Match Document Document Title Score
D682560 Dual view hanging picture frame   236
D683253 Clock face   236
D683799 Set of toy blocks   236
D684081 Set of wind chimes   236
D684225 Goalie stick   236
D684324 Therapeutic horse riding saddle   236
D685314 Hull handle aperture   236
D685440 Exercise weight   236
D685779 Phone case   236
D688974 Christmas tree topper   236
D690057 Basketball-shaped fish aquarium   236
D690417 Disposable syringe with unit markings for the dosage and administration of refined forms of botulinum toxin A   236
D691263 Tattoo machine round tip   236
D691641 Remote water pump   236
D691830 Upholstery material   236
D691920 Golf accessory belt buckle   236
D691989 Display screen stand   236
D693888 Elastic connector   236
D694116 Bottle   236
D697410 Liquor bottle   236
D699030 Roll-up pen holder   236
D699459 Chair   236
D699927 Cut-off hoodie   236
D705519 Motorcycle jeans   236
D707184 Electrical cable set   236
D707535 Nail-less curtain center support bracket   236
D708435 Key fob case   236
D711729 Wood pinching wedge   236
D715176 Jewelry pendant   236
D715365 Chess set   236
D715545 Women's wallet   236
D717291 Communications device   236
D717903 Folding firearm handle   236
D719898 Mobile deck used for leisure or entertainment   236
D722466 Barbeque trailer   236
D722745 Helmet-shaped knit hat   236
D723195 Fuel burner stand   236
D725445 Combined drink and sandwich holder   236
D729054 Reusable and self-locking cable tie   236
D729315 Racing helmet window cling   236
D734535 Locking cigarette case   236
D741573 Lower garment with a beverage theme   236
D742419 Centripetal air/oil separator for drysump systems   236
D747522 Combination flashlight and stun gun   236
D749304 Embellished hat for newborn   236
D749877 Table top cover   236
D750087 Electronic device stand   236
D757431 Wallet having accessory attachment prongs   236
D758769 Combined instrument and music stand   236
D760383 Collapsible funnel   236

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