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D711282 Wheelbarrow planter   800
D711534 Tattoo machine   800
D711615 Pet casket   800
D712632 Diaper-covering skirt   800
D713721 Collapsible box   800
D714162 Bottle combined with cap having internal martini glass   800
D720525 Pill box   800
D722523 Wristband bead   800
D723153 Recess ceiling fan bezel   800
D725223 Front sight Picatinny rail   800
D726867 Ammunition speed loader   800
D735588 Combined watch band and casing   800
D736014 Two-tier cabinet drawer   800
D736497 Football helmet sweatshirt   800
D738111 Combined stackable container and lid   800
D740622 Cookie cutter   800
D746658 Knife   800
D747210 Bottle with cap   800
D749010 Set of reconfigurable frames with image block   800
D754785 Musical steel pan with drum sticks   800
D756909 Combination battery and case for electronic equipment   800
D759906 Pet harness   800
D760341 Fishing lure   800
D761511 Combination paint cup with brush holder and roller wall   800
D775926 Hand grip   800
D785538 Wheel center cap   800
D791220 Stringed instrument simulating a rifle   800
D792201 Lug nut bolt   800
D793854 Lug nut cap   800
D794475 Sealable stackable container   800
D796554 Passive centripetal air/oil separator   800
D801282 Cable protector   800
8956237 Golf swing training device and method  
A golf swing training apparatus includes a base for supporting a person and at least one target path. A pair of risers is fixed with the base, each having a receiver for an arm mechanism that...
8281676 Transmission utilizing hypocycloid motion  
A transmission system for transmitting a rotary motion input to a rotary motion output utilizing hypocycloid motion multiplication is disclosed. The system comprises an input mechanism, at least...
8256809 Material handling tool  
A tool for manipulating a material, such as snow, ice, sand, salt, dirt, gravel, concrete, vegetation, grains, debris and the like, resting on a surface has an elongated handle, an elongated...
7661383 Contact lens case with date storing feature  
A date indicator for use with a contact lens case having a base and at least one lens container is disclosed. The indicator comprises a lid to selectively close the at least one contact lens...
8956532 Well water recirculating system  
The present device provides a system for recirculating water in a well to reduce unwanted odor and mineral deposits that develop from stagnated well water. The water recirculation system comprises...
9713390 Pillow case installer  
An insertion device facilitates the insertion of a compressible pillow into a flexible pillowcase. A left edge of a resilient sheet includes a compression handle stem projecting away therefrom and...
7584927 Pre-chute deployment skydiver deceleration device  
A parachute deployment deceleration assist device for a jumper is disclosed that includes an inverted pocket formed from at least one web of material. The device further includes at least one...
D542536 Paintbrush carrier   800
D560266 Duck decoy   800
D570580 Cap   800
D602101 Shooting technique training ball   800
D602656 Pet waste grasping device   800
D604195 Fish hook heart shaped pendant   800
D605545 Jewelry pendant   800
D608155 Ice bucket with bottle holder   800
D609433 Pant pocket with ornamental design   800
D609523 Microwave steamer   800
D609550 Three point knob   800

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