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D643186 Visor with bandana   331
D644054 Board rack   331
D644280 Exercise aid   331
D681501 Dreidel-shaped stocking   331
D682777 Battery for electronic equipment   331
D652708 Faucet locking enclosure   331
D613481 Shoe   331
D623934 Rolled door stop for overhead garage doors   331
D698160 Picture bottle frame   331
D631561 Ladder utility tray   331
D666712 Single use suction catheter with color-keyed suction depth indicators   331
D703286 Railed forearm for AR-15 style rifles   331
D672548 Detachable carrying case   331
D713922 Top portion of a pepper spray dispenser case   331
D683933 Vest   331
D683043 Therapy plate with LEDs   331
D618013 Bridle racks and blinker holders used to hold horse equipment   331
D597732 Car seat blanket   331
D593191 Fragrant oil burning lamp   331
D622327 Illuminating handle for a toy   331
D678387 Extendible camera handle   331
D709261 Sponge   331
D651205 Cellphone case   331
D666251 Board game   331
D717596 BBQ lemon chicken rack   331
D651439 Protective mat   331
D658309 Portion of a ladder   331
D693773 Cable sleeve   331
D600272 Compact didgeridoo   331
D666046 Vehicle seat pillow   331
D660740 Bracelet   331
D680231 Hurricane and tornado resistant structure   331
D716005 Dog waste device   331
D709073 Portable electronic device holder   331
D670068 Cap with ponytail aperture   331
7770422 Round padlock  
A lock for engaging a U-shaped staple is disclosed. The lock includes a cylindrical cover that has a front face open at a key hole aperture, a continuous annular side wall, and a rear side that is...
D615671 Diamond pattern dock floor   331
D615361 Re-usable germicidal water bottle   331
D693424 Detachable foregrip   331
D685537 Puppet pet toy   331
D624486 Vehicle mounted tailgate party tent   331
D709603 Hybrid heat pump water heater   331
7360332 Firearm trigger proximity alarm  
A proximity alarm for a firearm having a trigger and a trigger guard is disclosed. The proximity alarm is for detecting when an object, such as a user's finger, enters the space between the trigger...
D707510 Keychain bottle opener   331
D691212 Top surface layout for a gaming table   331
D691716 Diaper   331
D599416 Puzzle stacker toy   331
D652533 Wall covering   331
D652929 Impression post   331
D612190 Folding camp stove   331

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