Bath buddy
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1. The nature of the “Bath Buddy” soap holder is that it can be used with small bars of soap and/or regular bars of soap. 2. Bath buddy also has a handle for easy hanging up of the unit. 3. This invention will allow the user an easy to use bathing tool that will utilize all of the soap placed inside of it.

Johnson, Marc Hveen (Lake Havasu, AZ, US)
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A47K5/04; A47K5/08; (IPC1-7): A47K5/08
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Marc Hveem Jonson (3670 Yucca Drive, Lake Havasu, AZ, 86404, US)
1. What I claim as my invention is a terry cloth (Envelope style) pouch that will hold a large variety of bar soaps to aid in a person's bathing.

2. What I claim as my invention is a terry cloth( envelope style) pouch that has a handle made of rope or cloth that a person can hang up after use, and this allows the bar soap to last longer by allowing the soap to dry out.

3. What I claim as my invention is a terry cloth (Envelope style) pouch with a handle.


This item will be used to hold bar type soaps of varied sizes and shapes.

The terry cloth Material will allow the soap to suds through the material and allow a person to bath Without the need of having to hold wash rag and bar soap in both hands; this allows a Person more freedom of movement while bathing. The bath buddy also has a rope or Terry cloth handle which a person could/can use to hang up the bath buddy; this allows The bath buddy to drip dry and prevents premature deterioration of the bar soap from Water saturation.