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D525072 Grill   9
8166870 Mobile apparatus provided with a surface for cooking by contact  
Apparatus (20) for cooking food by contact comprising a continuous cooking surface (26) heated on its underside by one or more gas burners (33) which are housed in one or more combustion chambers...
D345635 Animal litter tray accessory   9
D414980 Barbecue grill   9
D415925 Barbecue grill   9
D428561 Cooking grill   9
D439811 Barbecue spatula   9
D481904 Double grill   9
5749354 Frame for a tabletop barbecue grill  
A frame for a tabletop barbecue grill including a pair of supporting panels respectively mounted between legs of a frame of a tabletop barbecue grill, which can firmly and stably support a fire...
D318206 Microwave bacon cooker   9
D403553 Portable grill   9
D441254 Stand for barbecue grill   9
D463949 Roaster   9
4304214 System of wood combustion employing forced draft  
A system of wood combustion employing forced draft is disclosed and comprises a forced draft air and flue arrangement which is utilized with a typical wood heater or wood stove. The forced air and...
2634674 Roasting rack   9
3081696 Cooking apparatus   9
D525073 Grill   9
3133660 Container   9
2989915 Apparatus for cooking food of the grill pan type   9
D265374 Outdoor cooker   9
D356715 Barbecue grill   9
D361467 Combined grill and table   9
6739558 Barbecue grill assembly with a shelf component  
The present invention provides a barbecue grill assembly 10 comprising an upper frame assembly 12 and a lower frame assembly 14. The lower frame assembly 14 comprises a shelf 50 and a plurality of...
D260347 Barbecue grill   9
D316651 Ambient air impeller for igniting briquets, or the like   9
D342184 Grill   9
D373702 Cooking griddle   9
D428305 Grill grate   9
D247413 Holder for a bread toaster   9
D365967 Back packers folding grille   9
D378648 Portable cooking griddle   9
3056344 Vertical broiler with food grill   9
D420244 Barbecue grill   9
D260224 Barbecue grill   9
7575002 Barbecue cooking apparatus with ash bin and chimney device  
A barbecue apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprises: a firebowl having an open topside and a bottomside with at least one aperture; a base attached to the bottomside of the firebowl, and the...
D260225 Barbecue grill   9
D286457 Tool for cleaning a gas grill burner or the like   9
D330362 Briquette for use with a cooking grill   9
D468554 Plant stand   9
D260348 Barbecue grill   9
D323096 Cooking grill   9
D467119 Barbecue grill   9
9630215 Reconformable material removal system  
A re-conformable material removal system comprises a head comprising an axial slot extending from an inner chamber to the exterior thereof. A plurality of material removal blades are arranged in...
9433321 Oven for grilling food  
An oven for grilling food, is provided with: an outer shell (2), consisting of walls defining an internal volume, including a transparent portion (3); at least one door (4). The volume is...
7104124 Method for indicating duration of gas supply remaining and providing result to user thereof  
A system for identifying the time remaining for a bottled gas supply to lapse. Such bottled gas supplies include those used for gas grilles, scuba, nitrogen for electron microscopes, and any other...
D775489 Dual purpose grill   8
D798646 Grill with cabinet   8
D818341 Counterbalance   8

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