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D669197 Light pole base cover   333
D666083 Door hook for skateboards   333
D666297 Dental implant stud   333
D677240 Extendible headphones   333
D612307 Handlebar   333
D619336 Hat with autograph patches and pen holder   333
D654544 Rolling exercise device   333
8209792 Dual-ceramic shut-off valve, external to tank  
A shut-off valve for connecting between a water supply valve and a tank inlet port of a toilet tank includes a housing having an inlet port, an outlet port, a valve mechanism, a trip mechanism, and...
D613926 Boxers   333
D596830 Top portion of a pair of jeans   333
D677908 Hockey stick frame   333
D652533 Wall covering   333
D652929 Impression post   333
D688581 Off-centered watch face   333
D601492 Solar powered laptop solar panel   333
D688443 Hat   333
D688807 Window seal   333
8443862 Tape dispensing aid  
A dispensing aid is disclosed for attachment to an annular roll of tape that has an inside radial surface and an outer radial tape surface, such as a roll of masking tape for example. A pair of...
D542536 Paintbrush carrier   333
D688442 Combination sleeping bag, pillow and carrying bag   333
D688592 Hydroponic bucket   333
D689476 Phone stand with speaker amplifier   333
D634899 Glove   333
D595023 Projector cart   333
D642956 Nativity design   333
D713643 Dive fin organizer   333
D646531 Funnel measuring cup   333
D674968 Attachable braid   333
D675465 Countertop edge   333
7882829 Small projectile launching air gun  
The present device is a launcher for a projectile, comprising an enclosure that is adapted to be held by a human hand. The enclosure comprises a barrel aperture, a pump aperture, and a trigger...
D625006 Breast nodule stabilization device   333
D635320 Trolley   333
D692641 Garment   333
D677448 Garment   333
D692079 Skateboard   333
D715176 Jewelry pendant   333
D674162 Tailgate ramp   333
7690411 Tire pressure control system  
A tire pressure control system for a tire mounted to a wheel of a vehicle is disclosed. The tire pressure control system comprises a servo system mounted to the wheel that includes a servo...
7360332 Firearm trigger proximity alarm  
A proximity alarm for a firearm having a trigger and a trigger guard is disclosed. The proximity alarm is for detecting when an object, such as a user's finger, enters the space between the trigger...
D715365 Chess set   333
D715424 Moisture absorbing pad   333
D715601 Silverware stand   333
D648818 Target stand   333
D685314 Hull handle aperture   333
D685554 Combination sponge, squeegee and bug scraper   333
D618157 Chain block   333
D626030 Flattening waist belt   333
D652743 Clock   333
D619429 Oven rack pull and push spatula   333
D619402 Travel pillow   333

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