Weatherspoon Humidity Modifier System
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The Weatherspoon Humidity Modifier System is a high pressured closed irrigation system, which employs atomizer nozzles five to ten feet apart producing aerosol to suppress fire outside in semi-closed areas. It uses this approach to fight wildland fires in drought stricken areas. The system is embedded in the parameter of the landscape using the low depression and high elevation of the land to act as boundaries to bottle moisture and divide the territory; reducing the spread of wildfires. The approach use by my system changes the environment surrounding the fire by manually increasing the relative humidity; therefore, making it uninductive for fire production. The Weatherspoon Humidity Modifier System operates by water pressure in closed piping. It is monitored and controlled by satellite and radio transmission. The water supply is from nearby reservoirs or trucked in and put in the system. The system can protect land, structures and evacuation routes.

Weatherspoon, Gary (Richmond, VA, US)
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A62C3/02; A62C99/00; F24F11/00; (IPC1-7): F24F11/00
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Gary Weatherspoon (Weatherspoon Management 2624 Wayside Drive, Richmond, VA, 23235, US)
1. The Weatherspoon Humidity Modifier attackers fire suppression from the direction of altering the amount of water vapor that exists in the atmosphere.

2. My system uses fine mist from hundreds of atomizers around the parameter of the areas to be protected, by adding moisture to the absolute humidity portion of the relative humidity.

3. Aerosol droplets from the Weatherspoon Humidity Modifier System will absorb more heat from the fire, then changing to steam when the water turns into gas vapors. This gas vapors from the water release the hydrogen molecules, which in turn competes with the fire for oxygen. This removes the combustion oxygen factor from the fire, causing it to go out (smoothering the fire).

4. With continual use of the Weatherspoon Humidity Modifier System the atmosphere will reach dew point; then deposition will wet the protected landscape slowing or stopping senders from burning.

5. My system can be more cost effective, easy to apply, remote control and safer for fire fighters.


The manufacturing of the Weatherspoon Humidity System consist of the following.

    • 1. Frame retard PVC tubing lining the parameter of the landscape of the areas to be protected from the spread fire senders, which causes wildfires. Every five to ten feet a tee adapter holds hi/8vv model atomizer high pressure nozzles angled at a 45% angle.
    • 2. The system is a closed pressurized at 60-100 psi with water pressure.
    • 3. The system maintains this pressure with compressors source from the water supply or a compressor put in line.
    • 4. The elevation and depression of the terrain is used to bottle the aerosol from the system, trapping moisture.
    • 5. The monitoring and control of the system can be satellite transmission and radio frequencies.
    • 6. The water source can be nearby oceans, rivers, lakes or trucked in and put in the system.