.240; 14.AH.18.244; 14.AH.18.243; 14.AH.18.247;
14.AH.26.157; 14.AH.26.158; 14.AH.26.196; 14.AH.26.223; 14.AH.26.240; 14.AH.26.244;
14.AH.26.243; 14.AH.26.247; 14.AH.27.157; 14.AH.27.158; 14.AH.27.196; 14.AH.27.223;
14.AH.27.240; 14.AH.27.244; 14.AH.27.243; 14.AH.27.247; 14.AH.29.157; 14.AH.29.158;
14.AH.29.196; 14.AH.29.223; 14.AH.29.240; 14.AH.29.244; 14.AH.29.243; 14.AH.29.247;
14.AH.54.157; 14.AH.54.158; 14.AH.54.196; 14.AH.54.223; 14.AH.54.240; 14.AH.54.244;
14.AH.54.243; 14.AH.54.247; 14.AH.55.157; 14.AH.55.158; 14.AH.55.196; 14.AH.55.223;
14.AH.55.240; 14.AH.55.244; 14.AH.55.243; 14.AH.55.247; 14.AH.56.157; 14.AH.56.158;
14.AH.56.196; 14.AH.56.223; 14.AH.56.240; 14.AH.56.244; 14.AH.56.243; 14.AH.56.247;
14.AH.157.157; 14.AH.157.158; 14.AH.157.196; 14.AH.157.223; 14.AH.157.240;
14.AH.157.244; 14.AH.157.243; 14.AH.157.247; 14.AH.196.157; 14.AH.196.158;
14.AH.196.196; 14.AH.196.223; 14.AH.196.240; 14.AH.196.244; 14.AH.196.243;
14.AH.196.247; 14.AH.223.157; 14.AH.223.158; 14.AH.223.196; 14.AH.223.223;
14.AH.223.240; 14.AH.223.244; 14.AH.223.243; 14.AH.223.247; 14.AH.240.157;
14.AH.240.158; 14.AH.240.196; 14.AH.240.223; 14.AH.240.240; 14.AH.240.244;
14.AH.240.243; 14.AH.240.247; 14.AH.244.157; 14.AH.244.158; 14.AH.244.196;
14.AH.244.223; 14.AH.244.240; 14.AH.244.244; 14.AH.244.243; 14.AH.244.247;
14.AH.247.157; 14.AH.247.158; 14.AH.247.196; 14.AH.247.223; 14.AH.247.240;
14.AH.247.244; 14.AH.247.243; 14.AH.247.247;
Prodrugs of 14.AJ
14.AJ.4.157; 14.AJ.4.158; 14.AJ.4.196; 14.AJ.4.223; 14.AJ.4.240; 14.AJ.4.244;
14.AJ.4.243; 14.AJ.4.247; 14.AJ.5.157; 14.AJ.5.158; 14.AJ.5.196; 14.AJ.5.223; 14.AJ.5.240;
14.AJ.5.244; 14.AJ.5.243; 14.AJ.5.247; 14.AJ.7.157; 14.AJ.7.158; 14.AJ.7.196; 14.AJ.7.223;
14.AJ.7.240; 14.AJ.7.244; 14.AJ.7.243; 14.AJ.7.247; 14.AJ.15.157; 14.AJ.15.158;
14.AJ.15.196; 14.AJ.15.223; 14.AJ.15.240; 14.AJ.15.244; 14.AJ.15.243; 14.AJ.15.247;
14.AJ.16.157; 14.AJ.16.158; 14.AJ.16.196; 14.AJ.16.223; 14.AJ.16.240; 14.AJ.16.244;
14.AJ.16.243; 14.AJ.16.247; 14.AJ.18.157; 14.AJ.18.158; 14.AJ.18.196; 14.AJ.18.223;
14.AJ.18.240; 14.AJ.18.244; 14.AJ.18.243; 14.AJ.18.247; 14.AJ.26.157; 14.AJ.26.158;
14.AJ.26.196; 14.AJ.26.223; 14.AJ.26.240; 14.AJ.26.244; 14.AJ.26.243; 14.AJ.26.247;
14.AJ.27.157; 14.AJ.27.158; 14.AJ.27.196; 14.AJ.27.223; 14.AJ.27.240; 14.AJ.27.244;
14.AJ.27.243; 14.AJ.27.247; 14.AJ.29.157; 14.AJ.29.158; 14.AJ.29.196; 14.AJ.29.223;
14.AJ.29.240; 14.AJ.29.244; 14.AJ.29.243; 14.AJ.29.247; 14.AJ.54.157; 14.AJ.54.158;
14.AJ.54.196; 14.AJ.54.223; 14.AJ.54.240; 14.AJ.54.244; 14.AJ.54.243; 14.AJ.54.247;
14.AJ.55.157; 14.AJ.55.158; 14.AJ.55.196; 14.AJ.55.223; 14.AJ.55.240; 14.AJ.55.244;
14.AJ.55.243; 14.AJ.55.247; 14.AJ.56.157; 14.AJ.56.158; 14.AJ.56.196; 14.AJ.56.223;
14.AJ.56.240; 14.AJ.56.244; 14.AJ.56.243; 14.AJ.56.247; 14.AJ.157.157; 14.AJ.157.158;
14.AJ.157.196; 14.AJ.157.223; 14.AJ.157.240; 14.AJ.157.244; 14.AJ.157.243;
14.AJ.157.247; 14.AJ.196.157; 14.AJ.196.158; 14.AJ.196.196; 14.AJ.196.223;
14.AJ.196.240; 14.AJ.196.244; 14.AJ.196.243; 14.AJ.196.247; 14.AJ.223.157;
14.AJ.223.158; 14.AJ.223.196; 14.AJ.223.223; 14.AJ.223.240; 14.AJ.223.244;
14.AJ.223.243; 14.AJ.223.247; 14.AJ.240.157; 14.AJ.240.158; 14.AJ.240.196;
14.AJ.240.223; 14.AJ.240.240; 14.AJ.240.244; 14.AJ.240.243; 14.AJ.240.247;
14.AJ.244.157; 14.AJ.244.158; 14.AJ.244.196; 14.AJ.244.223; 14.AJ.244.240;
14.AJ.244.244; 14.AJ.244.243; 14.AJ.244.247; 14.AJ.247.157; 14.AJ.247.158;
14.AJ.247.196; 14.AJ.247.223; 14.AJ.247.240; 14.AJ.247.244; 14.AJ.247.243;
Prodrugs of 14.AN
14.AN.4.157; 14.AN.4.158; 14.AN.4.196; 14.AN.4.223; 14.AN.4.240; 14.AN.4.244;
14.AN.4.243; 14.AN.4.247; 14.AN.5.157; 14.AN.5.158; 14.AN.5.196; 14.AN.5.223;
14.AN.5.240; 14.AN.5.244; 14.AN.5.243; 14.AN.5.247; 14.AN.7.157; 14.AN.7.158;
14.AN.7.196; 14.AN.7.223; 14.AN.7.240; 14.AN.7.244; 14.AN.7.243; 14.AN.7.247;
14.AN.15.157; 14.AN.15.158; 14.AN.15.196; 14.AN.15.223; 14.AN.15.240; 14.AN.15.244;
14.AN.15.243; 14.AN.15.247; 14.AN.16.157; 14.AN.16.158; 14.AN.16.196; 14.AN.16.223;
14.AN.16.240; 14.AN.16.244; 14.AN.16.243; 14.AN.16.247; 14.AN.18.157; 14.AN.18.158;
14.AN.18.196; 14.AN.18.223; 14.AN.18.240; 14.AN.18.244; 14.AN.18.243; 14.AN.18.247;
14.AN.26.157; 14.AN.26.158; 14.AN.26.196; 14.AN.26.223; 14.AN.26.240; 14.AN.26.244;
14.AN.26.243; 14.AN.26.247; 14.AN.27.157; 14.AN.27.158; 14.AN.27.196; 14.AN.27.223;
14.AN.27.240; 14.AN.27.244; 14.AN.27.243; 14.AN.27.247; 14.AN.29.157; 14.AN.29.158;
14.AN.29.196; 14.AN.29.223; 14.AN.29.240; 14.AN.29.244; 14.AN.29.243; 14.AN.29.247;
14.AN.54.157; 14.AN.54.158; 14.AN.54.196; 14.AN.54.223; 14.AN.54.240; 14.AN.54.244;
14.AN.54.243; 14.AN.54.247; 14.AN.55.157; 14.AN.55.158; 14.AN.55.196; 14.AN.55.223;
14.AN.55.240; 14.AN.55.244; 14.AN.55.243; 14.AN.55.247; 14.AN.56.157; 14.AN.56.158;
14.AN.56.196; 14.AN.56.223; 14.AN.56.240; 14.AN.56.244; 14.AN.56.243; 14.AN.56.247;
14.AN.157.157; 14.AN.157.158; 14.AN.157.196; 14.AN.157.223; 14.AN.157.240;
14.AN.157.244; 14.AN.157.243; 14.AN.157.247; 14.AN.196.157; 14.AN.196.158;
14.AN.196.196; 14.AN.196.223; 14.AN.196.240; 14.AN.196.244; 14.AN.196.243;
14.AN.196.247; 14.AN.223.157; 14.AN.223.158; 14.AN.223.196; 14.AN.223.223;
14.AN.223.240; 14.AN.223.244; 14.AN.223.243; 14.AN.223.247; 14.AN.240.157;
14.AN.240.158; 14.AN.240.196; 14.AN.240.223; 14.AN.240.240; 14.AN.240.244;
14.AN.240.243; 14.AN.240.247; 14.AN.244.157; 14.AN.244.158; 14.AN.244.196;
14.AN.244.223; 14.AN.244.240; 14.AN.244.244; 14.AN.244.243; 14.AN.244.247;
14.AN.247.157; 14.AN.247.158; 14.AN.247.196; 14.AN.247.223; 14.AN.247.240;
14.AN.247.244; 14.AN.247.243; 14.AN.247.247;
Prodrugs of 14.AP
14.AP.4.157; 14.AP.4.158; 14.AP.4.196; 14.AP.4.223; 14.AP.4.240; 14.AP.4.244;
14.AP.4.243; 14.AP.4.247; 14.AP.5.157; 14.AP.5.158; 14.AP.5.196; 14.AP.5.223;
14.AP.5.240; 14.AP.5.244; 14.AP.5.243; 14.AP.5.247; 14.AP.7.157; 14.AP.7.158;
14.AP.7.196; 14.AP.7.223; 14.AP.7.240; 14.AP.7.244; 14.AP.7.243; 14.AP.7.247;
14.AP.15.157; 14.AP.15.158; 14.AP.15.196; 14.AP.15.223; 14.AP.15.240; 14.AP.15.244;
14.AP.15.243; 14.AP.15.247; 14.AP.16.157; 14.AP.16.158; 14.AP.16.196; 14.AP.16.223;
14.AP.16.240; 14.AP.16.244; 14.AP.16.243; 14.AP.16.247; 14.AP.18.157; 14.AP.18.158;
14.AP.18.196; 14.AP.18.223; 14.AP.18.240; 14.AP.18.244; 14.AP.18.243; 14.AP.18.247;
14.AP.26.157; 14.AP.26.158; 14.AP.26.196; 14.AP.26.223; 14.AP.26.240; 14.AP.26.244;
14.AP.26.243; 14.AP.26.247; 14.AP.27.157; 14.AP.27.158; 14.AP.27.196; 14.AP.27.223;
14.AP.27.240; 14.AP.27.244; 14.AP.27.243; 14.AP.27.247; 14.AP.29.157; 14.AP.29.158;
14.AP.29.196; 14.AP.29.223; 14.AP.29.240; 14.AP.29.244; 14.AP.29.243; 14.AP.29.247;
14.AP.54.157; 14.AP.54.158; 14.AP.54.196; 14.AP.54.223; 14.AP.54.240; 14.AP.54.244;
14.AP.54.243; 14.AP.54.247; 14.AP.55.157; 14.AP.55.158; 14.AP.55.196; 14.AP.55.223;
14.AP.55.240; 14.AP.55.244; 14.AP.55.243; 14.AP.55.247; 14.AP.56.157; 14.AP.56.158;
14.AP.56.196; 14.AP.56.223; 14.AP.56.240; 14.AP.56.244; 14.AP.56.243; 14.AP.56.247;
14.AP.157.157; 14.AP.157.158; 14.AP.157.196; 14.AP.157.223; 14.AP.157.240;
14.AP.157.244; 14.AP.157.243; 14.AP.157.247; 14.AP.196.157; 14.AP.196.158;
14.AP.196.196; 14.AP.196.223; 14.AP.196.240; 14.AP.196.244; 14.AP.196.243;
14.AP.196.247; 14.AP.223.157; 14.AP.223.158; 14.AP.223.196; 14.AP.223.223;
14.AP.223.240; 14.AP.223.244; 14.AP.223.243; 14.AP.223.247; 14.AP.240.157;
14.AP.240.158; 14.AP.240.196; 14.AP.240.223; 14.AP.240.240; 14.AP.240.244;
14.AP.240.243; 14.AP.240.247; 14.AP.244.157; 14.AP.244.158; 14.AP.244.196;
14.AP.244.223; 14.AP.244.240; 14.AP.244.244; 14.AP.244.243; 14.AP.244.247;
14.AP.247.157; 14.AP.247.158; 14.AP.247.196; 14.AP.247.223; 14.AP.247.240;
14.AP.247.244; 14.AP.247.243; 14.AP.247.247;
Prodrugs of 14.AZ
14.AZ.4.157; 14.AZ.4.158; 14.AZ.4.196; 14.AZ.4.223; 14.AZ.4.240; 14.AZ.4.244;
14.AZ.4.243; 14.AZ.4.247; 14.AZ.5.157; 14.AZ.5.158; 14.AZ.5.196; 14.AZ.5.223;
14.AZ.5.240; 14.AZ.5.244; 14.AZ.5.243; 14.AZ.5.247; 14.AZ.7.157; 14.AZ.7.158;
14.AZ.7.196; 14.AZ.7.223; 14.AZ.7.240; 14.AZ.7.244; 14.AZ.7.243; 14.AZ.7.247;
14.AZ.15.157; 14.AZ.15.158; 14.AZ.15.196; 14.AZ.15.223; 14.AZ.15.240; 14.AZ.15.244;
14.AZ.15.243; 14.AZ.15.247; 14.AZ.16.157; 14.AZ.16.158; 14.AZ.16.196; 14.AZ.16.223;
14.AZ.16.240; 14.AZ.16.244; 14.AZ.16.243; 14.AZ.16.247; 14.AZ.18.157; 14.AZ.18.158;
14.AZ.18.196; 14.AZ.18.223; 14.AZ.18.240; 14.AZ.18.244; 14.AZ.18.243; 14.AZ.18.247;
14.AZ.26.157; 14.AZ.26.158; 14.AZ.26.196; 14.AZ.26.223; 14.AZ.26.240; 14.AZ.26.244;
14.AZ.26.243; 14.AZ.26.247; 14.AZ.27.157; 14.AZ.27.158; 14.AZ.27.196; 14.AZ.27.223;
14.AZ.27.240; 14.AZ.27.244; 14.AZ.27.243; 14.AZ.27.247; 14.AZ.29.157; 14.AZ.29.158;
14.AZ.29.196; 14.AZ.29.223; 14.AZ.29.240; 14.AZ.29.244; 14.AZ.29.243; 14.AZ.29.247;
14.AZ.54.157; 14.AZ.54.158; 14.AZ.54.196; 14.AZ.54.223; 14.AZ.54.240; 14.AZ.54.244;
14.AZ.54.243; 14.AZ.54.247; 14.AZ.55.157; 14.AZ.55.158; 14.AZ.55.196; 14.AZ.55.223;
14.AZ.55.240; 14.AZ.55.244; 14.AZ.55.243; 14.AZ.55.247; 14.AZ.56.157; 14.AZ.56.158;
14.AZ.56.196; 14.AZ.56.223; 14.AZ.56.240; 14.AZ.56.244; 14.AZ.56.243; 14.AZ.56.247;
14.AZ.157.157; 14.AZ.157.158; 14.AZ.157.196; 14.AZ.157.223; 14.AZ.157.240;
14.AZ.157.244; 14.AZ.157.243; 14.AZ.157.247; 14.AZ.196.157; 14.AZ.196.158;
14.AZ.196.196; 14.AZ.196.223; 14.AZ.196.240; 14.AZ.196.244; 14.AZ.196.243;
14.AZ.196.247; 14.AZ.223.157; 14.AZ.223.158; 14.AZ.223.196; 14.AZ.223.223;
14.AZ.223.240; 14.AZ.223.244; 14.AZ.223.243; 14.AZ.223.247; 14.AZ.240.157;
14.AZ.240.158; 14.AZ.240.196; 14.AZ.240.223; 14.AZ.240.240; 14.AZ.240.244;
14.AZ.240.243; 14.AZ.240.247; 14.AZ.244.157; 14.AZ.244.158; 14.AZ.244.196;
14.AZ.244.223; 14.AZ.244.240; 14.AZ.244.244; 14.AZ.244.243; 14.AZ.244.247;
14.AZ.247.157; 14.AZ.247.158; 14.AZ.247.196; 14.AZ.247.223; 14.AZ.247.240;
14.AZ.247.244; 14.AZ.247.243; 14.AZ.247.247;
Prodrugs of 14.BF
14.BF.4.157; 14.BF.4.158; 14.BF.4.196; 14.BF.4.223; 14.BF.4.240; 14.BF.4.244;
14.BF.4.243; 14.BF.4.247; 14.BF.5.157; 14.BF.5.158; 14.BF.5.196; 14.BF.5.223;
14.BF.5.240; 14.BF.5.244; 14.BF.5.243; 14.BF.5.247; 14.BF.7.157; 14.BF.7.158;
14.BF.7.196; 14.BF.7.223; 14.BF.7.240; 14.BF.7.244; 14.BF.7.243; 14.BF.7.247;
14.BF.15.157; 14.BF.15.158; 14.BF.15.196; 14.BF.15.223; 14.BF.15.240; 14.BF.15.244;
14.BF.15.243; 14.BF.15.247; 14.BF.16.157; 14.BF.16.158; 14.BF.16.196; 14.BF.16.223;
14.BF.16.240; 14.BF.16.244; 14.BF.16.243; 14.BF.16.247; 14.BF.18.157; 14.BF.18.158;
14.BF.18.196; 14.BF.18.223; 14.BF.18.240; 14.BF.18.244; 14.BF.18.243; 14.BF.18.247;
14.BF.26.157; 14.BF.26.158; 14.BF.26.196; 14.BF.26.223; 14.BF.26.240; 14.BF.26.244;
14.BF.26.243; 14.BF.26.247; 14.BF.27.157; 14.BF.27.158; 14.BF.27.196; 14.BF.27.223;
14.BF.27.240; 14.BF.27.244; 14.BF.27.243; 14.BF.27.247; 14.BF.29.157; 14.BF.29.158;
14.BF.29.196; 14.BF.29.223; 14.BF.29.240; 14.BF.29.244; 14.BF.29.243; 14.BF.29.247;
14.BF.54.157; 14.BF.54.158; 14.BF.54.196; 14.BF.54.223; 14.BF.54.240; 14.BF.54.244;
14.BF.54.243; 14.BF.54.247; 14.BF.55.157; 14.BF.55.158; 14.BF.55.196; 14.BF.55.223;
14.BF.55.240; 14.BF.55.244; 14.BF.55.243; 14.BF.55.247; 14.BF.56.157; 14.BF.56.158;
14.BF.56.196; 14.BF.56.223; 14.BF.56.240; 14.BF.56.244; 14.BF.56.243; 14.BF.56.247;
14.BF.157.157; 14.BF.157.158; 14.BF.157.196; 14.BF.157.223; 14.BF.157.240;
14.BF.157.244; 14.BF.157.243; 14.BF.157.247; 14.BF.196.157; 14.BF.196.158;
14.BF.196.196; 14.BF.196.223; 14.BF.196.240; 14.BF.196.244; 14.BF.196.243;
14.BF.196.247; 14.BF.223.157; 14.BF.223.158; 14.BF.223.196; 14.BF.223.223;
14.BF.223.240; 14.BF.223.244; 14.BF.223.243; 14.BF.223.247; 14.BF.240.157;
14.BF.240.158; 14.BF.240.196; 14.BF.240.223; 14.BF.240.240; 14.BF.240.244;
14.BF.240.243; 14.BF.240.247; 14.BF.244.157; 14.BF.244.158; 14.BF.244.196;
14.BF.244.223; 14.BF.244.240; 14.BF.244.244; 14.BF.244.243; 14.BF.244.247;
14.BF.247.157; 14.BF.247.158; 14.BF.247.196; 14.BF.247.223; 14.BF.247.240;
14.BF.247.244; 14.BF.247.243; 14.BF.247.247;
Prodrugs of 14.CI
14.CI.4.157; 14.CI.4.158; 14.CI.4.196; 14.CI.4.223; 14.CI.4.240; 14.CI.4.244;
14.CI.4.243; 14.CI.4.247; 14.CI.5.157; 14.CI.5.158; 14.CI.5.196; 14.CI.5.223; 14.CI.5.240;
14.CI.5.244; 14.CI.5.243; 14.CI.5.247; 14.CI.7.157; 14.CI.7.158; 14.CI.7.196; 14.CI.7.223;
14.CI.7.240; 14.CI.7.244; 14.CI.7.243; 14.CI.7.247; 14.CI.15.157; 14.CI.15.158;
14.CI.15.196; 14.CI.15.223; 14.CI.15.240; 14.CI.15.244; 14.CI.15.243; 14.CI.15.247;
14.CI.16.157; 14.CI.16.158; 14.CI.16.196; 14.CI.16.223; 14.CI.16.240; 14.CI.16.244;
14.CI.16.243; 14.CI.16.247; 14.CI.18.157; 14.CI.18.158; 14.CI.18.196; 14.CI.18.223;
14.CI.18.240; 14.CI.18.244; 14.CI.18.243; 14.CI.18.247; 14.CI.26.157; 14.CI.26.158;
14.CI.26.196; 14.CI.26.223; 14.CI.26.240; 14.CI.26.244; 14.CI.26.243; 14.CI.26.247;
14.CI.27.157; 14.CI.27.158; 14.CI.27.196; 14.CI.27.223; 14.CI.27.240; 14.CI.27.244;
14.CI.27.243; 14.CI.27.247; 14.CI.29.157; 14.CI.29.158; 14.CI.29.196; 14.CI.29.223;
14.CI.29.240; 14.CI.29.244; 14.CI.29.243; 14.CI.29.247; 14.CI.54.157; 14.CI.54.158;
14.CI.54.196; 14.CI.54.223; 14.CI.54.240; 14.CI.54.244; 14.CI.54.243; 14.CI.54.247;
14.CI.55.157; 14.CI.55.158; 14.CI.55.196; 14.CI.55.223; 14.CI.55.240; 14.CI.55.244;
14.CI.55.243; 14.CI.55.247; 14.CI.56.157; 14.CI.56.158; 14.CI.56.196; 14.CI.56.223;
14.CI.56.240; 14.CI.56.244; 14.CI.56.243; 14.CI.56.247; 14.CI.157.157; 14.CI.157.158;
14.CI.157.196; 14.CI.157.223; 14.CI.157.240; 14.CI.157.244; 14.CI.157.243; 14.CI.157.247;
14.CI.196.157; 14.CI.196.158; 14.CI.196.196; 14.CI.196.223; 14.CI.196.240; 14.CI.196.244;
14.CI.196.243; 14.CI.196.247; 14.CI.223.157; 14.CI.223.158; 14.CI.223.196; 14.CI.223.223;
14.CI.223.240; 14.CI.223.244; 14.CI.223.243; 14.CI.223.247; 14.CI.240.157; 14.CI.240.158;
14.CI.240.196; 14.CI.240.223; 14.CI.240.240; 14.CI.240.244; 14.CI.240.243; 14.CI.240.247;
14.CI.244.157; 14.CI.244.158; 14.CI.244.196; 14.CI.244.223; 14.CI.244.240; 14.CI.244.244;
14.CI.244.243; 14.CI.244.247; 14.CI.247.157; 14.CI.247.158; 14.CI.247.196; 14.CI.247.223;
14.CI.247.240; 14.CI.247.244; 14.CI.247.243; 14.CI.247.247;
Prodrugs of 14.CO
14.CO.4.157; 14.CO.4.158; 14.CO.4.196; 14.CO.4.223; 14.CO.4.240; 14.CO.4.244;
14.CO.4.243; 14.CO.4.247; 14.CO.5.157; 14.CO.5.158; 14.CO.5.196; 14.CO.5.223;
14.CO.5.240; 14.CO.5.244; 14.CO.5.243; 14.CO.5.247; 14.CO.7.157; 14.CO.7.158;
14.CO.7.196; 14.CO.7.223; 14.CO.7.240; 14.CO.7.244; 14.CO.7.243; 14.CO.7.247;
14.CO.15.157; 14.CO.15.158; 14.CO.15.196; 14.CO.15.223; 14.CO.15.240; 14.CO.15.244;
14.CO.15.243; 14.CO.15.247; 14.CO.16.157; 14.CO.16.158; 14.CO.16.196; 14.CO.16.223;
14.CO.16.240; 14.CO.16.244; 14.CO.16.243; 14.CO.16.247; 14.CO.18.157; 14.CO.18.158;
14.CO.18.196; 14.CO.18.223; 14.CO.18.240; 14.CO.18.244; 14.CO.18.243; 14.CO.18.247;
14.CO.26.157; 14.CO.26.158; 14.CO.26.196; 14.CO.26.223; 14.CO.26.240; 14.CO.26.244;
14.CO.26.243; 14.CO.26.247; 14.CO.27.157; 14.CO.27.158; 14.CO.27.196; 14.CO.27.223;
14.CO.27.240; 14.CO.27.244; 14.CO.27.243; 14.CO.27.247; 14.CO.29.157; 14.CO.29.158;
14.CO.29.196; 14.CO.29.223; 14.CO.29.240; 14.CO.29.244; 14.CO.29.243; 14.CO.29.247;
14.CO.54.157; 14.CO.54.158; 14.CO.54.196; 14.CO.54.223; 14.CO.54.240; 14.CO.54.244;
14.CO.54.243; 14.CO.54.247; 14.CO.55.157; 14.CO.55.158; 14.CO.55.196; 14.CO.55.223;
14.CO.55.240; 14.CO.55.244; 14.CO.55.243; 14.CO.55.247; 14.CO.56.157; 14.CO.56.158;
14.CO.56.196; 14.CO.56.223; 14.CO.56.240; 14.CO.56.244; 14.CO.56.243; 14.CO.56.247;
14.CO.157.157; 14.CO.157.158; 14.CO.157.196; 14.CO.157.223; 14.CO.157.240;
14.CO.157.244; 14.CO.157.243; 14.CO.157.247; 14.CO.196.157; 14.CO.196.158;
14.CO.196.196; 14.CO.196.223; 14.CO.196.240; 14.CO.196.244; 14.CO.196.243;
14.CO.196.247; 14.CO.223.157; 14.CO.223.158; 14.CO.223.196; 14.CO.223.223;
14.CO.223.240; 14.CO.223.244; 14.CO.223.243; 14.CO.223.247; 14.CO.240.157;
14.CO.240.158; 14.CO.240.196; 14.CO.240.223; 14.CO.240.240; 14.CO.240.244;
14.CO.240.243; 14.CO.240.247; 14.CO.244.157; 14.CO.244.158; 14.CO.244.196;
14.CO.244.223; 14.CO.244.240; 14.CO.244.244; 14.CO.244.243; 14.CO.244.247;
14.CO.4.157; 14.CO.4.158; 14.CO.4.196; 14.CO.4.223; 14.CO.4.240; 14.CO.4.244;
14.CO.4.243; 14.CO.4.247;

A Cellular Accumulation Embodiment

Another embodiment of the invention is directed toward a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor compound capable of accumulating in human PBMCs. Accumulation in human PBMCs is described in the examples herein. Typically, the compounds of this embodiment further comprise a phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug. More typically, the phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug has the structure A3 as described herein. Each of the preferred embodiments of A3 described herein is a preferred embodiment of A3 in the present embodiment.

Optionally, the compounds of this embodiment demonstrate improved intracellular half-life of the compounds or intracellular metabolites of the compounds in human PBMCs when compared to analogs of the compounds not having the phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug. Typically, the half-life is improved by at least about 50%, more typically at least in the range 50-100%, still more typically at least about 100%, more typically yet greater than about 100%.

In a preferred embodiment, the intracellular half-life of a metabolite of the compound in human PBMCs is improved when compared to an analog of the compound not having the phosphonate or phosphonate prodrug. In such embodiments, the metabolite is typically generated intracellularly, more typically, it is generated within human PBMCs. Still more typically, the metabolite is a product of the cleavage of a phosphonate prodrug within human PBMCs. More typically yet, the phosphonate prodrug is cleaved to form a metabolite having at least one negative charge at physiological pH. Most typically, the phosphonate prodrug is enzymatically cleaved within human PBMCs to form a phosphonate having at least one active hydrogen atom of the form P—OH.

Recursive Substituents

Selected substituents within the compounds of the invention are present to a recursive degree. In this context, “recursive substituent” means that a substituent may recite another instance of itself. Because of the recursive nature of such substituents, theoretically, a large number of compounds may be present in any given embodiment. For example, Rx contains a Ry substituent. Ry can be R2, which in turn can be R3. If R3 is selected to be R3c, then a second instance of Rx can be selected. One of ordinary skill in the art of medicinal chemistry understands that the total number of such substituents is reasonably limited by the desired properties of the compound intended. Such properties include, by of example and not limitation, physical properties such as molecular weight, solubility or log P, application properties such as activity against the intended target, and practical properties such as ease of synthesis.

By way of example and not limitation, W3, Ry and R3 are all recursive substituents in certain embodiments. Typically, each of these may independently occur 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0, times in a given embodiment. More typically, each of these may independently occur 12 or fewer times in a given embodiment. More typically yet, W3 will occur 0 to 8 times, Ry will occur 0 to 6 times and R3 will occur 0 to 10 times in a given embodiment. Even more typically, W3 will occur 0 to 6 times, Ry will occur 0 to 4 times and R3 will occur 0 to 8 times in a given embodiment.

Recursive substituents are an intended aspect of the invention. One of ordinary skill in the art of medicinal chemistry understands the versatility of such substituents. To the degree that recursive substituents are present in an embodiment of the invention, the total number will be determined as set forth above.

Protecting Groups

In the context of the present invention, embodiments of protecting groups include prodrug moieties and chemical protecting groups.

Protecting groups are available, commonly known and used, and are optionally used to prevent side reactions with the protected group during synthetic procedures, i.e. routes or methods to prepare the compounds of the invention. For the most part the decision as to which groups to protect, when to do so, and the nature of the chemical protecting group “PRT” will be dependent upon the chemistry of the reaction to be protected against (e.g., acidic, basic, oxidative, reductive or other conditions) and the intended direction of the synthesis. The PRT groups do not need to be, and generally are not, the same if the compound is substituted with multiple PRT. In general, PRT will be used to protect functional groups such as carboxyl, hydroxyl or amino groups and to thus prevent side reactions or to otherwise facilitate the synthetic efficiency. The order of deprotection to yield free, deprotected groups is dependent upon the intended direction of the synthesis and the reaction conditions to be encountered, and may occur in any order as determined by the artisan.

Various functional groups of the compounds of the invention may be protection. For example, protecting groups for —OH groups (whether hydroxyl, carboxylic acid, phosphonic acid, or other functions) are embodiments of “ether- or ester-forming groups”. Ether- or ester-forming groups are capable of functioning as chemical protecting groups in the synthetic schemes set forth herein. However, some hydroxyl and thio protecting groups are neither ether- nor ester-forming groups, as will be understood by those skilled in the art, and are included with amides, discussed below.

A very large number of hydroxyl protecting groups and amide-forming groups and corresponding chemical cleavage reactions are described in “Protective Groups in Organic Chemistry”, Theodora W. Greene (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1991, ISBN 0-471-62301-6) (“Greene”). See also Kocienski, Philip J.; “Protecting Groups” (Georg Thieme Verlag Stuttgart, New York, 1994), which is incorporated by reference in its entirety herein. In particular Chapter 1, Protecting Groups: An Overview, pages 1-20, Chapter 2, Hydroxyl Protecting Groups, pages 21-94, Chapter 3, Diol Protecting Groups, pages 95-117, Chapter 4, Carboxyl Protecting Groups, pages 118-154, Chapter 5, Carbonyl Protecting Groups, pages 155-184. For protecting groups for carboxylic acid, phosphonic acid, phosphonate, sulfonic acid and other protecting groups for acids see Greene as set forth below. Such groups include by way of example and not limitation, esters, amides, hydrazides, and the like.

Ether- and Ester-Forming Protecting Groups

Particularly of interest are ether- or ester-forming groups that are capable of functioning as chemical protecting groups in the synthetic schemes set forth herein. However, some hydroxyl and thio protecting groups are neither ether- nor ester-forming groups, as will be understood by those skilled in the art, and are included with amides, discussed below. Protecting groups capable of protecting hydroxyl or thio groups such that hydrolysis from the parental molecule yields hydroxyl or thio.

Ester-forming groups include: (1) phosphonate ester-forming groups, such as phosphonamidate esters, phosphorothioate esters, phosphonate esters, and phosphon-bis-amidates; (2) carboxyl ester-forming groups, and (3) sulphur ester-forming groups, such as sulphonate, sulfate, and sulfinate.

The phosphonate moieties of the compounds of the invention may or may not be prodrug moieties, i.e. they may or may not be susceptible to hydrolytic or enzymatic cleavage or modification. Certain phosphonate moieties are stable under most or nearly all metabolic conditions. For example, a dialkylphosphonate, where the alkyl groups are two or more carbons, may have appreciable stability in vivo due to a slow rate of hydrolysis.

Within the context of phosphonate prodrug moieties, a large number of structurally-diverse prodrugs have been described for phosphonic acids (Freeman and Ross in Progress in Medicinal Chemistry 34: 112-147 (1997) and are included within the scope of the present invention. An exemplary embodiment of a phosphonate ester-forming group is the phenyl carbocycle in substructure A3 having the formula: embedded image

wherein m1 is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, and the phenyl carbocycle is substituted with 0 to 3 R2 groups. Also, in this embodiment, where Y1 is O, a lactate ester is formed. Alternatively, where Y1 is N(R2), N(OR2) or N(N(R2)2, then phosphonamidate esters result. R1 may be H or C1-C12 alkyl. The corollary exemplary substructure A3 is included in the invention, with Y1, R1 and R2 substituents.

In its ester-forming role, a protecting group typically is bound to any acidic group such as, by way of example and not limitation, a —CO2H or —C(S)OH group, thereby resulting in —CO2Rx where Rx is defined herein. Also, Rx for example includes the enumerated ester groups of WO 95/07920.

Examples of protecting groups include:

C3-C12 heterocycle (described above) or aryl. These aromatic groups optionally are polycyclic or monocyclic. Examples include phenyl, spiryl, 2- and 3-pyrrolyl, 2- and 3-thienyl, 2- and 4-imidazolyl, 2-, 4- and 5-oxazolyl, 3- and 4-isoxazolyl, 2-, 4- and 5-thiazolyl, 3-, 4- and 5-isothiazolyl, 3- and 4-pyrazolyl, 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pyridinyl, and 1-, 2-, 4- and 5-pyrimidinyl;

C3-C12 heterocycle or aryl substituted with halo, R1, R1—O—C1-C12 alkylene, C1-C12 alkoxy, CN, NO2, OH, carboxy, carboxyester, thiol, thioester, C1-C12 haloalkyl (1-6 halogen atoms), C2-C12 alkenyl or C2-C12 alkynyl. Such groups include 2-, 3- and 4-alkoxyphenyl (C1-C12 alkyl), 2-, 3- and 4-methoxyphenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-ethoxyphenyl, 2,3-, 2,4-, 2,5-, 2,6-, 3,4- and 3,5-diethoxyphenyl, 2- and 3-carboethoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl, 2- and 3-ethoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl, 2- and 3-ethoxy-5-hydroxyphenyl, 2- and 3-ethoxy-6-hydroxyphenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-O-acetylphenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-dimethylaminophenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-methylmercaptophenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-halophenyl (including 2-, 3- and 4-fluorophenyl and 2-, 3- and 4-chlorophenyl), 2,3-, 2,4-, 2,5-, 2,6-, 3,4- and 3,5-dimethylphenyl, 2,3-, 2,4-, 2,5-, 2,6-, 3,4- and 3,5-biscarboxyethylphenyl, 2,3-, 2,4-, 2,5-, 2,6-, 3,4- and 3,5-dimethoxyphenyl, 2,3-, 2,4-, 2,5-, 2,6-, 3,4- and 3,5-dihalophenyl (including 2,4-difluorophenyl and 3,5-difluorophenyl), 2-, 3- and 4-haloalkylphenyl (1 to 5 halogen atoms, C1-C12 alkyl including 4-trifluoromethylphenyl), 2-, 3- and 4-cyanophenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-nitrophenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-haloalkylbenzyl (1 to 5 halogen atoms, C1-C12 alkyl including 4-trifluoromethylbenzyl and 2-, 3- and 4-trichloromethylphenyl and 2-, 3- and 4-trichloromethylphenyl), 4-N-methylpiperidinyl, 3-N-methylpiperidinyl, 1-ethylpiperazinyl, benzyl, alkylsalicylphenyl (C1-C4 alkyl, including 2-, 3- and 4-ethylsalicylphenyl), 2-, 3- and 4-acetylphenyl, 1,8-dihydroxynaphthyl (—C10H6—OH) and aryloxy ethyl [C6-C9 aryl (including phenoxy ethyl)], 2,2′-dihydroxybiphenyl, 2-, 3- and 4-N,N-dialkylaminophenol, —C6H4CH2—N(CH3)2, trimethoxybenzyl, triethoxybenzyl, 2-alkyl pyridinyl (C1-4 alkyl); embedded image
C4-C8 esters of 2-carboxyphenyl; and C1-C4 alkylene-C3-C6 aryl (including benzyl, —CH2-pyrrolyl, —CH2-thienyl, —CH2-imidazolyl, —CH2-oxazolyl, —CH2-isoxazolyl, —CH2-thiazolyl, —CH2-isothiazolyl, —CH2-pyrazolyl, —CH2-pyridinyl and —CH2-pyrimidinyl) substituted in the aryl moiety by 3 to 5 halogen atoms or 1 to 2 atoms or groups selected from halogen, C1-C12 alkoxy (including methoxy and ethoxy), cyano, nitro, OH, C1-C12 haloalkyl (1 to 6 halogen atoms; including —CH2CCl3), C1-C12 alkyl (including methyl and ethyl), C2-C12 alkenyl or C2-C12 alkynyl; alkoxy ethyl [C1-C6 alkyl including —CH2—CH2—O—CH3 (methoxy ethyl)]; alkyl substituted by any of the groups set forth above for aryl, in particular OH or by 1 to 3 halo atoms (including —CH3, —CH(CH3)2, —C(CH3)3, —CH2CH3, —(CH2)2CH3, —(CH2)3CH3, —(CH2)4CH3, —(CH2)5CH3, —CH2CH2F, —CH2CH2Cl, —CH2CF3, and —CH2CCl3); embedded image
—N-2-propylmorpholino, 2,3-dihydro-6-hydroxyindene, sesamol, catechol monoester, —CH2—C(O)—N(R1)2, —CH2—S(O)(R1), —CH2—S(O)2(R1), —CH2—CH(OC(O)CH2R1)—CH2(OC(O)CH2R1), cholesteryl, enolpyruvate (HOOC—C(═CH2)—), glycerol;

a 5 or 6 carbon monosaccharide, disaccharide or oligosaccharide (3 to 9 monosaccharide residues);

triglycerides such as α-D-β-diglycerides (wherein the fatty acids composing glyceride lipids generally are naturally occurring saturated or unsaturated C6-26, C6-18 or C6-10 fatty acids such as linoleic, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic, palmitoleic, linolenic and the like fatty acids) linked to acyl of the parental compounds herein through a glyceryl oxygen of the triglyceride;

phospholipids linked to the carboxyl group through the phosphate of the phospholipid;

phthalidyl (shown in FIG. 1 of Clayton et al., Antimicrob. Agents Chemo. (1974) 5(6):670-671;

cyclic carbonates such as (5-Rd-2-oxo-1,3-dioxolen-4-yl) methyl esters (Sakamoto et al., Chem. Pharm. Bull. (1984) 32(6)2241-2248) where Rd is R1, R4 or aryl; and embedded image

The hydroxyl groups of the compounds of this invention optionally are substituted with one of groups III, IV or V disclosed in WO 94/21604, or with isopropyl.

As further embodiments, Table A lists examples of protecting group ester moieties that for example can be bonded via oxygen to —C(O)O— and —P(O)(O—)2 groups. Several amidates also are shown, which are bound directly to —C(O)— or —P(O)2. Esters of structures 1-5, 8-10 and 16, 17, 19-22 are synthesized by reacting the compound herein having a free hydroxyl with the corresponding halide (chloride or acyl chloride and the like) and N,N-dicyclohexyl-N-morpholine carboxamidine (or another base such as DBU, triethylamine, CsCO3, N,N-dimethylaniline and the like) in DMF (or other solvent such as acetonitrile or N-methylpyrrolidone). When the compound to be protected is a phosphonate, the esters of structures 5-7, 11, 12, 21, and 23-26 are synthesized by reaction of the alcohol or alkoxide salt (or the corresponding amines in the case of compounds such as 13, 14 and 15) with the monochlorophosphonate or dichlorophosphonate (or another activated phosphonate).

19. embedded image
20. embedded image
21. embedded image
22. embedded image
23. embedded image
24. embedded image
25. embedded image
25. embedded image

#chiral center is (R), (S) or racemate.

Other esters that are suitable for use herein are described in EP Patent No. 632048.

Protecting groups also includes “double ester” forming profunctionalities such as —CH2OC(O)OCH3, embedded image
—CH2SCOCH3, —CH2OCON(CH3)2, or alkyl- or aryl-acyloxyalkyl groups of the structure —CH(R1 or W5)O((CO)R37) or —CH(R1 or W5)((CO)OR38) (linked to oxygen of the acidic group) wherein R37 and R38 are alkyl aryl, or alkylaryl groups (see U.S. Pat. No. 4,968,788). Frequently R37 and R38 are bulky groups such as branched alkyl, ortho-substituted aryl, meta-substituted aryl, or combinations thereof, including normal, secondary, iso- and tertiary alkyls of 1-6 carbon atoms. An example is the pivaloyloxymethyl group. These are of particular use with prodrugs for oral administration. Examples of such useful protecting groups are alkylacyloxymethyl esters and their derivatives, including —CH(CH2CH2OCH3)OC(O)C(CH3)3, embedded image
—CH2OC(O)C10H15, —CH2OC(O)C(CH3)3, —CH(CH2OCH3)OC(O)C(CH3)3, —CH(CH(CH3)2)OC(O)C(CH3)3, —CH2OC(O)CH2CH(CH3)2, —CH2OC(O)C6H11, —CH2OC(O)C6H5, —CH2OC(O)C10H15, —CH2OC(O)CH2CH3, —CH2OC(O)CH(CH3)2, —CH2OC(O)C(CH3)3 and —CH2OC(O)CH2C6H5.

For prodrug purposes, the ester typically chosen is one heretofore used for antibiotic drugs, in particular the cyclic carbonates, double esters, or the phthalidyl, aryl or alkyl esters.

In some embodiments the protected acidic group is an ester of the acidic group and is the residue of a hydroxyl-containing functionality. In other embodiments, an amino compound is used to protect the acid functionality. The residues of suitable hydroxyl or amino-containing functionalities are set forth above or are found in WO 95/07920. Of particular interest are the residues of amino acids, amino acid esters, polypeptides, or aryl alcohols. Typical amino acid, polypeptide and carboxyl-esterified amino acid residues are described on pages 11-18 and related text of WO 95/07920 as groups L1 or L2. WO 95/07920 expressly teaches the amidates of phosphonic acids, but it will be understood that such amidates are formed with any of the acid groups set forth herein and the amino acid residues set forth in WO 95/07920.

Typical esters for protecting acidic functionalities are also described in WO 95/07920, again understanding that the same esters can be formed with the acidic groups herein as with the phosphonate of the '920 publication. Typical ester groups are defined at least on WO 95/07920 pages 89-93 (under R31 or R35), the table on page 105, and pages 21-23 (as R). Of particular interest are esters of unsubstituted aryl such as phenyl or arylalkyl such benzyl, or hydroxy-, halo-, alkoxy-, carboxy- and/or alkylestercarboxy-substituted aryl or alkylaryl, especially phenyl, ortho-ethoxyphenyl, or C1-C4 alkylestercarboxyphenyl (salicylate C1-C12 alkylesters).

The protected acidic groups, particularly when using the esters or amides of WO 95/07920, are useful as prodrugs for oral administration. However, it is not essential that the acidic group be protected in order for the compounds of this invention to be effectively administered by the oral route. When the compounds of the invention having protected groups, in particular amino acid amidates or substituted and unsubstituted aryl esters are administered systemically or orally they are capable of hydrolytic cleavage in vivo to yield the free acid.

One or more of the acidic hydroxyls are protected. If more than one acidic hydroxyl is protected then the same or a different protecting group is employed, e.g., the esters may be different or the same, or a mixed amidate and ester may be used.

Typical hydroxy protecting groups described in Greene (pages 14-118) include substituted methyl and alkyl ethers, substituted benzyl ethers, silyl ethers, esters including sulfonic acid esters, and carbonates. For example:

    • Ethers (methyl, t-butyl allyl);
    • Substituted Methyl Ethers (Methoxymethyl, Methylthiomethyl, t-Butylthiomethyl, (Phenyldimethylsilyl)methoxymethyl, Benzyloxymethyl, p-Methoxybenzyloxymethyl, (4-Methoxyphenoxy)methyl, Guaiacolmethyl, t-Butoxymethyl, 4-Pentenyloxymethyl, Siloxymethyl, 2-Methoxyethoxymethyl, 2,2,2-Trichloroethoxymethyl, Bis(2-chloroethoxy)methyl, 2-(Trimethylsilyl)ethoxymethyl, Tetrahydropyranyl, 3-Bromotetrahydropyranyl, Tetrahydropthiopyranyl, 1-Methoxycyclohexyl, 4-Methoxytetrahydropyranyl, 4-Methoxytetrahydrothiopyranyl, 4-Methoxytetrahydropthiopyranyl S,S-Dioxido, 1-[(2-Chloro-4-methyl)phenyl]-4-methoxypiperidin-4-yl, 1,4-Dioxan-2-yl, Tetrahydrofuranyl, Tetrahydrothiofuranyl, 2,3,3a,4,5,6,7,7a-Octahydro-7,8,8-trimethyl-4,7-methanobenzofuran-2-yl));
    • Substituted Ethyl Ethers (1-Ethoxyethyl, 1-(2-Chloroethoxy)ethyl, 1-Methyl-1-methoxyethyl, 1-Methyl-1-benzyloxyethyl, 1-Methyl-1-benzyloxy-2-fluoroethyl, 2,2,2-Trichloroethyl, 2-Trimethylsilylethyl, 2-(Phenylselenyl)ethyl,
    • p-Chlorophenyl, p-Methoxyphenyl, 2,4-Dinitrophenyl, Benzyl);
    • Substituted Benzyl Ethers (p-Methoxybenzyl, 3,4-Dimethoxybenzyl, o-Nitrobenzyl, p-Nitrobenzyl, p-Halobenzyl, 2,6-Dichlorobenzyl, p-Cyanobenzyl, p-Phenylbenzyl, 2- and 4-Picolyl, 3-Methyl-2-picolyl N-Oxido, Diphenylmethyl, p,p′-Dinitrobenzhydryl, 5-Dibenzosuberyl, Triphenylmethyl, α-Naphthyldiphenylmethyl, p-methoxyphenyldiphenylmethyl, Di(p-methoxyphenyl)phenylmethyl, Tri(p-methoxyphenyl)methyl, 4-(4′-Bromophenacyloxy)phenyldiphenylmethyl, 4,4′,4″-Tris(4,5-dichlorophthalimidophenyl)methyl, 4,4′,4″-Tris(levulinoyloxyphenyl)methyl, 4,4′,4″-Tris(benzoyloxyphenyl)methyl, 3-(Imidazol-1-ylmethyl)bis(4′,4″-dimethoxyphenyl)methyl, 1,1-Bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-1′-pyrenylmethyl, 9-Anthryl, 9-(9-Phenyl)xanthenyl, 9-(9-Phenyl-10-oxo)anthryl, 1,3-Benzodithiolan-2-yl, Benzisothiazolyl S,S-Dioxido);
    • Silyl Ethers (Trimethylsilyl, Triethylsilyl, Triisopropylsilyl, Dimethylisopropylsilyl, Diethylisopropylsilyl, Dimethylthexylsilyl, t-Butyldimethylsilyl, t-Butyldiphenylsilyl, Tribenzylsilyl, Tri-p-xylylsilyl, Triphenylsilyl, Diphenylmethylsilyl, t-Butylmethoxyphenylsilyl);
    • Esters (Formate, Benzoylformate, Acetate, Choroacetate, Dichloroacetate, Trichloroacetate, Trifluoroacetate, Methoxyacetate, Triphenylmethoxyacetate, Phenoxyacetate, p-Chlorophenoxyacetate, p-poly-Phenylacetate, 3-Phenylpropionate, 4-Oxopentanoate (Levulinate), 4,4-(Ethylenedithio)pentanoate, Pivaloate, Adamantoate, Crotonate, 4-Methoxycrotonate, Benzoate, p-Phenylbenzoate, 2,4,6-Trimethylbenzoate (Mesitoate));
    • Carbonates (Methyl, 9-Fluorenylmethyl, Ethyl, 2,2,2-Trichloroethyl, 2-(Trimethylsilyl)ethyl, 2-(Phenylsulfonyl)ethyl, 2-(Triphenylphosphonio)ethyl, Isobutyl, Vinyl, Allyl, p-Nitrophenyl, Benzyl, p-Methoxybenzyl, 3,4-Dimethoxybenzyl, o-Nitrobenzyl, p-Nitrobenzyl, S-Benzyl Thiocarbonate, 4-Ethoxy-1-naphthyl, Methyl Dithiocarbonate);

Groups With Assisted Cleavage (2-Iodobenzoate, 4-Azidobutyrate, 4-Nitro-4-methylpentanoate, o-(Dibromomethyl)benzoate, 2-Formylbenzenesulfonate, 2-(Methylthiomethoxy)ethyl Carbonate, 4-(Methylthiomethoxy)butyrate, 2-(Methylthiomethoxymethyl)benzoate); Miscellaneous Esters (2,6-Dichloro-4-methylphenoxyacetate, 2,6-Dichloro-4-(1,1,3,3 tetramethylbutyl)phenoxyacetate, 2,4-Bis(1,1-dimethylpropyl)phenoxyacetate, Chlorodiphenylacetate, Isobutyrate, Monosuccinate, (E)-2-Methyl-2-butenoate (Tigloate), o-(Methoxycarbonyl)benzoate, p-poly-Benzoate, α-Naphthoate, Nitrate, Alkyl N,N,N′,N′-Tetramethylphosphorodiamidate, N-Phenylcarbamate, Borate, Dimethylphosphinothioyl, 2,4-Dinitrophenylsulfenate); and

    • Sulfonates (Sulfate, Methanesulfonate (Mesylate), Benzylsulfonate, Tosylate).

Typical 1,2-diol protecting groups (thus, generally where two OH groups are taken together with the protecting functionality) are described in Greene at pages 118-142 and include Cyclic Acetals and Ketals (Methylene, Ethylidene, 1-t-Butylethylidene, 1-Phenylethylidene, (4-Methoxyphenyl)ethylidene, 2,2,2-Trichloroethylidene, Acetonide (Isopropylidene), Cyclopentylidene, Cyclohexylidene, Cycloheptylidene, Benzylidene, p-Methoxybenzylidene, 2,4-Dimethoxybenzylidene, 3,4-Dimethoxybenzylidene, 2-Nitrobenzylidene); Cyclic Ortho Esters (Methoxymethylene, Ethoxymethylene, Dimethoxymethylene, 1-Methoxyethylidene, 1-Ethoxyethylidine, 1,2-Dimethoxyethylidene, α-Methoxybenzylidene, 1-(N,N-Dimethylamino)ethylidene Derivative, α-(N,N-Dimethylamino)benzylidene Derivative, 2-Oxacyclopentylidene); Silyl Derivatives (Di-t-butylsilylene Group, 1,3-(1,1,3,3-Tetraisopropyldisiloxanylidene), and Tetra-t-butoxydisiloxane-1,3-diylidene), Cyclic Carbonates, Cyclic Boronates, Ethyl Boronate and Phenyl Boronate.

More typically, 1,2-diol protecting groups include those shown in Table B, still more typically, epoxides, acetonides, cyclic ketals and aryl acetals.

embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image embedded image
embedded image

wherein R9 is C1-C6 alkyl.
Amino Protecting Groups

Another set of protecting groups include any of the typical amino protecting groups described by Greene at pages 315-385. They include:

    • Carbamates: (methyl and ethyl, 9-fluorenylmethyl, 9(2-sulfo)fluorenylmethyl, 9-(2,7-dibromo)fluorenylmethyl, 2,7-di-t-butyl-[9-(10,10-dioxo-10,10,10,10tetrahydrothioxanthyl)]methyl, 4-methoxyphenacyl);
    • Substituted Ethyl: (2,2,2-trichoroethyl, 2-trimethylsilylethyl, 2-phenylethyl, 1-(1-adamantyl)-1-methylethyl, 1,1-dimethyl-2-haloethyl, 1,1-dimethyl-2,2-dibromoethyl, 1,1-dimethyl-2,2,2-trichloroethyl, 1-methyl-1-(4-biphenylyl)ethyl, 1-(3,5-di-t-butylphenyl)-1-methylethyl, 2-(2′- and 4′-pyridyl)ethyl, 2-(N,N-dicyclohexylcarboxamido)ethyl, t-butyl, 1-adamantyl, vinyl, allyl 1-isopropylallyl, cinnamyl, 4-nitrocinnamyl, 8-quinolyl, N-hydroxypiperidinyl, alkyldithio, benzyl, p-methoxybenzyl, p-nitrobenzyl, p-bromobenzyl, p-chlorobenzyl, 2,4-dichlorobenzyl, 4-methylsulfinylbenzyl, 9-anthrylmethyl, diphenylmethyl);
    • Groups With Assisted Cleavage: (2-methylthioethyl, 2-methylsulfonylethyl, 2-(p-toluenesulfonyl)ethyl, [2-(1,3-dithianyl)]methyl, 4-methylthiophenyl, 2,4-dimethylthiophenyl, 2-phosphonioethyl, 2-triphenylphosphonioisopropyl, 1,1-dimethyl-2-cyanoethyl, m-choro-p-acyloxybenzyl, p-(dihydroxyboryl)benzyl, 5-benzisoxazolylmethyl, 2-(trifluoromethyl)-6-chromonylmethyl);
    • Groups Capable of Photolytic Cleavage: (m-nitrophenyl, 3,5-dimethoxybenzyl, o-nitrobenzyl, 3,4-dimethoxy-6-nitrobenzyl, phenyl(o-nitrophenyl)methyl); Urea-Type Derivatives (phenothiazinyl-(10)-carbonyl, N′-p-toluenesulfonylaminocarbonyl, N′-phenylaminothiocarbonyl);
    • Miscellaneous Carbamates: (t-amyl, S-benzyl thiocarbamate, p-cyanobenzyl, cyclobutyl, cyclohexyl, cyclopentyl, cyclopropylmethyl, p-decyloxybenzyl, diisopropylmethyl, 2,2-dimethoxycarbonylvinyl, o-(N,N-dimethylcarboxamido)benzyl, 1,1-dimethyl-3-(N,N-dimethylcarboxamido)propyl, 1,1-dimethylpropynyl, di(2-pyridyl)methyl, 2-furanylmethyl, 2-Iodoethyl, Isobornyl, Isobutyl, Isonicotinyl, p-(p′-Methoxyphenylazo)benzyl, 1-methylcyclobutyl, 1-methylcyclohexyl, 1-methyl-1-cyclopropylmethyl, 1-methyl-1-(3,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethyl, 1-methyl-1-(p-phenylazophenyl)ethyl, 1-methyl-1-phenylethyl, 1-methyl-1-(4-pyridyl)ethyl, phenyl, p-(phenylazo)benzyl, 2,4,6-tri-t-butylphenyl, 4-(trimethylammonium)benzyl, 2,4,6-trimethylbenzyl);
    • Amides: (N-formyl, N-acetyl, N-choroacetyl, N-trichoroacetyl, N-trifluoroacetyl, N-phenylacetyl, N-3-phenylpropionyl, N-picolinoyl, N-3-pyridylcarboxamide, N-benzoylphenylalanyl, N-benzoyl, N-p-phenylbenzoyl);
    • Amides With Assisted Cleavage: (N-o-nitrophenylacetyl, N-o-nitrophenoxyacetyl, N-acetoacetyl, (N′-dithiobenzyloxycarbonylamino)acetyl, N-3-(p-hydroxyphenyl)propionyl, N-3-(o-nitrophenyl)propionyl, N-2-methyl-2-(o-nitrophenoxy)propionyl, N-2-methyl-2-(o-phenylazophenoxy)propionyl, N-4-chlorobutyryl, N-3-methyl-3-nitrobutyryl, N-o-nitrocinnamoyl, N-acetylmethionine, N-o-nitrobenzoyl, N-o-(benzoyloxymethyl)benzoyl, 4,5-diphenyl-3-oxazolin-2-one);
    • Cyclic Imide Derivatives: (N-phthalimide, N-dithiasuccinoyl, N-2,3-diphenylmaleoyl, N-2,5-dimethylpyrrolyl, N-1,1,4,4-tetramethyldisilylazacyclopentane adduct, 5-substituted 1,3-dimethyl-1,3,5-triazacyclohexan-2-one, 5-substituted 1,3-dibenzyl-1,3-5-triazacyclohexan-2-one, 1-substituted 3,5-dinitro-4-pyridonyl);
    • N-Alkyl and N-Aryl Amines: (N-methyl, N-allyl, N-[2-(trimethylsilyl)ethoxy]methyl, N-3-acetoxypropyl, N-(1-isopropyl-4-nitro-2-oxo-3-pyrrolin-3-yl), Quaternary Ammonium Salts, N-benzyl, N-di(4-methoxyphenyl)methyl, N-5-dibenzosuberyl, N-triphenylmethyl, N-(4-methoxyphenyl)diphenylmethyl, N-9-phenylfluorenyl, N-2,7-dichloro-9-fluorenylmethylene, N-ferrocenylmethyl, N-2-picolylamine N′-oxide);
    • Imine Derivatives: (N-1,1-dimethylthiomethylene, N-benzylidene, N-p-methoxybenylidene, N-diphenylmethylene, N-[(2-pyridyl)mesityl]methylene, N,(N′,N′-dimethylaminomethylene, N,N′-isopropylidene, N-p-nitrobenzylidene, N-salicylidene, N-5-chlorosalicylidene, N-(5-chloro-2-hydroxyphenyl)phenylmethylene, N-cyclohexylidene);
    • Enamine Derivatives: (N-(5,5-dimethyl-3-oxo-1-cyclohexenyl));
    • N-Metal Derivatives (N-borane derivatives, N-diphenylborinic acid derivatives, N-[phenyl(pentacarbonylchromium- or -tungsten)]carbenyl, N-copper or N-zinc chelate);
    • N—N Derivatives: (N-nitro, N-nitroso, N-oxide);
    • N—P Derivatives: (N-diphenylphosphinyl, N-dimethylthiophosphinyl, N-diphenylthiophosphinyl, N-dialkyl phosphoryl, N-dibenzyl phosphoryl, N-diphenyl phosphoryl);
    • N—Si Derivatives, N—S Derivatives, and N-Sulfenyl Derivatives: (N-benzenesulfenyl, N-o-nitrobenzenesulfenyl, N-2,4-dinitrobenzenesulfenyl, N-pentachlorobenzenesulfenyl, N-2-nitro-4-methoxybenzenesulfenyl, N-triphenylmethylsulfenyl, N-3-nitropyridinesulfenyl); and N-sulfonyl Derivatives (N-p-toluenesulfonyl, N-benzenesulfonyl, N-2,3,6-trimethyl-4-methoxybenzenesulfonyl, N-2,4,6-trimethoxybenzenesulfonyl, N-2,6-dimethyl-4-methoxybenzenesulfonyl, N-pentamethylbenzenesulfonyl, N-2,3,5,6,-tetramethyl-4-methoxybenzenesulfonyl, N-4-methoxybenzenesulfonyl, N-2,4,6-trimethylbenzenesulfonyl, N-2,6-dimethoxy-4-methylbenzenesulfonyl, N-2,2,5,7,8-pentamethylchroman-6-sulfonyl, N-methanesulfonyl, N-β-trimethylsilyethanesulfonyl, N-9-anthracenesulfonyl, N-4-(4′,8′-dimethoxynaphthylmethyl)benzenesulfonyl, N-benzylsulfonyl, N-trifluoromethylsulfonyl, N-phenacylsulfonyl).

Protected amino groups include carbamates, amidines and amides, —NHC(O)OR1, —NHC(O)R1 or —N═CR1N(R1)2. Another protecting group, also useful as a prodrug for amino or —NH(R5), is: embedded image
See for example Alexander, J. et al (1996) J. Med. Chem. 39:480-486.
Amino Acid and Polypeptide Protecting Groups and Conjugates

An amino acid or polypeptide protecting group of a compound of the invention has the structure R15NHCH(R16)C(O)—, where R15 is H, an amino acid or polypeptide residue, or R5, and R16 is defined below.

R16 is lower alkyl or lower alkyl (C1-C6) substituted with amino, carboxyl, amide, carboxyl ester, hydroxyl, C6-C7 aryl, guanidinyl, imidazolyl, indolyl, sulfhydryl, sulfoxide, and/or alkylphosphate. R16 also is taken together with the amino acid α-N to form a proline residue (R16=—CH2)3—). However, R16 is generally the side group of a naturally-occurring amino acid such as H, —CH3, —CH(CH3)2, —CH2—CH(CH3)2, —CHCH3—CH2—CH3, —CH2—C6H5, —CH2CH2—S—CH3, —CH2OH, —CH(OH)—CH3, —CH2—SH, —CH2—C6H4OH, —CH2—CO—NH2, —CH2—CH2—CO—NH2, —CH2—COOH, —CH2—CH2—COOH, —(CH2)4—NH2 and —(CH2)3—NH—C(NH2)—NH2. R16 also includes 1-guanidinoprop-3-yl, benzyl, 4-hydroxybenzyl, imidazol-4-yl, indol-3-yl, methoxyphenyl and ethoxyphenyl.

Another set of protecting groups include the residue of an amino-containing compound, in particular an amino acid, a polypeptide, a protecting group, —NHSO2R, NHC(O)R, —N(R)2, NH2 or —NH(R)(H), whereby for example a carboxylic acid is reacted, i.e. coupled, with the amine to form an amide, as in C(O)NR2. A phosphonic acid may be reacted with the amine to form a phosphonamidate, as in —P(O)(OR)(NR2).

Amino acids have the structure R17C(O)CH(R16)NH—, where R17 is —OH, —OR, an amino acid or a polypeptide residue. Amino acids are low molecular weight compounds, on the order of less than about 1000 MW and which contain at least one amino or imino group and at least one carboxyl group. Generally the amino acids will be found in nature, i.e., can be detected in biological material such as bacteria or other microbes, plants, animals or man. Suitable amino acids typically are alpha amino acids, i.e. compounds characterized by one amino or imino nitrogen atom separated from the carbon atom of one carboxyl group by a single substituted or unsubstituted alpha carbon atom. Of particular interest are hydrophobic residues such as mono- or di-alkyl or aryl amino acids, cycloalkylamino acids and the like. These residues contribute to cell permeability by increasing the partition coefficient of the parental drug. Typically, the residue does not contain a sulfhydryl or guanidino substituent.

Naturally-occurring amino acid residues are those residues found naturally in plants, animals or microbes, especially proteins thereof. Polypeptides most typically will be substantially composed of such naturally-occurring amino acid residues. These amino acids are glycine, alanine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, serine, threonine, cysteine, methionine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, lysine, hydroxylysine, arginine, histidine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan, proline, asparagine, glutamine and hydroxyproline. Additionally, unnatural amino acids, for example, valanine, phenylglycine and homoarginine are also included. Commonly encountered amino acids that are not gene-encoded may also be used in the present invention. All of the amino acids used in the present invention may be either the D- or L-optical isomer. In addition, other peptidomimetics are also useful in the present invention. For a general review, see Spatola, A. F., in Chemistry and Biochemistry of Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins, B. Weinstein, eds., Marcel Dekker, New York, p. 267 (1983).

When protecting groups are single amino acid residues or polypeptides they optionally are substituted at R3 of substituents A1, A2 or A3 in Formula I, or substituted at R3 of substituents A1, A2 or A3 in Formula II. These conjugates generally are produced by forming an amide bond between a carboxyl group of the amino acid (or C-terminal amino acid of a polypeptide for example). Similarly, conjugates are formed between R3 (Formula I) or R3 (Formula II) and an amino group of an amino acid or polypeptide. Generally, only one of any site in the scaffold drug-like compound is amidated with an amino acid as described herein, although it is within the scope of this invention to introduce amino acids at more than one permitted site. Usually, a carboxyl group of R3 is amidated with an amino acid. In general, the α-amino or α-carboxyl group of the amino acid or the terminal amino or carboxyl group of a polypeptide are bonded to the scaffold parental functionalities. Carboxyl or amino groups in the amino acid side chains generally may be used to form the amide bonds with the parental compound or these groups may need to be protected during synthesis of the conjugates as described further below.

With respect to the carboxyl-containing side chains of amino acids or polypeptides it will be understood that the carboxyl group optionally will be blocked, e.g. by R1, esterified with R5 or amidated. Similarly, the amino side chains R16 optionally will be blocked with R1 or substituted with R5.

Such ester or amide bonds with side chain amino or carboxyl groups, like the esters or amides with the parental molecule, optionally are hydrolyzable in vivo or in vitro under acidic (pH<3) or basic (pH>10) conditions. Alternatively, they are substantially stable in the gastrointestinal tract of humans but are hydrolyzed enzymatically in blood or in intracellular environments. The esters or amino acid or polypeptide amidates also are useful as intermediates for the preparation of the parental molecule containing free amino or carboxyl groups. The free acid or base of the parental compound, for example, is readily formed from the esters or amino acid or polypeptide conjugates of this invention by conventional hydrolysis procedures.

When an amino acid residue contains one or more chiral centers, any of the D, L, meso, threo or erythro (as appropriate) racemates, scalemates or mixtures thereof may be used. In general, if the intermediates are to be hydrolyzed non-enzymatically (as would be the case where the amides are used as chemical intermediates for the free acids or free amines), D isomers are useful. On the other hand, L isomers are more versatile since they can be susceptible to both non-enzymatic and enzymatic hydrolysis, and are more efficiently transported by amino acid or dipeptidyl transport systems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Examples of suitable amino acids whose residues are represented by Rx or Ry include the following:


Aminopolycarboxylic acids, e.g., aspartic acid, β-hydroxyaspartic acid, glutaric acid, β-hydroxyglutamic acid, β-methylaspartic acid, β-methylglutamic acid, β,β-dimethylaspartic acid, 7-hydroxyglutamic acid, β,γ-dihydroxyglutamic acid, β-phenylglutamic acid, γmethyleneglutamic acid, 3-aminoadipic acid, 2-aminopimelic acid, 2-aminosuberic acid and 2-aminosebacic acid;

Amino acid amides such as glutamine and asparagine;

Polyamino- or polybasic-monocarboxylic acids such as arginine, lysine, β-aminoalanine, γ-aminobutyrine, ornithine, citruline, homoarginine, homocitrulline, hydroxylysine, allohydroxylsine and diaminobutyric acid;

Other basic amino acid residues such as histidine;

Diaminodicarboxylic acids such as α,α′-diaminosuccinic acid, α,α′-diaminoglutaric acid, α,α′-diaminoadipic acid, α,α′-diaminopimelic acid, α,α′-diamino-β-hydroxypimelic acid, α,α′-diaminosuberic acid, α,α′-diaminoazelaic acid, and α,α′-diaminosebacic acid;

Imino acids such as proline, hydroxyproline, allohydroxyproline, γ-methylproline, pipecolic acid, 5-hydroxypipecolic acid, and azetidine-2-carboxylic acid;

A mono- or di-alkyl (typically C1-C8 branched or normal) amino acid such as alanine, valine, leucine, allylglycine, butyrine, norvaline, norleucine, heptyline, α-methylserine, α-amino-α-methyl-γ-hydroxyvaleric acid, α-amino-α-methyl-δ-hydroxyvaleric acid, α-amino-α-methyl-ε-hydroxycaproic acid, isovaline, α-methylglutamic acid, α-aminoisobutyric acid, α-aminodiethylacetic acid, α-aminodiisopropylacetic acid, α-aminodi-n-propylacetic acid, α-aminodiisobutylacetic acid, α-aminodi-n-butylacetic acid, α-aminoethylisopropylacetic acid, α-amino-n-propylacetic acid, α-aminodiisoamyacetic acid, α-methylaspartic acid, α-methylglutamic acid, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid, isoleucine, alloisoleucine, tert-leucine, β-methyltryptophan and α-amino-β-ethyl-β-phenylpropionic acid;


Aliphatic α-amino-β-hydroxy acids such as serine, β-hydroxyleucine, β-hydroxynorleucine, β-hydroxynorvaline, and α-amino-β-hydroxystearic acid;

α-Amino, α-, γ-, δ- or ε-hydroxy acids such as homoserine, δ-hydroxynorvaline, γ-hydroxynorvaline and ε-hydroxynorleucine residues; canavine and canaline; γ-hydroxyornithine;

2-hexosaminic acids such as D-glucosaminic acid or D-galactosaminic acid;

α-Amino-β-thiols such as penicillamine, β-thiolnorvaline or β-thiolbutyrine;

Other sulfur containing amino acid residues including cysteine; homocystine, β-phenylmethionine, methionine, S-allyl-L-cysteine sulfoxide, 2-thiolhistidine, cystathionine, and thiol ethers of cysteine or homocysteine;

Phenylalanine, tryptophan and ring-substituted α-amino acids such as the phenyl- or cyclohexylamino acids α-aminophenylacetic acid, α-aminocyclohexylacetic acid and α-amino-β-cyclohexylpropionic acid; phenylalanine analogues and derivatives comprising aryl, lower alkyl, hydroxy, guanidino, oxyalkylether, nitro, sulfur or halo-substituted phenyl (e.g., tyrosine, methyltyrosine and o-chloro-, p-chloro-, 3,4-dichloro, o-, m- or p-methyl-, 2,4,6-trimethyl-, 2-ethoxy-5-nitro-, 2-hydroxy-5-nitro- and p-nitro-phenylalanine); furyl-, thienyl-, pyridyl-, pyrimidinyl-, purinyl- or naphthyl-alanines; and tryptophan analogues and derivatives including kynurenine, 3-hydroxykynurenine, 2-hydroxytryptophan and 4-carboxytryptophan;

α-Amino substituted amino acids including sarcosine (N-methylglycine), N-benzylglycine, N-methylalanine, N-benzylalanine, N-methylphenylalanine, N-benzylphenylalanine, N-methylvaline and N-benzylvaline; and

α-Hydroxy and substituted α-hydroxy amino acids including serine, threonine, allothreonine, phosphoserine and phosphothreonine.

Polypeptides are polymers of amino acids in which a carboxyl group of one amino acid monomer is bonded to an amino or imino group of the next amino acid monomer by an amide bond. Polypeptides include dipeptides, low molecular weight polypeptides (about 1500-5000 MW) and proteins. Proteins optionally contain 3, 5, 10, 50, 75, 100 or more residues, and suitably are substantially sequence-homologous with human, animal, plant or microbial proteins. They include enzymes (e.g., hydrogen peroxidase) as well as immunogens such as KLH, or antibodies or proteins of any type against which one wishes to raise an immune response. The nature and identity of the polypeptide may vary widely.

The polypeptide amidates are useful as immunogens in raising antibodies against either the polypeptide (if it is not immunogenic in the animal to which it is administered) or against the epitopes on the remainder of the compound of this invention.

Antibodies capable of binding to the parental non-peptidyl compound are used to separate the parental compound from mixtures, for example in diagnosis or manufacturing of the parental compound. The conjugates of parental compound and polypeptide generally are more immunogenic than the polypeptides in closely homologous animals, and therefore make the polypeptide more immunogenic for facilitating raising antibodies against it. Accordingly, the polypeptide or protein may be immunogenic in an animal typically used to raise antibodies, e.g., rabbit, mouse, horse, or rat. The polypeptide optionally contains a peptidolytic enzyme cleavage site at the peptide bond between the first and second residues adjacent to the acidic heteroatom. Such cleavage sites are flanked by enzymatic recognition structures, e.g. a particular sequence of residues recognized by a peptidolytic enzyme.

Peptidolytic enzymes for cleaving the polypeptide conjugates of this invention are well known, and include carboxypeptidases which digest polypeptides by removing C-terminal residues, and are specific in many instances for particular C-terminal sequences. Such enzymes and their substrate requirements in general are well known. For example, a dipeptide (having a given pair of residues and a free carboxyl terminus) is covalently bonded through its α-amino group to the phosphorus or carbon atoms of the compounds herein. In certain embodiments, a phosphonate group substituted with an amino acid or peptide will be cleaved by the appropriate peptidolytic enzyme, leaving the carboxyl of the proximal amino acid residue to autocatalytically cleave the phosphonoamidate bond.

Suitable dipeptidyl groups (designated by their single letter code) are AA, AR, AN, AD, AC, AE, AQ, AG, AH, AI, AL, AK, AM, AF, AP, AS, AT, AW, AY, AV, RA, RR, RN, RD, RC, RE, RQ, RG, RH, RI, RL, RK, RM, RF, RP, RS, RT, RW, RY, RV, NA, NR, NN, ND, NC, NE, NQ, NG, NH, NI, NL, NK, NM, NF, NP, NS, NT, NW, NY, NV, DA, DR, DN, DD, DC, DE, DQ, DG, DH, DI, DL, DK, DM, DF, DP, DS, DT, DW, DY, DV, CA, CR, CN, CD, CC, CE, CQ, CG, CH, CI, CL, CK, CM, CF, CP, CS, CT, CW, CY, CV, EA, ER, EN, ED, EC, EE, EQ, EG, EH, EI, EL, EK, EM, EF, EP, ES, ET, EW, EY, EV, QA, QR, QN, QD, QC, QE, QQ, QG, QH, QI, QL, QK, QM, QF, QP, QS, QT, QW, QY, QV, GA, GR, GN, GD, GC, GE, GQ, GG, GH, GI, GL, GK, GM, GF, GP, GS, GT, GW, GY, GV, HA, HR, HN, HD, HC, HE, HQ, HG, HH, HI, HL, HK, HM, HF, HP, HS, HT, HW, HY, HV, IA, IR, IN, ID, IC, IE, IQ, IG, IH, II, IL, IK, IM, IF, IP, IS, IT, IW, IY, IV, LA, LR, LN, LD, LC, LE, LQ, LG, LH, LI, LL, LK, LM, LF, LP, LS, LT, LW, LY, LV, KA, KR, KN, KD, KC, KE, KQ, KG, KH, KI, KL, KK, KM, KF, KP, KS, KT, KW, KY, KV, MA, MR, MN, MD, MC, ME, MQ, MG, MH, MI, ML, MK, MM, MF, MP, MS, MT, MW, MY, MV, FA, FR, FN, FD, FC, FE, FQ, FG, FH, FI, FL, FK, FM, FF, FP, FS, FT, FW, FY, FV, PA, PR, PN, PD, PC, PE, PQ, PG, PH, PI, PL, PK, PM, PF, PP, PS, PT, PW, PY, PV, SA, SR, SN, SD, SC, SE, SQ, SG, SH, SI, SL, SK, SM, SF, SP, SS, ST, SW, SY, SV, TA, TR, TN, TD, TC, TE, TQ, TG, TH, TI, TL, TK, TM, TF, TP, TS, TT, TW, TY, TV, WA, WR, WN, WD, WC, WE, WQ, WG, WH, WI, WL, WK, WM, WF, WP, WS, WT, WW, WY, WV, YA, YR, YN, YD, YC, YE, YQ, YG, YH, YI, YL, YK, YM, YF, YP, YS, YT, YW, YY, YV, VA, VR, VN, VD, VC, VE, VQ, VG, VH, VI, VL, VK, VM, VF, VP, VS, VT, VW, VY and VV.

Tripeptide residues are also useful as protecting groups. When a phosphonate is to be protected, the sequence —X-pro-X5— (where X4 is any amino acid residue and X5 is an amino acid residue, a carboxyl ester of proline, or hydrogen) will be cleaved by luminal carboxypeptidase to yield X4 with a free carboxyl, which in turn is expected to autocatalytically cleave the phosphonoamidate bond. The carboxy group of X5 optionally is esterified with benzyl.

Dipeptide or tripeptide species can be selected on the basis of known transport properties and/or susceptibility to peptidases that can affect transport to intestinal mucosal or other cell types. Dipeptides and tripeptides lacking an α-amino group are transport substrates for the peptide transporter found in brush border membrane of intestinal mucosal cells (Bai, J. P. F., (1992) Pharm Res. 9:969-978. Transport competent peptides can thus be used to enhance bioavailability of the amidate compounds. Di- or tripeptides having one or more amino acids in the D configuration may be compatible with peptide transport. Amino acids in the D configuration can be used to reduce the susceptibility of a di- or tripeptide to hydrolysis by proteases common to the brush border such as aminopeptidase N. In addition, di- or tripeptides alternatively are selected on the basis of their relative resistance to hydrolysis by proteases found in the lumen of the intestine. For example, tripeptides or polypeptides lacking asp and/or glu are poor substrates for aminopeptidase A, di- or tripeptides lacking amino acid residues on the N-terminal side of hydrophobic amino acids (leu, tyr, phe, val, trp) are poor substrates for endopeptidase, and peptides lacking a pro residue at the penultimate position at a free carboxyl terminus are poor substrates for carboxypeptidase P. Similar considerations can also be applied to the selection of peptides that are either relatively resistant or relatively susceptible to hydrolysis by cytosolic, renal, hepatic, serum or other peptidases. Such poorly cleaved polypeptide amidates are immunogens or are useful for bonding to proteins in order to prepare immunogens.

Capravirine-Like Compounds

The drugs which can be derivatized in accord with the present invention must contain at least one functional group capable of linking, i.e. bonding to the phosphorus atom in the phosphonate group. The phosphonate derivatives of Formula I and II may cleave in vivo in stages after they have reached the desired site of action, i.e. inside a cell. One mechanism of action inside a cell may entail a first cleavage, e.g. by esterase, to provide a negatively-charged “locked-in” intermediate. Cleavage of a terminal ester grouping in Formula I or II thus affords an unstable intermediate which releases a negatively charged “locked in” intermediate.

After passage inside a cell, intracellular enzymatic cleavage or modification of the phosphonate prodrug compound may result in an intracellular accumulation of the cleaved or modified compound by a “trapping” mechanism. The cleaved or modified compound may then be “locked-in” the cell, i.e. accumulate in the cell by a significant change in charge, polarity, or other physical property change which decreases the rate at which the cleaved or modified compound can exit the cell, relative to the rate at which it entered as the phosphonate prodrug. Other mechanisms by which a therapeutic effect are achieved may be operative as well. Enzymes which are capable of an enzymatic activation mechanism with the phosphonate prodrug compounds of the invention include, but are not limited to, amidases, esterases, microbial enzymes, phospholipases, cholinesterases, and phosphatases.

In selected instances in which the drug is of the nucleoside type, such as is the case of zidovudine and numerous other antiretroviral agents, it is known that the drug is activated in vivo by phosphorylation. Such activation may occur in the present system by enzymatic conversion of the “locked-in” intermediate with phosphokinase to the active phosphonate diphosphate and/or by phosphorylation of the drug itself after its release from the “locked-in” intermediate as described above. In either case, the original nucleoside-type drug will be converted, via the derivatives of this invention, to the active phosphorylated species.

From the foregoing, it will be apparent that many different drugs can be derivatized in accord with the present invention. Numerous such drugs are specifically mentioned herein. However, it should be understood that the discussion of drug families and their specific members for derivatization according to this invention is not intended to be exhaustive, but merely illustrative.

As another example, when the selected drug contains multiple reactive hydroxyl functions, a mixture of intermediates and final products may again be obtained. In the unusual case in which all hydroxy groups are approximately equally reactive, there is not expected to be a single, predominant product, as each mono-substituted product will be obtained in approximate by equal amounts, while a lesser amount of multiply-substituted product will also result. Generally speaking, however, one of the hydroxyl groups will be more susceptible to substitution than the other(s), e.g. a primary hydroxyl will be more reactive than a secondary hydroxyl, an unhindered hydroxyl will be more reactive than a hindered one. Consequently, the major product will be a mono-substituted one in which the most reactive hydroxyl has been derivatized while other mono-substituted and multiply-substituted products may be obtained as minor products.

The invention includes Capravirine-like compounds (CLC). Capravirine is described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,910,506, U.S. Pat. No. 6,083,958, U.S. Pat. No. 6,147,097, WO 96/10019, and U.S. Pat. No. 5,472,965, as well as patent applications and granted patents which are equivalents of, or related by priority claims thereto. The definition of CLC means not only the generic disclosures cited above but also each and every species set forth within the cases making up the enumerated groups. CLC compositions of the invention include a phosphonate group covalently attached as detailed in Formula I. The phosphonate group may be a phosphonate prodrug moiety. The prodrug moiety may be sensitive to hydrolysis, such as, but not limited to a pivaloyloxymethyl carbonate (POC) or POM group. Alternatively, the prodrug moiety may be sensitive to enzymatic potentiated cleavage, such as a lactate ester or a phosphonamidate-ester group. An exemplary group of phosphonate diester CLC compounds anticipated by the present invention includes: embedded image

An exemplary phosphonamidate-ester CLC compound anticipated by the present invention includes: embedded image

The compounds of the invention, exemplified by Formula I and II, may have chiral centers, e.g. chiral carbon or phosphorus atoms. The compounds of the invention thus include racemic mixtures of all stereoisomers, including enantiomers, diastereomers, and atropisomers. In addition, the compounds of the invention include enriched or resolved optical isomers at any or all asymmetric, chiral atoms. In other words, the chiral centers apparent from the depictions are provided as the chiral isomers or racemic mixtures. Both racemic and diastereomeric mixtures, as well as the individual optical isomers isolated or synthesized, substantially free of their enantiomeric or diastereomeric partners, are all within the scope of the invention. The racemic mixtures are separated into their individual, substantially optically pure isomers through well-known techniques such as, for example, the separation of diastereomeric salts formed with optically active adjuncts, e.g., acids or bases followed by conversion back to the optically active substances. In most instances, the desired optical isomer is synthesized by means of stereospecific reactions, beginning with the appropriate stereoisomer of the desired starting material.

The compounds of the invention can also exist as tautomeric isomers in certain cases. All though only one delocalized resonance structure may be depicted, all such forms are contemplated within the scope of the invention. For example, ene-amine tautomers can exist for purine, pyrimidine, imidazole, guanidine, amidine, and tetrazole systems and all their possible tautomeric forms are within the scope of the invention.

Salts and Hydrates

The compositions of this invention optionally comprise salts of the compounds herein, especially pharmaceutically acceptable non-toxic salts containing, for example, Na+, Li+, K+, Ca+2 and Mg+2. Such salts may include those derived by combination of appropriate cations such as alkali and alkaline earth metal ions or ammonium and quaternary amino ions with an acid anion moiety, typically a carboxylic acid. Monovalent salts are preferred if a water soluble salt is desired.

Metal salts typically are prepared by reacting the metal hydroxide with a compound of this invention. Examples of metal salts which are prepared in this way are salts containing Li+, Na+, and K+. A less soluble metal salt may be precipitated from the solution of a more soluble salt by addition of the suitable metal compound.

In addition, salts may be formed from acid addition of certain organic and inorganic acids, e.g., HCl, HBr, H2SO4, H3PO4 or organic sulfonic acids, to basic centers, typically amines, or to acidic groups. Finally, it is to be understood that the compositions herein comprise compounds of the invention in their un-ionized, as well as zwitterionic form, and combinations with stoichiometric amounts of water as in hydrates.

Also included within the scope of this invention are the salts of the parental compounds with one or more amino acids. Any of the amino acids described above are suitable, especially the naturally-occurring amino acids found as protein components, although the amino acid typically is one bearing a side chain with a basic or acidic group, e.g., lysine, arginine or glutamic acid, or a neutral group such as glycine, serine, threonine, alanine, isoleucine, or leucine.

Methods of Inhibition of HIV RT

Another aspect of the invention relates to methods of inhibiting the activity of HIV RT comprising the step of treating a sample suspected of containing HIV RT with a compound of the invention.

Compositions of the invention may act as inhibitors of HIV RT, as intermediates for such inhibitors or have other utilities as described below. The inhibitors will bind to locations on the surface or in a cavity of HIV RT having a geometry unique to HIV RT. Compositions binding HIV RT may bind with varying degrees of reversibility. Those compounds binding substantially irreversibly are ideal candidates for use in this method of the invention. Once labeled, the substantially irreversibly binding compositions are useful as probes for the detection of HIV RT. Accordingly, the invention relates to methods of detecting HIV RT in a sample suspected of containing HIV RT comprising the steps of: treating a sample suspected of containing HIV RT with a composition comprising a compound of the invention bound to a label; and observing the effect of the sample on the activity of the label. Suitable labels are well known in the diagnostics field and include stable free radicals, fluorophores, radioisotopes, enzymes, chemiluminescent groups and chromogens. The compounds herein are labeled in conventional fashion using functional groups such as hydroxyl, amino, carboxyl, or sulfhydryl.

Within the context of the invention samples suspected of containing HIV RT include natural or man-made materials such as living organisms; tissue or cell cultures; biological samples such as biological material samples (blood, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, tears, sputum, saliva, tissue samples, and the like); laboratory samples; food, water, or air samples; bioproduct samples such as extracts of cells, particularly recombinant cells synthesizing a desired glycoprotein; and the like. Typically the sample will be suspected of containing an organism which produces HIV RT, frequently a pathogenic organism such as an HIV virus. Samples can be contained in any medium including water and organic solvent\water mixtures. Samples include living organisms such as humans, and man made materials such as cell cultures.

The treating step of the invention comprises adding the composition of the invention to the sample or it comprises adding a precursor of the composition to the sample. The addition step comprises any method of administration as described above.

If desired, the activity of HIV RT after application of the composition can be observed by any method including direct and indirect methods of detecting HIV RT activity. Quantitative, qualitative, and semiquantitative methods of determining HIV RT activity are all contemplated. Typically one of the screening methods described above are applied, however, any other method such as observation of the physiological properties of a living organism are also applicable.

Organisms that contain HIV RT include the HIV virus. The compounds of this invention are useful in the treatment or prophylaxis of HIV infections in animals or in man.

However, in screening compounds capable of inhibiting HIV RT viruses it should be kept in mind that the results of enzyme assays may not correlate with cell culture assays. Thus, a cell based assay should be the primary screening tool.

Screens for HIV RT Inhibitors.

Compositions of the invention are screened for inhibitory activity against HIV RT by any of the conventional techniques for evaluating enzyme activity. Within the context of the invention, typically compositions are first screened for inhibition of HIV RT in vitro and compositions showing inhibitory activity are then screened for activity in vivo. Certain compounds of the invention have in vitro Ki (inhibitory constants) of less then about 5×10−6 M, and typically less than about 1×10−7 M.

Pharmaceutical Formulations

The compounds of this invention may be formulated with conventional carriers and excipients, which will be selected in accord with ordinary practice. Tablets will contain excipients, glidants, fillers, binders and the like. Aqueous formulations are prepared in sterile form, and when intended for delivery by other than oral administration generally will be isotonic. All formulations will optionally contain excipients such as those set forth in the “Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients” (1986). Excipients include ascorbic acid and other antioxidants, chelating agents such as EDTA, carbohydrates such as dextran, hydroxyalkylcellulose, hydroxyalkylmethylcellulose, stearic acid and the like. The pH of the formulations ranges from about 3 to about 11, but is ordinarily about 7 to 10.

While it is possible for the active ingredients to be administered alone it may be preferable to present them as pharmaceutical formulations. The formulations, both for veterinary and for human use, of the invention comprise at least one active ingredient, as above defined, together with one or more acceptable carriers therefor and optionally other therapeutic ingredients. The carrier(s) must be “acceptable” in the sense of being compatible with the other ingredients of the formulation and physiologically innocuous to the recipient thereof.

The formulations include those suitable for the foregoing administration routes. The formulations may conveniently be presented in unit dosage form and may be prepared by any of the methods well known in the art of pharmacy. Techniques and formulations generally are found in Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences (Mack Publishing Co., Easton, Pa.). Such methods include the step of bringing into association the active ingredient with the carrier which constitutes one or more accessory ingredients. In general the formulations are prepared by uniformly and intimately bringing into association the active ingredient with liquid carriers or finely divided solid carriers or both, and then, if necessary, shaping the product.

Formulations of the present invention suitable for oral administration may be presented as discrete units such as capsules, cachets or tablets each containing a predetermined amount of the active ingredient; as a powder or granules; as a solution or a suspension in an aqueous or non-aqueous liquid; or as an oil-in-water liquid emulsion or a water-in-oil liquid emulsion. The active ingredient may also be administered as a bolus, electuary or paste.

A tablet is made by compression or molding, optionally with one or more accessory ingredients. Compressed tablets may be prepared by compressing in a suitable machine the active ingredient in a free-flowing form such as a powder or granules, optionally mixed with a binder, lubricant, inert diluent, preservative, surface active or dispersing agent. Molded tablets may be made by molding in a suitable machine a mixture of the powdered active ingredient moistened with an inert liquid diluent. The tablets may optionally be coated or scored and optionally are formulated so as to provide slow or controlled release of the active ingredient therefrom.

For infections of the eye or other external tissues e.g. mouth and skin, the formulations are preferably applied as a topical ointment or cream containing the active ingredient(s) in an amount of, for example, 0.075 to 20% w/w (including active ingredient(s) in a range between 0.1% and 20% in increments of 0.1% w/w such as 0.6% w/w, 0.7% w/w, etc.), preferably 0.2 to 15% w/w and most preferably 0.5 to 10% w/w. When formulated in an ointment, the active ingredients may be employed with either a paraffinic or a water-miscible ointment base. Alternatively, the active ingredients may be formulated in a cream with an oil-in-water cream base.

If desired, the aqueous phase of the cream base may include, for example, at least 30% w/w of a polyhydric alcohol, i.e. an alcohol having two or more hydroxyl groups such as propylene glycol, butane 1,3-diol, mannitol, sorbitol, glycerol and polyethylene glycol (including PEG 400) and mixtures thereof. The topical formulations may desirably include a compound which enhances absorption or penetration of the active ingredient through the skin or other affected areas. Examples of such dermal penetration enhancers include dimethyl sulphoxide and related analogs.

The oily phase of the emulsions of this invention may be constituted from known ingredients in a known manner. While the phase may comprise merely an emulsifier (otherwise known as an emulgent), it desirably comprises a mixture of at least one emulsifier with a fat or an oil or with both a fat and an oil. Preferably, a hydrophilic emulsifier is included together with a lipophilic emulsifier which acts as a stabilizer. It is also preferred to include both an oil and a fat. Together, the emulsifier(s) with or without stabilizer(s) make up the so-called emulsifying wax, and the wax together with the oil and fat make up the so-called emulsifying ointment base which forms the oily dispersed phase of the cream formulations.

Emulgents and emulsion stabilizers suitable for use in the formulation of the invention include Tween® 60, Span® 80, cetostearyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, glyceryl mono-stearate and sodium lauryl sulfate.

The choice of suitable oils or fats for the formulation is based on achieving the desired cosmetic properties. The cream should preferably be a non-greasy, non-staining and washable product with suitable consistency to avoid leakage from tubes or other containers. Straight or branched chain, mono- or dibasic alkyl esters such as di-isoadipate, isocetyl stearate, propylene glycol diester of coconut fatty acids, isopropyl myristate, decyl oleate, isopropyl palmitate, butyl stearate, 2-ethylhexyl palmitate or a blend of branched chain esters known as Crodamol CAP may be used, the last three being preferred esters. These may be used alone or in combination depending on the properties required. Alternatively, high melting point lipids such as white soft paraffin and/or liquid paraffin or other mineral oils are used.

Pharmaceutical formulations according to the present invention comprise a combination according to the invention together with one or more pharmaceutically acceptable carriers or excipients and optionally other therapeutic agents. Pharmaceutical formulations containing the active ingredient may be in any form suitable for the intended method of administration. When used for oral use for example, tablets, troches, lozenges, aqueous or oil suspensions, dispersible powders or granules, emulsions, hard or soft capsules, syrups or elixirs may be prepared. Compositions intended for oral use may be prepared according to any method known to the art for the manufacture of pharmaceutical compositions and such compositions may contain one or more agents including sweetening agents, flavoring agents, coloring agents and preserving agents, in order to provide a palatable preparation. Tablets containing the active ingredient in admixture with non-toxic pharmaceutically acceptable excipient which are suitable for manufacture of tablets are acceptable. These excipients may be, for example, inert diluents, such as calcium or sodium carbonate, lactose, calcium or sodium phosphate; granulating and disintegrating agents, such as maize starch, or alginic acid; binding agents, such as starch, gelatin or acacia; and lubricating agents, such as magnesium stearate, stearic acid or talc. Tablets may be uncoated or may be coated by known techniques including microencapsulation to delay disintegration and adsorption in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby provide a sustained action over a longer period. For example, a time delay material such as glyceryl monostearate or glyceryl distearate alone or with a wax may be employed.

Formulations for oral use may be also presented as hard gelatin capsules where the active ingredient is mixed with an inert solid diluent, for example calcium phosphate or kaolin, or as soft gelatin capsules wherein the active ingredient is mixed with water or an oil medium, such as peanut oil, liquid paraffin or olive oil.

Aqueous suspensions of the invention contain the active materials in admixture with excipients suitable for the manufacture of aqueous suspensions. Such excipients include a suspending agent, such as sodium carboxymethylcellulose, methylcellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcelluose, sodium alginate, polyvinylpyrrolidone, gum tragacanth and gum acacia, and dispersing or wetting agents such as a naturally occurring phosphatide (e.g., lecithin), a condensation product of an alkylene oxide with a fatty acid (e.g., polyoxyethylene stearate), a condensation product of ethylene oxide with a long chain aliphatic alcohol (e.g., heptadecaethyleneoxycetanol), a condensation product of ethylene oxide with a partial ester derived from a fatty acid and a hexitol anhydride (e.g., polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate). The aqueous suspension may also contain one or more preservatives such as ethyl or n-propyl p-hydroxy-benzoate, one or more coloring agents, one or more flavoring agents and one or more sweetening agents, such as sucrose or saccharin.

Oil suspensions may be formulated by suspending the active ingredient in a vegetable oil, such as arachis oil, olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil, or in a mineral oil such as liquid paraffin. The oral suspensions may contain a thickening agent, such as beeswax, hard paraffin or cetyl alcohol. Sweetening agents, such as those set forth above, and flavoring agents may be added to provide a palatable oral preparation. These compositions may be preserved by the addition of an antioxidant such as ascorbic acid.

Dispersible powders and granules of the invention suitable for preparation of an aqueous suspension by the addition of water provide the active ingredient in admixture with a dispersing or wetting agent, a suspending agent, and one or more preservatives. Suitable dispersing or wetting agents and suspending agents are exemplified by those disclosed above. Additional excipients, for example sweetening, flavoring and coloring agents, may also be present.

The pharmaceutical compositions of the invention may also be in the form of oil-in-water emulsions. The oily phase may be a vegetable oil, such as olive oil or arachis oil, a mineral oil, such as liquid paraffin, or a mixture of these. Suitable emulsifying agents include naturally-occurring gums, such as gum acacia and gum tragacanth, naturally occurring phosphatides, such as soybean lecithin, esters or partial esters derived from fatty acids and hexitol anhydrides, such as sorbitan monooleate, and condensation products of these partial esters with ethylene oxide, such as polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate. The emulsion may also contain sweetening and flavoring agents. Syrups and elixirs may be formulated with sweetening agents, such as glycerol, sorbitol or sucrose. Such formulations may also contain a demulcent, a preservative, a flavoring or a coloring agent.

The pharmaceutical compositions of the invention may be in the form of a sterile injectable preparation, such as a sterile injectable aqueous or oleaginous suspension. This suspension may be formulated according to the known art using those suitable dispersing or wetting agents and suspending agents which have been mentioned above. The sterile injectable preparation may also be a sterile injectable solution or suspension in a non-toxic parenterally acceptable diluent or solvent, such as a solution in 1,3-butane-diol or prepared as a lyophilized powder. Among the acceptable vehicles and solvents that may be employed are water, Ringer's solution and isotonic sodium chloride solution. In addition, sterile fixed oils may conventionally be employed as a solvent or suspending medium. For this purpose any bland fixed oil may be employed including synthetic mono- or diglycerides. In addition, fatty acids such as oleic acid may likewise be used in the preparation of injectables.

The amount of active ingredient that may be combined with the carrier material to produce a single dosage form will vary depending upon the host treated and the particular mode of administration. For example, a time-release formulation intended for oral administration to humans may contain approximately 1 to 1000 mg of active material compounded with an appropriate and convenient amount of carrier material which may vary from about 5 to about 95% of the total compositions (weight:weight). The pharmaceutical composition can be prepared to provide easily measurable amounts for administration. For example, an aqueous solution intended for intravenous infusion may contain from about 3 to 500 μg of the active ingredient per milliliter of solution in order that infusion of a suitable volume at a rate of about 30 mL/hr can occur.

Formulations suitable for topical administration to the eye also include eye drops wherein the active ingredient is dissolved or suspended in a suitable carrier, especially an aqueous solvent for the active ingredient. The active ingredient is preferably present in such formulations in a concentration of 0.5 to 20%, advantageously 0.5 to 10% and particularly about 1.5% w/w.

Formulations suitable for topical administration in the mouth include lozenges comprising the active ingredient in a flavored basis, usually sucrose and acacia or tragacanth; pastilles comprising the active ingredient in an inert basis such as gelatin and glycerin, or sucrose and acacia; and mouthwashes comprising the active ingredient in a suitable liquid carrier.

Formulations for rectal administration may be presented as a suppository with a suitable base comprising for example cocoa butter or a salicylate.

Formulations suitable for intrapulmonary or nasal administration have a particle size for example in the range of 0.1 to 500 microns, such as 0.5, 1, 30, 35 microns etc., which is administered by rapid inhalation through the nasal passage or by inhalation through the mouth so as to reach the alveolar sacs. Suitable formulations include aqueous or oily solutions of the active ingredient. Formulations suitable for aerosol or dry powder administration may be prepared according to conventional methods and may be delivered with other therapeutic agents such as compounds heretofore used in the treatment or prophylaxis of HIV infections as described below.

Formulations suitable for vaginal administration may be presented as pessaries, tampons, creams, gels, pastes, foams or spray formulations containing in addition to the active ingredient such carriers as are known in the art to be appropriate.

Formulations suitable for parenteral administration include aqueous and non-aqueous sterile injection solutions which may contain anti-oxidants, buffers, bacteriostats and solutes which render the formulation isotonic with the blood of the intended recipient; and aqueous and non-aqueous sterile suspensions which may include suspending agents and thickening agents.

The formulations are presented in unit-dose or multi-dose containers, for example sealed ampoules and vials, and may be stored in a freeze-dried (lyophilized) condition requiring only the addition of the sterile liquid carrier, for example water for injection, immediately prior to use. Extemporaneous injection solutions and suspensions are prepared from sterile powders, granules and tablets of the kind previously described. Preferred unit dosage formulations are those containing a daily dose or unit daily sub-dose, as herein above recited, or an appropriate fraction thereof, of the active ingredient.

It should be understood that in addition to the ingredients particularly mentioned above the formulations of this invention may include other agents conventional in the art having regard to the type of formulation in question, for example those suitable for oral administration may include flavoring agents.

The invention further provides veterinary compositions comprising at least one active ingredient as above defined together with a veterinary carrier therefor.

Veterinary carriers are materials useful for the purpose of administering the composition and may be solid, liquid or gaseous materials which are otherwise inert or acceptable in the veterinary art and are compatible with the active ingredient. These veterinary compositions may be administered orally, parenterally or by any other desired route.

Compounds of the invention are used to provide controlled release pharmaceutical formulations containing as active ingredient one or more compounds of the invention (“controlled release formulations”) in which the release of the active ingredient are controlled and regulated to allow less frequency dosing or to improve the pharmacokinetic or toxicity profile of a given active ingredient.

Effective dose of active ingredient depends at least on the nature of the condition being treated, toxicity, whether the compound is being used prophylactically (lower doses) or against an active HIV infection, the method of delivery, and the pharmaceutical formulation, and will be determined by the clinician using conventional dose escalation studies. It can be expected to be from about 0.0001 to about 100 mg/kg body weight per day. Typically, from about 0.01 to about 10 mg/kg body weight per day. More typically, from about 0.01 to about 5 mg/kg body weight per day. More typically, from about 0.05 to about 0.5 mg/kg body weight per day. For example, the daily candidate dose for an adult human of approximately 70 kg body weight will range from 1 mg to 1000 mg, preferably between 5 mg and 500 mg, and may take the form of single or multiple doses.

Routes of Administration

One or more compounds of the invention (herein referred to as the active ingredients) are administered by any route appropriate to the condition to be treated. Suitable routes include oral, rectal, nasal, topical (including buccal and sublingual), vaginal and parenteral (including subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous, intradermal, intrathecal and epidural), and the like. It will be appreciated that the preferred route may vary with for example the condition of the recipient. An advantage of the compounds of this invention is that they are orally bioavailable and can be dosed orally.

Combination Therapy

Compositions of the invention are also used in combination with other active ingredients. Such combinations are selected based on the condition to be treated, cross-reactivities of ingredients and pharmaco-properties of the combination. For example, when treating HIV viral infections the compositions of the invention are combined with other antivirals (such as RTIs, NNRTIs and other RT inhibitors).

It is possible to combine any compound of the invention with one or more other active ingredients in a unitary dosage form for simultaneous or sequential administration to an HIV infected patient. The combination therapy may be administered as a simultaneous or sequential regimen. When administered sequentially, the combination may be administered in two or more administrations. Second and third active ingredients in the combination may have anti-HIV activity and include protease inhibitors (Prt), nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTI), non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTI), and integrase inhibitors. Exemplary active ingredients to be administered in combination with compounds of the invention are:

  • 5,6 dihydro-5-azacytidine
  • 5-aza 2′deoxycytidine
  • 5-azacytidine
  • 9 (arabinofuranosyl)guanine; 9-(2′ deoxyribofuranosyl)guanine
  • 9-(2′-deoxy 2′fluororibofuranosyl)-2,6-diaminopurine
  • 9-(2′-deoxy 2′fluororibofuranosyl)guanine
  • 9-(2′-deoxyribofuranosyl)-2,6 diaminopurine
  • 9-(arabinofuranosyl)-2,6 diaminopurine
  • Abacavir, Ziagen®
  • Acyclovir, ACV; 9-(2-hydroxyethoxylmethyl)guanine
  • Adefovir (9-(2-phosphonomethoxyethyl)adenine
  • Adefovir dipivoxil, Hepsera®
  • Amprenavir, Agenerase®
  • BHCG; (.+−.)-(1a,2b,3a)-9-[2,3-bis(hydroxymethyl)cyclobutyl]guanine
  • BMS200,475; 5-yl-carbocyclic 2′-deoxyguanosine
  • Buciclovir; (R) 9-(3,4-dihydroxybutyl)guanine
  • Calanolide A
  • Capravirine
  • CDG; carbocyclic 2′-deoxyguanosine
  • Cidofovir, HPMPC; (S)-9-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)cytosine
  • Clevudine, L-FMAU; 2′-Fluoro-5-methyl-β-L-arabino-furanosyluracil
  • Cytallene; [1-(4′-hydroxy-1′,2′-butadienyl)cytosine]
  • Cytallene; [1-(4′-hydroxy-1′,2′-butadienyl)cytosine]
  • d4C; 3′-deoxy-2′,3′-didehydrocytidine
  • DAPD; (−)-β-D-2,6-diaminopurine dioxolane
  • ddA; 2′,3′-dideoxyadenosine
  • ddAPR; 2,6-diaminopurine-2′,3′-dideoxyriboside
  • Delavirdine, Rescriptor®
  • Didanosine, ddI, Videx®; 2′,3′-dideoxyinosine
  • DXG; dioxolane guanosine
  • E-5-(2-bromovinyl)-2′-deoxyuridine
  • Efavirenz, Sustiva®
  • Emtricitabine, Coviracil®, FTC; (2R,5S,cis)-4-amino-5-fluoro-1-(2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl)-(1H)-pyrimidin-2-one
  • Enfuvirtide, Fuzeon®
  • FDOC; (−)-β-D-5-fluoro-1-[2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-dioxolane]cytosine
  • FEAU; 2′-deoxy-2′-fluoro-1-β-D-arabinofuranosyl-5-ethyluracil
  • FIAC; 1-(2-deoxy-2-fluoro-β-D-arabinofuranosyl)-5-iodocytosine
  • FIAU; 1-(2-deoxy-2-fluoro-β-D-arabinofuranosyl)-5-iodouridine
  • FLG; 2′,3′-dideoxy-3′-fluoroguanosine
  • FLT; 3′-deoxy-3′-fluorothymidine
  • Fludarabine; F-ara-A; fluoroarabinosyladenosine
  • FMdC
  • Foscarnet; phosphonoformic acid
  • FPMPA; 9-(3-fluoro-2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)adenine
  • Gancyclovir, GCV; 9-(1,3-dihydroxy-2-propoxymethyl)guanine
  • GS-7340; 9-[R-2-[[(S)-[[(S)-1-(isopropoxycarbonyl)ethyl]amino]-phenoxyphosphinyl]methoxy]propyl]adenine
  • HPMPA; (S)-9-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)adenine
  • Hydroxyurea, Droxia®
  • Indinavir, Crixivan®
  • Lamivudine, 3TC, Epivir™; (2R,5S,cis)-4-amino-1-(2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl)-(1H)-pyrimidin-2-one
  • L-d4C; L-3′-deoxy-2′,3′-didehydrocytidine
  • L-ddC; L-2′,3′-dideoxycytidine
  • L-Fd4C; L-3′-deoxy-2′,3′-didehydro-5-fluorocytidine
  • L-FddC; L-2′,3′-dideoxy-5-fluorocytidine
  • Lopinavir
  • Nelfinavir, Viracept®
  • Nevirapine, Viramune®
  • Oxetanocin A; 9-(2-deoxy-2-hydroxymethyl-β-D-erythro-oxetanosyl)adenine
  • Oxetanocin G; 9-(2-deoxy-2-hydroxymethyl-β-D-erythro-oxetanosyl)guanine
  • Penciclovir
  • PMEDAP; 9-(2-phosphonylmethoxyethyl)-2,6-diaminopurine
  • PMPA, tenofovir; (R)-9-(2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)adenine
  • PPA; phosphonoacetic acid
  • Ribavirin
  • Ribavirin; 1-β-D-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide
  • Ritonavir, Norvir®
  • Saquinavir, Invirase®, Fortovase®
  • Sorivudine, BvaraU; 1-β-D-arabinofuranosyl-E-5-(2-bromovinyl)uracil
  • Stavudine, d4T, Zerit®; 2′,3′-didehydro-3′-deoxythymidine
  • Tenofovir disoproxil; [2-(6-Amino-purin-9-yl)-1-methyl-ethoxymethyl]-phosphonic acid diisopropoxycarbonyloxymethyl ester
  • Trifluorothymidine, TFT; Trifluorothymidine
  • Vidarabine, araA; 9-β-D-arabinofuranosyladenine
  • Viread®, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (DF), Bis POC PMPA, TDF; 2,4,6,8-Tetraoxa-5-phosphanonanedioic acid, 5-[[(1R)-2-(6-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)-1-methylethoxy]methyl]-, bis(1-methylethyl) ester, 5-oxide, (2E)-2-butenedioate (1:1)
  • Zalcitabine, Hivid®, ddC; 2′,3′-dideoxycytidine
  • Zidovudine, AZT, Retrovir®; 3′-azido-2′,3′-dideoxythymdine
  • Zonavir; 5-propynyl-1-arabinosyluracil

The combination therapy may provide “synergy” and “synergistic”, i.e. the effect achieved when the active ingredients used together is greater than the sum of the effects that results from using the compounds separately. A synergistic effect may be attained when the active ingredients are: (1) co-formulated and administered or delivered simultaneously in a combined formulation; (2) delivered by alternation or in parallel as separate formulations; or (3) by some other regimen. When delivered in alternation therapy, a synergistic effect may be attained when the compounds are administered or delivered sequentially, e.g. in separate tablets, pills or capsules, or by different injections in separate syringes. In general, during alternation therapy, an effective dosage of each active ingredient is administered sequentially, i.e. serially, whereas in combination therapy, effective dosages of two or more active ingredients are administered together. A synergistic anti-viral effect denotes an antiviral effect which is greater than the predicted purely additive effects of the individual compounds of the combination.

Metabolites of the Compounds of the Invention

Also falling within the scope of this invention are the in vivo metabolic products of the compounds described herein, to the extent such products are novel and unobvious over the prior art. Such products may result for example from the oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, amidation, esterification and the like of the administered compound, primarily due to enzymatic processes. Accordingly, the invention includes novel and unobvious compounds produced by a process comprising contacting a compound of this invention with a mammal for a period of time sufficient to yield a metabolic product thereof. Such products typically are identified by preparing a radiolabelled (e.g. 14C or 3H) compound of the invention, administering it parenterally in a detectable dose (e.g. greater than about 0.5 mg/kg) to an animal such as rat, mouse, guinea pig, monkey, or to man, allowing sufficient time for metabolism to occur (typically about 30 seconds to 30 hours) and isolating its conversion products from the urine, blood or other biological samples. These products are easily isolated since they are labeled (others are isolated by the use of antibodies capable of binding epitopes surviving in the metabolite). The metabolite structures are determined in conventional fashion, e.g. by MS or NMR analysis. In general, analysis of metabolites is done in the same way as conventional drug metabolism studies well-known to those skilled in the art. The conversion products, so long as they are not otherwise found in vivo, are useful in diagnostic assays for therapeutic dosing of the compounds of the invention even if they possess no HIV RT inhibitory activity of their own.

Recipes and methods for determining stability of compounds in surrogate gastrointestinal secretions are known. Compounds are defined herein as stable in the gastrointestinal tract where less than about 50 mole percent of the protected groups are deprotected in surrogate intestinal or gastric juice upon incubation for 1 hour at 37° C. Such compounds are suitable for use in this embodiment. Note that simply because the compounds are stable to the gastrointestinal tract does not mean that they cannot be hydrolyzed in vivo. Prodrugs typically will be stable in the digestive system but may be substantially hydrolyzed to the parental drug in the digestive lumen, liver or other metabolic organ, or within cells in general.

Exemplary Methods of Making the Compounds of the Invention.

The invention provides many methods of making the compositions of the invention. The compositions are prepared by any of the applicable techniques of organic synthesis. Many such techniques are well known in the art. Such as those elaborated in “Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods” (John Wiley & Sons, New York), Vol. 1, Ian T. Harrison and Shuyen Harrison, 1971; Vol. 2, Ian T. Harrison and Shuyen Harrison, 1974; Vol. 3, Louis S. Hegedus and Leroy Wade, 1977; Vol. 4, Leroy G. Wade, jr., 1980; Vol. 5, Leroy G. Wade, Jr., 1984; and Vol. 6, Michael B. Smith; as well as March, J., “Advanced Organic Chemistry, Third Edition”, (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1985), “Comprehensive Organic Synthesis. Selectivity, Strategy & Efficiency in Modern Organic Chemistry. In 9 Volumes”, Barry M. Trost, Editor-in-Chief (Pergamon Press, New York, 1993 printing).

Dialkyl phosphonates may be prepared according to the methods of: Quast et al (1974) Synthesis 490; Stowell et al (1990) Tetrahedron Lett. 3261; U.S. Pat. No. 5,663,159.

In general, synthesis of phosphonate esters is achieved by coupling a nucleophile amine or alcohol with the corresponding activated phosphonate electrophilic precursor for example, Chlorophosphonate addition on to 5′-hydroxy of nucleoside is a well known method for preparation of nucleoside phosphate monoesters. The activated precursor can be prepared by several well known methods. Chlorophosphonates useful for synthesis of the prodrugs are prepared from the substituted-1,3-propanediol (Wissner, et al, (1992) J. Med. Chem. 35:1650). Chlorophosphonates are made by oxidation of the corresponding chlorophospholanes (Anderson, et al, (1984) J. Org. Chem. 49:1304) which are obtained by reaction of the substituted diol with phosphorus trichloride. Alternatively, the chlorophosphonate agent is made by treating substituted-1,3-diols with phosphorusoxychloride (Patois, et al, (1990) J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans. I, 1577). Chlorophosphonate species may also be generated in situ from corresponding cyclic phosphites (Silverburg, et al., (1996) Tetrahedron lett., 37:771-774), which in turn can be either made from chlorophospholane or phosphoramidate intermediate. Phosphoroflouridate intermediate prepared either from pyrophosphate or phosphoric acid may also act as precursor in preparation of cyclic prodrugs (Watanabe et al., (1988) Tetrahedron lett., 29:5763-66). Caution: fluorophosphonate compounds may be highly toxic!

Schemes and Examples

General aspects of these exemplary methods are described below and in the Examples. Each of the products of the following processes is optionally separated, isolated, and/or purified prior to its use in subsequent processes.

A number of exemplary methods for the preparation of the compositions of the invention are provided below. These methods are intended to illustrate the nature of such preparations are not intended to limit the scope of applicable methods.

The terms “treated”, “treating”, “treatment”, and the like, mean contacting, mixing, reacting, allowing to react, bringing into contact, and other terms common in the art for indicating that one or more chemical entities is treated in such a manner as to convert it to one or more other chemical entities. This means that “treating compound one with compound two” is synonymous with “allowing compound one to react with compound two”, “contacting compound one with compound two”, “reacting compound one with compound two”, and other expressions common in the art of organic synthesis for reasonably indicating that compound one was “treated”, “reacted”, “allowed to react”, etc., with compound two.

“Treating” indicates the reasonable and usual manner in which organic chemicals are allowed to react. Normal concentrations (0.01M to 10M, typically 0.1M to 1M), temperatures (−100° C. to 250° C., typically −78° C. to 150° C., more typically −78° C. to 100° C., still more typically 0° C. to 100° C.), reaction vessels (typically glass, plastic, metal), solvents, pressures, atmospheres (typically air for oxygen and water insensitive reactions or nitrogen or argon for oxygen or water sensitive), etc., are intended unless otherwise indicated. The knowledge of similar reactions known in the art of organic synthesis are used in selecting the conditions and apparatus for “treating” in a given process. In particular, one of ordinary skill in the art of organic synthesis selects conditions and apparatus reasonably expected to successfully carry out the chemical reactions of the described processes based on the knowledge in the art.

Modifications of each of the exemplary schemes above and in the examples (hereafter “exemplary schemes”) leads to various analogs of the specific exemplary materials produce. The above cited citations describing suitable methods of organic synthesis are applicable to such modifications.

In each of the exemplary schemes it may be advantageous to separate reaction products from one another and/or from starting materials. The desired products of each step or series of steps is separated and/or purified (hereinafter separated) to the desired degree of homogeneity by the techniques common in the art. Typically such separations involve multiphase extraction, crystallization from a solvent or solvent mixture, distillation, sublimation, or chromatography. Chromatography can involve any number of methods including, for example: reverse-phase and normal phase; size exclusion; ion exchange; high, medium, and low pressure liquid chromatography methods and apparatus; small scale analytical; simulated moving bed (SMB) and preparative thin or thick layer chromatography, as well as techniques of small scale thin layer and flash chromatography.

Another class of separation methods involves treatment of a mixture with a reagent selected to bind to or render otherwise separable a desired product, unreacted starting material, reaction by product, or the like. Such reagents include adsorbents or absorbents such as activated carbon, molecular sieves, ion exchange media, or the like. Alternatively, the reagents can be acids in the case of a basic material, bases in the case of an acidic material, binding reagents such as antibodies, binding proteins, selective chelators such as crown ethers, liquid/liquid ion extraction reagents (LIX), or the like.

Selection of appropriate methods of separation depends on the nature of the materials involved. For example, boiling point, and molecular weight in distillation and sublimation, presence or absence of polar functional groups in chromatography, stability of materials in acidic and basic media in multiphase extraction, and the like. One skilled in the art will apply techniques most likely to achieve the desired separation.

A single stereoisomer, e.g. an enantiomer, substantially free of its stereoisomer may be obtained by resolution of the racemic mixture using a method such as formation of diastereomers using optically active resolving agents (“Stereochemistry of Carbon Compounds,” (1962) by E. L. Eliel, McGraw Hill; Lochmuller, C. H., (1975) J. Chromatogr., 113:(3) 283-302). Racemic mixtures of chiral compounds of the invention can be separated and isolated by any suitable method, including: (1) formation of ionic, diastereomeric salts with chiral compounds and separation by fractional crystallization or other methods, (2) formation of diastereomeric compounds with chiral derivatizing reagents, separation of the diastereomers, and conversion to the pure stereoisomers, and (3) separation of the substantially pure or enriched stereoisomers directly under chiral conditions.

Under method (1), diastereomeric salts can be formed by reaction of enantiomerically pure chiral bases such as brucine, quinine, ephedrine, strychnine, α-methyl-β-phenylethylamine (amphetamine), and the like with asymmetric compounds bearing acidic functionality, such as carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid. The diastereomeric salts may be induced to separate by fractional crystallization or ionic chromatography. For separation of the optical isomers of amino compounds, addition of chiral carboxylic or sulfonic acids, such as camphorsulfonic acid, tartaric acid, mandelic acid, or lactic acid can result in formation of the diastereomeric salts.

Alternatively, by method (2), the substrate to be resolved is reacted with one enantiomer of a chiral compound to form a diastereomeric pair (Eliel, E. and Wilen, S. (1994) Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., p. 322). Diastereomeric compounds can be formed by reacting asymmetric compounds with enantiomerically pure chiral derivatizing reagents, such as menthyl derivatives, followed by separation of the diastereomers and hydrolysis to yield the free, enantiomerically enriched xanthene. A method of determining optical purity involves making chiral esters, such as a menthyl ester, e.g. (−) menthyl chloroformate in the presence of base, or Mosher ester, α-methoxy-α-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl acetate (Jacob III. (1982) J. Org. Chem. 47:4165), of the racemic mixture, and analyzing the NMR spectrum for the presence of the two atropisomeric diastereomers. Stable diastereomers of atropisomeric compounds can be separated and isolated by normal- and reverse-phase chromatography following methods for separation of atropisomeric naphthyl-isoquinolines (Hoye, T., WO 96/15111). By method (3), a racemic mixture of two enantiomers can be separated by chromatography using a chiral stationary phase (“Chiral Liquid Chromatography” (1989) W. J. Lough, Ed. Chapman and Hall, New York; Okamoto, (1990) J. of Chromatogr. 513:375-378). Enriched or purified enantiomers can be distinguished by methods used to distinguish other chiral molecules with asymmetric carbon atoms, such as optical rotation and circular dichroism.

All literature and patent citations above are hereby expressly incorporated by reference at the locations of their citation. Specifically cited sections or pages of the above cited works are incorporated by reference with specificity. The invention has been described in detail sufficient to allow one of ordinary skill in the art to make and use the subject matter of the following Embodiments. It is apparent that certain modifications of the methods and compositions of the following Embodiments can be made within the scope and spirit of the invention. embedded image

Scheme A shows the general interconversions of certain phosphonate compounds: acids —P(O)(OH)2; mono-esters —P(O)(OR1)(OH); and diesters —P(O)(OR1)2 in which the R1 groups are independently selected, and defined herein before, and the phosphorus is attached through a carbon moiety (link, i.e. linker), which is attached to the rest of the molecule, e.g. drug or drug intermediate (R). The R1 groups attached to the phosphonate esters in Scheme 1 may be changed using established chemical transformations. The interconversions may be carried out in the precursor compounds or the final products using the methods described below. The methods employed for a given phosphonate transformation depend on the nature of the substituent R1. The preparation and hydrolysis of phosphonate esters is described in Organic Phosphorus Compounds, G. M. Kosolapoff, L. Maeir, eds, Wiley, 1976, p. 9ff.

The conversion of a phosphonate diester 27.1 into the corresponding phosphonate monoester 27.2 (Scheme A, Reaction 1) can be accomplished by a number of methods. For example, the ester 27.1 in which R1 is an arylalkyl group such as benzyl, can be converted into the monoester compound 27.2 by reaction with a tertiary organic base such as diazabicyclooctane (DABCO) or quinuclidine, as described in J. Org. Chem., 1995, 60:2946. The reaction is performed in an inert hydrocarbon solvent such as toluene or xylene, at about 110° C. The conversion of the diester 27.1 in which R1 is an aryl group such as phenyl, or an alkenyl group such as allyl, into the monoester 27.2 can be effected by treatment of the ester 27.1 with a base such as aqueous sodium hydroxide in acetonitrile or lithium hydroxide in aqueous tetrahydrofuran. Phosphonate diesters 27.2 in which one of the groups R1 is arylalkyl, such as benzyl, and the other is alkyl, can be converted into the monoesters 27.2 in which R1 is alkyl, by hydrogenation, for example using a palladium on carbon catalyst. Phosphonate diesters in which both of the groups R1 are alkenyl, such as allyl, can be converted into the monoester 27.2 in which R1 is alkenyl by treatment with chlorotris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium (Wilkison's catalyst) in aqueous ethanol at reflux, optionally in the presence of diazabicyclooctane, for example by using the procedure described in J. Org. Chem., 38:3224 1973 for the cleavage of allyl carboxylates.

The conversion of a phosphonate diester 27.1 or a phosphonate monoester 27.2 into the corresponding phosphonic acid 27.3 (Scheme A, Reactions 2 and 3) can effected by reaction of the diester or the monoester with trimethylsilyl bromide, as described in J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm., 739, 1979. The reaction is conducted in an inert solvent such as, for example, dichloromethane, optionally in the presence of a silylating agent such as bis(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide, at ambient temperature. A phosphonate monoester 27.2 in which R1 is arylalkyl such as benzyl, can be converted into the corresponding phosphonic acid 27.3 by hydrogenation over a palladium catalyst, or by treatment with hydrogen chloride in an ethereal solvent such as dioxane. A phosphonate monoester 27.2 in which R1 is alkenyl such as, for example, allyl, can be converted into the phosphonic acid 27.3 by reaction with Wilkinson's catalyst in an aqueous organic solvent, for example in 15% aqueous acetonitrile, or in aqueous ethanol, for example using the procedure described in Helv. Chim. Acta., 68:618, 1985. Palladium catalyzed hydrogenolysis of phosphonate esters 27.1 in which R1 is benzyl is described in J. Org. Chem., 24:434, 1959. Platinum-catalyzed hydrogenolysis of phosphonate esters 27.1 in which R1 is phenyl is described in J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 78:2336, 1956.

The conversion of a phosphonate monoester 27.2 into a phosphonate diester 27.1 (Scheme A, Reaction 4) in which the newly introduced R1 group is alkyl, arylalkyl, or haloalkyl such as chloroethyl, can be effected by a number of reactions in which the substrate 27.2 is reacted with a hydroxy compound R1OH, in the presence of a coupling agent. Suitable coupling agents are those employed for the preparation of carboxylate esters, and include a carbodiimide such as dicyclohexylcarbodiimide, in which case the reaction is preferably conducted in a basic organic solvent such as pyridine, or (benzotriazol-1-yloxy)tripyrrolidinophosphonium hexafluorophosphate (PYBOP, Sigma), in which case the reaction is performed in a polar solvent such as dimethylformamide, in the presence of a tertiary organic base such as diisopropylethylamine, or Aldrithiol-2 (Aldrich) in which case the reaction is conducted in a basic solvent such as pyridine, in the presence of a triaryl phosphine such as triphenylphosphine. Alternatively, the conversion of the phosphonate monoester 27.1 to the diester 27.1 can be effected by the use of the Mitsunobu reaction. The substrate is reacted with the hydroxy compound R1OH, in the presence of diethyl azodicarboxylate and a triarylphosphine such as triphenyl phosphine. Alternatively, the phosphonate monoester 27.2 can be transformed into the phosphonate diester 27.1, in which the introduced R1 group is alkenyl or arylalkyl, by reaction of the monoester with the halide R1Br, in which R1 is as alkenyl or arylalkyl. The alkylation reaction is conducted in a polar organic solvent such as dimethylformamide or acetonitrile, in the presence of a base such as cesium carbonate. Alternatively, the phosphonate monoester can be transformed into the phosphonate diester in a two step procedure. In the first step, the phosphonate monoester 27.2 is transformed into the chloro analog —P(O)(OR1)Cl by reaction with thionyl chloride or oxalyl chloride and the like, as described in Organic Phosphorus Compounds, G. M. Kosolapoff, L. Maeir, eds, Wiley, 1976, p. 17, and the thus-obtained product —P(O)(OR1)Cl is then reacted with the hydroxy compound R1OH, in the presence of a base such as triethylamine, to afford the phosphonate diester 27.1.

A phosphonic acid —P(O)(OH)2 can be transformed into a phosphonate monoester —P(O)(OR1)(OH) (Scheme A, Reaction 5) by means of the methods described above of for the preparation of the phosphonate diester —P(O)(OR1)2 27.1, except that only one molar proportion of the component R1OH or R1Br is employed.

A phosphonic acid —P(O)(OH)2 27.3 can be transformed into a phosphonate diester —P(O)(OR1)2 27.1 (Scheme A, Reaction 6) by a coupling reaction with the hydroxy compound R1OH, in the presence of a coupling agent such as Aldrithiol-2 (Aldrich) and triphenylphosphine. The reaction is conducted in a basic solvent such as pyridine. Alternatively, phosphonic acids 27.3 can be transformed into phosphonic esters 27.1 in which R1 is aryl, such as phenyl, by means of a coupling reaction employing, for example, phenol and dicyclohexylcarbodiimide in pyridine at about 70° C. Alternatively, phosphonic acids 27.3 can be transformed into phosphonic esters 27.1 in which R1 is alkenyl, by means of an alkylation reaction. The phosphonic acid is reacted with the alkenyl bromide R1Br in a polar organic solvent such as acetonitrile solution at reflux temperature, in the presence of a base such as cesium carbonate, to afford the phosphonic ester 27.1.

Phosphonate prodrugs of the present invention may also be prepared from the precursor free acid by Mitsunobu reactions (Mitsunobu, (1981) Synthesis, 1; Campbell, (1992) J. Org. Chem., 52:6331), and other acid coupling reagents including, but not limited to, carbodiimides (Alexander, et al, (1994) Collect. Czech. Chem. Commun. 59:1853; Casara, et al, (1992) Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2:145; Ohashi, et al, (1988) Tetrahedron Lett., 29:1189), and benzotriazolyloxytris-(dimethylamino)phosphonium salts (Campagne, et al, (1993) Tetrahedron Lett., 34:6743).

Preparation of Carboalkoxy-Substituted Phosphonate Bisamidates, Monoamidates, Diesters and Monoesters.

A number of methods are available for the conversion of phosphonic acids into amidates and esters. In one group of methods, the phosphonic acid is either converted into an isolated activated intermediate such as a phosphoryl chloride, or the phosphonic acid is activated in situ for reaction with an amine or a hydroxy compound.

The conversion of phosphonic acids into phosphoryl chlorides is accomplished by reaction with thionyl chloride, for example as described in J. Gen. Chem. USSR, 1983, 53, 480, Zh. Obschei Khim, 1958, 28, 1063, or J. Org. Chem., 1994, 59, 6144, or by reaction with oxalyl chloride, as described in J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1994, 116, 3251, or J. Org. Chem., 1994, 59, 6144, or by reaction with phosphorus pentachloride, as described in J. Org. Chem., 2001, 66, 329, or in J. Med. Chem., 1995, 38, 1372. The resultant phosphoryl chlorides are then reacted with amines or hydroxy compounds in the presence of a base to afford the amidate or ester products.

Phosphonic acids are converted into activated imidazolyl derivatives by reaction with carbonyl diimidazole, as described in J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm., 1991, 312, or Nucleosides Nucleotides 2000, 19, 1885. Activated sulfonyloxy derivatives are obtained by the reaction of phosphonic acids with trichloromethylsulfonyl chloride, as described in J. Med. Chem. 1995, 38, 4958, or with triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl chloride, as described in Tet. Lett., 1996, 7857, or Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 1998, 8, 663. The activated sulfonyloxy derivatives are then reacted with amines or hydroxy compounds to afford amidates or esters.

Alternatively, the phosphonic acid and the amine or hydroxy reactant are combined in the presence of a diimide coupling agent. The preparation of phosphonic amidates and esters by means of coupling reactions in the presence of dicyclohexyl carbodiimide is described, for example, in J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm., 1991, 312, or J. Med. Chem., 1980, 23, 1299 or Coll. Czech. Chem. Comm., 1987, 52, 2792. The use of ethyl dimethylaminopropyl carbodiimide for activation and coupling of phosphonic acids is described in Tet. Lett., 2001, 42, 8841, or Nucleosides Nucleotides, 2000, 19, 1885.

A number of additional coupling reagents have been described for the preparation of amidates and esters from phosphonic acids. The agents include Aldrithiol-2, and PYBOP and BOP, as described in J. Org. Chem., 1995, 60, 5214, and J. Med. Chem., 1997, 40, 3842, mesitylene-2-sulfonyl-3-nitro-1,2,4-triazole (MSNT), as described in J. Med. Chem., 1996, 39, 4958, diphenylphosphoryl azide, as described in J. Org. Chem., 1984, 49, 1158, 1-(2,4,6-triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl-3-nitro-1,2,4-triazole (TPSNT) as described in Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 1998, 8, 1013, bromotris(dimethylamino)phosphonium hexafluorophosphate (BroP), as described in Tet. Lett., 1996, 37, 3997, 2-chloro-5,5-dimethyl-2-oxo-1,3,2-dioxaphosphinane, as described in Nucleosides Nucleotides 1995, 14, 871, and diphenyl chlorophosphate, as described in J. Med. Chem., 1988, 31, 1305.

Phosphonic acids are converted into amidates and esters by means of the Mitsonobu reaction, in which the phosphonic acid and the amine or hydroxy reactant are combined in the presence of a triaryl phosphine and a dialkyl azodicarboxylate. The procedure is described in Org. Lett., 2001, 3, 643, or J. Med. Chem., 1997, 40, 3842.

Phosphonic esters are also obtained by the reaction between phosphonic acids and halo compounds, in the presence of a suitable base. The method is described, for example, in Anal. Chem., 1987, 59, 1056, or J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans., I, 1993, 19, 2303, or J. Med. Chem., 1995, 38, 1372, or Tet. Lett., 2002, 43, 1161.

Schemes 1-4 illustrate the conversion of phosphonate esters and phosphonic acids into carboalkoxy-substituted phosphorobisamidates (Scheme 1), phosphoroamidates (Scheme 2), phosphonate monoesters (Scheme 3) and phosphonate diesters, (Scheme 4).

Scheme 1 illustrates various methods for the conversion of phosphonate diesters 1.1 into phosphorobisamidates 1.5. The diester 1.1, prepared as described previously, is hydrolyzed, either to the monoester 1.2 or to the phosphonic acid 1.6. The methods employed for these transformations are described above. The monoester 1.2 is converted into the monoamidate 1.3 by reaction with an aminoester 1.9, in which the group R2 is H or alkyl, the group R4 is an alkylene moiety such as, for example, CHCH3, CHPrI, CH(CH2Ph), CH2CH(CH3) and the like, or a group present in natural or modified aminoacids, and the group R5 is alkyl. The reactants are combined in the presence of a coupling agent such as a carbodiimide, for example dicyclohexyl carbodiimide, as described in J. Arm Chem. Soc., 1957, 79, 3575, optionally in the presence of an activating agent such as hydroxybenztriazole, to yield the amidate product 1.3. The amidate-forming reaction is also effected in the presence of coupling agents such as BOP, as described in J. Org. Chem., 1995, 60, 5214, Aldrithiol, PYBOP and similar coupling agents used for the preparation of amides and esters. Alternatively, the reactants 1.2 and 1.9 are transformed into the monoamidate 1.3 by means of a Mitsonobu reaction. The preparation of amidates by means of the Mitsonobu reaction is described in J. Med. Chem., 1995, 38, 2742. Equimolar amounts of the reactants are combined in an inert solvent such as tetrahydrofuran in the presence of a triaryl phosphine and a dialkyl azodicarboxylate. The thus-obtained monoamidate ester 1.3 is then transformed into amidate phosphonic acid 1.4. The conditions used for the hydrolysis reaction depend on the nature of the R1 group, as described previously. The phosphonic acid amidate 1.4 is then reacted with an aminoester 1.9, as described above, to yield the bisamidate product 1.5, in which the amino substituents are the same or different.

An example of this procedure is shown in Scheme 1, Example 1. In this procedure, a dibenzyl phosphonate 1.14 is reacted with diazabicyclooctane (DABCO) in toluene at reflux, as described in J. Org. Chem., 1995, 60, 2946, to afford the monobenzyl phosphonate 1.15. The product is then reacted with equimolar amounts of ethyl alaninate 1.16 and dicyclohexyl carbodiimide in pyridine, to yield the amidate product 1.17. The benzyl group is then removed, for example by hydrogenolysis over a palladium catalyst, to give the monoacid product 1.18. This compound is then reacted in a Mitsonobu reaction with ethyl leucinate 1.19, triphenyl phosphine and diethylazodicarboxylate, as described in J. Med. Chem., 1995, 38, 2742, to produce the bisamidate product 1.20.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl leucinate 1.19 or ethyl alaninate 1.16, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained.

Alternatively, the phosphonic acid 1.6 is converted into the bisamidate 1.5 by use of the coupling reactions described above. The reaction is performed in one step, in which case the nitrogen-related substituents present in the product 1.5 are the same, or in two steps, in which case the nitrogen-related substituents can be different.

An example of the method is shown in Scheme 1, Example 2. In this procedure, a phosphonic acid 1.6 is reacted in pyridine solution with excess ethyl phenylalaninate 1.21 and dicyclohexylcarbodiimide, for example as described in J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm., 1991, 1063, to give the bisamidate product 1.22.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl phenylalaninate, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained.

As a further alternative, the phosphonic acid 1.6 is converted into the mono or bis-activated derivative 1.7, in which Lv is a leaving group such as chloro, imidazolyl, triisopropylbenzenesulfonyloxy etc. The conversion of phosphonic acids into chlorides 1.7 (Lv=Cl) is effected by reaction with thionyl chloride or oxalyl chloride and the like, as described in Organic Phosphorus Compounds, G. M. Kosolapoff, L. Maeir, eds, Wiley, 1976, p. 17. The conversion of phosphonic acids into monoimidazolides 1.7 (Lv=imidazolyl) is described in J. Med. Chem., 2002, 45, 1284 and in J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Comm, 1991, 312. Alternatively, the phosphonic acid is activated by reaction with triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl chloride, as described in Nucleosides and Nucleotides, 2000, 10, 1885. The activated product is then reacted with the aminoester 1.9, in the presence of a base, to give the bisamidate 1.5. The reaction is performed in one step, in which case the nitrogen substituents present in the product 1.5 are the same, or in two steps, via the intermediate 1.11, in which case the nitrogen substituents can be different.

Examples of these methods are shown in Scheme 1, Examples 3 and 5. In the procedure illustrated in Scheme 1, Example 3, a phosphonic acid 1.6 is reacted with ten molar equivalents of thionyl chloride, as described in Zh. Obschei Khim., 1958, 28, 1063, to give the dichloro compound 1.23. The product is then reacted at reflux temperature in a polar aprotic solvent such as acetonitrile, and in the presence of a base such as triethylamine, with butyl serinate 1.24 to afford the bisamidate product 1.25.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of butyl serinate 1.24, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained.

In the procedure illustrated in Scheme 1, Example 5, the phosphonic acid 1.6 is reacted, as described in J. Chem. Soc. Chem. Comm., 1991, 312, with carbonyl diimidazole to give the imidazolide 1.32. The product is then reacted in acetonitrile solution at ambient temperature, with one molar equivalent of ethyl alaninate 1.33 to yield the monodisplacement product 1.34. The latter compound is then reacted with carbonyl diimidazole to produce the activated intermediate 1.35, and the product is then reacted, under the same conditions, with ethyl N-methylalaninate 1.33a to give the bisamidate product 1.36.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl alaninate 1.33 or ethyl N-methylalaninate 1.33a, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained. The intermediate monoamidate 1.3 is also prepared from the monoester 1.2 by first converting the monoester into the activated derivative 1.8 in which Lv is a leaving group such as halo, imidazolyl etc, using the procedures described above. The product 1.8 is then reacted with an aminoester 1.9 in the presence of a base such as pyridine, to give an intermediate monoamidate product 1.3. The latter compound is then converted, by removal of the R1 group and coupling of the product with the aminoester 1.9, as described above, into the bisamidate 1.5.

An example of this procedure, in which the phosphonic acid is activated by conversion to the chloro derivative 1.26, is shown in Scheme 1, Example 4. In this procedure, the phosphonic monobenzyl ester 1.15 is reacted, in dichloromethane, with thionyl chloride, as described in Tet. Let., 1994, 35, 4097, to afford the phosphoryl chloride 1.26. The product is then reacted in acetonitrile solution at ambient temperature with one molar equivalent of ethyl 3-amino-2-methylpropionate 1.27 to yield the monoamidate product 1.28. The latter compound is hydrogenated in ethyl acetate over a 5% palladium on carbon catalyst to produce the monoacid product 1.29. The product is subjected to a Mitsonobu coupling procedure, with equimolar amounts of butyl alaninate 1.30, triphenyl phosphine, diethylazodicarboxylate and triethylamine in tetrahydrofuran, to give the bisamidate product 1.31.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl 3-amino-2-methylpropionate 1.27 or butyl alaninate 1.30, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained.

The activated phosphonic acid derivative 1.7 is also converted into the bisamidate 1.5 via the diamino compound 1.10. The conversion of activated phosphonic acid derivatives such as phosphoryl chlorides into the corresponding amino analogs 1.10, by reaction with ammonia, is described in Organic Phosphorus Compounds, G. M. Kosolapoff, L. Maeir, eds, Wiley, 1976. The diamino compound 1.10 is then reacted at elevated temperature with a haloester 1.12, in a polar organic solvent such as dimethylformamide, in the presence of a base such as dimethylaminopyridine or potassium carbonate, to yield the bisamidate 1.5.

An example of this procedure is shown in Scheme 1, Example 6. In this method, a dichlorophosphonate 1.23 is reacted with ammonia to afford the diamide 1.37. The reaction is performed in aqueous, aqueous alcoholic or alcoholic solution, at reflux temperature. The resulting diamino compound is then reacted with two molar equivalents of ethyl 2-bromo-3-methylbutyrate 1.38, in a polar organic solvent such as N-methylpyrrolidinone at ca. 150° C., in the presence of a base such as potassium carbonate, and optionally in the presence of a catalytic amount of potassium iodide, to afford the bisamidate product 1.39.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl 2-bromo-3-methylbutyrate 1.38, different haloesters 1.12 the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained.

The procedures shown in Scheme 1 are also applicable to the preparation of bisamidates in which the aminoester moiety incorporates different functional groups. Scheme 1, Example 7 illustrates the preparation of bisamidates derived from tyrosine. In this procedure, the monoimidazolide 1.32 is reacted with propyl tyrosinate 1.40, as described in Example 5, to yield the monoamidate 1.41. The product is reacted with carbonyl diimidazole to give the imidazolide 1.42, and this material is reacted with a further molar equivalent of propyl tyrosinate to produce the bisamidate product 1.43.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of propyl tyrosinate 1.40, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 1.5 are obtained. The aminoesters employed in the two stages of the above procedure can be the same or different, so that bisamidates with the same or different amino substituents are prepared.

Scheme 2 illustrates methods for the preparation of phosphonate monoamidates. In one procedure, a phosphonate monoester 1.1 is converted, as described in Scheme 1, into the activated derivative 1.8. This compound is then reacted, as described above, with an aminoester 1.9, in the presence of a base, to afford the monoamidate product 2.1. The procedure is illustrated in Scheme 2, Example 1. In this method, a monophenyl phosphonate 2.7 is reacted with, for example, thionyl chloride, as described in J. Gen. Chem. USSR., 1983, 32, 367, to give the chloro product 2.8. The product is then reacted, as described in Scheme 1, with ethyl alaninate 2.9, to yield the amidate 2.10.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl alaninate 2.9, different aminoesters 1.9, the corresponding products 2.1 are obtained.

Alternatively, the phosphonate monoester 1.1 is coupled, as described in Scheme 1, with an aminoester 1.9 to produce the amidate 2.1. If necessary, the R1 substituent is then altered, by initial cleavage to afford the phosphonic acid 2.2. The procedures for this transformation depend on the nature of the R1 group, and are described above. The phosphonic acid is then transformed into the ester amidate product 2.3, by reaction with the hydroxy compound R3OH, in which the group R3 is aryl, heteroaryl, alkyl, cycloalkyl, haloalkyl etc, using the same coupling procedures (carbodiimide, Aldrithiol-2, PYBOP, Mitsonobu reaction etc) described in Scheme 1 for the coupling of amines and phosphonic acids. embedded image embedded image embedded image

Examples of this method are shown in Scheme 2, Examples and 2 and 3. In the sequence shown in Example 2, a monobenzyl phosphonate 2.11 is transformed by reaction with ethyl alaninate, using one of the methods described above, into the monoamidate 2.12. The benzyl group is then removed by catalytic hydrogenation in ethyl acetate solution over a 5% palladium on carbon catalyst, to afford the phosphonic acid amidate 2.13. The product is then reacted in dichloromethane solution at ambient temperature with equimolar amounts of 1-(dimethylaminopropyl)-3-ethylcarbodiimide and trifluoroethanol 2.14, for example as described in Tet. Lett., 2001, 42, 8841, to yield the amidate ester 2.15.

In the sequence shown in Scheme 2, Example 3, the monoamidate 2.13 is coupled, in tetrahydrofuran solution at ambient temperature, with equimolar amounts of dicyclohexyl carbodiimide and 4-hydroxy-N-methylpiperidine 2.16, to produce the amidate ester product 2.17.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of the ethyl alaninate product 2.12 different monoacids 2.2, and in place of trifluoroethanol 2.14 or 4-hydroxy-N-methylpiperidine 2.16, different hydroxy compounds R3OH, the corresponding products 2.3 are obtained.

Alternatively, the activated phosphonate ester 1.8 is reacted with ammonia to yield the amidate 2.4. The product is then reacted, as described in Scheme 1, with a haloester 2.5, in the presence of a base, to produce the amidate product 2.6. If appropriate, the nature of the R1 group is changed, using the procedures described above, to give the product 2.3. The method is illustrated in Scheme 2, Example 4. In this sequence, the monophenyl phosphoryl chloride 2.18 is reacted, as described in Scheme 1, with ammonia, to yield the amino product 2.19. This material is then reacted in N-methylpyrrolidinone solution at 170° C. with butyl 2-bromo-3-phenylpropionate 2.20 and potassium carbonate, to afford the amidate product 2.21. Using these procedures, but employing, in place of butyl 2-bromo-3-phenylpropionate 2.20, different haloesters 2.5, the corresponding products 2.6 are obtained.

The monoamidate products 2.3 are also prepared from the doubly activated phosphonate derivatives 1.7. In this procedure, examples of which are described in Synlett., 1998, 1, 73, the intermediate 1.7 is reacted with a limited amount of the aminoester 1.9 to give the mono-displacement product 1.11. The latter compound is then reacted with the hydroxy compound R3OH in a polar organic solvent such as dimethylformamide, in the presence of a base such as diisopropylethylamine, to yield the monoamidate ester 2.3.

The method is illustrated in Scheme 2, Example 5. In this method, the phosphoryl dichloride 2.22 is reacted in dichloromethane solution with one molar equivalent of ethyl N-methyl tyrosinate 2.23 and dimethylaminopyridine, to generate the monoamidate 2.24. The product is then reacted with phenol 2.25 in dimethylformamide containing potassium carbonate, to yield the ester amidate product 2.26.

Using these procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl N-methyl tyrosinate 2.23 or phenol 2.25, the aminoesters 1.9 and/or the hydroxy compounds R3OH, the corresponding products 2.3 are obtained. embedded image embedded image

Scheme 3 illustrates methods for the preparation of carboalkoxy-substituted phosphonate diesters in which one of the ester groups incorporates a carboalkoxy substituent. In one procedure, a phosphonate monoester 1.1, prepared as described above, is coupled, using one of the methods described above, with a hydroxyester 3.1, in which the groups R4 and R5 are as described in Scheme 1. For example, equimolar amounts of the reactants are coupled in the presence of a carbodiimide such as dicyclohexyl carbodiimide, as described in Aust. J. Chem., 1963, 609, optionally in the presence of dimethylaminopyridine, as described in Tet., 1999, 55, 12997. The reaction is conducted in an inert solvent at ambient temperature.

The procedure is illustrated in Scheme 3, Example 1. In this method, a monophenyl phosphonate 3.9 is coupled, in dichloromethane solution in the presence of dicyclohexyl carbodiimide, with ethyl 3-hydroxy-2-methylpropionate 3.10 to yield the phosphonate mixed diester 3.11.

Using this procedure, but employing, in place of ethyl 3-hydroxy-2-methylpropionate 3.10, different hydroxyesters 3.1, the corresponding products 3.2 are obtained.

The conversion of a phosphonate monoester 1.1 into a mixed diester 3.2 is also accomplished by means of a Mitsonobu coupling reaction with the hydroxyester 3.1, as described in Org. Lett., 2001, 643. In this method, the reactants 1.1 and 3.1 are combined in a polar solvent such as tetrahydrofuran, in the presence of a triarylphosphine and a dialkyl azodicarboxylate, to give the mixed diester 3.2. The R1 substituent is varied by cleavage, using the methods described previously, to afford the monoacid product 3.3. The product is then coupled, for example using methods described above, with the hydroxy compound R3OH, to give the diester product 3.4.

The procedure is illustrated in Scheme 3, Example 2. In this method, a monoallyl phosphonate 3.12 is coupled in tetrahydrofuran solution, in the presence of triphenylphosphine and diethylazodicarboxylate, with ethyl lactate 3.13 to give the mixed diester 3.14. The product is reacted with tris(triphenylphosphine) rhodium chloride (Wilkinson catalyst) in acetonitrile, as described previously, to remove the allyl group and produce the monoacid product 3.15. The latter compound is then coupled, in pyridine solution at ambient temperature, in the presence of dicyclohexyl carbodiimide, with one molar equivalent of 3-hydroxypyridine 3.16 to yield the mixed diester 3.17.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of the ethyl lactate 3.13 or 3-hydroxypyridine, a different hydroxyester 3.1 and/or a different hydroxy compound R3OH, the corresponding products 3.4 are obtained.

The mixed diesters 3.2 are also obtained from the monoesters 1.1 via the intermediacy of the activated monoesters 3.5. In this procedure, the monoester 1.1 is converted into the activated compound 3.5 by reaction with, for example, phosphorus pentachloride, as described in J. Org. Chem., 2001, 66, 329, or with thionyl chloride or oxalyl chloride (Lv=Cl), or with triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl chloride in pyridine, as described in Nucleosides and Nucleotides, 2000, 19, 1885, or with carbonyl diimidazole, as described in J. Med. Chem., 2002, 45, 1284. The resultant activated monoester is then reacted with the hydroxyester 3.1, as described above, to yield the mixed diester 3.2.

The procedure is illustrated in Scheme 3, Example 3. In this sequence, a monophenyl phosphonate 3.9 is reacted, in acetonitrile solution at 70° C., with ten equivalents of thionyl chloride, so as to produce the phosphoryl chloride 3.19. The product is then reacted with ethyl 4-carbamoyl-2-hydroxybutyrate 3.20 in dichloromethane containing triethylamine, to give the mixed diester 3.21.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl 4-carbamoyl-2-hydroxybutyrate 3.20, different hydroxyesters 3.1, the corresponding products 3.2 are obtained.

The mixed phosphonate diesters are also obtained by an alternative route for incorporation of the R3O group into intermediates 3.3 in which the hydroxyester moiety is already incorporated. In this procedure, the monoacid intermediate 3.3 is converted into the activated derivative 3.6 in which Lv is a leaving group such as chloro, imidazole, and the like, as previously described. The activated intermediate is then reacted with the hydroxy compound R3OH, in the presence of a base, to yield the mixed diester product 3.4.

The method is illustrated in Scheme 3, Example 4. In this sequence, the phosphonate monoacid 3.22 is reacted with trichloromethanesulfonyl chloride in tetrahydrofuran containing collidine, as described in J. Med. Chem., 1995, 38, 4648, to produce the trichloromethanesulfonyloxy product 3.23. This compound is reacted with 3-(morpholinomethyl)phenol 3.24 in dichloromethane containing triethylamine, to yield the mixed diester product 3.25.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of with 3-(morpholinomethyl)phenol 3.24, different carbinols R3OH, the corresponding products 3.4 are obtained.

The phosphonate esters 3.4 are also obtained by means of alkylation reactions performed on the monoesters 1.1. The reaction between the monoacid 1.1 and the haloester 3.7 is performed in a polar solvent in the presence of a base such as diisopropylethylamine, as described in Anal. Chem., 1987, 59, 1056, or triethylamine, as described in J. Med. Chen, 1995, 38, 1372, or in a non-polar solvent such as benzene, in the presence of 18-crown-6, as described in Syn. Comm., 1995, 25, 3565.

The method is illustrated in Scheme 3, Example 5. In this procedure, the monoacid 3.26 is reacted with ethyl 2-bromo-3-phenylpropionate 3.27 and diisopropylethylamine in dimethylformamide at 80° C. to afford the mixed diester product 3.28.

Using the above procedure, but employing, in place of ethyl 2-bromo-3-phenylpropionate 3.27, different haloesters 3.7, the corresponding products 3.4 are obtained. embedded image embedded image

Scheme 4 illustrates methods for the preparation of phosphonate diesters in which both the ester substituents incorporate carboalkoxy groups.

The compounds are prepared directly or indirectly from the phosphonic acids 1.6. In one alternative, the phosphonic acid is coupled with the hydroxyester 4.2, using the conditions described previously in Schemes 1-3, such as coupling reactions using dicyclohexyl carbodiimide or similar reagents, or under the conditions of the Mitsonobu reaction, to afford the diester product 4.3 in which the ester substituents are identical.

This method is illustrated in Scheme 4, Example 1. In this procedure, the phosphonic acid 1.6 is reacted with three molar equivalents of butyl lactate 4.5 in the presence of Aldrithiol-2 and triphenyl phosphine in pyridine at ca. 70° C., to afford the diester 4.6. Using the above procedure, but employing, in place of butyl lactate 4.5, different hydroxyesters 4.2, the corresponding products 4.3 are obtained.

Alternatively, the diesters 4.3 are obtained by alkylation of the phosphonic acid 1.6 with a haloester 4.1. The alkylation reaction is performed as described in Scheme 3 for the preparation of the esters 3.4.

This method is illustrated in Scheme 4, Example 2. In this procedure, the phosphonic acid 1.6 is reacted with excess ethyl 3-bromo-2-methylpropionate 4.7 and diisopropylethylamine in dimethylformamide at ca. 80° C., as described in Anal. Chem., 1987, 59, 1056, to produce the diester 4.8.

Using the above procedure, but employing, in place of ethyl 3-bromo-2-methylpropionate 4.7, different haloesters 4.1, the corresponding products 4.3 are obtained.

The diesters 4.3 are also obtained by displacement reactions of activated derivatives 1.7 of the phosphonic acid with the hydroxyesters 4.2. The displacement reaction is performed in a polar solvent in the presence of a suitable base, as described in Scheme 3. The displacement reaction is performed in the presence of an excess of the hydroxyester, to afford the diester product 4.3 in which the ester substituents are identical, or sequentially with limited amounts of different hydroxyesters, to prepare diesters 4.3 in which the ester substituents are different. The methods are illustrated in Scheme 4, Examples 3 and 4. As shown in Example 3, the phosphoryl dichloride 2.22 is reacted with three molar equivalents of ethyl 3-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)propionate 4.9 in tetrahydrofuran containing potassium carbonate, to obtain the diester product 4.10.

Using the above procedure, but employing, in place of ethyl 3-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)propionate 4.9, different hydroxyesters 4.2, the corresponding products 4.3 are obtained.

Scheme 4, Example 4 depicts the displacement reaction between equimolar amounts of the phosphoryl dichloride 2.22 and ethyl 2-methyl-3-hydroxypropionate 4.11, to yield the monoester product 4.12. The reaction is conducted in acetonitrile at 70° C. in the presence of diisopropylethylamine. The product 4.12 is then reacted, under the same conditions, with one molar equivalent of ethyl lactate 4.13, to give the diester product 4.14.

Using the above procedures, but employing, in place of ethyl 2-methyl-3-hydroxypropionate 4.11 and ethyl lactate 4.13, sequential reactions with different hydroxyesters 4.2, the corresponding products 4.3 are obtained. embedded image

Aryl halides undergo Ni+2 catalyzed reaction with phosphite derivatives to give aryl phosphonate containing compounds (Balthazar, et al (1980) J. Org. Chem. 45:5425). Phosphonates may also be prepared from the chlorophosphonate in the presence of a palladium catalyst using aromatic triflates (Petrakis, et al, (1987) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 109:2831; Lu, et al, (1987) Synthesis, 726). In another method, aryl phosphonate esters are prepared from aryl phosphates under anionic rearrangement conditions (Melvin (1981) Tetrahedron Lett. 22:3375; Casteel, et al, (1991) Synthesis, 691). N-Alkoxy aryl salts with alkali metal derivatives of cyclic alkyl phosphonate provide general synthesis for heteroaryl-2-phosphonate linkers (Redmore (1970) J. Org. Chem. 35:4114). These above mentioned methods can also be extended to compounds where the W5 group is a heterocycle. Cyclic-1,3-propanyl prodrugs of phosphonates are also synthesized from phosphonic diacids and substituted propane-1,3-diols using a coupling reagent such as 1,3-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) in presence of a base (e.g., pyridine). Other carbodiimide based coupling agents like 1,3-disopropylcarbodiimide or water soluble reagent, 1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-3-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride (EDCI) can also be utilized for the synthesis of cyclic phosphonate prodrugs.

The carbamoyl group may be formed by reaction of a hydroxy group according to the methods known in the art, including the teachings of Ellis, US 2002/0103378 A1 and Hajima, U.S. Pat. No. 6,018,049.

Generally, the reaction conditions such as temperature, reaction time, solvents, work-up procedures, and the like, will be those common in the art for the particular reaction to be performed. The cited reference material, together with material cited therein, contains detailed descriptions of such conditions. Typically the temperatures will be −100° C. to 200° C., solvents will be aprotic or protic, and reaction times will be 10 seconds to 10 days. Work-up typically consists of quenching any unreacted reagents followed by partition between a water/organic layer system (extraction) and separating the layer containing the product.

Oxidation and reduction reactions are typically carried out at temperatures near room temperature (about 20° C.), although for metal hydride reductions frequently the temperature is reduced to 0° C. to −100° C., solvents are typically aprotic for reductions and may be either protic or aprotic for oxidations. Reaction times are adjusted to achieve desired conversions.

Condensation reactions are typically carried out at temperatures near room temperature, although for non-equilibrating, kinetically controlled condensations reduced temperatures (0° C. to −100° C.) are also common. Solvents can be either protic (common in equilibrating reactions) or aprotic (common in kinetically controlled reactions).

Standard synthetic techniques such as azeotropic removal of reaction by-products and use of anhydrous reaction conditions (e.g. inert gas environments) are common in the art and will be applied when applicable.

General synthetic routes to substituted imidazoles are well established. See Ogata M (1988) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 544:12-31; Takahashi et al (1985) Heterocycles 23:6, 1483-1492; Ogata et al (1980) CHEM IND LONDON 2:5-86; Yanagisawa et al U.S. Pat. No. 5,646,171; Rachwal et al US 2002/0115693 A1; Carlson et al U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,790,593; 3,761,491 and 3,773,781; Aono et al U.S. Pat. No. 6,054,591; Hajima et al U.S. Pat. No. 6,057,448; Sugimoto et al EP 00552060 and U.S. Pat. No. 5,326,780.

Amino alkyl phosphonate compounds 809: embedded image
are a generic representative of compounds 811, 813, 814, 816 and 818 (Scheme 2). The alkylene chain may be any length from 1 to 18 methylene groups (n=1-18). Commercial amino phosphonic acid 810 was protected as carbamate 811. The phosphonic acid 811 was converted to phosphonate 812 upon treatment with ROH in the presence of DCC or other conventional coupling reagents. Coupling of phosphonic acid 811 with esters of amino acid 820 provided bisamidate 817. Conversion of acid 811 to bisphenyl phosphonate followed by hydrolysis gave mono-phosphonic acid 814 (Cbz=C6H5CH2C(O)—), which was then transformed to mono-phosphonic amidate 815. Carbamates 813, 816 and 818 were converted to their corresponding amines upon hydrogenation. Compounds 811, 813, 814, 816 and 818 are useful intermediates to form the phosphonate compounds of the invention. embedded image

Following the similar procedures, replacement of amino acid esters 820 with lactates 821 (Scheme 3) provides mono-phosphonic lactates 823. Lactates 823 are useful intermediates to form the phosphonate compounds of the invention. embedded image


The following Examples refer to the Schemes. Some Examples have been performed multiple times. In repeated Examples, reaction conditions such as time, temperature, concentration and the like, and yields were within normal experimental ranges. In repeated Examples where significant modifications were made, these have been noted where the results varied significantly from those described. In Examples where different starting materials were used, these are noted. When the repeated Examples refer to a “corresponding” analog of a compound, such as a “corresponding ethyl ester”, this intends that an otherwise present group, in this case typically a methyl ester, is taken to be the same group modified as indicated.

Example 1

To a solution of 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (810 where n=2, 1.26 g, 10.1 mmol) in 2N NaOH (10.1 mL, 20.2 mmol) was added benzyl chloroformate (1.7 mL, 12.1 mmol). See Scheme 5. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 2 d at room temperature, the mixture was partitioned between Et2O and water. The aqueous phase was acidified with 6N HCl until pH=2. The resulting colorless solid was dissolved in MeOH (75 mL) and treated with Dowex 50WX8-200 (7 g). After the mixture was stirred for 30 minutes, it was filtered and evaporated under reduced pressure to give carbamate 28 (2.37 g, 91%) as a colorless solid.

To a solution of carbamate 28 (2.35 g, 9.1 mmol) in pyridine (40 mL) was added phenol (8.53 g, 90.6 mmol) and 1,3-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (7.47 g, 36.2 mmol). After the reaction mixture was warmed to 70° C. and stirred for 5 h, the mixture was diluted with CH3CN and filtered. The filtrate was concentrated under reduced pressure and diluted with EtOAc. The organic phase was washed with sat. NH4Cl, sat. NaHCO3, and brine, then dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel twice (eluting 40-60% EtOAc/hexane) to give phosphonate 29 (2.13 g, 57%) as a colorless solid.

To a solution of phosphonate 29 (262 mg, 0.637 mmol) in iPrOH (5 mL) was added TFA (0.05 mL, 0.637 mmol) and 10% Pd/C (26 mg). After the reaction mixture was stirred under H2 atmosphere (balloon) for 1 h, the mixture was filtered through Celite. The filtrate was evaporated under reduced pressure to give amine 30 (249 mg, 100%) as a colorless oil (Scheme 5).

Following the similar procedures, replacement of amino acid esters with lactates (Scheme 6) provided mono-phosphonic lactates, e.g. 823. embedded image

Treatment of alcohol 801 (prepared according to literature) with MsCl and TEA afforded chloride 802 (Scheme 7). Chloride 802 was converted to compound 803 by reacting with 809, which preparation is detailed in Schemes 3 and 4, in the presence of base. When mesylate 802 was treated with NaCN, imidazole nitrile 804 was provided. Reduction of 804 with DIBAL followed by NaBH yielded imidazole alcohol 806. Repeating the same procedure several times furnished alcohol 807 with the desired length. Hydrolysis of imidazole nitrile 804 provided acid 805. Coupling of acid 805 in the presence of conventional reagents afforded the amide 808. Phosphorus compound 807′ was produced by transforming alcohol 807 to its corresponding mesylate followed by treating with amine 809. embedded image

Alcohol 825 was converted to bromide 826 by first transformed to its mesylate and then treated with NaBr, this conversion was also realized by reacting alcohol 825 with Ph3P and CBr4 (Scheme 8). Upon treating with P(OR)3, phosphonate 827 was produced. Esters was then removed to form acid, and following the similar procedure described in Scheme 2 and 3, desired phosphonate, bisphosphoamidate, mono-phosphoamidate, and monophospholactate were produced. embedded image

In Scheme 9, alcohol 830 was converted to carbonate 831 by reacting with either p-nitrophenyl chloroformate or p-nitrophenyl carboxy anhyride. Treatment of carbonate 831 with amine 809 in the presence of suitable base afforded desired phosphonate compounds 832. embedded image

Phosphorus compound 838 was produced according to the procedures described in Scheme 10. Replacement of chloride group in compound 833 with azide followed by reduction with triphenylphosphine provided amine 834. Replacement of chloride group in compound 833 with cyanide, e.g. sodium cyanide, provided amine 835. Reduction of nitrile 835 furnished amine 836. Reaction of amines, e.g. 834 or 836, with triflate 841 in the presence of a base afforded phosphonate 837. Removal of benzyl group of 837 gave its corresponding phosphonic acid, e.g. 838 where R1=H, which was converted to various phosphorus compounds according to the procedure described in the previous Schemes. embedded image

Phosphorus compound 840 was produced in a similar way as described in Scheme 10 except by replacing amines with alcohols 801, or generally, 807 (Scheme 11). embedded image

Phosphorus compound 848 was synthesized according to procedures described in Scheme 12. Iodoimidazole 842 was converted to imidazole phenyl thioether 843 by reacting with LiH and substituted phenyl disulfide (Scheme 12). Treatment of imidazole with NaH and 4-picolyl chloride gave imidazole 844. Benzyl and methyl groups were removed by treating with strong acid to provide alcohol 845. Conversion of phenol 845 to phosphonate 846 was accomplished by reacting phenol 845 with triflate 841 in the presence of base. Alcohol 846 was reacting with trichloroacetyl isocyanate followed by treatment of alumina afforded carbamate 847. Phosphonate 847 was transformed to all kinds of phosphorus compound 848 followed the procedure described for 838 in Scheme 10. embedded image

Phosphorus compound 854 was prepared as shown in Scheme 13. Imidazole 849 (prepared according to U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,910,506 and 6,057,448) was converted to 850 by reacting with chloride in the presence of base. Benzyl and methyl groups were removed by treating ether 850 with strong protonic or Lewis acid to furnish phenol 851. Treatment of phenol 851 with base followed by triflate 841 gave phosphonate 852. Following similar procedures described in Scheme 12 transforming alcohol 846 to phosphorus compound 848, alcohol 852 was converted to phosphorus compound 854. embedded image

Preparation of phosphorus compound 861 is shown in Scheme 14. Imidazole 855 was synthesized by treating compound 842 with NaH followed by allyl bromide. Hydroboration followed by oxidative work up gave alcohol 856. Ozonolysis followed by reduction of the resulting aldehyde afforded alcohol 857. Alcohol 858, which has variation of length, was obtained by following the same transformation of alcohol 806 to 807 as exhibited in Scheme 7. Mitsunobu reaction of alcohol 859 with substituted phenols gave imidazole 860. Phenol ether 860 was converted to phosphonate 861 by following same procedure of transforming compound 850 to 854 as described in Scheme 13. embedded image

In Scheme 15, preparation of phosphorus compounds 864 is shown. Alcohol 858 was converted to mesylate 862 by reacting with MsCl. Removal of benzyl group, followed by conversion of the resultant alcohol to the corresponding carbamate (described in previous Schemes) furnished compound 863. Substitution of mesylate with amine 809 generated phosphorus compound 864. embedded image

Synthesis of phosphorus compound 866 is described in Scheme 16. Protection of alcohol 858 to its acetate 865, followed by the conversion of the benzyl, —OBn group to the corresponding carbamate as described for transforming compound 862 to 863 in Scheme 15, gave compound 865. Hydrolysis of acetate, and treatment of the resultant alcohol with triflate 841 in the presence of base afforded phosphonate 866. embedded image

Scheme 17 describes synthesis of phosphorus compound 672. Mesylate 862 was transformed to bromide 867 by reacting with NaBr. Arbusov reaction gave phosphonate 868. Both benzyl and ethyl groups were cleaved when treated with TMSBr to yield compound 869. Coupling of phosphonic acid 869 with PhOH provided bisphenyl phosphonate 670. Compound 670 was converted to various phosphorus compounds 671 according to the procedures described in Schemes 1, 2 and 3. Phosphorus compound 672 was obtained by repeating the procedures shown before. embedded image embedded image embedded image

Example 10

embedded image

To a solution of alcohol 15 (42 mg, 0.10 mmol) in CH2Cl2 (5 mL) was added triethylamine (24 μL, 0.17 mmol) and bis(4-nitrophenyl) carbonate (46 mg, 0.15 mmol). See Scheme 18. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 4 h at room temperature, the mixture was partitioned between CH2Cl2 and water. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 60-70% EtOAc/hexane) to give carbonic acid 5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethyl ester 4-nitro-phenyl ester 16 (47 mg, 82%) as a colorless oil.

Example 11A

embedded image

To a solution of carbonate 16 (14 mg, 0.024 mmol) in CH3CN (2 mL) was added diethyl(aminomethyl)phosphonate (10 mg, 0.037 mmol) and diisopropylethylamine (8 μL, 0.048 mmol). See Scheme 18. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 16 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-methyl}-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 17 (13 mg, 90%) as a pale yellow oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.44 (d, 2H), 7.04 (t, 1H), 6.78 (d, 2H), 6.68 (d, 2H), 5.25 (s, 2H), 5.19 (s, 2H), 4.98 (bt, 1H), 4.11 (dq, 4H), 3.49 (ABq, 2H), 3.17 (dq, 1H), 1.30 (m, 12H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 21.9.

Example 11B

embedded image

To a solution of carbonate 16 (82 mg, 0.143 mmol) in CH3CN (5 mL) was added diethyl(aminoethyl)phosphonate (58 mg, 0.214 mmol) and diisopropylethylamine (0.05 mL, 0.286 mmol). See Scheme 20. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 16 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 5-7.5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {2-[5-(3,5-Dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-ethyl}-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 18 (79 mg, 90%) as a pale yellow oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.43 (d, 2H), 7.02 (s, 1H), 6.77 (d, 2H), 6.67 (s, 2H), 5.32 (t, 1H), 5.24 (s, 2H), 5.16 (s, 2H), 4.08 (m, 4H), 3.35 (m, 2H), 3.15 (m, 1H), 1.86 (m, 2H), 1.30 (m, 6H), 1.29 (s, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 31.5. embedded image

Example 11C

embedded image

To a solution of 3-aminopropylphosphonic acid 19 (500 g, 3.59 mmol) in 2N NaOH (3.6 mL, 7.19 mmol) was added benzyl chloroformate (0.62 mL, 4.31 mmol) according to Scheme 19. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 16 hours at room temperature, the mixture was partitioned between Et2O and water. The aqueous phase was acidified with 6N HCl until pH=2. The resulting colorless solid was dissolved in MeOH (75 mL) and treated with Dowex 50WX8-200 (2.5 g). After the mixture was stirred for 30 minutes, it was filtered and evaporated under reduced pressure to give carbamate 20 (880 mg, 90%) as a colorless solid.

To a solution of carbamate 20 (246 mg, 0.90 mmol) in benzene (5 mL) was added 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene phenol (0.27 mL, 1.8 mmol) and iodoethane (0.22 mL, 2.7 mmol). After the reaction mixture was warmed to 60° C. and stirred for 16 h, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure and partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NH4Cl. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 3-4% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give phosphonate 21 (56 mg, 19%) as a colorless oil.

To a solution of phosphonate 21 (56 mg, 0.17 mmol) in EtOH (3 mL) was added TFA (13 μL, 0.17 mmol) and 10% Pd/C (11 mg). After the reaction mixture was stirred under H2 atmosphere (balloon) for 1 h, the mixture was filtered through Celite. The filtrate was evaporated under reduced pressure to give amine 22 (52 mg, 99%) as a colorless oil. To a solution of carbonate 16 (15 mg, 0.026 mmol) in CH3CN (2 mL) was added diethyl(aminopropyl)phosphonate (16 mg, 0.052 mmol) and diisopropylethylamine (11 μL, 0.065 mmol). After the reaction mixture was stirred for 16 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {3-[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-propyl}-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 23 (13 mg, 79%) as a pale yellow oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.44 (d, 2H), 7.04 (t, 1H), 6.80 (d, 2H), 6.68 (d, 2H), 5.26 (s, 2H), 5.18 (s, 2H), 5.08 (bt, 1H), 4.08 (m, 4H), 3.15 (m, 3H), 1.72 (m, 4H), 1.31 (m, 12H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 31.5. embedded image

Example 12A

embedded image

To a solution of aminomethylphosphonic acid (8 mg, 0.073 mmol) in water (1 mL) was added 1N NaOH (0.15 mL, 0.15 mmol) and carbonate 16 (21 mg, 0.037 mmol) in dioxane (1 mL). See Scheme 20. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 6 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was purified by HPLC on C18 reverse phase chromatography (eluting 30% CH3CN/water) to give a mixture of phosphonic acid 24 and alcohol 15. The mixture was further purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 7.5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl 1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonyl amino]-methyl}-phosphonic acid 24 (8 mg, 40%) as a colorless solid. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 8.33 (bs, 2H), 7.10 (t, 1H), 7.04 (bs, (2H), 6.72 (d, 2H), 5.44 (s, 2H), 5.25 (s, 2H), 3.24 (m, 2H), 3.17 (m, 1H), 1.28 (d, 6H).

Example 12B

embedded image

To a solution of 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (12 mg, 0.098 mmol) in water (1 mL) was added 1N NaOH (0.2 mL, 0.20 mmol) and carbonate 16 (28 mg, 0.049 mmol) in dioxane (1 mL). See Scheme 20. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 6 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was purified by HPLC on C18 reverse phase chromatography (eluting 30% CH3CN/water) to give a mixture of phosphonic acid 25 and alcohol 15. The mixture was further purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 7.5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {2-[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-ethyl}-phosphonic acid 25 (13 mg, 47%) as a colorless solid. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 8.32 (d, 2H), 7.11 (s, 1H), 7.02 (d, 2H), 6.72 (s, 2H), 5.42 (s, 2H), 5.23 (s, 2H), 3.30 (m, 2H), 3.17 (m, 1H), 1.71 (m, 2H), 1.28 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 20.1.

Example 12C

embedded image

To a solution of 3-aminopropylphosphonic acid (12 mg, 0.084 mmol) in water (1 mL) was added 1N NaOH (0.17 mL, 0.17 mmol) and carbonate 16 (24 mg, 0.042 mmol) in dioxane (1 mL). See Scheme 20. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 6 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was purified by HPLC on C18 reverse phase chromatography (eluting 30% CH3CN/water) to give a mixture of phosphonic acid 26 and alcohol 15. The mixture was further purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 7.5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {3-[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-propyl}-phosphonic acid 26 (11 mg, 46%) as a colorless solid. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 8.34 (bs, 2H), 7.11 (s, 1H), 7.02 (bs, 2H), 6.73 (d, 2H), 5.43 (s, 2H), 5.23 (s, 2H), 3.32 (m, 1H), 3.06 (bs, 2H), 1.69 (bs, 2H), 1.50 (bs, 2H), 1.28 (d, 6H). embedded image

Example 13

embedded image

To a solution of 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (1.26 g, 10.1 mmol) in 2N NaOH (10.1 mL, 20.2 mmol) was added benzyl chloroformate (1.7 mL, 12.1 mmol). See Scheme 21. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 2 d at room temperature, the mixture was partitioned between Et2O and water. The aqueous phase was acidified with 6N HCl until pH=2. The resulting colorless solid was dissolved in MeOH (75 mL) and treated with Dowex 50WX8-200 (7 g). After the mixture was stirred for 30 minutes, it was filtered and evaporated under reduced pressure to give carbamate 28 (2.37 g, 91%) as a colorless solid.

To a solution of carbamate 28 (2.35 g, 9.1 mmol) in pyridine (40 mL) was added phenol (8.53 g, 90.6 mmol) and 1,3-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (7.47 g, 36.2 mmol). After the reaction mixture was warmed to 70° C. and stirred for 5 h, the mixture was diluted with CH3CN and filtered. The filtrate was concentrated under reduced pressure and diluted with EtOAc. The organic phase was washed with sat. NH4Cl, sat. NaHCO3, and brine, then dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel twice (eluting 40-60% EtOAc/hexane) to give phosphonate 29 (2.13 g, 57%) as a colorless solid.

To a solution of phosphonate 29 (262 mg, 0.637 mmol) in isopropanol (iPrOH) (5 mL) was added TFA (0.05 mL, 0.637 mmol) and 10% Pd/C (26 mg). After the reaction mixture was stirred under H2 atmosphere (balloon) for 1 h, the mixture was filtered through Celite. The filtrate was evaporated under reduced pressure to give amine 30 (249 mg, 100%) as a colorless oil.

To a solution of carbonate 16 (40 mg, 0.070 mmol) and amine 30 (82 mg, 0.21 mmol) in CH3CN (5 mL) was added diisopropylethylamine (0.05 mL, 0.28 mmol). After the reaction mixture was stirred for 2 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 3-4% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give {2-[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-ethyl}-phosphonic acid diphenyl ester 31 (36 mg, 72%) as a colorless oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.37 (d, 2H), 7.22 (m, 4H), 7.14 (m, 2H), 7.10 (m, 2H), 6.99 (t, 1H), 6.72 (d, 2H), 6.62 (d, 2H), 5.30 (bt, 1H), 5.18 (s, 2H), 5.13 (s, 2H), 3.50 (m, 2H), 3.12 (m, 1H), 2.21 (m, 2H), 1.26 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 22.4.

Example 14

embedded image

To a solution of phosphonate 31 (11 mg, 0.015 mmol) in CH3CN (0.5 mL) was added 1N LiOH (46 μL, 0.046 mmol) at 0° C. See Scheme 21. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 2 h at 0° C., Dowex 50WX8-200 (26 mg) was added and stirring was continued for an additional 30 min. The reaction mixture was filtered, rinsed with CH3CN, and concentrated under reduced pressure to give {2-[5-(3,5-dichloro-phenylsulfanyl)-4-isopropyl-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-ylmethoxycarbonylamino]-ethyl}-phosphonic acid monophenyl ester 32 (10 mg, 100%) as a colorless oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 8.52 (d, 2H), 7.28 (m, 6H), 6.79 (m, 4H), 5.60 (s, 2H), 5.29 (s, 2H), 3.29 (m, 3H), 1.83 (m, 2H), 1.31 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 20.2. embedded image embedded image

Example 15

embedded image

To a solution of 3-methoxybenzenethiol (0.88 mL, 7.13 mmol) in CH3CN (15 mL) was added sodium iodide (214 mg, 1.43 mmol) and ferric chloride (232 mg, 1.43 mmol). See Scheme 22. After the reaction mixture was warmed to 60° C. and stirred for 3 d, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure and partitioned between CH2Cl2 and water. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 5-6% EtOAc/hexane) to give disulfide 34 (851 mg, 86%) as a yellow oil. To a solution of disulfide 34 (850 mg, 3.05 mmol) in DMSO (10 mL) was added iodide 35, also denoted previously as compound 842, (1.21 g, 3.39 mmol) and lithium hydride (32 mg, 4.07 mmol). After the reaction mixture was warmed to 60° C. and stirred for 16 h, the mixture was partitioned between EtOAc and water. The organic phase was washed with brine, dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 30-50% EtOAc/hexane) to give 2-benzyloxymethyl-4-isopropyl-5-(3-methoxy-phenylsulfanyl)-1H-imidazole 36 (247 mg, 22%) as a yellow oil.

Example 16

embedded image

To a solution of sulfide 36 (247 mg, 0.67 mmol) in THF (10 mL) was added 4-picolylchloride (220 mg, 1.34 mmol), powder NaOH (59 mg, 1.47 mmol), lithium iodide (44 mg, 0.33 mmol), and tetrabutylammonium bromide (22 mg, 0.067 mmol). See Scheme 22. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 2 d at room temperature, the mixture was partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NH4Cl. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 60-100% EtOAc/hexane) to give 4-[2-benzyloxymethyl-4-isopropyl-5-(3-methoxy-phenylsulfanyl)-imidazol-1-ylmethyl]-pyridine 37 (201 mg, 65%) as a yellow oil.

Example 17

embedded image

To a solution of amine 37 (101 mg, 0.220 mmol) in EtOH (5 mL) was added conc. HCl (5 mL). See Scheme 22. After the reaction mixture was warmed to 80° C. and stirred for 16 h, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure and partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NaHCO3. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 5-7% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give [4-isopropyl-5-(3-methoxy-phenylsulfanyl)-1-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-1H-imidazol-2-yl]-methanol 38 (71 mg, 87%) as a pale yellow oil.

Example 18

embedded image

To a solution of alcohol 38 (56 mg, 0.15 mmol) in CH2Cl2 (2 mL) was added 1M BBr3 in CH2Cl2 at 0° C. See Scheme 22. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 1 h at 0° C., the mixture was partitioned between CH2Cl2 and sat. NaHCO3. The aqueous phase was neutralized with solid NaHCO3 and extracted with CH2Cl2 and EtOAc. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 5-10% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give 3-(2-hydroxymethyl-5-isopropyl-3-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-3H-imidazol-4-ylsulfanyl)-phenol 39 (43 mg, 81%) as a colorless solid.

Example 19

embedded image

To a solution of phenol 39 (25 mg, 0.070 mmol) and triflate (33 mg, 0.11 mmol) in THF (2 mL) and CH3CN (2 mL) was added Cs2CO3 (46 mg, 0.14 mmol). See Scheme 22. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 1 h at room temperature, the mixture was partitioned between EtOAc and water. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give [3-(2-Hydroxymethyl-5-isopropyl-3-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-3H-imidazol-4-ylsulfanyl)-phenoxymethyl]-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 40 (10 mg, 28%) as a colorless oil.

Example 20

embedded image

To a solution of diethylphosphonate 40 (10 mg, 0.020 mmol) in THF (2 mL) was added trichloroacetyl isocyanate (7 μL, 0.059 mmol). See Scheme 22. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 30 min at room temperature, the mixture was evaporated under reduced pressure. To a solution of the concentrated residue in MeOH (2 mL) was added 1M K2CO3 (0.2 mL, 0.20 mmol) at 0° C. After the reaction mixture was warmed to room temperature and stirred for 3 h, the mixture was partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NH4Cl. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give [3-(2-hydroxymethyl-5-isopropyl-3-pyridin-4-ylmethyl-3H-imidazol-4-ylsulfanyl)-phenoxymethyl]-phosphonic acid diethyl ester 41 (10 mg, 91%) as a colorless oil. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.50 (d, 2H), 7.16 (m, 1H), 6.85 (m, 1H), 6.75 (m, 1H), 6.73 (m, 1H), 6.17 (s, 1H), 5.31 (s, 2H), 5.02 (s, 2H), 4.23 (m, 4H), 4.16 (d, 2H), 3.23 (m, 1H), δ 1.37 (t, 6H), 1.29 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 19.6. embedded image

Example 21

embedded image

To a solution of phenol 39 (20 mg, 0.056 mmol) in THF (1 mL) and CH3CN (1 mL) was added sodium hydride (60%, 5 mg, 0.112 mmol) at 0° C. See Scheme 23. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 30 min at 0° C., dibenzylphosphonyl methyltriflate (21 mg, 0.050 mmol) in THF (1 mL) was added. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 1 h at 0° C., the mixture was evaporated under reduced pressure and partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NH4Cl. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give dibenzylphosphonate 42 (5 mg, 16%) as a pale yellow oil.

Example 22

embedded image

To a solution of dibenzylphosphonate 42 (5 mg, 0.0079 mmol) in CH2Cl2 (1 mL) was added trichloroacetyl isocyanate (5 μL, 0.049 mmol). See Scheme 23. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 15 min at room temperature, the mixture was transferred on to a 2-inch column of neutral Al2O3. After the reaction mixture was soaked for 30 min, the mixture was rinsed off the column with 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2 and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give carbamate 43 (3 mg, 56%) as a pale yellow oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.48 (d, 2H), 7.35 (m, 10H), 7.12 (t, 1H), 6.88 (m, 2H), 6.70 (d, 1H), 6.66 (dd, 1H), 6.10 (t, 1H), 5.29 (s, 2H), 5.13 (dd, 6H), 5.05 (s, 2H), 4.14 (d, 2H), 3.24 (m, 1H), 1.30 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 20.3.

Preparation of phosphorus compound 874 was displayed in Scheme 24. Starting with imidazole 842, Ar1 and Ar2 were introduced following the procedure described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,326,780. Benzyl group was then removed and converted to phosphorus analog 874 using the procedure described previously. embedded image

Scheme 25 describes preparation of compound 880. Compound 875 was synthesized from compound 842 using the procedures described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,326,780. Treatment of 875 with HCl removed the benzyl group to give alcohol 876, which was then introduced phenyl group with substitution of Y. Y is a function which can be converted to alcohol, aldehyde or amine, for example —NO2, —COOMe, N3, and etc. Conversion of Y to the amine or alcohol gave compound 878 and/or 879, which were then used as attachment site of phosphorus to afford phosphorus compound 880. Hydroxyl group in compound 880 was then converted to the desired side chain including but not limit to carbamate 881, urea 882, substituted amine 883. embedded image

Preparation of phosphorus compound 887 is shown in Scheme 26. Compound 877 was converted to amine 884 and/or aldehyde 885, which then reacted with aldehyde and/or amine respectively to provide phosphorus compound 886. Treatment of compound 886 with Cl3CCONCO provide the carbamate 887. embedded image

Example 22

embedded image

Compound 44 was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 13, by substituting compound 20 for compound 28. Purification of the crude product on silica gel eluted with 3-4% MeOH/CH2Cl2 provided 37 mg of 48, the title compound. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) (1.3:1 diastereomeric ratio) δ 8.50 (bs, 2H), 7.35 (t, 2H), 7.20 (m, 3H), 7.06 (s, 1H), 6.90 (bs, 2H), 6.70 (s, 2H), 5.26 (bs, 2H), 5.21 (s, 2H), 4.97 (m, 1H), 4.22 (q, 2H), 3.24 (m, 2H), 3.19 (m, 1H), 2.05 (m, 2H), 1.92 (m, 2H), 1.37 (d, 3H), 1.33 (d, 6H), 1.28 (t, 3H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 30.0.

Example 23

embedded image

The title compound 49 was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 22, except for using scalmeric mixture 46 (around 13:1 ratio). Purification of the crude final product on silica gel eluted with 3-4% MeOH/CH2Cl2 provided 40 mg of the title compound. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.44 (bd, 2H), 7.32 (m, 2H), 7.19 (m, 3H), 7.04 (d, 1H), 6.80 (bs, 2H), 6.68 (m, 2H), 5.27 (d, 2H), 5.19 (d, 2H), 4.96 (m, 1H), 4.15 (m, 2H), 3.18 (m, 3H), 1.93 (m, 4H), 1.55 (d, 1.5H), 1.34 (d, 1.5H), 1.31 (d, 6H), 1.21 (m, 3H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 30.0, 28.3.

Example 24

embedded image

Amidate 49: A solution of phosphonic acid 45 (66 mg, 0.19 mmol) in CH3CN (5 mL) was treated with thionyl chloride (42 μL, 0.57 mmol). After the reaction mixture was warmed to 70° C. and stirred for 2 h, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was dissolved in CH2Cl2 (5 mL) and cooled to 0° C. Triethylamine (0.11 mL, 0.76 mmol) and L-alanine n-butyl ester (104 mg, 0.57 mmol) were added. After stirring for 1 h at 0° C. and 1 h at room temperature, the reaction mixture was neutralized with sat. NH4Cl and extracted with CH2Cl2 and EtOAc. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified on silica gel (eluting 60-80% EtOAc/hexane) to give amidate 49 (35 mg, 39%) as a colorless oil.

Amine 50: A mixture of benzyl carbamate 49 (35 mg, 0.073 mmol), trifluoroacetic acid (8 μL, 0.11 mmol) and 10% Pd/C (7 mg) in isopropyl alcohol (2 mL) was stirred under H2 atmosphere (balloon) for 1 h. The mixture was then filtered through Celite. The filtrate was evaporated under reduced pressure to give amine 50 (33 mg, 99%) as a colorless oil.

Title compound 51: A solution of 4-nitrophenylcarbonate 16 (35 mg, 0.061 mmol) in CH3CN (2 mL) was treated with amine 50 (33 mg, 0.072 mmol) and iPr2NEt (21 μL, 0.122 mmol). After the reaction mixture was stirred for 1 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was purified on silica gel (eluting 4-5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give the title compound 51 (43 mg, 91%) as a pale yellow oil. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) δ 8.46 (bs, 2H), 7.31 (m, 2H), 7.20 (d, 2H), 7.14 (m, 1H), 7.05 (s, 1H), 6.81 (bd, 2H), 6.71 (d, 2H), 5.27 (bs, 2H), 5.19 (bs, 2H), 4.07 (m, 2H), 3.98 (m, 1H), 3.63 (m, 1H), 3.18 (m, 3H), 1.83 (m, 2H), 1.80 (m, 2H), 1.58 (m, 2H), 1.35 (m, 2H), 1.32 (d, 6H), 1.30 (d, 1.5H), 1.24 (d, 1.5H), 0.93 (t, 3H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 31.6, 31.3.

Example 25

embedded image

The title compound was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 24, except for substituting alanine ethyl ester for alanine n-butyl ester. Purification of the crude final product on a preparative TLC plate (5% CH3OH/CH2Cl2) provided 5 mg (75%) of the title compound. 1H NMR(CDCl3 500 MHz): δ 8.46 (d, 2H), 7.32 (d, 2H), 7.20 (d, 2H), 7.15 (s, 1H), 7.05 (s, 1H), 6.82 (d, 2H), 6.70 (s, 2H), 5.27 (s, 2H), 5.19 (s, 2H), 4.12 (m, 2H), 3.70 (t, 2H), 3.19 (m, 2H), 3.12 (t, 2H), 1.48 (m, 3H), 1.47 (t, 3H), 1.25 (d,6H).

Example 26

embedded image

Imidazole 54: A solution of imidazole 53 (267 mg, 0.655 mmol) in THF (10 mL) was treated with 4-methoxybenzyl chloride (0.18 mL, 1.31 mmol), powder NaOH (105 mg, 2.62 mmol), lithium iodide (88 mg, 0.655 mmol), and tetrabutylammonium bromide (105 mg, 0.327 mmol). After stirring for 4 days at room temperature, the resulting mixture was partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NH4Cl. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified on silica gel (eluting 20-40% EtOAc/hexane) to give imidazole 54 (289 mg, 84%) as a colorless oil.

Phenol 55: A solution of benzyl ether 54 (151 mg, 0.286 mmol) in EtOH(S mL) was treated with conc. HCl (5 mL). After the reaction mixture was warmed to 80° C. and stirred for 2 d, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure and partitioned between EtOAc and sat. aqueous NaHCO3. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified on silica gel (eluting 60-70% EtOAc/hexane) to give the alcohol (99 mg, 79%) as a colorless solid. A solution of the alcohol (77 mg, 0.18 mmol) in CH2Cl2 (3 mL) was added 1M BBr3 in CH2Cl2 (0.90 mL, 0.90 mmol) at 0° C. After the reaction mixture was stirred for 1 h at 0° C., the mixture was neutralized with sat. NaHCO3 and extracted with CH2Cl2 and EtOAc. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was chromatographed on silica gel (eluting 4-5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give phenol 55 (68 mg, 89%) as a colorless solid.

Diethylphosphonate 56: To a solution of phenol 55 (21 mg, 0.050 mmol) in CH3CN (1 mL) and THF (1 mL) was added trifluoro-methanesulfonic acid diethoxy-phosphorylmethyl ester (18 mg, 0.060 mmol) in CH3CN (1 mL). After the addition of Cs2CO3 (20 mg, 0.060 mmol), the reaction mixture was stirred for 2 h at room temperature. Additional triflate (18 mg, 0.060 mmol) and Cs2CO3 (20 mg, 0.060 mmol) were introduced. After the reaction mixture was stirred for another 2 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was partitioned between EtOAc and sat. NH4Cl. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4, filtered, and evaporated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography (eluting 5% MeOH/CH2Cl2) to give diethylphosphonate 56 (26 mg, 91%) as a pale yellow oil.

Title compound carbamate 57: A solution of diethylphosphonate 56 (26 mg, 0.045 mmol) in CH2Cl2 (2 mL) was treated with trichloroacetyl isocyanate (27 μL, 0.23 mmol). After the reaction mixture was stirred for 10 min at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The residue was transferred to an Al2O3 column in 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2. After soaking on the column for 30 min, the crude product was flushed out with 10% MeOH/CH2Cl2 and concentrated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified by preparative thin layer chromatography eluted with 5% MeOH/CH2Cl2 to give title compound carbamate 57 (22 mg, 79%) as a pale yellow oil. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) δ 7.00 (s, 1H), 6.88 (d, 2H), 6.76 (d, 2H), 6.62 (s, 2H), 5.24 (s, 2H), 5.18 (s, 2H), 4.26 (q, 4H), 4.21 (d, 2H), 3.15 (m, 1H), 1.38 (t, 6H), 1.29 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 19.1.

Example 27

embedded image

The title compound 58 was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 27 with substitution of trifluoro-methanesulfonic acid bis-benzyloxy-phosphorylmethyl ester for trifluoro-methanesulfonic acid diethoxy-phosphorylmethyl ester. Purification of the crude final product on silica gel eluted with 3-4% MeOH/CH2Cl2 provided 33 mg of the title compound. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) δ 7.37 (m, 10H), 6.96 (s, 1H), 6.85 (d, 2H), 6.70 (d, 2H), 6.62 (s, 2H), 5.23 (s, 2H), 5.17 (s, 2H), 5.13 (m, 4H), 4.18 (d, 2H), 3.16 (m, 1H), 1.30 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 20.1.

Example 28

embedded image

A solution of dibenzylphosphonate 58 (15 mg, 0.020 mmol) was treated 4M HCl in dioxane (1 mL). After the reaction mixture was stirred for 18 h at room temperature, the mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure. The crude product was purified on a C-18 column (eluting 30-40% CH3CN/H2O) to give phosphonic acid 59 (8 mg, 71%) as a colorless oil. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 7.19 (s, 1H), 7.08 (d, 2H), 6.81 (d, 2H), 6.69 (s, 2H), 5.48 (s, 2H), 5.44 (s, 2H), 4.12 (d, 2H), 3.32 (m, 1H), 1.33 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 17.1.

Example 29

embedded image

The title compound 60 was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 25, except for substituting 3-methoxy benzyl chloride for 4-methoxyl benzyl chloride. Purification of the crude final product on preparative thin layer chromatography eluted with 5% MeOH/CH2Cl2 provided 28 mg of the title compound. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) δ 7.12 (t, 1H), 7.03 (s, 1H), 6.75 (d, 1H), 6.66 (s, 2H), 6.60 (d, 1H), 6.55 (s, 1H), 5.24 (s, 2H), 5.19 (s, 2H), 4.22 (q, 4H), 4.20 (d, 2H), 3.17 (m, 1H), 1.37 (t, 6H), 1.31 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 19.2.

Example 30

embedded image

The title compound 61 was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 26, except for substituting 3-methoxy benzyl chloride for 4-methoxyl benzyl chloride. Purification of the crude final product on silica gel eluted with 3-4% MeOH/CH2Cl2 provided 36 mg of the title compound. 1H NMR (500 MHz, CDCl3) δ 7.36 (m, 10H), 7.10 (t, 1H), 7.00 (s, 1H), 6.68 (d, 1H), 6.64 (s, 2H), 6.59 (d, 1H), 6.53 (s, 1H), 5.23 (s, 2H), 5.17 (s, 2H), 5.11 (m, 4H), 4.18 (d, 2H), 3.16 (m, 1H), 1.31 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CDCl3) δ 20.2.

Example 31

embedded image

The title compound 62 was prepared following the sequence of steps described in Example 29, except for substituting compound 61 for compound 58. Purification of the crude final product with HPLC (eluting 30-40% CH3CN/H2O) provided 7 mg of the title compound. 1H NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 7.18 (s, 1H), 7.13 (t, 1H), 6.81 (d, 1H), 6.77 (s, 2H), 6.72 (s, 1H), 6.68 (d, 1H), 5.49 (s, 2H), 5.37 (s, 2H), 4.12 (d, 2H), 3.33 (m, 1H), 1.34 (d, 6H). 31P NMR (300 MHz, CD3OD) δ 17.0.

Example 32

embedded image embedded image

Alcohol 64: A solution of methyl 6-methoxynicotinate 63 (2