Match Document Document Title Score
D709671 Outerwear coat   237
D709806 Portable bumper guard   237
D711240 Bottle   237
D711498 Dual fishing lure   237
D712974 Cribbage board   237
D713478 Plush toy   237
D715737 Wind turbine   237
D716100 Martini glass   237
D720132 Combination bag and portable electronic device carrier   237
D720876 Tiled light cover   237
D726942 Pair of LED strips and power pack   237
D728319 Chopstick-type utensil   237
D729408 Interchangeable reconfigurable protective padded panel   237
D733368 Vertical screen washer   237
D734001 Alphabet dress   237
D735195 Computer input device   237
D736842 Sluice mat   237
D736941 Gel pack   237
D738039 Electronic cigarette desktop holder   237
D738426 Accessory charm mount   237
D690452 Waterproof lamp   237
D692612 Electronic cigarette battery   237
D693698 Beverage can with a portion of a mural   237
D695024 Fabric with oyster camouflage pattern   237
D695975 Adjustable collar   237
D697301 Medicine container   237
D697838 Adjustable receiver hitch   237
D697991 Golf practice device   237
D698279 Runner's plaque   237
D698693 Bouquet container   237
D698774 Dual-phone cellphone case   237
D699467 Door-mounted rack   237
D699476 Ice chest and fishing pole holder with universal attachments   237
D701693 Backpack   237
D701774 Liquid container bag   237
D702002 Pet feeder or waterer   237
D703286 Railed forearm for AR-15 style rifles   237
D703394 Pet collar with interchangeable elements   237
D704915 Pallet   237
D705554 Toilet stool   237
D705617 Meat tenderizer   237
D707039 Pill holder   237
D707327 Fishing hook   237
D708812 Urn   237
D709073 Portable electronic device holder   237
D711458 Guitar   237
D712628 Infant garment with bib   237
D713069 LED linear high bright track light system   237
D714077 Convertible fitted/flat bed sheet   237
D717524 Hooded garment   237

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