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Match Document Document Title Score
D693099 Cap   332
D669244 Secure deposit box   332
D687906 Paintball barrel safety cover   332
D675809 Jeans   332
D707103 Key plug   332
D683291 Foot support for use with a vehicle   332
D622935 Pants with side-opening fasteners   332
D691212 Top surface layout for a gaming table   332
D691716 Diaper   332
D653768 Building mock-up for training purposes   332
D649505 Adustable boat tower canopy   332
D609473 Purse insert   332
D609603 Three-dimensional presidential plaque   332
D643154 Hair clip holder   332
D642388 Clothes hanger   332
D701455 Corrugated container   332
D644041 Basket stand   332
D663113 Medication organizer and reminder   332
D663364 Floating table   332
D666308 Garage door screen   332
D670404 Garden bridge   332
D679733 Centripetal air/oil separator   332
D634389 Mount for GSG5 or MP5 firearms   332
D720145 Couch   332
D589289 Foldable yoga mat   332
D641195 Hospital bed headboard cover with pockets   332
D647244 Lamp element   332
D594231 Box and dispenser for pre-moistened wipes   332
D709073 Portable electronic device holder   332
D601618 Calculator   332
D681457 Aerosol can nozzle   332
D703317 Medical tube holder   332
D681477 Stack of flooring tiles   332
D680185 Firearm accessory mount   332
D610328 Boxers   332
D694239 Interchangeable joystick   332
D621072 Purple-tipped T-post   332
D631654 Shopping bag   332
D671705 Drawer safe   332
D638749 Wrought iron flag bracket   332
D668837 Bra   332
D624360 Lazy Susan   332
D624534 Audio adapter plate for an automobile radio   332
D635656 Fan   332
D635307 Palm tree for cats   332
D577243 Seat cover   332
D639370 Surfboard   332
D697991 Golf practice device   332
D677649 Speaker   332
D683043 Therapy plate with LEDs   332

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