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2352621 Voltage control means  
The invention relates to an improvement in electrical controlling or recording devices and more particularly to an improvement in a clinical diagnostic instrument of the character disclosed and...
2562310 Tandem concrete mixer   207
1609617 Method of increasing the coagulating point of milk   207
2625152 Vibrator with amplitude measuring circuit   207
2594904 Tractor hitch and drive means for portable concrete mixers   207
2270201 Nu-paratoluene sulphonyl pyridine carboxyl amide and the preparation thereof  
Sulphanilamide and sulphapyridine are both used extensively as therapeutics in the treatment of infections of the coccus type but due to their toxicity the administration thereof may be...
2036404 Hypo-allergic milk  
This invention relates to milk products, and particularly to a milk product for use in certain special cases of feeding. The present application is a continuation of my prior application for...
2234240 Instrument for determining vitamin a deficiency  
Our invention relates to an improved method of and to an instrument for testing or examinining patients to determine their vitamin A status and is a.continuation in part of our application Ser. S...
1754941 Spray drier   113
1762169 Method of producing caseinates   113
1432176 Bacteriological incubator   111
1810518 Process of making liquid malted milk   111
1867403 Measuring device for milk powders   111
2032165 Method of extracting carotene  
This invention relates to a concentrated solution of carotene in oils or fats and to the method of making the same. Its object is to provide a supersaturated solution of this kind which may be...
2301941 Mineral oil  
This invention relates to medicinal mineral oils of the general type usually administered for intestinal lubrication. Mineral oils of this type are classed as liquid petrolatums and have been...
4087486 Polypropylene composition containing EPR  
Polypropylene composition having improved knit-line properties comprising from 5 to 30 parts by weight of a saturated ethylene-propylene rubber, correspondingly 95 to 70 parts by weight...
4165309 Flame retardant polymer composition  
This invention relates to flame resistant resinous polymer compositions. More particularly, this invention relates to flame resistant compositions comprising a resinous thermoplastic polymer,...
4035325 Use of organometallic salts and metal deactivators as flame retardants for polyolefins  
The effectiveness of combinations comprising an antimony compound and a halogen-containing compound for reducing the flammability of polyolefins is increased significantly by the addition of...
4185008 Flame retardant compositions  
This invention relates to thermoplastic resin compositions having improved oxygen index values comprising a thermoplastic resin, a nitrate containing compound and a halogenated organic compound.
4026968 Bromobutyl rubber-styrene-acrylonitrile graft copolymers  
Novel high impact plastics are prepared by the inclusion of 2 to 30 weight percent of bromobutyl rubber in polymers of styrene and styrene-acrylonitrile and the grafting of said polymers onto said...

Matches 1 - 21 out of 21
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