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D725405 Over-cabinet door recycle bag holder   232
D725969 Cup with a transparent bottom portion   232
D726314 Micro-needling tattoo machine   232
D729221 Phone clutch   232
D729497 Set of medical scrubs   232
D729587 Set of drinking glasses   232
D731165 Umbrella   232
D733235 Baseball bat weight   232
D733424 Golf bag with a front opening   232
D735620 Balance bicycle   232
D736034 Tumbler set   232
D736151 Portable electronic device charging and data transfer cable   232
D737105 Kitchen wrap organizer   232
D742037 Masonry block   232
D742979 Mobile multi-functional fitness frame   232
D749675 Hockey helmet window cling   232
D750290 Fuel burner container   232
D751280 Collapsible shoe with accessory attachment   232
D752171 Forearm for a rifle   232
D763601 T-roll pillow   232
D765596 Charging block and reserve battery   232
D770144 Hooded endless body scarf   232
D770789 Chair   232
D781070 Bow rack   232
8690242 Back support  
The present device includes a sacral support for a person sitting in a chair with a seat back. The sacral support includes a rigid base having a bottom surface, a peripheral edge, and a top...
7999690 Door excess weight alarm  
A weight alarm system for indicating excess weight applied to a door is disclosed. The alarm system comprises an excess weight sensing means, such as a pressure strip means fixed around a...
7934470 Cat climbing, scratching, resting, and perching system  
A perch system for use by an animal such as a cat is disclosed. The perch system is attachable to a generally vertical wall, such as in a residence, and includes a plurality of wall mounts that...
9423462 Relay testing device and methods for testing relays  
A testing device for a relay includes an enclosure for containing a circuit that includes at least one electrical socket adapted for selective engagement with a connector of the relay, a power...
7662044 Dual-function skate rail  
An improved skate rail having the dual-function of a flat surface and a round surface in one device. The skate rail allows the skateboard rider to easily choose either the flat surface or the...
8807570 Shooting target  
A target having at least one plate that includes a first side, a second side, and a peripheral edge that has a top and a bottom, through which a rotational shaft projects along a vertical...
8353258 Roll support and roll coating apparatus  
A roll support apparatus suitable for use in a roll coating machine is described. The roll support apparatus includes a roll support frame for rotatably supporting a roll coating head roll...
D575532 Sports memorabilia display device   232
D585513 Batting trainer   232
D599667 Bottle adapter   232
D604872 Holiday-themed light cover set   232
D605718 Roll-up basketball court   232
D607662 Hammock liner   232
D608409 Fishing lure   232
D612558 Multi tier drying rack   232
D612594 Pill dispenser   232
D612693 Stand for cooking chicken or turkey   232
D612774 Banner apparatus for vehicle trailer hitch receiver   232
D612990 Soap bar with embedded sponge   232
D613926 Boxers   232
D615366 Handle for a can or bottle   232
D615375 Garden vine support   232
D619326 Goldfish-shaped vegetable slice   232
D619353 Heart design with timing mechanism   232
D619416 Charcoal grill with appearance of a fishing bobber   232
D622926 Guitar-shaped chicken tender   232

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