Method and card scheme for practicing Feng Shui
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A method for practicing Feng Shui wherein the method comprises at least the following steps: providing a deck of at least nine distinct cards defined as energy cards, wherein each of the energy cards has listed on a face one or more written intentions; selecting a room in a house; mapping the selected room into nine guas; designating or assigning each of the nine energy cards to each of the nine guas; selecting one of the nine guas so as to define a main gua; placing one or more of a bell, a portion of salt, and a candle within the main gua; performing a ritual selected from clapping and bell ringing at the main gua; and reading from the designated or assigned energy card associated with the main gua one or more of the one or more written intentions.

Austin, Kate (Seattle, WA, US)
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1. A method for practicing Feng Shui wherein the method comprises at least the following steps: providing a deck of at least nine distinct cards defined as energy cards, wherein each of the cards has listed on a face one or more written intentions; selecting a room in a house; mapping the selected room into nine guas; designating or assigning each of the nine energy cards to each of the nine guas; selecting one of the nine guas so as to define a main gua; placing one or more of a bell, a portion of salt, and a candle within the main gua; performing a ritual selected from clapping and bell ringing at the main gua; and reading from the designated or assigned energy card associated with the main gua one or more of the one or more written intentions.



The present invention relates generally to Feng Shui and, more specifically, to a method and kit for practicing Feng Shui in a selected room of a house. The inventive kit includes a bell, a candle, a packet of sea salt, and a set of two-sided cards (e.g., energy cards, enhancement cards, bagua cards, and a ritual card). The inventive method involves the manipulation of the cards, the bell, the candle, and the packet of sea salt in a selected room of a house.


One of the complaints Feng Shui practitioners hear on a regular basis is that individuals lack enough time to do what they need to do. In actuality, energy is the component that is lacking, and this is an example of how the energy in an individual's life is managing them, rather than the individual managing the energy. Accordingly, there is still a need in the art for new ways to practice Feng Shui. The present invention fulfills these needs and provides for further related advantages.


FIG. 1A is a picture of the front view of the energy cards in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 1B is a picture of the rear view of the energy cards in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 2A is a picture of the front view of the enhancement cards in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 2B is a picture of the rear view of the enhancement cards in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 3A is a picture of the front view of the bagua cards in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 3B is a picture of the rear view of the bagua cards in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 4A is a picture of the front view of the ritual card in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 4B is a picture of the rear view of the ritual card in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 5 is a picture of the kit, which includes a bell, a candle, a packet of sea salt, and a set of two-sided cards (and optionally an instructional booklet), all of which may be conveniently packaged into a box, in accordance with an embodiment of the invention.


The invention and kit disclosed herein and can be described as an energy toolbox. The information and tasks for practicing the present invention have been divided into three steps, and each step generally takes between about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The one task that varies by individual is how long it will take to clean and clear one room of their home of clutter. The other planning piece is the ritual or method, which preferably needs to occur between the full moon and the new moon. In addition, the individual practicing the present invention will need to obtain a bell, a candle, and a packet of sea salt. The individual will also need to obtain a set of two-sided cards such as, for example, the nine energy cards (and associated identifier card), the nine enhancement cards (and associated identifier card), the three bagua cards, and single ritual card shown in FIGS. 1A-B, 2A-B, 3A-B, and 4A-B, respectively. The energy cards are very powerful as they use principles from the ancient teachings of Feng Shui and astrology. On one side are images of traditional Feng Shui cures and the reverse side is a list of carefully worded intents. In practicing the present invention, you will choose the intent that will add the most benefits to your life at this time. The purpose of the enhancement cards is twofold: first, as a back up for the energy cards, and secondly, on the reverse side is provided helpful information for each gua.

In view of the foregoing, the inventive kit includes a bell, a candle, a packet of sea salt, and a set of two-sided cards (and optionally an instructional booklet that closely mirrors this detailed description), all of which may be conveniently packaged into a box as shown in FIG. 5. A suitable and preferred kit in accordance with the present invention is commercially available from the inventor, Kate Austin—a certified Feng Shui practitioner, through her website at www.invisiblefengshui.com. The preferred kit is presently sold and marketed as “Invisible Feng Shui™ An Energy Management System” (Seattle, Wash.).

For ease of comprehension, the individual is referred to as “You,” “individual” or “user” throughout this detailed description.

STEP ONE: TRANSFERRING ENERGY. Plan a quiet hour to sit and read this disclosure (a.k.a. instructional booklet) in its entirety. Try to do so when you will have few interruptions. You will be handling the cards, so please be sure and wash your hands before touching them, and you should be the only one to handle them. What you are doing is transferring your energy into the cards. Try to keep an open mind as you read all of the information. If negativity creeps in, simply say, “Cancel that.”

STEP TWO: PREP TIME. Once the room has been cleaned and cleared of clutter, you will need to map it out and measure. You also will be identifying anchors and prepare the main anchor for the ritual. This step should only take an hour.

STEP THREE: THE RITUAL. The last step is the ritual, this will take approximately 30 minutes. The candle needs to burn for an hour. During this time you will write in a journal, being very specific about the changes you wish to see in your life. All totaled, this step will take approximately 90 minutes.

As noted above, the present invention is best described as an energy toolbox. It is based upon the ancient Chinese study of the natural environment commonly referred to as Feng Shui, and includes space clearing, astrology, and energy medicine. A common theme in astrology, Feng Shui, the ancient art of space clearing, and energy medicine is the concept of energy.

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It is an ancient Chinese study of the natural environment. Feng Shui can determine the best or most favorable location for anyone and assist that person to avoid their worst or least desirable location in any environment. Feng Shui makes the determination based on the year the individual is born, the environment surrounding them, and through the movements of the solar system.

Throughout ancient China, classical Feng Shui was a closely-guarded discipline used as a tool to ensure the good health, wealth, and power of the imperial dynasties. The keepers of this secret knowledge were the Feng Shui masters, the highly respected scientists and astronomers who were charged with sustaining the good fortune and prosperity of the royal court. These masters of Chinese geomancy were very selective of their protégées and extremely wary of sharing their Feng Shui knowledge with outsiders. As a result, few who claimed to be Feng Shui masters even knew the basic theories, which meant even fewer could practice with proficiency.

A classical Feng Shui reading involves no guesswork. Every building has unique energy characteristics that need to be individually addressed. Feng Shui is not related to any religion or belief system. It is a scientific discipline based on the analysis of energy. There are drawbacks in Feng Shui and in most metaphysical subjects: the majority of them are complex, take time and money to learn, which in turn make them exclusive rather than inclusive. This invention introduces these empowering principles into people's everyday lives. The present invention is not a replacement for traditional Feng Shui, but rather an introduction to new worlds of possibilities, is affordable and user-friendly.

With the advent of quantum physics, the present invention defines Feng Shui as: “A method of organizing energy for a wonderful and prosperous life.” The teachings from the Far East have always told us “all is one” but it took quantum physics to prove it. Namely, we all have energetic components and these components vibrate. The “we” of that statement does not just address the human species, but rather everything on the planet, be it animal, vegetable, mineral, or my aunt Maggie's antique dresser.

The present invention is directed to the things you really love vibrating in concert with your energetic components. Whereas the things you only “sort of like” are vibrating at a different rate, one that may not connect with or support you. On an energetic level, you may say it's a form of communication. This is why in traditional Feng Shui, the user is encouraged to surround themselves with things they love and to clear away the clutter. And this is where many individuals fall by the wayside. Who wants to spend what little free time they have organizing their house? However, what if you looked at this process as removing items which do not contribute to your well being? The present invention is designed to enable the individual to surround themselves with things that compliment and support their vibratory rates.

Thus, the present invention involves completing one room of the home rather than an entire household. More information on room selection can be found further in this description. It is reasonable to assume that cleaning and clearing one room should take the average individual about a weekend.

The present invention enables the user to access the most powerful and beneficial aspects of several ancient arts. The cards combine the best of Feng Shui with the power of astrological intentions. The ritual combines the time-tested art of space clearing with a piece of energy medicine that is not well known but very powerful, that can be called raising your vibratory rate. And last but not least to this interesting mix, we add you. It's your energy that will ignite this fire and your pure intentions that will give your life hope and a new direction. It's also a first step of treating your energy as a separate entity. The present invention enables the individual to manage their energy, rather than the energy managing the individual.

STEP ONE: TRANSFERRING ENERGY. It is recommended that the individual set aside a quiet hour to read this disclosure (instructional booklet) in its entirety and to handle the cards. First, it is preferable that you wash your hands before touching the cards. Monitor your thoughts as you handle the cards, if any negative self-talk creeps in, say “Cancel that.” You should be the only one to handle the cards. The kit of the present invention is to contain a bell, a packet of sea salt, a tea candle, and two decks of cards (see Figures). Take both decks out of the box and place the Energy Cards on top of the Enhancement Cards. First, quickly look at both sides of each card once.

THE CARDS. Invisible Feng Shui Face Card (1). This card simply identifies an aspect of the present invention. Turn it over and notice that it is blank on the one side. This was done intentionally, remember that you have a blank card.

Bagua Cards (3). The next three cards are Bagua Cards. Bagua is a Feng Shui term. We are going to use this card to map out your space. Each section of the map is called a gua and the true bagua is octagonal (having 8 sides) in shape. Notice the “door” is located at a different point on the bottom of each of the cards.

When you chose a room we will refer you back to these cards. Then, select the Bagua Card that reflects where your chosen room's doorway is located (see Table 1 below).

Room with Eight Guas and Tai Chi Center
Section (doorway not shown)
W & PF & RR & L
S & KCHP & T

Bagua Card Abbreviations

W & P Wealth & Prosperity

F & R Fame & Reputation

R & L Relationship & Love

F & H Family & Health

Tai Chi Center

C & C Children & Creativity

S & K Skills & Knowledge

C Career

HP & T Helpful People & Travel

Energy Cards (9). One side has pictures of objects and the other side has written intentions. The pictures are those of traditional cures used in Feng Shui. A “cure” can be defined as an item that has been determined by Feng Shui masters to bring good fortune and energy. Different guas require different items and this can get expensive if you don't have them on hand. Or perhaps the suggested cures do not fit into your design or, the user does not have the time to shop and place the Feng Shui cures. The invention simplifies your life and saves the individual money. For example, on the Fame and Reputation Energy Card you see a medal, candle, the pyramid, the number 1, and the color red is highlighted. If you were practicing traditional Feng Shui, you would probably place a red candle in your Fame and Reputation gua and maybe a medal or something that represents awards to you, along with anything triangular in shape. On the back of each Energy Card are several different intentions. When performing the ritual, you will choose one intent on each card that best represents your wants and wishes at this time. If none of the intents match your desires for a particular card, you can use the back of one of the face cards. Remember, they are blank, and now you know why it is important for you to handle them.

An individual's intentions are one of the critical pieces to the invention, and the correct wording of intentions is of paramount importance. Jan Spiller (see “New Moon Astrology,” Jan Spiller, Bantam Books, 2001, incorporated herein by reference) teaches how to correctly word intentions. Namely, you always want to keep things in the present tense and use the word “easily” as often as possible. This way, we are not only letting the Universe know what we want but how we want to receive them. Each Energy Card has specific pictures and colors. Everything on these cards has been carefully chosen and arranged. The numbers do not represent a numeric order but rather, are numbers affiliated with that particular gua.

ENHANCEMENT CARDS (9). Invisible Feng Shui Face Card. This is another blank card for you to use for writing intentions. It also separates the first deck from the second deck. The purpose of this deck is twofold. First, if something should happen to one of your Energy Cards you can use the matching Enhancement Card. The second use is that once folks get into this practice, they often like to add a traditional “cure” here and there. On the back of the Enhancement Cards you will find pertinent information for each gua. The present invention lists colors, items you can buy to use as cures, and things to avoid. The cards of the present invention are business card size for convenience. (Thus, it is to be understood that the cards may be of any shape or dimension.)

RITUAL CARD. The Ritual Card is written concisely for actually performing the ritual. You will be moving energy out and creating a sacred space for new energy.

PART TWO: PREP TIME. If you share this space, please get consent from that person. They do not have to participate or even believe in this process but you are required to obtain permission. Clean the room from top to bottom, removing all of the clutter. Remember, there is no hiding in Feng Shui. Get your Bagua Cards to properly map out your room. Again, monitor any negative self talk as you are cleaning. Really focus on positive thoughts and images. Bring a handy tape measure and divide the room into 9 guas. Do not hide the Energy Cards at this time but select the anchors where you will hide them during the ritual. Place sea salt, bell, candle, prized possession, and flower/house plant on main anchor.

Choosing a Room & Selecting Anchors. This next section is the prep work. You are going to select the room and then prepare it for the ritual. Before you actually begin, you will need to obtain consent from anyone you share this room with. They do not need to believe in what you are doing nor do they have to participate. Now, for choosing the room. Try to think of it as a container of energy. It also needs to be a room filled with things you already like and preferably love. You also want a space that is used often and that you are willing to clean from top to bottom. I lean towards rooms that have a specific entrance, such as a bedroom or a home office. Family rooms and living rooms are more likely to be rooms that flow into other rooms in your home. I believe the energy in these rooms can become “watered” down and the new energy you create has a greater tendency to escape as there are usually more windows and doors leading outside. You need to start with a clean room and I've learned that everyone has their own definitions of clean. So, what is required here is that all of the clutter has to be removed and the room should be dusted and vacuumed. There is no hiding in Feng Shui. In other words, you cannot scurry about the room and toss the clutter that's “living” on the desk or end table into a drawer. You need to clean and sort all the clutter that you can see and then open the drawers and closets and clean those as well. As you clean, try and keep your focus on positive things. You are cleaning the energy and you certainly don't want to pollute it with negative thoughts.

Map out the room once the room is clean and clear of clutter. Go back to the deck of cards and choose one of the three Bagua Cards. You do that by determining where the entrance to the room is. Now, the doorway is either going to open in the far right, center, or far left of the room. Determine which card fits your situation and then map out the room accordingly. This would also be a good time to take out a tape measure and divide the room into the 9 guas. It will give you a sense of how to work with your space. If you have two doors into a room, choose the door that would be “architecturally correct”. What that means is, the door an architect would say is the main entrance. If you are uncertain, select the door you use the most.

Anchors. Choose an anchor in each gua. Examples of anchors are: pieces of furniture, lamps, rugs, pictures. Just someplace you will be able to hide the Energy Cards. This is where the Invisible part comes in. Do not mark or hide the Energy Cards at this time. Simply select an anchor in each gua where you will hide the card during the ritual. You may place the card on the anchor (or near it) for easy access. By way of example, notice what is in the far left-hand corner of your room. Remember, that is your Wealth and Prosperity corner. Let's say it's your chest of drawers, which you just sorted and cleaned. This would be a great anchor because you would simply tuck the Wealth & Prosperity Card into one of the drawers. You will generally always want the picture side of the card facing upward or into the room. Next, identify an anchor in each gua. When you are done you should have 9 separate anchors. Be sure to choose an anchor which will enable you to make your Energy Card Invisible. Next, designate one of your 9 anchors as the main anchor. It can be an anchor in any gua. However, the best would be to choose an anchor in a gua that you really want to emphasize. The main anchor needs to be a piece of furniture where you can place some additional items.

For example, if you are having money problems, then select your anchor in the Wealth and Prosperity gua as your main anchor. Or, if your relationship is in trouble, then chose the anchor in the Relationship & Love gua and designate it as your main anchor. When you are done you will have 1 main anchor and 8 regular anchors.

As noted above, the present invention involves manipulation of a candle, sea salt, and a bell. Place these items on the designated main anchor. It is recommended you use fresh flowers or a round leaf house plant. Whichever you choose, also place it on the main anchor. Please do not use dried, silk, or plastic flowers.

Last, look among your possessions and find an item you cherish. What we are going to do is balance the main anchor with the 5 elements which are, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water (refer to FIG. 5). Flowers/plant represents wood, the candle represents fire, the salt and bell represent metal. The last two elements we need to add are water and earth. Thus, and in view of FIG. 5, simply choose items in your home that represent the missing water and earth elements.

For example, you may wish to place the salt in a glass bowl. That would take care of the water element. For the earth element you could place a piece of pottery on the main anchor or if you are really cramped for space you can combine the elements. For example, go back to your glass dish of salt. Can you find a glass dish that is square or rectangular? This way you are using the shape to cover the earth element. These items have additional significance: the salt absorbs negativity, the flowers/plant represents your growth, the candle shows your enlightenment and purifies the air, and the cherished possession represents you. The last step in preparing the room for the ritual is to take the Energy Cards and place them on the appropriate anchors. Do not hide them or mark them at this time as that is part of the ritual. However, you may wish to reread the intentions and mentally decide which ones you will be choosing. Use your Bagua Card as a guide and place the Energy Cards picture side up. Please make sure you can easily get to them during the actual ritual.

PART THREE: THE RITUAL. Plan to do ritual when you will not be disturbed. Estimated time to complete actual ritual, about 90 minutes. Make sure it's after the full moon but before new moon. Have drinking water, dry erase pen, and journal handy. Make sure cards are still on the anchors; check main anchor for bell, candle and a match, see salt, flowers/house plant, and cherished possession. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Stay focused and in present time. Monitor any negative self-talk and be sure and say “Cancel that” should any harmful thoughts sneak in. Have fun.

Ritual Instructions. The most important reason for you to do the ritual has to do with converting the energy that is in your space into energy that supports you and your life. This is just one of the ways in which Feng Shui becomes an energy management system. Energy is also in the air we breathe. The ritual gives this air/energy focus and fills it with your intentions. This makes you an energy manager rather than allowing the existing energy to manage you. The first thirty minutes will be clapping and bell ringing and the last hour is you sitting quietly writing in your journal. Make sure you have the dry erase pen handy so you can easily mark the cards. Check to make sure the salt, flowers/house plant, bell and prized possession are on the main anchor. Light the candle and get focused. Take a couple of deep breaths and then go to your starting point at the main anchor.

Clapping. This first step of clapping is important because it dispels any stale or stuck energy that may be lurking in or around the room. Begin by simply clapping your hands over and around the main anchor and then move to the next anchor. If there is a corner in the gua you may wish to clap there as well. Energy loves to hide out in corners. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise, do this until you have removed all the stale/stuck energy from all 9 anchors. You may have to do this more than once. Go with your gut feeling and if the only thing you are feeling is truly foolish, then do it at least twice. Essentially, you will be traveling around the room, clapping your hands, over and around furniture and you will do this a couple of times. Another tip while performing the entire ritual is to keep your mind focused on what you are doing. Many people pride themselves on being able to multi-task, but for these exercises stay alert and in present time, while you are walking around the room and clapping, speak aloud. For example, say “Let's clap all the stale energy out of my Wealth and Prosperity” and so on and so forth. It would not be a good idea to perform the clapping and/or bell ringing and silently think about how you need to run the market when your done and drop off your library books on the way to the store. Keep in present time! When you are done with the clapping ritual (twice), let's take a moment. You should have just finished clapping (twice) all 9 guas, and now it would be a good idea to run to a sink and wash your hands in warm soapy water. Wash off the stuck and stale energy. Have some water to drink while you're at it, so you won't get dehydrated.

Bell Ringing. Return to your main anchor. Take the bell and ring it over and around the main anchor and then each subsequent anchor. Follow the same path around the room as you did with the clapping. This is to announce a new intent for the clean energy. On the second time around the room, beginning at the main anchor, ring the bell, then pick up the Energy Card and mark your intention. It is very important to then read the intent aloud. Set the card down with the picture side up. Ring the bell again. Do this step on all 9 anchors. The most important thing is to read the intent out loud and really be focused and sincere.

Raising your Vibratory Rate. This is the last step in the ritual but it is one of the most critical. Since the candle needs to burn for at least an hour after the ritual, now is the time to turn your attention and focus on your personal dreams and desires. Find a quiet place in your room to sit and where you can journal about the changes you want to happen in your life. No computers, television, or music is allowed and the writing must be done by hand. Before you begin writing about your dream life, you will want to raise your vibratory rate. This concept is based on the Law of Attraction. Namely, what you put out you get back tenfold.

Being quiet is key. Before you start to write, go within and listen. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Focus on your energy as it courses through your body. You will be able to feel it. Now, speed it up. Make it run faster and you will feel that as well. Don't worry about whether it needs to go forward or backward, just get it moving and when that occurs, start writing your personal intentions.

As you write, concentrate on all of the good things you want to happen. Don't dwell on past mistakes or lost opportunities. Pretend you have total control over your life. Pick and choose people, things, goals, desires and write about them as if they are happening. Not as if they are going to happen but like they are already happening and are doing so easily. If negative self-talk sneaks in, remember to say and/or write, “Cancel that.”

From time to time, check in with yourself and keep speeding up the energy. Then go back to the writing. This is not hard but it probably is a bit different. Try to simply enjoy the experience. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water during this time.

The length of your writing is up to you. Some people need to redesign their entire lives while others are only having problems with one or two guas. One way to keep track is to write a paragraph or more on all 9 guas. As you can see, they divide life in such a way that almost everything you can want or desire will fall in one of the sections. After an hour, you may blow the candle out, stand in the center of the room and say a prayer of thanks to those who are listening and who will be helping. Also, at this time, you can hide your Feng Shui energy cards. Just remember to keep the picture side up or facing out towards the room.

Leave the salt in the room for 24 hours and then dispose of it. You can either flush it down the toilet or take it out (immediately) to the trash. This is not something you want to reuse. The flowers can stay and be enjoyed as long as they are alive and healthy. When they start to die, remove them immediately.

REFRESHER RITUAL. To keep things moving along, a month after your initial ritual and the placing of the Energy Cards, one suggestion is to simply place the above items on the main anchor in the room where you practiced the invention. Let the candle burn for at least an hour (never unattended) and remove sea salt from premises after 24 hours. As things happen to your satisfaction, give a prayer of thanks.

CARE OF CARDS. Keep the cards in place after the initial ritual. However, after 3 or 4 months you may feel the need to do another ceremony. Again, this takes some planning, so you need to schedule it around the full moon. Two days before performing the second full ritual (do not confuse this with Ritual 2 that is simply a refresher), gather up the cards and clean them. To remove the ink from the marked intention, use nail polish remover. Then let the cards “rest” for 24-48 hours. Either wrap them in a special scarf and/or return them to the box. If things have worked well be sure to tell the cards thank you! Then, after you have prepared your room for the second full ritual, just follow the same instructions. If you wish to change rooms that is perfectly okay as long as the clean and clutter rules are followed.

Go to your Helpful People & Travel Card in the Energy deck. You will notice on the front there are 3 silver items. The first is a silver box with lid and red lining, the second is a silver 9 by 12 envelope and the third is a silver bag. Each of these items represents a different time frame. The silver box with the red lining and lid is something one may use for wishes (3). The items to wish for are things you need in a short period of time. (See Karen Rauch Carter's book, “Move Your Stuff and Change Your Life.” (Fireside, 2000), incorporated herein by reference.)

The large silver envelope is for projects that take between a month to 6 months, for example, writing an article or selling your home. If you have trouble finding a silver envelope, simply take a regular 9 by 12 envelope and cover it with foil. The last is a silver bag that contains all the names of people you know. Just go through your day-timer and write each name on a small slip of silver paper and place it in the bag. This will turn everyone you know into a helpful person. Then place these items in the Helpful People section of the room you are using for practicing Feng Shui in accordance with the present invention. The only rule is to keep all three things current.

While the present invention has been described in the context of the embodiments illustrated and described herein, the invention may be embodied in other specific ways or in other specific forms without departing from its spirit or essential characteristics. Therefore, the described embodiments are to be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive. The scope of the invention is, therefore, indicated by the appended claims rather than by the foregoing description, and all changes that come within the meaning and range of equivalency of the claims are to be embraced within their scope.