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D698693 Bouquet container   335
D699404 Pet collar cover   335
D648818 Target stand   335
D650380 Electronic device   335
D639370 Surfboard   335
D692139 Articulated imaging device   335
7648303 Device for locking the articulated joint in the longitudinal direction between the plate of a dust mop and the handle  
Device for locking the articulated joint in the longitudinal direction between the plate of a dust mop and the handle, which permits deactivation and subsequent reactivation of the locking of the...
D644064 Reconfigurable container   335
D695975 Adjustable collar   335
D695996 Scarf with neck pillow pocket   335
D667143 Deck board   335
D635013 Wall mount for a DVD container   335
D635513 Single circuit, manual generator transfer switch   335
D636043 Charging mechanism for automatic rifles   335
D636537 Mask   335
D634112 Shoe tree   335
D687269 Football-shaped cutting board with wine and cheese tools   335
8516703 Kerfless and braceless metal musical instruments and method  
A method of manufacturing a musical instrument using relatively thin metal sheet materials is disclosed. A metallic back plate is provided that has a peripheral edge. At least one metallic side...
D691369 Gun purse   335
D691643 Refrigerator   335
D691830 Upholstery material   335
D692003 Interchangeable joystick   335
D619416 Charcoal grill with appearance of a fishing bobber   335
D619356 Mobile phone and credit card carrying case   335
D683933 Vest   335
D671249 Combined flashlight and stun gun   335
D662693 Cap with dual-angled visor   335
D705958 Electronic candle wick   335
D653298 Golf club stand   335
D665967 Fabric scarf and tie therefore   335
D666259 Exercise device   335
D619491 Jewelry pendant   335
D678535 Rehabilitation aid   335
D709555 Football helmet window cling   335
D623911 Combination safety utility knife blade   335
D670909 Fishing lure organizer   335
D670968 Poultry roasting rack   335
D671345 Dual compartment container   335
D659337 Bin   335
7661719 Pool vacuum port  
A fluid port for alternately interfacing a fluid conduit with a fluid container or with a fluid hose. The fluid container is of the type having a container wall. The port comprises a back plate...
D648728 Computer easel   335
D649285 Tobacco pipe reemer   335
D676215 Item sorting device   335
D676905 Illuminated address panel   335
D612414 Electric guitar   335
D603531 Cross trellis   335
D666255 Exercise device   335
D643154 Hair clip holder   335
D683516 Edible flying disc dog treat   335
D690452 Waterproof lamp   335

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