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D700673 Beach stake   331
7703240 Automatic subterranean watering device  
An automatic watering system for a plant growing in a growth medium, wherein the system comprises a water storage reservoir substantially filled with water and an air-tight closure that...
D628495 Sanitizer dispenser   331
D689247 Litter tray mat   331
D623099 Detachable face hitch protector   331
D618360 Spray tanning booth   331
D619489 Pocket adornment   331
D631951 Bathroom utility shelf handrail combo   331
D677474 Security system picture frame   331
D670068 Cap with ponytail aperture   331
D598507 Plush toy   331
D558272 Stamp dispenser   331
D691328 Fencing jersey   331
D666046 Vehicle seat pillow   331
D581233 PVC cutting tool   331
D638900 Flotation vest   331
D639015 Heart-shaped casket keepsake window   331
D648549 Facade for wires or equipment   331
D648787 Pen and cap therefore   331
7908701 Adjustable contour-following mop  
An adjustable scrubbing implement for cleaning a surface is disclosed. A resilient base that comprises a center portion and a plurality of resilient fingers each is joined at a proximal end thereof...
D671312 Laptop bag   331
D671546 Portable electronic device stand   331
D617848 Political board game   331
D618063 Stackable multi compartment container   331
D681468 Bottle   331
D681837 Two-compartment disposable baby nursing pouch   331
D686672 Train station hub for playing Mexican train dominoes   331
D665723 Strapping system   331
D658043 Curtain rod bracket   331
D658305 Therapeutic hand-held laser   331
D677993 Item holder   331
D679351 Transparent billiards training cue ball   331
8407922 Ammunition magazine  
The present device is an ammunition clip for holding rounds for a firearm having a magazine receiver. The clip includes a first channel for holding the rounds with the rim of each round protruding...
D709929 Transparent chuted ice container   331
D656726 Collapsible shopping bag   331
D677863 Sandal with balloon decor   331
D679341 Paintball hopper feed cover   331
D635036 Roadrunner wind vane   331
D694116 Bottle   331
D604872 Holiday-themed light cover set   331
D644503 Steel stud deflection connector   331
D645115 Water tank   331
D690417 Disposable syringe with unit markings for the dosage and administration of refined forms of botulinum toxin A   331
D589289 Foldable yoga mat   331
D648527 Dual ID card display armband   331
D605782 Aircraft shelter   331
D666013 Stool   331
D666296 Locator safety spacer clip   331
D578821 Engine-shaped barbeque   331
D619924 Linkable planter container   331

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