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D722692 Tattoo machine   238
D722917 Runner's plaque   238
D723196 Bracket for concealing holiday lights   238
D725347 Garment   238
D726355 Waterproof hand-held light   238
D732646 Urinal insert   238
D734923 Clothing outfit   238
D736363 Air conditioning cover   238
7686003 Manually powered projectile launcher  
The present device is a projectile launcher using compressed air. The device includes a barrel adapted to receive the projectile proximate a rear end. The device further includes a cylinder, a...
D575532 Sports memorabilia display device   238
7607928 Expanding space saving power strip  
An electrical outlet strip is disclosed, the outlet strip comprised of a power source, such as a power cable, and a plurality of socket modules. At least one socket module includes at least one...
D585513 Batting trainer   238
D599667 Bottle adapter   238
D604872 Holiday-themed light cover set   238
D605718 Roll-up basketball court   238
D607662 Hammock liner   238
D608409 Fishing lure   238
D612558 Multi tier drying rack   238
D612594 Pill dispenser   238
D612693 Stand for cooking chicken or turkey   238
D612774 Banner apparatus for vehicle trailer hitch receiver   238
D612990 Soap bar with embedded sponge   238
D613926 Boxers   238
D615366 Handle for a can or bottle   238
D615375 Garden vine support   238
D619326 Goldfish-shaped vegetable slice   238
D619353 Heart design with timing mechanism   238
D619416 Charcoal grill with appearance of a fishing bobber   238
D622926 Guitar-shaped chicken tender   238
D622935 Pants with side-opening fasteners   238
D623385 Clear rain boot with interchangable liner   238
D623934 Rolled door stop for overhead garage doors   238
D624609 Paintball gun marker trigger   238
D626238 Anterior posterior surgical stand and tray   238
D626724 Garment-attachable cape   238
D627255 Love amulets made of precious metals   238
8595905 Draw pull for blind  
A blind pull for a blind cord, such as is used on window blinds of various types, is disclosed. A weight has a central bore therethrough and is adapted for receiving the blind cord. A pair of...
8056153 Multipurpose urinal attachment  
Disclosed herein is an apparatus for advertising a product or service and for sanitizing, deodorizing, and preventing splatter of fluids discharged in a urinal. The apparatus comprises a fluid...
8850836 Temperature control system  
A temperature regulation system for air inside of a vehicle regardless of the on/off state of the vehicle's ignition or engine includes a rechargeable battery for supplying power to an air moving...
7453034 Protective and decorative cover for a guitar  
A protective cover for an electric string instrument including a generally U-shaped cradle having a flexible front member connected to a flexible back member by a flexible edge member. An upper...
8256809 Material handling tool  
A tool for manipulating a material, such as snow, ice, sand, salt, dirt, gravel, concrete, vegetation, grains, debris and the like, resting on a surface has an elongated handle, an elongated...
7718873 Stringed instrument vibrato device  
A vibrato device is disclosed for an instrument that has a plurality of strings. The vibrato device includes a base plate with a pivot means formed proximately to a forward side thereof. A...
9003982 Mound forming machine and seed planter system  
A horticulture apparatus for preparing and seeding a strip of farmland with a tractor includes a front frame fixed with the tractor and including a horizontal tine support bar for holding a...
7661383 Contact lens case with date storing feature  
A date indicator for use with a contact lens case having a base and at least one lens container is disclosed. The indicator comprises a lid to selectively close the at least one contact lens...
D592907 Hot oven rack puller/pusher   238
D600272 Compact didgeridoo   238
8407922 Ammunition magazine  
The present device is an ammunition clip for holding rounds for a firearm having a magazine receiver. The clip includes a first channel for holding the rounds with the rim of each round protruding...
D732278 Neck portion of a shirt   238
D733385 Apparel rolling cart   238
D733574 Earring keeper   238

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