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D693424 Detachable foregrip   333
D639441 Eye shield   333
D636831 Float   333
D558272 Stamp dispenser   333
D601329 Head visor   333
D677183 Rail jig with level and rule   333
D698295 Golf cart side trim   333
D644237 Combination glove and electronic device holder   333
D649619 Personalized fishing lure   333
D649669 Headgear having safety illumination   333
D637662 Plush toy   333
D620290 Toilet paper dispenser   333
D685165 Safety toe work boot   333
D699459 Chair   333
D682511 Bib   333
D609738 Plectrum   333
D684081 Set of wind chimes   333
D684232 Mid-section of a surfboard   333
D689244 Combination helmet and cap   333
D676032 Case for a mobile phone with detachable tripod mount   333
D676253 Tree stand seat   333
D676340 Retractable food portion measuring apparatus   333
D676469 Ice pack   333
D663167 Maui shaped serving tray   333
D612693 Stand for cooking chicken or turkey   333
7686003 Manually powered projectile launcher  
The present device is a projectile launcher using compressed air. The device includes a barrel adapted to receive the projectile proximate a rear end. The device further includes a cylinder, a...
D638742 Wreath Christmas tree   333
D651378 Underwear   333
D687133 Treestand seat with a built in toilet feature   333
D677478 Toilet stool   333
D714077 Convertible fitted/flat bed sheet   333
D707018 Zippered baseball cap   333
D707184 Electrical cable set   333
D707443 Portable electronic device holder   333
D707535 Nail-less curtain center support bracket   333
D691509 Ring   333
D681408 Gardening tool   333
D657138 Belt-wearable hook   333
D675128 Vase   333
D619336 Hat with autograph patches and pen holder   333
D695643 Flute key pendant   333
D695974 Spill proof pet food and water holding system   333
D708697 Target stand   333
D600887 Garment   333
D649745 Shirt   333
D667634 Bedside caddy   333
D595023 Projector cart   333
D659268 Candle wrap   333
D608155 Ice bucket with bottle holder   333
D663153 Car seat cover   333

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