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D589785 Anchor fitting tool   9
D604098 Grill plate   9
D606339 Cabinet grille   9
D643671 Mobile cooker   9
D679938 Barbecue grill   9
D702495 Grill set   9
D718083 Barbecue grill   9
D730110 Grill   9
6715723 Carrier for roaster ovens  
The present invention provides a carrier for a roaster oven including a bottom frame including two shafts; two first legs each having a tubular upper end, connected to one end of the shafts; two...
9713401 Adjustable deep fryer stand  
It is important to have a safe cooking environment when cooking outdoors and this is particularly important when heating cooking oil on an uneven ground surface. This device will support a cooking...
D813619 Skewer with pushing component   9
D820021 Can-shaped grill   9
7044050 Indoor barbecue system  
A barbecue system includes a housing including a plurality of monolithically formed side walls sized and shaped for defining a cooking cavity therebetween. The housing further includes a plurality...
9226614 Portable barbecue grill  
A barbecue grill includes an oven, a supporting member, and a pair of holders. The supporting member includes a panel, a first stand, and a second stand in cross connection with the first stand...
6202638 Grill cover  
A cover for a grill equipped with a downdraft ventilator. The cover includes a heat resistant enclosure having a bottom edge that sufficiently encloses the grill to contain smoke and splatter...
D363410 Disposable grill   9
8215297 Folding side table  
A folding table for a grill includes a table portion configured to extend into an operative position and configured to be placed in a protective stowed position to protect the grill. The folding...
9074775 Grill and fireplace combination with portability options  
A combination manufactured grill and fireplace/cooker with an upper lidded grill cooking grated area and a lower fuel burning fireplace/cooking area. The fireplace open section, where access doors...
6877505 Grill and vehicle attachment  
A the grill and vehicle attachement for attaching and positioning a grill to a vehicle. The the grill and vehicle attachement includes an attachment assembly being designed for being coupled to a...
8851062 Portable combustion device utilizing thermoelectrical generation  
This invention provides a portable combustion device that provides a cleaner combustion, reduces the kindling period, and provides a more efficient overall combustion through the use of a fan that...
2989915 Apparatus for cooking food of the grill pan type   8
3404621 Outdoor grill with adjustable spit   8
6910476 Barbecue grill and support frame assembly  
The present invention provides a barbecue grill assembly with a grill body having a firebox and a cover and a burner element. The firebox is supported on a frame structure having a first frame...
A barbecue grill having a fire holder, a grill top, anchoring means disposed in anchoring engagement with the grill top, the grill top having a central meat-receiving portion which is unsupported...
D255863 Transportable outdoor barbecue grill   8
D317549 Camper's wok   8
D415649 Barbecue grill   8
D427484 BBQ grill with pig motif   8
9383108 Removable oven for grill  
A removable oven for use on a cooking grill including a cooking chamber formed in a high temperature housing with an open bottom. The open bottom of the high temperature housing fits over a lower...
3081696 Cooking apparatus   8
6976485 Barbecue grill and support frame assembly  
The present invention provides a barbecue grill assembly with a grill body having a firebox and a cover and a burner element. The firebox is supported on a frame structure having a first frame...
5749354 Frame for a tabletop barbecue grill  
A frame for a tabletop barbecue grill including a pair of supporting panels respectively mounted between legs of a frame of a tabletop barbecue grill, which can firmly and stably support a fire...
6698106 Dehydration device and method  
A dehydration device and method is provided for the quick and efficient drying of garments wherein said dehydration device may be specifically adapted to receive an individual garment and may...
3056344 Vertical broiler with food grill   8
3133660 Container   8
D260348 Barbecue grill   8
D323096 Cooking grill   8
7575002 Barbecue cooking apparatus with ash bin and chimney device  
A barbecue apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprises: a firebowl having an open topside and a bottomside with at least one aperture; a base attached to the bottomside of the firebowl, and the...
7117865 Bench top grill assembly  
The present invention provides a bench top grill assembly that includes a rigid continuous grill body, a grill grate removably covering an upper opening, and a fuel element receptacle or container...
D247413 Holder for a bread toaster   8
D365967 Back packers folding grille   8
D378648 Portable cooking griddle   8
D525072 Grill   8
8166870 Mobile apparatus provided with a surface for cooking by contact  
Apparatus (20) for cooking food by contact comprising a continuous cooking surface (26) heated on its underside by one or more gas burners (33) which are housed in one or more combustion chambers...
D420244 Barbecue grill   8
4304214 System of wood combustion employing forced draft  
A system of wood combustion employing forced draft is disclosed and comprises a forced draft air and flue arrangement which is utilized with a typical wood heater or wood stove. The forced air and...
D468554 Plant stand   8
D260347 Barbecue grill   8
D316651 Ambient air impeller for igniting briquets, or the like   8

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