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D689689 Pill box   331
8534313 Toilet fill valve auxiliary shutoff mechanism  
An auxiliary actuator for a toilet fill valve comprises a plunger oriented under an arm of the toilet fill valve to lift the arm to close the toilet fill valve when the plunger is in a raised...
D644064 Reconfigurable container   331
D631731 Re-usable and self-locking cable tie   331
D632094 Picture frame and easel   331
D669179 Bandage scissors   331
D629326 Necklace charm   331
D592942 Spin bag bracket   331
D558272 Stamp dispenser   331
D716118 Weeding tool   331
D601385 Ramekin   331
D695643 Flute key pendant   331
D695974 Spill proof pet food and water holding system   331
D646531 Funnel measuring cup   331
D633624 Soft cervical collar   331
D661731 Coupon card   331
8956532 Well water recirculating system  
The present device provides a system for recirculating water in a well to reduce unwanted odor and mineral deposits that develop from stagnated well water. The water recirculation system comprises...
8956237 Golf swing training device and method  
A golf swing training apparatus includes a base for supporting a person and at least one target path. A pair of risers is fixed with the base, each having a receiver for an arm mechanism that...
D709140 Pnuematic gun bolt   331
D670909 Fishing lure organizer   331
D670968 Poultry roasting rack   331
D693424 Detachable foregrip   331
D703242 Power discharge diverter   331
D616705 Reconfigurable container   331
D657008 Exercise band   331
D596011 Fire fighter hand tool   331
D702344 Tattoo machine   331
7934470 Cat climbing, scratching, resting, and perching system  
A perch system for use by an animal such as a cat is disclosed. The perch system is attachable to a generally vertical wall, such as in a residence, and includes a plurality of wall mounts that...
D653836 Sweatshirt   331
D695852 Puppet mitten   331
D666120 Cross wreath   331
D710795 Combination battery and case for electronic equipment   331
D710939 Tape dispenser   331
D631235 Pair of sandals   331
D673757 Bib   331
D690421 Articulated MRI device   331
D634149 Towel   331
D634728 Stereo and CD player toolbox add-on   331
D678415 Ergonomic implement holder   331
D622327 Illuminating handle for a toy   331
D658452 Silverware stand   331
D709671 Outerwear coat   331
D635320 Trolley   331
D570580 Cap   331
D677507 Pillow   331
D675957 Patio planter   331
8376797 Ski rope handle  
Disclosed is an improved tow rope handle for attaching to a tow line. A bridle has two ends and a central loop for attaching the bridle to the tow line. A forward handle portion has two opposing...
D635337 Headwear with fiber optic tufts   331
D604195 Fish hook heart shaped pendant   331
D645136 Respiration enhancer   331

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