Method of dealing to a double down in blackjack play
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Double Assurance Blackjack permits any player to draw as many cards as they choose to any double down play in a casino Blackjack game.

To do so, a fee equal to thirty percent of the double down bet must be placed on the double assurance line so provided. That fee shall always be returned to any player failing to win the double down hand, outright.

Moore, James Chyvan (Las Vegas, NV, US)
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James, Chyvan Moore (79 San Simeon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92263, US)
1. Method of dealing to a double down in Blackjack play comprising the steps of: any player being allowed to draw as many cards as they choose on all double down plays; by placing a fee of thirty percent of each double down bet on the double assurance line provided for that purpose; thereby increasing the player's overall chances to win the double down hand.

2. Method of dealing to a double down in Blackjack play according to claim 1; further requiring a dealer to return the thirty percent double assurance fee to any player failing to win the double down hand, outright.



[0001] This invention relates to the casino table game of Blackjack. Up to the present time, current rules allow only one card to be drawn to double down plays. This often leads to a lesser chance to win the entire hand.

[0002] The House percentage edge is too small to permit extra draws for double downs. To do so, would give an excellent player a decided edge over the House.

[0003] Blackjack is, by far, the most popular table game spread by casinos. Most players seem to seek the fun and excitement of playing. Winning is often secondary. The entertainment value of the game seems first and foremost.

[0004] Fun and excitement seems at its peak when a player receives a good double down hand. This event happens too infrequently for most players' patience. The average chance is about once in eleven hands. This can cause the impatient player to unwisely double down with inferior hands.

[0005] Every player would love to justifiably double down more often. This would magnify the fun and excitement every player seeks. To win these double downs more frequently would further increase their fun.

[0006] Under such conditions, the entertainment value for all players would be greatly enhanced.


[0007] Double Assurance adds an extra strategy choice to all Blackjack games. It allows any player to place a preset House fee on the Double Assurance line. The fee is entirely optional.

[0008] This gives them double assurance. It assures they may draw as many cards as they desire. After the first card is drawn, they may stop drawing at any point they choose.

[0009] It also assures their preset fee will always be returned if they lose the bet or push.


[0010] Double Assurance is an additional choice in a Blackjack player's strategy. It can be applied to any casino Blackjack table.

[0011] It is designed for use in conjunction with the rules of the Host Casino. Outside of the added option, it has no effect on existing rules.

[0012] Anytime a player places a double down bet, they may take Double Assurance.

[0013] The player places a single fee on the double assurance line. The fee shall be thirty percent of the double down portion of the bet. The fee for a ten dollar bet would be three dollars.

[0014] The fee allows the player as many draws as desired in an attempt to win the hand. The player otherwise adheres to all other standard rules of the Host Casino.

[0015] The fee shall always be refunded to the players should they lose or push.

[0016] When used properly, Double Assurance secures the player every possible percentage chance to win the hand.

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