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D369720 Gas burner   9
D564291 Barbecue implement   9
D566460 Barbecue implement with wood laminate handle   9
D606339 Cabinet grille   9
D629244 Cooking apparatus   9
D643671 Mobile cooker   9
D730110 Grill   9
D563145 Basketball themed barbecue grill   9
7044050 Indoor barbecue system  
A barbecue system includes a housing including a plurality of monolithically formed side walls sized and shaped for defining a cooking cavity therebetween. The housing further includes a plurality...
5678473 Three-stage barbecue cooker  
A three-stage cooking apparatus and method for automatically cooking food products are provided. The three-stage cooking apparatus has a housing, a first conveyor within the housing for...
8916803 Apparatus for cooking or heating food or liquids  
The apparatus of this invention relates to a device for heating or cooking food or liquids such as soup, water, roast, etc. A downwardly curved visor-like deflector is selectively removably...
6520473 Support system for connecting a cooking apparatus to a vehicle  
A support system for attaching a cooking apparatus to a vehicle is disclosed. The support system includes a support defining an axis between first and second ends. The first end of the support is...
6386093 Grill flame-up suppressor  
A grill flame-up suppressor that includes a bottom container assembly, a vent cap assembly and a lifting tong assembly; the bottom container assembly being constructed from a heat resistant metal...
9433321 Oven for grilling food  
An oven for grilling food, is provided with: an outer shell (2), consisting of walls defining an internal volume, including a transparent portion (3); at least one door (4). The volume is...
7104124 Method for indicating duration of gas supply remaining and providing result to user thereof  
A system for identifying the time remaining for a bottled gas supply to lapse. Such bottled gas supplies include those used for gas grilles, scuba, nitrogen for electron microscopes, and any other...
9630215 Reconformable material removal system  
A re-conformable material removal system comprises a head comprising an axial slot extending from an inner chamber to the exterior thereof. A plurality of material removal blades are arranged in...
4062341 Patio wok stove  
A portable, gas fired Wok stove adapted particularly for outdoor cooking includes a vertically mounted outer cylinder. A heating chamber is suspended within the interior of the outer cylinder. One...
D378646 Cooker and barbecue grill   9
D380152 Food container   9
D392848 Barbecue fork   9
D458089 Cooking implement   9
D463213 Lid for a roaster   9
4209006 Barbecue unit  
An improved barbecue unit utilizing a set of controllable louvered openings and a set of uncontrollable openings in combination with a forced air draft device for directing air through the...
D260347 Barbecue grill   9
D316651 Ambient air impeller for igniting briquets, or the like   9
D341455 Barbecue grill cleaning tool   9
D464530 Venturi tube assembly for a barbecue grill   9
D525073 Grill   9
D265881 Barbecue   9
D425379 Meat manipulation tool   9
D433875 Cooking grill   9
D496821 Barbecue grill   9
D541113 Skewer   9
D806297 Waterproof grill light   9
D260348 Barbecue grill   9
D323096 Cooking grill   9
D365897 Grill scraper   9
D455045 Grilled meat stove   9
D459938 Roaster   9
D372637 Grill cart   9
D392851 Spatula   9
D402499 Barbecue grill   9
D421876 Igniter (II)   9
D447913 Barbecue grill shaped like a beverage can   9
D467119 Barbecue grill   9
D470719 Lid for a roaster   9
D526834 Barbecue grill   9
D549046 Barbecue lid   9
D712201 Barbecue grill cover   9
5542408 Guard for a cooking device  
An apparatus for preventing contact with heated areas of a cooking device is a three-dimensional frame having an upper and a lower perimeter, couplers to attach the frame to a cooking device, and...

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