Versatile hooded body wrap
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A versatile beach wrap, that closes securely allowing for garments to be removed and exchanged, the length of which can be adjusted, with a hood and fits into its own backpack for carrying.

Meacham, Daniel (Aliso Viejo, CA, US)
Stern, Max M. (Lake Forest, CA, US)
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A41D7/00; A41D15/00; (IPC1-7): A41B1/00; A41D1/00
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Max, Stern M. (24284 ONTARIO LANE, LAKE FOREST, CA, 92630, US)

What is claimed is:

1. A beach wrap comprising; a) a means that the front can be closed securely b) a means to alter the overall length c) a means to fold and accommodate into its own pouch

2. The device of claim 1 wherein ones closed an individual can change garments inside.

3. The device of claim 1 whereby when folded this pouch can be carried as a backpack.



[0001] 1. Field of the Invention

[0002] This Invention pertains to using fabric such as a toweling, for the purpose of creating a shoulder body wrap, to dry oneself, which will give protection from the environment and elements, with an optional hood, whereby when closed the wearer can undress and change garments, without anyone being able to observe this transformation. The wrap has a means to be converted into a backpack for ease of transportation.

[0003] 2. Description of the Prior Art

[0004] Fabric has been used at the beach for many years, to dry ones self, to lie on, or when to encircle around ones body to change clothes under, this is a rather delicate affair and requires some balance.

[0005] In the case of SLOOT (6,217,116) this has no relationship to our invention, as it refers to an inflated pillow, in combination with a variety of furniture pieces.

[0006] LEVAS (5,843,556) has a combination beach towel, which can be used as a tote bag, chair cover, with concealed side pockets, that can be locked to a chair. This device has features that allow options, such as secured locking of the pockets, an alarm system and an application that could be used for advertising and geographic location possibilities. This article does not have a hood, or means for the beach towel to be carried on ones back as a backpack.

[0007] SLOOT (5,802,643) has a slipcover that is used in combination with furniture. This is not meant to be used to dry oneself or put on the sand at the beach and comes without a hood.

[0008] BENJAMIN (5,697,102) has a robe that has predetermined dimensions with an opening for ones head, with a hood that can be attached. This robe does not open all the way from top to bottom and when required to be closed fasteners come into play. Our robe or wrap opens all the way down and comes with an attached hood that can be taken of and when transported can be carried in it's own backpack.

[0009] LEWIS (5,481,767) has a multipurpose blanket with shoulder straps, a pillow and many storage pockets. This does not have a hood, nor does the blanket have the ability to be closed around the user.

[0010] Our invention to be closed uses Velcro as fasteners that have been specifically located On the wrap in certain areas, with a detachable hood, allowing one to change garments without anyone observing, the transformation that is being carried out, on the inside of the wrap.

[0011] The user can alter the length. This means is achieved as Velcro has been placed in locations that are compatible with other strips, on the inside towards the base of the wrap, allowing for the various lengths that the individual user so chooses.

[0012] Some of the other prior art have straps as a means for carrying the robe or towel, our invention can be folded or squeezed into a pouch that is a part of the wrap, with outside straps and worn as a backpack.


[0013] This Invention is a means, whereby one is able to change ones garments, while standing on the beach without anyone observing the transition of ones garments from one to another, on the inside of the closed wrap.

[0014] The inventive device includes a hood that can be removed by the undoing of the hood from the buttons situated on the top area near the shoulder portion of the wrap, at the base of the neck.

[0015] This device has been configured, so that when the wrap is closed, a portion of the left front side overlaps the underneath section sufficiently, so that it forms a closed tubular garment. Velcro has been strategically positioned on both lengths of the inside and outside edge portions of the overlap to keep it closed. The person who is standing inside can change completely without being observed. The closed wrap also affords protection from the elements and environment. The wrap when open or closed can be placed on the sand, to sit or lie down on and also serves the function of being used to dry oneself, as the fabric is normally of an absorbent nature.

[0016] This wrap has a unique means of having the length altered to suit the individual's requirements. This is achieved by using Velcro, placed around the lower portion of the inside of the wrap, with a second row of Velcro slightly higher up, so that the hem can be brought up and attached, to shorten the length, by pushing the sections together.

[0017] The wrap has a very interesting means of being transported around. The complete wrap fits into a carrying compartment located on the back of the wrap. This compartment has two straps that can be adjusted, so that it can be carried as a backpack, keeping the hands free, with enough space not only for the wrap but to accommodate some clothing or beverage in a container.

[0018] Accordingly, the main object of this invention is a simple means of changing ones garments at a beach, without being seen, while doing the actual change over, with a convenient means of carrying the wrap as a backpack.

[0019] These and other objects of the invention will become more apparent upon reading the description of the preferred embodiments taken with the drawings appended hereto. The scope and protection sought by the inventor may be gleamed from a reading of the claims that include specifications.


[0020] Drawing FIG. 1 is a front view of the wrap in the closed configuration, showing the slight overlap of the left side, to allow for inside privacy from being observed, with the hood attached.

[0021] Drawing FIG. 2 is a front view of the wrap with the left side partially open, revealing the layout of the Velcro, used in keeping the wrap securely closed.

[0022] Drawing FIG. 3 is another front view of the wrap, with the left side open once again, showing the positioning of the Velcro around the base and higher up for length adjustment modifications that can be achieved.

[0023] Drawing FIG. 4 is a back view of the wrap with the buttons shown, allowing for the removal or attachment of the hood. The pouch or carrying compartment is comprised of a portion of the actual wrap as one of its sides, with straps, so that when the wrap is folded into the pouch, a backpack for carrying has been created.


[0024] 1) WRAP

[0025] 2) HOOD

[0026] 3) LEFT SIDE

[0027] 4) RIGHT SIDE





[0032] 9)

[0033] 10) STRAPS

[0034] 11) POUCH

[0035] 12) BUTTONS


[0036] Drawing FIG. 1 shows the closed wrap (1) with the hood (2) attached. The left side (3) slightly overlaps the right side (4) with the Velcro keeping it tightly closed, therefore no hands are required, with the wearer being able to change garments, without being observed inside the wrap (1).

[0037] Drawing FIG. 2 shows the wrap (1) with the attached hood (2) and the left side (3) open revealing the strategically located closing locations of the Velcro. On the left side (3) are various sizes of Velcro that each perform a different usefulness, while the right side (4) also has Velcro (8) that are all of the same dimensions. The left side Velcro (5) correspondence with the right side Velcro (8) when used for keeping the wrap (1) closed.

[0038] All the Velcro on the inside of the left side (5) is rough in texture, except as described in the next paragraph, with the right side Velcro (8) being smooth in nature. The exception as mentioned is on the inside of the left side (3) were the Velcro marked as longer Velcro (6) only in this one strip it is unusual, as at the bottom quarter section it is rough, with the top larger section being smooth. This has been done so that the wrap (1) when it is going to be shortened using the Velcro for closing will it be compatible.

[0039] On the left side (3) the last piece of Velcro (7) is used for length adjustment, as well as closing up against the right side Velcro (8). The shorter Velcro for length adjustment (7) when used to create a different length is pressed against the longer Velcro (6), which is in the drawing for simplification and is shown only once but will become much more clear in the next drawing.

[0040] Drawing FIG. 3 is a front view of the wrap (1) and hood (2) with a partially open left side (3) showing only the lower portion of the strategically placed Velcro that allows the length to be determined by the individual user.

[0041] The longer Velcro (6) that is smooth in texture placed in certain locations completely around the inside of the wrap (1) above the shorter Velcro for length adjustment (7) which is the rough side texture of the Velcro. To adjust the length, the shorter Velcro (6) is brought into contact with the longer Velcro (7) and pushed together, with the lengths being able to be changed by positioning the shorter (6) against the longer (7) in different places.

[0042] Drawing FIG. 4 is a back view of the wrap (1) with the hood (2) and the buttons (12) that allows for the hood (2) to be removed and reattached. The pouch (11) on the back of the wrap (1) is sufficient in size to accommodate the wrap (1) with some extra space for clothing or even a beverage. When the wrap (1) is inside the pouch (11) it can be carried on ones back by using the straps (10) one over each shoulder and the complete versatile wrap (1) becomes a backpack.