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Match Document Document Title Score
D682151 Potted plant stabilizer   238
D682511 Bib   238
D682976 Rifle stabilizer   238
D683597 Chopstick-type utensil   238
D685289 Sex symbol keyring   238
D685964 Lottery ticket scratcher   238
D686468 Meat bowl mold   238
D686558 Sports team pennant for rear wiper blade   238
D686639 Bicyclist's combination flashlight and toolkit   238
D687269 Football-shaped cutting board with wine and cheese tools   238
D688592 Hydroponic bucket   238
D691796 Tote bag   238
D691895 Food container   238
D692966 Doll   238
D694478 Leash   238
D695873 Combination baton, flashlight and stun gun   238
D696002 Shoe   238
D697286 Hooded garment   238
D699554 Interchangeable titanium nail head   238
D700673 Beach stake   238
D700844 Heart box   238
D701726 Outdoor beverage and food cover   238
D702527 Key blank   238
D707018 Zippered baseball cap   238
D708026 Underwater weed tarp   238
D710717 Color coded ruler   238
D712625 Combination sports towel and belt   238
D713165 Infant protective portable mattress   238
D715046 Tote bag   238
D715424 Moisture absorbing pad   238
D715889 Front portion of a stun gun   238
D716045 Attachable pouch wallet   238
D716414 Insertable filter   238
D717896 Ski pole handle   238
D720806 Cork remover   238
D721904 Stackable cabinet basket drawer   238
D722129 Dual fishing lure   238
D722831 Coffee pod mesh storage drawer   238
D725405 Over-cabinet door recycle bag holder   238
D725969 Cup with a transparent bottom portion   238
D726314 Micro-needling tattoo machine   238
D729221 Phone clutch   238
D729497 Set of medical scrubs   238
D729587 Set of drinking glasses   238
D731165 Umbrella   238
7718873 Stringed instrument vibrato device  
A vibrato device is disclosed for an instrument that has a plurality of strings. The vibrato device includes a base plate with a pivot means formed proximately to a forward side thereof. A...
8287437 Martial art training pad  
A pad system for using in training for martial arts is disclosed, and includes a long chamber having a first flexible sheath that surrounds a first cushioning pad made with a relatively rigid and...
8082927 Adjustable facial shaving guide  
A guide for trimming the beard of a person with a razor is disclosed. A mouth piece has a proximal end adapted for gripping with a mouth of the person, and a distal end. A rigid base is fixed at a...
D639370 Surfboard   238
D641269 Wall hole drilling guide   238

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