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D735588 Combined watch band and casing   800
D736014 Two-tier cabinet drawer   800
D736497 Football helmet sweatshirt   800
D738111 Combined stackable container and lid   800
D740622 Cookie cutter   800
D746658 Knife   800
D747210 Bottle with cap   800
D749010 Set of reconfigurable frames with image block   800
D754785 Musical steel pan with drum sticks   800
D756909 Combination battery and case for electronic equipment   800
D759906 Pet harness   800
D760341 Fishing lure   800
D761511 Combination paint cup with brush holder and roller wall   800
D775926 Hand grip   800
D785538 Wheel center cap   800
D791220 Stringed instrument simulating a rifle   800
D792201 Lug nut bolt   800
D793854 Lug nut cap   800
D794475 Sealable stackable container   800
D796554 Passive centripetal air/oil separator   800
7174601 Mopping system and method of use  
A mopping system and methods of its use are disclosed. A mop assembly includes a mop head that is adapted to be spun around a generally vertical rotational axis thereof when the mop head is fixed...
9439824 Back stretching device  
A device for promoting the extension of the sacrospinal muscles of a person resting on a horizontal surface includes stand having a horizontal cross bar fixed at opposing ends thereof with one...
9486122 Mop base  
Improved mop base capable of using both surfaces of a normal mop arranged parallel to one another.
8795387 Prosthetic wrist  
A prosthetic wrist for attaching between an arm prosthesis and a prosthetic accessory includes proximal section, a central section pivotally attached to the proximal section with a first joint,...
7302735 Bag handle  
A bag handle is disclosed that includes a rigid, elongated body having an upwardly facing top surface, a downwardly facing lower surface, opposing front and back surfaces, and a pair of opposing...
8561440 Pivoted cover lock  
A slide bolt lock for locking a pivoting garage door to a garage door frame includes a backing plate has a door mount adapted to fix the backing plate to the door. The backing plate includes a...
8512552 Absorbent spill clean-up mat  
A mat for cleaning a liquid spill on a surface has a flexible, liquid-permeable outer shell having a top side, a bottom side, and a peripheral edge. The top and bottom sides are mutually fastened...
8256809 Material handling tool  
A tool for manipulating a material, such as snow, ice, sand, salt, dirt, gravel, concrete, vegetation, grains, debris and the like, resting on a surface has an elongated handle, an elongated...
8281676 Transmission utilizing hypocycloid motion  
A transmission system for transmitting a rotary motion input to a rotary motion output utilizing hypocycloid motion multiplication is disclosed. The system comprises an input mechanism, at least...
D531859 Fist-shaped beverage container holder   800
D578821 Engine-shaped barbeque   800
D592852 Fluorescent tube protective case   800
D592942 Spin bag bracket   800
D596830 Top portion of a pair of jeans   800
D605848 Beverage carrying vest   800
D609484 Chair   800
D612160 Folding worship stand   800
D612895 Paintball marker gun pumparm rod guide   800
D615577 Eye glasses made from spoons   800
D616693 Mascot towel   800
D619429 Oven rack pull and push spatula   800
D619447 Standard rail   800
D619924 Linkable planter container   800
D623866 Art frame   800
D625099 Collapsible canopy   800
D628384 Protective bag for dress uniform hats   800
D629446 Guitar   800
D631786 Nestable teddy bear figurine   800
D632140 Cake slicer   800
D634909 Draining board   800

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