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Tender-foot protector cage
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The invention is a lightweight cage to protect sore and tender feet when patient is reclining in bed. The top support tubing of the cage holds bedclothes well above the feet and legs. The cage is constructed of PVC/plastic tubing. The front elevation's gradual sloping to the back is made possible by a combination of Elbows and Ts. The tubing is smaller in diameter than the connectors. After coating tubing ends with liquid cement they are easily inserted into connectors. A tight firm bond is achieved. Unit is easily cleaned thus preventing harmful bacteria build-up.

Edwards, Ethelbert (Starkville, MS, US)
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A47C21/02; A61G7/05; (IPC1-7): A47C21/02
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Ethelbert, Edwards (743 Lincoln Dr., Starkville, MS, 39759, US)
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2. The concept of the invention is the elevation of bedclothes from feet and legs. Prior Art is similar in design but inadequate in some areas. Present invention provides a more secure way of keeping bedclothes off sore and tender feet and legs. The devise as set forth in claim 1 is supported by a series of vertical and horizontal tubular pipe connected by a plurality of T's, elbows and spacers, including a downward extension on lower portion of the back vertical tubing which abuts mattress and rests on mattress foundation. For safety reasons the bottom tubing is encased in cylindrical insulated foam. Adjustable straps looped around bed frame encircle the insulated tubing giving stability to the above described devise.



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1. Field of Invention

The Tender-Foot Protective Cage relates to the medical equipment field. Wedges and similar devices are bulky and do not provide adequate protection. Large tents are not suitable for home use.

2. Description

The Tender-Foot Protector Cage is a simple but most valuable piece of medical equipment. The cage construction is one-half inch PVC hot water pipe, elbows, T's and PVC glue. Light as a feather and strong as an ox.

Tools necessary for construction are: Pencil for marking, yardstick, pipe-cutter or hacksaw and a level.

All pipes are one piece except the side pieces. They are spliced with T's to fasten the support pieces across the top and bottom.

The Tender-Foot protector Cage can be made to fit a regular or hospital bed. Said cage is held in place by straps fastened to the bed frame. (not shown) Insulated from tubing covers the lower pieces of the cage. (optional)

The Tender-Foot Cage is truly a Protective Foot invention for persons suffering from pressure ulcers or sensitive feet and legs.

I know it works . . .


FIG. 1 is the back view of the invention, Tender-Foot Protector Cage. Said view shows the gradual change in the height of the Cage framing. Actual measurements of the invention are noted.

FIG. 2 is a view of the front of said invention. The front height allows ample room for the feet to slip under the framing. The pieces across the top keep the bed linens taunt when they are tucked in at the foot of the bed.

FIG. 3 is a side view of the invention. You will note the top side pieces are spliced using T's to connect support pieces going across the top. Connecting T's are also used on the bottom. Not shown are straps on either side securing the cage to the bed frame. Also not shown are insulated foam tubes covering the back pipes on the Cage; an added protection for the feet.


The Tender-Foot Protector Cage is a simple piece of medical equipment made especially to give comfort and protection to anyone with sore or sensitive feet and legs.

Said Cage is made of lightweight one-half inch hot water PVC pipe, can be made to fit regular or hospital bed.

Bed linens touching sore or sensitive feet and legs can cause abrasions that lead to infection. The Tender-Foot Cage holds the bed linens up off the feet and legs, assuring stress free comfort yet keeps them covered and free from drafts.

The Tender-Foot Cage can be marketed as a kit or fully assembled. There may be similar devices but none that a handy-man could go into his tinker room and make for himself.

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