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D674808 Bracelet with a USB flash drive pocket   334
D681408 Gardening tool   334
D653476 Invitation display   334
D644021 Wearable tote bag   334
D644045 Table   334
D612746 Tissue box with hanger   334
D625080 Football sweater   334
D674968 Attachable braid   334
D675465 Countertop edge   334
D601329 Head visor   334
D687906 Paintball barrel safety cover   334
D648807 Plush toy with an elastic wristband   334
D642792 Garter cell phone holder   334
D643185 Hat   334
D643329 Plaque   334
7999690 Door excess weight alarm  
A weight alarm system for indicating excess weight applied to a door is disclosed. The alarm system comprises an excess weight sensing means, such as a pressure strip means fixed around a...
D644361 Candle   334
D644288 Golf tool   334
D645082 Marker   334
D681905 Gravesite border   334
7918035 Skate blading squareness indicator  
A gauge is disclosed for measuring squareness of a skate blade that has a pair of parallel side walls and a pair of bottom blade edges. The gauge includes a squaring frame that has a vertical blade...
D644237 Combination glove and electronic device holder   334
D703286 Railed forearm for AR-15 style rifles   334
D690181 Firefighting tool   334
D690243 Detachable vehicle fender   334
D600887 Garment   334
D652610 Underwear   334
D686951 Vehicle alignment and suspension adjuster   334
D644955 Wall display   334
D686672 Train station hub for playing Mexican train dominoes   334
D638742 Wreath Christmas tree   334
D665996 Computer case   334
D666712 Single use suction catheter with color-keyed suction depth indicators   334
D695852 Puppet mitten   334
D691920 Golf accessory belt buckle   334
D642389 Object holder   334
D629230 Bracket to hold artwork   334
D702002 Pet feeder or waterer   334
D644503 Steel stud deflection connector   334
D645115 Water tank   334
D663092 Berm walkway   334
D663102 Pair of shorts   334
D663700 Call button   334
D610506 Partially-transparent gear shift knob   334
D619326 Goldfish-shaped vegetable slice   334
D619447 Standard rail   334
D619687 Toilet seat and cover   334
D619778 Neck wrap   334
D619864 Pin plate for carpet   334
D677038 Flip flop   334

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