Match Document Document Title Score
D608155 Ice bucket with bottle holder   237
D609433 Pant pocket with ornamental design   237
D609523 Microwave steamer   237
D609550 Three point knob   237
9004314 Glove dispenser  
A dispenser is disclosed for flat items such as disposable gloves that are contained within a dispensing bag that has an at least partially-open front side. The dispenser includes a base that has...
D693346 Interchangeable joystick   237
D693472 Plantar fasciitis night brace   237
D698968 Night light for attaching to objects   237
D701017 Artificial stem for edible flower   237
D702949 Staining and sealing brush head and cap combination   237
D703240 Pump   237
D705469 Cordless rechargeable LED light   237
D707368 Interior skylight screen   237
D708484 Drink holder   237
D709555 Football helmet window cling   237
D677038 Flip flop   237
D677065 Chair   237
D678415 Ergonomic implement holder   237
D678604 Smoking and water pipe   237
D679207 Shock indicator   237
D679216 Medal mounting adapter   237
D679342 Paintball gun bolt   237
D679351 Transparent billiards training cue ball   237
D681376 Portable headboard panel   237
D681457 Aerosol can nozzle   237
D681754 Novelty button   237
D681880 Protective sports undergarment   237
D685165 Safety toe work boot   237
D685183 Purse   237
D685534 Canine back pack   237
D685732 Flat charging cable   237
D687334 Finger bracelet   237
D687997 Cordless rechargeable LED light   237
D688009 Backscratcher   237
D689689 Pill box   237
D690952 Chair   237
D691924 Vehicle cab enclosure   237
8251015 Recirculating birdbath  
A birdbath is disclosed that recirculates water and includes a substantially hollow pedestal that supports a basin. The pedestal forms a water reservoir therein and has an open top end and a...
D634391 Fishing lure   237
D635453 Door stop   237
D636452 Flotation device   237
D636560 Headwear with spikes   237
D638207 Head cover   237
D638900 Flotation vest   237
D641195 Hospital bed headboard cover with pockets   237
D642950 Waterfowl call insert   237
D643157 Hat-attached sun shade   237
D644237 Combination glove and electronic device holder   237
D644327 Trephine drill   237
D644417 Pair of slippers with detachable upper   237

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