Match Document Document Title Score
D653298 Golf club stand   233
D653784 Illuminated device   233
D653874 Invitation display   233
D656709 One-piece garment for children   233
D657627 Combination kitchenwear and chopsticks   233
D657951 Concealed carry holster   233
D658329 Cigar accessories holder and ashtray   233
D658338 Bird feeder   233
D658914 Dual-compartment container   233
D659337 Bin   233
D662289 Cap   233
D663102 Pair of shorts   233
D664674 Security grill closure for sliding glass door   233
D666285 Vent cover   233
D666681 Video game adjustable controller trigger   233
D666771 Barrette   233
D669390 Sex symbol keyring   233
D669840 Cab guard   233
D670947 Surgergy recovery pillow   233
D671856 Signal device   233
D672120 Headgear visor   233
D672495 Night light cover   233
D674808 Bracelet with a USB flash drive pocket   233
D674943 Combined flashlight and stun gun   233
D675465 Countertop edge   233
D676905 Illuminated address panel   233
D677652 Remote control tether   233
D677823 Exterior light cover   233
D678660 Combination boxer and inner undergarment   233
D679065 Interlocking composite pallet   233
D679236 Boat   233
D681468 Bottle   233
D681477 Stack of flooring tiles   233
D681819 Snoring prevention appliance   233
D681837 Two-compartment disposable baby nursing pouch   233
D681846 Pop-up batting cage   233
D681936 Pill box cover   233
D682485 Pet bowl and stand therefore   233
D682980 Combination stun gun and flashlight   233
D685554 Combination sponge, squeegee and bug scraper   233
D685725 Tower solar panels   233
D685851 Leaning file organizer   233
D686661 Coupon binder   233
D686850 Upholstery material   233
D687426 Portable phone case   233
D688443 Hat   233
D688614 Exhaust header   233
D689244 Combination helmet and cap   233
D690387 Sinker with a bead confined within a transparent window tube   233
D690927 Walking cane   233

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