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D624303 Walking cane made of popsicle sticks   330
D700648 Eyeglasses with interchangeable temples and a retention strap   330
D658452 Silverware stand   330
D655019 Fodder-growing enclosure   330
D677908 Hockey stick frame   330
D655028 Outdoor light   330
D637817 Toothbrush   330
D690452 Waterproof lamp   330
D722745 Helmet-shaped knit hat   330
D627071 Jeweled flower bandage   330
D612170 Wagon wheel hame table   330
D612673 Cocktail glass insulator   330
D686934 Elastic ring   330
D679906 Toolbox   330
D680448 Stack of flooring tiles and packaging therefor   330
D644237 Combination glove and electronic device holder   330
D726314 Micro-needling tattoo machine   330
D672176 Business card dispenser   330
D629528 Massager   330
D635632 Golf training device   330
D635734 Barrel cover   330
D666013 Stool   330
D666296 Locator safety spacer clip   330
D609461 Mobile phone holder   330
D683597 Chopstick-type utensil   330
D616605 Personal hair assistant   330
D707788 Articulated fishing hook   330
D719291 Beer tower lamp   330
D656276 Back scratcher   330
D656314 Microphone sleeve   330
D662690 Exercise garment   330
D701455 Corrugated container   330
D678605 Pipe tamper   330
D638749 Wrought iron flag bracket   330
D623257 Armadillo trap   330
D729497 Set of medical scrubs   330
D702970 Yoga mat   330
D659141 Stylus   330
D714439 Tattoo machine   330
D670404 Garden bridge   330
8006996 Collapsible work cart  
A collapsible utility cart for holding working materials, such as a five-gallon drywall mud bucket and related drywall tools, is disclosed. The utility cart is expandable from a collapsed...
D666681 Video game adjustable controller trigger   330
D687997 Cordless rechargeable LED light   330
D674108 Vibrator   330
7703240 Automatic subterranean watering device  
An automatic watering system for a plant growing in a growth medium, wherein the system comprises a water storage reservoir substantially filled with water and an air-tight closure that...
D613481 Shoe   330
D634899 Glove   330
D614611 TV mount   330
D669724 Neck pillow   330
D669811 Ring   330

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