Match Document Document Title Score
D661552 Utensil   237
D662290 Cap   237
D662704 Athletic sock   237
D665152 Jersey   237
D666106 Sock packaging   237
D666133 Set of towing brackets   237
D666787 Orange safety headscarf   237
D669658 Combination scarf and necklace   237
D669623 Lamp   237
D672548 Detachable carrying case   237
D672566 Clothes hanger cover   237
D674000 Guitar soundboard   237
D674087 Vaginal shield   237
D674681 Stepladder storage hook   237
D675545 Bracelet   237
D677183 Rail jig with level and rule   237
D677507 Pillow   237
D677750 Fishing lure   237
D677840 Suitcase pet bed   237
D678605 Pipe tamper   237
D680648 Canine prosthesis   237
D681368 Adjustable display stand   237
D681755 Novelty button   237
D681881 Face mask   237
D683933 Vest   237
D685616 Chestnut cutter   237
D656276 Back scratcher   237
D656726 Collapsible shopping bag   237
D657626 Combination bowl and utensil   237
D658256 Skateboard wheel   237
D658337 Animal hay feeder   237
D658355 Pants   237
D658373 Tool box   237
D659219 Barrel tip and spring guide set   237
D659903 Comb   237
D662693 Cap with dual-angled visor   237
D663368 Set of bocce-type game balls   237
D663674 Vehicle wheel shield   237
D663926 Hat resembling a football helmet   237
D665636 High-leverage weeder   237
D666068 Chestnut cutter   237
D666275 Hose nozzle   237
D667634 Bedside caddy   237
D667661 Paper roll dispenser   237
D669263 Bag   237
8234812 Fodder-growing enclosure  
A transportable fodder production unit is disclosed that includes an insulated container having a front end and a rear end, a plurality of trays each having drain apertures through a bottom side...
8235262 Magnetic implement holder  
A holder for securing a writing implement to a worn article is described. The holder includes a magnet fixed with the worn article and a magnetically-attractive base having a lower surface, an...
D575376 Faucet-mounted multi-flavored water dispensing unit   237
D598499 Hand-shaped desk organizer   237
D600887 Garment   237

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