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D648584 Desk top   344
8220073 Leg protection arrangement  
A protection device for a person's legs is disclosed that includes a knee pad means that has a concave portion for receiving the knee of the person, and further includes a protective covering. A...
D669144 Elastic band neck exerciser   344
D632532 Material handling tool   344
D623262 Fishing rod grip   344
D624381 Drill-driven nut rotating tool   344
D666285 Vent cover   344
D659226 Rain gutter cover   344
D659366 Shoe insole   344
D693617 Airplane armrest with display   344
D694478 Leash   344
D612771 Motorcycle telescoping foot support unit   344
D692722 Poultry roasting rack   344
8573689 Retractable vehicle seat clothes hanging bar  
Disclosed is a support mechanism for at least one garment or garment hanger and for integration into a top surface of a vehicle seat. A substantially horizontal and rigid support bar is adapted for...
7306501 Inflatable aquatic rescue collar  
An inflatable rescue collar is disclosed. The collar is formed of an elongated inflatable cylindrical tube having appropriate ends and which is of a size to extend around the upper torso of an...
D662788 Fork   344
8210971 Pivoting-blade deep-penetration arrowhead  
A broadhead for an archery arrow is disclosed. The broadhead includes a substantially cylindrical body having a forward cutting end, a rearward attachment end, and a side wall. The forward cutting...
D700648 Eyeglasses with interchangeable temples and a retention strap   344
D636239 Spud wrench   344
D648596 Drinking glass   344
D631269 Combination folded paper towel and dispenser therefor   344
D596465 Beverage can insulator   344
D648807 Plush toy with an elastic wristband   344
D663173 Cup holder   344
D663263 Combination battery and case for electronic equipment   344
D685538 Cat play structure   344
D656568 Kickoff tee   344
D635447 Tube holder   344
D662725 Jewelry box   344
D692079 Skateboard   344
D667564 Locking device   344
D667595 Feed ball   344
D631328 Reusable and self-locking cable tie   344
D631638 Brassiere strap   344
D601385 Ramekin   344
D644348 Mosaic tile   344
D644414 Shirt   344
7976034 Foldable skateboard  
A foldable skateboard comprising a center deck, a front deck, and a rear deck, is provided. The foldable skateboard also comprises a pair of articulated pivot devices fixed between the center deck...
D648891 Lighter clip   344
D686547 Bicycle handlebar extender   344
D603581 Two-fingered snug-fitting glove for smudgeless touchscreen operation   344
D625903 Coverup bib   344
D634112 Shoe tree   344
D633981 Bucket   344
D701148 Folding trailer for transporting motorbikes and bicycles   344
7353968 Pop-up rubber band dispenser  
A dispenser for dispensing rubber bands is disclosed, the dispenser comprising a lower container and an upper container. The lower container is open at a top end thereof and comprises at least one...
D674026 Toy bubble gun   344
D668888 Wig chiffarobe cabinet   344
7395773 Multi-part boat  
A multi-part boat includes a plurality of substantially hollow hull sections with at least one end of each section being attachable to one end of another section, with at least one bulkhead...
D662690 Exercise garment   344

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