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D834658 Metamorphosis plush toy  
D834657 Toy figurine  
D834463 Brace for an independent rear suspension  
D834434 Weight scale  
D834389 Shears having a light  
D834312 Sporting ball holder with an air pump  
D834299 Bauble-pot  
D834028 Elevated Computer Stand  
D831775 Shotgun muzzle brake  
D831762 Combined workout and storage bench  
D831743 Brush holder  
D831445 Lunchbox  
D830143 Electric corkscrew  
D829656 Engine cam gear spike bolt  
D829635 Vehicle roof  
D829509 Food tray  
D829297 Combination pepper spray dispenser and glass breaking implement  
D829172 Horizontal axis wind turbine with a flow-through hub, a nacelle, and a tandem blade configuration  
D829156 Vehicle roof  
D829155 Vehicle roof  
D829154 Vehicle roof  
D829077 Photo frame knob  
D829010 Collapsible salon chair  
D828651 Cat toy  
D828650 Cat toy with pouch  
D828640 Cat toy fort  
D828569 Facial thermal-pack holder  
D827731 Oral exercise device  
D827622 Antenna housing  
D827487 Flower pot  
D827084 Stun gun  
D826365 Stun gun  
D826155 Engine cam gear bullet tip bolt  
D825793 Decorative light string  
D825044 Protective toilet cover  
D824589 Hair bow  
D824274 Bracelet  
D823239 Combination battery, charger and cables for electronic equipment  
D822410 Inflatable cushion  
D822377 Keychain stun gun  
D822345 One-legged leggings  
D821767 Chair  
D821369 Antenna  
D821187 Bullet lug nut cap  
D820714 Ring  
D820584 Medical tag cover with a USB drive pocket  
D820450 Male enhancement and testicle retraction prevention device  
D820396 Atmospheric vent can  
D820381 Fishing hook  
D820187 Double-ended sports paddle  

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