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D707184 Electrical cable set   330
D616931 Mailing envelope   330
8956532 Well water recirculating system  
The present device provides a system for recirculating water in a well to reduce unwanted odor and mineral deposits that develop from stagnated well water. The water recirculation system comprises...
D691263 Tattoo machine round tip   330
D601341 Binocular case   330
D656801 Coconut punch   330
D683305 Battery for electronic equipment   330
D618083 Dead bolt security device   330
D711361 Pairable protective case   330
D648804 Set of target decals   330
7360332 Firearm trigger proximity alarm  
A proximity alarm for a firearm having a trigger and a trigger guard is disclosed. The proximity alarm is for detecting when an object, such as a user's finger, enters the space between the...
D715889 Front portion of a stun gun   330
D677507 Pillow   330
8234812 Fodder-growing enclosure  
A transportable fodder production unit is disclosed that includes an insulated container having a front end and a rear end, a plurality of trays each having drain apertures through a bottom side...
D681996 Set of bed sheets   330
D618360 Spray tanning booth   330
D632025 Pet bed that enables burrowing   330
D670918 Removable brand label for a garment   330
D671188 Fishing lure   330
D619924 Linkable planter container   330
D675556 Bicycle storage cabinet   330
8658909 Programmable breadboard matrix interconnection box  
The present device is a programmable breadboard matrix interconnection box capable of receiving data from a computer or controller and automatically establishing connections between contact...
D708889 Barbeque grill with crank wheels   330
D708975 Tub and sink overflow alarm   330
D644551 Jewelry   330
D643125 Prostate and pelvic pain relief, comfort and stimulation cushion   330
D671225 Wrist warmer   330
D610751 Round hinged capture restraint collar for primates   330
D661049 Neck warmer   330
D717291 Communications device   330
D695490 Scarf with pockets   330
D695556 Desk   330
D695652 Tow hook   330
D703286 Railed forearm for AR-15 style rifles   330
7823541 Cat toy  
A cat toy for resting on a flat surface is disclosed. The cat toy includes a circular shaped housing that contains a motor connected to a power source. A resilient mouse wand is secured at one end...
D616693 Mascot towel   330
D676533 Plumbing fixture   330
D675146 Wheel sign display   330
D610213 Plush, non-toxic toy   330
D666122 Hydroponics tray   330
D666275 Hose nozzle   330
D666360 Soap bar   330
D652610 Underwear   330
D659226 Rain gutter cover   330
D663916 Segmented tie   330
D644955 Wall display   330
D631269 Combination folded paper towel and dispenser therefor   330
D697301 Medicine container   330
D697990 Lacrosse stick head cover   330
D564920 Electrostatically-mounted thermometer   330

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