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D698603 Double-walled glass with 4 opposing dimples   237
D699404 Pet collar cover   237
D699986 Stackable can rack   237
D706496 Cross harness   237
D708539 Waterfowl call decorative band   237
D709556 Surgical indicator towel   237
D711071 Disposable protective panty   237
D711080 Shoe band   237
D712205 Holder for coffee k-cup   237
D713966 Eye pad   237
D716120 Door mortising jig   237
D719681 Support step   237
D719762 Lap scarf   237
D723875 Silverware stand   237
D726575 Jewelry pendant   237
D734585 Pet waste container   237
D735269 Football planner   237
D735539 Cookie cutter   237
D735854 Auxiliary wheelchair seat cushions   237
D735944 Ambidextrous glove   237
D736286 Sluice mat   237
D737069 Chair   237
D737429 Medical tube with radio-opaque double helix indicia   237
D739319 Brake caliper cover   237
D741578 Bib   237
D741866 Electronic device stand with camera, speakers and microphone   237
D742586 Snuffer tool   237
D744197 Packaged set of medical scrubs   237
D744200 Layette gown   237
D747383 Alarm system WiFi camera   237
D754952 Leg sleeve   237
D756554 Table lamp   237
8807570 Shooting target  
A target having at least one plate that includes a first side, a second side, and a peripheral edge that has a top and a bottom, through which a rotational shaft projects along a vertical...
7458113 Patient winch  
A winch for moving a patient laying on a pad is disclosed. The winch includes an enclosure that has a winching mechanism fixed within the enclosure, a power means, a motor, a gearing means, a...
D573663 Collapsible wagon   237
D592941 Spin bag bracket   237
D594291 Plantain smashing tool   237
D599877 Fishing rod holder   237
D600261 Remote grease fitting   237
D601341 Binocular case   237
D602250 Golf ball holder   237
D604992 Microwavable food container with removable compartments   237
D605220 Calculator   237
D609465 Concealed handgun carry case   237
D616692 Mascot towel   237
D619356 Mobile phone and credit card carrying case   237
D619383 Liquid splash chair   237
D619491 Jewelry pendant   237
D619761 Scrunchie hair tie   237
D623022 Motorized bottle insulator decoration   237

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