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D719761 Lap scarf   799
D720421 Keymod forearm for an AR-15 rifle   799
D720502 Hard hat all climate accessory brim   799
D720610 Titanium nail   799
D722794 Retail multimedia product and presentation display   799
D727078 Arm rest cushion   799
D728194 Neckwear   799
D729427 Pair of LED strips and power pack   799
D732793 Apertured shirt collar   799
D733396 Undergarment with a rear pocket   799
D735565 Glass bracket   799
D735844 Fuel burner container   799
D736645 Bottle   799
D737077 Model tank suspension   799
D737509 Tray for rolling cigarettes   799
D739165 Table   799
D742585 Snuffer tool   799
D743269 Growler with lid   799
D743548 Tattoo machine   799
D743782 Spa cover lock   799
D745942 Front portion of a stun gun   799
D747940 Polinating tool   799
D750040 Audio playback system   799
D750400 Display stand   799
D751693 Box for moxibustion   799
D756715 Interchangeable charger   799
D757390 Safe in the form of a cinder block   799
D758713 Guitar backpack   799
D761089 Magnetic cable organizer   799
D763636 Tortilla turning utensil   799
D764608 Flexible barbell strap with an over-center cam   799
D765814 Fishing lure   799
D770755 Dive fin organizer   799
D774283 Baseball cap with football helmet accessories   799
D785731 Balance exercise board   799
D787306 Engine valve cover bolt   799
D788959 Combination flashlight and stun gun   799
D792094 Toolbox   799
D793219 Lug nut cap   799
D798697 Expanding corner for an art canvas frame   799
7455634 Spinal core platform  
A freestanding exercise device for a person is disclosed. A stand adjustably supports a generally U-shaped support frame that includes a back rest and a pair of support arms that each terminate in...
7490734 Combination tissue dispenser and trash receptacle  
A combination tissue dispenser and trash receptacle is disclosed. A substantially hollow housing has a dispensing compartment and a receptacle compartment which each include an aperture therein...
7976034 Foldable skateboard  
A foldable skateboard comprising a center deck, a front deck, and a rear deck, is provided. The foldable skateboard also comprises a pair of articulated pivot devices fixed between the center deck...
8595905 Draw pull for blind  
A blind pull for a blind cord, such as is used on window blinds of various types, is disclosed. A weight has a central bore therethrough and is adapted for receiving the blind cord. A pair of...
9573076 Electronic/mechanical dog agility jump  
An adjustable vault apparatus for use on a ground surface includes a base and a pair of linear actuators mounted vertically at opposing sides thereof. Each linear actuator is adapted to move a bar...
9566704 Toolbox  
A toolbox comprises a rigid case having an open top side providing access to an internal case storage volume therein, and a rigid cover with an open bottom side open to a cover storage volume. The...
9527623 Collapsible container with inner containers and sleeves  
A collapsible container for holding items above a support surface when in a deployed configuration, and for substantially sealing the items within the container when in a collapsed configuration,...
9439337 Trowel improvements and handle lock  
A collapsible hand trowel comprises a rigid scoop that has a forward end terminating at a point, a rear end, and two opposing side flanges that each has a pivot bar aperture therethrough. A handle...
8534313 Toilet fill valve auxiliary shutoff mechanism  
An auxiliary actuator for a toilet fill valve comprises a plunger oriented under an arm of the toilet fill valve to lift the arm to close the toilet fill valve when the plunger is in a raised...
9567736 Toilet fill valve auxiliary shutoff mechanism  
A shutoff valve connects between a toilet fill valve and a water supply line for a toilet tank. A housing containing a valve mechanism is positionable between open and closed positions. A latching...

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