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1498050 Airplane-control-surface rib connection  
2006468 Airplane fuselage  
This invention relates to airplane fuselages and to a method of making the same, and has for its principal objects to provide a metallic semimonocoque type of construction wherein all of the...
2428890 Metal stretching press which straightens and moves work edges into drawing chucks  
My invention relates to stretch presses and has particular reference to a stretch press which is capable of handling sheet material of relatively heavy gauge so as to permanently form it into a...
2531080 Chair tray  
1541976 Fuselage  
1471906 Method of forming curved bodies from fiber sheets  
1861219 Airplane construction  
2428891 Controur grinder  
My invention relates to machine tools and particularly to a shaping tool such as a grinder which is adapted to shape a compound curved surface on a piece of material.f atic In the construction of...
2767767 Method and apparatus for straightening integrally reinforced metal extrusions  

Matches 1 - 9 out of 9
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