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D649614 Rake board   333
D682119 Communion box   333
D686672 Train station hub for playing Mexican train dominoes   333
D617469 Collapsible patio   333
D699476 Ice chest and fishing pole holder with universal attachments   333
D699897 Facial shield for eye makeup or the like   333
D631224 Winch handle   333
D659337 Bin   333
D691220 Set of exercise fixtures   333
D697864 Solar panel stand   333
D680299 Jeans   333
D715875 Plush toy   333
D716788 Hands-free speaker phone holder for cell-phone   333
D631933 Upper receiver for AR family of weapons   333
D644551 Jewelry   333
D666308 Garage door screen   333
D625080 Football sweater   333
D646485 Roll-up tote bag   333
D608165 Combination cutting board and strainer   333
D709670 Bra with interchangeable back strap   333
8251015 Recirculating birdbath  
A birdbath is disclosed that recirculates water and includes a substantially hollow pedestal that supports a basin. The pedestal forms a water reservoir therein and has an open top end and a sealed...
7770422 Round padlock  
A lock for engaging a U-shaped staple is disclosed. The lock includes a cylindrical cover that has a front face open at a key hole aperture, a continuous annular side wall, and a rear side that is...
D698127 T-shirt with front opening   333
D634149 Towel   333
D634728 Stereo and CD player toolbox add-on   333
D608409 Fishing lure   333
D608983 Pocket   333
D542536 Paintbrush carrier   333
D669411 Motorcycle ornament   333
D669467 Electronic device having multiple screens and cameras   333
D677333 Illuminated address panel   333
D688009 Backscratcher   333
D674640 Safety pad   333
D709556 Surgical indicator towel   333
D631394 Zipper pull   333
D705579 Card supporting mat   333
D603188 Wire baskets for granite or stone or cultured marble or solid surface vanity tops   333
D651670 Set of exercise fixture   333
D605848 Beverage carrying vest   333
D705519 Motorcycle jeans   333
D626882 Jewelry item   333
D618365 Reinforced steel stud   333
D637224 Music box   333
D641476 Impression coping   333
D670918 Removable brand label for a garment   333
D612160 Folding worship stand   333
D690241 Trailer hitch lock   333
D664780 Daybed   333
8235206 Combination garment bag, hamper, and duffle bag  
The present device is a reusable bag for laundry and laundry hangers. The reusable bag includes an enclosure made from a flexible web material having an open end and a closed end. The open end has...
D706069 Hammock   333

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