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D624486 Vehicle mounted tailgate party tent   334
8561440 Pivoted cover lock  
A slide bolt lock for locking a pivoting garage door to a garage door frame includes a backing plate has a door mount adapted to fix the backing plate to the door. The backing plate includes a pair...
7648145 Dynamically adjustable panhard bar  
The invention is a panhard bar that can alter the tracking offset while the car is in motion, and allow the driver of the car the ability to change the tracking as the driver desires, thus...
D632536 Motorized screwdriver   334
D633410 Tag   334
D648656 Collapsible motorcycle trailer   334
D596044 Lint remover and package   334
D553888 Sink organizer   334
D691367 Combined wrist wallet and phone holder   334
D691828 Pillow   334
D659302 Water bottle holder   334
D662290 Cap   334
D652172 Wrist guard cover   334
D652260 Salt and pepper shaker set   334
D612190 Folding camp stove   334
D685313 Anchor retainer   334
D702920 Chef's jacket   334
D632094 Picture frame and easel   334
D629357 Generator   334
D665152 Jersey   334
D706500 Unitized receiver-housing for a pet   334
D687697 Drawer pull   334
D676565 Personal massager   334
D707039 Pill holder   334
D712205 Holder for coffee k-cup   334
D612746 Tissue box with hanger   334
D636497 Fashionable back warming garment   334
D709073 Portable electronic device holder   334
D651439 Protective mat   334
D646192 Bracelet   334
D623085 Portable garden container   334
D654703 Picture frame   334
D608155 Ice bucket with bottle holder   334
D609473 Purse insert   334
D609603 Three-dimensional presidential plaque   334
D711071 Disposable protective panty   334
D711281 Veteran's commemorative coin   334
D631343 Can organizer   334
D695490 Scarf with pockets   334
D695556 Desk   334
D695652 Tow hook   334
D650881 Quad rail bipod   334
D625903 Coverup bib   334
D685314 Hull handle aperture   334
D685554 Combination sponge, squeegee and bug scraper   334
D615280 Business shirt watch cut out   334
D677823 Exterior light cover   334
D678394 Guitar soundboard   334
D688614 Exhaust header   334
D691866 Weeding tool   334

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