Foldable table for outdoor grill
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An apparatus made of three parts: four legs held together by a pivot like scissors. A metal table top over which a deflector arrangement of 3 metal panels is related by a hinge.

A version without legs could be appropriate when you already have a table.

Dussault, Marc (Ste-Marthe du Cap, CA)
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A47B3/02; (IPC1-7): A47B41/04
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Marc, Dussault (210, 9th Street, Ste-Marthe du Cap, QC, G8T 7X7, CA)

The product or the invention for which an ownership right or privilege is claimed is defined as follows:

1. - A fireproof panel big enough to hold a portable grill. It is composed of three parts. A tabletop, a defecting system and 4 legs.

2. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1, where the tabletop has one or two stoppers to keep the grill from sliding off the tabletop.

3. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1 and 2, where a back panel is linked to the tabletop by a hinge which allows it to fold down on the tabletop.

4. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1, 2 and 3, where the back panel is linked on each of its side to a side panel by a hinge which allows each side panel to fold against the back panel.

5. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1, 2, 3 and 4, where two side panels holders are set to the tabletop in a way that they will keep the side panel to the proper angle.

6. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, where the two side panel holders are also set to hold the apparatus folded when carried or stored.

7. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, where four small legs will permit to stand properly on a flat surface.

8. - An apparatus as described in paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, where an optional set of folding legs will permit to stand by itself and still be easily carried or stored.



[0001] When cooking outside with a portable grill, the wind can often decrease the expected output by cooling off the stove and reducing the performance of the burner. Cooking time is longer. Some chose to buy a bigger grill. For those who are campers or living in an apartment building, space is not available for those big grills. A portable grill is then the only way. My invention allows to cook meals with a smaller grill and still get the desired heating power out of it.

[0002] The device is a foldable table that holds the grill at a selected height. The table includes 3 vertical mobile panels that stand on each side and behind the grill. These panels deflect the wind from the grill preventing the heat lost and allowing quicker cooking of food on windy days.

[0003] The table can be folded and easily carried or stored.


[0004] The invention described herein consists of a foldable metal table with three vertical mobile panels.

[0005] Many different tables exist and I have not found one that would do what my invention does. It is fireproof being made of metal. Because it folds down on itself, it is easily stored or carried. The system of three mobile vertical panels makes it special by deflecting the cooling breeze away from the cooking area, thus decreasing the time of cooking and saving energy. It will also keep the hands of small kids from the hot grill.

[0006] This system allows one to use a portable grill in a windy area and get most of the BTUs it is designed for.

[0007] The Origin of the Concept

[0008] I notice that when it was windy it would take a lot longer to cook food on my portable outdoor grill. By trying to stop the wind from cooling down my grill, I came out with the idea of vertical mobile panels that would deflect it away from the heating area. Being mobile the panels could be folded when not needed, carried or stored. They are made of metal so they are fireproof.

[0009] I have fixed them to a metal table top with a metal hinge.

[0010] The apparatus can be used on a table or it can be equipped with its own set of folding legs and stand by itself.

[0011] The Coleman company makes a camping portable gas stove that is equipped with the same kind of deflector.

[0012] The Invention

[0013] It is an apparatus composed of a metal or fireproof material that sits on a table or is self standing with foldable legs. When it is equipped with legs it becomes a tabletop. This said tabletop has three vertical mobile panels linked together by hinges. They deflect the wind from the back and the sides of the apparatus. The back panel is linked to the tabletop by a hinge and when the two side panels are folded against the back panel they all fold down on the table.

[0014] When equipped with legs, they are also foldable and made so that the apparatus is easily stored or transported.

[0015] An * S * shaped stopper keeps the grill from sliding off the tabletop. A pair of side panel holders keeps the side panels at the proper angle and hold the mobile panels down when carried or stored.

[0016] Researches

[0017] My primary researches are limited to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent Trademark Office patent database on internet, Canadian and American camping magazines, catalogues of outdoor equipment and parts for camping and outdoor cooking.

[0018] The only thing that I have found and that looks like my invention, is a Coleman portable cooking stove. The difference is that the deflecting device is part of the cover of a stove and can be used only with the stove.

[0019] My invention is different and can be used with many kind of portable grills (gas or electric) on the market. It can also be used as a regular tabletop when a grill is not used.