Length-adjustable all-weather jumping rope device
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This invention of a jumping rope device is comprised of Wire Rope the core of which is made of twisted wire strands being covered with plastic whereby the Wire Rope, as normal jump rope, is linked with the handles respectively at the end of the Wire Rope; both handles are identical each other in its structure wherein the main body is of a elongated cylinder at one end of which is externally threaded thus to receive internally threaded cap having a central hole which is inwardly protruded with an annular wall to function as bearing in connection with the Wire Rope holder by means of screw bolt to adjust the length of the Wire Rope by height of the jump rope user; the Wire Rope can be used for rope jumping exercise in a worst weather such as with strong wind over 30 miles per hour.

Chun, Andrew (Edmonds, WA, US)
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A63B5/20; (IPC1-7): A63B5/20
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Andrew Chun (8106 215th Place S.W., Edmonds, WA, 98026, US)

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1. The Length Adjustable All Weather Jumping Rope Device is comprised of Wire Rope the core of which is fabricated with cables of twisted wire strands and externally covered with plastic,

2. The Jumping Rope Device includes a pair of Handles which are identical each other; having an elongated cylinder and cap, and the elongated cylinder being with one end closed and the other end flanged with threads to have Cap fixed thereon, and Cap has a hole at the hemispherical center that is inwardly protruded to form Hoop for slide bearing function along with the outer annular wall of the Wire Rope Holder device;

3. The Wire Rope Holder is of a metal Hoop with one side that is penetrated with a hole accommodating screw bolt thereon which, when tightened, is to hold the Wire Rope; as such the length of the Wire Rope can be adjustable with use of the Wire Rope Holder for an individual user's height.



[0001] The inventor of the present invention has a long history in his personal life in connection with Jump Rope which he started from Jan. 1, 1960, from the starting point in 1,000 revolutions of rope jumping every morning, with almost no skipping days ever since, while renewed challenge with unvacillating intrepidity, because the rope jumping exercise which takes less than ten minutes has brought about tremendous advocate in his health maintenance, year in year out, particularly related with active heart pulsation and positive supply of fresh air soaked blood to brain through the regular exercise early in the morning, and in the meantime he has changed all kinds of jump ropes while evaluating which was the best. Through his experiences of rope jumping history, what he was frustrated most was windy days when he was unable to do rope jumping in the wind that devastating the challenging rhythm of rope jumping, and consequently he found the best one using the jumping code with the Wire Rope which is made of cable of twisted wire strands that is covered with thermoplastic, such that there is no problem even before a strong wind of over 30 miles per hour. The present inventor has been using the new jump rope material since five years ago, while distributing the new ones more than 50 sets to his friends who urged him to apply a U.S. patent. In this regard, the present inventor has closely referred the following U.S. patents: 1

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[0002] The present invention of jumping rope apparatus is comprised of a sufficient length of Wire Rope and a pair of thermosetting plastic handles, which are identical each other in structure; the Wire Rope is made of several cables each of which is of twisted wire strands, and the cable core of the Wire Rope is coated with plastic cover that is tightly immersed throughout the surface of the cable core, and therefore in quality aspect the Wire Rope is of high density yet with perfect flexibility, such that the Wire Rope is longitudinally bent to extreme degree, though, it returns to straight when it is released from bending. In the weight aspect, a set of Wire Rope with measurement of 105 inches in length and {fraction (3/32)} inch diameter weighs same as that of conventional jump rope that is measured 105 inches long and ¼ inch in diameter. The handle made of thermosetting plastic is consisted of two parts—one in an elongated cylinder with one open end having flange and external threads thereon and another one as cap with internal threads and having a hole at the hemispherical center which is internally protruded with peripheral surface for the function of sliding bearing in connection with the lower part of the Code Holder having a screw bolt that is manipulated by means of screw driver in order to adjust the length of the Jumping Rope suited to a user's height for which the cylindrical space of the elongated handle is enough retaining about five inches of the end portion of the jumping rope whereby to adjust correct length of the rope suitable to user's height. When the length of the Wire Rope is correctly fixed by adjusting and tightening the screw bolt of the Wire Rope Holder through which the jumping rope is passed and safely held by the screw bolt thereof whereby the outer surface of the Wire Rope Holder is sliding in touch with the peripheral hoop of the internally protruded hole of the cap as such that when in operation, both ends of the Wire Rope held within the cylindrical spaces of the handles are just smoothly slipping with the revolutions of the jumping rope. In this context, the peripheral hoop of the thermosetting plastic cap is safe to resist to the friction caused with the outer surface of the Wire Rope Holder because the quality of the thermosetting plastic is safe enough up to 500 degrees in Fahrenheit. As stated above, the present invention is very simple to assemble and even with one set of Jump Rope everyone of a family can enjoy by readjusting the length of the jump rope by means of manipulating the screw bolts contained in the handles with use of a screw driver, and in addition once it is on marketing, the price may be the lowest compared with the conventional jumping ropes in the market.


[0003] FIG. 1 is longitudinally depicting cross sectional view of the handle, such as Elongated Cylinder (1) containing the end part of Wire Rope (3) which is passed through the handle Cap (2) fixed to the Elongated Cylinder (1) by means of threads, and the Wire Rope in the meantime is firmly held by the Wire Rope Holder (4).

[0004] FIG. 2 depicts the exploded view of the Wire Rope with Core (3-a) of the twisted cables and Plastic Cover (3-b). FIG.3 shows Wire Rope Holder (4) which is adjustably holding Wire Rope by means of Screw Bolt (4-a) with threads (4-b) thereon.

[0005] FIG. 4 is the perspective broken view of the Cap (2) showing the inwardly protruded Hoop (2-a).

[0006] The FIG. 5 shows the jumping rope which is adjusted to the maximum length, and

[0007] FIG. 6 is the shortened length of the Wire Rope for rope jumping.


[0008] The present invention of the Length Adjustable All Weather Jumping Rope Device is closely related with the personal life of the inventor whose daily motto is first to have rope jumping one thousand revolutions every morning which nowadays need less than 400 seconds since Jan. 1, 1960, and ever since he has realized with the remarkable health improvement and spiritual positiveness which he regards most important of all in human daily life.

[0009] The jumping rope of the present invention is very easy to assemble such as the plastic Handles, identical each other, respectively have a internally threaded Cap (2) which is to be fixed to Elongated Cylinder (1) the open end of which is also threaded with annular flange right above the Cap (2) fringe.

[0010] For assembly, each end of the Wire Rope is put through the inwardly protruded Hoop (2-a) and then pass the hole of the Wire Rope Holder (4) whereupon the Wire Rope (3) is tightened with the Screw Bolt (4-a) after adjustment of the length of the Wire Rope to meet the height of a user. Since the Wire Rope is of the twisted cable core covered with plastic, its quality is very stiff yet significantly flexible for operation of rope jumping exercise, so that there is no disturbance with a longer end of the Wire Rope that extended inside the Handle Cylinder for the length adjustment.