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Match Document Document Title Score
D612414 Electric guitar   334
D626729 Shoe cover   334
D619791 Shoe protector tip   334
D641476 Impression coping   334
D633579 Doll   334
D687906 Paintball barrel safety cover   334
D662788 Fork   334
8210971 Pivoting-blade deep-penetration arrowhead  
A broadhead for an archery arrow is disclosed. The broadhead includes a substantially cylindrical body having a forward cutting end, a rearward attachment end, and a side wall. The forward cutting...
D667634 Bedside caddy   334
D646192 Bracelet   334
D702527 Key blank   334
D691796 Tote bag   334
D691989 Display screen stand   334
D675166 Electric plug enclosure   334
D681905 Gravesite border   334
D664303 Waterproof top cover for a pet bed   334
D666251 Board game   334
D666798 Shoe upper   334
D678011 Wine rack   334
D686639 Bicyclist's combination flashlight and toolkit   334
D677926 Portable baby bed   334
D672136 Key holder   334
D612990 Soap bar with embedded sponge   334
D654914 Cell phone case   334
D653079 Coffee filter   334
D654812 Deodorant container   334
D685537 Puppet pet toy   334
D632094 Picture frame and easel   334
D688443 Hat   334
D688807 Window seal   334
D698295 Golf cart side trim   334
D653019 Bib shirt   334
D625099 Collapsible canopy   334
D625354 Guitar body   334
D625976 Trowel that scoops and spreads   334
D663368 Set of bocce-type game balls   334
D686934 Elastic ring   334
D612584 Clothing   334
D592941 Spin bag bracket   334
D592907 Hot oven rack puller/pusher   334
D631912 Roll and fold board book   334
D621135 Double-fastened pocket   334
D661461 Belt   334
D631235 Pair of sandals   334
D684324 Therapeutic horse riding saddle   334
D689247 Litter tray mat   334
D621339 Cooler box   334
D632348 Track   334
D705554 Toilet stool   334
D706496 Cross harness   334

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