Match Document Document Title Score
D624381 Drill-driven nut rotating tool   500
D624534 Audio adapter plate for an automobile radio   500
D624714 Dog waste carrier   500
D632094 Picture frame and easel   500
D632481 Round towel and blanket bag   500
D632553 Wet surface wall mount connector   500
D632661 Tri-monitor display   500
D632724 Eyewear retainer   500
D633624 Soft cervical collar   500
D634899 Glove   500
D635307 Palm tree for cats   500
D635622 Light weight plastic play weight for kids   500
D636027 Manure-displaying paperweight   500
D636531 Razor   500
D637224 Music box   500
D638895 Golf club head   500
D639015 Heart-shaped casket keepsake window   500
D639885 Martial arts training staff   500
D641157 Storage bag   500
D643623 Trunk   500
D644055 Board rack with adjustable prongs   500
D644064 Reconfigurable container   500
D644280 Exercise aid   500
D644361 Candle   500
D644811 Hoist   500
D649596 Reflective occupancy indicator sign   500
D652533 Wall covering   500
D653019 Bib shirt   500
D657006 Plush toy   500
D657759 Electronics enclosure   500
D657939 Garment with internal pockets   500
D660741 Article of jewelry having a secret message   500
D661461 Belt   500
D661731 Coupon card   500
D662127 Glass guitar slide   500
D663153 Car seat cover   500
D664233 Clamp-on rifle sling connector   500
D665697 Equine jewelry   500
D665967 Fabric scarf and tie therefore   500
D666024 Pedistal table   500
D668400 Cat play structure   500
D669684 Display case   500
D669954 Martial art training pad   500
D670038 Ski mask with attachment   500
D672117 Shirt with extended neck   500
D672879 Suction cup base   500
D673233 Cork deck surfboard   500
D674016 Scrapbooking easel   500
D674106 Arm sleeve for warming and cooling   500
D675123 Bracelet   500

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