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D653720 Golf tool   334
D656857 Glass blown leaf jewelry   334
D624326 Beach chair with flag design   334
D681755 Novelty button   334
D695852 Puppet mitten   334
D645676 Jewelry case   334
D683562 Towel holder   334
D683611 Padlock with an LED   334
D612190 Folding camp stove   334
D612775 Umbrella hitch   334
D641568 Plant support   334
D632462 Shirt with an integral cape   334
D632553 Wet surface wall mount connector   334
D651378 Underwear   334
D674897 Bandage scissors   334
8359956 Lathe rose device  
A rose engine apparatus is disclosed for attaching to a lathe having a lathe bed and a headstock with a rotatable spindle. The apparatus includes a pivotal attaching means for pivotally attaching...
7770422 Round padlock  
A lock for engaging a U-shaped staple is disclosed. The lock includes a cylindrical cover that has a front face open at a key hole aperture, a continuous annular side wall, and a rear side that is...
D693099 Cap   334
D653476 Invitation display   334
D672119 Visored headwear   334
D667564 Locking device   334
D667595 Feed ball   334
D713721 Collapsible box   334
D711157 Absorbent ground-protecting pad   334
D711256 Tennis game scoreboard   334
D711458 Guitar   334
8807570 Shooting target  
A target having at least one plate that includes a first side, a second side, and a peripheral edge that has a top and a bottom, through which a rotational shaft projects along a vertical...
D677183 Rail jig with level and rule   334
D711106 Remote control caddy   334
D615592 Tape dispenser   334
D600261 Remote grease fitting   334
D632536 Motorized screwdriver   334
D633410 Tag   334
D671225 Wrist warmer   334
D707154 Security patch   334
D592852 Fluorescent tube protective case   334
D662350 Disposable paper cooking pot   334
D646467 Hospital scrubs with clip attachment   334
D609494 Umbrella spike holder   334
D612536 Football ashtray   334
D648584 Desk top   334
D631785 Nestable pig figurine   334
D631928 Golf tool   334
D707443 Portable electronic device holder   334
D707535 Nail-less curtain center support bracket   334
D677908 Hockey stick frame   334
8210113 Web cutting and sewing apparatus  
A sewing system is disclosed for facilitating the sewing together with a sewing machine ends of at least two webs that are held by a spooling machine. A substantially horizontal carriage rail is...
D644055 Board rack with adjustable prongs   334
D618063 Stackable multi compartment container   334
D682151 Potted plant stabilizer   334

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