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D709603 Hybrid heat pump water heater   236
D710791 Laptop having a foldable and detachable solar array   236
D712492 Troll doll   236
D712627 Solar and battery heated coveralls   236
D712672 Hanger   236
D713176 Sports towel   236
D715417 Performance enhancing air filtration device   236
D717910 Game rack   236
D720259 Support frame for a bicycle wheel   236
D723184 Child safety window gate   236
D723238 Retail cart   236
D723751 Pet bowl   236
D724264 Electronic cigarette   236
D726316 Micro-needling tattoo head   236
D729331 Golf training mat   236
D733363 Combination shooting and dribbling glove   236
D734227 Mirror bracket   236
D736162 Mount and extension for a USB cable   236
D737503 Sealable stackable container   236
D737530 Pool skimmer oil absorber   236
D740239 LED illumination tile   236
D742048 Stun gun   236
D743452 Refrigerator   236
D746701 Container   236
D746710 Alarm system   236
D749221 Dental workstation   236
D749299 Leg apron   236
D750805 Architectural trim overlay   236
D754879 Frame for an upholstered panel   236
D755530 Camping chair back rest   236
D756601 Trouser with skin-simulating adornments   236
D761074 Folding knife   236
8505920 Count down game  
The present teachings relate to a novel game of chance for use in existing table game formats, for example, in live casinos, in video games, and in computer/animated game playing software. The...
8511484 Containers and storage system therefore  
A device is provided for neatly organizing and storing containers and lids by combining a unique attachment mechanism and hanging system. The attachment mechanism and containers and lids are...
D596447 Muffin pan   236
D596465 Beverage can insulator   236
D596483 Bolt head   236
D601652 Golf club targeting aid   236
D603551 Chandelier   236
D605969 Ear jewelry   236
D606602 Fast pitching softball pitching tool   236
D607700 Can caddy   236
D610328 Boxers   236
D610751 Round hinged capture restraint collar for primates   236
D612281 Racecar rosary   236
D613640 In ground planter   236
D618140 Four-wheel orthopedic wheeled crutch   236
D619919 Fortune keepsake pendant necklace   236
D623018 Stackable tray   236
D623351 Cigarette with stopping point indicator   236

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