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D265374 Outdoor cooker   8
D356715 Barbecue grill   8
D361467 Combined grill and table   8
D367407 Meat slicing board   8
D428305 Grill grate   8
D525073 Grill   8
D378648 Portable cooking griddle   8
D412815 Cutting board   8
D525072 Grill   8
D247413 Holder for a bread toaster   8
7575002 Barbecue cooking apparatus with ash bin and chimney device  
A barbecue apparatus is provided, the apparatus comprises: a firebowl having an open topside and a bottomside with at least one aperture; a base attached to the bottomside of the firebowl, and the...
D265881 Barbecue   8
D425379 Meat manipulation tool   8
D433875 Cooking grill   8
2634674 Roasting rack   8
9383108 Removable oven for grill  
A removable oven for use on a cooking grill including a cooking chamber formed in a high temperature housing with an open bottom. The open bottom of the high temperature housing fits over a lower...
8770182 Rotisserie barbecue grill  
A unitary barbecue heat source bed and fluid removal channel combination, comprising a plurality of heat source beds, an inclined channel for removing fluid, the heat source beds being adjacent to...
D260225 Barbecue grill   8
D279536 Cooking grill   8
D286457 Tool for cleaning a gas grill burner or the like   8
D330362 Briquette for use with a cooking grill   8
D467119 Barbecue grill   8
D463949 Roaster   8
3133660 Container   8
D258108 Portable cooking grill   8
D273075 Turning utensil for barbecues   8
D391803 Battery powered cooking pot   8
7117865 Bench top grill assembly  
The present invention provides a bench top grill assembly that includes a rigid continuous grill body, a grill grate removably covering an upper opening, and a fuel element receptacle or container...
D775489 Dual purpose grill   8
D798646 Grill with cabinet   8
D818341 Counterbalance   8
D545121 Barbecue implement with wood laminate handle   8
D572973 Grill lid   8
8931472 Stacked cooking unit  
A cooking unit includes a base pan including a base, an inner wall, and an outer wall extending substantially perpendicularly from the base. A can is positionable on the base pan such that the...
6041695 BBQ oven  
An indirect heat barbecue oven and smoker which utilizes an elongate chamber for receiving combustibles so that smoke may be produced therein and wherein there is provided a rotating wheel with...
D755557 Cooker   8
7108304 Grilling implement and method of use thereof  
A grilling implement and method of use thereof, the grilling implement comprising at least one hook having a tip, a shaft and a heel. The shaft and heel lie coplanar, and the tip curves upward out...
5632265 Grill mounting assembly  
An assembly for mounting a barbecue grill and a cooking related device such as an additional grill, burner or table top, to a support structure such as a post or cart. The mounting device is...
7578291 Closed cooking system  
A system and device for storing, transporting and cooking meals in circumstances where open flame is restricted. The system and device provides a container with a removable lid that allows for the...
D798660 Cylindrical shaped solid fuel cooking device including solid cover   8
8739693 Charcoal barbecue rotisserie grill cooker  
A charcoal cooker employs a grill for cooking steaks and a rotisserie for slower cooking of ribs, chicken, turkey, or the like. A tubular spit rod has spike rings that can interchange with a grill...
D750336 Barbecue scraper   8
D657207 Toaster fork   8
D796893 Barbecue grill   8
7810485 Stacked cooking unit  
A cooking unit includes a base pan, a can positioned on the base pan, and a cooking drum located on the base pan and within the can. The cooking unit also includes a heat source positioned outside...
5299553 Kettle grill and ash-catcher assembly therefor  
A barbecue kettle grill including an ash-catcher assembly for catching ash and debris falling through a centrally disposed opening in the bottom of the kettle is disclosed. The ash-catcher...
6131560 Portable grill with telescopic legs  
A portable grill having telescoping legs is disclosed. The grill includes a substantially rectangular grate and two pairs of telescoping legs. Each pair of telescoping legs is pivotally attached...
D677978 Portable container lid   8
D794996 Solid fuel cooking device   8
D684416 Outdoor cooking grill   8

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