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7723593 Reversable drum practice pads  
This invention is a reversible practice pad for drum practice. The reversible practice pad includes a planar base having at least one sloping base-riser projecting upwardly therefrom. Each...
D652572 Toothpick and holder   259
D653297 Billiard table   259
D668575 Baby-entertaining necklace   259
D714162 Bottle combined with cap having internal martini glass   259
D715875 Plush toy   259
D669724 Neck pillow   259
D669811 Ring   259
D668989 Arm-supported flag   259
D649619 Personalized fishing lure   259
D649669 Headgear having safety illumination   259
D709073 Portable electronic device holder   259
D729315 Racing helmet window cling   259
D729408 Interchangeable reconfigurable protective padded panel   259
D720132 Combination bag and portable electronic device carrier   259
D625006 Breast nodule stabilization device   259
D624303 Walking cane made of popsicle sticks   259
D720145 Couch   259
D700977 Rail road platform safety apparatus   259
D638895 Golf club head   259
D669411 Motorcycle ornament   259
D669467 Electronic device having multiple screens and cameras   259
D736014 Two-tier cabinet drawer   259
D677224 Power supply   259
D678483 Disposable shower strainer   259
D678604 Smoking and water pipe   259
D657006 Plush toy   259
D677478 Toilet stool   259
D641497 Fence   259
D605971 Calendar key pendant   259
D602535 Game   259
7604556 Chalk marking projectile  
A marking projectile is disclosed that comprises an elongated projectile body and a porous powder-releasing head fixed to a forward end of the projectile body with an attachment means. A powder...
D663153 Car seat cover   259
D651377 Undergarment   259
D672292 Vehicle front bumper lower skirting cover   259
D675146 Wheel sign display   259
D675957 Patio planter   259
D736363 Air conditioning cover   259
D621072 Purple-tipped T-post   259
D685725 Tower solar panels   259
D722654 Pyramid sand mold   259
D723184 Child safety window gate   259
D636561 Cap   259
D692650 Cane   259
D699927 Cut-off hoodie   259
D700534 Turkey box call   259
8359956 Lathe rose device  
A rose engine apparatus is disclosed for attaching to a lathe having a lathe bed and a headstock with a rotatable spindle. The apparatus includes a pivotal attaching means for pivotally attaching...
D736406 Mobile wheel repair facility   259
D678828 Anti-theft license plate frame   259
D701912 Mechanical pencil with detachable sharpener   259

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